Patriots Draft – Day One/Grade A

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler


There might not be a happier QB in the NFL right now than Tom Brady. Not only did the Patriots not take a QB round. Much to the fans joy they took players that will directly help Brady staying on the field longer. They might not have the needs you thought we should go but they are blue chip players being added to a SB, win now team. This offense is absolutely loaded. We helped the OL ny adding the most versatile player in the draft & now have one of the best RB groups in the league by far. These were very calculated picks that know each other very well. Wynn has been wiping out fools & throwing suckas out da club for Sony who would make anyone miss that was left before gashing the defense.

I hope people understand that Michel is a beast that absolutely will have a Kamara-type impact. He’s a bull in the run game, huge match problem in the rec game, very elusive & has very good speed. He can score from almost anywhere on the field. Very decisive & tough, perfect back for Bill in those areas. Sony is a very confident man that has come back from injury ( ACL in h.s & ankle injuries) and excelled at UG. One of the most under rated aspects to his game is his awareness. Whether its in pass pro and stepping up at the right time or in the field looking waiting for a rec, understanding whats around him. He’ll change up his tempo to adjust to his blockers & switch gaps to explode from depending on what the LB is doing. Very smart player

Isaiah Wynn was one of the best the OL’m in the country last year. He displayed his talents in numerous ways each week against some of the best competition out there. I remember watching Forrest Lamp destroy ‘Bama defenders one by one . Allen, Williams, it didn’t matter. He just handled all of them & so did 77. They threw the kitchen sink & the old toilet in the backyard at Wynn & he didn’t flinch. He fires out of his stance like a throwback OL’m. Rolling his hips & generating power from his lower half, through his upper & into a poor defender. Wynn also has some of the quickest feet out there, he’s always in position. Whether its him beating a defender to the edge with his kick slide or getting to flat to set up a screen. Wynn also has +mental processing. Whether its the blitz and pealing off his main defender to chip on an extra rusher. Executing and dropping proper deuce block, handling his first man before heading to the backer he just performs at a high level. His vision is great, he sees the big picture but can handle on the fly adjustments.


These were two great picks from the Patriots. I know some wanted defense early & often but you can’t argue these picks. Wynn was a top 8 overall player on my board & Sony is perfect for our offense.  I can’t imagine what D.C. are thinking when we go 21 this fall. As for the defense we still have 3 picks left in the top 100 & have quietly made some very nice signings to bolster the DL in Shelton & secondary with Jason McCourty. There are plenty of Rush prospects available in Landry, Sweat, Ejiofor, Hubbard, Turay & others. Plenty LB’s that can play in space like Warner, Cichy, Moore, Scales & others. We still have plenty of Patriot-type Players at DB. Lets not forget Reid, Oliver, Bates, Meeks & again many others.

We landed 2 blue chip prospects, still have all our picks & the board is loaded with talent. I really would like to see 2 of the following selected. Sweat, Ejiofor, Hubbard, Oliver, Meeks, Jackson, Reid or Bates with our next 2-3 picks if we hold onto to them.

18 Responses to “Patriots Draft – Day One/Grade A”

  1. Pliadisfoto says:

    Malonu skaityti!

  2. kevinz says:

    I like Sony just shocked in the 1st picked a RB. I dont see the wiggle and loose hips like see with Kamara. If healthy i dont think Sony will flop is good at all skills can catch block run it like jeff said his awarness is for sure a plus.

  3. steve says:

    NO way the first round is an ‘A’ !
    How about addressing Michel’s fumbleitis !? one fumble for every 54 touches ! for comparison, RJones one for every 205 touches and Saquon one every 195 touches..
    @ pre season fumbles and a balky knee and Michel will be labeed a bust

  4. EdgeX says:

    James White, Rex Burkhead, and Sony Michel.

    Are the Pat’s going to pass it or run it?

    “The Mystique backfield”

    That’s another dynamic teams will have to consider.

  5. J H TARBORO says:

    Good job New England, great first round! What will happen at #43? Do we trade back or stand pat?

  6. Brian says:

    I’m feeling a bit better about the picks today. Don’t mind the Wynn pick but have concerns about Michels health and wonder why we spent high draft capital on a RB when we typically have ran a committee. Maybe that will change with Sony because if not, then that’s not good “value.”

    Crushed that my dream scenario played out with Derwin James dropping into reasonable range and we didn’t go get him. Also would have been happy trading up for Tremaine Edmonds. Guess Oakland didn’t want to drop down any further, though I think they could have and still got Miller.

    Just read that we tried trading up for Frank Ragnow. Good to hear that us fans were dialed in with the need/want.

    Can someone explain to me the Trent Brown trade to me? Don’t we already have that player on the roster in Marcus Cannon and giving up the 3rd is no small price.

  7. Jeff says:

    It seems like the Pats picked from some of the stronger position groups in the draft in round 1, so hopefully these guys both will be viewed as hits a few years down the road.
    I hope they can find an edge, a LB, and a TE with the next 3 picks, although they could certainly go in several directions, and picks after the first round often have only rotational roles in year 1 anyways. I wouldn’t even be shocked if they grabbed an OT.

    • steve earle says:

      I’m surprised buy generally pleased with the picks as you seem to be too. I expect today to see at least one maybe two LB/DE types come to us along with a DB of one kind or another. Betcha BB makes some moves to fill the 4th and 5th holes too.

      • Jeff Fidler says:

        Yea you know some trades were coming but I kinda expected us to go after a Rush/LB/CB so I wasn’t too surprised.

        I just love these picks so far and Im def not a blind follower. Rivers, Wynn are two of my fav picks ever & Michel is that beast RB fans always want after seeing David Johnson, Kamara highlights he’s legit. Tough bull of a runner & can make you miss.

        I’m not too worried about injuries as some are. We’re drafting him for the very immediate future & not thinking about feature back, 2nd contracts etc. Hes a win now pick that gives us a great backfield.

        Good luck defending us in 21 if you play any type of zone.

  8. kevinz says:

    I like the Picks just thrown off who was picked. If Sony close to Kamara than Moreno i will be a happy camper. Wynn a beast so that a good pick

  9. Daniel says:

    I am reposting because i believe my comments are more relevant to this thread.

    I am feeling better about the Michel pick now than last night, as to my mind this demonstrates an effort to select players that will enable the team to win now. I know that is cliche, especially because every coach wants to win every year. But if there was truly any doubt in Brady’s ability and/or willingness to play for the next 2-3 years then a greater effort may have been made to draft a QB. Perhaps Coach Belichick will wait until next years draft after so many QB needy teams reached for one this year. I don’t know college ball, so I would like to know which QBs will turn pro next year. Perhaps he will select a sleeper QB such as JT Barrett in the 7th, which is something I have been clamoring for all week.

    My biggest concern with Michel are his extensive injury history and fumble issues. People are comparing him to Kamara, although I suspect that is overly hyped. Kamara is likely a slightly better runner and a much better pass catcher. But if Michel is that good then he very well could be all that is needed to win another ring. My greatest confusion concerning this pick is that we have Jeremy Hill, James White, Rex Burkhead, Brandon Bolden, James Develin and Mike Gillislee already on the roster. No way they carry that many backs on the 53, and some of these players are high quality.

    Conversely, they might be threadbare in the front seven. Considering they were 1st offensively and last defensively last year, AND despite a 503 yard, 3 TD 0 pick performance by the GOAT they still lost the Superbowl last year, I would have preferred they go defense. Especially because Landry was/is still available. He is being compared to Vic Beasely on I am a huge value guy. I see far greater value in selecting a top 15 rated prospect 31 overall than selecting a 2nd round graded RB (a position far more easily filled.)

    However, we should consider Derek Rivers might be the edge rusher he was drafted to be upon returning from knee surgery, Adrian Clayborne was brought in to help them rush the QB, and Belichick might be expecting to get Danny Shelton to play somewhere approaching his value and talent level as perceived when he was drafted 12th overall just a couple years ago.
    Perhaps those three additions, plus the return of a rested Hightower, might catapult this defense into the next level. Additionally, Harold Landry, Arden Key and PJ Hall are still on the board.

    The Wynn pick makes sense because most boards had him as the 16th best player. Also, I believe he would have been higher if he were taller. I never played the game so I could be way off base, but it seems as though height only matters at the LT position because it typically corresponds to longer arms. I have read Wynn has long arms despite being only 6’2″ Furthermore, it seems as though being shorter would be better provided you could still maintain a greater reach. Better because the lower center of gravity would add leverage and power when “wrestling” a rushing defender. Also better in not obstructing QB’s view of the playing field (I recognize this is more significant to the interior line positions.) Plus, Scarnecchia is believed by many to be one of the greatest offensive line coaches of all time, to my understanding. I will trust his appraisal of any prospective linemen.

    • Markus Todt says:

      I like and agree on the physical/geometrical thoughts about Wynn. I just love that pick.
      If the Patriots get 4 years of the projected quality out of Michel, and then maybe a low compensatory pick, I’ll be totally fine with it. The RB core is now under contract until 2020/21 and they can cut Hill and Gillislee with only $150k of dead money.

  10. jimr says:

    Hot rumor has the 49rs trading Trent Brown 6’8′ 375 OT to the Patriots. 6th round pick?

    • Daniel says:

      Wonder what they see in him. He was a 7th round pick a couple of years ago. Has he been a starter over the past two seasons?

      • steve earle says:

        Good question Daniel he’s one of those huge OT’s pendants say are to big and defenders run around getting to the QB. Just on line so have to check this out.

        • Daniel says:

          Seems as though he has performed well as a RT in pass pro but has struggled with injury and weight issues. Seems as though he has played better than his 7th round selection would suggest.

          Perhaps Belichick is going to keep him at RT and kick Marcus Cannon over to LT and use Isaiah Wynn at LG to help Cannon out in the new position.

          I am thinking Belichick is gearing up to trade one of our 2’s for a 3rd and 4th.

      • steve earle says:

        Done deal Daniel. Our #95 for Brown, starting ROT X 2 years ended on IR last season, shoulder surgery, and their #143 (5th rd). Depth at RT or is Cannon’s injury a concern? Either way not a bad move imo just no help for the def.

        • Daniel says:

          I like the addition of a prospective quality RT.

          I would have liked DL PJ Hall with that 3rd even more though, lol. Or, they could have selected Orlando Brown with that 3rd and had a 4 year cheap rookie contract. Trenton Brown only has 1 yr left on his rookie deal and will likely want to get paid next year.

          I am thinking they will be looking to trade back from 2nd round pick. If they could get a quality piece with once of the second round picks (Goedert, Hubbard, Landry) and then trade back and parlay the other second into Arden Key, Pj Hall and Dimitri Flowers, I would consider this draft an exceptional, unmitigated success.

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