Ranking The Quarterbacks

If the Patriots trade Jimmy Garoppolo, will they draft another QB early and is there a QB in this class worth doing so?

If the Patriots trade Jimmy Garoppolo, will they draft another QB early and is there a QB in this class worth doing so?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

I thought I would deviate from the scouting reports today and pull the curtain back on how I have ranked some of these players by position. I will do this periodically throughout the draft season, but today I thought I would start with the most important position on the field, but probably not the highest priority for the Patriots come April. 

Right off the bat, I will tell you that this Quarterback class is underwhelming to say the least. That could be a good thing for the Patriots however. Teams that are desperate for a QB are going to look at this class and have to make a decision on whether they want to risk drafting and developing one of these guys, or give up the necessary draft capital to get Jimmy Garoppolo. I might be a bit biased here, but if I was one of those teams, I would have no issue giving up a high draft pick(s) to get Jimmy G over any of the guys in this draft class. To me, there is not a single prospect that deserves a first round grade. Now we all know that QB’s get pushed up draft boards, but teams who decide to risk it could be in big trouble next year and beyond. Here is how I rank out the class.

  1. DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame: Kizer has all the physical attributes teams look for in a franchise QB. He has a strong arm and has shown the ability to make all the throws necessary to be successful in the NFL. He has good touch on his deep ball and shows good pocket presence. He keeps his eyes downfield even when there is trash around his feet. Kizer is young with some mechanical issues, but they are minor and look fixable. He was benched multiple times late in games and confidence may be an issue. Footwork and reading defenses needs development. Kizer needs to work on his touch and ball placement in the short to intermediate routes and he must learn to get rid of the ball quicker.(2nd round)
  2. Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech: Mohomes has a rocket for an arm and can make every NFL throw from day one. He is an accurate passer from the pocket as well as on the move. He shows the ability to change arm angles and ball speed depending on the situations. He reads defenses well and has no fear trying to fit the ball into tight windows. Mahomes is athletic and can make plays with his feet. He has a good feel for pressure and does a nice job of manipulating defenses with his eyes. He played in the Air Raid Offense and seemed to be playing back yard football most of the time rather than in a structured offense. He has no consistency in his mechanics because of his rogue style. He is always looking for the home run rather than the smart check down, which lead to turnovers. He will need time to learn and play within a structured offense and he may not have the temperament to do so.  (2nd round)
  3. Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina: Trubisky has a good combination of size and athleticism for the position. While he won’t be considered a dual threat QB, he has the athleticism to extend drives with his legs if need be. He is a smart player that shows good pocket awareness. He senses pressure and moves within the pocket while maintaining his focus downfield. He is a consistent passer with accuracy to all three levels of the field. Trubisky is a smart player and a leader despite only being a one year starter. He needs to improve on his ability to manipulate defenses as he tends to stare down his intended receiver. He only has 13 career starts and is still learning how to play the position. Almost every facet of his game needs more time to develop before he can be counted on as an every week starter in the NFL. (2nd/3rd round)
  4. DeShaun Watson, Clemson: Watson is a gifted athlete who showed in college he can do just as much damage with his feet as he can with his arm. He is the consummate winner and shows fantastic natural leadership ability. Seems to have the “it” factor despite his physical limitations. He throws a good deep ball, showing the ability to drop it into receivers hands on a consistent basis. He lacks the ideal physical attributes NFL teams look for and I am concerned he will not hold up in the NFL if he does use his legs too often. His accuracy is inconsistent due to his mechanics and footwork. Watson was not asked to read or manipulate defenses and he will have to make a big jump from a learning standpoint to understand and run a more complex offense in the NFL. (3rd round)
  5. Nathan Peterman, Pittsburgh: Peterman is a smart player with decent size. He will not wow you like the names above from an athletic standpoint. Peterman ran a pro style offense and is ahead of the curve in that respect. He shows good anticipation, throwing receivers open rather than the other way around. He does a nice job of reading defenses and has the ability to look defenders off. He is an accurate passer to all three levels of the field. He does not have the strongest arm, but has excellent timing and anticipation on his throws. His footwork will breakdown when pressured, leading to errant throws. He may not have a ton of upside, but could be an excellent backup or spot starter and win a team some games. (4th round)
  6. Brad Kaaya, Miami: I had a lot of hope for Kaaya when I saw him as a freshman on a Thursday night game against Virginia Tech I believe. Unfortunately, his game didn’t develop over the next 3 years like I thought it would. He has okay size for the position, but needs to continue to get stronger. He has an good arm, but not great. He relied more on touch and anticipation rather than arm strength to complete his passes. He needs to be quicker with his decisions and must learn to read defenses. He took a lot of hits at Miami and has had some injuries, but he played with toughness and was always willing to stand in and take a hit. (4th round)
  7. Davis Webb, California: Webb is a tall QB with a big frame. He has good mechanics and throws a pretty ball. He is willing to stand in the pocket and allow his receivers time to get open. Webb shows good footwork to shuffle around in the pocket. He has a strong arm but did not use it a lot in college. Webb is slow to read defenses and late on throws. He played in an offense where most his passes were shorter than 10 yards. He played in a similar style offense to Mahomes and will need time to develop. (5th round)
  8. Jerod Evans, Virginia Tech: Evans has an intriguing combination of size, athleticism and arm talent. He has a big arm that can throw anyone open downfield. He showed nice touch on his deep balls as well. He has the athletic ability to make plays with his legs when needed. Evans won with athleticism more than anything and he needs time to develop his footwork and mechanics. Evans would have benefited from another year in college the team that drafts him will be looking at a long term project with upside. There is raw talent there and he is one of the more athletically gifted QB’s in this class, it just needs to be developed. If a team has patience with him, they could be rewarded. (5th/6th round)
  9. Josh Dobbs, Tennessee: Dobbs is a very smart player. He showed that he can read defenses and go through his progressions when his initial read is not open. Dobbs is an above average athlete and is a threat as a runner. He is very thin and needs to add bulk if he is going to survive in the NFL. He showed good touch and accuracy on his deep balls, but is inconsistent on the short to intermediate throws. It seems he does not always trust what he sees, leading to late and inaccurate throws. He needs to get quicker at everything. (7th round)
  10. Chad Kelly, Mississippi: I would have had Kelly a little higher on this list, but on and off field issues push him down. Kelly has decent size for the position, but he probably has one of the best arms of any QB in this class. He throws an effortless ball that come out with good zip. He showed in college he could make every NFL throw with ease. He also did a nice job of throwing with good anticipation.  He is a fierce competitor. His mechanics need work and he relied more on his arm strength than technique. Kelly needs to work on his poise in the pocket as well. He made some bad decisions, throwing into tight spots and getting burned for doing so. He has had a laundry list of injuries that will need to be checked out as well as several run ins with coaches and other off field issues that might make it tough for any team to draft him. If he can get his emotions under control, he has the talent to out perform where he gets drafted, but it is going to take a team with a strong locker room to feel comfortable bringing him in. (7th round)

Like I said earlier, this QB class is underwhelming. A team expecting any of these guys to come in and change the fate of there franchise in year one is going to be very disappointed. I don’t see any of these guys ready to compete for a starting job in their first year. Unfortunately, teams are desperate and will ask one or two of these guys to do just that, and most likely they will not have the desired results they were looking for. I like what I saw from Trubisky on film, but I think he goes much higher (probably top 10) than I would want to pick him. Peterman could be an intriguing selection, but I think his upside is limited and I would not feel comfortable thinking he could be any more than a quality backup.




47 Responses to “Ranking The Quarterbacks”

  1. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft and Predictions. 6.0
    Jimmy G. gets traded to 49ers for a 2nd and 3rd round draft choices.
    Patriots free agent signed.
    Devlin FB
    Branch DT
    Sheard DE

    NFL free agents signed by Patriots.
    Manti Te’o ILB Chargers
    Matt Barkley QB Bears

    Patriots Mock Draft
    1 Jarrad Davis ILB Florida
    2 From 49ers in possible trade Christian McAffrey RB Stanford
    2 Cameron Sutton CB Tennessee
    3 From 49ers possible trade Daeshon Hall DE Texas A&M
    3 Jeremy Sprinkle TE Arkansas
    4 Sean Harlow OG Oregon State
    5 Storm Norton OT Toledo
    7 Jimmy Gilbert OLB Colorado

  2. Turbo says:

    If BB decides to trade the 32nd pick, which team would be an option?

    • Russell says:

      That’s a great question! New Orleans is my guess they hold the 10th pick in the second round (42) so it would benefit them to move-up 10 choice’s .
      A lot also depends on the Garoppolo trade and what BB gets in the second (likely) or first (unlikely) rounds.
      If the Bears give a 2nd #36 & a 2nd in 2018 for Garopplo.
      IF the Saints give a 2nd #42 & a 3d in 2018 for the Patriots 1st #32.
      The Patriots would hold ;
      #64 in the second round this year.

      • steve earle says:

        Okay Russell I’m throwing down the gauntlet. Bet you a coffee and donut if we trade JG we get at least a 1st.

  3. td says:

    One of those QB needy teams will have to make a play for Jimmy G especially if mocks are placing some of the college QB’s in top 10-15 of first round.

    How fast Bill pulls the trigger will show what they think of Brissett and the picks in return for JG.

    I would think Browns with that #12 or another team with a 2018 first rounder plus another pick.

    • steve earle says:

      Sound’s about right to me given how some teams are in desperate needs at QB. Also at quick glance at 2018 class not any QB’s that jump out to me at this point either. That has to pile the pressure on GM’s too. Just hope Bill doesn’t trade JG for short money for the sake of the trade. I have come to believe that a 1st rd choice at min. is a must. So now we wait and see.

      • Russell says:

        I’m not sure BB NEEDs a 1st round pick for Garoppolo. I think two 2nd round picks 1 this year & 1 next year, Plus something else, a player or later pick seems more likely.
        Now all this may add up to a 1st round value, but not the pick.

        • steve earle says:

          Need/shmead it’s the flexibility Bill will value. If a high value prospect is available that he wants he can take him if not he can trade down for mutuality picks, flexibility, flexibility, flexibility.

  4. Beck P. says:

    Hi guys,

    what you think about Chris Wormley, DT/DE, Michigan?
    Great skill set for Pats and also known as a high character and great teammate.
    For me Perfect Pats fit. But i dont think he will slip to 64 and 32 a bit to early for him.
    Whats your opinion?
    Regards from Germany.

    • Russell says:

      I also like DE Wormley and he is very high on my draft board. I think he’s available in the 2nd,( 64) He is also a Co-Captain another strong point.

      • D. Martin says:

        I was looking at Wormley also and he is currently projected to be available at 64. However, I don’t know if he will project to DT in the league as he converted to the interior defensive line position in his final college season. Also, I don’t know if he has the pass rushing skillset to combine with his long frame to make him effective playing DE at the NFL level.

    • Stephen J says:

      Apparently the Patriots like him as well. They had an interview with him at the Senior Bowl.


      • Russell says:

        Yes I saw this about Wormley. He is not an elite pass rusher, but a solid player. Intelligent, Co-Captain, interviews very well.

    • steve earle says:

      Welcome to the conversation Beck P. Yea I agree Wormley would be a great fit and your assessment of his value in the draft is right on. That could change if he has a great combine though. The other thing is Bill likes to trade our 1st down for extra value picks and that could bring Chris into the picture, who knows?
      May I ask where in Germany you are? Many years ago I served in the Army stationed in Erlangen, Ferris Barack’s.

  5. D. Martin says:

    Here is my first attempt at a mock draft this year. I just do this for fun. After all, Belichick never drafts any of the players we want him to, and he is usually good for at least one head-scratcher of a pick every year. I don’t watch any college sports and I never played the game. Therefore, I will welcome any feedback you guys might have about the players I’ve selected, as well as recommendations for replacements and the three spots I’ve yet to fill. Thanks guys.

    Trade Jimmy Garoppolo to Bears for their 1st and 3rd round picks. Then Trade the No. 3 overall pick to Carolina for their 1st and 2nd round picks.

    Round 1, Pick 8: O. J. Howard TE – Alabama
    Round 1, Pick 32: Cam Robinson OT – Alabama
    Round 2, Pick 40: Jarrad Davis ILB – Florida
    Round 2, Pick 64: Cameron Sutton CB – Tennessee

    Round 3, Pick 67: Maybe Package with a 6th or 7th round pick to move up and draft a DT adept at generating interior pressure, to work beside Malcolm Brown; or package and move up for a hard hitting SS to upgrade from Chung (I don’t see any around this stage of the draft that would necessarily be an upgrade.)

    Round 3, Pick 96: Pat Elflein C – Ohio State
    Round 4, Pick 135: D’Onta Foreman RB – Texas
    Round 5, Pick 177: Zane Gonzalez K – Arizona State
    Round 6, Pick 218: ???
    Round 7, Pick 255: ???

    • steve earle says:

      This would be a good draft although I don’t think OT Robinson slides to #32. I’d suggest picking one of the very good DE’s among the 8 to 10 in the draft that will go in 1st or 2nd rd. About RB, Foreman has ball control issues for whatever reason personally I’d rather DeVeon Smith. Check him out to see what I mean, I think you will like him. Down in #6 how about Jaravius Lemon OT S. Car. St. late rd grade with developmental potential. Sorry no suggestions yet for the 7th

      • D. Martin says:

        Thanks for the help Steve and Edge. I appreciate the help. I kind of felt like it was a reach hoping Robinson would still be there at 32. I like the idea of a DE replacement for Chandler Jones there, but I’m just not seeing any special talent protected to be left on the board there. On Foreman I did notice the ball security issues, but I’m wondering if that can be coached up. I thought he looked slow on tape and couldn’t figure out how he was running away from people. Then I found out he has a faster 40 time than Kareem Hunt, is 30 pounds bigger and faced much stiffer completion. I’ll check out those suggestions. Please look at highlights on the ILB from Florida I mocked. Dude looks phenomenal!

    • EdgeX says:

      Good start.

      I don’t view OT, C or K as high needs or priorities at all. DE, DT, and SS(if Chung gets hurt who replaces him?) or even FS (if Harmon leaves) I’d put a focus on drafting before the other positions.

      I like the Jarrad Davis, Cam Sutton, and OJ Howard picks.

      • D. Martin says:

        Thanks for the feedback man. I agree on kicker not being a need, although I wouldn’t be disappointed at all if Bill could find a team to unload Gostkowski on. I just really want Gonzalez because he is Reputed to be the best kicker in NCAA history.

        Can you give me your thoughts on Jarrad Davis? I know you think he’d be a good pick, but I’m curious if you think he could be the impact player his highlight reel suggests.

        I always say Scarnechia is one of best o-line coaches in league history. I’d like to see what he can do with some actually talented players. I mean if only Brady had the Cowboys’ line to stand behind, right? I’m thinking Volmer retires and I thought I read the interior linemen underperformed this season.

        Can you suggest some DE with good pass rushing ability, some safeties that really hit hard and play aggressively while maintaining strong coverage skills? Perhaps a DT that generates great interior pressure? Thanks man!

        • steve earle says:

          I do agree the interior line could stand an upgrade. Not sold on Anderson at OC starter but they were good enough to win the SB but protecting TB is really important going forward. As usual the draft has only a few OC’s who are worthy of early or mid rd picks. OG’s are easier to come by, reminds me Jackson OG should be coming off IR this year too.

        • EdgeX says:

          1. Jarrad Davis has potential, and usually the Patriot’s get the most out of players that they can. Not sure if he will ever be “the guy” at linebacker. If you’re expecting Jaime Collins type impact I’d lower your expectations cause he’s going to take time to develop.

          2. No the OL performed very well overall throughout the the year. Some players had individual games or match ups where they played bad but that happens.

          3. Pass rushing DE prospects that I like: Solomon Thomas, Derek Barnett, Takkarist McKinley, Taco Charlton, Charles Harris, Carl Lawson, Tarrell Basham, Jordan Willis, Daeshon Hall, Josh Carraway just to name a few.

          Safety Prospects: Malik Hooker, Jamal Adams, Jabrill Peppers, Budda Baker, Justin Evans, Eddie Jackson, Obi Melifonwu, John Johnson, Tony Conner

          DT’s that can generate interior pressure: Jonathan Allen, Malik McDowell, Caleb Brantley, Montravius Adams, Chris Wormley, Jaleel Johnson, Jarron Jones, Carlos Watkins, Vincent Taylor, and Charles Walker.

    • Russell says:

      Not sure about OT Cam Robinson, as 1st pick, to sit behind two starters on the roster. S Eddie Jackson might be better there. (#32) OT I like 2nd or 3d round Will Holden , Vanderbilt.

  6. Stephen J says:

    What is everyone’s thoughts on JOE MATHIS. I see him ranked all over the place usually high 2-3rd to 6-7-undrafted. Since I’m not a scout or haven’t seen much outside of highlights I’m going on more of what is written about him such as this http://www.foxsports.com/college-football/story/why-washington-de-olb-joe-mathis-will-impress-in-nfl-draft-021217

    • steve earle says:

      I have the same problem and have to depend of others reports. If you know the scouts it sometimes helps but if not sure I avoid the prospect. Let the pros worry about it.

  7. Stephen J says:

    Here is my latest Fanspeak Mock Draft


    Recognize any of these guys. Ha Ha

  8. Russell says:

    with Brian Daboll likely headed to Alabama, does BB hire Chip Kelly?

    • Russell says:

      OR Greg Schiano ?

      • Stephen J says:

        I see both being control freaks(wanting to run things there way) and BB usually hires from within but if he did hire one of those two I would lean more towards Schiano since he did give a reference to Tampa Bay for him.

    • JoeyH says:

      I would not me be surprised if they bring back former TE coach George Godsey who was the Texans OC last year.
      He is familiar with the system and the coaching staff.

  9. EdgeX says:

    Maybe I already said it here, but this draft class reminds me of the 2011 QB class with Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, and Christian Ponder all being picked in the top 12. And look how that turned out for those teams.

    And what is driving me nuts is seeing these guys repeatedly mocked in the top 10. I basically can’t take your mock draft serious if you are placing any of these guys in the top 10.

    I mean NFL teams know how bad these guys are right? And I know crazy stuff happens each year, but I’d hope they would learn from past mistakes other teams made.

    Pressure to perform or not – teams that reach and pick these guys in the 1st round are basically signing their death warrant.

    • Russell says:

      Sorry…..I feel bad…. I had Trubisky going 8th after a trade-up by Arizona in My NFL Mock draft, but he was the only QB.

      • EdgeX says:

        Don’t feel bad. Some of these teams are desperate enough that in reality it could happen. But in a “perfect world” it wouldn’t.

      • EdgeX says:

        And maybe it’s just me, and I’m over-reacting, but I personally really despise this QB draft class with a passion.

    • steve earle says:

      Let them die in agony for being stupid, I have no pity for stupid ( hear maniacal laugh here).

  10. steve earle says:

    Well Mike you have none of these QB’s rated as 1st rd talent but we all expect three maybe four will be. Do you think that puts more pressure on GM’s to look more favorably toward JG as equal to or better in comparison?

  11. Russell says:

    My latest NFL 32 teams, mock draft, (footballnation.com) I have Arizona trading up to get Trubrisky.

    • Stephen J says:

      I tried posting a comment in your 1st round mock but received this back

      Server Error in ‘/’ Application

      The comment was EdgeX would go Ballistic if Solomon Thomas goes to the Bills

      • EdgeX says:

        Nah. The chances the Pat’s are able to pull off a move to get Solomon Thomas and him still being available I think are pretty slim in reality.

        I still love the talent tho and it’s always nice to dream 🙂

  12. Russell says:

    GREAT job Mike! I wonder if BB will carry three QB’s next year after trading Garoppolo. Brissett needs the reps. /coaching and having a third QB splits the reps.
    Having just two QB’s on the roster allows for an extra player some where else, which I think is more likely.
    BB could go after an undrafted guy, as a Practice squad prospect.
    The guy I like is Copper Rush, but I see him drafted late (Detroit?)

    • Stephen J says:

      If anything personally I would bring in a cap friendly veteran QB to compete with Brissett. None of those will. Thank God Brady came back when he did or else. That would be another reason to bring in a vet QB I wouldn’t want any of those coming in to play if it came down to it.

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