Scouting Report: Mark Walton, RB

Will the Patriots look to add another body to the backfield in the draft? If so, Walton brings a lot of qualities to the table that the Patriots look for.

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

Forward by Mike Gerken

So, free agency hasn’t been all bad for the Patriots so far. I like the resigning of Burkhead and getting Jason McCourty for little to nothing was a classic Patriot move. The team is still linked to plenty of names and while none of them are headliners, they are players that could create depth and help on the field. It is these type of signings that allow the team to focus on specific players they like in the draft. Today, Jeff looks at one of those players that might be on that radar if the team feels the need to add some youth to the backfield and does not address it any further in free agency.





    • From Cross City Florida
    • Lost father early at 7, along w/ other family. Mother died recently.
    • Was involved in a weird situation where he was arrested & then had charges dropped here. Can read about here.

  • Coaches have talked positively about maturity growth on & off the field.
  • Recently became a new father



  • Versatility & Toughness – Walton is a perfect fit for today’s game that is featuring all around backs more & more. He can run inside/outside, is a very dangerous, reliable receiving threat & is good/willing in pass pro. Can stay on the field for all 3 downs if needed. Tough as nails that absorbs hits & & keeps on trucking. Has some dog in him. He’ll give you some y.a.c. Runs behind pads.
  • Agility, Lateral Movement & Vision – Very nice, effective jump cut. Can plant & explode. Has a little shake in him. Can make you miss from rushing or catching the ball, provides plenty of missed tackles. Very good peripheral vision to see the weather on the outside. Can set up the occasional DB/LB on the 2nd while at the l.o.s. Keeps eyes up/forward & moving.
  • Acceleration & Big plays –  Able to turn nothing into something. Can accelerate/explode real quick.
  • Rec Back – Good hands, tracks the ball well & runs good routes. Has more than a few highlight grabs.
  • Known for being gym rat & having a good work ethic off the field.
  • Very capable, willing blocker in pass pro who for the most part uses good technique. Looks to set a good base & get inside his man’s chest if possible
  • Good ball security.
  • Plays low & has very good balance to him.


  • At times tries to do too much dancing inside & out. Has to find a block & take 2-3 yard gains.
  • Frame is small, at 205-210, if he bulked up some, isn’t running anyone over between the tackles.
  • Ankle injury? Limited him big time in 2017. Lower leg/body injuries are always a concern for RB’S.



Walton isn’t a player w/ a ton of negatives or concerns for the type of player he is. If healthy & a team is comfortable w/ him, he’ll produce & be that shifty, x-factor type back that gives defenses fits. He can def have a Hunt, Kamara-like impact on the right team. He’s not the “workhorse” straight away thumper. Rather kills you in a bunch of ways testing your depth as a defense, making you cover every inch of the field.


Traits That Translate

Here are some clips that show off Walton’ s versatile & varied skill set





51 Responses to “Scouting Report: Mark Walton, RB”

  1. kevin z says:

    Alright finally last Mock Draft for me decided all about upside with positions of need. Sorry over did the Mock’s got kinda addicted

    2nd:Tim Settle DT Huge upside can rush plus stop run all DT have just clog up the run
    2ndOren Burks LB-S rangy smart a leader reminds of a springier Zack Cunningham cover TE’s and bigger slot WR’s
    2nd:Dorian OdanieL Box saf hybrid he just jumps out like crazy on tape. similar reports as Jerome Baker think Dorian a better person so reach upside. Blitz and drop in Coverage cover RB slot WR’s
    3rd:Cole mason Ol versatile can play Center Guard as well as tackle came from NFL style offense.
    3rd:DJ Reed CB-FS-Nickel
    4th:Bilal Nickols DE-NT Big athletic has nice upside fierce type player leader type
    5th:Marcell Frazier Outside rusher play on 3rd days
    7th::James Butler RB elusive can catch as well team up with Iowa Flash

  2. macspak says:

    who’s the better TE prospect? Gesicki or Goedert?

    • Stephen J says:

      As an overall TE Goedert hands down due to being able to both run routes catch and inline block.
      As just a receiving TE only Gesicki hands down is the better receiver route runner also more athletic not that Goedert is bad at those Gesicki is just on another level just don’t expect him to be an inline blocker there are small wr’s and rb’s who are much better than Gesicki is.

  3. brandon says:

    I think the Free Agency moves will affect what the Patriots target in the draft.So I’ll try to make a mock draft on how I think it might go .

    1st:Martinas Rankin OT – I feel like OT is the most important need to address first.

    2nd:Justin Reid S -I think getting a future safety is going to be important due to the age of both Mccourty and Chung.

    2nd:Kyle Lauletta QB -We need to get the future QB who will take over for Brady when he’s done.

    3rd:D.J Reed CB – We could use depth for the slot CB position.

    4th:Justin Lawler DE – We can use a DE who can stop the run and set the edge some.

    5th:Andrew Vollert TE – We could grab a future TE later to take over whenever needed.

    7th:Braxton Berrios WR – We need a slot WR to take Edelman’s place in the future.

  4. kevin z says:

    I have Posted many Mocks tried thinking like BB taking players who everyone thinks a reach. I’m the type that goes off what see on Tape plus the Positives on scouting Reports . I don’t look where predicted to go either, it throws off my evaluation of a player, it makes me Focus to much on there Flaws. Felt just explain how I go about my Mocks or Players I like for the Pats

    1# O’neil OT played basketball and BB’s fav Lacrosse be considered a reach like Solder was at the time of his draft but will work out.
    2#Fred Warner ILB-OLB size coverage skills Patterns game after Bobby Wagner BYU Crew at LB
    2# Dj Reed CB draft as a FS stop start quickness is insane tackling skills only tad shorter then dmac .
    3 Kyle Lauletta QB reminds me of a healthy chad Pennington
    4 Tyquan lewis DE tough player hot motor wont take plays off
    5# Deadrin Senat DT short but rangy been through a lot of tragedy plays like it
    7# Philip Linday RB run catch pass protect plays ST

  5. Stephen J says:

    Well it seems like I am having troubles posting comments here all of a sudden. I’ve tried posting several scouting type reports both with and with out links and the site seems to reject both. Even the plain comments that have gone through recently have taken several attempts and even then not all have gone through. Not sure what is happening.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Stephen, are you still having theissue? Is anyone else. I don’t see any thing code wise, but I will keep checking.

      • Stephen J says:

        Yes I thought it might be a links issue but I’ve posted a couple with links
        Then I thought it might be a length issue but even short posts haven’t gone through
        Then I thought it might be a copy issue so I typed it from scratch and still no luck.
        I haven’t come across anything that stands out consistently as to why posts aren’t being accepted I’ve tried 3 posts today that weren’t accepted but was able to post 1 response that went through.

        • Stephen J says:

          PS As far as links go I even typed it from scratch without the links and it still wasn’t accepted so not sure what else it could be at the moment.

  6. kevin z says:

    1# O’neil OT played basketball and BB’s fav Lacrosse be considered a reach like Solder was at the time of his draft but will work out.
    2# Kameron Kelly FS taller Rangy ball skills played CB as well can do hybrid role good tackler from ST experience
    2# Oren Burks LB-S Smart player Rangy plus did game planning like Pats do change each week
    3 Mike White QB Big Arm can throw with touch as well improved his release speed past season as well looking off saf and LB’s
    4# Tyquan lewis DE tough player hot motor wont take plays off
    5# Deadrin Senat DT short but rangy been through a lot of tragedy plays like it
    7# Philip Linday RB run catch pass protect plays ST

  7. Stephen J says:

    Patriots, Giants reportedly offered Nate Solder similar money

    The New England Patriots lost their number one priority free agent to the New York Giants: Offensive tackle Nate Solder signed a four-year, $62 million dollar contract – a deal that makes him the highest-paid offensive lineman in all of football. Solder, who won two Super Bowls in seven seasons in New England, addressed the media today for the first time and offered some insights on leaving the team that drafted him 17th overall in 2011.

    One of the most notable tidbits from the 29-year old was him telling that the Patriots and Giants both offered him “somewhat equal money”, according to The Athletic’s Patricia Traina. Of course, the statement leaves a lot of room for interpretation that will never be fully explained without knowing the exact details of New England’s offer to its long-time starting left tackle.

    However, as Patriots salary cap expert Miguel Benzan of Boston Sports Journal explained on Twitter, the structure of the contract is equally important as the money associated to the deal:

    Structure matters. No 46-man active roster bonuses in Nate Solder’s contract with the Giants. 46-man active roster bonuses are standard in the Patriots contract. Nate Solder’s last deal with the Patriots contained a Pro Bowl incentive. No incentives in his contract w/ the Giants […] When Tom Brady has 46-man active roster bonuses for 2018 can not see the Patriots making Nate Solder an exception

    When the Patriots and Solder agreed to a two-year contract extension in 2015, the contract also included roster bonuses: The veteran, arguably one of top-10 left tackles in the NFL, received $31,250 for every game he was active during the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Appearing in 31 of New England’s 32 games, Solder was therefore able to earn an additional but previously non-guaranteed $968,750.

    No such bonus money is included in the deal that Solder ultimately signed with New York. So while, yes, the total money might have been “somewhat equal”, the structure and added guarantees could very well have made the difference in favor of New York.

    [UPDATE 03/16, 11:09 pm ET]: The transcribed quote shows that Traina’s initial report was not an entirely correct one:

    There were three really good teams that were kind of in the running and it came down to a couple of things. The money was all somewhat equal and it just came down to where my family was going to be most comfortable.

    As NBC Boston Sports’ Tom Curran added, the Patriots made a solid offer last week that would have made Solder one of the highest-paid offensive tackles in the NFL. However, New England’s offer was reportedly not equal to New York’s so the three teams Solder is talking about might have been the Giants, the Houston Texans and the Cleveland Browns.

    Report on Patspulpit by Bernard Buchmasser

    • macspak says:

      Not signing him will turn out to be a blessing for the Pats. Signing him, a curse for the Giants..

  8. steve earle says:

    Bill being Bill is signing up some value FA’s. Tobin is insurance in case Waddel or Fleming find greener $$$ pastures, Clayborn a solid edge rusher, Hill a good big back who can catch obf and McCourty looks like a replacement for Butler. Doesn’t mean some of the same positions won’t be addressed in the draft but depth and competition will be as usual. Not seeing a FA OT to step in day one for Solder so it could be a high draft priority. The only 1st round OT value I believe is McGlinchey. Not saying others won’t be taken in the first just the only one who should imo. So now this compells me to adjust my mock again. This time no trade downs.

    1#31 Kolton Miller OT UCLA 6-9 309 (project to win LT start, Frame able to add muscle)
    2#43 Duke Ejiofor DE Wake Forest 6-4 270 ( best available + good rush edge setter DE)
    2#63 Tim Settle DT Vir Tech 6-3 335 ( massive run stuffier pocket collapser)
    3#95 Lyle Laulette QB Richmond 6-2 220 (If 2 inch taller would be 1st rd pick.)
    4# 136 Ito Smith RB So.Miss. 5-9 200 ( Lewis clone like)
    5# 138 Tigray Scales LB Ind 6-0 230 (Fast inside LB chases down RB sideline to sideline)
    6# 205 Shaquem Griffin LB/S 6-1 230 (One handed guided missile, Take the risk)

  9. brandonmaxham says:

    mock draft 2/17 : needs version

    1st:Leighton VanderEsch ILB/OLB

    2nd:Martinas Rankin OT

    2nd:Duke Ejiofor DE

    3rd:Will Dissly TE

    4th:Kyle Lauletta QB

    5th:Dane Cruikshank CB/S

    7th:Troy Apke S

  10. macspak says:

    My first mock based upon what I perceive as need with some realism (no trades – how realstic is that?):

    I would take QB Jackson in the first but he is going to go much too high to even trade up for.

    1-31. Hughes CB UCF
    2-43. Hubbard DE/OLB OK St
    2-65 Goedert TE S Dakota
    3-95 Sam ILB AZ St
    4-136 Noteboom OT TCU
    5-159 Scarborough RB AL
    7-219 Woodside QB Toledo

    • Matt says:

      The Pats have not had much luck drafting players that went to school in FL. Do you think they should keep drafting players from there?

  11. macspak says:

    Slater visit the Steelers- blasphemy. Do the Patriots not consider him worth signing? Getting too lod? Declining skills? Injured? I figured him for a Pats lifer.

    • kevin z says:

      I Love slater but thinking its declining skills from Injuries he was nicked up 2 years ago then hurt missing games this past year. Hate to see go hoping retire so can as a lifer Pat then help coach or assist at first

  12. kevin z says:

    1st:Tavern Bryan Int DT
    2nd:Tyrell Crosby OL
    2nd:Kameron Kelly FS BB’s reach pick in 2nd rd rangy tall ball skills played CB better at FS . good 3 cone for size Played ST wrap up with 2arms type tackler also do Hybrid role
    3rd:Dorian ODaniel Box saf Hybrid keep clean make plays Rangy ST demon in the least
    4th:D.J Reed CB nickel FS
    5th:Ito Smith RB compared to d lewis
    7th:Ryan Nall Bigger back can catch

    Hope sign Morgan Burnett for nice price as well as Corey Toomer coverage LB.
    Read Pats were in sub package 90% of time this past season so either 3 safety’s on field or have Hybrids with speed to help cover

  13. brandonmaxham says:

    mock draft : defense version

    1st:Leighton VanderEsch ILB/OLB

    2nd:Duke Ejiofor DE

    2nd:Kyzir White S

    3rd:Harrison Phillips DT

    4th:D.J Reed CB

    5th:Troy Apke S

    7th:Shaquem Griffin OLB

    • steve earle says:

      Yes, I like this mock if Vander esch comes down to #31. Well done.

    • kevin z says:

      Leighton VanderEsch is a beast with skills the one thing didn’t like on Tape with him though he does what Elandon Roberts does where over runs the running back. VanderEsche does that 2-3 times a game. He could still be a beast with being more Athletic than Roberts though

  14. GM-in-Training says:

    Hey. Me again. The Pats are going to need to free up more cap space.

    With Clayborn, Hill and Tobin, the Pats are probably down $9M, bringing the available cap space to I think, about $6M.

    The Pats still need to bring back Fleming or Waddle, or whoever is behind door number 3 to be the LT.

    The Pats can perhaps extend TB12, Cut or rework Dwayne Allen’s $5M hit, Extend Cooks’ $8M hit, cut Ghostkowski to free up $3.5M minus the cost of a new kicker, or maybe extend Chris Hogan to save $1-2M.

    Golly gee willikers, I am curious what they plan to do at LT.

    • steve earle says:

      Well Russell haven’t you seen my latest Mock? I’m sure I’ve solved the LT problem for the next five plus years. Well maybe anyway. Really though I can’t think of a FA vet that is available I would want, can you? I expect Waddle or Fleming will be the starter by default. Both did decent jobs last season when called upon but hope we get an early draft pick who will win the job sooner rather then later.

  15. GM-in-Training says:

    OT/OG Matt Tobin agrees to 1-year with Pats. Last year he earned $850K, so sounds like he’s a versatile backup.

  16. GM-in-Training says:

    Interesting Trivia; which NFL franchise has the most former-first round picks on their roster?

    I dunno, but it could be the Pats with 9.

    – Donte Hightower
    – Devin McCourty
    – Brandin Cooks
    – Shea McClellin
    – Danny Shelton
    – Kenny Britt
    – Philip Dorset
    – Malcom Brown
    – Adrian Clayborn

    I did an analysis a couple years ago and the average franchise only had 5-6 former 1st rounders on their roster. At the time the Niners and Pats were well ahead of the curve.

    We’ll see if Erik Ebron or anyone else materializes prior to April.

    • kevan says:

      Jeremy hill just signed with pats too. I think he was a 2nd rd pick though

    • kevan says:

      Kendall wright was a 1st rd pick, maybe sign him to replace dola. Would probably cheap too

    • GM-in-Training says:

      To answer my own question, the Eagles have at least 9 former 1st rounders, and many of them are, frankly, more elite than some of the Pat’s reclamations.

  17. GM-in-Training says: Says the Pats got Adrian Clayborn. Woot!

    Clayborn had 9.5 sacks last year.

    He’s supposed to be smart and versatile. I think he’s a 3-down DE, and should be an instant starter.

    He made $4.25 Million last year, so I wonder what it took to get him?

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Word is Clayborn is $12M over 2 years, dunno how the cap hit spreads.

      That may cancel out a compensatory pick (Maybe ‘dola’s who also got 2yr $12M).

      Jeremy Hill also seems in the fold, probably his numbers are similar to, or smaller than Johnson Bademosi, so that’s probably a wash.

      Solder and Butler probably count for 3rd rounders, and Lewis maybe still a 4th. If we keep one of Fleming or Waddle and lose the other, that might still get us a 4th compensatory.

  18. JH says:

    Alex Okafor has resigned with the Saints, but with Vinny Curry being cut I think the Pats should go after him. He’s played a 3-4 OLB role before so he offers the versatility the Pats are looking for. Solid against the run and very good pass rusher. The question will be how much he is asking for.

  19. Russell says:

    DE Vinny Curry was released today, BB could make a move to sign him, he will not count against the compensatory formular.

    • Stephen J says:

      Lets see Curry made 9 million this past year(2017) This year was due to make 11 million and declined a pay cut. Due to make 11 million next year as well.
      Curry received a 84.8 grade from PFF this past year
      Curry had 4 hurries against the Pats in the Super Bowl
      Curry played 576 snaps in 2017
      Curry had 3.0 sacks in 2017
      Curry had 47.0 QB pressures in 2017
      Curry had 28 run stops in 2017
      Adrian Clayborn meanwhile made 5.5 million this past year.
      Clayborn received a 85.5 grade from PFF this past year
      Clayborn had 4 hurries against the Pats in 2017
      Clayborn played 555 snaps in 2017
      Clayborn had 9.5 sacks
      Clayborn had 18 run stops in 2017
      Clayborn had 54.0 pressures in 2017
      Both players are 29 and will be 30 this summer

      • kevan says:

        Stephen J what do you think about Matt Tobin?

        • Stephen J says:

          My Initial impression is this.

          He went to Iowa
          He fits their LT athletic traits
          303 lbs
          4.90 40
          1.75 10 split
          8’11” Broad Jump
          Played RT for Seattle

          I don’t think they view him as a starting LT. I see him more as that swing tackle that replaces either Flemming or Waddle when one of them leave during Free Agency.

        • kevan says:

          Pretty good measurables. I was hoping he had atleast a little LT experience, owell. The Iowa connection is good.

  20. islerba says:

    What do you think of Memphis LB Genard Avery?

    • Stephen J says:

      I like Avery though I have some concerns. The biggest concern is his height arm length. His height is 6′ 0 1/2″ with an Arm Length of 31″ while weighing 248. While that isn’t ideal it doesn’t eliminate him just based on that alone because Tedy Bruschi was 6’0 5/8″ at 250 lbs when he was drafted.

      As far as more recent ILB’s he compares athletically very closely to Luke Kuechly

      ………….Genard Avery…………….Luke Kuechly
      Height….6’0 1/2″…………………..6’2″
      Arm Len..31″………………………..31″
      3 Cone….6.90………………………6.92
      20 Shut…4.36………………………4.12

      As far as who he would compete against and is most similar to on the Pats 2 players come to mind Elandon Roberts and Harvey Langi

      ……………Elandon Roberts…………Harvey Langi
      Weight….235 lbs…………………….251
      Arm L…..30 7/8″…………………….32 7/8″
      3 Cone..7.23…………………………7.0
      20 Shut.4.26…………………………4.32

      He was productive during his career

      170 Solo Tackles
      233 Total Tackles
      45.5 TFL’s
      21.5 Sacks
      5 PBU’s
      15 QBH’s
      4 FF
      2 Int’s

      He was the Mississippi high school state powerlifting champion.

      In 2017 he had 50 QB Pressures(Sacks,Hits,Hurries) most by any FBS ILB the next closest had 33.
      In the NFLPA Bowl he picked off Logan Woodside on the very 1st play of the game while dropping into zone coverage.

      Here is a video breakdown from Jonah Tuls

      The only problem I have with the above video breakdown is that it covers just his strengths but doesn’t show any of his weaknesses.

      This is a more accurate assessment to me of who he is

      Some other things that I’ve noticed not mentioned in the breakdown is when the OL gets to the 2nd level he can get blocked taken out of plays. He can either be slow to process reads or due to height not be able to read them clearly and be out of position or his instincts/football IQ isn’t the greatest not sure which is the case In some plays like above by Jonah he looks like he processes quickly an is fine while in other games not so much IE the UCF 2017 game. His tackling could use some work/refining not the cleanest.

      To me he is more a athlete that plays football at a good level than a football player that is athletic. Could he become a football player who is athletic yes but right now I have him in the 4th round range(mid-late) and near the range of Oren Burks(mid 4th) and Fred Warner(early 4th).

      • islerba says:

        Thanks, that is insightful.
        Honestly, despite his negatives he could bring that long missed athleticism to Pats LB corps. Could be good value at a later round.
        Getting him or F Warner at 4th would be great IMO.

  21. GM-in-Training says:

    It looks like Walton could be had for a later round pick because of his 4.60 40 time at the combine, but he apparently had nagging ankle injuries in 2017, and his 2016 tape makes him look much faster.

    I haven’t seen a 10-yard split for his 40 time, but that might be more relevant to what he offers.

    I’m still concerned that the Pats haven’t really replaced what L. Blount brought as a short-yardage specialist with upside, and expect the RB who fills that role to be #230 ish, but it makes sense to start training the next 3rd-down back for depth and continuity, too.

  22. Mike Gerken says:

    Walton didn’t test well at the Combine, but he is still a guy on my board. He has a well rounded game. Would have a very similar role here that Shane Vereen had. Simliar sized players with similar skill sets. He is not an every down back, but he certainly can handle some carries each game and would have to be accounted for as a receiver.

    • Stephen J says:

      Don’t expect the Pats to be interested he has off field issues of impersonating a police officer dui and assault on a female which he was suspended for then went to court and then there was an out of court settlement.

  23. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Potential Patriots that are free agents.

    Tank Carradine DE 49ERS
    Mychal Rivera TE Jaguars
    Charles Simms RB Tampa Bay
    Jelani Jenkins LB Texans
    Ron Perkins S Chiefs

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