Scouting Report: Donnel Pumphrey, RB

Is a guy who is leading the FBS in rushing being overlooked?

Is a guy who is leading the FBS in rushing being overlooked?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Ahhh. The first scouting report of the season. For me, this is like Christmas. This is the part of the process I love. Watching film, taking notes, and creating an opinion on the future success of these players. Now, writing up the scouting report is another story. It is not that I don’t like to do it, it is finding the time to write them up. For me, this time of year is where work slows down enough to sneak in a little computer time each day, so the reports are coming. As I wrote in my previous post, Runningback will be a position I focus on this scouting season and I start my scouting report series with a polarizing prospect, Donnel Pumphrey.

Name: Donnel Pumphrey

School: San Diego State

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 180 Lbs.

Senior Stats: (through 6 games)

167 carries, 1111 yards, 11 TD’s ( 6.65 average)

18 catches, 131 yards


Pumphrey may not be a household name. He plays on the west coast and at a smaller school, so his exposure to the masses is minimal. If you have not seen him play, please take the time to find a game and watch him, because he is a lot of fun to watch. He has excellent quickness, explosive speed and balance. He is elusive in space and has the ability to make defenders look silly when trying to tackle him. Pumphrey is a water bug out on the football field. He has the ability to start and stop as well as change direction while maintaining his speed. He is an advanced runner from a mental aspect. He shows good vision and shows the ability to set up his runs from a timing and patience aspect.


The big knock on Pumphrey is size. He is listed at 5’8″ and 180 Lbs, so in reality he is probably smaller than that. You will be hard pressed to find a guy who has had real success in the NFL at that size. Not only will his size come into question as a runner, but will he be an effective on third down if he has to stay in and block. Pumphrey is also raw as a pass catcher, which at his size, he needs to be better at to find a role in the NFL.


Pumphrey will be an interesting case study going forward. On one hand, his production and his athletic abilities are some of the best in college football. On the other hand, his physical limitations may make it difficult for NFL teams to take him. He needs to go to a team that knows how to use a player like this. He is never going to be a traditional, between the tackles type of runner, but if he goes to a system that can get him into space and find ways to get him into mismatches, he can have success. As a Patriots fan, the team seems to be set at the position with these type of players, so the need is not really there. As much as I like watching him on film, I worry about him handling the physicality of the NFL. I think realistically, he should probably be a day 3 type of pick.








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  1. GM-in-Training says:

    Jamie Collins to Cleveland for a compensatory 3rd round 2017 pick…so, add that to your mock drafts.

    I guess McClellin, Mingo and Van Noy have bigger shoes to fill now.

    I suspect that in addition to Collins being stubborn on negotiating an extension, the Pats were concerned that he seemed to be increasingly dinged up. Rumor was they offered him 11 million per season, and he balked.

    So, a very late 3rd round pick for half a season of a previously pretty good LB.

    • Jeff says:

      Pretty surprising that they let him go for a comp pick at the end of the 3rd, given that they could have let him walk and received that compensation just 1 year later. Is the value of having the pick a year sooner worth not having Collins for a playoff run? I say no, especially considering the struggles the defense has already shown without Chandler Jones in terms of having a productive pass rush.Let’s hope Bill and company really hit big on their picks next year!

  2. Pet Shelter says:

    Meet our project

  3. Russell says:

    Thank you for everyones impute in my 1st Mock Draft at!
    My Patriots choices 1st- 2nd round could change, but I think DE Wormley will not last until #64 2nd round.
    As for OG/OT Erick Magnuson, IMO , he is the best pick for the Patriots O-line G or ROT, as the best FIT for what the Patriots want in an O-lineman.
    Also the 2nd round pick is often were BB gabs the guy he wants, even IF he could be drafted later.
    Thanks for your impute!!

    • steve earle says:

      Always look forward to your mocks and info, thank you Russell. Agree Wormley will not last to #64 I just don’t believe he deserves a 1st. Does not mean he won’t become a Patriot after all Bill trades down as often as not. I like Magnuson too but he would not be my preferred pick for RT. I would like him if we doubled dipped at OL if that becomes possible.

  4. td says:

    Kind of funny how this site has really turned into

  5. Todti says:

    I haven’t been on this side for a couple of weeks, so sorry if that was already posted, but I think the more obvious team to go get Garoppolo is Houston. There are two reasons for that:
    1) The Texans are and will be to good to a) fire O’Brien and overhaul the team and b) get in position to draft a great QB prospect. So they need another method to aquire their QB of the future.
    2) Although the whole process of signing Osweiler was a head scratcher the Texans smartly stuctured the contract in a fashion that they can get out of it after 2017 with only $6m in dead money. In 2017, Osweiler will be under contract for $19m while Garoppolo will only make a tad over $1m. Also, their backup QB is Brandon Weeden who is scheduled to earn over $2m in 2017 (none guaranteed) and would be redundant with Garoppolo and Osweiler on the roster. Moreover, the Texans have all of their draft picks in 2017 (changed position in 6th round) and 2018.

    So, the Texans could trade for Garoppolo after this season – say for the proposed 2nd round picks in 2017 and 2018 as well as lower-round picks to account for the lower position compared to Chicago – which would actually reduce the spending at QB in 2017 accounting for the cutting of Weeden. Garoppolo should definitely not drop of significantly in the Texans’ offense and the offense apart from Osweiler is actually pretty talented.
    The question obviously is whether the Patriots would consider improving a potential contender in the AFC, however, if they think they are good enough why will they care about another team which they actually might not play against in 2017. (Also, you could fuck over the Colts by this move.)

  6. GM-in-Training says:

    Pats signed RB Gaffney to the 53-man squad today.

    I really hope he gives Blount a breather between the tackles. It’s important to keep Blount fresh for the post season. Also, Gaffney has been hanging around the Pat’s organization for several years now and it would be nice to see him make a contribution.

    • steve earle says:

      Yes good! He did so well in pre-season I thought they would keep him on the roster then. Glad he’s back.

    • Jeff says:

      I wonder if he’ll make it into a game or if he’s just keeping a seat warm for Dion. It would be nice to have Lewis to add a wrinkle against Seattle.

      • steve earle says:

        Wouldn’t be surprised Jeff though I wonder if Bill isn’t hedging his bets in case a RB or two gets an injury down the stretch. Can’t tell how many he will allocate to the position but they do take a pounding as season goes on. Or maybe he doesn’t expect Lewis to return as early as Seattle?

      • steve earle says:

        Come to think of it Jeff we haven’t seen DJ Foster lately. He’s kind of the fast speed outside runner and may become expendable once Lewis returns which would leave White and Lewis as the speed backs, Blount and Gaffney the power backs, Bolden Sp-teams, and Devlin at FB. Is that one to many?

        • Jeff says:

          I think that’s a high number of running backs, but it’s not impossible to do if they feel they have that much talent at that position and want to protect their guys . If they think Gaffney or Foster can clear waivers and return to the practice squad, I would think they’d rather have a 3rd TE than a 5th running back. However, if they’re choosing between a good running back that they think can help them in the coming years as well and a lousy TE that they will be afraid to play, that’s where they go ahead and keep the extra RB. They’ve already cycled through Harbor, Scruggs, Derby, so maybe they feel like they’ve already scraped the bottom of the barrel there.

        • steve earle says:

          @ Jeff: That’s a pretty reasonable assessment and it could go that way. One thing is we are seeing a good number of RB’s around getting well banged up already. That plays into if one of ours clears wavers. As I recall Foster went down pretty easy in pre season. I think he was insurance for White so could be released? Bolden got injured vs. Pitt I believe and he is mostly sp-teams and sense we got Mingo, Slater, Ebner, King, and likely VanNoy all Sp-teams dedicated Bolden too could be expendable. Nothing for certan, just thinking out loud.

  7. Russell says:

    The CAP Space Listed ($63.9 mil.) for 2017, is adjusted (SUBTRACTED) ALL contracts ending 2016.
    Bennett-5.1 mil.
    Vollmer-4.1 mil.
    Hightower- 1.9 mil.
    Mingo- 4 mil.
    Sheard- 5.5 mil.
    Connon- 4.5 mil.
    branch- 2.1 mil.
    Long 2.3 mil.
    Blount 1 mil.
    Bolden 1.1 mil.
    Collins- 940 K
    Ryan 693 K
    Harmon- 677K
    Fleming 600K
    Develin 750 K
    Butler 510K
    Grissom 525K
    Coleman 525K
    King 525K
    Hamilton 450K
    All these ending contracts go to 0 giving you $63.9 mil. cap space PLUS 9.5 mil. todays carry over, PLUS any adjustment to the League total cap space (set every year).

    • EdgeX says:

      C’mon, obviously the Pats aren’t going to re-sign all of those players. There will be roster turn over just like every other year. They have enough to sign the core players they want to keep.

      • Russell says:

        I agree Patriots will not resign everyone. The Franchise numbers for OLB $13.7 mil. TE $9.1 mil.
        Also the Cap Number for 2017 must include draft pick salaries. A 1st round pick (32) $1.5 mil., 2nd round pick (64) $715K, 3d round pick (96) $ 611K …..etc..

      • td says:

        The list this year is much greater than usual and a bunch of these guys they really rely on and are at a bargain price this year: Ryan, Butler, Harmon, Fleming, King, Blount and Branch. They will not be able to just replace them with new FA’s.

        I also don’t think it’s just a done deal to sign Hightower to a top tier contract and redo Gronk; these two guys have too much injury uncertainty to tie up a big cap number each. Possibly a Vollmer type contract with incentives for playing time.

  8. EdgeX says:

    Omg stop this nonsense!

    The Pats have almost 65 million in cap space for next year, and they always manage to find a way to wiggle some more. Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if they were sitting at 75 million at cap space before free agency. Also they have 98 million in cap space for 2018. See!

    They have MORE than enough money to sign Hightower, Collins, Re-work Gronks deal, and re-sign Bennett. Look at the roster no one is getting like a $100 million contract – it’s not in their philosophy in doing business. And I don’t think Hightower or Collins are gold diggers. Yes they will get paid…but nothing like Ndamukong Suh.

    I could see Hightower and Collins get $10 to $15 million each just for next year alone…that still leaves a min $35 million in cap space!

    Butler is getting a Restricted Tender next year so no big deal for him unless it works out in the Pats favor.

    • steve earle says:

      Hooray! Great news Edge. I choose to believe your source because it relieves my stress, ha ha. Really I had no idea where to look for that kind on info, thanks.

    • td says:

      They also have decisions to make on restructure (Amendola at 7.9) and FA’s Ryan, Harmon, Long, Sheard, Nink, Bennett, Vollmer, Cannon and Blount. Also what to do with Garoppolo and the McClellan experiment.

      • EdgeX says:

        Yeah I don’t see Amendola staying under current contract. I think they like him but not at 7.9 million. Also I don’t see Logan Ryan staying around. Duron Harmon might be higher priority.

    • Russell says:

      Remember that free money cap number for 2017 (63.9 mil.) is because of all Patriots contracts that end are subtracted from the cap total.
      Bennett 4.5 mil.
      Hightower 7 mi.
      Vollmer 4.5 mil.
      Sheard 4.5 mil.
      Connon 4.2 mil etc. etc. etc……….

      Today the free money cap total is, 9.5 mil.

  9. Russell says:

    The 2017 draft class at QB is POOR, in the EARLY rounds. QB Watson may fit in S.F., Kaaya may fit some were, as well as Trubinski “IF” they come out. Deshone Kizer likely stays in school as a sophomore .
    Check out my 32 team Mock draft,!

    • steve earle says:

      Will be going over to footballnation after this post but just have to ask about one thing. I was looking at Chicago papers and pages. They are talking about QB draft prospects after Glennon with no mention of Garoppolo. Is it only we here in NE that have our eyes on him? Very troubling!

      • Russell says:

        Not to sure the Bears would talk about a guy you want to trade for, at this point.

        WR Jared Abbrederis went unclaimed on Waivers. I liked he guy, maybe BB gives him a P-squad spot??

        • steve earle says:

          Back from your mock. Glad to see my board is close to where you see prospects too. Nice for my self esteem. Also like your mock. Not talking about JG could be why of course still not sure media there is that well disciplined. If Chi does turn to Glennon pre draft I see a couple other possible trade partners that could make sense. Browns #26 or #33 would be attractive. Arz #48? might be looking too. After that my crystal ball gets cloudy, still there are more cats to skin then just the Bears. If Bill can’t get at least a 2nd might as well keep him until next years injuries list might make a decent return on a trade. If still not then let him play it out and get a 3rd comp in 18. Hiope Your big trade happens, but?

    • EdgeX says:

      Russell – overall I feel the draft makes sense for every team except the Patriots. You’re higher on those two guys than me. The best info I can find on Erik Masterson is possible 7th round pick by Draft Tek and Chris Wormley listed as a 3rd. Maybe things will change after the combine, private workouts, and interviews but right now I feel there would have to be better talent out there for them.

      • steve earle says:

        To be fair Russell has been high on Wormley all along and I agree with you that a 1st is to high but a late 2nd wouldn’t be to bad. In my mock I have BB trading down our 1st for a 2nd and a 4th. With the two 2nds I took OT Dermott and OLB Fields ( in spite of latters red flags). Interestingly Russell has Fields taken one pick before me.

  10. steve earle says:

    Just read rumor that John Fox told friends that he’s done with QB Jay Cutler. Does this possibly add to Russell’s theory that Chicago is most likely trade partner for Jimmy G at end of season? So guys what’s your thoughts about this?

    • Russell says:

      Check out my article at ” Chicago looking at QB trade”??
      Mike Glennon or Garoppolo will end up with the Bears.
      Jamie Collins to the Cowboys for 2017 1st ???

      • steve earle says:

        Okay it’s beginning to look slightly more plausible that Jimmy G could be traded to Chicago but is the current class of QB’s coming out so poor that the Bears will pass on an early first rd QB and instead trade for JG? Not saying it can’t happen but asking why?
        I know you called the trade of DE Jones last year but two years in a row trading away a key defender? It’s not like we have an upgrade waiting to fill the spot and given Hightowers propensity for missing games why in the world would Bill do it? Yea I know about a big increase in Collins’s next contract but the old saying “you get what you pay for” seems to fit this. Why am I wrong? Are a couple rookies going to have the same impact or better guaranteed? Having a hard time agreeing with this idea.

        • Russell says:

          There is not enough money/ cap space to sign everybody. Hightower, Bennett, Butler are more important in my book.
          I want to keep Collins, but don’t see how. Collins value is a 1st pick 2017.
          Dallas has interest, but cap space is an issue. Jacksonville, has cap space. Tennessee has two 1st round picks, and cap space. Detroit would be interested.

        • carlo strada says:

          Agreed 100 %, because HT besides of missing too much time on the sidelines being injured is more of a one trick pony (when compared to Collins skillset of course) as well.

          I get to say i love HT, though if money was a problem (and only 1 of them could be sign then) i d pull the trigger on Collins, as he brings more flexibility to the scheme: dont see much of HT widening up outside the numbers against recieving RB´s.

          HT is great at the point of attack when facing OL near the line of scrimmage, however what i d like to know, is what? are we talking about LB or DLinemen??… id feel very comfortable with Collins, Mingo, Elandon and Van Noy going forward

      • steve earle says:

        Hi again Russell. I checked out your, good stuff there. As for Chicago giving a 2nd and a 3rd in 17 AND a 2nd in 18, well Bill should grab it with both hands. But, have you got any solid info other then your gut feeling? You know I’ve been skeptical we could get more then a 3rd as I’ve stated before. If you have something to give me hope I’m wrong please share.

        • Russell says:

          The Bears could go QB Mike Glennon as a free agent for say,$45- $55 mil. for 4 years.
          you could trade a 2nd in 2017, and a 2nd in 2018 for Garoppolo and play him under his rookie contract, and sign him to an extension mid-season.
          The Bears would still have an early 1st pick in 2017, to get a quality player, and their 1st in 2018 as well.
          It just makes good sense, Cut Cutler, resign Hoyer 1 or 2 yrs.

    • EdgeX says:

      Well lets think about this for a moment…

      If you’ve read a few articles about next years QB class you are probably looking at these 3 right now being touted top of the class:

      1. DeShone Kizer
      2. Brad Kaaya
      3. DeShaun Watson

      However, reports on Walterfootball just released a poll with NFL GM’s saying that the majority aren’t high on Deshaun Watson’s and could see him going in round 2 or 3 with his inaccuracy issues.

      So that leaves 2 QB’s that are round 1 talents vs how many teams need a QB

      Definitely need a QB:

      1. Browns
      2. Bears
      3. 49ers
      4. Jets (Having 4 QB’s means you have none.)

      Could push for a QB:

      1. Jags (if they give up on Bortles)
      2. Miami (if they give up on Tannehil)
      3. Cardinals to draft a replacement for Palmer or to push him
      4. Washington Redskins (if things don’t work out with Kirk Cousins)

      My point is that supply vs demand for the position is completely skewed. Right now I’d be shocked if they Pat’s don’t make a move either during the off season or during the draft with Garropolo. And it very well could be to the Bears or to the Browns (who have the draft ammo to take that chance).

      • steve earle says:

        Your right about supply and demand Edge plus Kizer is only a soph and may not come out. That could really put needy teams in a big bind. Perhaps I should rethink Jimmy G’s potential value ?

  11. GM-in-Training says:

    TE AJ Derby traded to Denver for a 2017 5th rounder.

    Also, the cost of Van Noy was a 2017 6th rounder, but they got Detroits 2017 7th rounder, and there’s not likely a lot of spaces in between those two.

    So, that changes the tail end or y’all’s mock drafts for 2017.

    Bummer, though. I liked Derby for his playmaker upside. I guess Van Noy takes his spot on Special Teams. Fleming probably resumes duties as the blocking TE. It’s weird that the Pats started the seaon with 4 TE, signed an FA TE, and are still now at only 2 TE.

    • steve earle says:

      Agree that Derby has possibly high up side I’m bumbed too but all in all it’s not a bad couple of moves. Van Noy was a starter OLB even at Detriot he should provide decent depth where it’s needed and OT Fleming can be the blocking TE. Just hope Gronk and Bennett both stay healthy.

    • Russell says:

      The Trading of Derby, would lead one to believe that resigning TE- Bennett looks very positive, with TE Williams coming off IR Next year, as the 3d TE.

      • Jeff says:

        The other option is to use the franchise tag on Bennett. The franchise tag isn’t quite so daunting with tight ends as it is for some other positions.

  12. Dan Sullivan says:

    Kyle Van Noy just received by Patriots in a trade is a great trade for Patriots.
    Great for Patriots staying aggresive!

  13. GM-in-Training says:

    Kyle Van Noy. Hm.

    6th Linebacker and special teamer? Is McClellin working out?

    The Pats have taken a lot of flyers on one-year contracts on people with high draft pedigrees. If Van Noy is an upgrade, who is he an upgrade over? Is he just, one more LB who can play special teams (alla B. Mingo)?

    • Jeff says:

      I think part of the strategy of bringing in these types of guys is to hedge their bets for next year in case they can’t retain Hightower and/or Collins. They have a chance to look at these guys on their team in their system to get an idea of what their fallback options are. I hope that Hightower and Collins are retained, but it would be unwise to not prepare for the worst. As for McClellin, I would not be surprised if he gets cut before next season begins. So far, he hasn’t beat out very many players for very many roles.

  14. steve earle says:

    Okay it’s almost Nov., still early for mocks but hey, what the heck? First a couple of notes:
    1) Not sure Jimmy G will be traded but if he is I expect it will only be at best a 3rd.
    2) There are some prospects that just will be gone before Bill picks so he likely trades down for a 2nd mid rd or higher and a 4th ( just guessing) So here goes.

    2a) Conor McDermott OT UCLA 6-9 310 (to RT)
    2b) Devonte Fields OLB Lou’vl 6-4 240 (1st rd talent with flags)
    3) Martavious Adams DT Aub 6-4 306 ( NT strong vs run can push pocket, good upside)
    4a) Brandon Facyson CB Vir T 6-2 191 ( rJr may not come out but has ability #2 CB)
    4b) Donnel Pumphrey RB SDS 5-8 180 ( Make defenders look silly in open field)
    5) TRADED
    6) Zach Banner OT/OG USC 6-9 360 (smash mouth run blocker ? to RG)
    7) Jake Elliott K Memp 5-10 176 (in case Gostkowski needs a nudge)
    3b? for JG? ) Damontae Kazee CB SDS 5-11 185 (great #’s Kid can play & if Facyson doesn’t come out)

    • Russell says:

      Good looking Mock, K- Elliot is the real deal. I’m watching a few different guys, and which roster spots will open up for rookies.
      OT-Vollmer ,likely retires
      DE-Sheard , to costly to keep
      WR- Amendola,
      QB Garoppolo, ???
      S- Richards ???
      CB Ryan ???

      • steve earle says:

        Thanks Russell I put a good deal of thought into this one but as we all know things can change as we move along. Anyway I agree with your list of likely departures though Ryan may be given another year even if BB drafts a couple CB’s just because he’s got no real competition for the spot. Still his days could be numbered if he doesn’t make a jump in coverage.

    • EdgeX says:

      Only player I have issue with is Devonte Fields – those red flags man. Don’t need that on this team.

      • steve earle says:

        Yea I know Edge but he has great ability. I am hoping he is past that phase and has learned from it. The Pat’s solid locker room has been able to handle problem players from time to time this can reinforce positive behavior, I hope.

    • steve earle says:

      Well jeeze just when I put out a mock Bill trades away our 6th but worse he trades Derby TE to Denver. That could come back to bit us you know? Oh well my mock was saved just move OT Banner up to the 5th from Denver and add a 7th. No idea who I’d select there yet.

  15. GM-in-Training says:

    Niners all-pro LT available for trade. $5.4M pay this year. 8.95M next year, through 2019.
    Browns LT Joe Thomas available for a 2nd round pick. Base pay $8M.

    They probably just want draft picks. Maybe they’d also take young players in the mix.


    • EdgeX says:

      Nah – I’d rather draft the talent – Pats really need to add more to the OL for the future.

      It probably won’t work out like this but I could see the Pats going majority of offense next year.

      Anyways, my dream scenario, as of right now would be…

      Trade Jimmy G for at least an early 2nd for next year so…

      1. RB Christian McCaffrey (reminds me of Le’Veon Bell)
      2. OT Julie’n Davenport
      2. CB Jourdan Lewis
      3. TE Bucky Hodges
      4. OT Adam Bisnowaty or DT Eddie Vanderdoes

      Probably could pick a better DT…but not sure which one…

      • EdgeX says:

        Or I could see picking up another Guard in the 4th round. As Mike Loyko pointed out Right guard spot for the Pat’s is kinda scary – why did they get rid of Josh Kline again?

      • steve earle says:

        This would be a good solid draft if it worked out this way and I don’t think any fans could find fault with it. Thing is we don’t have a real good idea where any of these guys will be selected. I’ve seen mocks putting Bisnowaty a late 1st and Davenport a mid 1st. As for TE I’d much rather extend Bennett at this point in time but that could change. One other thing is I’m still not convinced Jimmy G would net us even a 2nd based on just 6 quarters of regular season play. We can hope but!
        AS for trading for one of the OT’s GM noted I’m mixed on that. On one hand I say yea if the price isn’t to steep then on the other I kind of think the way you do about it. Our current line is doing okay but some help wouldn’t hurt.

        • EdgeX says:

          All true – remember it’s just a wishful list.

          It’s nice to dream though right?

        • EdgeX says:

          Also in this scenario they resign Bennett and pick up Bucky Hodges. Will then have scary depth at TE and thought if someone gets injured they have a solid back up in Bucky Hodges.

          If you haven’t noticed Bill/Josh really like the 2 TE sets – can’t blame them for it though!

    • steve earle says:

      Maybe we could trade McClullan and Mingo or one of those guys? ( hear evil cackling laugh in the background.)

  16. GM-in-Training says:

    I don’t see the Pats getting a predictable starter OT out of the draft for anything less than a 2nd round pick. The 2nd rounder might get them a college starting LT who flips to RT.

    A 1st rounder could get them a 2017 backup LT, near-term RT with potential to kick over to LT in 2018.

    • EdgeX says:

      As of right now I agree.

      Hopefully this will change though once the combine starts and can get more insight on prospects.

    • steve earle says:

      Sounds about right to me too GM. I wouldn’t mind using a 1st on an OT but BB has a habit of trading down his 1st’s. f the trade down gets us a 2nd toward the top of that round we could still get that OT but I’d rather use our 1st.

      • GM-in-Training says:

        BB used a first on Nate Solder. BB traded up into the first the year he drafted Chandler Jones and Dont’a Hightower. He had a lot more draft capital that year. We’ll see in 2017.

  17. Russell says:

    At 32 years old, and injury issues I don’t see Vollmer coming back in 2017. Cannons contract is up as well, and is currently at $4.5 mil. a year, (NO guaranteed money) Vollmer is at $4.2 mil. a year. (about half guaranteed) A new deal for Cannon (28) maybe 2 years, at $4 mil. a year, with most of it guaranteed. Money saved from Vollmers deal will be used for rookie OT, and signing other players.

  18. Russell says:

    Interesting Prospect Mike Gerken!! I’m watching N.C. State RB Matthew Dayes, 5’9″ 205 lbs, 4.47 40 yd. So far this year his stats look; 125 att. for 682 yds. (5 + yds per pop)
    It would seem likely the Patriots would have watched Dayes last year when studying N. C. State QB Bressitt, and OG/T Thuney. Dayes looks like a Patriot type RB power runner between the Tackles, with speed.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      100% agree. Dayes is a guy I have on my list as well and I too think that they already have a good report on him after heavily scouting that team last year.

  19. EdgeX says:

    I hate to say it…but if Blount gets any more 100 yard rushing performances like this maybe the Pat’s don’t need another running back and should sign Blount to an extension?


    Also…hate to say it but I think Marcus Cannon is playing his way to starting RT next year.


    • Russell says:

      OT Cannon is in a contract year, but I don’t see a huge value for him on the market . My bet is he signs a Patriot friendly contract, for 2 yrs., And BB drafts a guy for ROT to learn or try to beat out Cannon as a starter.

    • Jeff says:

      Best case is Cannon or Vollmer sign for 1 more year while the Pats draft a tackle in the first 3 rounds to develop for a year before taking over in his sophomore season. That way they have the security of a known commodity, the chance to develop a guy, and a year to evaluate if they made the right choice before relying on the guy as a starter. They’ll also still have Fleming and Waddle to compete for backup roles.

    • steve earle says:

      Agree Blount is having a good year so far and agree with Russell a two year contract with moderate increase could be warranted if he continues. The key with all running games is the blocking up front so whether or not Cannon is retained at least one OT prospect should be picked via draft. I think the best scenario is the one Jeff suggests with Cannon or Vullmer signing ( I think Cannon because likely Vullmer retires) for one or two more years giving coaches time for eval of new prospect. Also a big factor in Cannon’s success is the two big TE’s blocking. Kind of a perfect storm.

  20. steve earle says:

    I got thinking about this over night then read Mike’s note about how some teams just don’t know how to use their talent as Pats do and I got thinking. Sense the two TE system is working so darn well why not a two scat-back pkg system next year. Lewis and Humphrey backfield together could cause much the same match up crisis for def. Plus it could keep them fresh alternating them at other times. A backfield of Blount, Gaffney, Lewis and Humphrey would be really interesting.

    • steve earle says:

      Whoa I did it too. I thought the name Pumphrey was the mis-spell, it was the Humphrey. My bad!

  21. Mike Gerken says:

    He is much like Lewis, that is a very good comparison. What we have seen is that lots of teams just don’t know how to use a player like that. I look at Duke Johnson in Cleveland as well. They have talent but if a team does not have a system that knows how to utilize there talents, they fall to the wayside and become JAG’s.

  22. Game Day says:

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  23. steve earle says:

    Good insightful report Mike. He sounds like a Deon Lewis clone but as you say a day three pick for someone else unless Lewis can’t come back at 100%. If Lewis can’t then this kid could be an inexpensive option. Hope that won’t be necessary.

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