Scouting Report: Jalyn Holmes, Defensive End


Ohio State was filled with NFL talent and a guy like Holmes is the forgotten player on that dominant defense. Could that mean he becomes a steal in the draft?


  • From Norfolk, Virginia. Went to Lake Taylor High School
  • 2017 Team Captain. Played in every game from 2015-2017.
  • Degree in Family Resource Management
  • Big offers from USC, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Miami, Florida, FSU, Alabama, Clemson & others.



  • H/W/S Guy – 6’4/282 w/ 34 inch arms, 10 hands,  almost 82 wingspan & 4.82 40.
  • Pass Rush – At times snappy get off, good hands & has a few different ways to get to the QB. Will hit Offensive Lineman w/ quick punches underneath their shoulders & get their feet off balanced. Will look to swat & swipe to soften the edge. Good Bull Rush & Spin move (has to use ice pick more consistently) Has some power, burst & tools to work w/, has to refine collective plan.
  • Run Game – At times can looks stout & strong, able to disengage to make a play. Will shoot down the line to make a play if unblocked. Very good motor, wants to be in on everything. Plays w/ lots of fight.
  • Versatile – Played inside at 3-tech taking on slower interior Offensive Lineman & Edge.
  • Some upside,  was asked to play inside a ton, to slant & shoot which didn’t give him the best chance to succeed & was playing behind other future NFL players. At times flashes like a Sunday player.
  • Plays w/ above average awareness, anticipation & play identification. Usually knows where the play is headed.



  • Inconsistent get off.
  • Bigger Offensive Lineman swallow him up too easy. Doesn’t have the bend or ability to get flat. Can’t short-cut to the QB off the edge.
  • Good job at identifying where & what in terms of the play but understanding blocks could be a little better.



Holmes def would have produced more if he had more time & was at another school. He has some nice tools to work w/ & a NFL motor that doesn’t quit. His stiffness & inconsistent get off prevent him from being a top tier Rush prospect but he’s a very talented, versatile player that def can improve his pass rush w/ some hand work. Holmes, w/ some individual improvement, in the right system, could do what he did at OSU to some extent. Pressure outside, set the edge & kick inside on obvious passing downs.


Traits That Translate


Here are some clips that show off Holmes pass rush ability





17 Responses to “Scouting Report: Jalyn Holmes, Defensive End”

  1. bb's sidekick says:

    2) Rasheem Green DE
    2) Mark Andrews TE
    2) Fred Warner LB
    3) Tyquen Lewis DE
    4)Kyle Lauretta QB
    4 Brandon Parker OL
    6) Cole Reyes S
    7) James Butler RB

  2. TommyG says:

    Pats trade 31 to Den for 2nd & 4th Den drafts Mason Rudolph at 31.
    Pats Mock
    2) Lorenzo Carter LB/DE
    2) Hayden Hurst TE
    2) Justin Reid Saf
    3) Raashad Penny RB/Punt Returner
    4) Duke Ejiofor Edge
    4) Quenton Meeks CB
    6) Logan Woodside QB
    7) Nick Deluca LB

    • Jeff says:

      Love the picks, but no OT? Seems like a relatively weak draft for tackles, but it’s a bit of a risk going with Waddle and Cannon and guys like Garcia, Jelks, Croston, and Tobin as depth. One of the athletic guys with some upside might be worth taking even if it takes some time before they can contribute as a starter.

  3. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Patriot Mock Draft.
    1 Possible trade for 2nd and 4th round picks.
    2 Ogbonnia Okoronkwo DE Oklahoma
    2 From possible trade. Rashad Penny RB San Diego St.
    2 Chukwuma Okorafor OT Western Michigan
    3 Matthew Thomas ILB Florida St.
    4 From possible trade. Dalton Shultz TE Stanford
    4 Tony Brown CB Alabama
    6 Allen Lazard WR Iowa St.
    7 Brian Allen G Michigan St.

  4. bb's sidekick says:

    better add S to Mocks dumb dumb move harmon smh

  5. brandon maxham says:

    mock draft via Fanspeak ‘s on the clock NFL mock draft simulator:

    1st:Da’ron Payne DL

    2nd:Desmond Harrison OT

    2nd:Hercules Mata’afa EDGE

    3rd:Fred Warner ILB-OLB

    4th:John Kelly RB

    6th:Tegray Scales OLB

    7th:Jake Wieneke WR

    • kevan says:

      Its about time I’ve been waiting to see hercules on one of these mocks! Good deal

    • steve earle says:

      Desmond Harrison is projected as a 6-7th rd projection. Reaching just a little? Maybe a little later?

  6. J H TARBORO says:

    It’s interesting, the Texans worked out Lamar Jackson in a private workout, the Texans run the almost identical system the Patriots run. I wonder if Bill O’Brien, will share some knowledge with Nick Caserio or Bill Belichick? I hope the Patriots go to Louisville pro day on March 29th. I still hope he lands at #31. My opinion only.

    • kevan says:

      Erdhart system. Lamar ran that exact system in college. If he is there at 31 pats will probably take him. Kid could be special, especially if he gets goat tutoring.

      • macspak says:

        if he comes even close to falling to 31 we ought to trade up to get him

        • J H TARBORO says:

          I agree with you and Kevan!!!

        • kevan says:

          Defenitely J H TARBORO and macspak, I can just picture Mcdaniels begging BB….please bill let me have lamar! Come on Billy boy lets go get ACTION Jackson! He will probably throw on some bon jovi to get belicheck pumped up for it!

  7. Daniel Sullivan says:

    With society today loving to tear people down who have had trouble nothing
    would look better in Tom Brady’s career to make Johnny Manzel a future Quarterback for Patriots.
    BB and Tom Brady could work wonders for Manzel who would completely by in today
    Patriots system. May also help guys like Gronk appreciate for what they have.

    • steve earle says:

      Johnny football tears himself down, no help needed, no help wanted. He’s apparently set on a course of self destruction, self gratification and until he decides he wants to change no one, not Tom Brady not anyone else can change that.

      • kevan says:

        It seems like he is making a legitimate effort to change. It will be a low risk possible high reward move if he stays on the right track. I have a much bigger problem with the domestic charge then I do with the excessive partying as long as he got it out of his system. I think it depends on how the draft goes.

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