Building The Patriots Draft Board: Quarterbacks

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

If you are new to this site, or need a refresher on my draft board series, here goes. Several years ago it came out that the Patriots typically have a much smaller pool of players that they are willing to pick than other teams. While many NFL teams may have 150 or more players on their board, it has been said that the Patriots are somewhere closer to 100 players and maybe even as low as 75. So, for the past couple of draft seasons, I have watched the tape and tried to come up with a board similar to what I think the Patriots might have. I have had some decent success and the day I get every Patriots pick on my board is the day I will retire. If you like my writing and this site, I think you are safe for awhile. I did much better two years ago than I did last year, so I am hoping for a bounce back year this year.

Position: Quarterback

Priority: Low

Current Roster:

Tom Brady (age 39, signed through 2019)

Jimmy Garappolo (age 25, signed through 2017)

Jacoby Brissett (age 24, signed through 2019)

Position Overview:

We start off with a relatively easy position from a Patriots perspective. Luckily for the Patriots, they have the greatest Quarterback of all time on their roster and he shows no signs of slowing down. I say that because this QB class is not very good, and that is me putting it nicely. I do not have a first round grade on any of the QB’s in this class and wouldn’t really want to take any of them until later on day 2 of the draft. With the limited draft picks the Patriots have, I would rather they not use one on a QB. If the team decides they need to add a QB, maybe an undrafted guy might be an option.

Quarterbacks with Draftable Grades:

Brad Kaaya-Miami (6’3″, 214 Lbs.): Good size for the position with a frame to add more bulk, which is needed. Kaaya has good throwing mechanics with an easy delivery. He is a smart player that shows good touch and accuracy on throws to all levels of the field. He has adequate arm strength for the position, but would benefit from getting stronger so he can make those tougher NFL throws on a consistent basis. He is a streaky passer, looking great for stretches and then very inaccurate for stretches. One of the few QB’s in this class who reads a defense and will look at secondary options. He must get quicker at doing this though. Kaaya needs to learn to throw with anticipation as many of his throws are late getting to his receiver.  Everything must get quicker. He does have experience in both a shotgun and pro style offense. He is much better when he gets the ball out quickly and would fit into the Patriots style of offense well. (5th round grade)

Jerod Evans-Virginia Tech (6’2″, 232 Lbs.): Evans is a project that would have benefited from going back to school for another year. He has good size and bulk to hold up at the position. He has an NFL ready arm. He shows good touch on his deep throws and can gear up to make the throws that require more velocity. He is a plus athlete who can throw on the run and is a threat with his feet. He makes quick decisions and can get rid of the ball quickly. Evans has footwork and mechanical issues that lead to inaccurate passes. He is a one read guy who will force throws into tight windows. He needs time to develop, but the raw traits are there. (6th round grade)

Interesting UDFA prospects:

Alek Torgerson-Penn (6’2″, 218 Lbs.)

Chad Kelly-Ole Miss (6’2″, 224 Lbs.) Would have had a draftable grade had it not been for off field issues.

Sefo Liufau-Colorado (6’3″, 232 Lbs.)


So there you have it. Like I said, an easy one to get started with. As you can see by the lack of names on that list, I just don’t really want too much to do with this QB class. I will hit up the Runningback position next, so you can be assured, there will be more names on that list. I will let everyone guess who will be the first name on the list will be.















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  1. nick says:

    these are my top players for the pats.

    Josh Jones, S/CB – NC State
    Tyus Bowser, DE – Houston
    Tanoh Kpassagnon, DE – Villanova
    Howard Wilson, CB – Houston
    Julian Davenport, OT – Bucknell
    Harvey Langi, LB – BYU

    feel like jones and bowser will be gone by end of round 2. hopefully we can find a way to move up in the draft.

  2. Russell says:

    Over his Career; Adrian Peterson avg. 1 fumble every 71 carries. ( 6 in 2015) LeGarrette Blount Career; avg. 1 fumble in 89 carries, one in the Super Bowl. (3 in 2016)
    Each of these guys are Not great when we look at Fumbles.
    0% chance Patriots sign Peterson, In my opinion.

    • steve earle says:

      Agree Peterson is most unlikely. Even at his vet min. we could do better value wise. Besides not a position in desperate need.

  3. Stephen J says:

    OMG How did this not get any attention

    WR Riley McCarron – Iowa Pro Day
    5’9″, 188 lbs
    4.36 forty
    3.96 shuttle
    6.47 3-cone
    40.5″ vertical
    10’4″ broad jump

    Did anyone else hear about this
    That 3 Cone is outrageous plus sub 4.0 20 shuttle throw in a 40.5 vert plus straight line speed
    Does anyone know anything about him
    How are his hands his football smarts his route running ability.
    Got to watch me some Iowa games

    • Ryan says:

      Absolutely unreal. This guy was hardly a threat for Iowa, but he’s got unquestionable NFL athleticism. Worth a look as an Amendola upgrade, for sure.

    • GM-In-Training says:

      Pro days are hand timed, and I wonder if those stats didn’t benefit a bit from eager fingers.

      That said, he scored a punt return touch down in college, and 5 receiving TD. Not a ton of productivity. He weighs 184#, which is a bit light for the punishment a slot guy takes.

      Interesting for a rd 7 or UDFA.

      • Stephen J says:

        They said he ran each event twice and in the 3 cone they were identical and in the 20 shuttle they were 100th of a second difference or vice versa. So they could be a little off but hard to imagine several people doing it twice being a huge difference but then again look at what happens at the combine each year with times but in that return you were talking about as you watch it you can see him gaining separation as they were running down the field and that is straight line speed not the change of direction speed where he excels at.

    • Stephen J says:

      Watched the 1st half of the Iowa vs Wisconsin game 2016 before going to bed. This is what I noticed while watching Riley McCarron. The very 1st play involving him appeared to be a drop but was hard to tell since the picture was a distant one and the DB body was in front so he could of got a hand in there. There were a couple of plays where he was open and the QB didn’t see him due to pressure. He made a couple of catches for a 1st down. He had one TD reception called back due to a TO being called so that there wouldn’t be a penalty(Play clock ran down to 0) While watching those plays I can see on tape some of that athletic ability but definitely needs work and refinement. Could really seem him develop the cutting/route running because his change of direction is ridiculous. It seems like he is still learning as you watch some plays because he seems like he is deciding which way to cut or when to cut but when he knows when or where there is noticeable separation. Where he needs improvement in cutting is in planting his feet and taking sharper cuts his is more rounded. The one thing I did notice was on one play where he lined up on the line he got man handled pushed around maybe that is why he seemed to line up like a 1/2 to 1 yard behind the line of scrimmage consistently so as not to get jammed.

    • steve earle says:

      Every year there is some guy(s) with amazing test numbers but the question is did they produce in games? If not why? Having great test numbers is not always the sign of a good football player. I’m not to excited by this guy until I see great production record.

  4. Stephen J says:

    Dolphins showing significant interest in Chris Wormley & Taco Charlton. And K State DE Jordan Willis. Josh Jones & Charlton visiting Davie per Sports Illustrated Simon Clancy

  5. Stephen J says:

    Zay Jones

    All this talk about the best hands in the draft, let your work speak for itself

  6. Stephen J says:

    Yes one of my favorite gems this year had this written about him by

    Insiders are still buzzing about the performance that another Combine snub cornerback, Xavier Coleman, put on in front of 15 teams on Wednesday.

    The 5-foot-11, 189 pound Coleman — a third team All-American pick in 2016 — put forth the type of all-around performance that will almost surely get him high priority free agent looks, if not drafted outright. He was clocked between 4.46-4.52 on two attempts at the 40-yard dash and had a 40-inch vertical and 10-5-inch broad jump. Coleman also was clocked at 6.81 seconds in the 3-cone drill, 4.13 in the short shuttle, 11.40 in the long shuttle and recorded 17 repetitions on the bench press.

    Coleman, a two-time team captain, leaves the Vikings with 35 starts in his career, totaling 152 tackles, 32 pass breakups and nine interceptions.

    • Stephen J says:

      He compares on the physical athletic side to Logan Ryan fairly well

      Logan Ryan………………………..Xavier Coleman
      191 Lbs……………………………..189 Lbs
      20 Shuttle:4.06…………………..4.13
      Vert:32 1/2″……………………….40″
      Bench:14 reps…………………….17 reps

  7. Stephen J says:

    Josh Norris tweeted that the Bronco’s have the last two picks of the draft this year 252 and 253.

    That got me thinking there was 330 players invited to the combine. So just the invites alone there is 77 players that won’t be drafted and that doesn’t even count the combine snubs from all the different pro days and regional combines. Not to mention CFL standouts and to a lesser extent overseas players starting to show up.

    Many Applicants not many openings.
    The chance to show your talent and make a name for yourself for many will be Undrafted Free Agents.
    Which will be interesting once again at least for me. Looking forward to see who lands where.

    • Russell says:

      yes and maybe 20-30 guys are drafted who did not attend the combine, out of that 253.

      • Russell says:

        there will likely be 300 undrafted guys who are signed, after the draft.

        • macspak says:

          I’m not entirely sure but it seems like there presently are fewer players on the roster than the norm at this time of year. If so, we will be seeing many more of those FA’s this year than is the norm. And more likely ultimately making the team.

  8. Stephen J says:

    This from Aaron Wilson

    Carson-Newman CB-WR-KR Kevin Snead (4.22 to 4.26) at Tennessee Pro Day, 37.5 vertical, 10-11 broad jump. Met with 15 teams

  9. Stephen J says:

    Here is my latest more realistic mock draft on Fanspeak

    72: R3P8
    96: R3P32
    131: R4P24
    163: R5P19
    183: R5P39
    200: R6P16
    239: R7P21

    Fabian Moreau fell due to pro day injury(Torn Pec underwent surgery will be back by Summer Training camp). Will he fall that far in actuality maybe/maybe not but was a value pick at that point.

    Kareem Hunt. Don’t really need to say much here. Will he be there at this point he is a tough one to project some have him going higher some in this area and some lower. He has been on the rise recently and if they do draft a RB in that 3rd-4th round and Hunt is gone one that I am starting to like is Wyoming RB Brian Hill if you are unfamiliar with him here is a very nice break down on him

    Edge/LB Joe Mathis not much needs to be said here as well. Another one that’s difficult to project where he will land. I can say this much though. I’ve been watching a lot of players and he is the most complete package I’ve seen. Now that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need work or improvement. I think he finally was putting it all together and injury strikes. If it wasn’t for that I believe we wouldn’t be talking about him because he would have been a top 20 pick.

    Edge Vince Biegel He is one of those players that I came across early and said he’s OK a solid player then kept coming back up. Put up a solid performance at Senior Bowl. Then at the combine/pro day put up respectable numbers. Then I viewed a draft breakdown of him and realized he is a smart football player who may not be the athlete that I look for but fits the Pats criteria plus he hasn’t missed games due to injury.

    Delano Hill The tackling machine this is the perfect spot for him to be taken gives him time to develop/refine his craft. Can play special teams while refining that craft and can fill in for Chung without being a huge liability.

    Eric Wilson The heat seeking missile play maker. Now while he may never be an every down player he certainly has a role. Can play specials teams at a high level as well as fill in on certain downs.

    Mack Hollins He may not be well known but he is a Special Teams Coaches dream. Outside of being face of the organization like Slater is. He certainly can fill Slater’s role position. Now I am not saying he is on the level of Slater but he is real good. If not for a broken collar bone that needed surgery and ended his Senior season early we would be talking more about him.

    • macspak says:

      Your best one yet – IMO

      • Stephen J says:

        Thanks I appreciate that.
        Also curious as to what you liked in this one.

        • macspak says:

          More emphasis on D than O, which I think is a need. Picking positions of needs. Picking good players at spots where they likely will be available. Only positions we are missing is OT and TE but with limited picks we can’t fill all needs. Maybe trade TE or OT for WR in the 7th? Adrian Peterson coming in for a look. Maybe that replaces picking Hunt and can go TE or OT with that pick. And of course we can try to fill all those positions with FA’s like is mentioned in another thread. Again, real nice job.

        • Mike Gerken says:

          I really like that draft. If that happened I would have a big smile on my face. Lots of guys on that list i am very high on.

        • Russell says:

          No O-lineman in this draft. I feel the Patriots will draft an O-lineman.

        • Stephen J says:

          Here is where the OT’s went
          110: R4P3
          111: R4P4
          112: R4P5
          OT WILL HOLDEN
          LA RAMS
          Kareem was pick 96 so would of have to have taken one of them with that pick to me that was to soon was aiming for pick 131.
          The other spot I was looking at OT was the last pick l was looking at Andres Knappe, and Max Rich both were on the board so my thinking was to take Mack Hollins and pick up one of those OT’s in Undrafted Free Agency the odds of that happening was greater than Hollins going undrafted.
          The other option was to pick Sam Tevi at 200 instead of Eric Wilson. Tevi went at pick 228.

        • Stephen J says:

          There is one other option I could have done as well and that is to take Pocic at 131 instead of Joe Mathis. Pocic went at 145 in this Mock.

        • Stephen J says:

          That forfeited lower 4th round pick would of been in that spot where we could have had either Davenport or Holden

  10. Russell says:

    Looking at DE/OLB late in the draft, this Evan Schwan 6’5″ 262 lbs. 4.68 40 yd. looks interesting. He interviews well, could be a future Ninkovich type replacement.

  11. Stephen J says:

    Who is one player the Pats have shown interest in that you hope they DON’T draft

    For me that player is Harvey Langi

    I can say that I have been going back and watching more games of him to see what the Pats like in him and just in case they do select him. Though I have warmed up to him more and saw where he has developed I’m still not gung ho on him. I just think there are better players at that position than him.

    I can say this though one of the games I watched with him is the BYU vs Toledo game if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. They went back and forth right down to the very end.

  12. Russell says:

    Looking at the Patriots roster, OC for the value of the position, seems thin behind Andrews, with OG Karras, or OG Mason backing-up OC.
    Pat Elflein seems solid, but Ethan Pocic offers more position flexibility.
    Hard to see the Patriots taking an OC early, but a guy like Pocic that has played OC,OG, OT for a big time program seems interesting. Elflien fits as a solid OC.
    just a thought……

    • Stephen J says:

      I like Pocic for the reason you’ve pointed out. He can play all the positions but specifically C/OT there aren’t many who can do both at a quality level like him. Since the Pats are looking at OT have you heard anything in regards to Pocic and the Pats at that OT position.

      • Russell says:

        I have NOT heard of any interest by the Patriots (a good sign?) in Pocic , who could be available a #72. I would think they would want coach Scar. to work with him.

        • Turbo says:

          All we need is 1 developmental OT for the OL, so i really hope we’re not going to draft Pocic.

        • Stephen J says:

          Turbo who are your choices for the OL and when

        • Turbo says:

          Julien Davenport 4th, Will Holden 5th, Javarius Leamon 7th, Andres Knappe 7th, Max Rich 7th

          I really like Knappe, he’s a really good pass protector, but of course he’s a project as well.

        • Stephen J says:

          Nice list. Now what if Pocic fell down into the 4th(pick 131) would you take him over Davenport

        • Turbo says:

          In the 4th probably yeah, cuz that’s really good value, but he’s not gonna last that long.

        • Stephen J says:

          The reason I bring that up is this, Many teams seem to think he is to big to play center so they are viewing him as either G or T mainly tackle from what I heard. Now he has been mainly evaluated as a C so that T position is a projection. That being a projection would lower his value which would cause him to fall to an area where teams felt comfortable with their projection. Now with this class being weak in OT’s but deep in CB/S/Edge and a couple other positions it’s hard to say how it will play out but there is a possibility of him falling down due to all those factors if I were to venture a guess say a 10-15 percent chance that is why I bring him up in conversations as a possibility.

    • Russell says:

      On tape Pocic is better than Elflien, in my opinion; But Pocic had a better O-line around him. Pocic’s game translates better to the NFL.

  13. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriot Predictions and Mock Draft. 14.0
    M. Butler stays a Patriot giving Pats best CB tandem in league.
    Jimmy G. gets traded to Browns for two second round picks and a third round pick this year.

    2 (Possible from Browns) Trey Hendrickson DE Florida Atlantic
    2 (Possible from Browns) Dion Dawkins G Temple
    3 (Possible from Browns) Nathan Peterman QB Pittsburgh
    3 Conor McDermott OT UCLA
    3 Vince Biegel OLB Wisconsin
    4 Marlon Mack RB South Florida
    5 Kenny Golliday WR Northern Illinois
    6 Channing Stribling CB Michigan
    7 Matthew Godin DT Michigan

    • steve earle says:

      Pretty good mock Dan though I can see BB trading JG without a 1st rd’er being part of it. That does not negate your draft however because BB has a history of trading down 1st’s. You may just have to add a couple more picks in there somewhere. Nice work.

      • steve earle says:

        Another oops!!! That should read Can’t see BB trading JG without a 1st rd’er in there. Sorry!

      • Dan Sullivan says:

        Thanks Steve as BB always makes draft very exciting as he is not afraid to make moves.

        Enjoy Draft!

        • steve earle says:

          Enjoying the draft(s) has often escaped me in the actual events. More often I’m pulling my hair out, or would be if I had any left. It takes me a couple days usually to come to grips with them. But thank you for the good thoughts and hope you can enjoy it.

    • Stephen J says:

      Hey Dan your missing a 5th round pick we have 2 (163 and 183) or was one of those involved in the trade.

      • Dan Sullivan says:

        Thanks for letting me know the other 5th is Darius English DE South Carolina.

        Enjoy Draft!

    • Matt says:

      Why would the Pats trade Jimmy G for that. If they were to trade him they should trade him for the Browns # 12 pick in the 1 st round and there # 33 pick in the 2nd .

      • Dan Sullivan says:

        First it’s a very deep draft and the Patriots could do very well in second and third rounds.
        Finally if you can get that from the Browns that is great then do it.
        I do think the Browns will go after Jimmy G. as they have improved their offensive line quite a bit.

        Enjoy the Draft.

  14. Stephen J says:

    I did a Fanspeak Mock Draft
    I selected Kyle Crabbs Big Board because it was new
    Look how it played out

    72: R3P8
    96: R3P32
    131: R4P24
    163: R5P19
    183: R5P39
    200: R6P16
    239: R7P21

    Then I realized it is April 1. Geesh even computer generated programs are getting into April Fools.

  15. Russell says:

    #72- DE Chris Wormley; Because he’s not a great pass rusher he could be available here. I have Wormley & DT Tomlinson, 1-2 on my Patriots draft board for the DL position.
    #92- S Delano Hill; I think BB drafts a Chung replacement for 2018.
    #132- OT Will Holden; Time to starting training a new LT, & have a solid back-up for injury to OT Nate Solder.
    # 163- LB Erick Wilson; A Nate Ebner type special teams guy, ( Bye Grissom) with LB quickness to add to the Patriots LB group..
    #183 – CB Jack Tocho; A strong tackling, smart prospect that reminds me of Devin McCourty when interviewed.
    # 200- TE Scott Orndoff; A solid blocking TE with a high upside as a receiver.
    # 239- S Donald Payne; Doubling -up on S but such a strong tackler, special teams starter, with Mingo gone..

    • Russell says:

      I think BB adds to his special teams with the loss of; Mingo, soon to be gone Grissom, Bolden, and Matthew Slater (11 years ) in the last year of his contract. This offers up 2-3 roster spots for special teams, from this draft class.

    • Stephen J says:

      The one thing I am thinking in regards to Tocho is this. I like him as a corner but it’s the type of corner he is, an outside corner. Where I’d think we would be looking for is more of a nickel/slot corner.
      As of right now we have 2 starting outside corners and with each passing day Butler is looking more likely to play another year here which would make 3. Tocho’s lateral movement is below average which makes it extremely tough to cover those shifty slot receivers. Now if Butler leaves this year Tocho would give Eric Rowe a stiff challenge. He may not take over right away but could after a year.

      • steve earle says:

        Excellent points regarding corner depth. I’ve been taking it for granted for a while now that Butler will be back which is why I have Damontae Kazee on my mock. He’s a smallish player but quick, good in coverage and a deadly tackler so as a lower mid rd pick seems a real fit to me. There may be a few bigger CB’s in that range but I like him best for the slot.

      • Russell says:

        I agree with Tocho mostly an outside CB. But Depth is important if Gilmore misses time or Butler or Rowe. After Butler is traded, Tocho backs- up Rowe.

  16. steve earle says:

    Taking advantage of the day I am presenting my most current mock. If it doesn’t go over well I can claim it as a joke. I’m going with what we have already and only one small potential trade mid rd.

    3#72) Kareem Hunt RB Toledo (Good all purpose RB & fills out position nicely)
    3#96) Daeshon Hall DE Tex A&M (Brings youth and quality to position, early contributor)
    4#131 Here I would consider tradind down for a high (ish) 5th and a 7th this year (or a 6th next yr.) 5#?) Damontae Kazee CB SDS (Small but good coverage and tackler, good slot CB)
    5#i63) Connor Harris ILB Lindenwood (Smallish playmaker, instinctive &productive)
    5#183) Samson Ebukam OLB E.Wash. (Athletic with high upside, developmental)
    6#200) Andrew Eide OL BYU ( Plays all line positions, good test numbers, developmental)
    7#239) Jaravius Lemon OT S.Car.St. (Has all the measurements & good test numbers, another developmental case)
    7?) If there is one) To many choices here to settle on one now.

    I know some of these picks may be reaches but I think all are good fits for the Pat’s. Some are under sized by Bill’s usual standards but given ability’s and potentials I like them. Also this is not a projection of how I think BB will draft only how I would.

    • steve earle says:

      Looking over and thinking about this mock and that unfilled 7? pick why not go with another sma( Has the sizell school guy?
      7?) Rasheed Coward DT Old Deminion… (has the size and power of a run stuffing NT) It’s an extra 7th what the heck?

    • Russell says:

      last 7th….. S Donald Payne (Stephen’s find) 6′ 223 lbs. 4.48 40 yd, 6.75 3-cone drill

    • Russell says:

      Who is this RB Hunt kid, seems like I’ve heard his name here before?? :0)………

    • Stephen J says:

      Daeshon “Gumby” Hall

      OK now I have to go check out Jaravius Lemon. Get familiar with those OT’s they have a definite interest in that spot

      • steve earle says:

        Can understand how you lose track of some guys given all the research you do Stephen. If I remember right I think it was Mike who first found this kid. Has kind of a mixed up history (no red flags) struggling to get where he has. In need of a coach like Scar to bring him up to full potential.

  17. Stephen J says:

    Here is a DT Rashard Coward that I would bring in as an Undrafted Free Agent maybe even select him in the 7th

    Someone put together clips of his and highlighted him in a few plays here

    • steve earle says:

      Yea, I have this kid on my board I think you listed him before so I checked him out then. Agree he’s worth bringing to camp. The other guy you found earlier, Samson Ebukam from E.Wash. really intrigues me. Samson I think is worth a draft pick, I’m thinking our #183. Am I reaching, to low, what do you think Stephen?

      • Stephen J says:

        Thanks Steve I knew I looked at Rashard but wasn’t sure if I shared it here. As far as Samson goes good question I have him in that 3rd tier of DE who also could play LB role. He can rush the passer set the edge drop back in coverage but is raw but also has the athletic tools to excel. Now that 1st tier being the Watt/Tyus Bowser/Derek Rivers the 2nd tier being Trey Hendricks then he would be the top of that 3rd tier which would be in that 183 area. Now from a Pats perspective they usually don’t pick up that type of player until the 6th round area which would be the 200 pick.

        • steve earle says:

          Yes you did share on Coward and the more I thought on it I think you also commented on Ebukam saying you thought around the 5th or 6th rd. too. Your very consistant, a good thing in my mind, and thanks. I think I’ll pencil Samson in at #183 on my next mock. I like his upside potential.

  18. C M Dale says:

    I like Nate Peterman pf PITT a lot but I think most people have him in the 4th-5th round and not sure PATS want to use a pick there for a QB.

    As far as big back to replace Blount, James Conner of PITT has got to be a target in 4th round. He would be a perfect fit to compliment the backs we have in tow.

    I am not a PITT booster but that was a school that BEAT Clemson AND Penn State so they had quite a bit of talent on the squad. Scott Orndoff the TE might be a good 7th round or UDFA to bring aboard for camp also.

    • steve earle says:

      Good points and welcome to the conversation C.M. I think you a new voice? Always good to have new input.

    • Russell says:

      Hi C M Dale; I;ve liked TE Scott Orndoff in my mocks for awhile, good eye!!

  19. Stephen J says:

    Are you ready for a Big RB. Well I think I finally found one.

    Meet Mr Devante Mays

    He had his pro day today
    He is from Utah State University
    He is 5’11” weight 230 lbs
    Vert of 40.5″
    Broad of 129″ or 10’9″
    Bench 22 reps
    40 time one said unofficially 4.47 another said officially 4.44
    3 cone was run but couldn’t find a time for it. But as I timed it, it was around that 7.0 sec range maybe just slightly under. Here is the video

    Now that is the athletic part check

    Now for how he did on the field. He only played 2 years. Have to do more research on that but it sounds like JUDCO but don’t know for sure right now.

    Well in his 1st year(2015) he had 165 carries for 968 yards 5.866 yards/carry he had 1 reception for 9 yards for a total of 166 touches and 0 fumbles.
    In his 2nd year(2016) he only had 37 carries for 259 yards 7.0 yards/carry with 1 reception for 8 yards totaling 38 touches and 0 fumbles once again.
    Between the 2 years that was 204 touches with 0 fumbles.

    The reason for the drop off in touches was due to injuries.

    • Stephen J says:

      Here is his highlight video

      • steve earle says:

        Runs like Blount. Has quick feet to make guys miss and if they don’t miss they pay. Tapes show he doesn’t go down easy and always going forward. Pheesh, how was this guy missed?

  20. Stephen J says:

    This from ProFootballFocus

    Washington CB Kevin King didn’t allow a single touchdown in 2016 and just one in his last 28 college games.

    Nice, he also crushed it at the combine as well. Cha Ching

  21. Stephen J says:

    Somethings I came across while looking for nothing in particular

    Patriots Extra: JJ Watts younger brother TJ Watts worked out for the Patriots earlier this week

    Tony Pauline: Trey Hendrickson, participated in both defensive line and linebacker drills, looking terrific in each. I’m told he showed great quickness and explosion and was fluid moving in every direction

    Since the Pats seem to be looking at OT’s here is one Geoff Gray University of Manitoba had his Pro Day yesterday and here is how he fared

    • steve earle says:

      TJ Watt’s would be great. To bad we don’t have a draft pick high enough to select him.

      • Matt says:

        Yes TJ Watt might be a good player in the NFL Lets hope he can pace himself unlike his brother that does not.

  22. GM-In-Training says:

    I predict 1 UFA and 1 veteran FA for camp arms. If JG goes, I also expect a practice squad QB.

    If we learned anything last year, it’s that Tom Brady does really well when the regular season is only 12 games.

  23. Stephen J says:

    I haven’t really looked at the QB’s but from what I’ve seen If Jimmy G was traded and we were going to draft a QB l would say Davis Webb late 3rd or 4th for an earlier QB but if they went later say 6-7th Cooper Rush is fine since both played in a pro style offense just one is a little more refined/developed

  24. Russell says:

    I would not be surprised if the Patriots brought in an undrafted QB they could carry on their P-squad this year. I would be shocked if they drafted a guy; unless Garoppolo is traded. I’ve heard of their interest in QB Alek Torgerson and he seems like a good prospect. The only other QB they mat show interest in ,could be Patrick Towles 6’4″ 240 lbs., 9.5″ hands.

  25. Todti says:

    There’s only one QB I’m looking for this year: Cooper Rush. He’s described as being cerebral, on and off the field. My favourite quotes from the profile are “Has bachelor of science degree in actuarial science off-the-field and masters in full-field reads on the field. Juggernaut in film room.” and “Makes all the pre-snap decisions rather than looking to sideline. Quick processor able to scan and decide rapidly.” He played under center in a pro-style offense and shows “natural accuracy”. His problem is a lack of strength, like he’s not strong at all leading to his throws hanging in the air and he’s likely limited to a timing-based offense. Which is not really a problem in New England. Lance Zierlein’s conclusion: “Processes as quickly as any quarterback I’ve studied over the last five years and has the anticipation and accuracy to counter his lack of velocity.”

    He should be a solid #3 behind Brissett in the future and worst case scenario is that he’s a future coach.

    • Russell says:

      I agree with Cooper Rush, however I’m betting he gets drafted 5th-6th round, and I don’t see the Patriots drafting a QB ; unless Garoppolo is traded. BUT if I was drafting a QB I agree with Todti, Cooper Rush!!

      • Mike Gerken says:

        I gave Rush a UDFA grade, but I could see him getting drafted. I really wanted to like Rush more because he did come from a pro style offense and he seems to have the off field intangibles teams are looking for, but he has some pretty bad mechanics that might be too complicated to change. He also has a below average arm. Those 2 things combined make him too big of a project for me. I guess there would be no harm bringing him as a UDFA, but I don’t see much upside there.

        • Todti says:

          I completely agree and I think Brissett is intriguing enough that he will be the backup #1 in the future. Having Rush as a backup – I think you can draft him late and get him onto the practice squad this season – and smoothly transition him into a coaching job would be great.

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