Prospect Interview: Deontez Alexander

Deontez Alexander is a big play threat from Franklin college & an even better person. Get to know the prospect a little better ….

1)What’s your official height, weight, position?

6’2 196 WR


2)How did you end up at Franklin?

I ended up at Franklin after I transferred from Anderson 2 years ago.


3)When I look at a player I always look for traits that translate to the next level. What would you say your traits that translate to the NFL are?

I’m a big fast receiver that can block, I have really good hands & I’m versatile so I can play other positions.



4)What’s the biggest off the field obstacle you’ve had to face?

Taking care of my dad after he almost died my freshman year of college due to surgery.



5)Who’s your favorite teacher, any grade?

Mrs. Washington from my high school most kind-hearted lady I ever met.



6)What are you looking for pre & post snap from your man & the secondary? 

I look for tendency stance. I look at the safety as well to see the coverage on my side of the field.  I also know I have been watching film all week so I know how my guy across from me plays.



7)Who is you favorite artist or group?

My favorite artist is A boogie with the hoodie.



8)Regardless of competition, what are the most important traits for a WR?

I have to be able to be a team player which means blocking, running better routes & stepping up when the team needs me to make a play.



9)Who are the best players you’ve played with & against?

The best players I have played against are Alec Thompson and Rose Hulman. Played with was Chase Burton.



10)What’s the most important thing you have to work on?

Not letting the ball hit my body as much.



11)What’s your favorite off the field experience, moment in college?

Charity work for the poor inner-city schools. Given them new socks & shoes it’s truly amazing to see the smiles on those kids faces. Every year I give shoes & socks to kids who’s families can’t afford them.



12)Do you model your game after anyone?

I watch the best receivers in the game & take a little piece from all of them and try to apply it to myself the best way possible.

(Follow up) Who are the 3 best WR’S all time or current? 

Calvin Johnson, Jerry Rice & Larry Fitzgerald.



13)You’ve had a ton of big plays & TD’S over the last 2 years. Would you share the most memorable one?

My junior year we were down by 1 and we had got a fumble on the one-yard line. We had to drive 99 yards in less than 2 minutes and we started moving the ball. We had called the fade to my side, my guy was press man. I gave him a move off the line that left him stuck in my QB knew I was going to win, he threw me 60 yards. The very next play my teammate caught the winning touchdown.



14)Have any teams been in contact with you?

Colts, Lions, Browns, Dolphins, Ravens, Bears, Seahawks, Jags & 49ers.



15)Biggest off the field influence & why?

My dad. He’s the person who raised me into the man I am today. My Dad & Brother are my world.



16)What defensive tells are you looking for, your man & the secondary as a whole?

I’m looking for player personnel sometimes they switch guys for different coverages. I look for how the DB first moves, see if he’s running with me or just passing me off.

(Follow up) What about whether a guy is in man/zone? Anything  inparticular?

Usually you can tell by their stance and at the snap whether they man or Zone turn.



17)Any one song you have to listen to before a game?

One song I have to listen to is “no promises” by a boogie.



18)Do you or have you played any other sports?

I play basketball.



19)What will you miss most about college & What’s your favorite accomplishment?

I will miss playing with my friends. My senior year was my biggest accomplishment, I did a lot of good things my senior year to cap it off.


20)If you were in a room with a GM or Coach what would you tell them?

I would tell them that anything they need I can do. Whether it’s switching to defense, being a special teams player, I can do whatever needs to be done.

(Follow up) Can you expand on your versatility?

My versatility allows me to play anywhere on the field offense or defense I can play WR, DB, Safety, Slot anything


I want to thank Deontez for taking the time to talk with me. Deontez is a very impressive big play threat that has hailed in over 30 TD’S over the past 2 years. Most coming from 25+ yards. Alexander also shows great aggression, effort & strength in blocking as well. He is also 6’2 & runs a sub 4.40! You can check out his highlights below.

The most impressive thing about Alexander is what a nice guy he is. Extremely polite & well spoken young man. The kind of guy who can make an impact on the field, in the locker room & community. He really is an amazing person & should be proud of himself & recognized for it. Taking care of family, going to school & being a TD machine isn’t easy. Really wish him nothing but the best!


Check out his highlights

7 Responses to “Prospect Interview: Deontez Alexander”

  1. Daniel says:

    Eric Reid has stated he would sign a 1 yr 5.7 million contract. I bet he would sign a 3 yr deal averaging around 6 per that could even be back loaded. Does that help the team?

    In addition to contemplating draft picks, with the noise being made by Gronk, I am wondering what could be done with the almost $11 mil he earned last year and is now complaining about.

  2. Daniel says:

    Dolphins bringing in Kenny Vacarro. I know he didn’t live up to his rep coming out of college, but I would rather he be on our team than a division rival. Is he worth bringing in for a closer look? I know salary cap is already tight.

  3. Daniel says:

    Continuing from our conversation on the last article, I would like to suggest one more thing concerning Gronk. If he were to be released amidst his complaints would we be able to sign Navarro Bowman, Derrick Johnson, James Harrison, Michael Floyd, and Johnny Manziel combined for nearly the same annual salary he alone is due?

    I admit I am not the most up to speed on salary numbers, but am I wrong to think Bowman would play for 3 Mil per season, while Johnson and Harrison could be signed for 2 mil per? Floyd and Manziel could be had for 1.5 combined.

    • carlo strada says:

      sorry, but Bowman´s knee is banged up…

      • Daniel says:

        No news reports have surfaced indicating he has been re-injured, but something might well be up simply because he hasn’t been signed by a team.

    • steve earle says:

      Frankly I’m not in the least interested in Manzel.

      • Daniel says:

        Come now Steve, surely you acknowledge he could do better than Mallet, Hoyer and even Lauletta for less money and zero draft picks.

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