Scouting Report: Adam Shaheen, TE

Adam Shaheen may be unknown right now, but this small school prospect has big time talent and could go much sooner in the draft than many think.

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

When you are dealing with a massive head cold and your 5 month old son has decided that sleep is not really important to him, it can be tough to accomplish a whole lot in a day. Despite being sleep deprived and my head feeling like it is being squeezed in a vice, I was excited to get up today and write this report. Today’s prospect is a virtual unknown….for now. Once he gets a chance to showcase his skills, he will be rising up draft boards. Today we go to Division II for a Tight End prospect I think has a bright future in the NFL.

Name: Adam Shaheen (#44)

School: Ashland University (rJr.)

Height: 6’7″ (unofficial)

Weight: 277 Lbs. (unofficial)


It is pretty rare to see a guy from such a small school leave early for the NFL, but in Shaheen’s case, I think it is warranted. When watching the film, it was very easy to pick out Shaheen, both from a physical and athletic standpoint. It was clear that Shaheen was the best player on the field in every game I was able to watch. He is a smooth route runner with an incredible catch radius and soft hands. Shaheen is a fluid mover, showing the ability to make a tough catch look easy and then turn up field and run. Despite being from a small school, he has the build of an NFL player. He has broad shoulders and tapered waist and even at his height, his legs look filled out. It is tough to gage what he will run, but Shaheen consistently outran Defensive Backs that were much smaller than him. He showed the ability to use his big frame to seal off defenders and make contested catches.


Like I said above, Shaheen was clearly the best player on the limited game tape I could get a hold of, so it is tough to come up with a lot of negatives from the game film. What we don’t really see on the tape and that will need to be answered by NFL teams is his route running and his blocking. I did see him do some blocking, but again, the competition level was not high, so it is hard to gauge his technique and refinement.  Shaheen will be making a massive jump in competition at a position that can be difficult for even the most polished players from bigger schools have trouble transitioning to. His learning curve will be great and his ability to adapt to the competition and the complexities of the NFL will determine if he can make and NFL roster.


As many of you remember from last year, I had a draft crush on another small school Tight End, Tyler Higbee. Well, Adam Shaheen has made me all but forget about Higbee and I might even have a bigger crush on him. Look, I know he is going to be making a huge jump in competition, but this kid has the raw physical and athletic traits that could make him special with a little time and good coaching. He has a build similar to Gronk and he plucks the ball out of the air like Gronk does as well. Before we go all crazy, I am not saying he is or will ever be Gronk, but he shows physical and athletic traits that are Gronk like. If, and I preface this with a big if, he can can take to the coaching and handle the jump in competition, he has a chance to be a mismatch on offense. He is a day 2 guy for sure, but I would take a chance on him earlier on Day 2 than most. I think he will make a name for himself when he tests at the combine (I am assuming he will get an invite) and maybe an early day 2 pick won’t sound so crazy after that.






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  1. jose marques says:

    my mock draft :

    3:WR RYAN SWITZER North Carolina

    • steve earle says:

      I can see Ryan Ramczyk in the 1st, no problem but I would really like to see more Def help. A good young 3 down DE who can rush and set the edge, A CB to add to the D backfield, as well as another DT and maybe a LB. WE don’t have to get all of these in this draft but really our Offense is in pretty good shape depth wise but I worry one or two injuries can put the def in a bind.

    • macspak says:


      If he is as good as some have projected then I could see him being the best value on the board and the Pats taking him at #1. I agree with Steve E that defense appears more of a priority. I don’t see WR as being that high of a priority, particularly if Floyd returns. I’ve seen Mixon mocked a lot to the Pats, early and late. I don’t see him coming here under any circumstances.

      • Ryan says:

        This is a great year to get a third-day receiver. Keevan Lucas in the slot and Noel Thomas and Ishmael Zamora on the outside could all last until the seventh round, and they all strike me as fourth- or fifth-round talents. I don’t see a reason to grab someone before that unless a Zay Jones or Taywan Taylor falls to us.

    • Jrdino says:

      If you think the take that animal Mixon you know nothing about this team. Two items take prospects off the board..gun charges and domestic abusers. Mixon is off.

  2. macspak says:


  3. Dan Sullivan says:

    Pats Fans you won’t like this trade but think of this Williams is another Richard Seymour
    former DT for Patriots. No drafting TE high back surgery to GRONK is like having a tooth

    Pats Mock Draft 3.0 Plus trade.
    Patriots 4th round pick plus Jimmy Garoppolo to the New York Jets for
    Defensive Tackle Leonard Williams.
    1 Adoree Jackson CB USC
    2 Garrett Sickels DE Penn State
    3 Chad Wheeler OT USC
    4 Traded to Jets
    4 Josh Reynolds WR Texas A&M
    5 Austin Applyby QB Florida
    7 Brian Hill RB Wyoming
    7 Michael Roberts TE Toledo

    Eat Plenty of Pizza and Enjoy the Superbowl! Go Pats!!

    • macspak says:

      Has absolutely nothing to do with “Pats” fans. BB will not trade with the Jets. Also, isn’t Williams a player with lots of off field issues? Pats can get a much better yield outside their own division without helping the Jets within their division.

      • Dan Sullivan says:

        We all have had issues we resolve and work thru from what I can see he grew up in poverty
        and is African American and now is a multi millionaire. I think his hard work has paid off.

        Dan Sullivan

      • Dan Sullivan says:


        Not trying to insult you I just thought that Williams was way ahead of any of Defensive
        Lineman coming out in this years draft as Branch is getting up there but still playing at
        a Pro Bowl level.

        Enjoy Game and Go Pats!! Another Parade would be Great.
        Dan Sullivan

        • macspak says:

          no insult taken.

          My point about off field as we know is that is a true key for BB. Love the game, follow the rules, be on time, be professional etc. Lots of players, young and old and from all sorts of diverse backgrounds bring the professionalism and succeed or don’t. Johnny Manziel and Jamarcus Russell are perfect examples where race and economic class don’t dictate results.

      • Cameron says:

        I think the Jets DL you’re thinking of is Sheldon Richardson. I don’t theink Williams has had any off field issues.

        • macspak says:

          I think Richardson had major problems, no way we would want him, but Williams had lesser. Williams is a large man with elite talent. Don’t dispute that.

    • steve earle says:

      Trade to the Jets-NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ned Ryerson says:

    The limited tape on him is impressive, showing good hands and amazing speed for a kidnthag size. With the thin TE class and betting this kid runs a 4.65, I think he goes by the 5th round. The D2 haters like Big Game Greg are bashing him but Malcom Butler was D2 and he looks pretty damn good.

  5. Turbo says:

    I made a fanspeak for fun as well. I used Matt Miller’s ranking and the result is mindblowing i think. The 1st and 5th round is a HUGE stretch, but it’s for fun anyway, so here it is:

    • Stephen J says:

      Nice if other teams pass on a player like that I will be more than glad to select him. It seems to happen every year as well. Jacksonville Cleveland formerly the Raiders who will it be this year and what player is the question.

  6. Stephen J says:

    Today’s Fanspeak Mock Draft

    Another player falls to the Pats at 32 this time another CB

    check it out here

    I am beginning to think that someone is going to fall to the Pats maybe not a high end pick but someone like Malcom Brown someone that is expected to go in the low-mid 20’s

  7. Russell says:

    If you have not seen my article at on Jimmy Garoppolo’s value, CHECK IT OUT!!
    I thinks it is VERY likely the Patriots trade Garoppolo & their 1st pick (#32) to the Bears for their 1st pick, (#3).

    • Turbo says:

      I still want a 2018 1st rounder for Jimmy and 3rd or 4th in 2017.

    • macspak says:

      I read that when you first published it and the reasoning is sound. However, my hope (our hope?) is that reasoning goes out the window in other team’s pursuit of JG. It only takes one but very recent news is that at least the Bears and Browns will aggressively pursue JG. That type of competition is what we need to maximize value. Throw in another team or two and we could come close to the ransoms some teams pay for the #1 pick. Close bit not there. #3 for #32 would be a nice deal but with competition maybe we get somebody’s one and a 4 this year and a two next year. JG’s value is what somebody else is willing to pay and BB accept. Competition will increase the cost and price.

      • Russell says:

        You are correct, BB will take his best deal. If he wants DE Jonathan Allen he makes the deal I suggest. If there is NOT a player they want at #3,(Bears) or #12 (Browns) then I look for a 2nd this year and a future pick 2nd, in 2018.
        I think Cleveland wants A.J. McCarron from Cinny, for the #12 pick.
        Then there is Mike Glennon a free agent, costly but no draft pick loss. Houston? N.Y. Jets (no cap room)? Buffalo?
        Romo stays in Dallas, with a contact adjustment. To retire a Cowboy in a year or two.
        Just my thoughts……..

        • macspak says:

          that’s all any of us here have – thoughts – but sure fun and challenging to speculate….

  8. steve earle says:

    Hey, good mocks by Turbo, Russell and Brian. Nice job guys.

  9. Brian says:

    My mock without trades.

    1. Taco Charlton DE
    2. Quincy Wilson CB
    3. Pat Eiflien C
    3. Jarron Jones DL
    4. Jake Butt TE
    5. Ryan Switzer WR
    5. Jamaal Williams RB
    7. Fish Smithson S

  10. Russell says:

    My Mock, no trades;

    1st- CB Chidobe Awuzie
    2nd- DT Dalvin Tomlinson
    3d — LB/DE Jimmy Gilbert
    3d—OT William Holden
    4th–RB Matthew Days
    5th– TE Scott Orndoff
    6th– DE Marquavius Lewis
    7th– QB Patrick Towles

  11. Turbo says:

    1) DE Takkarist McKinley
    2) LB TJ Watt
    3) CB Fabian Moreau
    3b (comp pick: Jamie Collins) RB Jamaal Williams
    4) DT Jarron Jones
    5 (comp pick: Akiem Hicks) S Rayshawn Jenkins
    6 (Denver trade: AJ Derby) TE Michael Roberts
    6) WR Trent Taylor
    7) OT Javarius Leamon

  12. macspak says:

    If we were to draft based upon need I would set this priority for positions:


    I’m not nearly in any of your classes when it comes to which actual players would fit these positions.

    • steve earle says:

      If the draft was today and I had my way it would go as follows:
      1st) Charles Harris DE Mizu, 6-3 260
      2nd) Carlos Watkins DT Clem 6-3 300
      3rd) Chidobe Awuize CB Colo, 6-0 205
      4a) DeVeonSmith RB Mich, 5-11 220
      4b) Damonta Kezee CB SDS 5-11 180
      5th) Adam Sheehan TE Ashland-Pa 6-7 277
      6th) Javarius Lemon OT S.Car.St. 6-6 305
      7th) Ethan Cooper OL Ind-Pa 6-3 325
      No one can be sure who will be where in the draft but this is my best guess at this point in time, nor do we know what trades may happen? This mock is not cast in stone but looks to get the best values at each pick right now today.

      • Russell says:

        Good Mock….not sure CB Awuzie lasts till the end of the 3d round. I think he’s a top 40 pick.

        • steve earle says:

          Yea could be but not seeing that reflected in mocks I’m seeing. But everything changes as the combine unfolds and this was already yesterdays so maybe we swap a couple guys here and there today? Nothing in stone.

  13. Stephen J says:

    Holy Crap

    DEREK BARNETT -Edge Tenn



    Are sitting there at the 32nd spot in this mock draft. As much as I love Barnett there are several talented edge rushers in this draft to pick up but not many high end talented CB’s.
    Now what about NJOKU as Edge has said Imagine Gronk, Bennett, Njoku as the Patriots TE depth chart…*drools*.
    I agree but I am also Drooling at the thought of the combo of Wilson and Butler.
    Wow any selection here is a win.

  14. Stephen J says:

    DAVID NJOKU was the one to fall to the 32nd spot in the latest mock

  15. Stephen J says:

    1st round pick which one would you pick


    T.J. WATT Edge


    I’m going back and forth between Caleb and TJ but favoring TJ

  16. Stephen J says:

    My latest Fanspeak Mock Draft

    There is usually one or two players that fall down to 32 well this one was a shocker and I pounced take a look.

  17. steve earle says:

    Well you may just have found a real gem and at least someone to put a watch on. I like the idea of an early day three TE with the size and skills you describe. This is at least three guys you have noted that seem like good possibilitys for the Pats. Keep them coming and get over that cold. Mine is going into week three, it’s a b-i-t-c-h.

  18. Russell says:

    I feel like there is a 99% chance Garoppolo is traded to the Bears. What the deal is , is another matter. I would like to see, Bears 1st pick #3 over-all, for Garoppolo & the Patriots 1st pick #32.
    Then BB drafts DE Jonathan Allen.

    • steve earle says:

      That would be a pretty darn good deal Russell but if it happened don’t bet against BB trading down a couple times and loading up on picks for this year and next. Just the way he rolls (as the kids say).

      • Russell says:

        The ONLY way BB makes a trade like I suggest is if he wants a player, like DE Allen. If he wanted choices he would trade for the Bears 2nd #36 & 2nd next year for Garoppolo.

        • macspak says:


          You don’t think the value of trading down with the #3 overall would be greater than a 2nd rounder this year and a 2nd next year? I think history and any trade chart dictates a much higher value. IF JG yields a high pick I also believe BB will trade down, maybe multiple times including into next year.

      • td says:

        Another thing to consider is what will the cap hit be over the course of his rookie contract. Before he fell out of favor Collins (2nd rounder) was at $1mil give or take while Jones and Hightower (1st rounders) were around $7 mil and some change and they were taken at about #20.

    • EdgeX says:

      I see the Bears, Browns, Cardinals, 49ners as lead candidates for trading for Jimmy. That’s a lot to start so early in the year – who knows who else would be interested.

      • rob says:

        How about Garroppolo straight up for clevelands 1st rounder( # 12 ).Then take solomon Douglas

        • EdgeX says:

          Yes that’s an option. I also like Russell’s idea of trading the Pat’s first pick and Garoppolo for the Bear’s 3rd pick overall. Not saying it’s going to happen but it’s a creative idea.

      • Turbo says:

        Wouldn’t it be better to take a 2018 1st rounder from one of these teams (Browns-49ers-Bears) for Jimmy G and use that pick to draft Darnold or Rosen?

    • Tim D says:

      Wouldn’t it make more sense for a team like the bears or browns to trade down themselves with other teams and then trade their first round pick to the pats for jimmy g? May be a lot to do on draft night. Do you think a trade for jimmy G would need to be completed before the draft starts?

  19. Russell says:

    Mike your BACK!!! TE I like is Scott Ornddoff, Pittsburgh, 6’5″ 255+ lbs. solid blocker, great hands grabbing the ball. NOT a fast guy; 40 yd 4.8
    5th round pick??

    • Turbo says:

      I like Michael Roberts in the 5th more.

      If the Jimmy G trade is going to happen, and the Patriots get the 12th pick, who would be the best pick? I really like Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster, but neither of them is going to be there probably, so i think Lattimore or Cook would be a nice pick up.

      • steve earle says:

        If that comes to be my pick would be Charles Harris DE Miizu, 6-3 260. Kid can rush the passer and set the edge vs the run or so it is reported. Check his highlights, what’s to want?

    • Stephen J says:

      Cool sounds intriguing thanks Russell another TE to look at and keep in mind

    • Tim D says:

      I wrote about him on the pitt tackle article. I like him based on what i could find on him.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      I am Russell. I am a little behind this year, but trying to catch up fast. Keep the names coming and I will try and give them a look.

      • Russell says:

        Interesting OT I Like a LOT; William Holden, Vanderbilt,… A Patriot lineman if ever saw one!!!

  20. EdgeX says:

    Mike, if you like Adam Shaheen do a scouting report on David Njoku TE out of Miami.

    Skill set reminds me of Hernandez.

    Imagine Gronk, Bennett, Njoku as the Patriots TE depth chart…*drools*.

    This TE class is loaded and I’d be very disappointed if we don’t come out with at least 1.

    And I could see the Patriots using their first round pick on one considering how often the players in the TE position are banged up. The way the Patriots use their TE’s even if you aren’t catching balls you are still a walking target getting punishment from the jams and blocks you make in every game (See: Bennett).

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Trust me, I have watched (and loved Njoku.) 2 thoughts on him:
      1. not sure he will even be there when the Patriots pick
      2. not sure BB would draft a guy a TE that is limited as a blocker in the first round. He would be an offensive weapon for sure.

      • EdgeX says:


        Hard to find many complete TE’s – OJ Howard maybe the next best thing to that, but I’m thinking he will be gone by picks 10 to 20. And as of right now that’s wayyy out of the Patriot’s drafting range.

        • Stephen J says:

          Ok Edge who would you choose OJ Howard or Solomon Thomas if the Pats had a high enough draft pick from a Jimmy G trade and both were still on the board

        • EdgeX says:

          RE Stephen:

          Hands down Solomon Thomas

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