Draft Day Thoughts – Day 2: Grade B+


NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

In typical Bill Belichick fashion he turned 2 picks into Duke Dawson & future picks going forward. Day two really spoke to how good the Patriots are & why they are always ahead of the curve with this football stuff. They walked away with a Patriot-Type Player in Duke Dawson (more on him later) & added picks for this year (105) & next year (Bears 2nd). I always love trading with “bad” teams & while Chicago has plenty to be happy about I could easily see them picking in the lottery next year as well. That’s a def a pick to watch considering next years draft is loaded from top to bottom. Going forward in this years draft we’re set up pretty well with picks in every round. We pick early to start the 4th (105), right in the range we landed Flowers & Rivers. We have the 143rd in the 5th. 198 & 210 in the 6th. And 219 in the 7th round.

As for our 2nd round pick Dawson, he’ll fit in just dandy in our secondary & our team. He grew up an FSU fan in Cross City, Florida but decided on U.F. after being swayed by the Gator tradition & atmosphere there. He’s a very tough player that plays with no fear & will absolutely look to thump you run support. He’s one of the better CB’s in terms of actually succeeding after getting his paws on his opponent. He does a great job at impeding receivers at the line. He’s an eraser in the slot. Just eliminating slants, screens & anything close to the line. Dawson plays with plus route recognition & is very quick to break off his man to make a play somewhere else. And when he does get his hands on the ball, he turns into a running back. Dawson also is very comfortable & very good in man, off & zone. He won’t come off the field ever & might even play some special teams. He reminds of Logan Ryan. Very physical, smart dependable player that will probably always have trouble with certain types that have long speed. He was a 2nd round player by my grades (https://1drv.ms/x/s!Arhgisx89Ip6gQqZ0kVkO-Eys1vs) & definitely worth a top 64 pick.

Going forward we have the 105th pick in the 4th round, 143rd in the 5th, 198/210 in the 6th & 219 in the 7th. There are plenty of very good players on the board that could make an impact day 1 for us. Here’s a few names I would definitely keep an eye on. Duke Ejiofor (RUSH), Josh Sweat (RUSH), Ogbonnia Okoronkwo (RUSH/LB), Kylie Fitts (RUSH), Cruikshank (S), Meeks (CB), Avery (LB/RUSH), Thomas (TE), James (WR), EQ ST Brown (WR), Tate (WR) & Elliot (S).

14 Responses to “Draft Day Thoughts – Day 2: Grade B+”

  1. EdgeX says:

    I wanted more of a defensive draft.

    Didn’t get it.

    But the Pat’s usually know something the rest of us don’t. So we will just have to wait and see how it works out.

    I’m fine with the first 3 picks…not sure out of any of the others who sticks.

  2. macspak says:

    We picked up a couple of potential studs and a whole bunch of others who might be betters than we think who could help the team this upcoming season and beyond. I think we may see some significant changes to our long time special teams players. Ebner, Bolden, Slater etc. No locks.

  3. Jeff Fidler says:

    Dawson & Crossen for that matter are both very aggressive, physical corners. I had a 2nd on Duke & feel very comfortable w/ that grade. This was a great draft. More thoughts coming..

    • Yohy says:

      I made a conscious effort to NOT watch day 3 after all the trade downs on day 2. It was a good idea because what did we get Saturday? More trade down!!!
      Bill loves pulling the rug out from underneath us fans. We we’re innocent bystanders in this draft, doing nothing while other team picked players that could have contributed this year, not 2019 or 2020.
      The Titans Broncos and Raiders all got better and the Pat’s? Well, we’re on to 2019.

    • DetroitBreakdown says:

      Oh Fidler and Diddles. Terrible draft and terrible trades. Who cares about the 2019 draft, I care about this season. The smartest guy in the room wouldn’t put Butler in after a 2nd string QB sliced and diced a bunch of scrubs. Maybe Brady and Gronk are on to something…you can only be whipped so much, time for a new voice. Thanks Bill, time to size your bust for Canton and retire on Nantucket. Bill need to go out before this becomes a Kosar and Cleveland.

      • macspak says:

        My take. Last year was an anomaly with so few picks after trades for veterans. This year was an anomaly in the other direction. We did make 8 picks as BB traded for more picks though later round ones. The anomaly is the plethora he picked up for next year including many high picks.

        For the last 3 to 5 years as Brady ages, fortunately like a fine wine and cheese, Pat’s fans have clamored for BB to sacrifice the future for Brady’s present. This is evidence BB is not and will not do that. There will be life and a Patriot’s team post Brady and BB as GM and a secure coach will continue to build for that.

        League wide, pre Brady and during Brady, teams w/o Brady as QB have won the S Bowl. Teams post Brady, including the Patriots, will win S Bowls w/o Brady. That is the reality and that is the continuity in practice and philosophy that BB, Caserio, McDaniel, Kraft and the Patriots will abide by.

        That is a good thing. Looking forward to the 2018 season and 2019 draft.

      • macspak says:

        the 2019 draft is important. So are the 2020, 2021, 2022 etc. etc.

    • macspak says:

      Crossen is an amazing athlete; amazing. If they can find a spot for him even as a punt returner and hybrid back/WR/slot receiver………………..

  4. gln826 says:

    I give day 2 an F. A fifth round corner in the 2nd round, and lose in the 3 trades. There were 2 really good cornerbacks available at 43 by moving back to 51, they missed on them.

  5. J H TARBORO says:

    Overall, I would give the Patriots a B+ On paper this was the best draft the Pats have had in a long time, and it wasn’t weird, meaning the Patriots Usually pick up players you never heard of, this year it wasn’t that way. I’m satisfied, we all have people we want them to draft but I’m not disappointed. Bring on the UDFA list!!!!!

  6. DetroitBreakdown says:

    All these months of player analysis with very little to show. There are a lot of holes in this team. LB and pass rush. Why doesn’t Belechicken just trade all their picks and just sign FA’s and coach them up. Obviously he doesn’t trust the draft and collects picks to trade away for players with 2 to 3 years experience before they go to FA. Brady is the reason they win not the coach.

    • Brian says:

      Is there a GM in the league that values 6th and 7th round picks as much as bill does? I don’t get his infatuation with this trade down mentality.

      • DetroitBreakdown says:

        Nope…he’d be more than happy to trade all his picks and only sign college FA’s and win, just to show he can. Predicting what the Patriots will do in the draft is a waste of time, it’s chewing gum for the draft nerds.

  7. kevinz says:

    at first glance didnt like the pick but think more to do with waiting longer for the pick with the trade. Hoping Dawson shows why traded up for him love how plays with hair on fire.

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