The 2017 All Binkie Team

Hunt would be definitely be on the Mount Rushmore of Binkies for me.

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

For some of you who are unfamiliar with the word “Binkie,” it is a term used for those players that you fall in love with during the scouting process. There is just something about them that gets you excited every time you watch them. These players don’t necessarily have to be first round picks, in fact, for me, most are not. For me, they are players I typically am much higher on than most other draft prognosticators. They represent great value in my opinion or seem to be a perfect fit in the Patriots system. So today, I thought it would be fun to pick one guy at each position and create the all “binkie” team.

QB: Alek Torgerson, Penn:  This one is tough because I didn’t really like this class, so I am going to pick a guy I don’t think will be chosen with a draft pick but rather get his shot as an undrafted free agent. Torgerson is a smart player and a winner. He throws with good touch and is an athlete who is a threat with his feet but is comfortable in the pocket. He is obviously a project, but I would rather get a project as an UDFA rather than spending a Day 1 or Day 2 pick on one.

RB: Kareem Hunt, Toledo: I think my infatuation with Hunt has been well documented here. With the signing of Gillislee becoming official today, I have to come to the realization that my dream of him being on the Patriots is all but dead. I think if he goes to the right situation, he could end up as one of the best RB’s from this class.

WR: Carlos Henderson, La Tech: I like a lot of WR’s in this class, but the Patriots are stacked at the position, so I don’t think the team will take one early. I think Henderson’s game would fit really well into the Patriots system and would be highly productive down the road as Edelman’s heir apparent.

TE: Adam Shaheen, Ashland: I do not typically toot my own horn, but on Shaheen I think I have to. If you follow the timeline of when I wrote my original report on Shaheen to when Big Draft started talking about him, I had about a 3 week start on all of them. Of course, if he turns out to be terrible, I will have to own up to it. I think his size/athleticism is rare for the position and could be Gronk Lite with some coaching and time.

O-Line: Ethan Pocic, LSU: This was tough. I could have gone Dan Skipper out of Arkansas or Dion Dawkins from Temple and felt pretty good about the pick. Pocic is so intriguing though and I love the idea of him being coached by Scar and becoming  a starter at Tackle or Guard. With the versatility to play all 5 positions, I think he would be a tremendous value.

D-Line: Grover Stewart, Albany St: Stewart would be on the Mount Rushmore of Binkies in this years draft for me, right next to Kareem Hunt. This Defensive Tackle class is weak overall, so give me the guy with the rare combination of size and athleticism.

EDGE: Joe Mathis, Washington: Another guy who makes the Mount Rushmore of Binkies. Love his hand use and his ability to convert speed to power. Injuries will push him down and he will be a steal for the smart team that takes him.

Off Ball Linebacker: Alex Anzalone, Florida: Another guy who will fall because of injury concerns, but his tape is great. I would be more than happy to get Anzalone 2 rounds later than his teammate Jarrad Davis. Anzalone has size and speed to work really well next to Hightower. He brings versatility to the position as he can drop in coverage and rush the passer. He is a solid tackler as well. He is extremely underrated in my opinion.

Cornerback: Ahkello Witherspoon, Colorado: The final bust on the Mount Rushmore goes to Witherspoon. While his issues as a tackler may make take him off the Patriots board, I find him extremely entertaining to watch. It is not everyday you see a guy with his measureables move the way he does. He mirrors receivers with little effort and has a chance to be a true shut down corner.

Safety: Xavier Woods, La Tech: While he may not be the most physically gifted Safety in this class, he does everything well and makes a ton of plays. When I watched him all I could think was that this kid is a perfect Patriots.


There you go, my favorite players in this draft. Who are your “binkies?” What do you think of mine?






61 Responses to “The 2017 All Binkie Team”

  1. hdpaulie says:

    Seems that every year BB makes a pick that causes everyone to say who? The pick this year that generates those who’s has been under the radar this entire draft season. He was tied for 3rd in the nation in TFL with 20, and sacks 14.5. He played 4 years and graduated. He was a PAC 12 All Academic choice 3 times and was 2016 first team All Academic at his position. Has the intelligence that BB likes and has no red flags. Was Pac 12 1st team selection at DL along with Tarrick McKinny, and Soloman Thomas. Despite his lofty resume was a combine snub. Had 38 reps on the bench at his pro day which would have been tops at the combine. Scouting reports say he has stiff hips, and is unable to flip his hips to bend around the edge. He’s 6’3″” 270 lbs, but has very short arms at 30″. The “Who” is Utah’s Hunter Dimick. Or I could be completely wrong and the who is Houston LB Steven Taylor. Who do you think is this years “who”?

  2. Stephen J says:

    My Top 11 WR’s I enjoyed watching this year (no particular order)

    1 Zay Jones
    2 Chris Godwin
    3 Josh Reynolds
    4 Chad Hansen
    5 Jehu Chesson
    6 Mack Hollins
    7 Kenneth Galloday
    8 Thomas Sperbeck
    9 Krishawn Hogan
    10 Quincy Adeboyejo
    11 Taywan Taylor

  3. JH says:


    3) DE Jordan Willis – Can’t imagine the Pats passing on him if he falls this far. Super athletic, good college production, and fills our only pressing need. (If gone, DE Tarell Basham)

    3) LB Duke Riley – To me he checks all of the boxes for a linebacker except size. Can cover, great tackler, fast, aggressive, sideline to sideline… could become a Deion Jones/Kwon Alexander type of player for us maybe not year 1 but as soon as year 2. Year 1 he would contribute on special teams as he is a great special teams player. The NFL seems to be trending toward these smaller types of LB’s now too, and the Pats also already have 4 bigger linebackers who who will most likely make the roster (Hightower, Van Noy, McClellin, and Freeny) and their one small linebacker (Roberts) is more of a run-stopper. We could use a quick/coverage specialist type of linebacker and I think Riley could be that guy and even be the starter next to Hightower in the near future. (If gone, LB Harvey Langi).

    4) SS Delano Hill – Seemed to fill a multitude of roles at Michigan similar to what Chung does for us now. Most importantly he has good size and is a great tackler at the SS position. Would be great value in the 4th and looks like a perfect Chung replacement down the road. (If gone, SS Xavier Woods).

    5) TE George Kittle – Had a hard time choosing between Kittle and Jeremy Sprinkle here. Both are athletic but also great blockers. However, if the Pats believe Kittle can block in-line then they should definitely take him here if he’s available. Being one of the most athletic tight ends in the class, he could be extremely versatile in our offense as an in-line blocker as well as a Joker-TE in the passing game, which would serve as great Gronk insurance. (If gone, TE Jeremy Sprinkle).

    6) OT Conor McDermott – There’s a good chance McDermott won’t fall this far but if he does there aren’t many better developmental tackles you could grab this late. Extremely athletic for his size, played LT in a competitive conference for multiple years, and even though he was dominated by Myles Garrett in UCLA’s first game this year he had a very respectable rest of the year. What he lacks is lower body strength and technique issues. Get Scarnecchia with this guy and I think he could be a starter sooner than expected, potentially being Solder’s replacement next year. (If gone, OT Max Rich)

    7) G/C Chase Roullier – I’ve seen Roullier all over the place as far as draft projections but there are some sites that have him falling all the way to the 7th and if he’s there I think this would be a great value pick. He’s an extremely versatile interior O-Lineman who would challenge David Andrews for the starting job, whether that means simply replacing him at Center or starting at Left Guard and moving Thuney to Center. Good size too at 6’4” and plays with a mean streak. (If gone, any versatile interior O-Lineman)

    Aside from Willis and possibly Roullier, I wouldn’t expect any of the other guys to have a big impact in year 1. I know it seems like a stretch for a 7th rounder to have such a quick impact but David Andrews started many games as a rookie and he went undrafted… and I think Roullier could prove to be better than him. However, I think all of the rest could make an impact as early as year 2 and most of them can play special teams in year 1 as well.

    Huge fan of the site. I’ve never actually commented before but figured I would with the draft starting tomorrow. Lots of these predictions are based on the many things I’ve read on this site, as all of you guys give great insight. GO PATS.

  4. Stephen J says:

    Tomorrow Night at this time the draft will be in full swing.

    With the 1st Pick of the Draft the Browns

    A.Cave and trade the pick to the Patriots.
    B.Select Mitchell Tribusky
    C.Select Myles Garrett
    D.Fail to show up.

    • Matt says:

      With the 1 st pick in the Draft the Browns pick Garrett. With the 12 pick in the 1st round the Browns trade that pick for Jimmy G. And now with the 12th pick the Pats draft Derek Barnett. With the 11th pick the Saints call the Pats to trade that pick for Butler. BB says we wanted to make this trade before you said no. So go pound sand. In there 2nd game of the 2017 season Tom Brady throws 4 TD against the Saints 32nd ranked pass D. What do you think? I don’t know much about Barnett do you think he would be a could pick at # 12.

      • Stephen J says:


        Here is a good breakdown of Barnett

        A few weeks ago while listening to a podcast they were talking about Barnett. What stood out to me was that he is a good complimentary rusher but if you are looking for him to be the main rusher he would struggle. Now we have Trey Flowers so would he be complimenting Trey or would he be taking the lead role. To me I would say it would be complimentary because both Trey and Derek could mix and match meaning be moved all over inside outside and both sides of the line.
        The biggest issue I have with Barnett is when he is left out in space alone and his responsibility is to set the edge he isn’t athletic enough to take on the speedy shifty type rb/wr and his tendency is to rely on his athleticism rather than technique so things could get ugly real quickly.
        Now as far as could he be the pick at 12. That’s a real good question. I know the Pats showed interest in him and had a visit with him but I believe that was more related to the possibility of receiving a late 1st round pick for Malcolm Butler with the possibility of moving up some to acquire him. That’s where I think the Pats think his value is at.(Mid 20’s to end of 1st)(At that about that time they also brought in Ryan Ramcyzk which is definitely not going around that 12th pick) So would they pick him at 12, I would say no(but that’s me). They would probably trade back to that area. Now I know others say he won’t last that long and they maybe right but that is where I think the Pats have him valued.

    • Russell says:

      F.- Trades the 1st pick, and moves back (Jacksonville?) takes QB Trubisky, at # 4 gets additional 2nd #35,from Jacksonville.

  5. Stephen J says:

    Steve E

    Your guy Vincent Taylor has grown on me. Thanks for pointing him out.

    • steve earle says:

      Your welcome Stephen, I am kind of drawn to guys who are under the radar I find they usually tend to be good value picks and I believe Taylor is one. Have to wait and see. Oh and I vote B.

  6. Tommy G says:

    3rd- Alex Anzalone
    3rd- Ju lien Davenport OT
    4th-Bucky Hodges TE
    5th- Jo Mathis Edge
    6th-Tedric Thompson S
    7th Josh Carraway TCU Edge

    • steve earle says:

      Good bunch of prospects Tommy G. I’d suggest flipping Anzalone ( injuries) and Mathus, JMO.

  7. Stephen J says:

    Welcome 初音ミク

    Good to have you. I like your 1st pick in Basham.
    He has the versatility set the edge rush the passer and drop back in coverage. Although he is still learning the game he is football smart rarely takes himself out of plays. Will need time to adjust to the NFL game as all rookies do but handled himself well during the jump in competition during the Senior Bowl. Although I see him as possibly going higher than th 72nd pick he may still be around.

    96 Julien Davenport OT

    Personally I soured on him at the Senior Bowl due mainly to his inexperience. He seems to have the length athleticism the smarts the Patriots look for but is a big time project. If he is their man and they believe he can develop then I am ok with the pick. Scar seem to love the guy but that doesn’t mean he will be the pick. I would like to get him later than the 96th pick but this seems like the pick to use on him because it doesn’t seem like he will last to the next pick at 131.
    131. Round Harvey Langi LB

    The Pats scouts loved him BB has said if he was available last year they would of used a 1st round pick on him. Now that was last year how do they feel about him this year we will find out.
    5th Round Nate Gerry S

    I like the idea of picking a Safety. Nate was the 1st Safety I evaluated. I remember liking him then I found other Safeties I liked better. Personal preference thing that’s all.
    183. Bryan Cox Jr. Edge

    Bill coached his Father and hung out a bit with Bryan at his Pro Day. Will he be selected we shall see.
    200. Channing Stribling CB

    To be candid I haven’t looked at Stribling so can’t say much about him either way
    239. Fred Ross Wr

    The Pats have really done their home work on him. They seem to like him.

    Hope to hear from you again

  8. macspak says:

    Here’s my BB mind blowing prediction.

    Common wisdom states Pats will draft two DE. BB once again will show our lack of wisdom and insight and draft no DE’s.

    He will trade up one time. Not sure which round.

    • Yohy says:

      That is my biggest fear. In deep draft of defensive players, Bill thinks outside the box and drafts 2 long snappers, a punter and a kicker, because that’s where the “value ” was.

  9. 初音ミク says:

    Hello. First off, big fan of this site. Very informative and gives me a feel of who might be available and who the Patriots might be targeting.
    I have my own mock that I would like to share and get your opinions on this.
    3rd Round Tarell Basham Edge
    96 Julien Davenport OT
    131. Round Harvey Langi LB
    5th Round Nate Gerry S
    183. Bryan Cox Jr. Edge
    200. Channing Stribling CB
    239. Fred Ross Wr
    I’ve used fanspeak and did over 20 simulations and came up with this mock based on the simulation and gut feeling on who might be available to take. With my mock, I feel Pats will trade down from 72 to get an extra 5th between 131 and 183 since the gap is too big. What do you guys think?

    • macspak says:

      Most of the players and positions have been thrown about here with regularity. Its a fun exercise but the reality is none of us know but soon will find out.

  10. Tristan says:

    Patriots Mock:
    72 Demarcus Walker DT/DE Florida State – Helps with pass rush depth outside and inside, highly productive
    96 Chad Hansen WR California – has potential to be elite receiver, great size, hands, intelligence, solid speed, ball skills, long term starting outside receiver a more athletic Chris Hogan
    131 Antonio Garcia OT Troy – Athletic, raw, talented, plays hard, needs a little technique improvement still new to football but could be long term swing tackle with starter potential on left and right side
    183 Harvey Langi LB BYU – smart, hardworking adds depth to LB and has ability to rush passer
    200 Dalton Crossan RB/WR/PR New Hampshire – Swiss army knife, can play running back slot receiver return kicks/punts, a cheaper Christian McCaffrey just seems like a perfect fit for Patriots
    239 Chuck Clark S/CB Virginia Tech – has ability to play corner and safety, good tackler, high motor, can play all defensive back positions, productive reminds me of McCourty

  11. rob says:

    The more I look at next years schedule, the more I see a need to get bigger on the DL.13 of the games are against runners in the top 20 in the league and 1/2 the games are against teams in the top 10, rushing the ball.
    Josh Augusta, massive tackle out of missouri would look nice. Where would he go?

    • Stephen J says:

      I don’t have a real good feel for Augusta but late round 6-7th is my guess.

      • Stephen J says:

        I’ve seen him go in the 5th and undrafted. All over the place like many this year.

    • Stephen J says:

      CBS Sports has him ranked as the 405th player overall out of 1001 guys sounds more like an undrafted guy

      For those interested in all those players here is the link

      Once it comes up scroll down at the end of the 25th player you will see a button for all click on that and it will list them all

    • steve earle says:

      I believe most of us agree with you Rob Russell has Dalvin Tomlinson up front, I have Vincent Taylor at 131 and most of the others have DT’s included. Good observation on your part, looking ahead.

  12. Russell says:

    TOP TEN Undrafted guy’s the Patriots should get;
    1. – CB Jack Tocho
    2.- RB Dalton Crossan
    3.- OT Max Rich
    4.- Edge Jimmie Gilbert
    5.- TE Scott Orndoff
    6.- S Donald Payne
    7.- LB Ben Gedeon
    8.- OT Jylon Ware
    9.- QB Brady Gustafson
    10.- OL Eric Magnuson

  13. Russell says:

    Finial Patriots Draft Choices: In No Order;
    OT- Will Holden
    DE – Evan Schwon
    S – Eddie Jackson
    DT- Dalvin Tomlinson
    LB – Eric Wilson
    CB – Desmond King

    Hated to drop Jack Tocho, but he could go undrafted and they get him. Good luck to the rest of the group who are thinking about the patriots choices.

    • Stephen J says:

      There is medical concerns about Dalvin Tomlinson specifically relating to his hip

      • Russell says:

        Had not heard that about Tomlinson, hmmm may need to go with Wormley then, as both grade the same on my board.

  14. Stephen J says:

    Some thought to chew on

    I was pondering a few things that happened recently specifically 2.
    1 What Michael Lombardi said about Adoree Jackson
    2 The Pats interest in Marcus Maye.

    1. What if the Michael Lombardi report was a feeler to see where Jackson’s availability was
    2. What if the Pats showed interest in Marcus Maye to make other teams that have interest in him want to pull the trigger ahead of the Pats in order for Adoree Jackson to fall to a certain location they are targeting.

    Just a thought I’m throwing out there.

    • Russell says:

      They may like Maye, but he’s had minor injuries, I’m hearing Desmond King. BB knows Kirk Ferentz very well, and king is a 4 year starter, played 94% of the snaps on D over his career. No injury issues, works hard/film, 6.67 3- cone drill.
      I see King as more of a Chung replacement. Punt & Kick returner as well.

      • Stephen J says:

        Maye maybe the backup plan and or the chess piece/pawn to target Adoree Jackson is what I was saying.

        Yes I do think they are targeting someone my guess out of those 2 you mentioned is Basham then the other is Adoree Jackson.

        I got the impression that the Pats were unimpressed with King maybe something to do with his performance at the Senior Bowl. If he is their target then he should be available in the 3rd round at 72 without having to move up.

        • Stephen J says:

          Wow I could be totally off on Kevin King being there at 72 looks like the Eagles are targeting him in the 2nd possibly even moving back in the 1st and picking him up. They have the 11th pick in the 2nd round which would be the 43rd pick overall is I am not mistaken.

        • Stephen J says:

          Oops wrong King. Both the Eagles and Seahawks targeting Kevin King NOT Desmond King.

        • Russell says:

          I doubt Adoree Jackson,…. Not a senior, not as much experience.

        • Stephen J says:

          Here is what I like about Desmond King

          He had to cover Riley McCarron at Practice every day who compares athletically favorably
          with Brandon Cooks

          Brandon Cooks…………………..Riley McCarron
          5’9 3/4″……………………………..5’9″
          189 lbs……………………………….188 lbs
          4.33………40 Time……………….4.36
          36″………..Vertical Jump………40 1/2″
          120″……….Broad Jump……….124″
          6.76……….3 Cone………………..6.47
          3.81……….20 Shuttle…………..3.96

          PFF compares him to Logan Ryan who just went to the Titans

          which can be read here

        • Stephen J says:

          In PFF’s Mock Draft they had Desmond King mocked to the Cowboys at pick 60 on April 18th.

          To give you an idea of where he may go.

        • Stephen J says:

          Here is the Athletic Comparison between Desmond King and Logan Ryan

          Desmond King………………Logan Ryan
          201 lbs……………………….191 lbs
          1.57……….10 Yard Split…..1.58
          36″…………Vertical…………32 1/2″
          4.18……….20 Shuttle………4.06
          6.67……….3 Cone………….6.69

        • Russell says:

          great info Stephen, thanks!!

  15. Stephen J says:

    Is it a bolder prediction to say the Pats stay put with the picks they have or they combine picks or player with pick to move up.

  16. Stephen J says:

    Binkie for me is a player you just can’t get enough of. You just keep gravitating back to.

    Those players for me this year

    1st and foremost JoJo Mathis
    Safety Delano Hill tackling machine
    LB Eric Wilson
    RB I have two Brian Hill/Devante Mays
    WR What piece of candy did I like on which day no shortage here.(Top 10 list coming)
    Undrafted Free Agents (Coming)

  17. macspak says:

    Good morning to one and all,

    I thank Mike and all the participants, especially the voluminous writers, for making this an interesting, informative and fun site to come to. I’ve visited in the past but this was my first year really participating.

    Football and football talk does not end with the draft. I hope we figure out a way to actively continue this site throughout the year as we discuss other than mock draft issues.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Excellent point macspak,
      I plan on continuing to write here throughout the summer and into the season. It won’t all be draft related, but I have some topics I think should be fun and informative. Please, everyone, keep checking in regularly.

      • Russell says:

        will do…..I always have something to say/write…..:0) Have got your jaw off the floor yet??
        Tarell Basham, or Desmond King “IF” BB moves up.
        Baltimore is targeting King At #47.
        Carolina to trade up ahead of Jacksonville to get RB Fournette
        Arizona to take a QB #13

  18. Stephen J says:

    For those curious about the best “mock drafters” around the country the last five years:

    Our own Mike Loyko in the top 10. Way to go Mike.

  19. Tommy G says:

    If Hou offers JJ Watt and 2nd round pick for Grapp and a 3rd round. Do you think Pats consider it? We could use 2rd rounder to get QB Peterman.

    • Stephen J says:

      I’m not sure Houston would offer that but lets say they did without the 3rd. The Pats would want to JJ checked out by their doctors due to the injury(ies) he has sustained. If it’s a last minute deal probably not because of that reason unless they have secretly already checked him out health wise. Also JJ has mentioned last year an early retirement but recently said during his walk only rehab that he has been rejuvenated and is looking forward to playing again. It’s easy to be rejuvenated when you have recovered and are feeling well again but what if he has another injury will he then revert back to maybe its time to hang it up my body has had enough.

      • Stephen J says:

        JJ Watt is my all time Binkie and knowing him if he can’t give it 100% due to health that will not get better than he will likely consider retirement again. He is a pedal to the metal all out effort type of guy and if he is unable to be that then it will come down to does he love playing the game more at a lower level or he gave it all he had at maximum effort for as long as he could and he is happy with that. That will be up to him to decide when that time comes.

  20. Stephen J says:

    NFL draft: Sleeper S prospect Jordan Moore ‘a terror’ on field

    Just someone to be aware of

  21. Stephen J says:

    Here is a fanspeak mock I just did

    72: R3P8
    96: R3P32
    131: R4P24
    183: R5P39
    200: R6P16
    239: R7P21

    Fabian Moreau: was too good to pass up. Unlikely to me but someone is going to fall and in this mock it was Fabian

    Vince Beigel: Reliable health wise and I resonate with not only what Mike Gerken has said here but also what Mike Loyko just wrote about him in his mock draft where things stand on this site.

    Delano Hill: Best open field tackler and can play special teams

    Jeremiah Ledbetter: Here is something I came across recently that led me to select him as a DE not a DT

    Jeremiah Ledbetter…………………..Kony Ealy
    280 lbs………………………………..273 lbs
    4.80……………….40……………….4.92(combine) 4.69(pro day)
    1.67…………..10 Yard Split……….1.69
    33 1/2″……….Vertical……………..32″
    4.56…………..20 Shuttle…………..4.45
    7.55…………..3 Cone………………6.83

    Outside of the outstanding 3 cone by Kony Ealy they are fairly close from an athletic stand point. Another thing would be Ledbetter was former teammates with Trey Flowers. As far as a Patriot fit I personally don’t know but if they were looking for another big DE he would seem to do the trick.

    Samson Ebukam: We have talked about him as well but as a reminder here is how he compares to Haason Reddick athletically.

    Samson Ebukam………………Haason Reddick
    240 lbs………………………….237 lbs
    1.53……..10 Yard Split……….1.60
    4.34……..20 Shuttle………….4.37
    7.07………3 Cone…………….7.01
    39″……….Vertical…………….36 1/2″
    10’10″(130″) Broad……………11’1″(133″)

    With some training and experience you could have some version of Haason Reddick for a fraction of the cost.

    Then lastly Knappe the OT; Personally he would not be my tackle of choice but he was the best tackle I had to choose from that matched the Pats criteria.

  22. acm says:

    QB – honestly, no one
    RB – James Conner
    WR – Chris Godwin
    TE – Adam Shaheen
    OL – Ethan Pocic
    DL – Dalvin Tomlinson
    Edge – DeMarcus Walker
    LB – Haason Redick
    CB – Damonte Kazee
    S – Malik Hooker

  23. GM-In-Training says:

    My all-Binkie team:
    QB – Why?
    RB- Alvin Kamara
    WR- Some route-running prodigy…dunno who
    TE – Adam Shaheen
    OL – Julien Davenport
    DL- Dalvin Tomlinson
    Edge – DE Daeshon Hall
    LB – Tyus Bowser
    CB- Ahkello Witherspoon
    S – Desmond King

  24. Ryan says:

    QB – Josh Dobbs
    RB- Samaje Perine
    WR- Taywan Taylor
    TE – Jonnu Smith
    OL – Eric Magnuson
    DL- Jeremiah Ledbetter
    Edge – DE Jordan Willis
    LB – Elijah Lee
    CB- Damontae Kazee
    S – Josh Jones

  25. Russell says:

    CB Gareon Conley accused of rape April 9th, under investigation………………………….

  26. Turbo says:

    QB – Jerod Evand
    RB – Tarik Cohen
    WR – Taywan Taylor
    TE – George Kittle
    OL – Forrest Lamp
    DL – I don’t have one
    Edge – Tarell Basham
    LB – Jarrad Davis
    CB – Gareon Conley
    S – John Johnson

  27. Russell says:

    My all-Binkie team:
    QB – Alex Torgerson
    RB- James Connor
    WR- Jordon Westerkamp
    TE – Jake Butt
    OL – Will Holden
    DL- Dalvin Tomlinson
    Edge – DE Jordon Willis
    LB – Eric Wilson
    CB- Jack Tocho
    S – Desmond King

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