Scouting Report: Kyle Lauletta, QB

Does Lauletta posses the mental and physical aspects the Patriots look for in their QB’s?

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

Perhaps nobody helped themselves more from the Senior Bowl than Richmond’s Kyle Lauletta. Lauletta displayed exactly why some scouts & teams love his game. Specifically his ability to deliver crisp, accurate passes to the short & intermediate parts of the field. He did that and then some.
He threw some darts into tight coverage. Showed off his ability to manipulate a pocket & pick up yards with his legs. And even delivered a very nice deep ball.
Lauletta is a P.A. native & one might say “bred” to play  football. He comes from a very athletic, supportive family that has helped shape him into the man & player he is today. His father, who played at the Navel Academy & is a captain in the Navy steered Kyle towards the QB position real quick when first introduced to football. Safe to say it’s paid off. His father’s lessons show in Lauletta’s command on the field.
The Richmond Spider brings a lot more than intangibles to the field. He has very good mechanics, accuracy, toughness & some mobility. Kyle Lauletta is a name very Patriots fan should know. He’ll be a 23 year old rookie so that would give New England 3 or 4 years or preparation & still have a prime QB to take over if indeed Lauletta is their guy. The quick release, accuracy, Navy ties & prospect all point to a Patriot-Type Player.

Scouting Report


  • From Exton, P.A. – Played QB for Downtown East High School
  • Influenced by family(Navy ties with Father & Uncle, Brothers play/ed football), including his father who steered him towards playing QB.
  • 25 starts before tearing A.C.L. – Also has P.C.L. tear from high school

  • Solid, compact but fluid 6’2/217.
  • Very mature, smart & commands huddle. Was geared towards & trained to play QB from a early age.
  • Very good mechanics that help execute a lightning quick release. Very Good base/feet pointed at target for most part. Generates power from core (legs, hips & stomach) Very efficient.
  • Very accurate & good placement to the short & intermediate parts of the field. Throws in WR’S open. Can fit the ball into tight windows because of velocity he gets from lower half.
  • Soft feet. Light mover around the pocket. Can manipulate a pocket, reset & deliver.
  • Not a running QB but can pick up easy yards defenses might not be able to account for & scramble for a 1st down. Doesn’t need a perfect platform to deliver a good pass.
  • Knows how to absorb a hit without taking a K.O. shot. Very tough & has come back from a serious injury at a young age.
  • At times made checks to the l.o.s. & play. Went through several progressions & looked off/moved LB’s & S’s.
  • Sneaky athleticism
  • Showed he belongs with “Big Names” by recent Senior Bowl performance. Looked like he belonged & out shined a lot of players.

  • Has to study more and lock himself in the film room. Has what it takes to be a cerebral, efficient QB but has to put in more work in that area. Has to process the game faster.
  • Arm maxes out around 55-60 yards although he does have a nice fastball. Inconsistent deep ball.
  • Won’t win over some Teams & G.M.s bc of arm, doesn’t have “prototype” build.
  • At times it looks like he’s double clutching to assure firm grip on the ball getting ready to throw.
  • Could tinker with footwork to assure better base but footwork in general in pretty good.

There’s so much to like about Lauletta. The mechanics, release, soft feet, accuracy and velocity are all great traits to have. You absolutely want those qualities in your QB. His mental makeup & toughness are things you can’t teach. A Navy Captains son who was introduced to the position from his father. It’s safe to say he knows hard work and sacrifice. You can’t teach those & they separate the best from good. Lauletta has a ton to improve upon but he’s a fantastic prospect. With a lot of hard work & some good coaching, Lauletta could be a future starter in a west coast-timing offense.

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  1. John says:

    Thought some things over. The only QB I’d really consider taking early (maybe at all) would be Lamar Jackson. If he drops into the 2nd round, pull the trigger. He has traits (physical and mental) that can’t be taught.

    Plays behind Brady for a few years, then takes over. Ideally, that’s what I’d like.

    I just don’t think these other late round guys are really that great. I watched some of the Senior Bowl stuff, and wasn’t overly impressed. In additon, none of these guys were really big-game successful during their careers. Brady launched Michigan back into their bowl game, and had always won with them. He got de-throned because Henson had so much hype.

    I like QB’s to show they fought adversity and were able to win against elite comp. Jackson’s father died while he was on his Heisman crusade and nobody even knew.

    He and Darnold are really the only two QB’s that I can see as franchise-altering.

    • macspak says:


      He also is my choice. Very talented. Chance to be elite. Needs grooming to become a pro style QB and this would be the best place, due to QB and coaching, to groom him for the next 3 to 4 years.

      • steve earle says:

        About Lamar Jackson, from what I’m reading he is a dynamic player but will need a lot of coaching up to be a reliable NFL franchise QB. If Bill should draft him this year, and I have my doubts, there would be time while he learn behind Brady. One thing about these great athletic QB’s often when things get tight they revert to their athletic ability’s over their QB skills. I really think that if we see a QB drafted by Bill it most likely be Kyel Lauletta. He is much closer to the kind BB likes IMO.

    • John says:

      Here would be my mock in this scenario:

      1. Tim Settle DL
      2. Lamar Jackson QB
      2. Kyzir White SAF
      3. Tegray Scales LB

    • Jeff Fid says:

      Have something on Jackson coming. Really hope you like it. I’m all in on Lamar.

  2. Stephen J says:

    Athletic 322 lbs DT putting the moves on

  3. Stephen J says:

    Mike White

    What the Hell? Are you freaking kidding me!

    I know it’s just one play but Come on.

    • steve earle says:

      Lost control of the ball right off looks to me. If that’s a freak happening no big thing but otherwise Whoa Nelly!

      • Mike Gerken says:

        threw off his back foot and dropped his arm. The footwork issue when pressured and will need work, but this throw was an anomaly from the tape I saw.

        • steve earle says:

          Hey Mike someone’s trying to sell your, got an email offer to buy it. Thought you should know.

      • Stephen J says:

        That’s a Whoa Nelly!

        Let me tell you why. As Mike stated it’s his foot work combined with pressure. The issue is that I’ve seen that several time’s with Mike White here is another example from a thread

        Look at the 3rd clip down.

        He does this awkward thing with his feet and Matt Waldman talks about it in his video breakdown he said White admired Tom Brady’s ability to throw from odd platforms and still throw it with a good amount of placement. Though in Matt’s video he was using it as a positive thing because the play he was looking at it worked well but in the films that I’ve seen it hasn’t worked all that well for him on more than several occassions.

        You take that and then this conversation

        combined with the stats and other things I’ve picked up on when looking at film such as his ability to process quickly after the snap of the ball when things change it really lowers Mike Whites stock for me.

    • kevin z says:

      Did some digging not really liking Jaylyn Holmes he’s Athletic but not football smart change Mock a little bit

      2nd Dorance Armstrong Sideline to Sideline Lb fast High Upside
      2nd Ian Thomas TE can block and catch plus a leader type.
      2nd M. j. Stewart s-cb better as a safety reminds of Micah Hyde type
      3d, Joey Jewell LB – smart instinctive always around the ball
      4th PJ Hall DT – can rush from interior reminds of Grady Jarrett
      4th Marcell Frazier- DE- Hyper Active Rugged wont take plays off
      5th Jav’von Rolland – Jones DE Rover type Small but Advanced at rushing QB fast Rangy
      6th Ryan Nall RB- big back who cant catch

  4. Stephen J says:

    Mike who are your other non 1st round QB’s that you like.

    I really don’t love any of these QB’s as an overall package. That’s not to say I don’t love or get excited about different aspects/characteristics of their game. Overall I just wish I could mix and match these different QB’s aspects/characteristics together to form 1 QB. Now with that said I’m terrible at projecting what they can develop and become. Just like what they can’t fix or overcome outside of the obvious like having a cannon of an arm. Either you have it or you don’t. So I just take what I see and know at this point. This is what they are and I don’t like this but I do love that. Then overall it leaves me with the feeling of I don’t know who I like better. I’d like this one in this situation but this one when that happens but this is the guy you want here. UGGH

    • Mike Gerken says:

      In no particular order:
      Mike White
      Kyle Lualetta
      Logan Woodside (think he is undervalued and not talked about at all)
      Chase Litton
      Matt Linehan
      Mason Rudolph (spot would have to be right, will probably go higher than I would like)
      Luke Falk (not before Day 3 though)
      Jeremiah Briscoe

  5. Stephen J says:

    If the Pats look for Danny Amendola’s replacement at WR or even are dissatisfied with Phillip Dorsett

    Keke Coutee would be top on this list. He can be used in the slot outside and in the backfield. Has SPEED(4.38) and separates much better than Anthony Miller also (2+ years younger). Is a hands catcher with very Reliable Hands. Caught 93 of 108 targets(86.11%) for 1429 Yards 10 TD’s. Also Kick Return experience with an average 31.50 yards. According to PFF he finished the season with the highest passer rating when targeted among all Big 12 WRs at 139.4. #2 deep threat in this class behind Ridley. Came from Texas Tech who is coached by Kliff Kingsbury who was drafted by BB. Emmanuel Sanders/TY Hilton comparisons.

    • steve earle says:

      This kid really sounds good. Rotoworld has him going 2nd-3rd rd how do you see him? The short clip you provide highlights his speed. Draft scout has nada for info. In spite of my jeeze wouldn’t he look great in Pat’s blue I have strong reservations about taking any WR before day 3 but that’s just me.

      • Stephen J says:

        That is a difficult question to answer due to so many variables. Right now before the combine which he will most likely light it up and move up the boards, I’ve been able to mock him using our 3rd round pick but there are times where I have to use the late 2nd round pick. Now the other thing to look at is what type of WR role is he going to fill a Brandin Cooks/Phillip Dorsett type of receiver who mainly lines up on the outside but also can play slot or is he a Danny Amendola type player who mainly lines up in slot that has return skills. To me he is more the Danny Amendola type since he has mainly lined up in the slot but has lined up on the outside as well. If teams view him as that Amendola type WR it would lead him to be drafted later but if others view him as that Cooks type player than he will probably be drafted higher. To me he is not on the level of Cooks from a speed/production aspect just a notch lower but he was better than Dorsett production wise but not quite as speedy 4.33 as compared to a 4.38. He is also better than Dorsett in running routes. I think mainly due to his ability to recognize coverages better and use his speed and precision route running along with that. Both Cooks and Dorsett were drafted in the 1st round. If teams view him as that 1st round guy yes forget it he will probably be drafted late 1st to early 2nd but if they view him more like that Amendola type then my guess after all is said and done he will be a mid 2nd to early 3rd round pick. Likely a late 2nd. I’m sure if BB is targeting him based on his Value to the TEAM he will know where his area will be and maneuver to pick him up without reaching.

      • Mike Gerken says:

        Steve, who was the email from regarding buying the website?

    • macspak says:

      Maybe, but do you really think it is time to move on from Amendola? I don’t. Perfect fit, clutch performer, still at a high level.

      Dorsett, maybe but we don’t know what he has been showing behind the scenes.

      Britt I think is coming back because I think the plan when they signed him was for next year, big receiver, not this year.

      Bigger question for me. How will Edelman, who so relies upon sharp cuts, recover and produce after his ACL?

      Is Cooks going to be extended? Big cap hit if not but at what avg salary if he is?

  6. Stephen J says:

    A guy that just keeps popping up on the radar is SS Kyle Queiro of Northwestern 6’3″ 220 lbs. I have to admit I don’t know a ton about him but here is what I do know. He first popped on the radar when the Pats were scouting Austin Carr. Although Godwin Igwebuike gets a lot of the attention behind the scenes Queiro is the vocal leader on and off the field. His two most known highlight reel plays were his One handed Int when he had a club/cast on against Indiana in 2016. Then his tight roping Int along the sidelines returned for a TD against Kentucky. One play that caught my eye was a backfield tackle for loss on Saquon Barkley. PFF had him as the 3rd highest Safety in the Nation with 12 total plays on the ball(4 Int’s and 8 PBU’s) even though he was credited with 5 Int’s and 9 PBU’s which would be 14 in my book. Probably wasn’t counting the Music City Bowl game where he had 1 Int and 1 PBU. In the Music City Bowl game this year against Kansas he had a passer rating of 15.1 when targeted. His best game came against Nebraska where he had 8 targets 2 receptions for 12 yards 2 Int’s and 3 PBU’s. He was on PFF’s All-B1G First Team Defense for the 2017 year.

  7. Stephen J says:

    Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald reports

    If the Patriots want to keep Dion Lewis from testing free agency, they’ll need a 3-year offer worth between $15-18 million, including $10 million guaranteed. Feeling is Lewis could be gone.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      I agree, if that is the number he is looking for or gets offered elsewhere, I think he is gone.

      • steve earle says:

        Mike have you looked at Ito Smith So. Miss? Reminds me very much of Lewis in size and playing style.

        • Mike Gerken says:

          I have. My comp (which I am terrible at) was Darren Sproles, which I think Lewis is very much like as well. Was surprised he did not get a combine invite.

      • kevin z says:

        I love me some Darren Sproles if that is Oto Smith I want him for sure

  8. Stephen J says:

    Duke Ejiofor/DE-OLB/Wake Forest had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder. Won’t be working out at the combine

    • steve earle says:

      Any prognosis as to recovery time Stephen? Ejiorfor is one of the DE’s high on my board. Did he play at the SR. bowl with the injury, do you know?

      • Stephen J says:

        He declined his Senior Bowl invite due to the injury. He won’t be ready until training camp in the summer.

        • steve earle says:

          That’s right too he didn’t go to the Sr. Bowl. Even so I wouldn’t think that would effect his draft status much, if at all, even if he’s not working out at the combine. How do you feel about that?

        • Stephen J says:

          Oh it’s definitely going to affect his draft status. Now how much is another story. BB doesn’t like it when players who don’t graduate until late have to sit out because they run behind or are starting behind the 8 ball as you will for that 1st year. He isn’t even going to be ready or cleared by a doctor to begin training/practice until the summer as of right now. So that means he is going to miss Rookie camp OTA’s and mandatory minicamp. While he maybe there to receive the playbook and learn the plays the real learning takes place by implementing those plays on the field of practice during which time he will most likely be rehabbing.

        • steve earle says:

          If your right about Ejiorfor I’m guessing that puts him in the lower 2nd early 3rd, sound right? Unless someone loves the guy? If so that could shuffle some mocks, mine included. I’ll have to take a look at what that would do but my other question to you, do you think you would take him earlier based on potential in spite of what you think Bill would do?

        • Stephen J says:

          Steve there still is a lot of unknowns. What I gave above is a best case scenario. I did some research and this is what I came across. Recovery time for a traditional rotator cuff repair is about six to 12 months. He had a new surgery performed that is suppose to bring that recovery time to 5 months to 8 months if all goes well. So the best case scenario for him appears to be him coming into training camp in the summer (5 1/2 months after surgery) on NFI. Then who knows how long it would take until he could meet the requirements to be taken off NFI.
          There seems to be 2 possibilities that could happen using 2 players from last years draft.
          1 CB Sidney Jones who was expected to be a 1st round pick but was injured during his pro day event. Philadelphia loved him enough to select him in the 2nd round but was out for most of the year.
          2 TE Jake Butt last year was suppose to be a 2nd round pick but because of his injury he was picked in the 5th round and ended the year on IR

          So I suppose if someone loves him enough he could go in the 3rd if he is able to come off NFI and contribute next year but that won’t be fully known until after the draft. Then if he’s going to be out for the 1st year it’s more likely going to be later than sooner.
          In any case what ever team selects him they will likely be taking a chance/risk. How big of a chance or risk will be determined by the medicals.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Hate to see a guy be hurt, but in the long run, this could be a good thing for the Patriots. I think his game fits well with what the Patriots like to do and with some injury concerns and his inability to work out could push him down the board, making him a possibility for the Patriots.

      • steve earle says:

        I was just asking Stephen J about that Mike. My thinking is it will not effect where he is drafted but you say it might. On your thought where do you see his range being?

        • Mike Gerken says:

          Pre injury, I had Ejifor somewhere in the 30-50 range. He plays a position that every team is always looking for. If the prognosis is he will be ready for training camp, I don’t really see a drop in value. If he is going to miss camp, that could drop him down into the 50-75 range. I don’t see a drastic drop in value.

  9. John says:

    Here’s the thing:

    Brady played at Michigan and fought through adversity on the regular. Lauletta played at Richmond, and his Senior Bowl practices were pretty good. Not as good as indicated here. Played well in game.

    QB is important 3 of the 4 remaining teams in the championship rounds did not have elite QB’s. So, is it really a QB driven league? (Philly won it without Wentz).

    DLine, EDGE, LB, SAF, are all areas of need. Energy, talent, firing off the ball, flying to the ball, true restraint to set edge, etc. Need all that.

    Wouldn’t mind to see OL addressed, too. Such a deep draft class OL-wise, wouldn’t mind to see a tackle, interior OL, taken.

    Just don’t see QB as a need, not right now.

    1. Rasheem Green DL
    2. Kyzir White SAF
    2. Darius Leonard LB
    3. Dalton Shultz TE

    • Jeff Fid says:

      I’ve said for a long time Im going down w/ the Brady ship so I’m all for a draft centered around guys that could help right now like OL/DL, TE, CB, CB

  10. kevin z says:

    My last Mock until after Combine . have the Gronk situation in mind for this one as well as needs. The round each player is from ranking on NFL site take that for what that’s worth. So read each report on there and chose which player fit best for the Patriots in each rd.

    2nd Jaylyn Holmes OLB Athletic Hard worker wasn’t let loose to rush QB
    2nd Ian Thomas TE can block and catch plus a leader type.
    2nd M. j. Stewart s-cb better as a safety reminds of Micah Hyde type
    3d, Joey Jewell LB – smart instinctive always around the ball
    4th PJ Hall DT – can rush from interior reminds of Grady Jarrett
    4th Ryan Izzo TE -Great Blocker can catch short passes in Zone coverage
    5th Siran Neal a Chung type take chance on this late
    6th Ryan Nall RB

    • steve earle says:

      Noticed a couple things. 1) looks like you expect a trade down of our 1st as I do. Yours looks like a 2nd, 4th and a 5th is this correct? That would be good I think. 2nd) you take 2TE so are you writing off both Gronk and Bennett? I hope that doesn’t happen and at least one stays. Having 2 rookie TE’s isn’t the best situation. I do like your picks overall though, very nice.

      • kevin z says:

        Thanks Steve Yea that’s the trade I made. I accidently added a 5th lol wishful thinking.
        Yea my thinking is Bennett retires. Gronk is iffy in a sense he could come back for another year then retire or retire now. Thinking double dip there like did with Gronk and AAron Hern since it is a good TE draft.

  11. macspak says:

    The moderator seems to have had a problem with this post so I am going to try again with a few minor edits:

    I think this was a very flawed team. Some excellent coaching and smoke and mirrors helped hide those flaws but not eliminate them. Edelman’s injury set the tone for the season. Lack of star quality, especially on D, combined with injuries to ruin true depth forcing PS, FA and cast offs to fill key rolls. A number of games were won where calls, particularly replays, went in our favor that probably should not have. These flaws, along with no pass rush and the inexplicable benching of Butler spelled doom. Ironically it took almost a perfect game by the Eagles to win over what was anything but a Patriots perfect game.

    Lack of quality, age, lack of depth, lack of pass rush, the volume of FA’s, the Butler benching and possible ramifications are going to make this season, as noted by most below, a very challenging off season. I also must say that for the first time I am questioning my belief in Bill we trust. All because of the Butler benching done out of spite, arrogance or ignorance. It was a bad move no matter how analyzed and it backfired. Even if you believe the sole motive was BB was doing what was best for the team how did 41 points and no key 3rd or 4th down stops make that talent and judgment call look? Whether for discipline or some other reason, bad decision and an unnecessary one in the biggest game of the year. WTF was he thinking and doing?

    The QB throws for 505 yards, 3 TD’s and no interceptions and you lose? Really? Effen ridiculous. (BTW – where the f’k was the vaunted Eagles defense?)

    The FA’s we need back are Lewis and 2 of 3 of the OT’s and I don’t care which 2. Others might be nice to have back but a good portion of this team needs to be torn down and rebuilt particularly defense. Other than Edelman, getting old, and Hightower, getting older and injury prone, I’m not sure who else really can be of major help next year.

    • GM-in-Training says:

      I share most of your concerns.

      On the Butler benching, if we was sick and that caused him to struggle in practice, and he’s usually had problems with tall WR, of which the Eagles have 3, I could kind of see it. Still, the guy’s big-game performance has usually been first string. Dunno.

    • steve earle says:

      Yes and yes! Excellent analysis of team composition I believe. Amazing job by coaching staff, but on Butler I’m another dunno. Wondering if Hightower is worth it all? Has he any trade value, what’s his cap hit, probably to much, so many questions? Wouldn’t be shocked if Gronk retires getting beat to heck and little help from def? Those calls that saved us this year, won’t happen again, expect rule changes.

    • Russell says:

      Good break down. Reviewing the tape, coverage was MOSTLY very good, Foles passes were well placed. That “wheel route” that burned Richards, was very poorly played by Richards. Philly’s O-line was very strong, along with Foles quick release, a better pass rush would have helped, but not that much. Surprised DT Branch did not play even if not 100%.
      The Patriots played mostly with 4 S on the field, making Chung a poor match against WR’s, and Richards looked lost. McCourty fell and had no inside help on slat inside pass to TE split out wide for TD. Patriots looked surprised by many play calls by Phillly, As game play was to stop the run. Patriots missed CB J.Jones speed .
      Patriots need more depth on D-line, more speed on the back end, S, SS, CB.

  12. Stephen J says:

    1 The first thing that stands out about the senior is his fearlessness in the pocket. He OWNS the pocket. No matter how many bodies are around him, his eyes never drop. He’ll subtly sidestep the rush or calmly climbs the pocket to buy himself time or find space to make throws.

    2 He possesses an unspectacular arm, but it’s good enough to play at the next level. He can drive the ball downfield, especially on in-breaking and seam routes.

    3 He does struggle to make throws outside the numbers, but that has more to do with accuracy than an inability to get the ball out there.

    4 From a mechanical standpoint, he is among the best in this draft class. his eyes and feet are totally in sync as he goes from one progression to the next.

    5 When he is asked to work the short passing game, he is at his best, because of his ability process information and get through his reads efficiently.

    6 He navigates the pocket well and does a good job of eluding rushers to avoid sacks.

    7 He also doesn’t lose any arm strength when moving on the run.

    8 He routinely led his team on clutch game-winning drives

    9 You’ve got to pressure him and be creative doing it, because he’s so smart and recognizes what the defense is doing

    10 He isn’t big, he isn’t strong and he doesn’t have a cannon for an arm.

    Tom Brady’s Scouting Report

    • Jeff Fid says:

      Yea I agree with a lot of this. Arm will never win the day but he has so much else working for him. Mechanics & accuracy in the inter/short game is on point. Only 23. Lot to work with.

      • Stephen J says:

        Jeff this is Tom Brady’s scouting report he is not 23. Just posted it to show how similar it was to Kyle Lauletta.

        The big thing that caught my attention though was point 8 He routinely led his team on clutch game-winning drives.

        That is one thing that I haven’t seen in Lauletta sure he has had come backs but it is not something he does routinely.
        Some of the other things with Lauletta is he sure has a lot of tipped passes. His TD/Int ratio is low as is his Attempt to Int ratio. Meaning he prone to Int’s. His feeling the pressure in the pocket could use work it seems like he doesn’t feel the pressure coming and gets sacked where if he felt the pressure he could of just moved to avoid it and complete the pass. He also has this tendency to cough up the football and recover it like he did in the Senior Bowl.

        Here is a game that illustrates a few of those points. Tipped passes. Failed come back(real bad time management on last drive)Coughing the ball up here its ruled an incomplete forward pass but it was more like a pump fake which he lost the grip of.

        While I do like him I certainly do not love him.

        • Mike Gerken says:

          Lauletta graded out for me just a little below Jimmy G did the year he came out. Classes are never the same, but Jimmy ended up as my 62nd ranked player in his class. If I had to guess, Lauletta will end up somewhere in the mid to late 70’s for me. Now, QB is a position that you almost have to be willing to take a round early.
          I do not want to use a first on Lauletta or any QB for that matter, and I don’t love the idea of using the 49rs pick on one either, but trading down with that pick or waiting for that end of round 2 pick would be my ideal spot if Lauletta is the guy.
          Now, lets remember that Lauletta is not the only non-first round QB in this class I like, so the sky will not fall if he ends up somewhere else.

        • Jeff Fid says:

          Agreed w/ pretty much everything you said. His head isn’t caught up to his body either. Meaning he absolutely has to sit for a minute. I could see a Jimmy-like trajectory if he gets lucky.

  13. steve earle says:

    If Bill does take Lauletta early I won’t throw my TV out as long as he address LB,DE and DT early as well. (Meaning 2nd, 3rd rds.)

    • kevin z says:

      I agree Steve if don’t address the other Positions taking QB early a mistake.
      I was not sure which DT DE LB will be available in mid 2nd or 3rd with me trading niners pick for something different. did not think Green or brown will be there then?

      • steve earle says:

        Well who does know? All we can do is take informed guesses. We have to rely on Belichick and his staff to draft the best value players he can. I’m still locked into the fact that it’s our front 7 that must be upgraded. Without a dominate pass rush against teams like Phili it becomes a scoring more then them game. Brady is capable of winning a high percentage of those but why not give him a hand (and the ball more often) with a def that puts consistent pressure on their QB and set an edge/collapse the pocket? Good grief our def backs can’t cover WR’s forever back there, cut down the time the QB has to throw and DB’s have to cover and int’s and 3 and outs become more frequent, that’s been proven.

        • macspak says:

          I think I really will lose my BB trust if he drafts another friggin mediocre S in the 2nd round.

        • kevin z says:

          lol I agree Steve hard to guess where any player goes. The front 7 for sure needs work.
          If take a QB high and ignore the weaknesses I will toss my pc tv out window.
          if address the needs along with getting a QB I am on board.
          Would love to build a d where Brady takes less of a load to help extend his career farther.
          if draft comes and LB De DT flying off the board then heck No not taking QB at 31

        • Stephen J says:

          The back seven wasn’t asked to cover WR’s forever. They couldn’t even do it on average for less than 3 seconds.

          Foles has thrown his average pass in 2.42 seconds—less time than any other player in the playoffs. A full 60 percent of his passes have come in 2.5 seconds or less—better than Tom Brady by 1.1 percent. And on those throws of 2.5 seconds or less, he completes 87.2 percent of his passes—again, the best mark of any playoff quarterback.

        • steve earle says:

          @ Mac: Please don’t even think mediocre Saf in the 2nd you’ll give me nightmares. This will be a tough draft as we only have 6 choices at this point. Bill will need to trade down to get more so that means every pick has to be a good one. Given rds 5,6,&7 are never sure things the 2nd and 3rds need to be. I’m already worrying.

    • jim says:

      mike I am in the process of doing a mock draft of my own with a little bit of cooperation from a few teams that do not totally hate the PATRIOTS it is possible for the pats to have six pks between 60 and 96 Draft tek value chart cle, san fran and car being the other three teams.

      new eng 1st to cle for 64 65

      new eng 1st 2nd back to sf for 70 75 124
      new eng 65th pk carolina 85 88 kony ealy choke deal

      that gives new england 63 64 70 75 85 88 96 124 and what other picks they have 4 5 6 7 comp pk they have

      96 124 and what other picks they have as push points to move up if neccessary.
      pick 63

      phillips dt

      shepard dt same body type 60 point differance

      pick 64
      hubbard edge
      lewis same body type 100 points differance

      pick 70
      cb stewart

      mc fadden


      pick 88
      pick 96

      pick 124 matt elam 360lb dt combine report???

      please let me know what info you can find thanks jim r

    • macspak says:

      must admit I was thinking picking a QB early but more one of the top name college QB’s and not Lauletta BUT he did look good in that post season Bowl game.

  14. kevin z says:

    1st QB Kyle Lauletta, Richmond – Get the Young QB for Josh Mcd with 4 year contract trade niners pick.

    2nd Rasheem Green or Andrew brown but seen Mocked in 1st rd or S White here
    2nd Marquis Haynes LB Versatile LB like Steve E said.
    3d, Oren Burks Will LB
    4th Poona Ford DT just in case cant get Andrew brown DT
    4th Brandon Parker OT
    6th Ryan Nall RB

    Changed my Mock for simple reason that Josh staying along with seeing Andrew Brown’s stock rising. Problem I see is does Green drop that far into 2nd rd? well guess this a wasted Mock lol

  15. kevin z says:

    Lauletta just seems like a Pats QB if they feel like wont last long pick him with niners pick.
    Hate to trade our 1st but helps get more picks to sure up more important needs.

  16. Mike Gerken says:

    I am a big fan of Lauletta’s and think he will be one of the Patriots top ranked players at the QB position. I would prefer to use the late 2nd round pick on him, but after his performance at the Senior Bowl, that might be tough.

    Most of my notes mirror Jeff’s thoughts, but here are some things I would like to emphasize.
    While I don’t think as much of his arm strength as Jeff, I think it is more than adequate and I think his frame can handle some additional mass, which should help with velocity. What I really like about his game is that he throws with anticipation and threw players open rather than waiting for his receivers to be open before throwing. This is something that you do not see from many college QB’s. He will need some time with to develop reading a defense and making calls, but his skillset is what the Patriots look for in a QB.

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