Scouting Report: Luke Falk, QB

Is Luke Falk the long term answer at QB for the Patriots?

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler


Luke Falk  –  QB  –  6’4/220  –  Washington State



  • From Logan, Utah. Went to Oak Christian & Logan High School after a move. Broke records for attp/comp SR year.
  • Walk on at Washington State & now holds several conference passing records.
  • Started emulating Tom Brady’s diet, training over the past few years.



  • Prototype frame, 6’4/220 w/ room to add some weight/muscle. Could easily be 235.
  • Very good mechanics for the most part. Sturdy Base/Feet, quick, smooth release. Arm can hit 45-50 air yards.
  • At times good placement & very good accuracy. Can hit sidelines & m.o.f. w/ some anticipation. Can work both left & right sides of field.
  • Isn’t typical one read, air raid QB. Can go through minor progressions.
  • Takes craft very seriously. Always looking to get better in terms of strength training, mechanics.
  • Showed real toughness by playing most of last year w/ a broken wrist.
  • Coaches & White can’t say enough about him.
  • Put up tons of production & owns several conference passing records.



  • Velocity isn’t there to make consistent passes to the intermediate/deep parts of the field.
  • Lived off of short stuff & checkdowns. 65% of his passes & yards came that way.
  • Very different player when moved off his spot & has to deal w/ pressure. Lobs too many throws off back foot when pressured. Inconsistent pocket presence. Clock has to move faster.
  • System – Falk’s weapons, mostly WR’S got tremendous spacing 2nd of the system the ran. Falk would often wait until his man was open, rather the throwing him open. How will he adjust to life under center? Different styles of play?
  • Average athlete. Doesn’t have the mobility to escape or manipulate a pocket.
  • Will often lock onto his 1st read too hard & advertise it.



Falk has some really nice qualities about his him & his game but is a different QB under adverse circumstances. The ability to deal w/ pressure, deliver NFL passes off platform combined w/ a bad internal clock are all real issues that will get much more difficult w/ NFL athletes running around. At best Falk could run a west-coast, timing offense but has to get under w/ the right staff & team. He also has to continue to get stronger. Right now I have Falk as a 3rd-4th round pick.


15 Responses to “Scouting Report: Luke Falk, QB”

  1. Jeff Fid says:

    Just curious which would you rather …

    Lauletta w/ one of our 2nd’s? Or Falk in the 3rd? Kinda high for both for some but QB’S are going to fly early imo. Teams aren’t going to wait on their future.

  2. steve earle says:

    Having had a little breathing room after the SB I’ve reviewed my latest mock and have had time to consider a couple small changes. Having presented a list of four unlikely to slide down to us but if one did take him that is still optional. But I’s still expecting BB will trade down #31 for a 2nd and a 3rd. So here is How I would draft it:

    2 SF) Duke Ejiorfor DE Wake Forest (edge rusher to rotate early into def.)
    2 Td) Tim Settle DT Vir Tech ( moving up, has the size and power we need inside D-line)
    2) Brandon Parker OT NC A&T ( Even if Solder reups a young OT is needed with upside )
    3Td) Marcus Haynes OLB Miss ( Can set edge, rush and drop into coverage, good speed)
    3) Sione Teuhema LB S.E.Lou ( another LB inside or out, strong fast and flexible)
    4 comp) Ito Smith RB So. Miss ( size and speed+ lewis 2.0, just in case)
    5 traded
    6) Flex pick, use for trade up or select ST type player of choice such as:
    Cody O’Connell OG, Coles Rayes SS, your choice here

  3. John says:

    Not a huge fan of Falk. Does not handle pressure well, and we are seeing that as an imperative skill for the NFL. Still think Lamar Jackson is the only QB whose value would exceed where he is being drafted.

    Players I think Patriots should focus on (Big Board)

    Rashaan Evans
    Ronnie Harrison
    Rasheem Green
    Mike McGlinchey
    Lamar Jackson
    Tim Settle
    Taven Bryan
    Sam Hubbard
    Kyzir White/Marcus Allen
    Ian Thomas
    Darius Leonard
    Braden Smith
    Tegray Scales
    Fred Warner
    Mason Cole

    Here’s my mock (and my most ideal scenario)

    1. Ronnie Harrison SAF
    2. Lamar Jackson QB
    2. Tim Settle DL

    (Move up in the second round, trade their backend 2nd roud pick and their 3rd to take Settle)

    Also, think they should zero in on Trent Murphy. Hopefully, Malcom Brown will continue to develop and adding a player like Settle could really push the pocket, and allow Flowers and Murphy alot mroe time to thrash.

    Imagine this:

    Murphy, Settle, Brown, Flowers

    Wise, Guy, Rivers, James Harrison all rotating in. Pretty solid.

    • Daniel Sullivan says:

      That would be a strong defensive line. That’s what is needed.

    • steve earle says:

      Good list of focus players you picked John and I think well over half could be available to us without trading up anywhere. On your mock again you have some great names. I prefer fixing the front 7 as opposed to Saf’s or QB’s but that’s just me and does not subtract from the quality of your mock. Your ideas are as good as mine or anyone eases, Good job!

    • Jeff Fid says:

      Agreed. Pressure was kryptonite and he couldn’t deal. Too many things for me unless he falls to 6th and hes a strict back-up, win a game or two player. With his age, 24, he’s just “Too much”.

    • Jeff Fid says:

      Agreed on all. Good point about the struggling turning into a avalanche. He just couldn’t deal with adversity, esp physical Pressure.

  4. kevin z says:

    1 Lorenzo Carter,or Malik Jefferson, or Dorance Armstrong or Derrick NNadi DT Or Rasheem Green DL
    2 MJ Stewart S, Ian Thomas TE, or Tyrell Crosby or DUke Ejiorfor DE
    2 Quin Blanding , or Brian O’Neil OT Pittsburgh, or Sony Michel
    3 Josey Jewell LB , DT Foley Fatukasi can rush plus stop run, or Marcell Frazier DE
    4 PJ Hall NT- or Ito Smith RB or Brandon Parker OT
    6 Ryan Nall RB or Iran neal S

    assuming Dion lewis is gone and keeping burkhead like to add a young RB Somewhere.
    Hope to see how Rivers along with Langi bounce back along with HT add one more young LB high in draft. Dump Roberts. HT Paid so nice to have cheaper Younger Options here.

    After more Thought DE and DT more important than Lb if some youth come back from Injury.
    Need DE to help Plus replace Flowers probably also brown DT.
    A Younger Safey either draft or Fa needs added say bye to Richards.
    Need another cheaper starting CB Gimore Paid so need Cheaper Options there.
    Like a Young Te Gronk Iffy now year to year.
    This main reason hope trade our 1st or one of our 2nd rd. better fill the holes.
    Could be wrong But No QB this year looks like Jimmy G after Brady.
    Build around Brady help that Cliff slow down more.
    OL RB TE will do that for Brady and god Forbid if he goes Down with help Hoyer plus next young QB they draft in 2019 draft. sry long just my thoughts for now on this late night AM lol

    • steve earle says:

      Hey Kevin, I’m with you but the NFL has shot us both in the foot by limiting us to only a 7 rd draft ( smiling) . But yea I see where you going and think given the uncertainty of how things will actually unfold your ( cover the possibility’s) approach works pretty well. Be fun to see what does happen though.

  5. GM-in-Training says:

    Where will the Pats see value in the Trade/Free Agency market?

    Last year, the Pats ponied up $3 million for RB Burkhead and $2 million for Gillislee. That’s more than they used to pay for RB. I think the Pats identified that with a rising cap, they could pay more absolute dollars for under-appreciated RB and get above average players at value.

    The cap goes up by another $11M in 2018. Even with restructuring, and some trades or cuts, after the Pats sign a couple OT, they won’t be able to bring in too many FA above $5M each. That seems to rule out another Gilmore type transaction. That probably gets in the way of another highly regarded TE. That could allow for some depth LB, depth DT, a replacement for Gillislee, etc.

    Anybody have any suggestions for who those FA targets should be?

    multiple million dollar deals for RB, a position they hadn’t previously shown much interest in grabbed Burkhead and Gillislee to shore up the need for an early downs back (vacated by Legaret Blount), and a 3rd down/ST back backup, because Lewis had health problems.

    • Jeff says:

      I think Tom Johnson at DT and good old Ben Watson at TE are some older vets that might be able to still contribute to a winning season. Aaron Colvin might be a mid-level free agent to target to provide some reinforcements at CB. Gilmore, Rowe, and Colvin could be a decent top 3, with Jonathan Jones being a great #4 cornerback. I think someone will be brought in through the draft to be a ST and depth option as well. Cyrus Jones will have an opportunity, but tough to rely on him to contribute at this point.

  6. Russell says:

    I put Falk & Mike White & Ferguson, in the same boat, as likely day 3 picks. I’m still leaning towards a BB day 3 QB pick. I like J.T. Barrett, & Matt Linehan.

  7. Daniel Sullivan says:

    I am sold on Luke Falk.
    Patriots Mock Draft
    1 Luke Falk QB Washington St.
    2 Uechenna Nwosu DE USC
    2 Brian O’Neil OT Pittsburgh
    3 Josey Jewell LB Iowa
    4 Jordan Whitehead S Pittsburgh
    6 Justin Crawford RB West Virginia

    Free Agents for Patriots
    Justin Ellis NT Raiders
    Tyler Eifort TE Bengals
    Bryce Callahan CB Bears

    For Red Sox Fans off season will turn from F to solid B when Red Sox Sign
    Logan Morrison 1B/DH
    Jonathan Lucroy C

    • Jeff Fid says:

      I’m a big Whitehead fan & think there’s a small chance he sneaks into a the 1st. He’s a really good player. Like both 2’s & 3.

  8. Mike Gerken says:

    Another great writeup Jeff.

    One major issue I had with Falk was that when things went bad, he struggled to move on from his mistakes. This compounded the situation and his one mistake led to a handful of mistakes, which led to terrible games.

    The arm and system is a concern and he is a long term project. He is a day 3 pick for me.

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