Mock Draft Monday: Don’t Get Defensive


NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

Happy Tampering Window Monday! In just a few short hours, the legal tampering window begins and all the illegal tampering deals that were made over the past few weeks will start to leak out. For every team, this is a very exciting time and hopefully by next mock draft Monday, we should have a better sense of what teams will be looking to target in the draft. For now, it is fun to come up with different scenarios, and today’s is probably the most difficult and unrealistic, but still fun. While the need on the offensive side of the ball is not an immediate one, there are question marks coming on the horizon for many of the Patriots super stars. There is also the question of who is going to be the Patriots head coach in the not so distant future. With that said, we thought it would be fun to do a mock draft that begins to build an offense for the future that can be ready to take over if/when Brady and Belichick decide to hang it up.

Jeff’s Mock


Round 2 Pick 11:  Guice, Derrius, RB, LSU (A)

Round 2 Pick 18 (DAL):  Gesicki, Mike, TE, Penn State (A-)

Round 2 Pick 31:  Rudolph, Mason, QB, Oklahoma State (A)

Round 3 Pick 31:  White, Mike, QB, Western Kentucky (B-)

Round 4 Pick 16 (DAL):  Parker, Brandon, OT, North Carolina AT (A) Round

4 Pick 36:  Kelly, John, RB, Tennessee (A+)

Round 5 Pick 13:  Quinn, Trey, WR, Southern Methodist (A)

Round 6 Pick 31:  Clapp, Will, C/OG, LSU (A+)

Jeff’s Thoughts:

Guice is power runner w/ lethal cuts & bounces off defenders w/ his spin move. Can catch & is good in pass pro. Gesicki moves & runs like a WR. He offers tons of upside as a prototype flex. Rudolph has been accurate, doesn’t throw INT’S & work all 3 levels. White has arm talent, upside & showed the ability to battle through adversity while in college playing the position.  Parker is a little bit of a project but w/ Scar could be a real contributor by year 2-3. Huge man w/ a few real traits. Kelly & Guice would be pretty sweet together. Runs w Good balance & has real potential rec wise at the next level. Quinn didn’t explode until this year bc of usage & a transfer but is a lil bulldog out there. Had market share of rec’s this year, big hands & is that tough slot guy every team could use. Clapp offers physicality & versatility along the line.


Mike’s Draft:

Draft Board: NFL Mock

Team Needs: Draft Utopia

Difficulty: Difficult


Round 1 Pick 31: Lamar Jackson, QB: I am a big fan of Jackson as a developmental QB and if he goes to the right situation, he might have the highest ceiling of any QB in this class. He will get to learn from the best from a mechanical standpoint (well, every standpoint really) and that should help his learning curve. I also think that he could be so dangerous in McDaniels offensive scheme.

Round 2  Pick 11: Dallas Goedert, TE: Do I think Gronk is going to be back this year? YES! That doesn’t mean he is in New England for the long term and as we have seen over the years, the Tight End position is important to this offense. Goedert is not Gronk, but he has the potential to be Gronk Lite, which is really good. Goedert is a well rounded player who wins in similar ways to Gronk. He is a big athlete that uses his size to his advantage and has large, soft hands that can catch just about everything thrown in his direction. Let him be TE #2 in this offense until it is time for Gronk to move on to another team or to the ring, whichever comes first.

Round 2 Pick 31: Tyrell Crosby, OT: It seems I keep mocking this guy to the Patriots, so it probably won’t happen. I love his mindset and while he needs some work with his pass sets, he could play right away and hold his own. I think he has adequate size and athleticism to fit into the Patriots scheme. This Tackle class is weak and Crosby is one of my favorites, so getting him here might be tougher than I want to admit.

Round 3 Pick 31: Rashaad Penny, RB: While Penny is not a perfect 3 down back, the potential is there. He has the size to be that bruiser type in this offense, but has shown that he has above average hands to catch the ball out of the backfield. What he must improve on is pass protection. If he wants to stay on the field, this is the one area that he really needs the most improvement.

Round 4 Pick 36: Keke Coutee, WR: One of my favorite players in this draft and a perfect fit for the Patriots in my opinion. He is an aggressive route runner who consistently gets Corners on their heels. He is quick in and out of his breaks and has very good hands. He is the ideal long term replacement for Edelman and could see a role early if Amendola is not resigned.

Round 5 Pick 22: Austin Corbett, OG: I have Corbett ranked quite a bit higher than this, so to get him here would be a steal in my opinion. Corbett will be a Tackle convert to the inside and may even have the ability to play Center, so he has 5 position flexibility potential. Corbett is a technician more than an athlete. He needs to continue to get stronger, but if he can do so, he could be a solid starter down the road.

Round 6 Pick 31: Dimitri Flowers, FB:  While FB is his official title, he is more of a jack of all trades and would be used so in the Patriots offense. He can play RB, TE, and H-Back in the NFL. I could see the Patriots moving him all around to create mismatches and would be a fun chess piece for McDaniels to play with. Flowers will also contribute on Special Teams, making him a potential four down player in the NFL, something BB loves from a prospect.


So there you have it. I will admit, it was tough passing on some of the defensive talent that was on the board at almost every pick. If the draft did fall this way though, I would be pretty excited about the future of the team.

So, now it up to you. Let us know what you think and what you would do if the Patriots went all offense in the draft. I look forward to seeing which names you all come up with.



43 Responses to “Mock Draft Monday: Don’t Get Defensive”

  1. kevin z says:

    yea that’s a good idea especially if don’t think Parker drops until the 4th rd

  2. brandonmaxham says:

    mock draft :

    1st:Lamar Jackson QB

    2nd:Riley Ferguson QB

    2nd:Dante Pettis WR/PR

    3rd:Will Dissly TE

    4th:Brandon Parker OT

    5th:Chase Edmonds RB

    6th:Jaylen Samuels FB/RB/TE

  3. Russell says:

    Any interest in RFA DE/LB Shaq Barrett for a 2nd round pick, #63 ?? 6’2″ 250 lbs. $3-4 mill a yr deal ?

    • Stephen J says:

      No not really here is why

      Playing across from Von Miller who commands a double or triple team on nearly every down he plays, Shaquil Barrett managed only 4 sacks and 37 tackles in 2017 as the teams primary starter at SOLB. Who also runs a 4.73 40 had a 29″ Vert with a 9’5″ Broad and a 4.42 20 Shuttle. I’d rather have Marquis Flowers back who had 3.5 sacks and 32 tackles and saw his 1st real snaps 22 in all during week 4. Flowers also runs a 4.51 40 had a 37.5″ Vert with a 9’8″ Broad and a 4.32 20 Shuttle. If he ends up leaving then I’d target someone like Lorenzo Carter who is 6’4″ 250 and ran a 4.50 40 and had a 36″ Vert and a 10’10” Broad for that 62 pick and it wouldn’t cost 2.914 million dollars.

  4. Stephen J says:

    Here is an interesting Athletic Comparison

    ……………Donta Hightower……………DE Kylie Fitts (Utah)
    Height……6′ 2 2/8″……………………..6′ 3 6/8″
    10 Split….1.66…………………………..1.61
    Vert………33″(Pro Day)………………..32.5″
    Broad…….9’9″(117″) Pro Day…………9’9″(117″)
    20 Shuttle.4.64………………………….4.19
    3 Cone……7.55………………………….6.88

    • kevan says:

      That is interesting. Fitts is basically a quicker hightower.

      • steve earle says:

        As it relates to the numbers Fitts should be a better Hightower but numbers do not measure instinct, intelligence and other intangibles. If that was so there would be no trick to drafting anyone and anyone could do it. Numbers are only one indicator of a whole package which is complex and uncertain.

        • Stephen J says:

          Not complex at all pretty straight forward and black and white.

        • kevan says:

          If it was straight forward, black and white then no team would ever miss on a prospect.

        • Stephen J says:

          Numbers are straight forward black and white who said anything about prospects

        • steve earle says:

          @Stephen: I believe you completely missed my point which was those black and white numbers are not the sum total of the individual. When evaluating a player they are a factor to consider yes but other things go into the totality of a person, or a football player.

        • Stephen J says:

          Steve E I got your point completely. Nothing missed here on my end.

        • Stephen J says:

          As it relates to the numbers Fitts should be a better Hightower. Exactly Fitts is better at change of direction look at the numbers 7.55 to 6.88, Fitts is better at short area lateral movement 4.19 to 4.64. Nothing complex about that black and white simple. That doesn’t mean he is a better player over all you implied that not me. He is just better at changing direction and moving laterally in short areas.

        • steve earle says:

          @ Stephen: Okay we both get what the other is saying but what is the point in the numbers if it is not part of the equation to find the best overall player? Like a 3 legged race horse.

      • Stephen J says:

        That is the point to find the best overall player but just 2 numbers doesn’t paint a complete picture. It tells you strength’s or weakness’s in this case a strength in his ability to move laterally and in short areas real well. Then you look at the tape to see if it that’s the case. In this case it does match his tape in those two areas.

    • JoeyNL says:

      Is that 3 Cone for Hightower for real? That’s really slow!

      • Stephen J says:

        Yes that’s why he has a hard time covering TE’s/WR’s across the middle his lateral/change of direction and short area quickness is awful. His straight line speed is decent.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Just was watching Fitts in fact. This is what is interesting about them, while they are similar in a lot of physical categories, they are built very different.

      • Stephen J says:

        …………….Donta Hightower………..Kylie Fitts
        Arm Length…32 5/8″………………….33″
        Wingspan……???……………………….77 2/8″

        Now can Fitts fill the role that Hightower plays or is he better suited off playing that big DE on the outside

  5. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Mock Draft, Free Agents and Trade Predictions.
    Trades Gronk Traded for 3rd round pick.
    Pats trade a second and third round choice this year for Joe Thomas OT Browns.

    Free Agents
    Tambi Hali DE Chiefs
    Nicket Robey Coleman CB Rams
    Tre Boston S Chargers

    1 Dallas Goedert TE S Dakota St
    2 Possible trade for Joe Thamas
    2 Christian Sam ILB Arizona St.
    3 For possible Gronk Trade/ Ronald Jones II RB USC
    3 Possible trade for Joe Thomas
    4 Troy Fumagelli TE Wisconsin
    5 Tegray Scales ILB Indiana
    6 Traded for 5th next year.

  6. Stephen J says:

    My All Offensive Mock Draft

    Using Fanspeak

    31: R1P31
    43: R2P11
    63: R2P31
    95: R3P31
    136: R4P36
    159: R5P22
    205: R6P31

    While I wouldn’t draft Mike Gesicki as a TE. I see Mike Gesicki as a WR and a pretty darn good one at that. If he was considered a WR in this draft he being vying for WR1 in my opinion. Plus I don’t trust Kenny Britt with his off field baggage and him picking up the offense then Malcolm Mitchell and him staying healthy. Even after being IR all year he is still not completely healthy at this point. Need a big WR and who better than one that has been getting rave reviews for his route running and receiving.

    Dallas Goedert He is the best blocking receiving TE as a whole in this group with athleticism and its not even close. With Gronk’s inconsistency to stay on the field with his health issues through the years and possibly losing TE Allen we need somebody else other than Jacob Hollister and Will Tye.

    Kyle Lauletta While I don’t love him I don’t hate him either and he seems to fit what the Pats do the most. Lamar Jackson was picked at 15 in this mock for those that were wondering.

    Kekee Coutee and Trey Quinn fresh new blood for both aging and injury plagued Edelman and Amendola.

    Brandon Parker Has performed well in the off season and can replace the possible departures of either Cameron Fleming and/or LaAdrian Waddle

    Justin Jackson. The complete back that the Pats look for. Ranks 10th ALL TIME in rushing yards in the NCAA. Think about that how many great backs have come out through out the years and he is 10th overall for all time. Is a threat to receive out of the backfield or as a wr. Protects the ball and is a capable blocker. Then put up impressive numbers at the combine 4.52 40 38.5 Vert 6.81 3 Cone 4.07 20 Shuttle. My top back due to all that plus can be had later in the draft.

  7. Russell says:

    Monday Offense Patriots Mock;

    1st – OL Braden Smith
    2nd – QB Mason Rudolph
    2nd – WR Anthony Miller
    3d – TE Ian Thomas
    4th – RB Kalen Ballage
    5th – P J.K. Scott
    6th – OT Ike Boettger

  8. Stephen J says:

    Ok here is a thought if Solder signs elsewhere then sign OT JaWuan James for cheaper year per ave. He graded out at 80.0 while Solder graded out at 75.0 per PFF. The only issue I see is he played at RT for Dolphins but could he play LT seems like he could. Thoughts Feedback.

    • Stephen J says:

      He is 6’6″ with 35″ arms

      Nolan Nawrocki said this when he came out he almost appears more destined for the left side in the pros.

    • Russell says:

      Interesting Idea, James B-Jump at the combine was only 8’9″, but he could be cheaper.

    • steve earle says:

      I like this thought Stephen. I do wonder though if Bill wanted him would he have to act quickly to get in an offer before Miami or someone else did. Or maybe just contacting James’ agent to say we’re interested would be enough? Understand the tamper season.

  9. steve earle says:

    My two favorite mid rd Off players are Ito Smith and Keke Coutee. Mike has Keke then Rashaad Penny. I’d like to see Smith and Penny on the same roster, how would that sound Mike? If Lewis walks Smith could be a good prospect to replace him imo and Coutee for Amendola prn. Surprised Goedert gets as high a rating here as he does but then I’m not any kind of expert. Overall though I’ll be somewhat disappointed if this isn’t mainly a Def draft.

  10. GM-in-Training says:

    Some interesting angles in those two mocks.

    I keep looking at past principles the Pats have used, for guidance.

    1. The Pats like to find value in position groups that are really deep. That suggests they won’t draft an OT early, as it’s considered weak.

    2. The Pats would be well served to use high picks for elite players that are really expensive on the FA market. That suggests they will draft LT, DE, QB with their first 3 picks. I’d say CB, but they’ve frequently been willing to roll the dice on UDFA to fill out the CB group. Dunno.

    3. The Pats like to trade down, because every draft pick is a crap shoot, so more picks equals more chances to get lucky.

    4. The Pats need talent to upgrade at key positions (OT, DE, or LB). This might push them to move up in the 2nd.

    If it were me drafting, I’d overpay to keep Solder or move up in the 1st round to grab an elite LT. In the second round I’d draft a 270# 35+” arms DE with speed and good intangibles, and either a CB or LB who can cover receivers. In round 3 either a developmental QB or TE. RB can be found for cheap in later rounds. The rest are best player available at the right value picks.

    • steve earle says:

      I agree with your think here Mac. My thoughts on CB is either take one early or late but not in the mid rds. After we traded for Shelton I modified/adjusted my last mock. At 2#51 I dropped Tim Settle and added Isaiah Oliver CB Colo. Against my own best advice I did have a CB in the 4 comp. spot, Dane Cruikshank Arz but that is because some expect he can also play Saf. Or so I will tell anyone who asks.

      • steve earle says:

        Sorry my first sentence should say “I agree with you thinking”. My wife is on one of her conversation modes. Difficult to keep thoughts together.

    • Stephen J says:

      There are no elite LT in this draft worth moving up for. That includes Mike McGlinchey and Connor Williams while they maybe solid they are not close to being elite.

      • steve earle says:

        Agree but for comparison how close are those two to Solder when he came out?

        • Stephen J says:

          One Mike McGlinchey wouldn’t even be on the Pats board due to what they look for in their LT’s That just leaves Connor Williams he will be solid but wouldn’t of been drafted ahead of Solder. Unless he slips down to 31 in this draft he might then come into play if they see him as their highest rated player on the board at that time. Yes in making their player ratings they take into consideration positional need. Now if there is more than one player on their board of equal value at the time they are due to select they will either trade back if they see they can with another team and allow one of those players to fall to them while gaining more draft capital and if they cant without the possibility of loosing both they will make a choice between the two.

  11. kevin z says:

    This one was hard for me been all on defense players this fun though.

    Round 2 Pick 11: O’neil OL
    Round 2 Pick 18 Lauretta QB
    Round 2 Pick 31: dissly TE
    Round 3 Pick 31: Ian Thomas TE
    Round 4 Pick 16 (DAL): Parker, Brandon, OT, North Carolina AT (A) Round
    4 Pick : Fountain WR 6 ft or so Route runner good hands
    Round 5 Pick 13: Ito Smith RB
    Round 6 Pick 31: Dimitri Flowers, Fb-h-back

    • steve earle says:

      Completely understand your problem. I’m not even going to try an all Off mock. You do have a decent mock here only thing I’d do is maybe drop both TE’s one rd and put Parker in at 2#31?

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