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Chiefs Targeting Patriots in Playoffs: Enemy Week

Thursday, July 26th, 2012
Tom Brady Ricky Stanzi

"You are the next chosen one Ricky." (Photo: US Presswire)

Guest Editor: Jason Madson (

Last season the Kansas City Chiefs traveled to Foxborough for a Monday night Football showdown with the New England Patriots. Chiefs fans didn’t expect to win this game, or for it to even be close. With many of the Chiefs best players on the I.R. this game was a laugher. It’s nearly impossible to beat a team like the Patriots in New England with Tyler Palko as your starting QB.

That game showed us the blueprint of how to lose big to the Patriots. Have little to no offense and give Tom Brady the freedom to throw the ball all over the yard. This changes now.

Check out how the Chiefs will combat the Patriots if they meet in the playoffs.


New York Jets Ready to Compete With Patriots Again: Enemy Week

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012
Tom Brady Patriots Jets

The Jets will have their work cut out for them as long as Tom Brady is under center. (Photo: US Presswire)

Guest Editor: Ryan Alfieri (

For the first time in the Rex Ryan era, the Jets were unable to beat the Patriots even one time last season.

Let’s be honest: losing to Rex Ryan’s Jets makes Patriots fans sick to their stomach, more so than losing to the Bills or Dolphins. Just the sight of Mark Sanchez throwing up his finger in celebration causes nausea.


Dolphins Blueprints for Beating the Patriots: Enemy Week

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012
Nate Solder Blocks Cameron Wake

Blocking Cameron Wake is going to be key for the Patriots.

Guest Editor: Eric Galko (

The Patriots played the Dolphins in Week One last season, and boy did it get ugly to watch for the Dolphins. It was a banner day for Tom Brady and the Patriots offense, and a tough to watch start to the Miami Dolphins.

But by around mid-season, the Dolphins team seemed to turn it up a notch with Matt Moore at the helm. The team played with more consistency, balance, and aggression. If the Dolphins can match that defensive ability with an improved offense, the Patriots could be in store for another hard fought game as it was back in Week 16.


Buffalo Bills Plans for Stopping the New England Patriots: Enemy Week

Monday, July 23rd, 2012
Buffalo Bills New England Patriots

The Buffalo Bills will need to do a better job preventing Gronk-spikes in 2012. (Photo: US Presswire)

Guest Editor: Matthew Elder (

UPDATE: Dolphins Enemy Week Post is now up

As we enter the 2012 season the New England Patriots still sit atop the AFC East, the Pats have observed unprecedented dominance winning the division nine times since 2000. Anytime you see individual teams dominate like that it’s time for your opponents to innovate and change the way they are doing things and finally it appears as though the Bills have been able to do that.

When you talk about the New England Patriots two things always come to mind, the first is QB Tom Brady and the other is Head Coach Bill Belichick. These two have become one of the most successful QB-Coach tandems in NFL History having gone 138-40 in games that Brady started. So how do we as Bills fan hope to beat this juggernaut? Well it’s actually quite simple, we just have to do what we do best in three easy steps.

Editor’s Note: This week, we’ll be featuring some articles from the editor’s of our network sites, detailing what they feel they’re teams plan is for taking down the Patriots in 2012.


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