Scouting Report: Mark Andrews, TE

With Gronk threatening retirement, could the Patriots look earlier in the draft than most expect at the Tight End position?

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

Forward by Mike Gerken

With just a little over a month away until the actual draft, it is getting down to crunch time. I want to thank all of our loyal readers for checking out the site each and everyday. I also want to thank our commenters. With each post we get some great conversations and some great information on lesser known prospects. I know I write here, but I am always learning from the people who come here and give out information. I also want to thank Jeff, he has been working hard to get out some awesome Scouting Reports. They are thorough and well thought out and he has allowed me to work on some other things that should be coming out shortly. I think over the next month, we will be putting out some valuable information, including my Top 100, my annual big board series, plus Jeff has some things planned as well.

As for today’s scouting report, Jeff takes a look at a prospect that is at a sneaky need position in my opinion. Something is going to have to give with Allen and his cap hit, either a restructure or a release all together. If the latter is the case, then there will be a gap at the backup Tight End position. This doesn’t even account for Gronk and his future in football. Now, I think he has every intention of playing this year, but I think his shelf life on this team and in the NFL is shorter than one might expect for a 28 year old. Looking to plan for the future might mean drafting a guy now.


  • From Arizona
  • Played WR & held the Arizona high school record for career rec’s, before Kade Warner, son of Kurt, broke his record.
  • Has Type-1 diabetes & has had several episodes of low blood sugar at Oklahoma.
  • Several family members in the medical profession
  • 2017 John Mackey Award winner
  • had offers from Notre Dame, Michigan, Nebraska, Alabama, Ohio State and USC.



  • Very good H/W/S @ 6’5/255 – 4.67
  • Route Running, Physicality & Red Zone – Sly R/R that brings a T.E.’s body w/ a WR’S mind set & skill set. Physical off l.o.s. & will use rip/swim to create space. Very nice, subtle head/shoulder/hip fakes. Very good job selling fake blocks to get open. Adapt at finding sweet spots in zone. Will use stride length & power to glide past defenders or lull them to sleep before bodying them off at the top of his route. Can work short/intermediate areas, flat, seem, crossers across the shallow zone. Red Zone threat at has 21 TD’s over the last 3 years. 1/5 rec went for a TD. Tough player that will catch knowing he’s about to take a hit. Will try to drag defenders & lay out for a 1st down. Lots of upside as a r/r.
  • Good, natural hands. Will extend out from body to make a catch. Will extend above his head to haul in a pass. Good body control. Looks to have soft hands.
  • Blocking – At times Andrews looks to be a serviceable blocker that will get his hands inside & shield off a defender. Mostly out of the slot. Ability is there to handle DB’S.
  • Y.A.C. – Surprising cuts, dodges defenders & brings decent r.a.c. ability. Def can make a few LB’s miss & is a long strider in the open field.
  • Lined up & was productive, whether blocking or rec, in the backfield, slot, inline.



  • Doesn’t show the “fire” you want blocking in terms of driving through his man & manhandling him. Technique could be better as well.
  • He’s not going to threaten the 3rd level or run away from most DB’s if their in close quarters. Doesn’t have suddenness or explosion.
  • Will have the occasional drop looking at what hes going to do after the catch.



Andrews is a smooth moving Flex T.E. w/ some blocking ability, upside, if he commits to it. The better he gets the bigger his role will be, the more packages he can get in on. He’s not going to blow anyone away w/ speed or explosion but rather shifty, opportunistic route running & sneaky athletic ability. Not to mention good hands & toughness. He’ll contribute day 1 & has


Traits That Translate


Here are some clips that show off Andrew’s speed route running & y.a.c. ability.





24 Responses to “Scouting Report: Mark Andrews, TE”

  1. bb's sidekick says:

    A fun Mock where put the Players for who they been compared too. So some players may go sooner than may actually go in the real Draft also might miss a need or 2 in this fun exercise.

    1st – O’Neill OT. been compared to Lane Johnson and Nate Solder.
    2nd- Oren Burks LB- Been compared to Thomas Davis and Telvin Smith. Smith wouldn’t have gone in 5th rd if knew today how good would become.
    2nd – Jalyn Holmes DE- Been compared to a Rawer Chandler jones he smart knows which plays are coming just his moves and experience lacking with OSU rotating there Dline like Eagles did.
    3d – Trequin Smith WR- Been compared to Allen Robinson
    4th – Ito Smith RB -compared to Dion lewis or nate Clement
    6th – Coles Reyes S- Been Compared to a smaller school Chung or Buchanon from Arizona
    7th – Phillip Lindsay RB – smaller faster Burkhead or Woodhead

  2. brandonmaxham says:

    I keep making mock draft because they are fun and I keep changing my mind on players. That being said here is another mock draft.

    1st:Connor Williams OT – With help he could be a suitable LT and Scar can improve OL men just look at what he did with Marcus Cannon.

    2nd:Duke Ejiofor DE – has good length and height for a DE.

    2nd:Fred Warner ILB-OLB – is able to play all linebacker spots and could play safety too .

    3rd:Ryan Izzo TE – a good blocker , can catch the ball ( not asked to catch very often in college)

    4th:Logan Woodside QB – has good accuracy , sort of like Jimmy G and Lauletta.

    6th:Braxton Berrios WR – slot WR , smaller but Elusive and is a dangerous returner ( maybe could be the Punt Returner).

    7th: Troy Apke S – is a converted WR , good athlete and is fast as shown by his 40 time.

  3. steve earle says:

    Glad to see Waddle has been resigned but that’s not to say out LT problem has been fixed. It gives us some breathing room but after thinking on it I still think my mock we be:

    I#31 Kolton Miller OT (Waddle signing gives Miller time. Best LT likely available with upside.)

    2#43 Sam Hubbard or Duke Ejiofor DE’s (Hubbard maybe there if not Duke)

    2#63 Tim Settle DT (pure value pick here. Just can’t pass on him.
    Josh Sweat OLB (If Settle should be gone.)

    3#95 Kyle Lauletta QB (Great upside ? future starter after TB retires)
    Josh Sweat OLB or Ade Aruna DE ( in that order if Kyle was taken)

    4#136 Ito Smith RB (Clone of departed Lewis, Runs, catches, fast, crazy match ups)

    5. Traded again

    6#205 Shaquem Griffin LB/S (Even one handed he’s a force. Take the risk.)

    7#219 Sione Teuhema OLB ( Can’t bring in to many LB with good potential)

  4. Russell says:

    Mock draft no trade;
    1st – LB -Lorenzo Carter
    2nd- OL – Barden Smith
    2nd – S/CB Quenton Meeks
    3d – TE Ian Thomas
    4th – DT B.J. Hill
    6th – WR Trey Quinn
    7th – QB Chad Kanoff

  5. Russell says:

    Giants cut WR/KR Dwayne Harris, if he clears waviers a valuable guy (30 yrs old) for BB to consider.

  6. brandonmaxham says:

    A mock draft that helps strengthen the Defense while a QB and WR later on :

    1st :Uchenna Nwosa EDGE/OLB

    2nd:Frank Warner ILB/OLB

    2nd:Rasheem Green DE

    3rd:Oren Burks ILB

    4th:Jessie Bates S / B.J Hill DT – cant decide between the two.

    6th:Logan Woodside QB

    7th:Braxton Berrios WR

  7. bb's sidekick says:


  8. TommyG says:

    Seeing a lot of NFL writers with their mocks having DT Maurice Hurst falling to second round. I think Pats pull trigger if he is there. Bill has no fear taking a risk with huge upside if he is healthy. Disruptive Tackle who can play in a 4 man front.

    1-Maurice Hurst
    2-Lorenzo Carter
    2-Justin Reid (Trade up)
    3-Nyheim Hines
    6-Logan Woodside

  9. kevin z says:

    A all in Mock for Brady add some protection plus some D. Its time to help carry Tom add some weapons as well.

    1st:Rasheem Green DE just starting to scratch the surface of his Upside
    2nd: Tim Settle Int DT a beast with nimble feet
    2nd:Fred Warner Will Hybrid can cover good in space
    3rd:Trequin Smith WR plays big attacks ball on deep throws
    4th: Joseph Noteboom OL OT
    6th:Ryan Nall RB Bigger back nice matchup weapon
    7th:Phillip Lindsay RB lil back good vision quick feet ST value

  10. brandonmaxham says:

    Now that Waddle is back for a year he’ll be a bridge to Garcia or an LT we draft. Its a good plan so that Garcia can get back to 100% and an a drafted LT can develop and mature under Scarrneccia.

    • steve earle says:

      Agree. It was important to get at least one of our URFA OT’s back. this gives us more flexibility now with our 1st rd draft pick. Now I have to reassess my latest mock again. Let everyone know what I do later.

  11. JH says:

    1st – LB Leighton Vander Esch, Boise State: Athletic linebacker who’s good against the run and in coverage. With Marquis Flowers back, I think we would be set at the position for the present AND the future if we take a linebacker early.

    2nd – EDGE Josh Sweat, Florida: All around edge player. Crazy athletic and strong. Can speed rush or power rush, set the edge, and cover. The fact that we could get this sort of player here is incredible value. Obviously, he has an injury history but it’s very apparent that those issues are behind him.

    2nd – QB Kyle Lauletta, Richmond: Potential QB of the future.

    3rd (trade) – SS Kyzir White, West Virginia: Big, athletic, all around safety. Since Chung has signed an extension, finding his successor isn’t as urgent, and therefore we could look for a safety later on day 2 as opposed to earlier. I’m not sure where White will be drafted, but there should definitely be some decent safeties to choose from at this point in the draft.

    4th – OT Joseph Noteboom, TCU: Very athletic, long tackle who is also strong. Was said to be inconsistent but has the tools to play anywhere on the line, including left tackle. He would compete with Garcia, Croston, and Tobin for a backup OT spot.

    6th – RB Ryan Nall, Oregon State: All around bruising running back with low fumble rate. He could play tight end or h-back too because of his size, athleticism, receiving ability, and blocking ability. Super valuable offensive weapon this late in the draft.

    7th – Trade: This pick may be better used for trading up in the draft or trading for a player on another team.

    • JH says:

      Free Agency Wish-list: (Cut Dwayne Allen, Mike Gillislee)

      TE Martellus Bennett – I’m still hoping Bennett returns to the Pats for cheap. If he does I think we’re fine at the position. If he doesn’t I think we’re better off trading for a TE than drafting one.

      OT Cameron Fleming/OT LaAdrian Waddle – As far as left tackle goes, I think we’ll be fine with what we’ve got, assuming we resign one of Fleming or Waddle. Assuming one of them signs, that player would be competing with Cannon, Thuney, Croston, Garcia, Tobin, and a potential draft pick for the spot. I’m led to believe at least ONE of these players will emerge as a capable starter at LT.

      Korey Toomer – With Hightower, Van Noy, M. Flowers, and Roberts all basically locks at linebacker for the Pats, and D. Rivers/Langi potentially fighting for one spot on the roster, that really leaves one roster spot left at the linebacker position. At this point, I would prefer if the Pats filled this spot with an early draft pick instead of signing another in free agency, but if they wanted to do both to maybe give Roberts some competition I think Toomer is the best available right now.

  12. macspak says:

    couldn’t agree more that TE is a “sneaky need.” That is why in my play and pray mock mock I had Gesicki as my third, and last, pick.

  13. Daniel says:

    1st – Lamar Jackson – QB
    2nd – Orlando Brown Jr. – LT
    2nd – Jeff Holland DE
    3rd – Quin Blanding – FS
    4th – Travin Howard LB/SS

  14. brandonmaxham says:

    mock draft 3/22:

    1st:Kolton Miller OT

    2nd:Dorance Armstrong JR OLB/DE

    2nd:Kyle Lauletta QB

    3rd:Dalton Schultz TE

    4th:Tegray Scales OLB

    6th:Nick Deluca ILB

    7th:John Franklin -Meyers DE/OLB

  15. kevin z says:

    Thanks steve yea went with trade since seems to fit since last few drafts have been bare when comes to having Picks in the draft. Sure I am open to it steve as long got both in this Mock

  16. steve earle says:

    Andrews looks better then I gave him credit for. Good open field moves and hands. Could be a serviceable #2 TE. Thanks for the report Jeff.

  17. kevin z says:

    glad resigned Flower even if just for 1 year thought did well for never playing for the Bengals

  18. Daniel says:

    When I realized I wanted Derwin James to be our first round pick it was still possible he might fall to 31. Now CBS has him projected to go No. 2 overall. Lamar jackson has moved up a good bit also. Initially it was speculated that if the saints didn’t grab him he might fall out of the first round. They must have had a great combine.

  19. kevin z says:

    trade Malcom Brown for 3rd -5th rd pick then trade 1st for a 2nd rd and 4th rd pick. 2Rasheem Green DE
    2Tim Settle Int DT
    2Dorance Armstrong OLB rush
    3 Oren Burks Hybrid LB
    3 Will Dissly
    4 DJ Reed CB-S
    4Brandon Parker OL
    5 Trey Quinn WR sticky hands good route runner
    6 Kadall QB
    7 Ryan Nall RB bigger Rb can catch as well

    • steve earle says:

      Your trade scenario is plausible and fun to work with. If it were me I’d try for an earlier OT pick. Would you be open to swapping Parker and Dissly?

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