2017 College Watch List: QB’s

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Can you believe that football is almost upon us once again. I just picked up 2 new notebooks for notes on the upcoming draft and am ready to go. Before we can do that though, we need to know who to watch. Over the next several weeks, I will be giving you a list of SENIORS that I will be keeping an eye on this fall. I have been burned in the past by focusing on some underclassmen that I was sure were going to come out early, so during the season, I keep my focus on just the Seniors and wait for the official list of underclassmen to declare before diving deep into their games. This also helps from keeping the list manageable. It can be overwhelming when you factor in players who might declare early. These list will also be in no particular order. I have not studied any of these guys enough to rank them and even if I did, their play this year will most likely change where they grade out for me anyways. So, without further adieu, here are the Senior QB’s I will be watching.

From a Seniors only perspective, this class has some talent, but lacks a superstar. There are a couple of guys that could push their way up draft boards with a solid Senior season and may even hear their name called on Day 1 of the draft. There are some other intriguing names that, with a good season, could get a chance in the NFL.

Austin Allen, Arkansas

Riley Ferguson, Memphis

JT Barrett, Ohio State

Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

Logan Woodside, Toledo

Luke Falk, Washington State

Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State

Mike White, Western Kentucky

Hunter Wells, Youngstown State

Matt Linehan, Idaho

Malik Zaire, Florida

Thomas Sirk, Eastern Carolina

Brice Ramsey, Georgia

Nick Stevens, Colorado State

Richard Lagow, Indiana

Danny Etling, LSU

Brandon Harris, North Carolina

Max Browne, Pittsburg






20 Responses to “2017 College Watch List: QB’s”

  1. Russell says:

    For those that don’t remember, my research, when the Patriots drafted Garoppolo, I wanted them to take ; A.J. McCarron, after a lot of QB study.
    Both look to be NFL QB’s of the future for some team, but QB is a very hard position to fit with an NFL program, coming out of College.

  2. Russell says:

    Looking at Mike’s Senior QB list, some of this group just does not seem to fit the Patriots program.
    Austin Allen is a guy I like a lot, but at 5’11-6 ‘ just not tall enough.
    Max Browne, transfer from USC, to Pitt. Did not do much behind Cody Kessler. Not much experience.
    J.T. Barrrett, 6′ and looks to run, poor pocket passer.
    Danny Etling, has had back issues, and a minor procedure, transfer from Purdue, to LSU.
    Baker Mayfield, 5’11”- 6’
    Thomas Sirk, has had good coaching while at Duke, but transferred to Eastern Carolina ???

    • Russell says:

      Matt Linehan, pain-full throwing motion, feet all over the place, playing behind poor O-line, Son of Dallas coach.
      Hunter Wells, limited experience, smaller program, poor mechanics.

  3. steve earle says:

    Hey guys, Babe Parilli died today age 87. What a great Pat’s QB he was. Watched hem so many games. RIP

    • macspak says:

      Babe was the QB I grew up with. Did not know he was from UK, held many college records and played for Bear Bryant who I did not know ever coached Univ Kentucky. Fond memories of watching mostly bad teams with my father.

      • steve earle says:

        Yes, me too Mac. Pat’s first QB was Butch Songen, one of Sullivan’s former BC QB’s. “Babe” was acquired in a trade from Oakland. He had been drafted by GB went to Canada back to NFL and generally bumped around until he finally landed with the Pat’s. Best thing ever for us and I guess him too. Kind of hate it when part of our history is goes. Like a little part of ourselves goes too. But darn good memories.

      • Russell says:

        Guess we are old farts, I remember watching Babe, when the Patriots had a running game with Jim Nance.

        • Russell says:

          Did you know Babe was on a Super Bowl team? He was Joe Namaths back-up in Super Bowl #3 .

        • Kevin says:


          Babe was indeed Namath’s back-up during their lone Super Bowl championship. He also filled another important role that Jet’s team. He was the holder on field goals and extra points for Kicker Jim Turner. Turner was super reliable that season and broke the NFL record for the number of field goals made in a season. Holders are often overlooked but I believe Babe significantly helped Turner in his record-breaking season. In my opinion Babe was the best holder I have ever seen.

  4. Mike Gerken says:

    For my much larger project I am working on I am looking at some historical aspects of the draft. Here is some some info on the QB position.
    Since 2007, the Patriots have drafted 5 QB’s:
    Position Averages:
    WT: 230 Lbs
    40: 4.91 sec
    Vert: 30″
    Broad Jump: 9’2″
    3Cone: 7.12 sec
    Shuttle: 4.39 sec

    Not sure how important the physical testing is for QB’s because there is so much more that goes into the position, but in the 10 years I studied, the QB’s they have picked seem to be very similar from a physical/athletic profile. Something to think about.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      One more thing, the latest pick by the Patriots at the position, Jacoby Brissett is almost a clone of the teams averages through that 10 year period.

    • Russell says:

      Good info Mike , 6’2″ to 6’4″ is the height for sure. I would add, BB wants a college QB to have experience , so a Senior is a must. Coaching and system play a roll as well, and ability to learn from mistakes, and improvement.
      Mike White interests me, size, good throwing motion, 10-15 yd. passer, good long ball. Needs work on short passing came, “steers” the ball, slower on reads (played behind good O-line), foot work not steady. Vision is good, ball placement very good, and good down field focus. Has had very good coaching.

      • Mike Gerken says:

        Phase II will be to look at the production aspect of these players. I have a whole layout I am trying to build to hopefully find some useful trends and to help me with a grading system for future picks. Its I time suck right now, but once I sift through all this data and get it the way I want, I think it will add some nice dimension to my future reports.

        I did some more film work today on Memphis QB Riley Ferguson. He reminds me a bit of Brissett. Good size and athleticism. Big enough to take a hit when he runs with the ball. Athletic enough to make some plays with his feet if he needs to but is not his go to option.
        His throwing motion is a bit elongated and he holds onto the ball too long right now. Accuracy is good, but not great on shorter throws.

        We have been so spoiled watching Brady put the ball exactly in the right spot for so long I have a hard time not knocking these kids for their inaccurate throws.

        • Russell says:

          Yes the short throwing game is hard to watch, as these College guys want to go down field. White steers the ball on shot throws, & looks at his short receivers to long. His game is 10-15 yd. passes which is quite good.

        • Russell says:

          Watched some tape on Ferguson, reminds me of Ben Roethlisberger, similar throwing motion, foot movement, and head movement ( very distinctive) on longer throws..

        • Mike Gerken says:

          I can see the Rothlisberger comp as well, especially the college version of Big Ben.

  5. Russell says:

    VERY unlikely BB drafts a QB that is NOT a senior !! Falk is interesting but a top 15 pick. I will be watching guys who the Patriots have A shot at. I like Mike White !

    • steve earle says:

      From what I’ve been reading so far White from WKU is a good one to focus on. Numbers look good. Got any line on his highlights?

      • Russell says:

        White’s early time at U South Florida is interesting, before transferring to WKU. His coach at USF is now the coach at WKU, and has a QB back ground. White needs work, but I like his throwing motion, focus down field, and his learning improvement.

        • steve earle says:

          Yes, White looks good. Found his highlights and he appears to have good pocket awareness but can scramble when necessary yet keeps his eyes downfield. I like that. Having said that highlights are just that, designed to show only the best. I have no access to game films so trying to project where he could be drafted is impossible at this early point but wouldn’t be surprised if he gets called in late 3rd early 4th. Have to wait and see how his year goes.

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