Scouting Report: Tyrell Crosby, OT/OG

Crosby has Tackle size, but is he better suited to move inside?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

I cannot tell you how nice it is to have some normalcy in my life again (knock on wood). I finally feel, after months of unexpected delays, that I can really get back to what I love doing and grinding tape for the upcoming draft. We are just a few days away from the Super Bowl, but as Belichick always says, “no days off”, so I bring you another scouting report of a player I am intrigued by and may see differently than the rest of the draft community.

Name: Tyrell Crosby (#73)

School: Oregon (Sr.)

Height: 6047 (Senior Bowl)

Weight: 319 Lbs (Senior Bowl)

Arm Length: 34 3/8″ (Senior Bowl)

Hand Size: 10 7/8″ (Senior Bowl)



Crosby has good size for the position with good weight distribution. He has long arms and huge hands, which is vital to the Tackle position. He has a strong lower half and a large trunk. Crosby is light on his feet, showing the ability to pull and get to the second level consistently. He bends well at the knees and keeps his head up. Crosby shows the balance and movement skills to pull on run plays as well as get into the second level on screens . He has a wide frame and long arms, making it difficult for pass rushers to get around him on a consistent basis. He plays the game the way I want my offensive lineman to play it, with a mean streak. He continues to block through the echo of the whistle and is always looking for someone to hit. Off the field, he is known as a high character guy and has spent time while injured working with sick kids.


While Crosby possess long arms, his use of them is inconsistent, and that is putting it lightly. Most, if not all of Crosby’s issues are in pass protection. One factor could be that he played in an offense where the play design called for the ball to get out quickly, so his pass protection technique never really got him in trouble. He is almost always late with his punch when dealing with pass rushers. His hands are consistently down by his hips until the defender is right on top of him. He has a wide upper body frame, but he has very small, narrow steps when moving backwards. This leads to leverage and balance issues. Crosby has also dealt with a major foot injury that forced him to miss most of the past season, but he was able to play in the Senior Bowl, so that may not be a huge issue.


I have seen a lot of talk about the possibility of Crosby moving into Guard. I get it, his game right now is suited more towards being an effective run blocker. He is so powerful and his footwork and mechanics are so much better when he is moving forward, that a move to Guard seems like the logical thing to do, and that might be his ultimate destination. I however, think with some good coaching, he could be a very good Tackle and I would hate to see him not get a shot at it. With his length and his movement skills, he has the makings of a Tackle in the NFL. I think because of his technique, he is being miscast as someone who doesn’t have the athleticism to play on the outside, but when I see him pull or get out in the second level, he shows off his athleticism and his balance. His deficiencies are correctable, and with a little time and some good coaching, I think he could make an excellent right or left Tackle. He is a top 100 player to me for sure.


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  1. John says:

    Here are my thoughts:

    1. LB corp needs an infusion of talent. Needs to be addressed early in the draft. I don’t want to hear Hightower is coming back, etc. Ok. He’s coming back. But for how long until he gets hurt again? Needs to reliable talent there continually.

    2. Corner depth is another problem. Nobody could switch anywhere, except for Gilmore. The special teams, depth corners got roasted. But slow, tall Philly wideouts.

    3. DL/Edge could also use an infusion of talent. Interior/exterior. Need more heat.

    4. Tight End? Draft? Sign? I don’t know.

    5. Depth everywhere? Lack of talent on the depth chart showed. Certain areas were continually exposed because depth players stepped in and got outplayed.

    6. Wait on Brady’s replacement. You need talent everywhere, right now. 3 out of 4 teams had average/below-average QB’s. Not as much as a QB league as everyone thinks. Need talent across the board.


    1. Ronnie Harrison SAF/LB
    2. Rasheem Green DE/DT
    2. Ian Thomas TE
    3. Darius Phillips CB

    • steve earle says:

      Well John, I think you are on the right track. It’s what I’ve been thinking too. Lots of talk here has been about QB’s, TE’s, heck everything except DE,OLB,DT, the positions we saw that couldn’t get Philly off the field. We only have 6 picks and I think they should be used to address real needs not future concerns. Just me, but that seems reasonable. With our first three/four picks I’d like to include a DE, OLB, and a DT in no special order.

    • jimr says:

      I also hope we have seen the last of Elandon Roberst

    • kevin z says:

      1 Rasheem Greene
      2 Rashaan Evans or Oren Burks
      2 OT
      3 Andrew Brown

      Short Mock draft. all draft now for me after tough SB loss. Build the front 7 with some OL.
      Need more team speed on D. Rodney Harrison mentioned it before the SB game

      • carlo strada says:

        man, with all due respect, i still dont see how comparing Burks to Rahaan Evans, is even possible, i still dont… not saying he´s a bad player, but Burks in the second is a reach… on the other hand, i love Andrew Brown pick, though he could possibly move up the charts if having a good combine (must say he´s a guy i d like to pair up with Malcom Brown, as Andrew not only is used to play 2 gap, but also is a disruptive long armed DT)

        Personally my guys are, Taven Bryan (a little bit of pipe dream, i know), 1.option: Sam Hubbard, 2nd option: Okoronkwo, 3rd option: Rashaan Evans or 4th option: Dorance Armstrong with our first pick…

        Hubbard /Armstrong/Okoronkwo id like via draft to pair with HT and i m hoping Bill to somehow land on a cover LB, such as Shaq Thompson, via trade, so our LB core in a 3-3 front, would be hellish, with Hubbard/Armstrong/Okoronkwo, either sharing time with Rivers on the hybrid position, and HT/VN will share time on the middle and thus leaving Shaq Thompson free in order to cover and clean the mess all over the place…

        Have in mind also, that if Shaq Thompson is also a fantasy, guys like Jerome Baker and Fred Warner or even Burks could play the Will for us

        • carlo strada says:

          ……………. LDE Valentine/Guy…….NT Malcom Brown/Brown… ..1 gap RDE Flowers/Wise

          Hybrid:Hubbard or Armstrong+Rivers+Harrison

          ……………….MIKE HT/VanNoy………….WILL Shaq Thompson or (either Baker, O daniel, Warner)

        • kevin z says:

          Thanks Carlo for the honesty. I probably should of Flipped Brown with Burks. I know Evans and Burks Different type Players. I tried fitting in a OT that’s where went wrong lol.
          I know a pipedream but was hoping Brown would slip like Trey Flowers did.

  2. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Eric Rowe played well the Patriots Defensive Line got dominated the whole game by the
    Eagles offensive Line. BB and Butler situation for not playing BB has been tough but
    accurate in past.

    Free Agents for Patriots
    Star Lotulelei NT
    Trent Murphy DE
    Bradley McDougald S
    Jerick McKinnon RB

    Sign as many Patriot players as possible including Butler.

    Mock Draft
    1 Ronnie Harrison S Alabama
    2 Christian Kirk WR Texas A&M
    2 Tavery Bryan DL Florida
    3 Anthony Averett CB Alabama
    4 Riley Ferguson QB Memphis
    6 Brett Toth OT Army

    Time is right for a J.D.Martinez signing by Sox and Celtics look strong for playoffs.

    Great Game Brady and Thank You Patriots for all your hard work a great season.

    • steve earle says:

      Dan, you just said how the D-line was dominated all game then mock only one D-linemen???????

      • Daniel Sullivan says:


        I prefer veteran defensive lineman over rookies feel as though Pats can find diamonds in
        the ruff. The game was great for me one of my sons missed last games to do
        being in Hospital and yesterday we all went to eat then were on edge of our chairs rooting
        Patriots on best day I had in along time. The Patriots will be back.

        • steve earle says:

          Glad you had a good day Dan and Pat’s will be back. One thing is we are on the same page, fix that front 7 whatever however.

    • steve earle says:

      And oh yea, I’d be okay with Murphy if he’s fully recovered from knee injury but Lotulelei would be much more expensive. I’m guessing 10 mil +.

  3. GM-in-Training says:

    Pessimist’s guide to the offseason.

    1. Gronk says concussions, back pain, arm pain and leg pain are not fun. Retires on doctor’s advice.
    2. Butler finds a team that will appreciate him.
    3. Alan Branch, Marty Bennett, and David Harris retire.
    4. Gillislee is not renewed.
    5. Dwayne Allen is considered too expensive just to be a blocking TE.

    All of the above saves about $25M from the cap, bringing it up to ~$39M.

    That’s helpful because the Pats need to sign a LT, #1 TE, Heavy RB, #1b DE, backup RT, and some more talent at DT.

    They’re looking at drafting 31st, 44th (from SF) 63rd, 97th,…. or thereabouts and some later picks.

    The biggest thing going for the Pats is that their NFI/IR has a lot of talent coming back. There are probably 5 starters (Edelman, Hightower, Cannon, McClellin, J. Jones), 4 depth players (Ebner, Valentine, M. Mitchell, C. Jones), and 3 potential future starters (A. Garcia, Rivers, Langi) on that list.

    It seems too early to characterize anybody as trade bait, but the Pats could stand to get younger and cheaper at WR (Britt or Dorsett?), Safety (Chung?), LB (Hightower if they really think he can’t make it through a season), or dunno who.

    There may be a gem or two on the PS (McCarron, D. Jones?), ready to step up next year…hard to say.

    So, in sum, it’s not looking awesome for reloading to maximize the TB12 window. It’s actually very impressive that the Pats stayed elite all year long with how many players went down. It really showed on defense.

    • EdgeX says:

      My 2 cents on the whole Gronk thing….

      It’s kinda like what happened to Daniel Craig when asked if he was coming back for Bond film #25 RIGHT after filming got done on “Spectre”. Keep in mind the grueling and demanding physical requirements for filming a Bond movie. No surprise then that his response was a long the lines that he’d “rather cut his wrists than play Bond again”…and yet…he’s coming back for #25.

      Same thing with Gronk. Keep in mind what he just went through this year, past injuries etc. AND losing the Superbowl. What’s his state of mind? Probably not in a good place. And really bad timing for that question.

      What I know is Gronk is super competitive AND loves football.

      With Brady coming back next year – have a hard time seeing him end his career on a low note. Let’s see how he feels in a couple of months huh?

    • steve earle says:

      Agree with Edge on Gronk. Have to wait and see. After Butler not playing yesterday, very upset, agree he will move on. Allen far to expensive for just a blocker that could be replaced by a back up OT. Take a cut or be cut. Bennett is a wild card in my mind. If we can get him to sign for anything near reasonable he would be great to have aboard, but????? Thing is we really need to re-up Lewis, Cooks and Burkhead. Be good to have Solder back for 2 more. I’m less concerned with our Def backfield but Bill really needs to rebuild our D-line and LB’ers. Hightower, Harrison and Van Noy only three keepers seems to me.

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Correction, Hightower is not vested…big cap hit if he is cut or traded in 2018. That knocks the Cap available with the above moves to ~$32M

  4. EdgeX says:

    Over reaction Monday or just a good idea?:

    Wow that defense is going to need an overhaul this off season.

    And with both Alan Branch and Malcolm Butler not playing in the Superbowl (Malcolm 1 snap) they look to me – as of right now – on their way out the doors.

    Elandon Roberts and Jordan Richards should not be on this team. Oye! Ok so now that I got that off my chest on to a mini mock draft!

    1st round pick – traded to someone for a early 2nd, 3rd, and maybe a 4th:

    2nd – DE Arden Key
    2nd – DE Chad Thomas
    2nd – LB Rashaan Evans
    3rd – LB Leighton Vander Esch
    3rd – DT Tim Settle

    • steve earle says:

      What I’ve been saying and taking grief for most of the season. Couldn’t get the birds offense off the field. Zip for pass rush from front down linemen. (Next guy tells me how we have great young DT’s I’m going to throw up.) Foles had all day,Tebow could have run that offense. Give credit where credit is due Eagles played great.

      • EdgeX says:

        I’m high on both Vita Vea and Da’Ron Payne. If either is available with Pat’s first pick I could see them pounce. But with so few picks this year and a lot of needs…good chance Pat’s could move back too.

        • steve earle says:

          Oh yea no doubt, but not very Likely I’m afraid. Vea was on my early mocks but that was before his stock went up into first half of the 1st.

      • Claude Edouard says:

        I had been talking about the pass rush, or lack of a pass rush, since the pre-season. Patriots don’t have that dominant pass rusher who can take over a game or that another team has to game plan to stop on a consistent basis. That then puts more pressure on the secondary to hold up in coverage and not allow an offense to convert, especially on 3rd downs. All those things came to light yesterday at the worst time. Rodney Harrison actually brought up a valid point during the post-game when he said that Patriots need more athletes on defense. So now the question is will Patriots do what is needed to bring in some legitimate pass rushers and difference making defensive linemen and linebackers? No way do I see Butler coming back so finding a legitimate number two CB will be a priority too. This will be a very interesting off-season to say the least.

        • steve earle says:

          We are on the same page, no doubt about that in my mind. I’m less concerned about our def backfield, Rowe played well and J.Jones is improving steadily. It’s the front 7 as you noted and anyone who watched yesterday should stop talking about QB’s, WR’s, Saf’s and their “binkies”. Time to get serious and rebuild our front 7.

  5. Russell says:

    Sorry to see the Patriots lose, but the defense was sad. Pass coverage for the most part was good, Foles passes were just well placed. Richards looked lost, and got burned on the wheel route. Not much pass rush, Flowers was unseen, Harrison made some plays. Flowers matching up with OT Johnson wwas a bad idea, he & Harrison should have been on the D-right .
    O-line played good , but for one play. Chung was a poor match against WR Auglar, Butler would have been better.. The D did not play well, why not get Butler in late?? Strange.
    Some Offense play calls were bad. Injury to Cooks did not help.
    Patriots need more S -SS types with better speed.

    • EdgeX says:

      I actually think it was their Linebacking depth and Defensive end depth that hurt them most. It’s been a problem all year.

      They never should have let Chris Long go. And losing Rob Ninkovich really hurt too.

      Same with the LB position losing Hightower, McClellin, and Harvey Langi depleted the depth at that position.

      And it was so bad last night that they were using Jordan Richards in a linebacking role – which should never happen.

      • steve earle says:

        I’m with you here Edge. We have a couple of really good Saf’s why Russell want’s different? Fix the Darn Def front 7 and get a pass rush.

  6. EdgeX says:

    Well bad news for anyone hoping Tony Garcia can step in and be the LT of the future if Solder leaves. Reported from Dante Scarnecchia that Garcia has lost over 40 pounds this year due to illness. Hot damn! Source below:

  7. Stephen J says:

    For those looking for a late round QB

    Here is one that meets the criteria mentioned in the article Applying Bill Parcells’ Rules for Drafting a QB.

    QB JT Barrett Ohio State 6’1″ 220 lbs 10″Hand Size

    3 year starter: Yes
    Senior: Yes
    Graduate: Yes
    Start 30 games: Yes 44
    Win 23 games: Yes 38 That’s a win % of 86.36
    TD to Int ratio of at least 2 to 1: Yes 3.47 104 TD’s to 30 Int’s
    Completion % of at least 60: Yes 64.02%

    JT met all 7 criteria.

    Here is an interesting article from last year on JT and a comparison I found interesting

    Just in case you were wondering what JT’s final stats were compared to Drew’s

    ………………………………….JT Barrett…………….Drew
    Games Played(not started)…50……………………..45
    Completion %…………………64.02…………………61.1
    Passing Yards………………….9434………………….11792
    Yards Per Attempt…………….7.86…………………..7.0
    Passing TD’s……………………104……………………90
    Passer Rating………………….151.1…………………132.5

    In an article written by Ben Solak when OSU beat Penn St he wrote this
    JT Barrett played the best game of his career against Penn State, when his team needed it the most.
    Once Urban Meyer opened the vertical passing game for Barrett, he awoke. He showed nice decisiveness attacking open receivers, nice touch working between the levels of the defense, and even hit a few tight window throws under pressure.

    DraftBlaster said this His leadership skills and experience are off the charts.
    What stood out about that to me is his leadership skills. I also heard that during the Shrine Game
    This By Chase Goodbread: JT flashed the leadership and intangible qualities, he was a vocal leader amid the chaos and uncertainty the first day of Shrine Practice. He sought out receivers for high-fives after good catches, barked out calls and even changed a couple plays at the line of scrimmage. Leadership, however, is one thing he didn’t have to remember to pack.

    Now why did that stand out to me because it reminded me of Brady when he was being drafted. In that when Brady said to Robert Kraft you won’t be sorry when you draft me due to his heart leadership skills and hard work.

    Impressive so why is JT Barrett considered a late round undrafted player then. I think Trevor Sikkema said it best. Barrett may have the stats and the wins, but the consistency in how he throws the football is still too spotty for him to be a top quarterback prospect in this draft class.

    While Solak praised him earlier he has also said Barrett’s pocket presence remains questionable. He’s always been inconsistent and has thrown his fair share of inaccurate passes. He also tends to make a boneheaded error or two in every game. That continued during the Shrine game where Barrett tried to throw a screen pass, but he was hit and the ball went backwards. Then Wisconsin’s Natrell Jamerson scooped up the fumble and returned it 68 yards.

    Finally this from Barrett’s ability to maneuver out of the pocket with quality short-yardage accuracy make him a competent backup prospect. The common theme from just about everyone is that his ceiling is as a compentent backup. Which brought me full circle to where I initially had JT Barrett as. To me I am looking for someone who can be more than that I’m looking for Brady’s successor in this class.

    What do you think?

    A:JT Barrett is being slept on and will be like Brady a late round pick who surprises
    B:JT Barrett is going undrafted like Brian Hoyer and will be a career backup having some starts
    C:JT Barrett is not an NFL QB period.

    • EdgeX says:

      I don’t think you’re going to find Brady’s successor in this draft. And I don’t see JT Barrett as it.

      I’m not even sure the Pat’s will draft another backup QB this draft with so few picks and a lot of other pressing needs.

      • Stephen J says:

        In an article written Feb 1 this year on Tom Brady by Business Insider

        While the Patriots were high on Brady, former Patriots general manager Scott Pioli explained that the team was a mess and they had a lot of needs more important than adding another quarterback.

        They had 3 QB’s one being Bledsoe who was 28 at the time and had a roster of 42 players but were $10.5 million over the salary cap. They got down to 39 players to get under the cap then needed to add 14 players to get to the 53 man roster.

        Sounds like there was way more pressing needs then, then there is now. Oh FYI they drafted 10 players that year including Tom Brady.

      • steve earle says:

        Agree Edge. One or two might be decent as starters, the rest look like back ups. not any close to Brady.

    • Russell says:

      Well done break down ! I consider Barrett 4.57 40 yd. similar to Edelman 4.52 40 yd. as an athlete/work ethic/leadership. so “B” I guess

  8. Stephen J says:


    In regards to your Lamar Jackson questions. Is he just an elite college QB or does he have the makings of a well rounded athletic passing pro QB? That will depend on who selects him if he is thrust in a starting role to early/right away then no but if given the time to develop he has that potential yes. There has been a lot of attention on Josh Allen and his rocket arm. While Jackson is not on that same level he is pretty impressive himself. Like Allen Jackson gets ripped for his Accuracy. When you break it down though Jackson is more accurate than Allen. Where Jackson struggles is the deep throw outside the hash marks but is accurate deep within the hash marks(middle of the field). The other times Jackson struggles with his accuracy is when he is pressured although he has improved on that this past year. To me Jackson is the better QB because while Allen will make more amazing throws that will amaze you he will also make way more horrendous throws that you shake your head at. Another area that Jackson has Allen in is placement and touch. When people talk about Allen’s lack of Comp% they say well look at how many drops his WR’s had. Well was it because of the WR or was it because Allen throws it so hard even when close it causes them to drop it. In Jackson’s case he has that touch and it’s been more of the WR’s.

    Now as far as where he goes I will not be surprised if it’s higher than many people believe in round 1. Remember those reports about he should be a WR and people saying he is inaccurate well to me someone likes him and wants him to fall to them so they put out those reports and then it got over exaggerated but that’s my opinion.

    As far as the Pats go with Jackson I posted previously the Bill Parcells rules for drafting a QB
    It’s a guideline to what the Pats look for in their QB’s. Jackson is listed in there. Now when you look at the Pat’s QB draft history to me the two QB’s that were most similar to Jackson was Jacoby Brissett and Ryan Mallett for different reasons. Mallet mainly because of his rocket arm and Brissett because of his running ability with his arm. Now just from a stat perspective from that article when you compare them Mallett and Brissett are slightly better. While that isn’t everything it gives you a reference point.

    …………………..Lamar Jackson…Ryan Mallett….Jacoby Brissett
    TD to Int ratio…2.56………………2.875………….3.06

    Then when you consider where they drafted Mallett 3rd 74th overall Brissett 3rd round 91st overall. Lamar would need to fall to the 3rd round if they considered him as being similar from an overall perspective grade wise. If that is the case then I don’t think Jackson falls that far and wouldn’t be selected by the Pats.

    • macspak says:

      I think you hit it on the head when you said he could be a successful Pro QB if given the time to develop. If there I could see drafting him with the first round pick or their first 2nd rounder giving him 3 to 4 years to develop behind Brady. I think he would be that classic faller at 31, 32 or 42.

      Thanks for your analysis.

      • steve earle says:

        Now that I think would be a reach taking him with a 1st. Darn thing about QB’s is you can measure the physical but most often it’s the intangibles that make one great.

  9. Russell says:

    Look for Brian Ferentz to be the next Patriots OC, he is currently OC at Iowa.

    • Stephen J says:

      If anything I would say OL Coach to take over for retiring Dante Scharnecchia is more like it. Yes he has been the OC at Iowa under his dad Kirk but he has no Head Coaching experience. Need some grooming time before being an OC.

      • steve earle says:

        Is Dante retiring again? I hadn’t heard.

        • Stephen J says:

          Nothing definite. He was non committal this week when asked. But when asked last year if he would be returning he said he would be. (That maybe something or it may not be). He maybe just determining if he is up to giving it what it needs for another season and if what he has left is good enough. Plus he will be 70 yrs old in 2 weeks Feb 14th.

      • steve earle says:

        Scar 70 in two weeks? Wow he doesn’t look that old at all. I’m 75 and look at least ten years older then he does. That’s probably because I didn’t stay as active as he has. Now my mother was on a senor aerobics dance team at 89, not bragging here but just saying active people like Scar and my late mom can be active and effective so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him return. By the way Mom lived to be 100 years 5 months. Now I’m bragging.

        • Russell says:

          HA did not know you were an old guy ! I’m 63 but suffering from Parkinsons so I feel old some days, are worse than others. Given BB is losing his OC &DC I think Scarnecchia stays one more yr.

        • macspak says:

          I’ll soon be 60 and I thought I was the old guy

        • steve earle says:

          Well we’re just a bunch of old gray beards I guess. Sorry to hear you have Parkinson’s Russell that’s a tough road.
          Yea I agree it’s most likely Scar stays for one more. We can hope for a couple but? As for Ferentz as OC I have the impression that Bill likes to promote from inside as a first option. Who that might be, not sure but I’d suggest Ivan Fears. Fears has the experience and I believe the trust of Belechick.

  10. macspak says:


    What the footballnation website address?

    • Russell says:

      • Russell says:

        if you click on my name (once your on my article, look for BB photo) you can see my past articles.

        • macspak says:

          Found it. All positions of needs. TE importance to this offense is why below I have them trying to keep both Allen and Bennett at more favorable deals. 2 late round QB’s would be “different” but they are late round, which always are gambles.

          BTW – I am amazed at your’s and Steve J’s research and analysis, Steve E too. I don’t know where you find the time. Sure makes this site informative, interesting and unique.

          Roster building is fascinating but until this current one is “torn down” or turned over it is difficult to see where our draft needs lay. Edge is right, seems like a lot of needs for a SB team. Needs by design for the most part. BB uses college and pro free agency better than anyone else, which is why he has been so successful in the salary cap era. Also trades but they all come down to recognizing and developinf talent.

  11. macspak says:

    I want to weigh in a bit on Cooks, Allen and Bennett.

    Cooks – as the season progressed many local media and fans were very critical. First because the Felgers of the world are idiots but also because of expectations. TB and BB love him and respect him and that should be enough. He went for over 1,000 yards. Made some huge plays – Texans – played like 95% of the snaps, made every practice (90% is showing up) and did this all in his first year with the team. Has he missed dropped a few – yes. Did Brady miss and overthrow him a number of times – yes. Is he Randy Moss – no but Moss also was much more experienced by the time he got here. Cooks is 24 yrs old with tons of talent, athleticism and a great work ethic. $8.5 million next year – can we keep him thereafter, at what cost, and within the team and salary structure – I sure hope so. Give him more time and familiarity and he can be a star.

    Allen – again way too high expectations. He is an elite blocker but not even a fair receiver. We need salary cap space next year and he is an easy cut but I instead would like to rework the contract and extend him. He is a Pro and fills a need.

    Bennett – also too expensive to keep on his current next year contract and I think he has no salary cap cost if cut. But, if he is willing and maybe he learned the grass ain’t greener elsewhere, a 2 yr $8 mill contract would be nice to round out the TE position, create depth and give us somebody who can catch and block at above avg but not elite levels. He and TB seemed to have developed a nice rapport.

    I can’t see either coming back on their current contract. I can see one or both coming back at reduced rates for 2 to 3 yrs filling important needs.

    • steve earle says:

      Your talking an ideal solution which doesn’t always come about but in this case and under the history with Bennett, the opportunity for cooks to play with TB 12 and become an elite WR and even Allen recognizing he is unlikely to get a like contract elsewhere might be willing to restructure, maybe not, but two out of three wouldn’t be bad.

  12. Russell says:

    Watching tape on Kalen Ballage, 6′ 2″ 222 lbs, 9 3/4″ hands. Looks good rushing and Pass receiving, also Kick returner, 1 fumble in 193 carries. Ballage displays good quickness , 4.48 40 Yd.. Catches the ball away from his body, with big hands. Interviews well. Would like to see his 3-cone time.

    • Stephen J says:

      Things that concern me about Ballage.

      Blocking His blocking is bad. He gets push around/back into his QB. He also has this bad habit of putting his head down and not look at what he is doing and giving these weak blocks. In the NFL this will get your QB killed. Not acceptable.

      Running His lack of vision in seeing the field/plays unfold is troubling unless he has these big gaping holes to begin with he stutter steps way to much instead of just hitting the whole. Due to those stutter steps holes close and he just leaves way to many yards on the field. Meaning he could of had big gains and instead he is stopped with little to no yards.

      The other issue I have with him is his role. Due to his Running/Bad Blocking I don’t consider him as a pure RB. He isn’t a threat to run the ball being just the opposite of Mike Gillislee who is a threat to run the ball but not a threat as a receiver. Due to that I see his role being more like either a HB James Devlin who is 6’3″ 255 lbs that can also catch out of the backfield or TE Jacob Hollister who is 6’4″ 239 who can run routes and is a better blocker.

  13. Russell says:

    Finished another article at footballnation about a Patriots Mock draft. In this Mock, I have BB drafting TWO late round QB’s, Taylor Lamb & Matt Linehan. We have seen BB draft two prospects before, with a position of need. BB has talked in the past about, the need to have more then one prospect to increase the chances of success in the draft.

    • steve earle says:

      As far as I know we only have 6 picks this year so far, and I’m including an expected comp in the 4th, so you must be expecting Bill to be very active in acquiring additional picks. Can you give us some idea of how we might expect this process to go?

      • Russell says:

        Well Steve hard to know for sure, but “IF” BB looks to draft QB’s late the 6th pick is likely place and getting another 6th, could be part of BB trading the first pick, for a 2nd, 4th, 6th.
        I’ve been discussing BB going Late in the draft for a QB, or even two with Stephen J who thinks BB drafts a QB 2-3d, and he could be right. To me it seems better to draft two QB’s late, the class is so deep, for a better chance of success.

        • Russell says:

          And carry one on the roster, the other on the P-Squad. Give them a Yr. in the system, and see what you have developing.

        • Russell says:

          I really liked Cooper Rush last yr. who went undrafted, and is the back-up QB in Dallas under Scott Linehan OC.

        • steve earle says:

          I would prefer you approach unless of course a QB not expected to, comes down to us. Even so we would have to weigh that against other prospects that might be available I guess. A QB I like is Mason Rudolph but in spite of some mocks putting him mid 2nd rd I have not much hope he would fall to us in the 2nd. My thinking at this point is Bill will trade down the 1st for another 2nd and a 3rd, then trade one of the three 2nds for additional picks like a 4th and 6th then. Bill does so love to manipulate the draft. Sound reasonable to you?

        • macspak says:

          I’ve been on a hiatus triggered by the site going down. Seems like each article only has so much room for comment before it freezes. Be that as it may I have been checking in reading if not writing. Saw one really good mock and find the QB conversation interesting. It could go either way, early or late, but I think Steve E hit it head-on. Depends who, if anybody, falls that simply is too good value at either our first round pick or first 2nd rounder. How’s Louisville’s Lamar Jackson sound? Is he just an elite college QB or does he have the makings of a well rounded athletic passing pro QB? Could he be a Deshaun Watson or Tyrod Taylor and where will he go?

        • Russell says:

          I like Rudolph as well, but think he goes to Arizona in the first. Jets will move up, to 4th to get QB Allen. I don’t think Cleveland takes a QB with the first pick, they get RB Barkley & uses the Jets 6th pick, OT Brown, while adding the Jets 2nd round pick. Then Cleveland pcks a QB in the 2nd, QB Falk ??
          Patriots may trade 1st pick to Detroit , for 2nd (51) 4th (113) & 5th (144)

    • steve earle says:

      As to your prediction that the Browns will not take a QB in the 1st, I’m shocked, shocked I say, (apologizes to Claude Raines, Casablanca) that Cleveland shoots itself in the foot yet again. Who says people learn from their mistakes?

  14. Stephen J says:

    Da’Sean Downey, EDGE/OLB from @UMassFootball.

    The very 1st clip reminded me of Marquis Flowers where he spies the QB in the middle of the field then chases him down.

    He also reminded me Kemoko Turay in that he has that same frame and gumby like qualities but not that arcing loop. It’s more direct. He shows more technique that needs refinement. He showed he can set the edge. He has potential plus he is not getting any attention. Could he slip through the cracks. Where does he go since he’s from a small school and hasn’t been invited to any events such as Senior Bowl, Combine. It will be interesting to see his measurements at his Pro Day. Definitely worth a shot especially if he goes undrafted.

  15. Stephen J says:

    Update on Tony Garcia per Phil Perry last night

    Dante Scarnecchia acknowledged today that rookie tackle Tony Garcia lost a significant amount of weight due to illness this year. Says team will be very patient with his development. Also said it’s too soon to say definitively how ready he’ll be for next season.

  16. Stephen J says:

    I came across this today on UCF CB Mike Hughes. He had a run in with Law Enforcement and the Courts where he received an assault charge in his past. Too bad I liked him a lot. If accurate the Pats will not be looking his way. So another CB that I had on my list is now off.

  17. Russell says:

    With Tom Brady’s window closing over next couple years, I look for draft choices for the near future, to keep the team on top. A developmental QB will be a late round prospect.
    As for RB Lewis ,, Detroit does need a RB , but I’m hearing they are targeting, Guice from LSU far cheaper and more upside.
    Solder will resign to stay in New England, money may be more than I think, but he is part of Brady’s window.
    WR Cooks 2018 Is the option year, at $8.45 mil. Working out an extension now would be wise.
    TE Allen got $7.3 mil. for 2017, gets $5 mil.. 2018 , IN my opinion he’s not worth it. You could draft Brian O’Neill, to use as a blocking TE, catch more balls than Allen did, CHEAPER.
    Tho I like TE mike Gesicki .

    • Russell says:

      CB Butler likely goes to the 49ers .

    • Stephen J says:

      Everyone has a right to their own opinion but what is that opinion based on. My opinion is based on BB’s recent drafting of developmental QB’s as Tom’s possible replacement. BB likes to have his QB’s in the system for 2 years to develop and learn the system to be a starter. Tom’s contract is up next year 2019. A developmental QB to replace Tom is not going to be a late round draft pick. The only time BB drafted QB’s in day 3 and on were as backups to Tom and not his eventual replacement. Round 4 Rohan Davies Round 7 Matt Cassel Undrafted Brian Hoyer are all examples. Yes Tom’s Window is Closing and has been when Jimmy G arrived in round 2 Even more so when Jacoby Brissett was drafted in round 3. These were done all in the best interest of the team to keep the team on top as you say.

      Also Dwayne Allen did not get paid 7.3 mil for 2017 he got paid $4,937,500. A base salary of 2,500,000 and a roster bonus of 2,437,500.
      As shown here

      To me worth every penny of it too. It’s not always you being the one catching passes for TD’s. If not for his blocking which sprung WR’s open for TD’s like in the Jacksonville game with Danny Amendola’s 1st TD. If not for his blocking which sprung RB’s for big gains and TD’s like the Pittsburgh game where he pancaked Artie Burns which allowed Dion Lewis to score the game winning TD and his pass protection to help give Brady time to complete passes for TD’s the Pats may not even be playing in the Super Bowl this weekend. How much is that worth?

      As for Brian O’Neill you got to be kidding me he was abused all week by college players while Dwayne Allen blocked some of the top NFL players in the league. Dwayne Allen finished the regular season ranked 6th among all TEs in @PFF’s run blocking grades (82.0). Brian O’Neill only wishes he could be that good.

      If he is back I’m good with it. If he isn’t I’m good with that as well. I go next and move on. I do recognize and acknowledge how valuable he has been for us this year though.

      • Russell says:

        Based on past history, as you point out, BB has drafted Brady’s replacement with 2-3 round draft choices. To get QB Falk, QB Rudolph, may be even QB White, & Lauletta, yes a higher pick will be needed. (the Scouting staff has met with Lauletta already)
        But the class is deep this yr. guys like QB Briscoe, QB Linehan, QB Ferguson, QB Benkurt, QB Lamb, etc. are 4th round or later guys.
        So it all depends on what level developmental guy your considering. BB may look at drafting a late round guy the next 3 years, in search of Brady’s replacement. MY opinion, is it is more likely BB goes the late round route, as he did when Brady was drafted the Patriots had 4 QB’s in camp.
        Garoppolo was drafted higher, because he was a guy they really liked, and they knew Houston was interested in him. So you could be right.
        One thing is for sure BB will carry a third QB on next years roster.

        • Stephen J says:

          Although I disagree with your opinion mainly because Brady is not at the beginning of his career and BB brought in backups to compete for that backup role when he was in the beginning to middle of his career, he now has 2 years left on the contract (which is exactly how much time BB likes for QB’s to develop and learn the system)and by the end of that time he will be 42 going on 43. Not only that but with Amendola Edelman at the end and likely a new WR core coming in at about the same time Brady may not want to stick around and develop that new bunch. I do appreciate your response and you broke it down nicely though. Well done.

    • Chris D. says:

      Chase Litton who played at Marshall is an intriguing QB prospect to take in maybe round 3, he declared for the draft after his Junior year and will participate in the combine. Any thoughts?

      • Russell says:

        Interesting prospect but not a senior, with as much experience is a strike against.. Size is nice at 6’5″.

  18. Stephen J says:

    Malcolm Butler

    One aspect to consider in regards to his play this year. He has been basically the number one CB since being here. This year however he was the 2nd and was picked on more often than previous years. It doesn’t explain everything by any means just something to consider. While he didn’t play at an elite level he did play competitively. We have been spoiled in recent years and could have had a lot worse. Now the question is how much will he be paid and by whom. If somewhere else who will replace him as an outside CB?

    This is who we have currently outside of Stephon Gilmore

    Eric Rowe appears to be more of an inside slot CB. Rowe has played outside CB on 67 of his 357 snaps this season (18.8%) and only did it on 16 of his 96 snaps in the playoff games (16.7%). Most of that was probably due to Gilmore and Butler playing the outside. When Gilmore was out for 3 games it was Bademosi who filled in because Rowe was injured at the time as well.

    Johnson Bademosi is a great Special Team player and a solid rotational/backup but I don’t see him as a starter. Plus he is an Unrestricted Free Agent no guarantee’s of him returning.

    Jonathan Jones he was the 4th CB behind Rowe and he plays the slot.

    Then there is Cyrus Jones who turned the corner in returns but has been garbage as a Corner.

    The only CB’s left are on the practice squad which in all honesty I know nothing about Jomal Wiltz and Ryan Lewis.

    If we remain in house without picking a CB in the draft or free agency the only plausible option here to me would be 1.Stephon Gilmore(outside) 2 Eric Rowe(outside) 3 Jonathan Jones(slot). While not ideal it looks to be the best option currently without much behind them in case of injury/rest(breaks during game). Without a lot of cap space currently I would tend to go the draft route over free agency. While not always the case a quality backup free agent cb tends to be more pricey than a quality drafted cb. The one case that I can think of is signing Bademosi as backup insurance for cheap and he could backup Rowe and if Jones got injured or needed a break Bademosi could fill in for Rowe and Rowe could take Jones place.

    IF the Pats do go the draft route what CB is a capable starter that does what Butler did, that being tackles well in space, playing both man or zone, can press, can play trail coverage while matching well with Gilmore.

    • steve earle says:

      Might I suggest Christian Campbell CB Penn St as a mid rd selection pick if CB Butler leaves?

      • Stephen J says:

        Well I spent time looking at Christian Campbell today and this is what I came across.
        The first thing I came across was his mentions at senior bowl practice where he was PFF’s defensive back of the week at the #SeniorBowl with 7 forced incompletions on 1 on 1 drills.
        His measurements 6’0 5/8″ 192 lbs 32 1/2″ Arm Length.
        I then looked at his stats. He had 1 Int 29 Solo Tackles 2 TFL’s 1 Sack 12 PBU’s 2 FF’s. The thing that stood out is the 12 PBU’s along with the 7 forced incompletions from the Senior Bowl Practices. He choose to not play on Saturday stating risk issues. When I looked at those incompletions throughout the 3 days I noticed a couple of things. He seems to play a small cb role in a big cb’s body and that gets him into trouble against better competition. Meaning he has the long arms and big body but try’s to beat others by being a finesse guy with his feet. That is not who he is. He may have been at one time but it is not who he is now. When I watched both Senior Bowl Practices and 3 Games from this year(Maryland,Indiana,Nebraska) I noticed that where he was making plays was against lower/mid tier competition and struggled against higher tier competition. For example at the Senior Bowl where 1 of his forced incompletions was against Allen Lazard a mid tier level player not bad but when you look at the play Lazard beat him off the line (due to his foot work) and ran an in route the QB Tanner Lee threw it behind Lazard where Campbell was able to reach in and break it up. If it was an accurate throw it would of been an easy catch and run. In the Maryland game he faced WR DJ Moore a top tier player. Moore beat him all day long and the only plays he was able to make was by poor throws by the QB. When you look at his stats page all his pass break ups were against teams like Northwestern Georgia St Akron but when he faced teams like Michigan Ohio State Maryland he was shut out.
        From the tape I would say he isn’t going to flash at the combine either. He will put up average numbers but not numbers that would fit what the Pats look for especially that 3 cone but we shall see later this month on that part.
        So since he is more in the mold of Stephon Gilmore body wise and can’t really play that Malcolm Butler role I’d pass on Christian Campbell.

  19. Russell says:

    Looking at the Patriots roster, for the draft, the Patriots need future prospects at, TE, RB, slot receiver , special teams, developmental QB.
    If McCellen comes back, Harrison & Flowers are resigned, Rivers, Langi, Hightower, are back hard seeing a spot for a drafted LB .
    TE Allen at $7.3 mil. a yr. is tooooo much for his production.

    • Jeff says:

      One thing to keep in mind is that free agents from a Superbowl team tend to be over-rated, and and especially with McDaniels and Patricia moving to other teams, any Patriots free agent will likely either need to be willing to take a discount or receive a premium offer. I was hoping initially that the Pats would be able to retain several players, but I think this may be even more difficult than usual with McDaniels and Patricia looking to get a few guys in their programs that are “their guys”. I just hope the Pats can hold on to Solder. I’d love to see guys like Burkhead (or Lewis), Bolden, Jean Francois, Flowers, and Bademosi brought back, but it might be harder to do than we expect.

      • Stephen J says:

        Ricky Jean Francios was let go twice this year and no one else claimed him. So he could be signed for relatively low contract

        • steve earle says:

          True and when he played he did a decent job and was a valuable rotational player. I’m hoping he is resigned.

    • Stephen J says:

      TE Dwayne Allen is not at 7.3 million he is at 5.0 million for the 2018 season.

      Nate Solder is asking for 11-12 mil/year or he is going to retire. Top Left Tackles get paid.

      Dion Lewis already has 2 offers of 4.5 mil/yr and 5.0 mil/yr on the table, so he is unlikely returning for 1.3 mil/yr or the 3.5 mil/yr you suggested.

      • Turbo says:

        How do you know Lewis has 2 offers or that Solder wants 12 mil? Btw Solder isn’t a top tackle imo.

        • Stephen J says:

          NBC Sports reported an offer of 3 years 15 million.

        • Stephen J says:

          Look at that list he is better than those getting paid 10 mil or lower.

          Solder said as much earlier in the year Where he said he would retire to spend time with his son if it wasn’t worth playing. At about the same time there was mention that he was looking for 10-11 million/yr for it to be worth it to him. He confirmed it this week when asked if he’d return. His words I really like the organization and hope it works out but I don’t know.

          Now whether he is using his son and the weak Left OT class/market to get leverage and more money is another story but that is where it stands right now.

        • Stephen J says:

          Remember also even though these are reported that could just be agents bolstering their clients to get the max but with what Dion has done this year that would seem realistic to me.

          As far as the other 4.5 million/yr I remember hearing it and remember two teams being mentioned as well that being Detroit and the other San Fran 49ers both make sense. One being Matty P loves Lewis and Detroit has been rumored to be looking for a RB. As far as San Fran goes Carlos Hyde their leading RB this year who rushed 940 yards is an Unrestricted Free Agent then the next in line after him is Matt Breida who rushed for 465 yards. Dion Lewis would be an upgrade their.

        • steve earle says:

          Have to agree with Stephen here Turbo. Solder may not be all world but his play got stronger as season went on and he is better then more then half the rest starting LT’s playing. How much he should be paid is up to BB. At this point in time I have no better option to offer, do you?

      • td says:

        Any offer(s) on the table at this point would be tampering, although since it’s the Pat’s the NFL office would probably look the other way.

        • Stephen J says:

          Look at how many public offers are already out there QB Alex Smith to Washington last night then Cowherd reporting Kirk Cousins and Broncos are close to a deal today being the latest.(Not that I believe or disbelieve Cowherd or any of these other reports but they are out there). These are reports of offers on the table. Just like Dion Lewis’s reports. They are not actual contracts/offers as of now. Nothing is final until approved by the league and that won’t happen until the League’s new year beginning in March and so much can happen between then and now.

      • steve earle says:

        I agree with you that TE Allen is highly over payed and a likely release. Question is how big a hit against the cap which is already tight?

    • Stephen J says:

      Also WR Brandon Cooks ($ 2 mil. a yr.) contract ends in 2019 , Patriots have a fifth yr. option, but an extension would be a wiser move.

      He is getting 8.45 million this year(2018) not 2 and will be an unrestricted free agent in 2019

      I’d be looking for WR in this draft/free agency after 2018 Edelmen Amendola and Cooks likely will be gone

      • Stephen J says:

        Definite WR’s for 2018

        Hogan(could be cut/released w/o any dead cap gtd 3.28 mil) unlikely

        Other’s not guaranteed

        Phillip Dorsett can be cut w/o dead cap guaranteed 1.54 mil
        Kenny Britt can be cut w/o dead cap guaranteed 1.46 mil
        Danny Amendola Unrestricted Free Agent 2018

        Practice Squad

        Cody Hollister
        Riley McCarron

    • steve earle says:

      Agree future prospects are needed at QB and TE. Thing is I am not excited about the prospects at either position this year. I can see taking flyers late but that’s about all. As for TE Allen, definitely over payed. Have to be concerned about cap hit if we cut him though. Haven’t looked at that yet. On Crosby I’d be okay with if Solder is resigned so Crosby can be coached up for a year or two. Mike’s report on him relived some of my concerns. I’m still looking for a LB this draft as numbers alone without regard for injuries to Langi and Hightower seem risky. Also Jeff has some perspective I had thought about but hadn’t voiced. Stephen J’s revelation that Lewis has offers on the table already reinforces your thinking on need for RB in the draft. I mocked Ito Smith mirror image of Lewis I think he would fit even if Lewis is resigned, good insurance.

    • Stephen J says:

      Developmental QB

      All Possible Tom Brady replacement QB’s

      Ryan Mallett 3rd round

      Jimmy G 2nd round

      Jacoby Brissett 3rd round

      Expect a 2nd to 3rd round developmental QB

  20. Russell says:

    I agree on Crosby mike, I think BB could move up in the 3d round to take him. Crosby may be a better option $$$ then resigning Fleming or Waddle.

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