Scouting Report: Godwin Igwebuike, Safety

Ewibouke brings a lot to the table both on and off the field.


Background – 

  • From Ohio
  • Loves writing, painting, music & other hobbies. Spiritual, own person that walks to his own beat. Was in a music group w/ teammates (Graffiti Lake)
  • Played offense & defense in high school. Racking up over 2,000 yards mostly rushing but a little rec.
  • Major is learning and organizational change.
  • Great friends w/ Jake Butt.
  • 3 year starter. Team Captain.


  • Man – He wants to use his physicality & Toughness to bump & reroute the pass catcher.
  • Zone & Football I.Q. – Very good & at his best when he can see the play develop. No thinking, just acceleration & hit target. Igwebuike is very smart both on & off the field. Will slip under routes & slip past unknowing pass catchers. Very good recognition skills in pass/run.
  • Versatility & Toughness – Was interchangeable in college, playing in the box & FS. He’s a beast w/ no fear in the run game. Can use him in man coverage in nickel situations where he can use his physicality. Played ST & was effective. Played through injuries & pain. Could be hybrid LB/S or SS. Better the closer he is to the ball.
  • Good athlete that can cover in close quarters. Fluid & athletic. Break up a 50/50. Good closing & recovery speed. Team Captain.
  • Coaches & teammates loved him. Coaches raved about maturity & year to year improvement. Physical tone setter.

Concerns – 

  • You don’t want him in man on skilled players. Esp quicker players. He just hasn’t shown the instincts to anticipate the next move or figure out the route while playing w/ his backed turned to the QB.
  • At times doesn’t take the best angle to the ball & doesn’t have the tackling skills to be effective from leas than very good angles.
  • Doesn’t have natural transition & needs to work on footwork. Too many wasted steps when forced to stop/start, change directions. Quicks are there, but not efficient.



You’re drafting Godwin because he’s a great guy that is all about football & his teammates. Everything you hear about him screams good player, better person. So I imagine he’ll only add to the locker room & practice environment. He’s was interchangeable at Northwestern but whoever drafts him will want him closer to the ball. He really is a force when he’s facing the QB & seeing the big picture. As opposed to sticking w/ a WR/TE & using his backpedal & anticipation. He also offers ST versatility.


Traits That Translate

Here are some clips that show off Igwebuike’s skill set.







29 Responses to “Scouting Report: Godwin Igwebuike, Safety”

  1. kevan says:

    When the patriots doubled dipped at TE with gronk and aaron, that was Bimm Obriens 1st year as OC right? He was a former TE coach. Same thing on defense this year, Brian Flores 1st year as DC lets go get 2 LB’s rashaan Evans and leighton Vander Each.

  2. kevan says:

    As far as punt returner goes pats have Edelman, Cyrus Jones, and Riley Mcarron. Edelman should stay away from returning because he is too important to the offense. Back up only. Pats can’t really depend on C.Jones at this point. I think he could end up being a good returner, if he can stay healthy, but I don’t think he can play corner. Probably means he will end up an all pro but my question is should the patriots get someone like Dante Pettis in the draft to make sure we have that spot covered? What rd does he go? Is he just a returner or can he play WR in the nfl? Any other punt returners in the draft that make more sense? At RB I like N.chubb alot also Royce freeman and Kalen ballage. Jaylen Samuels is a perfect #4 rb and #5 wr. My top 2 players for pats in the 1st round are Kolton Miller and Rashaan Evans. I also like Leighton Vander Each, Vita Vea, Lorenzo Carter, Josh Jackson and Justin Reid. A C/G makes alot of sense. Shaq Mason is gonna need a new contract and even if he gets one it would be nice to have a player to back up all 3 interior spots at a starter level. Maybe take over for Andrews at Center eventually. James Daniels probably goes too early maybe Billy price or even Scott Quessenbury. Luke falk or Logan woodside at qb

  3. Daniel says:

    I would like to see James Harrison brought back. Also, recent first round draft pick Michael Floyd is speedy and huge at the WR position. I believe he could be brought back in for a very small amount and could easily be better than almost every wideout we have if he would straighten up and commit to learning the Patriot system.

  4. brandon maxham says:

    mock draft 4/8 :

    1st:Harold Landry EDGE

    1st:Justin Reid S

    2nd:Fred Warner OLB-ILB

    2nd:Dallas Goedert TE

    3rd:Brandon Parker OT

    6th:Chase Edmonds RB

    6th:Chad Kanoff QB

    7th:Brandon Powell WR

  5. Daniel says:

    Does Vita Vea project to be better than Malcolm Brown or Danny Shelton? They too were highly touted first round draft picks.

  6. kevin z says:

    1st – Kolton Miller OT
    2nd – Mark Andrews TE
    2nd – Tyquan Lewis DE
    2nd Dorance Armstrong DE-OLB
    3d – Tim Settle DT
    4th Troy Fumagalli TE
    5th WR Trey Quinn
    6th – QB Chad Kanoff
    6th – Josh Falu FS
    7th – Kameron Kelly CB

    • steve earle says:

      Really like the top half of you mock kevin. After that everyone’s mocks get pretty iffy so don’t feel offended please as none of us can be sure of the lower picks. But your top 5 guys I’m on board with.

      • kevin z says:

        Thanks steve and not Offended at all it much harder to Mock the later rds for sure I usually go with who has the best report or a School where BB likes to draft from.

        • steve earle says:

          As good a way as any kevin. Myself I put a lot of stock in Mike G’s reports then what I can get from the better scouting sites. Still as you say those late rounds are tough.

  7. Brien says:

    Here’s a highly unlikely but still awesome mock from Pats trade Round 3 #31 to Miami for Round 4 #23 & #30. Versatile linebackers for days.

    Round 1 Pick 23: Vander Esch, Leighton, OLB/ILB, Boise State (A)
    Round 1 Pick 31: Evans, Rashaan, OLB/ILB, Alabama (B)
    Round 2 Pick 11: Key, Arden, DE/OLB, LSU (A-)
    Round 2 Pick 31: Hurst, Hayden, TE, South Carolina (A-)
    Round 4 Pick 23 (MIA): Brown, Orlando, OT, Oklahoma (A+)
    Round 4 Pick 30 (MIA): Falk, Luke, QB, Washington State (A)
    Round 6 Pick 24: Mataafa, Hercules, OLB, Washington State (A+)
    Round 6 Pick 31: Coutee, Keke, WR, Texas Tech (A+)
    Round 6 Pick 36: Smith, Ito, RB, Southern Miss (A+)

    • Trev says:

      Nice! This would be amazing. As a Wazzu alum and lifelong fan, I love the back to back WSU picks.

    • steve earle says:

      Really like Koutee WR and Smith RB. I have Smith with our 4th (from projected trade down) but was a toss up there with Coutee as I was afraid neither would last beyond that point. If Bill could get them with a couple 6ths that would be outstanding.

  8. Daniel says:

    How far would we need to move up to get S Derwin James? Would it be worth it? Does a playmaker at the safety position make a substantial immediate impact on an already championship caliber team?

    • steve earle says:

      Good question, depends I suppose on how he’s used. At this point in time we already have at least 3 good starting caliber safeties, two getting older but do not seem to have lost anything yet. So my question to you is drafting a top saf early cost effective or should we look a little lower for a good developmental guy the better way to go?

      • Daniel says:

        You’re probably right Steve. I just think one element of the game that is overlooked is how effective it could be to have a safety who is an enforcer on the field that will make people pay for catch yardage, and also be able to rush the quarterback. I mean a safety who plays similarly to Polamalu. I want a safety the size of Adrian Wilson who hits like Ronnie Lott!

        “Football remains a sport typically won by the team that outhits the opponent, and the presence of a enforcer in the middle of the field has proven to be an invaluable asset. Keen knockout artists capable of delivering intimidating shots on unsuspecting receivers have the ability to change the nature of the game with their physical manner. In addition, these bullies act as extra linebackers against the run by filling alleys with reckless abandon to stop runners in their tracks.”

        -Bucky Brooks

        • steve earle says:

          I hear what your saying but I think the league is legislating away from Ronny Lott and Polamalu type play. The new helmet rule this year highlights that. I’m wondering just how they will actually enforce the thing? So if any position is effected by it, it looks that Saf will be the most visible one making a hammed type Saf. an endangered spices. Have to wait and see but seems likely.

      • Daniel says:

        Does Vita Vea project to be better than Malcolm Brown or Danny Shelton? They too were highly touted first round draft picks.

        • steve earle says:

          I really like Vea had him last summer high on my list but he climbed well above where we can realistically draft him. I see Shelton as our #1, Brown #2. Vea could challenge for either spot or simply be the #3. Really hard to tell before he actually gets on the field with NFL players pre draft hype being what it is. I do thing he’s right up there though.

  9. TommyG says:

    Pats trade 31 and 198 to TB for 38 and 102. Trade 43 to ARI for 47 and 134. Trade 63 to SF for 70, 143, and 184.

    (1)#31- Rashaan Evans LB
    (2)#38- Taven Bryan DE/DT
    (2)#47- DJ Chark WR
    (3)#70- Orlando Brown OT
    (3)#95- Kyle Lauletta QB
    (4)#102- Chad Thomas DE
    (4)# 134- Kalen Ballage RB
    (5)# 184- PJ Hall DT

    • TommyG says:

      * (5)#143- PJ Hall

    • steve earle says:

      Well the trades could possibly be done just that when we start making multiple trades the the likelihood diminishes. I used Russell’s Detroit scenario which I liked and seems simpler therefore more possible imo.
      AS for you picks not a fan of Bryan. Great athlete but doesn’t finish enough plays. Even his “highlights” show him getting pressure/penetration then missing the sack/tackle. He may or may not change that and become a top DT but a maybe doesn’t float my boat. At #38 I want a sure thing.

  10. kevin z says:

    1 Mike Hughes CB
    1 Connor Williams OT
    2 Mark Andrews TE
    2Fred Warner LB Hybrid or Oren Burks which ever here still
    3 Troy Fumagalli TE
    6 Joshua Falu FS rangy got ball skills
    6 Chad Kanoff QB
    7 Kameron Kelly CB Bigger CB played saf and CB my ball mentality

  11. brandon maxham says:

    mock draft 4/7 1 of 4 :

    1st:Leighton VanderEsch ILB-OLB

    1st: traded to DET for 2,4 and 5th.

    2nd:Duke Ejiofor DE

    2nd(DET):Dallas Goedert TE

    2nd:Kyle Lauletta QB

    3rd:Daesean Hamilton WR

    4th(DET):Brandon Parker OT

    5th(DET):John Kelly RB

    6th:Natrell Jamerson S

    6th:Ja’Von Rolland -Jones OLB/DE

    7th:John Franklin DT

  12. Russell says:

    New Mock with extra 1st !

    BB trades #31 to Detroit for 2nd #51, 4th # 117, & 5th #153

    1st – #23- LB Lorenzo Carter
    2nd – #43- OG/C Billy Price, Move Tuney to LOT
    2nd – #51 – DE Tyquan Lewis
    2nd # 63- DL Harrison Phillips
    3d – #95 – S Quinn Blanding
    4th #117 – OT Tyrell Cosby
    5th #153 – WR Trey Quinn
    6th – #198- QB Chad Kanoff
    6th – #210- WR Alan Larzard
    7th – #219- QB Matt Linehan

  13. kevin z says:

    1 Mike Gesicki Big WR -TE
    1 Lorenzo Carter OLB Rush
    2 Brian o’neil OT
    2Fred Warner LB Hybrid or Oren Burks which ever here still
    3 Troy Fumagalli TE
    6 Joshua Falu FS rangy got ball skills
    6 Chad Kanoff QB
    7 Kameron Kelly CB Bigger CB played saf and CB my ball mentality

  14. kevin z says:

    1 Jair AleXander CB
    1 Lorenzo Carter OLb
    2 Brian O’neil ot
    2Fred Warner LB
    3 Troy Fumagalli TE
    6 Chad Kanoff QB
    6 DJ Reed CB Fs
    7 Dmitri Flowers FB-Hback chess piece weapon

  15. brandon maxham says:

    mock draft 4/6 :

    1st:Lorenzo Carter OLB

    1st:Sam Hubbard DE/OLB

    2nd:Fred Warner OLB-ILB

    2nd:Brian O’Neil OT

    3rd:Troy Fumagalli TE

    6th:Troy Apke S

    6th:Chad Kanoff QB

    7th:Darrel Williams RB

  16. steve earle says:

    Like his speed and watching these highlights he knows how and when to use it. Sure ankle tackler brings them down though doesn’t knock them back. I’ll take that.

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