2019 Patriot-Type Player List Intro – 5 QB’s you should know.

The New England Patriots landed immediate starters in the 2018 draft in Wynn, Michel & Dawson, who look like a lock for the Nickel/Slot role. I have a feeling New England was very pleased with how the board fell & shaped up for them. This felt like a “Yes, we have our guy”  draft in terms of the selections. Even the later round picks like Crossen, have me delighted. Honestly I’m tickled all over & am very happy with the Etling pick but let’s look at some 2019 QB’s that could tickle Coach Bill’s fancy next year.

Here are 5 QB’s you might not know to start with & kick of

Nathan Stanley is someone that will have my attention all year. The Wisconsin native finally has some games under his belt, a full off-season to prepare & put together a campaign to showcase his talents.  Stanley is a prototype pocket passer with arm strength that has flashed something fierce from under center, S/G & on the move. And for 6’4/220, he moves very well.

Check out the movement & play action sell here. Well put together play where Stanley displays confidence in his skills.  @3:20  https://youtu.be/yr5LhulJ7nY

He’s young enough to where he can sit for a year or two and develop as Brady finishes kicking the hell out of the league, which plays a part. He has +arm talent, the ability to hit all areas, adjust speed on passes, strength to push it 50+ & at times drops it in the bucket from that distance. Stanley can also blast through tight coverage with his velocity & make that far hash pass. He also has protected the ball, has the TD/INT ratio you want so far & runs a pro style offense. And Ferentz is the coach there, so ……    Here are some other highlights of Stanley.   https://youtu.be/qeGxcsGGzhA


When you type in his name to google you’ll see a variety of hockey sticks. Easton Stick is much more than hockey sticks folks, lets squash that right now. Fresh off leading the Bison to another FCS title (Stick’s 1st), Easton Stick could become next years Kyle Lauletta with a more consistent showing. Stick took over for Carson Wentz a few years ago & has been pretty good but there are some peaks & valleys. The Bison brought in Courtney Messingham to help the offense that looks like it needs a pair of jumpin’ cables at times. Even still there’s plenty to like about Stick’s game. At times he’s poised, accurate & looks in command running a variation of rpo or dropping back & making a crisp pass to the far sideline under pressure. He also has experience under center. He’s a tough player that will take a hit to make a play & has almost 300 rushing attempts over the last 3 years. The Bisons even used him as WR for a play If I remember correctly from when Wentz was QB. Stick could see his named called around 2-4 depending on his showing in 2018-2019. He has to have his best year to date to join the top 5 convo. He also has a wonderful ‘stache so I’m not counting him out!


So the most interesting QB situation in the country isn’t from some big, power school down South. It’s in God’s country, Buffalo. You probably never heard of these next players but both have serious potential worth following. First lets start with Drew Anderson, a multi sport athlete in high school,  juco transfer from California. He saw time last year before getting hurt & looked more than the part during that stretch, Anderson played in four games & went 66/106 for 1,039 yards & 10 touchdowns. He also threw for a MAC record 597 yards against Western Michigan last year. Anderson is a classic pocket passer with an arm he could show off at parties & get-togethers. To be perfectly honest I’ve only seen a few games on dvr from last year & highlights on the internet but he has + arm talent. He can push it down field easy & looks to have some touch on shorter passes that require some placement. He has to improve his 3rd cmp% & decision making after the 1st option but he’s very interesting.


As intriguing as Anderson is the guy he was backing up will open your eyes the moment you see him. Tyree Jackson will be on everyone’s radar by Nov/Dec if he hasn’t already grabbed your attention by now. Jackson is a specimen at 6’6’235, could be a bit heavier. Either way when he gets it the open field running he looks a bigger Kaepernick just eating up huge chunks with his long legs. His upside & strength is in the pocket though. Let be clear about that. He throws a very pretty ball with touch on almost all of his passes, short & long. He’s very comfortable reading one side of the field but has to show he can go through progressions on a consistent basis. He will read high/low & looks very poised deciding which route to hit. Jackson was hurt last year but posted a 60% cmp rating & was 16/3 from TD/INT. At times his overall mechanics look a bit shaky but he’s still a work in progress. If he tightens up his overall mechanics he could be scary. I’m going to keep an eye on him very closely. When you’re a 6’6/235 pocket passer that can push it 60+ .. & has wheels? Yeah you’ve got my full attention.


The last guy I’m going to bring up will certainly get some hype going into the year. Daniel Jones, from N.C, plays for Duke & is a team captain. Like Stick & almost every other college QB Jones will run a rpo variation & operate out of the Gun. He has over 200 rushing attempts over the past few years & again like Stick. He’s in command when on the field, communicating & calling out blitzes. The way his teammates respond to him after a big play, most of which he help create, is very evident of a leader. Guys like having him as their QB & he is a natural in the role. Jones short career has been a bit inconsistent so far, so if he’s going to really make some noise next year his comp% but hes very capable of being that guy imho. All the tools are there. Arm strength & velocity. Good base, mechanics & release. He’ll never be a “running threat” but he’s mobile & has shown soft feet to navigate through some muck when pressured. Theres plenty to work with here although I want to see Jones process what’s in front of him a bit quicker to eventually make a play. He will surely be in the top 5 QB convo going into the year.


Some others on my list I’ll get to soon. Ryan Finley, Kyle Kempt, Will Grier & Clayton Thorson among other others.

5 Responses to “2019 Patriot-Type Player List Intro – 5 QB’s you should know.”

  1. Boss Reese says:

    Just found out an interesting fact about Mayes the QB out of Lehigh. His high school head coach was George Godsey’s high school head coach in Tampa. Mayes’ high school QB coach was Gary Godsey, George’s brother. Godsey is the QB Coach with the Lions now, but it’s an interesting find. Mayes sounds like a Belichick type of guy.

  2. Boss Reese says:

    What about the QB out of Lehigh Brad Mayes? Haven’t seen much film on him yet but I hear he is a stud and could be this year’s Lauletta.

    • Boss Reese says:

      Just found out an interesting fact about Mayes the QB out of Lehigh. His high school head coach was George Godsey’s high school head coach in Tampa. Mayes’ high school QB coach was Gary Godsey, George’s brother. Godsey is the QB Coach with the Lions now, but it’s an interesting find. Mayes sounds like a Belichick type of guy.

  3. jimr says:

    QB class of 2019 could be as good as 2018.? Better?

    • @j_fid says:

      Tough to answer it in terms of “better” rn, but I do think it has a lot of potential & could be as good.

      Just from a quick look & the guys I’ve watched so far, it looks like a pretty deep class.

      I would also think the value will be a lot better for QB’s as well since the DL, Rush & others are so good.

      DL, Rush, WR, LB are all top heavy & somewhat deep.

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