Building The Patriots Big Board: Offensive Line

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Before I get started, I wanted to send out a special thanks to Ian Logue over at for helping me get the website up and running. Without his help, I am not sure I could have ever gotten the site working again.

To wrap up the offensive side of the ball in this series, I will take a look at the prospects along the offensive line. The Patriots have put a lot of resources into the interior of the line over the past couple of drafts, but the jury is still out on some of those younger players. I think most fans of the Patriots who follow the draft thought the Patriots would look to add a Tackle in last year’s draft, instead using two additional picks on Guards. Once again, I think this year the team should focus on bringing in a Tackle, but this class is not very strong at the position, so finding the right guy could be tricky. The Patriots have always been able to think outside the box when it comes to their offensive line and I think there are some opportunities to get some talent if they do just that in this years draft.

Position(s): Offensive Line (Tackle, Guard, Center)

Priority: High (Tackle); Low (Guard and Center)

Current Roster:


Nate Solder (age 28, signed through 2017)

Marcus Cannon (age 28, signed through 2021)

LaAdrian Waddle (age 25, signed through 2017)

Cameron Flemming (age 24, signed through 2017)


Joe Thuney (age 24, signed through 2019)

Shaq Mason (age 23, signed through 2018)

Tre Jackson (age 24, signed through 2018)

Ted Karras (age 24, signed through 2019)

Chris Barker (age 26, signed through 2017)

Jamil Douglas (age 25, signed throught 2017)


David Andrews (age 24, signed through 2017, RFA 2018)


Position Overview:

Like I mentioned earlier, it would seem the Tackle position would be the area the Patriots would focus on and potentially use a draft pick on. Solder is in his final year and the team really has no one on the roster, short or long term to fill his role if need be. Thuney played well as a rookie and should have the Left Guard spot solidified for several years. Mason had his ups and downs last season, but you could see the growth and if he can continue on his current arc, he should be a solid option at Right Guard. Jackson and Karras are young guys that are still unknown factors and Andrews is solid, but unspectacular at Center, which is fine.

Tackles With A Draftable Grade:

Dion Dawkins, Temple (6’4″, 314 Lbs.): While many experts want to move Dawkins inside, I think he has the footwork and quickness to stay outside. He has long arms to keep defenders at bay. He plays with good balance and moves to the second level with good balance and smooth movements to be an effective downfield blocker. He uses his large frame and long arms to his advantage, making it difficult for rushers to get around him. He has a strong lower half and coordinated footwork to anchor against power. He does not panic when initially beat, showing the ability to re anchor and redirect. He has active hands, but needs some technical work on placement. He is a smart player that plays with a mean streak. Dawkins will play high at times, which creates balance issues. He needs some refinement with his overall technique. Dawkins relied on his power and aggressive nature to win more often than with technique. He does not have ideal height for the position. If he does not work out at Tackle, has the tools to be a top flight Guard as well. Grade: 2nd/3rd round

Antonio Garcia, Troy (6’6″, 302 Lbs.): Garcia is an athletic Tackle with smooth footwork. He is a former basketball player and he moves like one. He plays with goodfootwork to handle speed on the outside. He transitions his weight well and plays with balance, allowing him to handle inside pass rush and spin moves. He plays with a strong upper body and hands, showing the ability to control his man and take them where he wants to go. He does a nice job of keeping his hands inside on the defenders chest. Garcia has 40 career starts at Left Tackle. He did not face much in terms of NFL talent, but did a nice job in the Clemson game this past year. There are reports that Garcia has struggled to keep on weight and that could be an issue when he faces bigger, stronger opponents on a weekly basis. He will be 24 when he enters the NFL, so frame may be maxed out, limiting his growth potential. He must get stronger in his lower half to handle the jump in competition. Grade: 2nd/3rd round

Roderick Johnson, Florida State (6’6″, 298 Lbs.): While Johnson may not have protypical size yet, he has the frame to add bulk to get there. What he does have is athleticism and insanely long arms and huge hands. Johnson has the movement skills to handle speed rushers. He plays with an edge, blocking until the echo of the whistle. From a athletic and demeanor standpoint, Johnson has everything you look for in a prospect. From a technical standpoint, Johnson needs some work. He lunges far too often at his opponent, which gets his eyes down and off balance. His upper and lower body don’t always work in unison. He exposes his chest too much, allowing defenders to get their hands on his chest. This creates leverage issues and allows defenders to push him back. He will panic when he gets beat, leading to too many holding penalties. The raw skills are there, he just needs good coaching and some time to develop. Grade: 3rd/4th round

Julie’n Davenport, Bucknell (6’6″, 318 Lbs.): From a physical standpoint, Davenport has a prototypical Left Tackle body. He has mass and muscle in all the right places and could be the poster child for what a team looks for when describing their ideal Tackle. He shows good burst at the snap to get onto his opponent quickly. He has long arms and strong hands to keep defenders at bay and to move them where he wants to go. Davenport is a smooth mover who looks comfortable when blocking on the 2nd level. He has 44 starts at Left Tackle and was a team captain as a Junior and Senior. Davenport needs work from a technical standpoint. He must work on his timing and hand placement. He will panic vs. speed and gets grabby. He will be making a jump in competition and will need some time to develop. Grade: 4th round

Will Holden, Vanderbilt (6’7″, 311 Lbs.): Holden is another athletic Tackle that is light on his feet for a guy his size. He does a nice job forcing speed rushers outside and away from his QB. He is a smart player who keeps his head up and on a swivel, with the athleticism to move to his secondary blocks smoothly and efficiently. Holden does a nice job getting to the 2nd level and being an effective blocker. Holden is a smart player who does not panic when dealing with stunts and exotic blitzes. He struggles to shift his weight when changing direction, making him susceptible to inside moves. He needs work on hand placement as he was prone to getting holding flags far too often. He has a ton of starting experience and has versatility to play both Tackle spots as well as Guard. Grade: 4th/5th round

Conor McDermott, UCLA (6’8″, 308 Lbs.): McDermott is a former basketball player with athletic traits that clearly translate to the football field. He has vines for arms and huge hands to lock on and steer defenders. He is an easy mover, using his basketball background to shuffle his feet efficiently. He is naturally athletic with smooth movements. Despite his height, he is a natural bender that does not reach or bend at the waist. He is quick out of his stance and uses his long arms to lock out defenders quickly. McDermott’s body is still developing and needs to get stronger everywhere. He really struggles with power as he lacks the lower body strength to sustain defenders push. He needs work with arm placement as he exposes his chest to defenders way too much, giving them a huge target to push. He lacks the upper body strength to deliver a strong punch. He lacks the lower body strength to keep his legs going and drive defenders back as a run blocker. All the athletic traits are there, but McDermott will need time to develop and may never be strong enough to handle power in the NFL. Grade: 5th round

Jerry Ugokwe, William & Mary (6’7″, 321 Lbs): Ugokwe has rare size for the position. His body is well proportioned and he has insanely long arms and huge hands. He is surprisingly quick out of his stance and has smooth feet for a guy his size. He does a nice job of using his length to his advantage and made blocking look effortless at times. He is still relatively new to the position and needs work from a technical standpoint. He tends to lunge at defenders and gets himself off balance. Ugokwe was able to win purely on his physical attributes in college will be making a big jump in competition. All the physical and athletic traits are there, but will be a long term work in progress, but the upside is intriguing. Grade: 5th/6th round

Dan Skipper, Arkansas (6’9″, 305 Lbs.): Skipper is an interesting prospect. What I like about his game is that he plays with a tenacious demeanor and physicality that is unexpected. He has above average athleticism, especially for a guy his size. He is much more developed as a run blocker than pass protector. He moves well with the ability to get out in space and block at the 2nd level. Skippers height is actually a disadvantage as he is almost too tall to ever win the leverage battle. He struggles with hand placement and will open his chest up to bull rushers. He is not a natural leg bender and hands end up on top of defenders shoulder pads, leading to holding calls. He is a smart player with a ton of experience in a pro style offense, which will help him get on the field quicker. He may not ever win a starting job, but could be a valuable swing Tackle that could play some Guard as well. Grade: 6th round

Interesting UDFA Options:

Max Rich, Harvard (6’7″, 311 Lbs.)

Storm Norton, Toledo (6’7″, 308 Lbs.)

Brad Seaton, Villanova (6’9″, 311 Lbs.)

Javarius Leamon, South Carolina State (6’7″, 332 Lbs.)

Jon Heck, North Carolina (6’5″, 300 Lbs.)

Andrew Lauderdale, New Hampshire (6’6″, 296 Lbs.)


Guards With A Draftable Grade:

Dion Dawkins, Temple (6’4″, 314 Lbs.): See above

Dorian Johnson, Pittsburgh (6’5″, 300 Lbs.): Johnson is a powerful player with excellent physical measurements for the position. When he plays with correct technique, he is a true road grader who dominates at the point of attack. He is a fluid athlete that does a nice job working his way to the second level. He has a wide frame and long arms to engulf defenders. He almost always wins when defenders try to match up with him power vs. power. Where Johnson struggles is with speed and leverage. He tends to play high, negating his power advantage. His upper and lower body are not always moving in unison, which creates issues vs. speed. He needs to clean up his hand use. He has a ton of experience at both Guard position and has played some at Tackle, which I think he could do in the NFL in a pinch. Grade: 3rd round

Ethan Pocic, LSU (6’6″, 310 Lbs.): Remember when I talked about the Patriots thinking outside the box, well this is one of the players I was thinking about. A center in college, Pocic has the size and the fluid athletiticism to possibly even move outside to Tackle. He showed in college that he could pull and he looked comfortable in space. He played with good hand technique at Center and that should translate well to Guard or Tackle. He needs to get stronger, but showed good balance and lower body flexibility to re-anchor when pushed back. He also needs to get stronger as a run blocker, as in college he was more of a get in the way kind of guy, rather than a mover. He has a workable frame that can add bulk. Pocic has the mental makeup I look for in my Lineman, playing through the whistle. Pocic brings obvious versatility to the line and has starting potential at all 5 positions. Grade: 3rd round

Sean Harlow, Oregon State (6’4″, 303 Lbs.): Harlow was a Tackle in College with a ton of experience, but is one of those guys who will be best served moving inside. He is a physical player who will overpower defenders as a run blocker. He plays smart and with a nasty streak. He shows good recognition of blitzes and seemed to direct his teammates where to go. He plays with good balance, keeping his feet under him, allowing him to re-anchor when knocked back on initial blows. He broke his leg in 2015 and his mobility has never fully returned. He needs to use his arms better as he allows defenders into his chest too often. He was a team captain this year and is said to be a team leader and truly loves the game. Harlow could be a Day 3 steal if he can regain some of his quickness and mobility from the multiple surgeries he has had on his leg. Grade: 5th/6th round

Interesting UDFA Prospects:

Andrew Eide, BYU (6’4″, 303 Lbs.)

Corey Levin, UT-Chattanooga (6’3″, 307 Lbs.)

Jake Eldrenkamp, Washington (6’5″, 297 Lbs.)


Centers With A Draftable Grade:

Jon Toth, North Carolina (6’4″, 307 Lbs.): Toth has ideal physical attributes for the Center position. He has long arms and a wide base. He is a smart player with a lot of experience at the position. He has the strength to latch onto defenders and move him where he wants them to go. When he uses proper technique, he is a good pass protector, but he is inconsistent and tends to get too high. He is a reliable player (fbs record with 48 consecutive starts) and a team captain. He has seen everything and does a nice job of getting his teammates in the right position. He works better in small areas and is not smooth working to the next level. Grade: 6th round

Interesting UDFA Prospects:

Cameron Tom, Southern Mississippi (6’3″, 291 Lbs.)

Jay Guillermo, Clemson (6’3″, 298 Lbs.)

Final Thoughts:

While this class is not considered very good, escpecially at Tackle, there are a few players that I would be excited to see developed in the Patriots system. Again, I focused most of my efforts on the Tackle position, but there are some Guards who could bring versatility along the line and potentially be an upgrade. Although a guy like Pat Elflein would be an intriguing wildcard if he fell to the 3rd round, I would have a hard time pulling the trigger on a Center with the other needs this team has.















83 Responses to “Building The Patriots Big Board: Offensive Line”

  1. Stephen J says:

    Another Diamond in the Ruff

    Jason Thompson is a third string quarter also second string Safety who was Utah’s Special Teams standout.
    Utah defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley said “He’s a coach’s dream, as far as being team-first and I’ll-do-whatever-you-ask-me-to-do, And he’ll do it 100 percent. He just never complains and gives it everything he has. You look at his notebook — copious notes. It’s about all the little details, and that’s why you can trust him.”
    Not only does he have the coaches respect but his teammates selected him as 1 of 5 team Captains this past year. He is always one of the first guys to the ball on special teams. He is a clean up tackler, a lane destroyer in punt coverage.
    Thompsons attitude “I love safety and special teams, I get to run around and hit people so I love it.”

    From Utah football: Captain Jason Thompson has proven a ‘special’ team player
    By Steve Luhm The Salt Lake Tribune and

    Jason Thompson giving all he can

    Jason put in an incredible pro day.
    He is 6’1 1/2″
    210 lbs
    4.44 40
    4.01 20 Shuttle
    6.57 3 Cone
    39 1/2″ Vertical
    11’1″(133″) Broad
    20 Reps on the Bench

    Someone to watch as a late 7th round pick or a Priority Undrafted Free Agent

  2. Stephen J says:

    Isaac Asiata visiting Pats also Antonio Garcia visiting Pats.

  3. Stephen J says:

    Let me throw this out here would you trade both Jimmy G and Malcolm Butler (that is along as Malcolm signs his tender) for the 1st overall pick. To use as a reference point it seems like the Saints were willing to use the 32nd pick for Malcolm and the Browns seemed to show interest in Jimmy G for the 12th pick plus an additional pick. How true/accurate that is, is another story but if that’s the case would the 12th+ that additional pick(Jimmy G) + 32nd pick(Malcolm Butler) be enough or the equivalent value to that 1st pick in order to make that trade happen. Would that be fair value for both teams and would you sign off on that trade.

    • steve earle says:

      No, not both but I would trade JG for the 1#1 ,and Butler for a mid 1st if there was someone like McCourty signed but not for the #32 alone. Just my opinion.

    • Russell says:

      I’m not sure BB would want the 1st pick. Looks less & less likely Garoppolo is traded. Butler I think is a done deal with the Saints, for picks this yr. if Butler signs; or Picks next yr. if he waits till after the draft. Interest in Jason McCourty is dependent on money.
      Will be interesting to see if Devin restructures his contract to save $2-3 mil. to help sign Jason??

      • steve earle says:

        Again, BB could trade the 1#1 down a couple times and end up with up to four including a 1st. Still I would settle for 1#12 and a 2nd. BB would likely still trade down both for additional picks. I do agree it seems less and less likely either is going to happen.

  4. Stephen J says:

    A Small school prospect with big talent WR Richie James from Middle Tennesse State. 1st he isn’t in this years draft class he was a sophomore this year.
    He had 108 receptions for 1346 yards and 8 TD’s plus 12 rushing attempts 146 yards and 1 TD as a freshman.
    This year he followed that up with 105 receptions for 1625 yards and 12 TD’s plus 38 rushing attempts for 339 yards and 4 TD’s. He became the 6th player to ever rush for more than 200 yards(207) and have over 100 yards receiving(120) in the same game.
    Don’t think well that’s is against small school teams. Well as a freshman he had 10 receptions for 95 yards against Alabama.

    Here is a few of his plays

  5. Stephen J says:

    RB Brian Hill takes a hit and keeps on running

  6. Stephen J says:

    Mike isn’t going to like this post but I was just looking at the carry to fumble ratio and noticed that Curtis Samuel is a problematic fumbler 1 fumble for every 69.8 touches ouch. I was also looking at his combine and noticed he is below average in his broad, 3 cone which the Pats go gaga over and the 20 Shuttle. Then to top it off I’ve seen more body catches than I like. Things that you don’t hear much of if at all about him.

    • steve earle says:

      Although an intresting prospect I can’t see him as a high priority but rather a lower mid rd pick for the Pat’s. Currently he is being mocked up as high as a 2nd rd in some mocks, can’t see it myself.

  7. Stephen J says:

    Well I believe he has been mentioned here in passing but here is another OT that keeps coming up that I’ve become intrigued with.

    OT Andreas Knappe UConn

    His Pro Day

    6’8 1/2″
    312 lbs
    30″ Vert
    106″ Broad
    5.17 to 5.25 40

    His hamstring tightened while running the 40 so no shuttle or 3 cone results and how much did that hamstring effect his 40 time.

    Here is a breakdown of him in which I am in agreement with for the most part.

    One thing I disagree with is pushing people to the ground

  8. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft and Predictions. 17.0

    Possible trade Jimmy G. to Cleveland for the 33rd and 52nd pick of the 2nd round.
    2 (Possible trade) T.J. Watt OLB Wisconsin
    2 (Possible trade) Roderick Johnson OT Florida St.
    3 Davis Webb QB California
    3 Nazair Jones DT UNC
    4 Noah Brown WR Ohio State
    5 Blair Brown ILB Ohio
    5 Avery Gennesey G Texas A&M
    6 Sam Rogers RB Virginia Tech
    7 Cole Croston OT Iowa

    • matt says:

      I’m not sure if the Pats would trade Jimmy G. If they did then the Browns would deff have to give up more then that. At least a 1st round pick maybe the Browns 12th pick. And with that they could get a better pass rusher then TJ Watt. Why would the pats give a team what they want with out having to give something up.

      • Dan Sullivan says:


        I don’t think the Patriots will get more than two second round picks for Jimmy G. and were its such a deep draft the value is still there in the second round.

        Enjoy the Draft.

        • matt says:

          Do you think the Pats could get a good pass rusher the 2nd round. I do know the draft is deep at some spots like TE & RB but not at QB for example.

    • Russell says:

      like Cole Croston OT from Iowa , a pipe line for o-lineman. Played both LOT & ROT with OK tape. I did a lot of study on him Last year. His Tape does not jump out at you, sound technique, slow foot quickness. Better run blocker than Pass blocker, edge rushers with speed an issue, strength an issue, minor injury issues.
      Again as a developmental guy, possibilities, could play inside is a plus, at 6’5″ 304 lbs.

    • Stephen J says:

      Blair Brown is interesting.

      In 2016, only Reuben Foster had higher overall and run-defense grades than Brown

      131 total tackles tied for the second-most among FBS ILBs

      Very quick to diagnose and attack plays

      He rarely loses gap integrity, and is possibly the best tackler in this linebacker class per PFF

      Now the down side

      His play against the pass, is disappointing, however, as he struggles to quickly read the QB and identify targets.

      His height and weight 5’11 1/2” 238 lbs he gets taken out of plays by bigger offensive players and also faster running backs who catch the ball in the center of the field.

      Is likely only a 2 down player.

      His comparison is Elandon Roberts

      Elandon Roberts……………..Blair Brown
      5’11″………………………….5’11 1/2″
      235 lbs……………………….238 lbs
      4.26……..20 Shuttle……….4.18
      7.23…….3 Cone……………6.92

      If he is drafted by the Patriots then it will be because they think he is better than Elandon
      Roberts and that they think Blair Brown can improve in passing downs.

  9. Stephen J says:

    Joe Mathis update

    He tweeted out that his Medical Recheck went well

  10. Stephen J says:

    Here is a Big RB from a small school but has faced top tier competition.

    Joel Bouagnon from NIU(Northern Illinois University)

    He is 6’1″ 230 lbs

    In his Junior year he played in 14 games and had 283 carries for 1286 yards and 18 TD’s that’s 4.5 yards per carry and He had 13 receptions for 131 yards (10.1 yards per reception) 0 TD’s to top it off he had 0 fumbles.

    In his Senior year he played in 12 games 182 carries for 885 yards and 8 TD’s. He had 17 receptions for 157 yards and 1 TD also 0 fumbles.

    In his career he had 600 carries for 2911 yards 31 TD’s 44 Receptions for 368 yards 3 TD’s and 1 Fumble. Total 644 touches 3279 yards and 34 TD’s with 1 Fumble

    At his Pro Day he ran a 4.56 40; A 34″ Vert; A 10’2″(122″) Broad; A 6.83 3 Cone; A 4.20 20 Shuttle and did 20 reps for the bench press while weighing 230 lbs at 6’1″ according to NFL Draft Bible.

    Someone said he is great in pass pro, quick choppy steps, lots of power and shiftiness in tight spaces.
    From the little bit of tape I watched on him I saw the quick choppy steps and him being shifty in tight spaces.
    He faced Ohio State in 2015 although his carries per yard went down he was used more often in the passing game where he had 6 receptions.
    When he did go against better competition his production did seem to be around that 3.3-3.4 yards per carry instead of that 4.8 range

    • Stephen J says:

      I watched more film on Joel Bouagnon.
      A few things I came away with is he is not the most exciting back to watch and for a big running back he isn’t a power back although he does move the pile at times most of the time the pile is moved with the help of the OL men. He is like a large snake and slithers through the smallest of holes its amazing and he seems to do it consistently. He will occasionally break loose for a big gain but most of his gains are in the 2-4 yard range. Hardly ever see him pushed back. He isn’t the type of back where he will make something out of nothing but seems to get that extra 1-3 yards when he appears to be stopped or have nothing.
      He is a good blocker. He seemed to be like the half back blocking for the QB on quite a few plays in the different games. As far as pass blocking goes he does a fairly good job but needs to be more aware at times, meaning on one play he cut a blitzer down off his feet and I guess he thought that was it but the blitzer got back up and then made a play. Then there was this one other play where he went low to take out another blitzer but was leaped frogged. Outside of those two plays he did well blocking/protecting.

    • Stephen J says:

      In the game against Wyoming both he and the Oline had issues with fast/quick defensive players. It seems if you disrupt him before he gets going he is like a deer in head lights and goes no where.

  11. Russell says:

    Look for the Patriots to make Jason McCourty an offer, say 3yrs. – $14.5 mil. Devin may restructure his deal to free up some money. Why not, Tom Brady does !

    • steve earle says:

      How old is this McCourty, 31 I thought I read? Now it seems to me if BB wouldn’t give Butler 14+ Mil, he being 27 yo and proven, why would Bill give it to an outside, older guy? Makes no sense to me unless there is more going on in the locker room then we know about.

      • Ryan says:

        McCourty’s 29, and I think that Russell means 14.5 million TOTAL, not each year. Definitely a reasonable offer.

  12. Stephen J says:

    Alabama State OT Jylan Ware has 7 pre-draft visits lined up per a source. He will be racking up frequent flyer miles this month according to

    What is so interesting about Jylan Ware

    317 lbs
    4.92 40
    4.70 20 Shuttle
    7.96 3 Cone
    29″ Vert
    113″(9’5″) Broad
    Arm Length: Long

    Dane Brugler of CBSSports writes Ware played in a run heavy offense at Alabama State and flashed the raw power to redirect defenders with his long arms and grip strength, but was even better in pass protection, showing the lateral movement skills to mirror and cut off speed. He is a developmental project with upside.

    • Stephen J says:

      Jylan Ware showing off his Athleticism

    • Stephen J says:

      Jylan Ware OT(LT) #79 Alabama State

      • steve earle says:

        Sure looked dominating against the comp. Measurements suggest he has a good chance in the pros. Someone to watch.

        • Stephen J says:

          His highest name recognized competition was against Grambling State before he was invited to the Grid Iron Showcase Bowl in Jan. He looked good there as well but still a long way off to what he will be facing in the NFL with that said he managed the small jump up in competition well.

        • steve earle says:

          He looks like a prospect all right, I did notice his 3 cone vs the time you have for Solder below was a bit slower. How much do we assign to that in your thinking?

        • steve earle says:

          Correction, it was the shuttle time I refered to not the 3 cone.

        • steve earle says:

          No I’m getting things all mixed up here flipping back and forth. Sorry for the confusion, I plead old age.

        • steve earle says:

          Okay one more time: Solder’s shuttle was 4.34 his 4.7 so I was right the second time? Guess I’ll take a nap now.

        • Stephen J says:

          The historical average for OT tested at the combine in the 20 shuttle time is 4.77.
          Out of 38 recorded 20 shuttle times in this years OL class 29 of them were above the 4.70 recorded by Jylan Ware.

        • Stephen J says:

          above meaning slower

        • steve earle says:

          I understand what you mean in reference to other OT’s tested, thanks for clearing that up. I had been wondering in compairson to Soldres time would that be a serious issue, how important is that particular test time?
          Sorry for all my confusion yesterday I really was tired and not thinking clearly. Sleepless night.

        • Stephen J says:

          Remember Solder was also drafted in the 1st round and big part of that was due to that elite athleticism.
          In regards to the 20 this is my understanding and may not be completely accurate. It tests the lateral quickness and hip flexibility so in regards to OT’s lateral quickness is that side to side shuffle they do to mirror the oncoming Defensive guy. With hip flexibility shows how well they can anchor sink those hips in this case laterally which helps provide better balance so that you are not too upright and more easily knocked off balance by the opposing defender. That hip flexibility also helps with agility or the ability to move easily and quickly in short areas (also helps in recovery when beaten). The last thing it does is when you are able to anchor those hips you get more explosion and for Tackles where that comes into play is when they are pushing a D lineman back to knock them off balance.

    • Stephen J says:

      While looking for his Arm Length I saw that his wingspan is 84 1/2″

    • Russell says:

      Yes Stephen I have Ware on my draft board as a 6th-7th round guy , who could go undrafted.

    • steve earle says:

      This guy sounds good, where do you see his draft range? So many small school players are coming to light mostly thanks to you Stephen J. Truth be told I’m having a hard time keeping up and deciding. (Kid in the candy shop syndrom) But keep them coming I love it.

      • Stephen J says:

        The thing that is exciting about him is that most of the Tackles in this class would be Right Tackles but he can be a Left Tackle. Now you may start him out on the Right side as he develops and fills in but eventually he can be a starting Left Tackle. That is what will cause his value to rise. What will cause his value to be lower is the competition he has faced. So unlike Sebastian Vollmer who wasn’t a combine invitee either played at Houston and faced some higher level competition Jylan Ware will not be going in the 2nd round. The highest I see him going is around our 2nd 5th round pick at 183 yet I’d feel that is a bit of a reach. I’d feel more comfortable selecting him with our 6th round pick at 200 and would feel good selecting him with our last pick and he would be a steal as an Undrafted Free Agent.

  13. steve earle says:

    Well with two weeks to go and new mocks coming out I’m joining the party.
    I’ve devised this mock to include the remote possability that BB gets a 1st and 2nd picks , but to still be valid if he doesn’t.

    1 maybe) Charles Harris DE Mizu (very good rusher and sets an edge)
    2 maybe) Tyrus Bowser OLB/DE ( intense edge defender)
    And if Bill fails to get above choices
    3#72) Kareem Hunt RB Toledo ( we all know of him thanks to Mike)
    3#96) Joe Mathus DE Wash. (Solid edge setter complement to Harris above or alone)
    4#131) Vincent Taylor DT Okla St. (Early rotational DT)
    5#163) Jon Toth OC Kty. ( Good developmental and backup need)
    5#183) Samson Ebukan OLB E.Wash. ( very raw with great upside)
    6#200) Eric Wilson ILB Cinn. (Early ST with backup roll to come)
    7#239) Xaviour Coleman CB Port.St. (Has tools to become reliable slot CB
    Sorry unable to find a future OT that I had faith in 3rd day where I looked.

  14. Stephen J says:

    One guy I find intriguing that isn’t mentioned here is JOSEPH DIEUGOT from FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL

    The Patriots were at his Pro Day while there was no direct connection with him (The other possibility is TE Jonnu Smith) I believe that he may have caught their attention from the Shrine Game.
    At the Shrine game Dieugot had the longest arms at 35.6″ while he weighed in at 299 that is up from 293 standing at 6’6″. Lets compare him to Nate Solder.

    Joseph Dieugot………………Nate Solder
    35.6″……Arm Length……….35 1/2″
    Where he differs from Nate is in his speed.
    4.87……20 Shuttle…………4.34
    Now is that enough to loose interest I don’t know.
    What I do know is you can’t teach arm length as well as the other athletic traits that compare well.

    Now onto the film.

    His ability to recover and redirect defenders. He consistently wins the hands first battle with D-Lineman.(That speed doesn’t show up in the 40 and 20 shuttle). His awareness (which may come from being a former DE himself) keeps him from being fooled on twists and stunts. He mirrors and matches well. He quickly diagnosis’ plays from defenders.

    His weakness that is best said from

    Needs time to add functional mass and muscle to his body which will help him to drive stronger defenders off their spot as a base blocker. Has difficult time keeping hands punch ready during his kick-slide. He also has issues keeping his weight back and on the inside of his post foot.(In other words he tends to lean forward too much) All technique work which I’m sure Dante Scarnecchia can work with

    BOTTOM LINE Intriguing physical traits and tools, but he will need technique work in order to eliminate some of the bad habits that are holding him back

  15. Russell says:

    The Titans released CB Jason McCourty today. Good bet the Patriots are interested. McCourty was set to make $7 mil. this year.

    • matt says:

      It would be nice if pats got him. What was the reason for releasing him?

      • macspak says:

        Money, couldn’t agree on a restructure. Will be interesting to see what he wants. I think he was set to earn $7 M this year. I’m sure the Pats will be interested but can and will the sides make the money work?

    • Ryan says:

      If McCourty is willing to accept $6 million or less, I can’t see this not happening. An interesting result of this bumper crop of DBs is that quality FAs are being neglected, and if that helps us win now I won’t complain.

  16. Russell says:

    I expect Carolina to trade up with the 49ers, to get RB Fournette ahead of Jacksonville who wants him.
    I also think Arizona trades up, Jets? to get QB Trubisky.

  17. Mike Gerken says:

    One Guard that I meant to write up but forgot when the site crashed is Jermaine Eleumunor out of Texas A&M. 6’3″, 332 Lbs. He is a big dude that is a physical mauler. He has raw skills with lots of upside and has played Tackle and Guard. He is still learning the game and would be a great developmental player under Scar. I like him as a 4th rounder.

  18. Russell says:

    Patriot also met with restricted Free agent RB Damien Williams, 25 (Miami). Nice size at 5’11” 221 lbs. & collected 65 receptions in his career. Because Williams was undrafted, NO draft choice needs to be spent, just $1.79 mil. deal or better.
    HOWEVER; Williams was suspended twice (2013) and later dismissed from Oklahoma football for team rules issues. HMMMMMMMM

  19. Russell says:

    Patriots are showing interest in Free agent, RB Mike Gillislee, which would require the Patriots first, 5th round draft pick. My guess is the Bills match what ever the Patriots offer Gillislee, ( 2 yr. $6 mil. ???)

    • Russell says:

      Brurkhead was the guy the Patriots wanted, and a far better fit than Gillislee in the Patriots offense.

    • Tim D says:

      I love Gillislee’s running style. I hope they sign an offer sheet regardless of the bills likelihood of matching. Didn’t work with Emmanuel Sanders, but maybe it will work this time.

  20. Russell says:

    Patriots Mock;
    3d- DT- Dalvin Tomlinson, I would go DE- Chris Wormley or LB Jarred Davis here if available as the highest rated prospects that MAYBE available.
    3d- S – Delano Hill, Maybe early here but BB wants a Chung future replacement, and BB has a history of taking prospects early IF he grades them valuable to his system.
    4th- OT- Will Holden, A developmental prospect with Solder type qualities.
    5th- LB – Eric Wilson, A quicker LB with Special teams abilities.
    5th- OG/T- Eric Magnuson, A solid prospect with scheme flexibility.
    6th- DE- Evan Schwon, 6’5″ 261 lbs. 4.68 40 yd. Interesting prospect.
    7th- LB/DE- Jimmie Gilbert, 6′ 4″ 230 lbs. 4.67 40 yd. A prospect with a lot of skills.
    Undrafted signings;

    WR- Jordon Westerkamp
    QB- Alex Torgerson
    S – Donald Payne
    OT – Max Rich

    • Stephen J says:

      Another possibility with Eric Wilson that no one seems to be talking about is him playing Safety. He played Safety previously. Why not bring him back as a big Strong Safety you know Patrick Chung’s position.

      Eric Wilson ………….Patrick Chung
      6.96………3 Cone….7.11
      4.31……20 Shuttle…4.24
      39 1/2″….Vertical…..34″

  21. Russell says:

    Nice job Mike ! Miss the site when your off line! The key to drafting an OT is the developmental side of the choice. Will Holden is my favorite, his back ground (life in a Military Family) is interesting from a discipline/ work ethic point of view.
    Skipper is my least favorite, his tape is underwhelming.

    • macspak says:

      Yes Mike. Nice job fixing/restoring the site. I, and I am sure others, were beginning to get withdrawal symptoms.

      Two weeks, or two weeks and one day, to go!

      • Mike Gerken says:

        you should have seen me. I was just sitting in the corner in a dark room just rocking back and forth biting my fingernails. I am not a code guy, but Ian had me up and running in now time. A true savior for sure.

  22. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft 16.0
    3 Adam Bisnowaty OT Pittsburgh
    3 Dalvin Tomlinson DT Alabama
    4 Danny Isadora G Miami
    5 Taquan Mizzell RB Virginia
    5 John Johnson S Boston College
    6 Noble Nwachukwu DE West Virginia
    7 Jacob Hollister TE Wyoming

    A big offer for Jimmy G. could be on its way to Pats from Browns.

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