Scouting Report: Adam Bisnowaty, OT

If the Patriots decide to address Tackle, this is a player I think they should look at.

If the Patriots decide to address Tackle, this is a player I think they should look at.

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

A lot has changed over the course of this season. Coming into the year, I had real concerns about the Offensive Line, particularly the Tackles. Fast forward five months and it seems like that position may not be as big of a priority as I once thought. I think it would be prudent for the Patriots to bring in someone through the draft, but it gives the team a chance to develop a player rather than thrust them into a starting job. That is where today’s prospect comes in. Here is an in depth look at Adam Bisnowaty.

Name: Adam Bisnowaty (#69)

School: University of Pittsburgh (rSr.)

Height: 6’6″ (unofficial)

Weight: 305 Lbs. (unofficial)


With Scar back as Oline coach for the Patriots, we have a little clearer sense of what the team might be looking for when drafting Tackles. They tend to gravitate towards the taller, more athletic guys and Bisnowaty fits that criteria. He is a smooth mover, both in his pass sets as well as in space when run blocking. He is a fluid mover who can get to the second level easily and always finds someone to block. He has long arms and powerful hands and he uses them both to his advantage. Once Bisnowaty gets his hands on the defender, that player is usually taken out of the play. He seems to play with a mean streak and plays just beyond the whistle, which I want from my Offensive Lineman. Bisnowaty shows good footwork in his backpedal, with small controlled steps. This helps him with his balance and his ability to anchor when dealing with pass rushers. He is a four year starter and a team captain which is very important to this coaching staff.


Bisnowaty can be too aggressive and impatient at times. He gets in trouble when he lunges towards defenders. This makes his head fall and his eyes down off the defender and he can be run around or through. He struggles with athletic pass rusher who can get low. He tends to play a little high and will lose the leverage battle more than you like to see. He looks a little stiff, more so in his pass protection than on running plays. He must continue to work on his pad level while keeping his head up.


I am very intrigued by Bisnowaty. He shows the athleticism of a finesse type Tackle, but has the mean streak I look for in my lineman. I think with some time under the supervision and coaching of
Scar, he could be a very good starting left or right Tackle. He is physically similar to both Vollmer and Solder, so it would seem like a good fit for this offense. I have read that teams see him as a Guard, but I would not be so quick to make that move. I think with some refinement to his technique, he can stay outside and play Tackle. I think he would be good value in the 3rd round.






45 Responses to “Scouting Report: Adam Bisnowaty, OT”

  1. kevan says:

    Question. What are the chances Vollmer is ready to go next year, and is willing to take a team friendly 1 or 2 year deal? With Flemming that’s a good 4. Pats could wait on Tackle and get another stud interior lineman to go with thuney,Andrews,mason to make that a good 4 group too. Could happen right?

  2. Dan Sullivan says:

    SuperBowl Week Enjoy!

    Pats Mock Draft 2.0
    1 Chidobe Awuzie CB Colorado
    2 Zack Banner G USC
    3 Duwuane Smoot DE Illinois
    4 Ryan Glasgow DT Michigan
    4 J.J. Dielman OT Utah
    5 Casey DeAndrade S New Hampshire
    7 Greg Ward WR Houston
    7 Jamaal Williams RB BYU

    Pats Fans enjoy you stayed in the trenches all year long!

  3. jose marques says:

    in this mock the patriots trade jimmy G to the browns for a first round and 4round(2018)

    1:Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama
    1 DeMarcus Walker, DE/DT, Florida State
    2:Cooper Kupp, WR, Eastern Washington
    3:Johnathan Ford, S, Auburn
    4:samaje perine, RB, Oklahoma
    4:Forrest Lamp, OT, Western Kentucky
    5:Josh Dobbs, QB, Tennessee
    7:Lewis Neal, 3-4 OLB, LSU
    7:K.C. McDermott*, G/OT, Miami

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Is it just me, or does everybody else automatically think a DE is probably pretty good if his first name is DeMarcus?

    • steve earle says:

      Nice mock though we can’t be certain Jimmy G will be traded. My guess is it’s a 50/50 thing and only BB knows for sure. It’s fun figuring all the possibility but who knows what’s going to happen? TB will be 40 next season, no sign of quit but how long can he go?

    • EdgeX says:

      Reuben Foster may not last to the 12th overall pick. As I could see him going #2 overall to the 49ers – if they don’t take a QB.

      That being said, personally, I’d run like the Hulk breaking and smashing everything in my way to the podium to turn in my draft card for DE/DT Solomon Thomas at the 12th spot (if he is even available then).

      Go watch the tape of Solomon Thomas. Do it!

  4. EdgeX says:

    Omigod is it safe to post comments again?

    Ahem…that being said…

    I’d be fine with the Pat’s using a 2nd or 3rd round pick on either Julie’n Davenport or Adam Bisnowaty – been pretty clear I’ve been high on them for a while now (Davenport I like slightly more).

    Cannon, Solder, possibly Vollmer sticking around 1 more year with that $5 mil cap hit (hard to find good OT’s this cheap), and Davenport would setup some really nice OT depth for next year.

    • Stephen J says:

      This is what a Dallas Analyst/Scout had to say about Adam Bisnowaty

      Really surprised at the lack of power that Pittsburgh tackle Adam Bisnowaty plays with. Normally, he lines up at tackle, but on Thursday he lined up at guard and it was a terrible struggle for him. Charlotte defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi and Iowa defensive tackle Jaleel Johnson knocked him around pretty good. He didn’t get much movement in the running game, and he was only able to make some positive snaps when getting to the second level. Coming into the game I had the impression that he was a mean, nasty player but didn’t see that in this practice

      Here is the link

    • Stephen J says:

      Mike Mayock said this about Julie’n Davenport

      Best small-school player
      Julie’n Davenport, OT, Bucknell: There were a lot of good small-school players here in Mobile. Davenport had an up-and-down week but it’s kind of what you’d expect from a guy stepping up in competition at this level. He’s the longest player here this week, he has good feet, but he needs to work on his core strength and power, which are both developmental issues; those can be fixed at the next level. He should be the first player drafted from Bucknell since 1969

      • Stephen J says:

        Here is one tweet in regards to Julie’n Davenport the good

        Now the bad from PFF(ProFootballFocus)

        Dawuane Smoot, who was routinely beating his man outside both in one-on-one pass-rushing drills and team portions of the practice ,where he picked up a “sack,” beating Bucknell tackle Julie’n Davenport

      • EdgeX says:

        Yeah sounds about right.

        Remember, this is a weak OT class and with the direr need for many teams at OT, will force teams to pick lesser talents higher than they should necessarily go.

        I think the Pat’s would be fortunate/getting good value to get Davenport in the late 2nd/3rd round…maybe 3rd or 4th for Bisnowaty (I think Mike is spot on with the round evaluation for Bisnowaty) – but make no mistake after Ryan Ramczyk, Garett Bolles, and possibly Cam Robinson (whom I’m personally not as high on as some are) the rest of the OT class are DEVELOPMENTAL prospects at best at this point in their careers.

        • steve earle says:

          I agree Edge, not much of an OT class this year. Anyone after the three you named are questionable and I just wonder if any are worth taking before day three? Probably do better to look at vet FA’s for short term depth and look at other positions for upgrades?

        • EdgeX says:

          RE: Steve Earle

          If I was in control of the Pat’s draft board, in ideal circumstances, I wouldn’t be drafting an OT until at least the 3rd round, maybe even 4th. It’s out of the Pat’s control what other teams will pick before their turn too.

          I don’t see the need to pick up a vet OT when the Pat’s have Vollmer sitting at a measly $5 million still on their roster, he’s cheaper than probably any good alternative you’ll find in the open market, plus last time I checked he still was a stellar OT. The talk of the Pat’s out right releasing him is based on….what exactly? Rumor? Hearsay?

          Now Vollmer may decide to retire, given his age, which is entirely different – but If I were the Pat’s I’d still want him back for next year.

        • steve earle says:

          I see us as in agreement on the OT situation. General consensus is Vullmer retires but your right it’s not a given so if he does come back we look good, but who knows. Keeping options open.

  5. steve earle says:

    I’m an old guy so no surprise I’m old school football too. Sense some talk of a replacement for Blount came up I got thinking about it, did a little research and came to this. The best replacement for Blount, imo, would be De Veon Smith Mich. Has good size and power, runs down hill and reportedly said this in an interview at the Sr. Bowl, ” It doesn’t matter if your ranked four star or one star, non of that ranking stuff matters. Only thing that matters is that you do the job when you get there”. Darn, I like that attitude, sounds like a Patriot kind of attitude and probable he can be taken on day three. No flash just business.

  6. Stephen J says:

    Here is what I thought was a good article on 2 WR Zay Jones vs Taywan Taylor

    • Ryan says:

      This article is pretty on point. Taywan Taylor is currently being overlooked even though he is one of the most fluid athletes at WR in the draft. He’ll probably earn the respect he deserves after the combine and I can’t see him dropping out of the second round with his combination of speed, size and production.

      This article is a little off on Zay Jones though. Jones’ best game did come against Navy, but that was to be expected because Navy’s pass D has been horrible this year, despite how well they’ve played in previous seasons. In terms of production, they didn’t touch on just how ridiculous Zay Jones’ 2016 season was. While Trent Taylor was probably the nation’s most productive receiver, he posted 136 catches for 1803 yards and 12 TDs in a full 14 games. Taywan Taylor was the same, posting 98 catches for 1730 yards and 17 TDs over 14 games. Zay Jones put up 158 catches for 1746 yards and 8 TDs in only 12 games and averahedover 146 yards per game, as opposed to Trent’s 128.8 and Taywan’s 123.5. No one matched Zay’s production this year, and he’s so polished that he’ll probably be gone by our 3rd-round pick.

      • Ryan says:

        It goes without saying that I love both guys, but I’m not sure that they’re worth the cost of a second-round pick. I’d much prefer a wait-and-see approach and trade up in the third if one of them falls.

  7. GM-in-Training says:

    Looking at the top college TE this year, I think it is a lean year from the Pat’s perspective. There are a few tall TE, but they mostly seem to have skinny hips and be built like basketball players…not good blockers. There are plenty of 6’5″ 245# TE, but that’s a little light for what the Pats like in an all-purpose TE.

    • Tim D says:

      Watching some Pitt games after reading this, their TE actually stood out to me. QB is terrible, but despite that, Scott Orndorff looks pretty good. He is listed at 6’5″ 255lbs and appears to be a pretty complete TE. Should be able to get him late in the draft or even priority FA based on some of the draft websites projections.

    • Stephen J says:

      This is what Todd Mcshay had to say about Zay Jones today


  8. Turbo says:

    If Blount is gone, my number one guy to replace him would be Jamaal Williams.

    What do you guys think about Javarius Leamon OT for the later rounds?

    • Stephen J says:

      Well He seems to match GM in training’s description of what the Pats seem to prefer so there is another Tackle to become familiar with and not be surprised or say who when BB makes a selection.

    • steve earle says:

      If looking to replace Blount next year the only one that really fits would be D’onta Foreman, Tex. 6-1 249 and might even be an upgrade? He would require a high rd pick but could prove worth it if he gives Brady that reliable 2nd and short going forward. Brady is a great play action QB when allowed.
      As for Javarius Leamon, a really interesting late rd prospect. Good find Turbo. Seem’s to have the measurable s, be interesting to see how he is perceived by scouts? Could be a find if Scar gets to work with him next spring.

      • Mike Gerken says:

        I like Foreman, but hate the idea of using a high pick on him. I don’t see elite when I watch him, and if a RB doesn’t have elite skills, I will late until late day 2 or day 3 and get a guy who, in this offense, can do at least what Blount has done, if not more.

        • steve earle says:

          Right, I agree Mike, that’s the problem. Who in this draft can do at least what Blount does maybe more? Get a smaller guy and get less power, maybe quicker, maybe not. Who’s coming out that fits?

  9. Stephen J says:

    Another scouting note by Tony Pauline from Tue practice for Bisnowaty

    Bisnowaty was solid and not spectacular. He’s not the prettiest technician but does a solid job sealing defenders from the action

  10. Stephen J says:

    Mike looks like your RB Kareem Hunt had a nice day

    • Stephen J says:

      Also looks like your not the only one that likes him

    • Stephen J says:

      Tony Pauline had this to say about Hunt at Tues practice

      Tues: Hunt had a solid day. He’s not really fast but runs hard and decisively on the inside and nicely picks his way through the traffic, showing an effective jump cut and quickness in and out of his cuts. He also caught the ball well, including a one-handed grab on an errant pass in the flat, but like Clement he could use work as a blocker.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Hunt is a binky of mine for sure, and might be one of my all time binkies. I love his running style and I think he would be a perfect fit for the Patriots. He may not be flashy, but he gets the job done and I think he will be regarded as a better pro than college player in a few years.
      I was surprised he came in as light as he did, but he looks quick on TV. I think his ideal weight should be around 215. Love him.

  11. Stephen J says:

    Sounds good another thought regarding the Tackle position is a player who is also used as a TE. That started me thinking if there would be a player who is a Tackle that can catch or would it be better to have a big athletic TE who could play tackle(block)

    • GM-in-Training says:

      TE to Tackle conversions usually work best if they started in college (e.g., Nate Solder), and less well if they try in the NFL (e.g., Michael Williams in Detroit and NE).

      I think the Pats made it pretty clear this year they want tall TE who can catch and block. Even Lengle seems to have decent upside.

      Interesting to note, the Pats have already signed Rob Housler to a futures contract. He’s a veteran move TE who had insane measurables coming out of college, but languished on the Ram’s roster.

      For Tackle, the Pats can sometimes make a heavy 6’5 guy work, but I really think they prefer a long-armed 6’8″ guy who is about 320# and athletic. Those are hard to find in the draft, and worth moving up for in the right year.

      • Stephen J says:

        Thanks for sharing GM and what you say about who you think they prefer that describes Julie’n Davenport of/from Bucknell measured at 6066, 310, 36″ arms and a wingspan of 87″ so just under 6’7 and he’s been as high as 315. Sounds pretty close to what you described. From tweets and reports I’ve read on him from the Senior Bowl he has showed up. Has no glaring weaknesses has improved from day 1 to day 2. Has held his ground and not been beaten, were a couple of things I’ve read. The worst thing I’ve come across was he can be inconsistent and that was from his play at Bucknell and not at the Senior Bowl. Then this morning USA Today mocked him to the Patriots in round 3. So he is someone I will keep an eye on today and Saturday and see how he does.

      • GM-in-Training says:

        Small correction on my post. Rob Housler languished on the Cardinals roster until recently when he went through the Bears and Browns. Not sure why he doesn’t stick, but he’s got a long offseason to change things up.

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