Scouting Report: Kolton Miller, OT

Miller has been compared to the now New York Giant and former Patriot Nate Solder. Will the Patriots see him the same way and hope to mirror that success?

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

Forward By Mike Gerken

To every stay at home and single parent out there, I say this now on good authority, you are underappreciated and I thank you. My wife has been gone since Tuesday, leaving me with our 2 young children and well, lets just say, they are winning. I had hopes of having the house looking better than when she left it, now I just hope it is still standing. Bad weather and illness have kept us cooped up in the house for far too long and has everyone on edge. Speaking of edge (smooth transition ehh?), who is going to protect it next year? With all three Tackles that saw significant playing time not currently on the roster, there is a reason for concern. We know Solder is not coming back and we have no clue if Garcia will even play again after his medical issues. Waddle and/or Fleming could be back, but are we comfortable with either one of them being a full time starter? Same goes for newly signed Matt Tobin. What all this means is that there is a good chance that Offensive Line, specifically Tackle, is going to be a top priority in the draft. Or, as I have found out in my time doing this, is that they will ignore the position completely. If they are going to look in this direction, you can bet a player they will at least look into is today’s prospect.



  • From California
  • Had tons of big offers but choose UCLA
  • Political Science major. Known being a well spoken, smart guy.
  • Father had him practice in OL clinics to improve play & movement skills.
  • Weight room rat that can squat/deadlift 700+ combined lbs.
  • Comes From a zone blocking scheme.



  • Enormous Tackle, well proportioned @ 6’8/310, w/ good arm length & hand size.
  • Agility, Lateral Movement & Toughness – Pass Pro – At times show quick feet to set & beat his man to the edge. Able to handle inside/out moves & vice versa. Wide base gives the big man balance & leverage to handle power. At times shows good, well timed/placed punches but need some tinkering, lots of promise. Can process & handle stunts. Long arms lock out & steer rushers upfield.  Able to drop down & handle power w/ a good anchor.
  • Run Blocking – Will fire out of stance & explode moving his man backwards w/ force. Has some nasty in him. Wants to finish what he started before looking for more work … and he does just that. Always looking to help out. Moves very well in space & gets to the 2nd level quick. Moves very well laterally & will kick his man out the club & force him down the l.o.s. w/ ease.
  • Shows good body control on Reach blocks & power on down.
  • Smart Player/Person that process info quickly
  • Athlete w/ big upside if gets proper coaching.
  • Very good motor & hustle. At times show good hand fighting to combat effort/fighter pass rushers that like to mix it up.



  • Mechanics – Kick slide needs work. At times late & drags his foot. Could be smoother. Punches are late, sometimes non-existent.
  • Height could always be a problem against a certain type of pass rusher. Has to learn to play lower at the next level w/ better functional strength.



Miller is someone who will generate a more buzz the closer the draft gets. A huge OT w/ tons of athleticism & Toughness. Miller has several qualities & traits about him that translate to the NFL. He needs some work like all rookies. Getting w/ a proper OL coach could really take his game to another level


Traits That Translate 

Here are some clips that show off Miller’s upside & athleticism





87 Responses to “Scouting Report: Kolton Miller, OT”

  1. kevin z says:

    A Mock with No QB to help Prolong the GOAT even longer

    1st:Tim Settle Int DT
    2nd:O’Neill OL
    2nd Issaac Yidom CB from BC
    3rd: Brandon Parker OL
    4th:Ito Smith RB
    6th:Flowers h-back chess piece type

    • steve earle says:

      Good group Kevin. I might shuffle them around a little if it was me, but good. Are you taking two OT expecting the need or is a best available player deal?

      • kevin z says:

        Thanks steve the OL as more a need type deal plus help extend Brady. He was hit 83 times this past year just in reg season way to much. Have to be ready for if mason or thuney leave in Fa soon as well

        • steve earle says:

          Okay valid reasoning. Would you consider swapping Yidom and Parker? My thinking is better value pick because Looking like Parker will go before Yidom. What do you think?

        • kevin z says:

          Deal steve have no problem with that as long got both in this Mock

  2. Stephen J says:

    BB is at NC State pro day today.

    One of many real interesting players there, is OT Will Richardson.

    What makes him interesting is this. Just last night I was wondering if Kolton Miller were say off the board what other OT’s might interest the Pats. Using the 17 year history and last years breakdown of OT’s on Nesn by Doug Kyed I noticed remembered something. That being the Vert + 10 split time was something also the Pats place value on to go along with the broad. So I went back and looked at those 3 to see which OT’s fit in those categories and here is what I came across in regards to Will Richardson

    6’5 5/8″ 306 lbs 35 1/4″ Arms Wingspan 83 2/8″ 40 5.24 10 split 1.84 Vert 31.5″ Broad 9’0″ and albeit just making it on the low end of the 3 cone of 7.80 He meets the athletic traits in all those categories that Pats look for and missing only in the 20 shuttle.

    Now that is just one aspect I would have to look at his tape to see how he is on the field but from just that athletic point of view he is someone that would definitely be on the Patriots radar.

    • Stephen J says:

      Just a couple of quick tid bits to go along with his athletic traits

      Will Richardson made PFF’s 2nd Team All American Team and graded out at 89.4 for 2017.
      At the end of Sept in the 2017 season Will Richardson had 60 Pass Blocks without giving up a single pressure.

  3. kevin z says:

    Forgot lost 7th rd pick with my Last Mock

    1st:Carlson Davis CB
    2nd:Lorenzo Carter OLB
    2ndJames Looney DL DE Hands technician can rush plays all over Under rated for a weak DL class
    3rd: Luke Falk QB
    4th:Brandon Parker OL
    6th:James Butler RB

  4. Stephen J says:

    Here is a Rugby player converting to OT who is 6’8″ 345 lbs ran a 5.0 40 Jordan Mailata who is 20 years old.

    More on him can be found here

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Jordan is a beast, but I’ve never seen one of these size-athleticism-but-late-to-football-overseas athletes work out. OL is very technical, and requires a very particular kind of power and leverage. The guy is only 20, so maybe he catches on as a project, but…

      – Lawrence Okoye was an olympian with off the charts agility, size and power, and couldn’t make it as a defensive lineman (which requires less technique).

      – Margus Hunt was a 6’8″ Lithuanian hammer thrower who played a couple years of football at SMU, had an amazing combine, was drafted in the 2nd round, and 4 years later still never managed to start a game.

      – I vaguely recall others. Playing a lot of football prior to getting to the NFL really, really seems pre-requisite.

      • Stephen J says:

        Only be interested if he went undrafted and there were other traits that the Pats look for which could be found out from where he is training to see if he was worth developing. He could be a possible Marcus Cannon replacement in 2020/2021 giving him the time to develop while Cannon finishes his latest contract.

    • steve earle says:

      Guys a bull, little or no evasive ability at rugby so can’t see him anywhere in the NFL. Short yardage FB? Unlikely! Maybe he should go to collage and get some football experance?

  5. kevan says:

    Can’t help but think a cooks trade is coming. 2 good picks or a tackle and a pick. Probably save money while doing so. Kendall wright and Jordan Matthews are still available. One of them could come in and compete and WRs would still be a good unit. I like cooks alot but he’s gonna want atleast 13 mil a year next season, might as well get something in return.

    • Stephen J says:

      One who will trade for a WR that is going to be receiving a large long term salary next year and give you anything close to what you are asking for. Especially now when the 1st wave of free agency where the large contracts are given out has pretty much passed and most teams have spent the big money. Most likely they will just let him leave in free agency next year and receive a 3rd round compensation pick for him in 2020.

      • kevan says:

        I don’t think its out of the realm of possibilities. Not asking for the farm, I think there are atleast a few teams that would make a play for cooks. Now keeping him and getting the comp pick is probably more likely but a trade is 100% possible.

        • Stephen J says:

          Who do you have in mind that 1 has the cap space for his type of salary this year for 8.459 million then the following years of at least 13 mil more likely 16 mil+. 2 Have the need for a speedy outside WR 3 Is willing to trade something more than a 3rd compensatory pick.

          2ndly and more importantly a trade is 0% likely if the Pats don’t wish to trade him this year.
          Both of the WR’s you listed have needed the last 2 years of production combined(Jordan Matthews 282 yards 2017 + 804 yards 2016 total 1086 yards)(Kendall Wright 614 yards 2017 + 416 yards 2016 total 1030 yards) to match that of Cooks (1082 yards) 1 year alone with the Pats. So that would leave a gapping whole at worst and a large step back at minimum. Cooks already knows the system plus has a good rapport with Brady.

        • kevan says:

          Alot of teams could take on that contract. Cooks is 1 or 2 not a 3. Evidenced by your stats. I think pats could get more out of kendall wright than what past production has been. He would do well as a 3-5 guy. So you think cooks has a value of a 3rd rd comp pick? Pats gave up a 1 and a 3 last year. If pats found a solid tackle still on rookie contract and got a pick included they might do it. Pats have good wr depth and dorsett and Patterson can be the deep threat. Just don’t know why you think this isn’t possible. I like cooks Alot but tackle is the only immediate need on this team.

        • kevan says:

          Obviously if pats don’t want to trade him its 0%. Neither of us know BB on a first hand basis so kind of pointless to bring up.

        • Stephen J says:

          Your the one that brought it up saying its 100% possible. I just pointed out the fact that the Pats may not be willing. As far as only getting a 3rd this year I didn’t suggest that for a trade I suggested that be the minimal you get back but as you say that is along the lines of asking for the farm to go with them picking up a huge contract. Showing even more reason why its unlikely. As far as the compensation pick of a 3rd goes you are not taking into account another year of production you would be getting out of Cooks to go along with that 3rd round compensation pick. Now lets address having a Tackle included with that trade. Well 1 Look at the current Tackle market how many teams are looking for good OT plenty that is why the huge price tags for mediocre OT’s. The best OT’s left on the market are probably Adrian Waddle and Cameron Fleming who are getting plenty of attention due to that fact there is so few good (not great) OT’s on the market not to mention ones that meet what the Pats look for. The Pats already traded for 1 OT and have 2 more LT’s already on the team plus 1 swing tackle. Yes that seems less than ideal at the moment. You would also think that in their backup plan to missing out on Solder that they would have moved on a OT via trade or acquisition already due to that lack of OT talent available. Maybe due to the fact that OT’s are going for $$ and the Pats are at or near that cap space margin their backup plan maybe looking towards the draft as a best option with either a competition from those already on the team for 1 year along with a drafted player to see who wins outright.

        • kevan says:

          We will have to agree to disagree Stephen j. It probably won’t happen but I don’t think its as unlikely as you make it seem. It comes down to what BB wants do, information neither of us have. If he decides to use cooks for a trade he will certainly have teams interested to make solid offers.

        • steve earle says:

          I have to agree with Stephen J. He makes the most reasonable argument. Trading Cooks after one year doesn’t sound right to me after his production last season. With Edelman and Gronk returning Cooks production can only escalate seems to me.

        • kevan says:

          As much as I like Cooks I value the tackle position more. Probably 2nd most important position in my opinion, especially with a 41 year old QB. Plus I think the WR position is solid it can handle the loss where tackle could be a disaster. Brady is gonna go from Matt light to Nate solder to Matt tobin or a rookie? Ill pass on that train wreck. Who knows maybe Garcia is getting healthy and pats like the player. But that’s not really the debate anyway, The debate is what you think cooks trade value is. I think he could net a solid tackle and a pick Stephen j doesn’t.

        • kevan says:

          If cooks would sign up long term at a decent rate I would re evaluate but I just think it will be too much money.

        • steve earle says:

          Oh I agree about LT but there is no really good FA OT and to trade for a top rated one, if we could get someone to part with one, like you said 2nd most important position, who has two that can trade one? So expecting Cooks to bring us a top LOT is expecting to much I think. Best would be another good back up which doesn’t fix the need. That only leaves a rookie, eliminate the top 3 maybe four prospects and we get maybe Kolton Miller or down a round or two for Brandon Parker who we hope can develope quick enough to start and be effective maybe by mid Oct. Unless BB pulls a star LT out of his hat that’s where we are.

        • Stephen J says:

          So no other team values the OT position either. They would be willing to trade their good starting OT which there is so few of, hence the reason why several teams are offering one OT in free agency outrageous $$ for their services. Your best bet at this point is signing Waddle or Fleming the two highest rated Tackles left. Those that are ranked higher than Fleming 24th overall or Waddle are not going anywhere because there are so few good OT’s that when any team that has one they are not going to trade him. Then those that are ranked lower than them aren’t worth trading for.

      • Stephen J says:

        Now lets address the WR position. As you say Cooks is WR 1. Then you are telling me a WR 3-5 guy(Kendall Wright) would do as well. There is a reason they are considered a WR 3-5 and not WR1. In his 6 years he has averaged 643 yards per year with 2 different teams. Then there is no guarantee that Kendall Wright would even be able to pick up the Pats complex Offense. As far as having good WR depth are you freaking kidding me WR 2 was Danny Amendola(659 yards) last year and WR 3 was Chris Hogan(439 yards) both of which together had about the same yardage(1098) as Cooks(1082 yards). While Dorsett had a grand total of 194 yards. James White(429 yards) and Dion Lewis(214 yards) and Rex Burkhead(254 yards) individually had more receiving yards than Dorsett.

        As far as Dorsett goes his option is expected to be around 9 million. Mike Reiss has already reported that it’s not expected that the Pats pick up that option. That means this will be his last year under contract before he hits the market.

        As far as Cordarrelle Patterson goes Evan Lazar said it best Patterson is an awful downfield route runner and has had trouble learning the offense in his past stops. My guess is he’ll only be used as a downfield receiver on an emergency basis

        As of right now with both Amendola and Lewis leaving that is already 873 yards of production that needs to be made up then by trading Cooks that totals 1955 yards which was 42.82% of the receiving yards on the offense last year. That would then create another immediate need. Yet that isn’t a concern for you.

        • kevan says:

          I didn’t say kendall wright was as good as cooks and I didn’t say cooks would yield a top tackle. I said cooks would get us a solid tackle,better than Fleming and waddle. Yes its possible 100%, I said that after Stephen j questioned it from being possible. No I’m not concerned about wrs right now with LT situation, Brady has taken less to superbowls.

        • Stephen J says:

          Lets start with Cooks would get us a solid tackle not a top tackle. Well Fleming was the 24th ranked OT in the league in 2017. That puts Fleming in the top Tackle category not a solid tackle to start with. 32 Teams *3 Tackles per team (Starting Left Right and Swing)= 96. So anyone better than Fleming would be a top tackle. Any one below Fleming would be solid to lower than solid. So once again what team is going to give up a top tackle when so few exist and multiple teams are offering large $$ for a Solid Tackle(not top tier). What possibilities are out there what specific team/s do you have in mind. What specific tackle do you have in mind. With out that to start with it is meaningless to say its %100 possible. You need dance partners to begin with or its 0% possible. So far no dance partners have showed up. More teams are looking for solid tackles than there are teams having an excess that they are willing to part with.

        • kevan says:

          We can keep going round and round or just agree to disagree like I said. You don’t think cooks could get a solid tackle and a pick, I do. Its really that simple.

        • kevan says:

          Garcia medically cleared to play. That might be the answer right there. BB probably knows what he has as far as Garcias ability. I think he could be a solid to good LT if he can get in shape quick enough.

  6. kevin z says:

    Mock with a trade 1st for a 2nd and a 3rd

    2nd:Carlson Davis cb
    2nd:Kyle Lauretta QB
    2ndTim Settle DT
    3rd:Oren Burks LB hybrid
    3rdDaesean Hamilton WR
    3rd Brandon Parker OL
    4th:James Looney DL
    6th:Darius Jackson OlB can rush got lil bit upside for a late pick
    7th:James Butler Elusive can catch pass Protect hold on football good rate

    • steve earle says:

      Kevin have I missed something did we get a 7th rd pick I hadn’t heard about or are you projecting that we will?

  7. Stephen J says:

    1 Love it
    2 Like it
    3 Meh I don’t like or dislike it
    4 Dislike it
    5 Hate it

    A:DT Danny Shelton
    B:CB Jason McCourty
    C:DE Adrian Clayborn
    D:ST Cordarrelle Patterson
    E:RB Jeremy Hill
    F:OT Matt Tobin
    G:ST Brandon King
    H:RB Rex Burkhead
    I:ST Brandon Bolden
    J:ST Nate Ebner

    Using 1-5 How would you rate our current trades/signings and our resignings for each of the players listed above

    A: 2
    B: 2
    C: 2
    D: 3
    E: 3
    F: 3

    G: 3
    H: 2
    I: 3
    J: 2

    • Todti says:

      A: 1 – Love the Shelton trade, independent of whether he sticks around after the season or not. Either he will because he was a soild contributor, or he won’t and yield the Pats a compensatory pick. His upside is just fantastic.
      B: 1 – CB depth, great addition to the locker room, no effect on compensatory picks.
      C: 3 – This grade is more about roster building than Clayborn himself. I like him as a player and think he is a good fit, but he is going to occupy a roster spot I thought would go to a rookie. Then again, they are still going to have Rivers for cheap until 2020.
      D: 4 – I get the intrigue, but not considering that salary.
      E: 2/3/4 – I’d rather have seen the Pats draft a RB, so this depends on money. If he gets close to the minimum (and the Pats can cut him before the season), I’ll be ok with this one.
      F: 2 – Depends on the money, but depth in case Fleming and/or Waddle leave is good. I could also see Tobin being the best signing at the end of the season.

      G: 2
      H: 1
      I: 2
      J: 2

      • Stephen J says:

        Patterson’s salary(3,250,000) is nearly the same as Matthew’s Slater’s salary last year(3,047,027).

  8. brandonmaxham says:

    well the mock is accounting for all that .

  9. kevin z says:

    Thanks Pats for Trade I get a new try at a Mock lol.

    1st:Justin Reid FS
    2nd:Tyrell Crosby OL
    2ndDorian O’Daniel Hybrid Box Saf Blitz him drop him back cover slot N RB’s. Fun player to watch on tape attacks attacks with good instincts
    3rd:Brandon Parker OL
    4th:James Looney DT DE Hands technician can rush plays all over Personality funny leader type too.
    6th:princeton QB who forgetting now lol
    7th:James Butler Elusive can catch pass Protect hold on football good rate

  10. kevin z says:

    Id like to get Jordan Mathews for cheap would fit better for Pats than did for Bills. Played quite well I thought when with Eagles sticky hands route runner type

    • Todti says:

      I’m surprised the Saints didn’t jump on him so far. They’ve always used those big slot/in-between-the-numbers guys. Since they were allegedly interested in bringing back Jimmy Graham, I thought Matthews would have been a nice, cheaper option and an upgrade over Brandon Coleman.

  11. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Possible Free Agents for Patriots.
    1 Terrance West RB Ravens
    2 Troy Niklas TE Arizona
    3 Greg Robinson OT Lions
    4 Marcus Smith DE Seattle

  12. brandonmaxham says:

    updated mock draft 3/18:

    1st:Kolton Miller OT

    2nd:Dorance Armstrong JR DE/OLB

    2nd:Kyle Lauletta QB

    3rd:Fred Warner ILB/OLB

    4th:Chase Edmonds RB

    6th:Ttroy Apke S

    7th:Avonte Maddox CB

    • steve earle says:

      Another good Mock brandon though I don’t think we have a 7th rd pick at this point?

      • brandonmaxham says:

        we got it in the trade for Jason mccourty

        • Stephen J says:

          Correct but we traded our 6th for their 7th but your missing a 5th in this instance. But with the trade for Patterson we have now swapped that 5th for one of the Raiders 6th round picks. So now we have 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7th.

        • steve earle says:

          Oh Must have lost track in all the action but now I have to find a 7th.

  13. Stephen J says:

    Nate Solders Scouting Reports from several scouts when he was coming out

    • steve earle says:

      Sounds very similar to that of Miller skill set wise. Not sure why Mike thinks he’s to tall there is only about an inch difference? What’s you thinking Stephen?

      • Mike Gerken says:

        Bad wording. He is not too tall, he just plays too tall. Bends at the waist and lunges rather than moving his feet and bending his knees. Hands tend to hit defenders high. When you are that height, you have to bend in your lower half, and Miller doesn’t do that consistently.

        • steve earle says:

          Only judging on limited highlights but I see what your saying now. We use to call it “bulling your back” but as I recall that is not a difficult correction to make with a dedicated player. I suppose it would depend on how ingrained a habit it might be, unlearning something as opposed to learning something new? I’m still sticking with him as my #31 if for no other reason then upside.

        • Stephen J says:

          Here is my take on that. When Miller Sets with a wide base that prevents him from bending at the waist and lunging. He then has good hand placement and well timed punches. When he doesn’t set with a wide base he tends to bend and lunge which leads to bad hand placement and wild punches that tend to hit defenders too high. The good thing about that is that 1 he has shown the ability to set with a wide base then 2 when he doesn’t its stems mainly from lack of experience and learning how to transition from one move to another ie a power move to a speed move and with some good coaching and practice reps he will become much more consistent and refined LT.

  14. steve earle says:

    I picked a good #31 in my last mock. Miller also has the length to add a little more weight without losing his agility I think. 220-225 might be a good weight for him in the pros as long as it’s muscle. Not a stretch to see him an early starter at LT for Pats this year if he doesn’t rise above our #31.

  15. GM-in-Training says:

    Per, the

    cost for Patterson was a 5th, but they got back a 6th, so they still have same number of 2018 picks.

    Salary is $3M base and quarter of a million in roster bonuses. I think that means they have until the first week of the season to commit, so pretty flexible.

    • Stephen J says:

      The Raiders traded Patterson because Gruden wants technician as a route runner/receiver and Patterson is whatever the opposite of that is.
      This likely means he won’t be catching many balls from Brady who is fanatical about his receivers being technical and in the right spot.

      • Daniel Sullivan says:

        Sounds like most players Patriots get no one likes them at first a bunch of negative
        things said then they respond to a great organization and coaching.

        Great move Pats!

        • Stephen J says:

          He hasn’t been a technician since coming into the league in 2013 and I don’t expect that to be any different here.The Pats know what they are getting in Patterson remember they traded the 29th pick in 2013 to the Vikings, who took Patterson there. In return, NE got picks that became Jamie Collins, Logan Ryan and Josh Boyce, and a 7 they used to deal for LeGarrette Blount. They value him as a gunner on ST’s and a KR that is darn good at it. That said they still can have him run a few gimmick plays and some basic routes from the outside.

        • steve earle says:

          Being positive and optimistic Dan. Good, I think on the returns alone he can be an upgrade, no offense to Lewis, but we have missed a strong return game for a couple, three years. I like the move just on this potential.

        • Stephen J says:

          Don’t get me wrong I love Patterson just for his return skills alone . As far as his WR skills well he will be competing against Kenny Britt Malcolm Mitchell and Cody Hollister(?). I can see 2 of those sticking around for that outside position. Right now I’d guess Patterson and Mitchell but so much can happen between now and the start of the season.

      • Daniel Sullivan says:

        Amendola was one of my favorite players but with Patterson returning kicks and for the deep
        ball he will help greatly in those areas. I think you will end up happy with addition of Patterson.

        • Stephen J says:

          Patterson is not Amendola’s replacement. They have a total different skill set. Amendola was technical in his route running. He was a slot receiver. Patterson is an outside receiver who could also be used in the backfield to run an out route. Completely different WR’s.

  16. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Solid additions for Patriots starting to add up. The latest is Cordarelle Patterson
    KR/WR from Raliders.

    Stay aggressive Patriots!

  17. GM-in-Training says:

    Miller seems like an interesting prospect.

    My only real gripes about him are
    1) his arms are only in the 50th percentile for length.
    2) he’s underweight today
    3) he’s not especially strong in his core or his arms
    4) he’s not as flexible as he needs to be for a great kick slide.

    Put that all together and I see a backup swing tackle for 2018.

    • Stephen J says:

      He isn’t under weight right now. He is 309 lbs and Matt Light played LT at 305 lbs
      Matt Light also had 33 1/2″ Arms with an 80″ Wingspan while Kolton Miller has 34″ Arms and 82 1/2″ Wingspan.
      Here is what Dante Scarnecchia said about Arm Length. Everybody says, ‘Guy’s got 36-inch arms.’ Yeah, but if he doesn’t use them, what difference does it make? I think that’s really important.”

      • GM-in-Training says:

        I think the Pats prefer their LT to be about 320#.

        Solder and Vollmer were 320.

        Fleming and Waddle were 315 and 317.

        We do not live in a Matt Light world anymore. 3-4 DE are heavier, and 4-3 DE are longer and faster.
        LT especially have to have a size advantage to get through a whole game.

        • Stephen J says:

          Solder was 312 Garcia last year was 302 Miller is 309 with room to add more like Solder did if through strength training. Fleming and Waddle are flex Tackles so yes they will be heavier because they also play on the right side where they are definitely more heavier.

        • Stephen J says:

          Not to mention Andrew Jelks 6’6″ 307 lbs and newly signed Matt Tobin at 6’6″ 303 lbs

        • GM-in-Training says:

          …After a year in the Pat’s system, Solder and Vollmer played at 320#

          K. Miller would have to gain 17# in a few months to meet that standard, and all the other technique things he’s got to pick up…just seems like they wouldn’t throw him into the starter role right away, is all.

        • Stephen J says:

          There is no 320 standard. One person does not make a standard. Look at all the pure LT’s they currently have 302(Tony Garcia) 307(Andrew Jelks) 303(Matt Tobin) lbs. If 320 was the standard why even bring these Tackles in and give them a spot on the roster or draft them when they don’t meet that supposed standard. Matt Tobin has been in the league 6 years he is who he is. Andrew Jelks has been with the team the last 2 years and is still at 303 lbs. If there is a standard its more 300-310 lbs and not 312-320. It just so happens that Nate had several aspects to his game athleticism technique length weight which is extremely rare in a LT which is why he was paid what he was paid.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      This is well said.

  18. GM-in-Training says:

    Anybody know what the Pats gave up to get Cordarelle Patterson?

    That makes 3 former 1st rounders in the receiving corp (Britt, Dorset, Patterson). I’m guessing they mostly wanted an elite returner, but he could have upside if he gets the hang of the playbook. Kind of a big if.

    He’s due $3.25M in 2018, which isn’t high for a WR2 or WR3, but would be for a WR5 or WR6.

    This adds to my general feeling the Pats are preparing for Mathew Slater to be gone.

    As long as we’re collecting former 1st rounder reclamation projects, I wonder if there are any more underutilized, potentially-hot-stuff DT or LB to be had?

    • steve earle says:

      Cordarelle Patterson??? Leave the computer to run an errand and suddenly we have Patterson? I didn’t even know we were looking in his direction. Okay, we needed a returner and he’s not bad there, or as a WR either. With his size he could also be a good red zone threat I think. Anyway BB isn’t sitting around he’s keeping me interested.

  19. kevin z says:

    Hope Patterson paases Phyiscal good move Pats
    Since the start of ’16 season, only 2 WRs have 80 or more catches and a catch rate of 73 percent or better in the regular season: Danny Amendola & Cordarelle Patterson.

    • Stephen J says:

      Wow that sounds familiar Kevin Z thanks for the reminder.
      Also Patterson is a former all pro kick returner. In the past 3 years this is what he did in 2015-2016 he had a 31.75 yard/return ratio on 57 returns. In 2017 it dipped to 28.3 yards/return on 19 returns. Dion Lewis mainly handled kick returns in 2017 where he had 23 returns for 570 yards or a 24.8 yards/return ratio.

      • kevin z says:

        Welcome Know Problem Stephen was a stat was shocked about figured most wouldn’t like the move was hoping that info change some minds lol in the least upgrades out KR Potential

  20. Stephen J says:

    Russell Browns Scouting Report on Kolton Miller
    Athletic offensive tackle with great length and weight for the position
    Moves well in the open field and can operate in space
    High-motor, looks for contact
    Executes zone, reach blocks and has ability to get to the second level
    Sets with wide base and well-timed punches
    Gifted laterally in pass protection and when reach blocking or down blocking
    Quick, explosive athlete who processes well against rush inside and outside of him
    Locks-out and maintain control/steer
    Despite good angle in kick-step, his set foot (outside foot) stutter steps; not a smooth transition
    Angle in kick-step looks stiff and, at times, uncomfortable
    Height puts him in a tough position to play below pad level
    Hand placement gets wild before and after his punch
    Needs to get stronger for 1-on-1 situations
    I came away more impressed than I thought I would. I’ve heard a bunch of first round buzz regarding this prospect, but I don’t see it. Could he see his name called near the end of the first round? Definitely.
    When Miller gets drafted he’ll need to clean up his footwork. That was one of my biggest takeaways from his film, and it starts with his hip flexibility. He doesn’t look natural in his hips, but he moves well laterally. He sometimes exposes too much of his chest plate, and his functional strength in 1-on-1 situations will need to improve.
    His upside boosts him up in an offensive tackle class that isn’t loaded with premier or elite talent.

    • Stephen J says:

      In this play Kolton Miller 77 sets up for pass protection. It’s far from a perfect rep, but it displays his ability to anchor (late) and move laterally against the spin. He resets his punch and it helps him maintain control. You’ll also notice some of his weaknesses in the play; he looks stiff, his kick-step with his set foot (outside foot) isn’t smooth, and it makes his transition to anchor even harder. He doesn’t give up a pressure, but he’ll need to clean up his footwork before he plays against elite NFL pass rushers.

      • steve earle says:

        Not seeing what your seeing. His left (reach foot) comes out staying square to the line. Good form when you can’t know if the rusher is coming in or our. The rusher spins to the outside amd Miller react with a near perfect adjustment. His knees and back are bent, can’t get a good view of his initial punch but he fully controlled the rush.

        • Stephen J says:

          The good part is his foot speed when its clear to him what his next step is it’s decisive and fast before the engagement. The issue is where he engages. He then seems to get confused His foot work isn’t fast decisive and smooth and he doesn’t end up setting with a wide base and that causes the bend/lean forward which causes his hand placement to be off slightly where his is outside of the defenders by a smidgen.

      • steve earle says:

        What your seeing is after the initial outside move and engagement brings his right foot in (making feet closer together to be able to move) but that is not a base because he immediately extends his left foot/leg out expanding his base for power again. There is no way the human can otherwise move to mirror a pass rusher moving out and up., it just can’t be done. The skill is to move the feet quickly enough to force the defender up field and out which Miller did. I believe you misread the movements because of the perspective of the camera.

    • Stephen J says:

      On the play below, it’s a much better pass protection rep for Miller. Again, the angle to his kick-step is goofy and his set foot is awkward. However, he sets, anchors, and moves laterally. Hand placement is good and this is something that will need to happen consistently on the next level. Pass rushers on Sundays will be more efficient with their counter moves back inside, and if Miller can’t plant and transition his weight from his set foot to his post foot, there will be plenty of pressure on his quarterback.

      • steve earle says:

        Again I’m not seeing any serious problem with foot work again. Looks like he was anticipating the outside rush but readjusted as quick as any I’ve seen and controlled the rusher perfectly. What was Goofy about his kick step except a near instant readjustment?

        • steve earle says:

          This one, your right on. He stonewalls his man along the face of the los. Defender had no hope of getting into the play.

        • steve earle says:

          Opps this should be in response to Stephens 6:24 post not the one above.

    • Stephen J says:

      In this play, you’ll notice the left guard pulling down the line. As he does so, Miller (left tackle) executes a down block really well. He crosses the face of the defensive end and controls him the entire time. He explodes off the ball, locks his hands inside, and steers the defender for the entire play.

  21. Mike Gerken says:

    When you look at Miller’s athletic testing, it is hard not to get excited. However, I am not in love with his tape. As Jeff mentioned, his hand use is a mess. He is almost too tall and he cannot get a solid shot on a defenders chest with his hands. To compensate he tends to lean at the waist and get himself off balance. He lacks the core strength needed to handle NFL edge defenders. He moves well when he keeps his shoulders square and above his feet, but he loses technique quickly. He does fit the athletic and physical profile the Patriots look to and Scar could make him a good player, but to expect him to do anything his rookie year would be unwise.

    • Stephen J says:

      I think I found a way around what was causing the posting issue at least for now. I believe it was with links that have video so if you take that out and post the direct video link then copy the description that went with the video that seems to work.

    • steve earle says:

      So congratulating myself on picking Miller in my latest mock is premature? Darn I was impressed with his combine performance too. Bill seems to like these 6-6 and taller OT though. Solder and Vulmer made a great pair for several years why didn’t they have those problems you refereed to?
      As an old (very old) interior linemen I had an advantage being short and stout in those days but the game is so different now particularly at OT where length seems a virtue when is tall to tall?

      • Stephen J says:

        You could probably tell me more about this but Tall is not the issue it’s how its used. Sinking the hips is one example. Are the hips stiff or is it a technique issue that can be corrected/refined due to lack of experience. In this case to me its more experience related. The one good thing about Miller is that the issues he has look like they can be corrected more easily because of his lack of experience and it not being so ingrained in him that has become a strong muscle memory that you have to unlearn and start over with. To me he has the athletic traits to develop the technical traits needed to become a solid OT. Yes there are other OT’s that are more technical but have less upside and not as athletic then there are those that have some of both with some upside. It will be interesting to see 1 what unfolds when the draft comes around and 2 Which way the Pats choose to go to with the LT position short term(this year) and long term wise(Past this year). Who knows if the Patriots will even select a OT due to Garcia being on the roster they just may get someone for a 1 year rental and have Garcia groomed if his medicals have checked out.

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