Mock Draft Monday: Go Get Your Guy(s)

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

For all the fans that were complaining that the Patriots weren’t doing anything on the 1st day of Free Agency, they sure have been active since. Most recently, they made another low risk, high reward trade for Cordarrelle Patterson. Patterson gives the Patriots a much needed boost in the return game and could see some action as a receiver as well. The Patriots move down a handful of spots to acquire him and check off another area of need. That leads us to today’s Mock. With the list of needs getting smaller, the team can now concentrate on getting “their” guy. So today, Jeff and I looked at a scenario in which the Patriots trade up. Here is what we came up with, be sure to let us know what you would do and who you would target in this scenario.

Before we get into what each of us drafted, here is a helpful chart to let you know what the picks might be worth in a trade scenario.


Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7
1 3,000 33 580 65 265 97 112 129 43 161 27 193 14.2
2 2,600 34 560 66 260 98 108 130 42 162 26.6 194 13.8
3 2,200 35 550 67 255 99 104 131 41 163 26.2 195 13.4
4 1,800 36 540 68 250 100 100 132 40 164 25.8 196 13
5 1,700 37 530 69 245 101 96 133 39.5 165 25.4 197 12.6
6 1,600 38 520 70 240 102 92 134 39 166 25 198 12.2
7 1,500 39 510 71 235 103 88 135 38.5 167 24.6 199 11.8
8 1,400 40 500 72 230 104 86 136 38 168 24.2 200 11.4
9 1,350 41 490 73 225 105 84 137 37.5 169 23.8 201 11
10 1,300 42 480 74 220 106 82 138 37 170 23.4 202 10.6
11 1,250 43 470 75 215 107 80 139 36.5 171 23 203 10.2
12 1,200 44 460 76 210 108 78 140 36 172 22.6 204 9.8
13 1,150 45 450 77 205 109 76 141 35.5 173 22.2 205 9.4
14 1,100 46 440 78 200 110 74 142 35 174 21.8 206 9
15 1,050 47 430 79 195 111 72 143 34.5 175 21.4 207 8.6
16 1,000 48 420 80 190 112 70 144 34 176 21 208 8.2
17 950 49 410 81 185 113 68 145 33.5 177 20.6 209 7.8
18 900 50 400 82 180 114 66 146 33 178 20.2 210 7.4
19 875 51 390 83 175 115 64 147 32.6 179 19.8 211 7
20 850 52 380 84 170 116 62 148 32.2 180 19.4 212 6.6
21 800 53 370 85 165 117 60 149 31.8 181 19 213 6.2
22 780 54 360 86 160 118 58 150 31.4 182 18.6 214 5.8
23 760 55 350 87 155 119 56 151 31 183 18.2 215 5.4
24 740 56 340 88 150 120 54 152 30.6 184 17.8 216 5
25 720 57 330 89 145 121 52 153 30.2 185 17.4 217 4.6
26 700 58 320 90 140 122 50 154 29.8 186 17 218 4.2
27 680 59 310 91 136 123 49 155 29.4 187 16.6 219 3.8
28 660 60 300 92 132 124 48 156 29 188 16.2 220 3.4
29 640 61 292 93 128 125 47 157 28.6 189 15.8 221 3
30 620 62 284 94 124 126 46 158 28.2 190 15.4 222 2.6
31 600 63 276 95 120 127 45 159 27.8 191 15 223 2.3
32 590 64 270 96 116 128 44 160 27.4 192 14.6 224 2
Jeff’s Mock:
Round 1 Pick 21 (CINN):  Ward, Denzel, CB, Ohio State (A)
Round 2 Pick 11:  Ejiofor, Duke, DE, Wake Forest (B)
Round 3 Pick 33 (ARI):  Armstrong Jr, Dorance, DE/OLB, Kansas (C)
Round 4 Pick 36:  Avery, Genard, ILB, Memphis (A)
Round 5 Pick 15 (ARI):  Sweat, Josh, OLB, Florida State (A+)
Few Thoughts on my “Build  a Monster D to Win Now”  Draft. We’re pretty much set in terms of big bodies in the middle. On paper, very impressive. Teams will have a hell of a time running up the gut. So I focused on the edges. I grabbed 3 guys that will be on the Pats radar. All can win 1 on 1. Attack the edge but have some inside flash on occasion. A little redundant? Maybe, but Flowers is a F.A. next year & you need at least 2 good pass rushers nowadays. Plus he does a ton of work inside. Imagine the NASCAR lineup we could use? This is one position I have no problem having “too many” bodies. I buried the lead though. We got Denzel freaking Ward. Ward looks like an eraser in the slot at the next level. Ward & Gilmore would be a lockdown duo this year to go along w/ a  real pass rush. Ward might be the best CB in the draft & is a top 5-7 defensive player in his class. I took Avery to add some speed inside. He has a ton of upside & is def a name to know.
Mike’s Mock:
Round 1 Pick 25 (TENN): Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville– In this scenario, I trade with the Titans to secure Alexander. The gap between Alexander and Ward is very close and I think Alexander’s versatility in both man and zone schemes makes him very valuable to the Patriots. He also is an excellent punt returner and could win that role as a rookie while he is integrated into the defense. Jason McCourty may win the job out of camp, but he is not a long term solution. Alexander has #1 Corner potential and would pair nicely with Gilmore on the outside. Patriots gave up #95 to acquire this pick
Round 2 Pick 11 (SF): Sam Hubbard, LB/Edge, Ohio State– The Patriots have done a nice job shoring up the interior defensive line, but like Jeff said, the team still needs Linebacker help. Hubbard just seems like a Patriot type player. He plays with a non stop motor and is known for his high football IQ. He has versatility in what he can do and while he may not be great at any one particular aspect, he is good at all of them. He is a well rounded player who can give BB production in a variety of ways.
Round 2 Pick (ATL): Kyle Lauletta, QB, Richmond– It is rumored that one deciding factor for Josh returning to the Patriots was that he would get to pick the next QB when Brady calls it quits. I think Lauletta has to be on the short list of guys he would like to groom. We have talked about him many times on this site before, so I won’t go into the details again, but he seems to have all the qualities, both on and off the field, that the Patriots look for. With some time to develop, he could make the transition from Brady a little easier to handle. The Patriots gave up pick #136 to Atlanta
Round 6 Pick 1 (CLE): Brandon Parker, OT, North Carolina A&T: I used my final two picks (185, 219) to move up to grab a developmental Tackle. In this scenario, I missed out on the upper tier of Tackles, but I am not sure if there is one in this class that can help the team immediately, so I grabbed a small school kid who fits the teams physical and athletic profile. He is raw, but the upside is there if he can develop some better technique.
This was a tough exercise for me to be honest. In this scenario, I got two players that can contribute immediately and two who are hopefully looking at a redshirt year (in Lauletta’s case, hopefully more). I don’t love the idea of coming out of this draft with only four players because I like the depth at positions that could help the team long term. It would be hard not to get excited about Alexander in a Patriots uniform and I think fans would fall in love with Hubbard as well.
As always, we would love to know how you would handle this scenario, so leave us your mock below in the comments.

55 Responses to “Mock Draft Monday: Go Get Your Guy(s)”

  1. Andy says:

    Crazy, you guys are out thinking yourselves. If there’s a first round talent at left tackle available with pick 31 (and there will be ) you take him! The next best available talent will be at DE, that where to look next, anything other than that second pick will be a reach!

  2. Stephen J says:

    Yesterday Chad O’Shea the Patriots WR Coach scouted Penn receiver Justin Watson at 6’3″ 215 lbs 33 3/4″ Arms 9 3/4″ Hands. He ran a 4.39 and a 4.42 40 had a vertical of 40″ A 10’4″(124″) Broad Jump and 20 reps on the Bench.

    He has had at least 1000 yards in the last 3 years and scored at least 1 TD in every game in 2017. He has a First in Last out work ethic
    In the Senior Bowl game he beat Siran Neal for a 34 yard reception from Josh Allen
    During Thursday Senior Bowl practice he beat BC CB Isaac Yiadom with a nice one handed grab in the corner of the end zone for a TD from Josh Allen.
    During Monday’s Senior Bowl practice he beat South Alabama’s Jeremy Reeves on 1 vs 1 and made a nice 1 handed diving catch for a TD
    He also participated in the Shrine Game where he made a diving catch between 2 defenders deep along the side lines from a pass thrown by JT Barrett
    In 1 vs 1’s he beat Avonte Maddox easily
    In red zone 1 vs 1’s he beat Tre Flowers handily for a TD

    Weaknesses played in the Ivy League and didn’t face top competition week in and week out.
    Limited Route tree. His football IQ with his reliable hands and body placement is what gets him open because his routes aren’t crisp.

    Is projected as a 7th-undrafted prospect.

  3. TommyG says:

    1) Kolton Miller
    2) Ronnie Harrison
    2) Darius Leonard
    3) Kyle Lauletta
    4) Nyheim Hines

  4. brandonmaxham says:

    1st: Kolton Miller OT

    2nd:Leighton VanderEsch ILB/OLB

    2nd:Dallas Goedert TE

    3rd:Kyle Lauletta QB

    4th:Chase Edmonds RB

    6th:Trevon Young DE

    7th:Jaylen Samuels RB/FB/TE

  5. brandon maxham says:

    mock draft : Dwayne Allen traded to DET for their 1st .

    1st (DET):Sam Hubbard DE

    1st: Leighton VanderEsch ILB/OLB

    2nd(SF):Kyle Lauletta QB

    2nd:Justin Reid S

    3rd:Oren Burks ILB

    4th:Brandon Parker OT

    6th:D.J Reed CB

    7th:Trey Quinn WR

    • Stephen J says:

      Just a note. For me what’s interesting is not the player that BB or Nick or Pats Scouts meet with but the position that they play. That is what is telling to me. They 1st make a plan as far as what direction they would like to go. What this shows me is what position/s they are tending to select in the draft as a part of that plan. Another aspect is the type of player in that position. In this instance Skai Moore is a S/LB hybrid who is 6’2 226 lbs. Now in and of itself it doesn’t give you a whole bunch but when you see them target several S/LB hybrids then you can see the amount of interest they have in a position and which way they are more likely to go. One example of following what they do not what they say.

    • Todti says:

      And Skai-ward goes the green dot. Reports sound like he could play the role that Richards had lately.

  6. macspak says:

    let’s play make believe trade up using all our picks

    1. Lamar Jackson QB
    2. Nwosu DE/OLB
    3. Gesicki TE

    • Daniel says:

      I like the idea of drafting Lamar Jackson. With his athleticism Imagine what he could do learning from Brady and Belichick. But I think we have to find a LT in this draft if it is possible. Do you think Lamar Jackson falls to the second round possibly?

      • macspak says:

        I can’t conceive of him falling far enough in the 1st round to realistically trade up for him never mind falling tot he 2nd. My mock was a play and pray mock. Yes, we need an OT but in my mock mock there is no way to get an OT who could help this year and we need OT help this year. Still hoping for Waddle and Fleming to return, at least one of the two, preferably both. anybody have any updates on them?

        • kevan says:

          Yea I think 1st 3 picks are qbs and mayfield and Jackson will most likely go top 15

        • Stephen J says:

          The last that I heard was they are both still in Dallas but Dallas doesn’t have much cap space some where between 5-6 million so unless they make more moves to free up cap space it won’t be a huge offer and the Pats will be able to match it if they choose to do so. Right now the Pats have approx 10.58 million according to Patscap. The general feel I get is Dallas is looking to sign Fleming over Waddle but its close and that’s why they wanted both there at the same time.

    • Stephen J says:

      A top 1st round pick in next years draft

  7. kevin z says:

    1st:Tim Settle DT BB sees Wilfork
    2nd:Justin Reid S BB sees D-mac
    2nd:Oren Burks LB more athletic Zack Cunningham reminds of Thomas Davis
    3rd:Kyle Lauletta QB
    4th:James Looney DL
    6th:Brandon Parker

  8. John says:

    To be honest, I’d stand pat. I wouldn’t trade back, but I wouldn’t move ahead either (unless someone offers you something absurd).

    BUT.. if I had to move ahead, I would deal that later second round pick to move up and select Rashaan Evans, or a LT. McGlinchey, maybe.

    So, here:

    1.) Rashaan Evans LB
    2.) Kolton Miller OT
    3.) Nyheim Hines RB

  9. brandonmaxham says:

    mock draft 3/20:

    1st:Leighton VanderEsch ILB/OLB

    2nd:Justin Reid S

    2nd:Fred Warner ILB/OLB

    3rd:Kyle Lauletta QB

    4th:Brandon Parker OT

    6th:Joe Ostman EDGE/DE

    7th:David Williams RB

  10. kevin z says:

    Mock to give Brady some weapons as well as young QB or whoever back up is. Receiving backs replaced Edelman’s catches last year it a huge part on Offense couldn’t shut Romo up about it lol. Also need a taller deep threat tired seeing Brady get screwed on Verticals throws when does deep throw to a smaller guy.

    1 Tim Settle DT more a rusher atm was played all over the line at VT
    2 Dorian O’daniel Box saf hybrid yes he on my hype train tape don’t lie lol
    2 Kyle Lauretta QB urgent decision maker throws player open
    3 James Looney DL good in space nice with his hands
    3 Trequin smith WR plays big good deep threat good at high pointing the ball
    4 Ito smith RB quick cuts can catch pass Protect
    6 Philip Lindsay RB good vision quick can catch play ST perfect Pats player

  11. kevin z says:

    Binkie Mock. Settle Warner Odaniel Looney

    1 Tim Settle DT more a rusher atm was played all over the line at VT can afford redshirt type learning year have nice depth for a year atm there.

    2 Fred Warner Hybrid Cover TE Bigger slot players play will or OLB convinced top 50-60 player by Mike L like him before but more after report on this site.

    2 Dorian O’Daniel Hybrid fast speedy instinctive Tape fun fun to watch Projected anywhere from 2nd to 5th rd. Other than Report on Nfll site has glowing scouting reports on him. almost like reading Jerome baker’s report but Dorian all over the tape where on Baker’s tape hard notice him according to Nfldraftscout

    3 James Looney DL can play all over being undervalued Leader type advanced hand skills being called underated for being a so called weak dline draft.

    3rd Isaac Yiadom CB surprising skill to read a play for such lack of experience one of best in class with back to the ball turns head around. smart goes to BC.

    4Daesean Hamilton WR great field vision with sharp cuts soft hands loses hype because teammate was RB Barkley

    6 Ryan Nall Bigger back with hands quicker feet for a bigger back

  12. kevin z says:

    Normal Mock with reg Picks. Showing faith in Garcia Jelks or the new signing locking down LT.
    Most QB’s struggle hardcore from the Edges not Brady its the interior where the Guards are so Tom cant step up. If there a beast Guard to upgrade over thuney or a C for Andrews go for it if a upgrade is there.

    1 Lorenzo Carter OLB rusher can drop back
    2 Tim Settle DT more a rusher atm was played all over the line at VT
    2 Fred Warner Hybrid can play the WIll cover TE’s some RB’s
    3 Oren Burks LB-Hybrid see a lot of Pats reporters suggesting needing two off the ball LB’s
    3 Tyquen Lewis DE junk yard dawg lol
    4 Jaylyn Holmes DE Raw but UPSIDE UPSIDE with BB plus teammate Lewis may help Holmes reach his ceiling
    6 Philip Lindsay RB

  13. brandonmaxham says:

    I think once the draft is done the next important move is to extend Shaq Mason , Trey Flowers and maybe Brandin Cooks.

    • Todti says:

      Agree on Mason, even more so than Flowers. That could save the Patriots a couple millions per season. Cooks is going to get money thrown at him by some team anyway, so I think the Patriots can wait on that decision. Instead I would extend Hogan’s contract by two years or so (assuming he’s completely healthy). He had his most productive season in 2017 on a per-game basis, although he clearly was hampered in some of them. I’d use that he was out of the spotlight from November through January.

  14. brandonmaxham says:

    Only thing I can see the Patriots doing in free agency now would be maybe get a ILB/OLB and a TE( even though there is not much out there with Ebron now signed).

    TEs they could get :
    Troy Niklas
    Asante Cleveland

    ILBs they could sign:
    Korey Toomer
    Navorro Bowman

    OLBs :
    Paul Worrilow
    Jonathan Casillas
    Marquis Flowers

    • Jeff says:

      No OT? Who is the other starting tackle besides Cannon? The Pats are really playing it dangerously if they’re relying on the draft to provide them with a day 1 starting OT.

  15. kevin z says:

    trade cooks for a 2nd and 4th rd pick then trade Flowers for a 3rd and 5 rd pick .
    Not sure if doable I know 6-8 or so could make the team or so with being a cap plus not good enough make the team. This a good depth draft nice to get more than one of my guys lol

    1 Carlson Davis CB
    2 Bj Hill DT athletic type can rush
    2 Dorance Armstrong OLB can rush
    2 Kyle Lauretta QB
    3 Brandon Parker
    3Issaac Yiadom CB
    3 Dorian O’daniel Box saf speedy cover slot WR’s and backs
    4Daesean Hamilton WR Sharp cuts good field vision
    4 Ito Smith RB
    5 Brandon Shed WR Tall vertical threat plus played some Big Slot WR too
    6 Dmintri Flowers H-back chess piece move around help declare at last moment what Defense is doing man or a Zone scheme

  16. Russell says:

    TRADE-UP MOCK; BB trades,, 1st, 2nd (#43) & 3d to Washington for 1st (#13) & 5th (# 149)

    1st – LB Tremaine Edmunds
    2nd -OL Barden Smith
    4th – TE Ian Thomas
    5th – S Quin Blanding
    6th – QB Chad Kanoff

    • GM-in-Training says:

      I like several things about this mock!

      Edmunds seems to have all the tools. He may be the best LB available.

      Ian Thomas, I think, has the potential to outperform his draft slot and be an inline TE and red zone threat.

      On the other hand, Braden Smith is more of a grinder who may not have the length or flexibility to develop into an LT. This year, I think they draft traits to be a future LT or go home.

  17. GM-in-Training says:

    Lineback depth is officially the 2nd-biggest problem right now (LT is biggest).

    – With McClellin gone, VanderEsch makes even more sense.

    – James Harrison might be an option, but he shouldn’t be expected to play more than 40% of snaps to keep him fresh through the season. He probably won’t commit until he can tell from a team that he’ll be a starter on. The Pats can call him a starter, given their use of so many sub packages.

    – Marquis Flowers is athletic, plays ST, they know what he is, and he wouldn’t affect the compensatory formula, but he might think he’s worth more than they do. I think they’re being patient to wait and see what the market brings them.

    – Langi, Roberts, Grigsby…I don’t mind having in camp, but unless they take it up a notch, I’d really like to have better depth

    I like the idea of a swap of picks to trade for an effective LB best, but there are lots of FA still around.

    Who off of the following list do y’all think are A) worth having and B) good value?
    FA still available include:

    Lawrence Timmons (31)
    Jerrell Freeman (31)
    Korey Toomer (29)
    Kevin Minter (27)
    Karlos Dansby (36)
    Brian Cushing (31)
    Gerald Hodges (27)
    Dannell Ellerbe (32)
    Will Compton (28)
    Derrick Johnson (35)
    Michael Wilhoite (31)
    Steven Johnson (30)
    Tank Carder (29)
    Sean Spence (27)
    Andrew Gachkar (29)
    Kelvin Sheppard (30)
    Rey Maualuga (31)

    Jonathan Casillas (30)
    Ramon Humber (30)
    Paul Worrilow (27)
    Jelani Jenkins (26)
    Kemal Ishmael (26)
    Michael Mauti (28)
    Jonathan Freeny (28)
    Justin Durant (32)
    Akeem Ayers (28)
    Terence Garvin (27)
    Najee Goode (28)
    Spencer Paysinger (29)
    Jordan Tripp (26)
    Marquis Flowers (26)
    Bruce Carter (30)

    • Russell says:

      I would sign flowers, & get Worrilow. Both have speical teams exp.

    • JH says:

      Toomer and Flowers. They are both athletic and can cover, and Toomer offers run defense while Flowers offers pass rush.

    • Todti says:

      Definitely Flowers. I think there’s real upside that the Patriots just tapped at the end of the season and they can never have enough STers.
      Before FA, I was hoping the Patriots would sign Paul Posluszny. His athleticism didn’t deteriorate drastically and he’s so smart. He was still fast enough last season because of his quick reads and decisions, and he could have worn the green dot so that Hightower (*fingers crossed*) could be more of an edge player.

  18. brandonmaxham says:

    mock draft 3/19:

    1st:Leighton VanderEsch ILB/OLB -he’s the athletic LB we need and it continues the trend of getting defense in the 1st round.

    2nd(SF):Dorance Armstrong JR DE/OLB -He is a beast IMO and he is more of a fit as an OLB then a DE.

    2nd:Martinas Rankin OT – He is versatile and could be our LT.

    3rd:Terrell Edmunds S/LB -plays the Richards / Chung role and would replace Richards then take over for Chung when he leaves / retires.

    4th:Logan Woodside QB – He’s a tad undersized but an accurate one at that , sleeper type of QB

    6th(OAK):D.J Reed CB – small but fast, could play S if needed.

    7th(CLE):Braxton Berrios or Trey Quinn WR -either one who is on the board still could be taken here , would be the future slot WR /Edelman ‘s replacement .

  19. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Possible trade Brandin Cooks to the Giants for Ereck Flowers and a third round pick.

    Free Agents
    Michael Floyd WR Vikings
    Eric Ebron TE Lions
    Tom Johnson DT Vikings

    Patriots Mock Draft
    1 Leighton Vander Esch OLB Boise St.
    2 DJ Moore WR Maryland
    2 Malik Jefferson LB Texas
    3 Dorrance Armstrong DE Kansas
    3 Nyheim Hines RB NC State
    4 Mike White QB Western Kentucky
    6 Trey Quinn WR SMU
    6 Kevin Tolliver CB LSU

  20. Stephen J says:

    I know Mike G will like this

    Per Jordan Strack Patriots Director of Player Personnel Nick Caserio had a close eye on Logan Woodside at Toledo’s Pro Day

  21. GM-in-Training says:

    I like Mike’s draft more. I gots to have me some long-armed, quick-footed developmental LT.

    I find myself thinking we have CB covered this year, but not enough LB that can cover TE and RB.

    To me that sounds like Leighton Vander Esch in the 1st.

    Maybe Derek Rivers could also be that guy…we just haven’t seen it..he was a lightweight DE before, not an OLB. I think Rivers lacks the length and beef to be a DE, and converts to OLB.

    I know Langi is a darkhorse to overachieve, but he’s not long enough or agile enough to be great at covering RB and TE. He seems MLB…maybe.

    Last year we had depth problems up the middle. Shelton, Brown, Guy and Valentine/Butler/UDFA-to-be-named-later seem ok for now. Maybe one more value veteran trade of late FA would give us the depth.

    For LB, Hightower and McClellin will need weeks off during the season, so who else can do their jobs as needed? That’s where I’d like to see another cool pickup.

    Anybody think James Harrison is coming back?

  22. Jeff Fid says:

    If Ward falls past 15 I’d pull that trigger 100 times over. He’s a playmaker w/ real competitive drive. An eraser in the slot, w/ some upside.

    The pass rushers can all pressure the edge, play different positions & will have chips on their shoulders from falling. Sweat & Armstrong prob won’t be where I grabbed them but the possibility of a big fall for 1 or all is there.

    We would be set up the middle & have a plethora of pass rush that can pressure from anywhere.
    Our DL would be nasty, multiple & have an edge for sure.

    Our Secondary would have a great, young duo in Gilmore & Ward. Plus a S group that has been together for years.

    Plus we add some much needed speed at LB.

    Tremendous potential on that side of the ball.

    What do you guys think?

  23. Jeff says:

    The Pats have really brought in a lot of guys through free agency and the draft. I’d like to see Brent Celek brought in for depth at tight end so the Pats can move on from Allen and save cap dollars. I also hope they can retain either Waddle or Fleming. I thought they’d keep Solder and not need those guys, but it’s such a risk to insert a rookie, anyone on their current roster, or any of the other free agents available into a starting tackle position. I hope they can retain one of these guys and use a top draft pick on a tackle as well. If all goes well, the draft pick can earn the starting role at some point during the season, and maybe get some seasoning by playing blocking tight end early on. Left tackle is really the only gaping hole on the roster – the Pats now have the flexibility to draft talented guys that can contribute in spurts while they develop to take over roles in the future.

    I could see them taking Kolton Miller, Terrell Edmunds, and Dorance Armstrong, Jr with their top 3 picks. I don’t love the Miller pick but the extreme need matches up with some crazy high upside. Edmunds is a safety/linebacker hybrid who can hopefully actually perform in the role they tried to use Richards in and take over in the future for Chung. Armstrong is another body on the edge to compete with Rivers for a role this season and potentially grab a starting role in the next couple of years.

    Any other cap dollars should go to extensions for Flowers, as well as Mason and/or Cooks.

  24. steve earle says:

    I like Jeff’s mock. Agree with the idea of more outside speed/rush.

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