Draft Conversation Thread: Rounds 4-7

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Please use this thread to comment on all things draft related to Day 3 or the picks the Patriots made on Day 2. I imagine lots of draft gems will still be on everyone’s board. These are the rounds that can change the fortune of a team and might be my favorite day of the draft.

78 Responses to “Draft Conversation Thread: Rounds 4-7”

  1. Daniel Sullivan says:

    First I enjoyed following the Draft with this web site.TY
    My Favorite things about this draft.
    1 Trenton Brown 49ers trade to Pats.
    2 Both first round picks from Georgia were excellent value.
    3 Having additional 2nd and 3rd round picks next year.
    4 Duke Dawson excellent pick.
    5 UDFA Ralph Webb rb, Frank Herron DT and J.C. Jackson CB Maryland
    6 Both linebackers drafted very physical something the defense has lacked.

    Two items to think about were we ever happy with stars like Julian Edelman and Duron Harmon
    at Draft lets give BB and his staff a chance tosee if there work was successful.
    Finally I think Johnny Manziel will be signed by Patriots.

    Go Bruins and Celtics!

  2. kevinz says:

    I say i like the Sam Pick seems to have upside from doing more digging along with the WR took seems like in the least be a PR these 2 the ones i liked on day 3 of the draft

  3. macspak says:

    We picked up a couple of potential studs and a whole bunch of others who might be betters than we think who could help the team this upcoming season and beyond. I think we may see some significant changes to our long time special teams players. Ebner, Bolden, Slater etc. No locks.

  4. macspak says:

    My take. Last year was an anomaly with so few picks after trades for veterans. This year was an anomaly in the other direction. We did make 8 picks as BB traded for more picks though later round ones. The anomaly is the plethora he picked up for next year including many high picks.

    For the last 3 to 5 years as Brady ages, fortunately like a fine wine and cheese, Pat’s fans have clamored for BB to sacrifice the future for Brady’s present. This is evidence BB is not and will not do that. There will be life and a Patriot’s team post Brady and BB as GM and a secure coach will continue to build for that.

    League wide, pre Brady and during Brady, teams w/o Brady as QB have won the S Bowl. Teams post Brady, including the Patriots, will win S Bowls w/o Brady. That is the reality and that is the continuity in practice and philosophy that BB, Caserio, McDaniel, Kraft and the Patriots will abide by.

    That is a good thing. Looking forward to the 2018 season and 2019 draft.

  5. Yohy says:

    To paraphrase Bob Kraft “This is unequivocally the sourest draft” in recent history. You mean to tell me they couldn’t use one of those picks for a DE or OLB or Safety? I have little faith in addressing the anemic pass rush in the UDFA class. Well, on to training camp.
    As far as 2019 draft picks, by my count the Pats have 13 picks. you made think that they can package a few and move up but you need to find a trade partner. It seem like teams went out of their way to let other teams jump up ahead of the pats . The titans cut our heart out this weekend

  6. kevinz says:

    jc jackson a nice cb pick up as a UDFA so far seen a rb and DT as well so far

  7. kevinz says:

    Darrell Williams RB not sure go there though but UDFA mike likes alot

  8. kevinz says:

    Hercules to could be a good fit as well

  9. kevinz says:

    jeff Holland kameron kelly Holton Hill just few like as UDFA

  10. kevinz says:

    would have taken kameron Kelly or Jeff holland not izzo thats for sure for the D

  11. GM-In-Training says:

    Berrios seems to have good traits for the slot, but not as ideal as Edelman. He’s about 15 pounds lighter than Edelman but slower in the 10-yard split. Slot receivers need that 15 pounds of muscle as armor for the pounding they take at the end of most catches. McCarron has almost the exact same build as Berrios.

    I don’t know if Berrios means McCarron isn’t expected to develop how they want, or if it’s just so important they’re hedging.

    Either way, the receiver corps is crazy this offseason.
    It’s taller than it’s ever been.
    It has more former 1st round picks (3) than it’s ever had.
    It has more 1,000-yard season achievers (Edelman, Britt, and Jordan Mathews hit 997) still young enough to do it again.
    It’s got blazing speedsters (Dorsett, Patterson).
    It’s got guys who came up big in Playoff Games (Edelman, Hogan, Mitchell).
    It’s got guys who have had Monster games (Britt put up 225 yards against Philly once, Patterson had a 100-yard KR, etc.).

    Chemistry, understanding the playbook, health, and a lot of other things matter too, but it’s a really interesting group.

  12. kevinz says:

    its not a DE but like the BB WR pick surely seems like a Pats type WR i can dig it lol

    • steve earle says:

      Did we get a DE or and edge guy for that matter, area of greatest need? Bill passed again this year. Very disappointed after great day 1 picks my hopes were high but BB rather make trades then fill needs. Don’t worry though next year is loaded with picks. Guess what happens with them?

      • kevinz says:

        I agree steve just trying to make the best of it hoping 1 or 2 who drafted turn out and another 1 or 2 as UDFA show out then the class will be okay since the draft guess work as it is.

        • steve earle says:

          What are the chances a 6th and a bunch of 7th’s will yield an impact player? Maybe one or two make the practice sqd but that’s about all I expect. All those extra picks next year he will have to trade away to help our edges so are we any further ahead?

        • kevinz says:

          a very slim chance them late picks do but a good draft is getting hopefully 4 nfl players hopefully 3 from who drafted and 1 UDFA. Either round is a risk and slim chance turn out. Im upset didnt address the rush as anybody else. I am just being hopeful out of all players chose got a few NfL players whether star or useful pieces on the team.

  13. Chris D. says:

    Now that they have picked Braxton Berrios this draft is a complete success!!!

  14. kevinz says:

    I like the Sam pick still young he 21 still has upside got speed to cover. Bentley a run stopper type could be upgrade over Roberts.

    • steve earle says:

      Sam is a prove it pick to me at this point but better the Bentley who struggles to cover a 90 yo on crutches. He’s a run stopper, remember Spikes? But no fear the publicity dept will blow smoke up everyone’s a– .

  15. JH says:

    At this point I just want the Pats to get Alex McGough. Was definitely my binkie this year and I think he may be the best QB left. He and Kanoff are the only ones left that the Patriots met with.

  16. JoeyNL says:

    BB is just mocking the draft today. He must absolutely hate this class. And his fans as well. Still no LB added to the roster who can actually run and cover someone.

  17. GM-In-Training says:

    A 2-down ILB?!?!? We already have a thumper who’s a liability in passing situations and gets exploited by RB catching over the middle?!?! We don’t need another one!


  18. JH says:

    And there goes Sweat.

  19. EdgeX says:

    The funniest thing is trying to watch “experts” figure out what the Patriots are trying to do.

    We. Know. Nothing.

    Maybe we should just ahem…have a proverbial “blackout” from now until the start of the season and see how things work out then.

    Might save us all a lot of mental anguish.

  20. GM-In-Training says:

    Supposedly the 2019 draft is going to be loaded, so maybe there’s extra value in stocking up now on picks.

    What will BB do all this 5th, 6th, 7th rounders this year? We know 7th rounders aren’t much more likely to make the team than UDFA’s. Does BB swap them for vets immediately, or swap them for 2019 picks that he then swaps for vets at the beginning of September 2018?

    I could see BB using his 5th round picks, I’m just not sure on what. What position group is so deep that a player with traits who needs to be coached up will still be around after pick 150?

  21. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Good God I hope Patriots trade up soon.

  22. kevinz says:

    Gonna be Positive here from all the info i gathered there quite a few good players in late rounds from reports i read.

  23. EdgeX says:

    Well. It’s quite obvious the Patriot’s don’t like this draft. They are gearing up for 2019.

    • EdgeX says:

      Also, as I’ve been implying….

      Tom Brady’s successor will not be found in this draft.

      Start hyping the QB prospects for next year boys!

  24. JH says:

    EDGE: Josh Sweat, Florida State
    SS: Dane Cruikshank, Arizona or Godwin Igwebuike, Northwestern
    QB: Alex McGough, FIU
    ILB: Quentin Poling, Ohio or Zaire Franklin, Syracuse
    TE: Andrew Vollert, Weber State
    DT: Tons of options available

    Sad to see Lauletta gone, but now I think McGough offers the best value at QB.

  25. steve earle says:

    Has anybody ever told BB that the draft is for acquiring players not picks he never uses on players???????

    • steve earle says:

      Traded out of the 4th. What the heck is the point????? Why doesn’t he just trade all our picks for vet players and save the time and effort on scouting and the draft?

  26. kevinz says:

    booo trade lol well guess miss it take father out for bday lunch good day all

  27. kevinz says:

    just a few who hope can snag here soon

    Foley Fatusaki DT
    Leon jacobs LB
    OG onKwo DE LB
    Herndon TE
    Ian thomas TE
    Dorance Armstrong dE
    Ade Aruna DE
    Cruishank S
    Micah Kiser LB
    Ito Smith RB
    Cole Reyes S
    DJ Reed CB

  28. kevinz says:

    Plz pick Foley pats can play DE DT has Potential to rush plus vine arms

  29. Daniel Sullivan says:

    What I feel would make the Patriots fans quite happy with day three picks.

    4 Ogbonnia Okoronkwo DE Oklahoma
    5 Andrew Brown DL Virginia
    6 Shaquem Griffin LB/ST UCF
    6 Marcus Allen S Penn State
    7 Mark Walton RB Miami (Florida)

    Good Luck Pats and finish draft strong.

  30. steve earle says:

    Who’s left that I like:
    Duke Ejiofor DE
    Tim Settle DT
    Ade Aruna DE/LB
    Shaq Griffin LB/SS
    Keke Coutee Slot WR
    Kyle Lauletta QB
    Dane Cruikshank SS/CB
    Andrew Brown DE/DT
    Herculas Mata’afa LB
    Ito Smith RB
    Devante Downs ILB (injury IR this year ?)

  31. Stephen J says:

    It doesn’t sound like the wheeling and dealing is done yet. Might there be a Pats player traded for a pick or another player today.

    • steve earle says:

      Who knows? When BB gets trading anything can happen and not always for the better seems to me.

  32. gln826 says:

    the Pats got depants on that trade! they went from 43 to 51 getting 117, then go from 63 to 56 giving up that same 117? are you effing kidding me? the Pats got bent over!

    • steve earle says:

      Looks like Bill got out maneuvered and outsmarted on that one. I’ve always felt he spends to much effort trying to be clever and not enough straight forward smart.

  33. Russell says:

    Good Picks so far, and trading to get Chicago’s 2nd in 2019, seemed more like BB didn’t have a prospect he really wanted.
    WR Tray Quinn
    LB Ade Aruna
    CB/S Quenton Meeks
    S Quin Blanding
    DL Andrew Brown
    DL Poona Ford
    LB Shaq Griffin

    • steve earle says:

      I like Ade Arunea and Shaq Griffin out of this list the rest I’m indifferent about. Really wish Bill would get us the LB and edge help we need.

  34. kevan says:

    Day 3 players I would really like pats to draft- Logan woodside, jaylen samuels, hercules mata afa, gernard avery, dorance Armstrong jr

  35. kevan says:

    I don’t like the trade back up for Dawson. Good chance he is there a few picks later and i would have liked the 2 picks in the 4th. Some good players still out there

    • kevan says:

      If duke Dawson replaces Jordan Richards then I guess it was worth it.

      • steve earle says:

        Yea but two completely different types of players only roster spot would change. New guy described as a slot cover type which I guess would be better thought.

        • kevan says:

          Just in job title. Richards was playing in the slot for the patriots which is exactly where Dawson will play. So you can say one is a safety and one is a corner but they will be asked to do the exact same thing on the field.

        • steve earle says:

          @ kevan: Yea I guess your right. Just kind of bumbed , Bill always manages to throw cold water on every draft. Good thing he’s such a great coach.

        • kevan says:

          I feel you brother it gets frustrating but it does work sometimes. Lets hope 3 years from now were praising these picks and laughing at ourselves haha

  36. kevinz says:

    few players like in the 4th are:
    Leon jacobs LB
    OG onKwo DE LB
    Herndon TE
    Ian thomas TE
    Dorance Armstrong dE
    Ade Aruna DE
    Cruishank S

  37. Stephen J says:

    We started day 2 off with 2 2nd round picks 43 and 63 along with a 3rd round pick 95.

    When Tenn traded up and selected DE/LB Harold Landry at pick 41 who the Pats were targeting at pick 43 they traded back receiving pick 51 and pick 117 in the 4th from Detroit.
    Giving us 2 2nd round picks 51 and 63 and a 4th pick 117.

    Then we traded pick 51 receiving pick 105 in the 4th and a 2nd round next year from the Bears.
    Giving us 1 2nd round 63 two 4th’s 105 and 117 along with a 2nd round pick next year.

    Then when two DB’s went off the board we moved up from pick 63 to 56 and traded pick 63 and 117 to the Buc’s for pick 56.

    Where we picked CB Duke Dawson
    Which Evan Lazar did a breakdown that can be seen here


    Leaving us with pick 95 of the 3rd and pick 105 of the 4th and a 2nd round pick next year

    Our 3rd round pick 95 was traded to San Fran for Tackle Trent Brown and pick 143 in the 5th.

    Here is a breakdown of Trent Brown


    One thing not mentioned in that article are that the 49ers faced the Cardinals again in Nov where he played LT and faced former Patriot Chandler Jones where he held him to 1 QBH and 0 sacks. Although Chandler did have 1 sack and 2 QBH’s the sack and other QBH came against the interior line and not Brown. Remember Chandler Jones had a monster season with 17 Sacks

    So as of right now going into the 4th round the Patriots have

    4 Pick 5 (105 overall)
    5 Pick 6 (143 overall)
    6 Pick 24 (198 overall)
    6 Pick 36 (210 overall)
    7 Pick 1 (219 overall)

    2019th Bears 2nd round pick

  38. kevinz says:

    4 Chris Herndon TE
    5 Ade Aruna DE
    6 Chad kanoff QB
    7 Javon rolland -jones DE short but not small advanced rusher Rangy has Potential to cover

  39. steve earle says:

    I’m tired, it’s been a long day trying to follow the slight of hand BB put us through once again. Try to find a site that gives us the answer to just what picks exactly we have tomorrow isn’t really possible. Right now all I want are the picks not some key happy pendant giving us the history of the universe. Anybody out there got the answer?

  40. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Very Good players left to be picked.

    4 Dorrance Armstrong DE Kansas
    5 Kylie Fitts DE Utah
    6 Tanner Lee QB Nebraska
    7 Deontay Burnett WR USC

    Don’t get discouraged Pats fans. Brady and Company have gotten stronger.

  41. steve earle says:

    After BB took two 1st rd picks and traded our 3rd wouldn’t be surprised if he trades down the #43 for a lower 2nd to get a 3rd or 4th. Even if he doesn’t there are still good picks to be had.

    • steve earle says:

      @ steve earle: What the heck were you thinking why in the world did you think this draft would finally make sense, yield us talented name players, fill our needs and get us excited about the coming season. You dunce! As for BB himself how the heck does he do it year after year filling holes with other team cast offs, UDFA’s and elderly vet FA’s tacked together at the end of the year to make runs at the SB? Is he a masochists that wants to take the most painful route to success? Or maybe a sadist getting pleasure from torturing we poor fans first then rescuing us Munchhausen like? Two first, two seconds and a third, five picks in the top 100 turned deftly into two name players and an undersized WTH CB. Am I the only one who gets dizzy trying to follow these things?

      • kevinz says:

        I feel the same steve but lets be Positive here wynn turn into Mankins or Mason and sony turn into mix of bush and shady mccoy. Dawson turns into d-mac fs type . Now got the 4th rd where BB hits usually Flowers Wise Mason came in that RD.

  42. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Day 3 after Trade for Trent Brown.
    I would like Pats to trade 5 and 6 round picks for 4th round pick.

    4 (From possible trade)Kylie Fitts DE Utah
    6 Logan Woodside QB Toledo
    7 J.C. Jackson CB Maryland

    • steve earle says:

      After missing on QB Lamar Jackson I question if Bill will draft any QB this year? Given the needs for def (LB and DE) can’t see how that would be other then a luxury we can’t afford unless it’s in the 6th or 7th. Now just watch and see him draft a QB!!!!!!

  43. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Day three for Pats. Here is what I hope for.
    6 Tanner Lee QB Nebraska
    6 DaeSean Hamilson WR Penn State
    7 Genard Avery ILB Memphis

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