Scouting Report: Tre’Davious White (take #2)

Have my thoughts changed on White since I originally wrote this report over a year ago?

Have my thoughts changed on White since I originally wrote this report over a year ago?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken



So, what you are looking at below is the scouting report I wrote for Tre’Davious White on October 8th of last year. I watched him and loved his game and made the mistake of assuming that he would declare early and be in last year’s draft class. We all know what happens when you assume something. Anyways, I thought it would be fun to go back and look at what I wrote then and in bold will be any updated thoughts I have on him. I wish I was more computer literate to do this a little cleaner, but this is the best I could come up with. So, on that note: here is my scouting report on Tre’Davious White….again.

The DVR is filling up quickly with games to watch and prospects to scout.  The problem is time.  Where is it going? This fall has been crazy to say the least. If it is not work, it is a rambunctious 3 year old begging for time.  This past weekend, I had to, I mean I had to, travel back to watch the Cyclones play in potentially their last winnable game of the season.  But to show you my dedication, here I am on my wedding anniversary (love you, honey) writing about yet another corner back who could hear his name called when the Patriots finally get on the clock.

Name: Tre’Davious White (#18, was #16 until this year)

School: LSU (Jr.)(Sr.)

Height: 5’11”(Senior Bowl)

Weight: 191 Lbs (184 Lbs. Senior Bowl)

Games watched: vs. Miss. St, vs. Auburn, vs. Syracuse

2015 Game Log Tackles Interceptions
9/5 McNeese State Cancelled No statistics available.
9/12 @Mississippi State W 21-19 6 5 1 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
9/19 Auburn W 45-21 6 2 4 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
9/26 @Syracuse W 34-24 4 4 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
10/3 Eastern Michigan W 44-22 1 1 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


From a physical standpoint, White has a prototypical NFL corner build. He is not a tall corner that has become all the rage the last few years, but he has adequate height and looks to have long arms.  He plays wide outs with good physicality but is not overly grabby. He does not win every battle, but he held his own against the much bigger, more physical De’Runnya Wilson.  White football intelligence has improved from year to year and it really showed up in the Auburn game several times when he read the wheel route and passed off his receiver to the safety to take the running back.  Watching the plays back several times, you could see that the quarterback was intending to throw to the running back but had to tuck and run because the play was just was not there. White showed very good movement skills in the games I watched as well. He stays low in his back pedal and he is able to flip his hips quickly and smoothly.  White also showed off his athleticism by returning punts. He has good speed and shiftiness to elude would be tacklers.  So far this year, White has not been thrown at all that much. As I said above, he held his own in the Mississippi State game.  He gave up some catches, but they were contested.  In the other games, I just didn’t get to see enough to really comment on his ball skills. I suppose if you are covering so well that the other team doesn’t throw at you, that is a good thing. I thought White did a nice job tracking the ball this year, better than last year for sure and looks to be an improved play maker from that standpoint. I also saw an improvement in his run defense.  I also think White showed that he is scheme versatile and should be a factor on special teams as a rookie. 


There is not a lot of negatives to talk about when you look at White’s game. One area of concern for me is his effort when it comes to tackling.  For a guy who plays so physical in the passing game and a guy who returns punts, he just doesn’t look like he wants anything to do with taking down the player with the ball. I think this is an area he still needs to work on.   Now I know that his tackling ability is not what will get him drafted high or be what makes him successful at the next level, but his effort level on some plays that he could have made or helped his teammates make at times was disturbing.  I got the sense that he would much rather let someone else do the dirty work. Another thing that caught my attention but was not as egregious was his technique. At times his footwork would get a little sloppy and it led to him playing higher than normal. This was one area I think he made huge improvements from last year to this one. It never really hurt him in the games I watched, but it is something I want to keep an eye on. It showed up late in the MSU game and that was when he started giving up catches to Wilson. He did recover however and finished the game on a high note. Another thing I noticed watching him this year is that he can be bullied by bigger receivers. He seems to be in decent position but still allows receivers to make plays because they out physical him for the ball. White needs to toughen up and play more physical if he is going to play outside and have success.


White is another guy in the long line of quality players at the corner back position to come out of LSU.  Is he the best of the bunch, no, but he has all the tools to play at high level in the NFL.  For me, the concern comes in the form of effort (may not have been effort, but lack of physicality)  and tackling.  I want to see him step up and be a factor when the ball is not thrown to the guy his is covering.  Too many plays where he is content with letting his teammates make plays that he could have made or at least helped make.  If he can learn to put as much effort into the other aspects of playing defense as he does into his coverage, he could be special. He is a guy I definitely want to watch more of this year.

Random Thoughts:

We all know about LSU running back Leonard Fournette, but a guy that kept catching my attention was #33 Jamal Adams. He is only a sophomore, so he is not draft eligible, but he has already shown a very intriguing combination of size, speed, and physicality.  He has played safety, linebacker, and corner already this year and should be a name to keep on your radar in the next couple of years. I had not read this report until today and had completely forgot about this little note I put at the bottom. I am not sure if I did any of these “random thoughts” on any of my other reports, but thought it was interesting that Adams had already caught my eye a year and a half ago.


Well, there you have it, my re-release of a report done last year. It is interesting to me to go back and see what has changed and what has stayed the same. There were a few other reports I did on guys who ended up not declaring, so I may do this for them as well. I have linked the original report here as well if you want to see the original report without the edits.


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64 Responses to “Scouting Report: Tre’Davious White (take #2)”

  1. steve earle says:

    Darn, Darn! I promised myself not to do another mock until after the combine but with all the other mocks I just can’t restrain myself. Given nothing will end up like this here goes.
    Based on possibility of trading JG to Cleveland for #12

    1#12) O.J. Howard TE Ala. Based on the uncertainty at the position.
    1#32) Charles Harris DE/DT Mizu If he slips to here, position of need.
    2#64) Chidobe Awuze CB Colo. Possibly a bit early still good value and need.
    3a ) Carlos Watkins DT Clem. Solid inside defender with penetrating ability.
    3b) Jordan Willis OLB Kan.St. Another solid prospect for the edge.
    4) DeVeon Smith RB Mich. Down hill runner with a little wiggle and YAC +
    From here down my crystal ball a little fuzzy but try this.
    5) Jon Troth OC Kentucky He could go a little earlier or later, but adds competition.
    6) Jaravius Lemon OT S.C.St. Sleeper with up-side.
    7) Ethan Cooper OG Ind-Pa. Another sleeper with upside who may go earlier but WTH.

    • Russell says:

      great looking mock, Steve. Interesting we don’t have one of the same prospects!

      • steve earle says:

        Yea, I didn’t notice that, cool! I think that could be because this is a pretty good draft for us, lots of depth in areas of interest as well as some rather intriguing prospects in other areas. Gotta love it.

  2. Russell says:

    I don’t see my Mock Draft changing much more;

    QB Garoppolo is traded with the Patriots 3d (#96) to the Bears for 2nd (#36) & 3d (#67) & 2nd & 4th in 2018.

    1st pick;#32…… S Eddie Jackson 6′ 194 lbs
    2nd (bears); #36 .CB Fabian Moreau 6′ 195 lbs.
    2nd pick; #64……DE Chris Wormley 6’5″ 297 lbs. OR DT Dalvin Tomlinson 6’3″ 312 lbs.
    3d (Bears) #67….OT Will Holden 6’7″ 315 lbs
    3d Cleveland
    Compensatory..LB Jimmie Gilbert 6’4″ 230lbs
    4th pick………..RB Kareem Hunt 5’10” 205 lbs.
    5th Denver……WR Jordon Westerkamp 5’11” 194 lbs.
    6th Hicks
    Compensatory..SS Montae Nicholson 6 2″ 215 lbs.
    7th Detroit ……TE Scott Orndoff 6’5″ 265 lbs.

    • macspak says:

      certainly hits what seems to be our primary area of probable immediate needs with longer term depth.

      I still believe free agency likely creates different immediate or depth needs.

    • Russell says:

      I like the first 4-5 picks and may move them around on my board. I like S Tedric Thompson better than, Nicholson who needs work , but has better size.
      DT Dalvin Tomlinson could be my 1st pick, But S Eddie Jackson is a GREAT fit. CB Moreau is not as high on most draft boards and could go a little later.

    • steve earle says:

      Excellent mock Russell within the trade scenario you outline. I would be very happy if it happens like this. Forgive me though I still think Bill goes for a 1st, jmo.

  3. td says:

    Pat’s used to value smaller CB’s that had top shuttle times at combine and could play primarily zone. Now we have CB’s that are a combo of physical and can play press and zone at times. Seems the position requirements have changed quite considerably since the mid 2000’s. BB always liked the shorter, quick guys for a zone because they were much cheaper than say a guy like Revis in his prime by multitudes.

    Not sure what he looks for in CB’s these days, but it is a combo of zone and press and we will probably lose Logan Ryan to fa, then a decision will be coming down about Butler whom has to be one of the best bargains in the NFL at $600,000.

  4. D. Martin says:

    I would like to see Amendola’s contract restructured, Floyd signed to a sweetheart deal of a contract due to his value being diminished by his off field conduct issues, I want Blount brought back on a two year, incentive laden deal.

    Also, I would really like to see Desean Jackson brought in. He’s got years in the league and money in the bank. I bet he’d like a chance to play meaningful football next January on a championship caliber team, and I think he’d take a bargain salary to make that happen.

    • macspak says:

      giving us


      how would you allocate playing time, presuming you have all making the team?

      • D. Martin says:

        Good point. I suppose keeping them all on a 53 man roster would be difficult. I was very disappointed by Amendola when he first arrived and struggled with injuries for a season or two. However, I have rather grown to appreciate him as a clutch player. It’s funny how he fades into the background and reemerges to make huge plays at critical moments in the biggest of games. However, I would cut him if necessary to resign Floyd and sign Jackson for many reasons. Mostly because they each offer a different skillset, something not already provided by Edelman and, to a lesser extent, Mitchell and Hogan. I think Jackson has proven to possess explosive, game changing ability and that was with the (quarterback-less) Eagles! I think Floyd was a first round talent for a reason and the league has yet to see what he can do because he was lost in the fold in Arizona.

    • EdgeX says:

      I agree want DA’s contract restructured.

      I don’t think Floyd has really done much to prove he belongs on the team. Honestly not impressed with him.

      I don’t like DeSean Jackson at all – guy is a thug. Reminds me of Aaron Hernandez – we don’t need that on our team. I think he would disrupt the chemistry we already have in the WR position.

      • Russell says:

        I’m not a fan of WR Jackson, But I do think their is a place for WR Floyd, for 1 yr. $2 mil. His size adds something the Patriots don’t have, & he showed me he could block.
        Remember BB does not do much in free agency until he sees who is not signed after the first two weeks.

      • macspak says:

        I think we all came to appreciate and “love” Amendola over the last few years. I hope he does restructure and comes back on a 2 year deal at about $2.5 M per year BUT BB will not be sentimental or backward looking. If he can get a younger player at good value going forward he likely pulls that trigger. (I’m still thinking Thielen from MN) A caveat impacting Amendola and Floyd is that Floyd will be cheap and he will begin the year suspended, probably for 4 games, opening up that extra roster spot and maybe giving DA, or somebody else, life. The thing about Floyd is look at his size and athleticism. Russell is right, he brings what no other WR brings and I don’t think a late season fling in our offense is the best or fairest way to evaluate him – never mind the circumstances which “drove” him here. Plus, can anybody forget “that” block?

  5. Turbo says:

    Pre-combine mock:

    Patriots trade Jimmy G to Clevland for 2017 2nd (50) + 2017 3rd (65) + 2018 3rd

    Also trade one of our 5th for a 6th and 7th.

    1) Zach Cunningham LB
    2a) Gareon Conley CB
    2b) Tarrel Basham DE
    3a) Evan Engram TE
    3b) Tyus Bowser LB
    3c) Taywan Taylor WR
    4) Josh Johnson S
    5) Jamaal Williams RB
    6) Storm Norton OT
    7a) Josh Tupou DT
    7b) Xavier Woods SS

    • Jeff says:

      Lots of reasonable picks here, but I’m not sure the Pats will be looking to add 2 more linebackers in the draft with Van Noy, McClellin, Roberts, King, Freeney, Bates, and *hopefully* Hightower on the depth chart. They usually play only 2 backers at a time, and 3 at the most, so having more than 6 bodies may not be necessary. Of course some of these guys could be upgraded, but I would think that other areas would be a greater priority.

      • Turbo says:

        I think Hightower is going to sign elsewhere and I wouldn’t be surprised if we cut McClellin to be honest, he’s not worth 3.5 million. And even though i like Elandon Roberts he’s only good against the run, so that’s why i picked two LB.

        • macspak says:

          I have no problem with two LB’s and I also believe, strongly?, that McClellin is gone. I just don’t see the one or two skills that set him apart to make him a keeper. Kind of mediocre in everything (except maybe jumping over the center/guard)

        • Jeff says:

          Fair enough, but I think the cap savings from cutting him would be less than $1.5 million. If they get other guys he and/or Freeney could both be cut, but my best bet at this point is that he did enough where other roster spots are more at risk – for example, Lengle as a backup TE or Grissom at DE.

  6. macspak says:

    BTW – Kudos to Mike for recognizing Jamal Adams’ talent as early as he did. Quite impressive. Looks like Adams now is a sure fire top ten pick. NICE JOB!

  7. steve earle says:

    @ Russell- Just read your article at footballnation. It all makes good sense until you get to the point where Pat’s get Chicago’s 1#3. You seem to be stuck with the concept that BB would have to use that pick on a prospect. Where is that written anywhere in the universe? In all likelihood he would trade that pick down, as he has so often done with early picks not nearly that high, and accumulate a bundle of additional picks. Doing so there would be no huge contract devoted to one player but several manageable contracts to several players. So where is the flaw in this logic?

    • D. Martin says:

      Unless there is no one sitting on the board at the number 3 overall pick that teams are willing to pay a monster cap crunching salary to, perhaps. I mean, no one here thinks Belichick would want to pay that contract for any player not named Tom Brady, right? Perhaps other teams aren’t as keen on the idea either.

      • EdgeX says:

        Off the top of my head there’s 4 guys I can think of that would make teams want to move up: Solomon Thomas, Leonard Fournette, Marshon Lattimore, and Jonathan Allen – and that’s not even considering QB prospects.

        If the Pat’s get #3 overall – very likely they will find a trade partner on draft day.

        • macspak says:

          Agree, even if it isn’t a King’s ransom like so many have overpaid for the QB’s of their dreams. A normal trade down for equal chart value, or slightly above, would be sufficient.

      • Matt says:

        Just out of curiosity do you know how much a player picked 3 over all in the 1st round would make?

        • D. Martin says:

          Last years number 3 overall (E. Elliot) will be paid approximately $25,882,931 on his rookie deal.

          To put that in perspective, I’m reading there are at least seven teams that have less than half that in cap space at the moment. A couple of which have about half a million in space, and a few others are actually in the hole 10 to 17 million.

          Admittedly, I know very little about how a salary cap is managed. I assume a team in the hole 15+ million would have to cut a couple key players and do some serious restructuring on other contracts to afford a 3rd overall that commands at least 7 million per year.

    • EdgeX says:

      Yeah, I personally don’t get so hung up on contracts for rookies – they are relatively cheap now compared to before the CBA was put in place (Hellooo Sam Bradford 6 years $78 Million contract as #1 overall pick back in 2010).

      Plus the Pat’s have ohhh about $61 million in cap space. Even more after they restructure Amendola’s contract (or cut him).

      I know they still have a lot of free agents to sign, but if they need to they could still afford to pay a high draft pick’s salary.

    • Russell says:

      If the Bears give-up the #3 pick for garoppolo, the value of that pick is 1st to trade for more value. HOWEVER you must have a trade partner.
      Carolina would trade up (very likely) to get RB Fournette, because Jacksonville will take him.
      I don’t see another Team that ((Clearly)) wants a prospect enough to trade up to #3 to get him.
      I think BB likes DE Jonathan Allen, but by selecting him you get a big contract for 4 years ($25.8 mil.) S Jamal Adams looks good, but same contract ($25.8 mi.) were I think S Eddie Jackson is more affordable later in the draft, as is DE Chris Wormley.
      A more BB type move maybe the Bears 2nd (#36) and 1st in 2018, (IF) Garopplo throws for 2500 yds or a 2nd in 2018 (IF) he throws for less than 2500 yds.

      • steve earle says:

        Okay Russell you just identified one possible trade down partner for the #3 and EdgeX identified 4 prospects including Fournette who teams could be willing to trade up for not including QB’s so how about this, if Bill does get the #3: Bill trades the #3 to ? say Cleve for the #12 (or other team in same range) and a 3rd this year and 5th in 18. Then trades the #12 down to ? for a pick in the 18-24 range and gets additional 5th this year and say another 3rd in 18. Once you get down to below the #12 each trade possibility gets easier to do and history is on my side in this I believe as Bill has often done these kind of deals in the past.

        • Turbo says:

          Our 3rd for Clevland’s 12th + 3rd +2018 5th? That would be a terrible trade for the Patriots. Look at what Clevland got last year for their 2nd, we should get a bit less than that.

          I think the best trade partner would be the Bills, if only they would fell in love with one of the QB prospect (Trubinskiy maybe), but that’s not going to happen.

        • Russell says:

          It doesn’t matter what draft pick you have to trade, some other team has to want it. That means your team is targeting a player, BUT there are other players on your board (IF) you don’t get the guy you want.
          The cost of trading up, is it worth it, depends on how bad you want a player.
          The only team I see so far, (Top 10 Picks) to trade up is Carolina to get ahead of Jacksonville to get Fournette.
          Tennessee at #5 wants S Jamal Adams, should get him there.
          Baltimore (#16) wants CB/S King, could move up to #12
          Arizona may want to move up for a QB, BUT I think they Sign Mike Glennon.
          Green Bay may move up to get LB T.J. Watt
          Seattle may want to move ahead of Denver for an O-Lineman
          Some teams want to move down;
          Washington (#17)
          Cincinnati (#9 )
          New England at (#32)
          Cleveland at (#1 & #12)
          San Francisco (#2 )

  8. D. Martin says:

    MOCK 3.0

    As always, I welcome any feedback you guys might have about the players I’ve selected, as well as recommendations for replacements. Thanks guys.

    Trade Jimmy Garoppolo and 3rd round (No. 96 overall) pick to Browns for their 1st (No. 12 overall) and both 2nd (Nos. 33 & 52 overall) round picks. Then Trade No. 32 and No. 135 overall picks to Panthers for 2nd (No. 40 overall) and 3rd (No. 70 overall)

    Round 1, Pick 12: O. J. Howard TE – Alabama
    Round 2, Pick 33: Christian McCaffrey RB – Stanford
    Round 2, Pick 40: Jarrad Davis ILB – Florida
    Round 2, Pick 52: Caleb Brantley DT – Florida
    Round 2, Pick 64: Obi Melifonwu SS – Connecticut
    Round 3, Pick 70: Chidobe Awuzie CB – Colorado
    Round 4, Pick 135: D’Onta Foreman RB – Texas or; Tanoh Kpassagnon DE – Villanova
    Round 5, Pick 177: Zane Gonzalez K – Arizona State
    Round 7, Pick 255: Brendan Langley CB/WR – Lamar

    • Turbo says:

      Why would you pick 2 RB? If you pick Foreman in the 4th wouldn’t it be better to pick an edge rusher with a 33rd pick?

      • D. Martin says:

        i understand where you’re coming from, but see McCaffrey and Foreman as two very different types of backs. I could see them forgoing Foreman in lieu of another player like the DE named Kpassagnon that I indicated as a possible option instead of Foreman. But Kpassagnon played far weaker competition and Foreman was much more accomplished. I don’t htink they need Foreman if they resign Blount. But many people on our boards here aren’t fond of resigning Blount.

    • Russell says:

      Not a big fan of Brantley, I would go DT Tomlinson.

      • D. Martin says:

        Thanks Russell. I’ll check out Tomlinson. I picked Brantley because scouting reports indicate he is quite adept at generating interior pressure.

    • macspak says:

      I believe/hope we draft a TE early – Butts with our 3rd rd comp – but not this early. Not sure we draft 1 RB never mind 2. 1 late or as a prime FA. Gostowski ain’t going anywhere so I don’t see spending a 5th on a K. We have other real needs so maybe again a FA K to create camp competition.

      • D. Martin says:

        That Kicker is reputed to be the most accomplished kicker in FBS history! I would gladly expend a 5th rounder on that considering the reason the Pats had to win in overtime three weeks ago was because of yet another missed Gostkowski point after attempt, and the comeback effort against the Broncos in the AFCCG last season was also derailed by another missed point after kick. I feel as though a money kicker has a far greater chance of paying dividends than a fifth round flier on a skill position player. I’d rather they draft him and stash him for a year or trade Gostkowski and let him play this season.

        • macspak says:

          No doubt he and all the players you listed are talented. I love Howard and McCaffrey. I would love to get both of them. But, I think when you are doing a Patriots Mock Draft you have to think like BB; not like you or I may think. I think our offensive needs are overall secondary to our defensive needs and that will be BB’s primary focus.

          We know how BB thinks by looking at his long history as coach/GM. We know what he values – value. He does not give great value to drafting RB’s, at least not high. He does value interior OL and DL players. (and 2nd round S’s – unfortunately)

          We also know that T Bay traded up last year to grab the best NCAA kicker in the 2nd round. He had far more misses than Gostkowski. K’s very much are hit or miss no matter what college credentials they may have. Also, until Gostkowski missed the XP @ Denver he had not missed an XP in forever. Until this past year he has routinely been one of the highest percentage and clutch kickers in the game. Does he now have the yips? Absolutely. But based upon his past success and all around kicking skills, and his contract, I can almost guarantee you BB is not cutting or trading him and he will get more chances to regain his former form.

      • D. Martin says:

        Those are some very good points indeed. Right on about that 2nd round wasted pick on kicker. However, 5th round is very different and Gonzalez is a much better kicker than T. Bay’s guy I believe. I don’t think Gostkowski (who I believe is on his last year) is resigned to another contract if he doesn’t improve dramatically.

        But I definitely agree on BB being defensive and value minded. I am also, which is why I structured my preferred trades in such a manner as to allow 4 2nd round picks in my mock. All except for McCaffrey are defensive players. I was actually proud of the fact that I invested the heart of this mock draft into a player at every level of the defense (i.e. one on the line, one linebacker, one CB and one safety.

        Do you think the draft is improved by replacing Foreman with Tanoh Kpassagnon DE in the 4th?

        • D. Martin says:

          I think if they could find away to get Howard and a dynamic back like McCaffrey and strengthen the o-Line a little bit, the offense could be almost 2007 good. Would you agree?

        • macspak says:

          I think that 4th round change does make it a better mock with better balance. I think Gostowski has three more years with a lot guaranteed. If only 1 then I would have no problem spending a fifth. I think Gostowski was a 4th.

          I doubt any offense matches 2007 but it doesn’t need to. I think Bennett is leaving (though I am not sure the FA rainbow will meet his expectations) and the others we have are not well rounder or elite enough to give us a double headed TE monster. Howard is not the only TE who could create that. This draft has some quality TE depth. I was thinking Butt more as the typical BB value pick. I like our depth at RB so that is not an immediate need. If we don’t get the hoped for Garropolo heist, or don’t trade him at all, we have 32 and then 64. McCaffrey might be there at 32, might. If he was do we pass on D, such as an OLB/DE type for a RB? I don’t see it. McCaffrey is multi faceted but fills a longer term need rather than an immediate need. Also, all rookies need time to adjust to the pro game and grow. Even Howard and McCaffrey are not likely to really become productive until year 2 or 3 so getting them both will not make the 2017 team the 2007 offense. Maybe they make the 2018 and 2019 offenses elite.

          I hope experience produces a better 2017 OL. We need better OL depth. A healthy Gronk along with TB and the skilled players we have at WR and RB give us an elite offense in 2017. That is not our concern. Defense is my concern, especially with the anticipated FA losses. That is why I see our early focus being directed to the D.

          I think mocks are hard. I stopped doing them because I always was so, so wrong. (Never mocks projecting trades with anticipated picks coming back) I think a Patriots mock draft will be easier once the JG trade shakes out and we see what FA, signings and losses, do to the team. Easier is a misnomer. No mocks are easy or easier with BB in charge. He is too unpredictable and makes value picks and trades on the spur of the moment as the draft unfolds.

        • D. Martin says:

          I think the trick to enjoying a good mock draft is to have fun picking out the selections that you believe would help our favorite team prosper, not anticipating what Belichick will do (which is nigh impossible.) Steve had the right of it.

          I agree on defense being the far greater need, but here is my question. Is McCaffrey not a far better running back or Howard an even greater TE than Tim Williams is a linebacker or Peppers a better SS?

      • steve earle says:

        With respect I disagree that we should draft our mocks like we think BB will draft. In doing my mocks I make my picks based on my perceptions of player, needs and values added to team dynamics. It’s a personal thing and would no more try to read the mind of Belichick then Einstein.

    • steve earle says:

      Another ambitious trade scenario in the possible/unlikely range but can’t find fault with the picks. Would be great if it went this way, nice mock.

      • D. Martin says:

        Thanks Steve. I appreciate the feedback.

        What are the two positions / or which two players in this draft do you think helps the team the most in pursuing a ixth ring before Brady and Belichick retire?

        • steve earle says:

          Wow! that’s tough right now to give a good answer but let me try. If Bill trades JG for and TE Howard is available I’d take him with all the uncertainty at the position. If Bill keeps JG my choice
          would be a DE/DT ( favorite Charles Harris) with #32 and then good CB ( Chidobe Awuze) with #64. After the combine the picture might become clearer.

        • steve earle says:

          Opps, Should read,Trade JG for a high 1st.

        • D. Martin says:

          I have Awuzie in the 3rd! We both like him as a player.

        • EdgeX says:

          I can answer that!

          Positions that need to be addressed to make a run for 6th ring would be:

          1. DE
          2. CB
          3. TE

          In that order.

          CB and TE are both close.

  9. Russell says:

    I don’t see White as a Patriot, Dallas looks like a better fit. White does not feel like a BB type player, it’s hard to put my finger on any one thing. I like CB Moreau as a better fit.

    • steve earle says:

      My finger would be on the doesn’t like tackling issue. Lots of things can be coached up but not that.

  10. D. Martin says:

    I understand that the addition of many new rules throughout the years governing what is an acceptable tackling technique has altered the way in which the game is played. And I am not someone who would really care to see the safety position played in the way of Jack Tatum anyway. But it has occurred to me that in the ten years or so that I’ve been watching the NFL, I haven’t seen any safeties play the position like Steve Atwater, John Lynch or Ronnie Lott. With all of the talk about Jabrill Peppers being mocked to the Pats, I’ve begun to wonder if there is a player in this draft that can deliver legal, bone-jarring hits and really be an enforcer on our defense. Or a safety who can sometimes generate pressure in an opposing team’s backfield like Troy Polamalu or Adrian Wilson. Those are the type of secondary players I want to see drafted or traded for. Are there any such corners or safeties in this draft?

    • Jeff says:

      Obi Melifonwu is a safety with some speed and size that would project to have the body that could deliver some blows. Could he be this year’s second round safety???

    • macspak says:

      I was going to say that style is being legislated out of both the college and Pro games and then thought of Earl Thomas. Remember the hit he laid on Gronk? The problem is there just are not that many at either level. And they are being legislated out. Some of the penalties and ejections I have seen at the college level actually make me sad. Thomas and Chancellor are strong hitters and top all around S. However, I think the game has more trended to the Ed Reed and McCourty types though I am not comparing McCourty to Reed who was one of a kind.

    • Russell says:

      The type guy your talking about in this draft to play SS is Desmond King. King played CB and has cover skills, BUT would be better at SS in the NFL, as a strong tackler, with the hitting mentality.
      Baltimore is VERY high on King, I’m hearing they take him at #16.

      • D. Martin says:

        If the Ravens mellow out on him he could be a great addition in the early second then because CBS presently mocks him around 35 I believe. I will watch some tape on him. I’m surprised he would fit that mold because he weighs 45 pounds lighter and is 4 inches shorter than Adrian Wilson.

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