Doug’s Mock Draft: Picks 17-32

17. Cincinnati Bengals (via Oakland)
Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama (Scouting Report)
Through a combination of need and BPA, I have Kirkpatrick falling to Cincy. If this is the case, the Bengals are getting a great, suddenly underrated player.

18. San Diego Chargers
Shea McClellin, LB/DE, Boise State (Scouting Report)
The Chargers supposedly love this Boise linebacker. He’s one of the most versatile players in the game and will be able to play OLB, ILB and DE.

19. Chicago Bears
Luke Kuechly, LB, Boston College (Scouting Report)
Kuechly’s another player I have falling a little bit. I have a feeling teams will view Kuechly as a good LB, but not elite.

20. Tennessee Titans
Chandler Jones, DE, Syracuse (Scouting Report)
I don’t agree Jones should go in the first round, but it seems like it will be inevitable. I think Jones fits best in a 4-3 allignment and should be able to play LDE.



21. Cincinnati Bengals
Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame (Scouting Report)
A combination of Floyd and AJ Green would be deadly in the AFC North. Andy Dalton should be crossing his fingers.

22. Cleveland Browns (via ATL)
Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama (Scouting Report)
Upshaw’s a great fit for Cleveland, he gives them much needed pass rush help and should be able to play SLB as well. I don’t see Upshaw falling much lower than this.

23. Detroit Lions
Cordy Glenn, OT/OG, Georgia (Scouting Report)
Glenn just makes way too much sense for the OL-needy Lions. He can play either guard position and RT. He’s massive and freakishly athletic.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers
Dont’a Hightower, LB, Alabama (Scouting Report)
Hightower fills a big need for the Steelers in the middle of their defense. He’s another versatile player who can play SILB, OLB and DE.

25. Denver Broncos
Doug Martin, RB, Boise State (Scouting Report)
This may be a slight reach, McGahee is getting up there and Moreno has been an injury risk and a disappointment. Martin is the kind of back who can play all three down and should be able to give you 25 touches a game.

26. Houston Texans
Whitney Mercilus, DE, Illinois (Scouting Report)
The Texans have a big need at pass rush after letting Mario Williams walk. Mercilus is probably better as a DE, but so was Mario Williams and that didn’t stop them from playing him standing up.

27. New England Patriots (via N.O.)
Nick Perry, OLB/DE, USC (Scouting Report)
The Patriots brought Perry in for a visit and love players with his size. The team has a major need at pass rush and Perry can provide that while also having the ability to anchor against the run and drop into coverage when needed.

28. Green Bay Packers
Devon Still, DT/DE, Penn State (Scouting Report)
The Packers need to improve their defense and that starts up front. Their defensive line couldn’t penetrate inside and that’s what Still does best.

29. Baltimore Ravens
Peter Konz, OC, Wisconsin (Scouting Report)
Konz makes a ton of sense for the Ravens. The big, ultra powerful center can fill in at guard until Matt Birk retires or loses his job.

30. San Francisco 49ers
Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama (Scouting Report)
If anyone can control this “troublemaker” its the feisty Jim Harbaugh. Jenkins has elite cover corner skills and shouldn’t fall much further.

31. New England Patriots
Trumaine Johnson, CB/FS, Montana (Scouting Report)
I’ve heard the Patriots love this small school product who in my opinion projects better at safety than corner. They did it once with Eugene Wilson.

32. New York Giants
Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford (Scouting Report)
Martin’s slide ends with an offensive line needy team. Their line is getting older all over and if they want to win another championship and keep Eli upright, its a position they need to address.





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88 Responses to “Doug’s Mock Draft: Picks 17-32”

  1. ken says:


    Michael Brockers, and Mark Barron, both still there at 27?

    I SAY NOT! But I love the effort people take to do a mock draft.

    Kenny G.

  2. DaveWilk says:

    I will do cartwheels all the way down my street if Melvin Ingram falls to the Texans at #26. That being said, there is NO WAY he falls that far. Just sayin’.

    • ANB says:

      Hence the disclaimer at the top

      • DaveWilk says:

        Wow, you must not think very highly of Melvin Ingram if you think he SHOULD fall all the way to #26. C’mon, he’s a lot more talented than that, tweener or not. I don’t really see him as a tweener, or a player without a home — I see him as being very versatile, a guy who can play all over the field. It will take a creative defensive coordinator to get the most out of him.

  3. Ed says:

    Love the hard work Doug. Good assessment on needs and matches. Do you think Marvin McNutt can be a #2 WR? The Bengals need a legit guy but all in all excellent work…

  4. jimmmm says:

    Bears pass on Floyd? You’re outta your mind

  5. Jagsman says:

    hmm the jags pass on arguebly the best player at a need position(wr) for a player with motor concerns at a lesser need position. Blackmon in round 1 would work but id love to see gene smith trade down.

  6. richard says:

    Seems like it time to draft D playmakers…..Branch and Barron

  7. Joe says:

    Get real. If the Lions take Jenkins, they should rename the stadium to Zig Zag field.

    This has been a publicity nightmare in Detroit. They will NOT touch Jenkins or Kirkpatrick. Look for Josh Robinson instead.

  8. Andrew says:

    Do you really believe Upshaw will fall to 31? Beyond Hightower?

  9. Robert Mc. says:

    If the Pats were able to- and drafted Hightower AND Upshaw- I think it’s safe to say that I would be aroused.

  10. Jordan says:

    Titans will NOT draft a Center or Guard in the first round. They havent drafted either in the first or second round since 1983.

    They will get one in FA, Koppen, they are also looking at Jamaal Jackson, and Rex Hadnot.

  11. Jim R says:

    # 31 Pats select Coby Fleener. Every NFL D-Coordinator starts banging thier head off the wall. Just sayin

  12. Troy McNabb says:

    Steelers will not take Adams maybe a guard or if Poe falls. Looks like they will take Hightower. The cut Farrior and Foote is serviceable at best. They need to get thumper back in the middle. Like Levon Kirkland. Pats won’t get Hightower you are dreaming.

  13. Asap says:

    I haven’t seen Fleming in any other mock drafts. Why is he so under the radar? You guys are pretty good so I’m assuming he’s a player.

  14. Dan says:

    I would like Flemming and Hightower on the defense…that would be a nice blend of skill & toughness added.

  15. Dan says:

    I think this Weeden thing is interesting. The guys at NFL Network are being very kind to this guy…playing down his age and making sense of taking him. I think it’s a much bigger concern than they’re letting on, and he won’t be taken until the 3rd the earliest…possibly much later.
    His age IS a huge issue…there’s not getting around lost years of prime productivity.

  16. qwerty says:

    Miami selecting a 28 year old QB in the draft will be real hard on the Maimi fans. It would be a lot cheaper to give the patriots a second round or something for Brian Hoyer. Also try to get Peyton Manning or another veteran QB on the market. Given all the options, I just don’t see it worth taken the 28 year old QB in first round. Second round makes more sense.

  17. William says:

    I would say this is an ambitious mock, am i mistaken or is Lamar miller nowhere in your top 64? Also it seems that you are undervaluing this drafts de/ 3/4 olb’s. Ingram and Brockers late in the first?

    As a Seattle fan I would say that Decastro would be a stretch as Gallery played very well and we spent 3 early picks in the last 2 years(Okung,Carpenter,Moffet) on lineman. Seattle needs QB/rush DE or versatile DL man. I imagine Carrol/Schneider take best available player or attempt to trade down and stock up for 2013 draft aiming for a QB there.

    It also seems that you take some players combine results and move them up while throwing other out. Notably Dontarius Poe moving way up with his combine.

    • William says:

      Sorry double post also Floyd with his very impressive combine will probably not make it to 17.

    • Doug Kyed says:

      Gallery was terrible last year.

      And this is how I think the draft should go, not will. I understand I probably value RBs and WRs far less than some people.

  18. Dr. Toady says:

    Also Mo Sanu and Stephen Hill could be good early round receivers. While a guy like Ryan Broyles or Devon “Wiggles” Wiley out of Fresno State later would fit a Welker/Edelman role. James-Michael Johnson and Bobby Wagner are good ILB options, but they’re no TANK CARDER. Could go more in-depth with guys like corners Norman, Minniefield, or Robinson. But it doesn’t matter, nobody knows what the hell the Patriots are ever gonna do.

  19. Dr. Toady says:

    Picking Fleming in the first is a total throw away pick. Yes they need help in the secondary but there are corners who are just as good, if not better, that they could get with one of the second rounders. They’d be much better off picking a great pass rusher with incredible speed, Zach Brown, Vinny Curry, Ingram, and Mercilus all fall? Grab a rusher. Or must importantly MARK BARRON. His injury and possible fall in the draft is a total blessing for the Patriots. Saban and Bill are boys, so if he’s there at 27 and especially if he’s there at 31 they need to pick him. So if the first 26 picks go how you’ve said I’d go 27-Barron 31-Brown. Follow that up with 48-Brandon Thompson DT Clemson and 63-Casey Hayward CB Vandy if he’s there or trade down. Also think later round guys to watch are Trumaine Johnson- 6’2 CB/S out of Montana, Robert Turbin-big 6’+ RB with 4.4 speed from Utah State, especially if BJGE leaves. If they fail to get Barron both Smith and Martin are solid. Should be able to have a great draft.

    • Ty says:

      Agreed. The patriots have shown a willingness to deal with problem players in the past THERE IS NO CHANCE fleming is drafted before jenkins.

  20. PorkChop1972 says:

    I don’t see it. Washington doesn’t have the fire power to trade up, Bengals aren’t going WR at 17, & Browns are going offense; their defense was ok this year. Draft won’t play out like this but good try.

  21. Frank says:

    I doubt Floyd will still be on the board when the Niners pick…but if he is, Harbaugh would have to arguably choose between he and Randle. Character matters to Coach, so I’d say Randle would be the choice. That said, Harbaugh also loves TE’s and he recruited and coached the best in this draft, Coby Fleener. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he takes him at #30.

  22. baba says:

    Pats need complete change in defensive planing , drafting not the best athletes, but the best available players. Brady is degrading , nothing you can do when person with age little slower in decision making and in moving generally !! With this in mind he needs better protection – he doesn’t right now ! Wide receiver of high caliber a must !! But of course you know Belichik he will do the same and result will be the same ! Point is , don’t hold your breath !!!

  23. Alan says:

    If you listen to the Bills, they say their biggest need is getting a pass rushing defensive end. If the value isn’t there at defensive end when the Bills draft in the first round, offensive tackle is a need, and it’s possible the Bills may go in that direction, but would just love to get their hands on a potent pass rusher in this draft.

  24. Dano S says:

    First sign Reggie Wayne he could be a Jerry Rice for Brady.Mock Draft for Pats 1 Mark Barron S Alabama 1 Jerel Worthy DL Michigan St
    2David Wilson RB Virginia Tech 2Whitney Mercilus DE Illinois
    3Jarius Wright WR Arkansas 4Mike Martin DL Michigan.Great web site keep up great work.

  25. yaaaa says:

    Pats should get. Sanu and alfonzo dennard

    • Blackluck says:

      Only if you like CBs who can’t cover.
      Come to think of it Dennard sounds like he’d fit right in! 🙂 (I kid! Well a little anyway)

      Luckily Dennard is probably now off the board after hitting a cop.

      • Jimmy says:

        lulz at the CB comment but you are completely right. I dont really give a damn about the legal trouble though. Just pick up janoris jenkins if hes still available at 31.

  26. Mike says:

    Considering the title NE Patriots Draft – I want to comment on the Patriots. I agree they look to “D”. However, when looking at the team depth chart. DT is pretty well stocked with 4 players and Warren probably finished. DE will be losing Ellis and Carter is unknown due to injury. LB – Guyton probably done, White NOT the answer- FS – Ihedigbo & Brown HUGE NEED SS – Chung solid but then Moore and Slater another big need.
    #27 – Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB, Illinois (upgrade over Ellis)
    #31 – Zach Brown, OLB, North Carolina (upgrade over White)
    #48 – Jared Crick, DE/DT, Nebraska (replace Wright & Brace)
    #63 – George Iloka, S, Boise State (upgrade over Ihedigbo & Brown)
    Each of these players good size – speed – intensity.

  27. jim says:

    no way will Alameda Ta’amu be drafted in the first round, the kid got stonewalled during the senior bowl week and was awful against standford, who was his only real competition for the season

    especially with devon still still on the board or even fletcher cox and konz/floyd on offense…

    • Doug Kyed says:

      Hey, I’ve seen a mock with Ta’amu going 6th overall, so technically I’m low on him.

      • jim says:

        whoever made that draft with him going 6th overall should be fired then….must not of watched any of his games this year

        • Doug Kyed says:

          I agree it’s way too high, but he’s a guy getting a ton of buzz right now, and that will probably only increase after the combine. He’s a guy with a lot of upside and scheme flexibility.

  28. Matt says:

    Why would the Lions take a LB whose knock against him is that he is a weak tackler and pass up a {rp bilw caliber OC in Kontz? The answer is they wouldn’t. The BPA is Kontz by far and there are alot of good reasons to pick him. They can save $4 million dollars by making Raiola a Cap Casualty. They can immediatly upgrade the position, as Raiola led the league ins sacks allowed and penalties and has been in the top five in those catagories for the last 5 years. If you think the Lions will be a super bowl contender by adding one LB then you need to look for another job. The Lions will fair much better against teams like the Saints if they can control the line, and that is what they will do by adding Kontz.

    • Doug Kyed says:

      Because Deandre Levy was just as bad if not worse last year at WLB and Brown would be a steal at 23 with his athleticism at the position.

      Raiola wasn’t nearly as bad as you’re saying he was last year. By pro football focus, he was tied for second in sacks allowed with 4, 28th in QB hits allowed with 0, 13th in hurries allowed with 10 and 13th in total pressures with 14. He was a middle of the line pass blocking center.

      Zach Brown was the best player available at that point and it was a point of need for the Lions. We disagree.

      I also never said the Lions were going to the Super Bowl by adding Brown, not sure how you came up with that.

      • Matt says:

        First of all Raiola was stats wise over the last 5 years near the bottom of NFL centers. Second Brown has the athletism, but is a very poor tackler and Levy at least has shown the ability to play at this level and last year although not spectacular, was above average. The year before he was very strong MLB. This is his first year at OLB. Raiola wil be a cap casualty and save the club 4 million on the cap, and he is considered by NFL scouts a weak run blocker and to light and weak to be an elite NFL center. How many pro bowls has he been invited to? None. Thats what the rest of the NFL players and coaches think of him.

    • jim says:

      i think the lions would take a center because in the past few seasons UNC players have been falling way far below their projected stock values unless its a phenom like coples…

  29. chris says:

    The bengals picks are way off they will take cb or safety with first pick and if floyd drops to them at 21 I see him going to cincy with floyd and green who could touch them and they have to get a rb in round two

    • Doug Kyed says:

      Brockers was the best player available by far at 17, and Gilmore would have been reach at that point. Not quite sure how taking a CB four picks later than you would have is “way off.”

      • jim says:

        dougs right…they need another dt and corner on defense and a 2nd wr and rb on offense along with a lineman so i think these picks are very good picks for the bengals…

  30. Bruschi54 says:

    I think the Pats are happy with Spikes & Mayo playing inside, I think Hightower would be perfect fit for their LB needs on the outside. Konz or DB would seem to be the most logical choice with second rd 1 pick, but it will probably be traded for another 2nd & a 4th. If BB keeps pick 32 I think he will go DLine.

  31. Eric says:

    I’ve seen this in too many mocks: Burfict going to the Ravens. I know it seems like a great story and looks like it fits like a puzzle, but no way he lasts that far. Detroit will take him before they take Kuechley; New England will take him before Hightower. Nice story, but will never happen.

  32. Dan says:

    I would find it interesting if they passed on Barron if he was there at #27; but, who knows. I’d be shocked if they took Hightower also. Konz seems too logical, unless Dante has his eye on a 2nd or 3rd plus round center; that will be fun to watch unfold.
    What this team does with the defensive backfield in the offseason, not just the draft, is going to amazing. Do they keep McCourty at CB or try to move him full-time to safety? Do they draft a guy like Barron, a SS, and move him to free safety in our system? Do they pick up a free agent at S and/or CB? If Kirkpatrick falls because of all the bad stuff going on in his world, on & off the field, do they scoop him up and move him to FS?
    It’s going to be cool to see it all unfold, hopefully after a great win!

  33. jake says:

    I think we should use both of the two 1st picks on a LB and CB or SS. For LB im happy with any Alabama players and with CB we could go for jenkin FLA. He’s a beast. BallHawk kinda player. As for Wr, Reggie wayne will be a free agent i hope BB will go for him and cut chad ocho.
    Reggie Wayne is a team player that will produce not like chad. For DE, sign the colts robert mathis and lock up mark/ carter anderson then we should be good up front. Lastly, with our two 2nd and the rest of the picks i think we should look at some OL players, maybe a center?? and possibly a another WR that we feel confidence in. Plus, the NE should let go of kevin faulk to make more cap space. He earning alot for not playing much. I think this should be his last reason and he will retire after this.

  34. Len says:

    You do know that the pats will trade down as usual.

  35. Dave says:

    I can see Kendall Wrights stock falling because of his height he is listed as 5’10” so that means he is probably around 5’9″. I personally see him as a less good Desean Jackson

  36. brent says:

    Dolphins take Floyd over Coples?

    Isn’t BP still GM there?

    This reminds me when the Pats when behind Parcells’s back and took Ohio St. WR Terry Glenn over the DE Parcells had planned on taking.

    I can’t see him going to a wideout, which he could do in a latter round, taking BJ Cunningham, which is what he had planned on doing in ’96 in taking Michigan State Muhsin Muhammad.

  37. floridated says:

    I agreee that Brewster should be one of the first round picks for Pats he is nasty and future pro bowl center. I think that BB will concentrate on defense this draft a couple of dlinemen, safety,cb’s. He has to trade something probably another first rounder he has no picks in 5th ,6th ,7th you know how he likes the bargain basement picks pay them nothing and get all he can out of them. Pats have a chance to load up with 2 #1’s,2#2’s and get some great talent for their team. Enough trading picks use them and never mind a great value pick Bill your d sucks.

  38. Jp says:

    Gotta go with Barron and then the best WR available or maybe a OLB

  39. bob blundell says:

    Late round sleeper – Tank Carder – the next Tedy Bruschi!

  40. wells says:

    Hard to believe that you’re not using one of these picks to fill the Pats’ greatest weakness; CB! I’d use our #27 and whatever else it takes take the best CB they can find.

    • jim says:

      they have weakness’s everywhere on their defense besides linebacker…

      they will most likely go secondary with one pick and dline with another….unless a playmaker wr is there when they pick

      that is assuming they dont trade back again

  41. CC says:

    First duty is to sign the best possable O-linman around and sign Wes Welker, so their is absolutely no thought proccess regarding Offence whatso-ever. Between Welker and a bad ars O-linman in F.A….The draft should be about what it need’s 2b about……….”D”.

    Interesting thought though with this mock… states that even with the uncertainty of our Cb’s & Safeties(lack therof), as well as a kinda’ piss poor LB Crowd……SPikes and Mayo are fine but the rest to me can go.

  42. LuvMockDrafts says:

    How are the order of the teams determined? For of 12/19, 3 teams have 4-10 records. They are Jacksonville, Cleveland and Tampa Bay. Is their strength of schedule, point differential from points For and Points Against. Not only begin an New England fan but I’m unfortunately a Tampa Bay fan too. So I trying see as of now what position they really should be selecting at? Thanks.

  43. copper owl says:

    REALLY!!! The lions need a pro bowl left tackle and Center Mike adam, peter konz the best in the draft for me. The 3rd a CB /4th, SS /5th,RB/ 6th, LB. And if they have a 7th pick CB a( A diamond in the rough type of guy. this is as best that I would say.

  44. Tim T says:

    like the draft but i feel that worthy isnt really worth a first rounder…. rather see devon still drop to denver or they draft that thompson kid from clemson

  45. Tyjax says:

    Not a big fan of this mock, I don’t mind one D lineman but I think the Pats need more of a pure pass rusher out of one of these picks. If they went Poe with their first 1st rounder, they should take a safety, center, wideout, and guard. Preferably in that order. I could live with Crick instead of Poe as well, but we need to solidify that defensive back field ASAP. Center is an area of concern, as is guard. And as much as I love Branch, he just doesn’t have the speed to beat man coverage, this needs to be addressed.

  46. vince clortho says:

    i almost forgot shaun ellis was on the team, lol

  47. United States Heavyweight Champ says:

    They are trading one of those picks into 2013…bank on it. They will probably get a 2nd or 3rd rounder to boot and this is where they will try to fill needs on the offensive line and the secondary. The first round pick will be a priority pick, which I believe will be in the front seven on the defense.

  48. RooeyRacer says:

    Best Mock to date….

  49. D Hawk says:

    Interesting draft. There will be a LOT of movement in the top 3-5 this year. While Seattle needs a QB, I don’t see them making Jones their guy…in part because he isn’t ready to come out. Unless Seattle can get Bark or RGIII I don’t see them taking a QB early. Instead, Schneider will sign his former pet-project at QB..

  50. Matt says:

    This is a good mock draft especially from a Patriots fan perspective. Those Bama guys on D know how to play and they will add some ‘swagger’ to the defense which has missing ever since Harrison and Bruschi left. As for the rest, I think Michael Floyd is the best WR in the country. Although he doesnt have elite speed, the guy has some of the best hands I have ever seen. There is no way he falls to 18, and if he does I hope the Patriots trade up for him because that would be a steal.

  51. Brawley says:

    While Michael Floyd would be a great add to the Bears [as bad as their WR corp. is], the OL is even worse! Floyd won’t be able to do much if he’s got Caleb Hanie throwing [or trying too] to him. Shouldn’t it be another pick for the OL to keep Cutler safe enough to throw to the WR’s.

    Otherwise not a bad mock draft, mate. 🙂

  52. The OUTLAW says:

    Good picks for the Browns.

  53. matt says:

    Ill take anyone from the Bama’ defense wether its upshaw, hightower or barron. I think with our 2nd pick though we gotta unfortunately go for another CB or a WR. The d-line has alot of beef and bodies already. The team still doesnt know if its going 4-3 or 3-4. Id say lock up carter and anderson for a few years and wait on drafting a dlineman in the 1st for atleast another year. The CB position is redic thin and needs to be upgraded as does the wr position with welker and branch in the last years of contract. Ocho prob gone too, price cut and really only having gronk and hernandez under contract!! Michael Floyd, Kendall wright, Juron Criner, Jarius Wright, B.J cunningham all gonna be studs!

    • DWE2012 says:

      Brent Grimes is the preferance in free agency – Unfortunetly I think ATL may be keeping him, but i’d love the Pat’s to pull a move and snag him even if it meant giving something else up!

      Also, Carlos Roger’s(SF)
      Courtland Finnegan(TEN)
      Markus Trufant (SEA)
      Tracy Porter (NO)
      Brandon Carr(K.C.)
      Ronde Barber (TB)
      are all free agent possablilities for the 2012 year and the Pat’s would be fool’s if they did not shoot for Grimes even at a decent cost or a few other;s on the known list rather than settle for rookie, rookie, rookie.

      If BArron is the best OP regarding our first pick then O.K., but we should lock up CB, Safeties and LB’s all day long and work our extra’s that we don’t need in on deal’s to get more/better pick’s player’s…………..DUMP THE EXCESS.

      Also, alot of decent WR too. FLOYD would be my preferance, but V.Jackson and a cpl other’s would do well also.

  54. Wgleton says:

    I would prefer Hightower. Listen to this,

    In his freshman season he was one of only two true freshmen to be regular starter for the Crimson Tide in 2008.

    Rolando McClain stated,

    “Dont’a [Hightower] can play any position on the field. He’s a freak to me.”

    I think we could use a versatile linebacker who can cover any running back/tight end/ even some slot receivers over the middle. It would give us flexibility in both our base and sub defenses. Watch Alabama use him. He covers the slot receiver, the tight ends, and running backs. He also rushes the passer as a DE and sets the edge very well against the run. Cause he is 6’4” 260 lbs. Beastly. He would make Gronk earn his catches during practice.

  55. chris says:

    its about god dang time that somebody with some common sense mocks vontaze to Detroit. perfect fit for our defense. Thank you. ive been preaching that vontaze needs to go to detroit. i know we need OL but we can always get one in the second and third, and in FA. Burfict has top 10 talent but needs to be controlled. If the lions can land him we are gonna have the meanest and hardest hitting front seven in the NFL.

  56. Andy says:

    Osemele would be a major improvement on Ben Grubbs? You lost all credibility when you said that.

  57. Dave says:

    The browns would take floyd with the second pick if hes there.

    • D Hawk says:

      “If” he’s there? Anyone not named Luck will be there at the seconnd pick. That is way to high for Floyd. I guarantee the Rams will trade the 2nd or 3rd pick though. Grab a few 1s and a 2 and build the WR and lines.

    • hurricanekid says:

      Flynn is a way better fit in Cleveland then Rg3 he is a WCO QB that way they can draft a great back in Trent and grab a wr with there second 1st round pick.

  58. Jake says:

    I like the Barron pick but I would rather see Peter Konz with the second pick; so we can finally finish the youth movement on the o-line.

    • Andrew says:

      Forget Konz! I want Mike Brewster at C from OSU. I want a smart nasty blocker that adds attitude and a good presence in the middle of the OLine. I’m sick of these nice soft blockers and want to see some nasty human beings up front that will actually spread fear and hurt the opposing players.

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