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Hi All,

After a short break, I am ready to get back into all things Patriots and the NFL draft. I have some fun articles planned and I am working on a very large project that I hope will be useful for the 2018 draft. I will post on twitter when I post my new stuff, so if you aren’t following me yet, please do. I can be found @midwestpatsfan. I look forward to interacting with all of you very soon.


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  1. macspak says:

    Steve E.,

    You recently asked what was up with Solder. I was referring to his amazingly poor performance in last year’s S Bowl and wondering what that portends for this year’s performance. I’ve never been a fan of his, thought he was overrated and never played up to his athleticism, and am afraid he finally has been unmasked. I hope there are no long term contracts with him and the Pats in the future.

    • steve earle says:

      Okay see where your headed. So question would be does BB want to extend him or let him try the free market? Looking at a yes to that is the Drafting of Garcia who if he has a strong camp could be viewed as the 2018 starting LT. If Garcia appears to need development then Bill may want to keep Solder around for a couple more years at a reasonable cost with always the possibility of an in season trade.

  2. GM-In-Training says:

    Any body else excited about what the Pats will do with UDFA Jason Thompson?
    He’s listed as a DB, ostensibly SS.
    He’s 6’1.5″, 210#, ran a 4.45 40yd, 1.50 10yrd split, with a 6.57 3-cone. Oh, and he did 20 reps in the bench press.

    He was a QB his first couple years in college (and was tried at RB and Receiver), but transferred to Utah and switched to SS, playing mostly special teams, so he went undrafted.

    But…that size and those agility numbers…he would seem to have the physical tools to play any DB position, possibly including big nickle covering TE or slot CB covering receivers. That’s really unusual.

    He’s obviously really raw as a DB, but perhaps because he was a QB he can pick up the mental part of playing center field. At the very least, he’s got amazing change of direction, straight line speed and size for special teams.

    Has anybody heard how he’s doing at camp so far?

    • macspak says:

      haven’t heard anything specific GM. I only see 2, at the most 3, UDFA’s making this team. Better bet is we sign a few more to the PS. May be the best place for Thompson and maybe he eventually can become another Ebner.

  3. macspak says:

    btw – nice to be able to post again

  4. GM-In-Training says:

    Mike, looking forward to your next assessment of the Pat’s roster, and potential moves from here forward.

    I’m curious where the Pats are going at TE.

    They’ve brought in a couple of fast, lighter 6’4″ guys in O’Shaughnessy and Hollister, got a couple more typical Y TE in Lengel and Cotton, and do-it-all Gronk and do-most-of-it Allen. It’ll be interesting to see which traits they decide to keep on the 53.

    I’m also sensing big changes on Special Teams. They have so many young DB, RB, and TE who could possibly contribute on special teams that I wonder if a few ST mainstays are at risk this year.

    Then there’s the LB situation. The Pats probably would be on the lookout for a veteran LB pickup that would be an upgrade for the last couple LB positions.

    Interested to see how you think it shakes up.

    • steve earle says:

      Me too GM, FYI in case you haven’t seen it the Pat’s NEP site in the news blitz link has a very early roster depth chart for the 53 which makes lots of sense. Enjoy. (Hurry Mike, getting desperate out here.)

      • macspak says:

        I’ve read the NEP and a few other roster projections. Top 45 or so are pretty consistent. They differ mostly at TE, RB (4-6), and WR (5 and 6) depending on how you classify Slater. (I don’t regard him as a WR). I see 3 – 4 TE’s, 5 RB’s and 5 WR’s. I don’t see Bolden making the team. Freeney and Richards as big question marks. Foster has a chance. I see interior OL as a weakness along with OLB.

        • steve earle says:

          Sounds about right mac and allowing for one or two possible udfa surprises that stick most of these early roster projections should be close. One other thing is once the cuts happen in August there is a strong possibility that one or two vet interior O linemen could be brought in to upgrade that positions depth. So all in all nothing is cast in stone as of now except maybe TB12. Be interesting to see what Mike is thinking on this subject. He always has sound thinking on football matters.

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