Draft Day Potpourri

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Just when I thought I was out, they suck me back in!  A little later, I will be posting draft threads for each day of the draft, but I wanted to get a few more thoughts out before I get on a plane.

Josh Allen: There is a lot of layers to this story. I know he was 13 and I did some stupid stuff at that age, but this next level stuff. What is crazy is that it is going to take some extremely insensitive tweets from five years ago to have him probably get drafted where he should be drafted anyway based on his talent.

The rumors of Mayfield now being the front runner for pick one just blows my mind. A pick like this just adds to the intrigue of this draft. I have been doing this for a long time and I cannot remember a draft that had this many question marks this late in the process. I think this first round has the potential to be the most exciting we have seen in awhile. The only thing I can think of that might match the craziness of this first round was the year the Vikings didn’t get their pick in on time and teams behind them were running up their picks to get them in before the Vikings finally made their pick.

As far as a dream draft scenario for the Patriots, here is what I would like to see:

#23- Lamar Jackson somehow is still on the board and the Patriots take him. He has been discussed here at nausea, but I love his long term potential and would bring true excitement to the post Brady Patriots, which hopefully has a couple more years until that happens.

#31-Trade: Patriots trade this pick to the Colts for #37 and #104. The Patriots get back into the 4th round with a small trade back

#37-Isaiah Oliver-CB- I might be on an island by myself here, but I still think CB is a bigger need then most. I think Oliver would be a nice compliment Gilmore.

#43-Lorenzo Carter-LB, Edge: Carter could have a similar role on this team that former 2nd round pick Jamie Collins had. His size, speed combination makes him an intriguing chess piece for the Patriots

#63- Brian O’Neill: The Patriots get their developmental Tackle here. I think O’Neill has as much upside as any Tackle in this class.

Trade 95 to Cleveland For Pick 114, 150 and a 2019 4th round pick

#104- Ian Thomas, TE: Thomas is a late riser that has the potential as both a pass catcher and a blocker.

#114-Darrel Williams, RB: Patriots get the feature back of the future. This pick allows the team to move on from Gillislee and his high cap number if they want.

#150- Ade Aruna, Edge: I see Carter as more of a LB, with Aruna being the true edge. He has great size and plays the run really well. He is raw as a pass rusher, but the traits are there.

#198-Richie James, WR: James has the potential to be a long term replacement in the slot.

#210- Chad Kanoff, QB: Yup, I am double dipping at the QB position. I love Kanoff’s long term potential.

#219- Zach Sieler, DL: Just a dart at the wall here, but he was extremely productive and could bring some pressure from the interior.


So much more I want to talk about, but I gotta run. I will try and get on from time to time today. Have a great draft!!!!


7 Responses to “Draft Day Potpourri”

  1. Yohy says:

    Any thoughts on Arden Key? Wasn’t he a top 10-20 guy? If Bill thinks he can work out why not? To get him at the first of the second round selection would be great value, right?

    BTW, very excited,nervous too. I just feel this draft is an excellent opportunity to extend the dynasty. No more Jermaine Cunninghams and Aaron Dobsons or Easley or Richards.

    I guess we will have to wait and see just like everyone else

  2. brandon maxham says:

    mock draft 4/26 : 1st round only

    1st:Rashaan Evans OLB-ILB

    1st:Isaiah Oliver CB or trade for 2nd, 4th and 5th.

  3. kevinz says:

    Seen hand got a DuI so changing that

    1st #23- Isiah Oliver CB
    2nd #43- Fred Warner LB
    2nd #51- Jeff Holland LB rush
    2nd #63-Brian O’neill OT
    3rd #95- OG OkoronKwo DE
    4th #117- Chris Herdon TE or Ian Thomas TE
    5th #153 – Trey Quinn WR
    6th #198- Chad kanoffQB
    6th #210- Allen Lazard WR
    7th #219- Phillip Lindsay RB

  4. kevinz says:

    Last Mock it sure has been FUN thanks you everyone for feedback. Thanks Mike and Jeff for helping me understand about more prospects well appreciated. Super hyped for this draft i think a big draft it will either help Prolong the Winning or if bust in this draft could start a rebuild. Lets gooo Pats.

    1st #23- Rashaan Evans LB
    2nd #43- Fred Warner LB
    2nd #51- Rashawn Hand DE
    2nd #63-Brian O’neill OT
    3rd #95- Issaac Yiadom CB
    4th #117- Chris Herdon TE or Ian Thomas TE
    5th #153 – Trey Quinn WR
    6th #198- Chad kanoffQB
    6th #210- Allen Lazard WR
    7th #219- Phillip Lindsay RB

  5. Brian says:

    Happy draft day everyone. Can’t remember being this excited/nervous for a draft in forever.
    Also big thanks to all the editors and contributors to this site. Always a pleasure reading the comments and articles.

    I’m not going to do a mock because it’s impossible trying to predict what Bill will do. However the names that I keep seeing in mocks that I am hoping for are:
    *Leighton vander Esch
    *Lorenzo Carter
    *Frank Ragnknow
    *Nathan Shepherd( my co draft binkie- other being Derwin James)
    *Ian Thomas
    *john Kelly
    *mike white

    Really hoping for a trade up to the early teens to draft Derwin James. I think he would bring the aggression and fire to the defence that we all have been craving. As well help defend the RPO offences that are becoming more prevalent. And I think safety is a true need after watching all of them get torched in the super bowl. Not to mention Mccourty/ Chungs age and cap hit.

    Otherwise let’s build up the trenches and get this defence some speed and tenacity.

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