Scouting Report: Josh Sweat, DE/OLB

Not a household name yet, but with a good Combine, Josh Sweat could move up draft boards

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

Okay, so if you have been coming to the site these past few days, you may have noticed some issues. I am working with Ian over at to hopefully get the issue fixed and I hope that despite some amazing content now missing we are back on track. The on field portion of the NFL combine has started and there have been some impressive numbers being reported. One player that has won the weigh in portion this morning was Josh Sweat, so it is fitting the Jeff just submitted a report on him this morning. Here is what he saw on film, now lets see if that translates to the Combine.


  • From Virginia. Born 3-29-97.
  • Was a top 10 prospect coming from high school & #1 overall at one point.
  • Suffered torn A.C.L. & dislocated knee SR year in high school. Had lingering finger injury freshman year. Meniscus tear Soph.
  • Majoring in Social Science



    • Prototype body at 6’5/250 w/ room to add some muscle & long arms.


  • Pass Rush – Power, Speed & Finesse At times shows good burst off l.o.s. At times will out muscle OT’s, gets inside, press & exten arms. Will look to punch first w/ sudden, powerful inside punches. Will use long arms, stabs, chops, swats & arm overs to get to the QB. Will also use combos of each, stab/chop, hesitation/chop etc. Can get skinny to knife inside. Can get flat, flip hips & has some dip to work outside.
  • Run Defense- Good strength, can set the edge. Able to disengage from blocks, reset l.o.s. & will chase down carriers. Keeps outside shoulder clean. At times rolls hips, generates power & sets clean edge.


  • Versatility, played standing up at OLB, 5 & 7 techniques on both side. Can rush inside/outside. Kick inside on sub packages.
  • Athletic Ability – Has enough c.o.d. to play in space & plays misdirection/r.p.o. well. Should run sub 4.60. At times explosive. Long strider that eats up space. Quick to react. Ability to chase down carriers in short areas & wrap up w/ long arms. Good lateral movements.
  • Doesn’t sell out for stats & stays disciplined. On the edge or if his in a gap.
  • Has good understanding of opponents tendencies & does a good job of countering blocks (reach, chop, pull etc) Good Football I.Q.
  • Tough, physical tackler that will hit w/ all 250.



  • Injuries & lean lower have will drop him some. ACL & dislocated knee SR year in high school. Has to add some bulk to his lower half.
  • Inconsistent burst of l.o.s.
  • Has to have a more consistent, prepared pass rush plan. From start to counter. Gets away from quick hand strikes inside too easy.
  • Looks stiff when attacking out wide & running the arc. Can get pushed upfield.
  • Stuck in the mud at times on 2nd effort after initially stopped.



Sweat is a very interesting prospect. He has a few special traits & a NFL body to transform. He was dubbed the #1 recruit coming out of High School at one point.Suffering a torn A.C.L. & dislocated knee his SR year in high school he battled back at a very fragile time in a young athletes development. Sweat is just now resembling someone playing w/ confidence & ability due to his setbacks early on. If he stays healthy & commits to an NFL-type training program he has real potential as a pass rusher.

20 Responses to “Scouting Report: Josh Sweat, DE/OLB”

  1. steve earle says:

    Had a chance to look over yesterdays combine results. Looked like none of the WR’s did a 3 cone, kind of disappointing. None of the TE’s did the 40, what’s that say? Most interesting to me was OL. Orlando Brown: hit an iceberg— going down. Noticed that Will Hernandez and Bradon Smith dominated the BP and were very solid at the rest. Could you imagine both these guys on the same team, jeepers. Saw Brandon Parker skipped the BP ??? Otherwise good times, Kolton Miller had good 3 cone 7.34 and Brian O’neill was quicker with 7.14 but his BP was only 22. I also noticed that Connor Williams had a good day. Might revive his stock somewhat? Now everyone has to decide what it all means.

  2. Stephen J says:

    ……….Nate Solder vs Kolton Miller
    Height.6’8 2/8″……….6’8 5/8″
    Weight.319 lbs………..309 lbs
    Arm L..35 1/2…………34″
    Wingspan.87 1/2″…….82 4/8″
    Hand Size.9 7/8″……..10 6/8″
    10 yard split.1.72…….1.68

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Miller will probably go too high for the Pats. I’m a big fan of wingspan and arm length, and for a guy almost 6’9″, he’s good but not elite at arm length. If he fell to the Pats, I think he’s worth taking a flyer on.

  3. Stephen J says:

    In high school Josh Sweat ran a 4.46 40 at 240 lbs.
    Another thing is his Wingspan of 84 1/8″ with 34 5/8″ Arm Length.
    Just for comparison purposes Trey Flowers has an 85″ Wingspan and 34 1/4″ Arm Length and 3 NFL lineman had this to say about Trey Flowers wingspan/arm length. He’s a mismatch on 1vs1’s. You literally can’t punch his chest. Yes it’s frustrating.

    The other players with a longer wingspan so far is
    1 OT Brandon Parker 84 7/8″ with 35″ Arm Length
    2 OT Jared Jones Smith 88 4/8″ and 36 2/8″ Arm Length
    3 OT Orlando Brown 85 1/8″ with 35″ Arm Length
    4 OT Jamarco Jones 85 1/8″ with 35 1/8″ Arm Length

    • steve earle says:

      I’d prefer a long armed guy over lesser lengths but it’s only one thing to consider. Sweat would be a good prospect as would Miller but I like Parker over Miller. Still waiting for full combine results before I cast anything in stone.

    • Jeff Fid says:

      He’s an interesting guy. If not for the injuries we’re talking about a sure 1st rd’r. It’s always nice to see guys utilize their gifts. He does & can def improve.

      You a Rivers fan?

      • steve earle says:

        Yea the injury history knocks him down a bit but still think he’s not getting out of the 2nd rd. Not a deep edge group this year. I myself have high hopes for Rivers. It’s impossible to judge him on the very little time he got in camp last summer, but hope.

  4. brandonmaxham says:

    I haven’t see lot of tape of him but I saw a tweet about his measurements checking the boxes for BB, will have to see how the combine goes for him .

  5. EdgeX says:

    Post and comments keep disappearing for me on this website what’s the deal?!?

    • steve earle says:

      It’s been happening on other pages too. Mike has been working hard to fix it but it keeps coming back it seems.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      After some work and some help from smarter people than me. I think we are back up and running and the issues should be fixed. There are a few posts that may still be in limbo that could create problems, but from this one moving forward, we should be good to go. Sorry for all the issues.

  6. steve earle says:

    Josh Sweat is one of better DE prospects this year I think I just wish there were a few more. I had been thinking he might be one of two or three BB might look at with the SF 2nd but if he excels at the combine he could go earlier. How do guys out there see it?

    • Mike Gerken says:

      I want to see how he fares in the agility drills.

      • Jeff Fid says:

        Agility drills will be huge. I remember Willis last year smashing the notion hes a “tight athlete” w/ some pretty sweet numbers. Def under the radar as P-TP goes but he offers real upside & would be a great rotation piece at first.

        • steve earle says:

          Agree plus any of these early picks will need some time and reps but should begin to contribute in November in most cases.

  7. Mike Gerken says:

    Niners won the flip, so the Patriots will pick 44 in the 2nd I believe. Damn

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