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Eyes on the Competition : Denver Broncos

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015


In what is likely Peyton Manning's final year, what tricks do the Broncos have up their sleeve?

In what is likely Peyton Manning’s final year, what tricks do the Broncos have up their sleeve?

NEPD Staff Writer CJ Sousa

The sigh of relief from John Elway’s office once Peyton Manning announced he’ll make another go of it can be heard from the Rocky Mountains all the way to the East Coast.

Elway has done a nice job of building a formidable team behind Manning to compete for championships, but that would have all been for not after three Ring-less seasons and an abysmal showing in the divisional round vs Manning’s old stomping grounds Indianapolis.

The Broncos have been active players in the Free Agency market over the last few years, and have built a championship caliber team around Manning.  To understand their offseason this year and beyond, you must understand their 2014 offseason. (more…)

Brandon Browner’s Value to the Patriots Illustrated vs. Broncos

Friday, November 7th, 2014
Brandon Browner's game remains unchanged, and both sides of it were illustrated against the Broncos in Week 9. (NFL Game Rewind)

The physical game of Patriots cornerback Brandon Browner remains unchanged. And both sides of it were seen against the Broncos in Week 9. (NFL Game Rewind)

NEPD Editor: Oliver Thomas

Brandon Browner’s brand of football may be going extinct. But despite the NFL’s points of emphasis on illegal contact, holding and pass interference, and despite the seven flags he has drawn through three games this season, his brand has remained the same.

The 30-year-old cornerback is not letting it go without a fight, a tug, or at least a shove.

“I’m not going to change my game. I’m not going to let it bother me,” Browner said as training camp opened in July. “I’m going to force them to make the call. I’m going to try to stay aggressive. That’s what got me here.”

Those words have rung true. The brand that got the 6’4”, 221-pound journeyman to the New England Patriots is not unlike what got him to Oregon State, the Denver Broncos, the Calgary Stampeders and the Seattle Seahawks. It’s physical, glaring, and in a sense, ugly.

It’s supposed to be. And the reason why was explained against the Broncos in Week 9. (more…)

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