Prospect Preview: USC v. Alabama

Alabama LB Tim Williams will look to terrorize USC QB Max Browne in this one.

Alabama LB Tim Williams will look to terrorize USC QB Max Browne in this one.

Two of the most prolific programs in all of college football will meet up in prime time in Arlington on Saturday night. Alabama is considered to be one of the favorites to challenge for the National Championship this year, while USC is trying to climb back on top of the Pac-12 and reassert itself as a dominant program. Both teams are absolutely loaded with star studded prospects and this game will have the attention of all 32 NFL teams.

2017 Prospects –
RB Justin Davis
WR Darreus Rogers
WR De’Quan Hampton
TE Taylor McNamara
OT Chad Wheeler
OT Zach Banner
OG Jordan Simmons
OLB Jabari Ruffin
OLB Quinton Powell
ILB Michael Hutchings
SS Leon McQuay III

2018 Prospects –
QB Max Browne
WR JuJu Smith-Schuster
WR Steven Mitchell Jr
OG Damien Mama
OG Viane Talamaivao
OG Nico Falah
OC Toa Lobendahn
OLB Uchenna Nwosu
ILB Olajuwon Tucker
CB Adoree’ Jackson
FS Chris Hawkins
PK Matt Boermeester

2017 Prospects –
FB Dakota Ball
WR Gehrig Dieter
TE O.J. Howard
OG Korren Kirven
OG Alphonse Taylor
DE Jonathan Allen
DT Dalvin Tomlinson
OLB Tim Williams
OLB Ryan Anderson
ILB Reuben Foster
SS Eddie Jackson
PK Adam Griffith
LS Cole Mazza

2018 Prospects-
QB Cooper Bateman
WR Robert Foster
WR ArDarius Stewart
WR Cam Sims
OT Cam Robinson
OG Bradley Bozeman
OC J.C. Hassenauer
DE Da’Shawn Hand
DT Joshua Frazier
OLB Rashaan Evans
ILB Shaun Dion Hamilton
CB Anthony Averett
P JK Scott

Match-up to Watch: USC Offense v. Alabama Defense
There will be more four and five star players on the field when the Trojan offense goes up against the Tide defense then I have fingers and toes. Almost every position battle will be one to watch but the X-Factors for each team will be USC QB Max Browne and Alabama DT Dalvin Tomlinson. Browne will take over a loaded offense with playmakers all over the field. Browne, who was a top-tier QB prospect, will have one of the best WR’s in the nation in Juju Smith-Schuster to throw to and the very dangerous Ronald Jones to hand the ball off to. Browne has only 143 career passing yards, so he’ll need to settle in early and get into a rhythm against this Tide defense. Tomlinson takes over the nose guard spot from A’Shawn Robinson who left for the NFL. Tomlinson is a big body at 6’3, 307 lbs and had six pass breakups and 34 tackles last year. He’ll be asked to plug the middle and keep the LB’s clean as they attack downhill. If he can be successful at that then it could be a very long night for the Trojans.

Best Prospects: Alabama DE Jonathan Allen and OLB Tim Williams
Alabama lost a lot of defensive talent to the NFL last year but two key players return in seniors DE Jonathan Allen and OLB Tim Williams. Combined these two had 22.5 sacks and 10 QB hits last year and both will be counted on to supply the majority of the pass rush this year. Allen is a powerful defensive end who is nearly impossible to block one on one while Tim Williams is one of the most athletically gifted LB’s in the country who uses his speed to turn the corner and get to the QB. USC OT’s Zach Banner and Chad Wheeler are going to have their hands full with these two.

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86 Responses to “Prospect Preview: USC v. Alabama”

  1. steve earle says:

    As a few of us consider who Jimmy G might be traded to I read that RG3 has a broken shoulder and is on IR. Though he could return in 6 weeks it’s unlikely his shoulder will be ready that soon. His backup McCown has a long history of getting injured also so then there is Kody Kessler, that’s right, who? So by the time Tom Brady returns Cleveland should be so desperate, (maybe) that Bill might entertain the possibility of an early trade of JG for one of the Browns 1st rd choices. Not that I expect such but thought it an interesting thought.

    • Todti says:

      No way. The Browns’ new brain trust is too smart to get a QB this early during the rebuild. They would either lose a valuable draft pick or get a successful QB which would push them down the draft ranking. It’s a lose-lose situation for the Browns right now.

  2. GM-in-Training says:

    Pats restructure McCourty to free up cap space this year. They’ve got something near $11 million right now. What are they shopping for?

    Guess #1: A really good #3 OT from some team with an awesome OL. Who could that be?

    Guess #2: Sure, they could extend any one of 4-6 of their stars who would otherwise be an FA next year. Which gives them the most value?

    Guess #3: Another pretty good OT from some team with a really good OL. Seriously.

    Guess #4: Your Ad Here.

    • steve earle says:

      I don’t know but your #1 & #3 seem to be the same problem which is what team is going to part with one of the top 3 OT’s no matter the cap room we have unless we trade a player of equal value or higher at a position they need? AS for #2 we might get buy with extending more then one player with rear loaded new contracts but is that the way Bill goes? For #4 money could go into the “in case of emergency fund”. Me, not a clue?

    • Ryan says:

      Hope for #1, bet on #2.

  3. steve earle says:

    Wow what a victory! A couple more performances like this and I’ll start believing BB will be able to get a 1st rd pick Jimmy G. The Cards are no schmucks, all the pundents have them in the running for a SB contender which makes Jimmy’s almost flawless performance all the more impressive to GM’s. I’m starting to dream big dreams.

    • Todti says:

      Without having a specific team in mind I think a late 1st or early 2nd should be feasible if Jimmy G continues like that. It’s either a semi-contender a la Vikings (this year’s scenario), because of his low salary in 2017 and potential afterwards, or a bad team either picking a skill player atop the draft and/or being discontent with the QB or missing on the QB prospects.

      • steve earle says:

        Makes sense, as of now anyway, because we have no idea what the situation is is going to be after the season is done. Your right not to try to identify any one or two teams, far to early. I do think your in the right range however with a low 1st, high 2nd, unless some desperate GM really loves Jimmy. Stranger things have happened.
        Now after JG is traded does Bill look for another sleeper QB in “17” or stand pat with Brisett for a year?

      • Jeff says:

        If the Bears decide that they are through with Cutler, that could be the team to do business with. Cleveland and San Francisco have obvious QB needs, but they should be positioned to take the top couple of QBs in the draft, so they may be more likely to go that route unless the QB prospects really flame out. Hard to see the Pats trading with the Jets. Maybe Detroit or Kansas City decide to move on, but it’s hard to see them willing to overpay in a trade.

        • steve earle says:

          You could be right about Chicago and it isn’t unreasonable that they could be disenchanted with Cutler. Hoyer is the backup so no help for them there and they actually may win just enough so they will not be in line for one of the top rated rookies coming out. I’d have to look up Cutler’s contract to know but if they wouldn’t take to big a cap hit by letting him go it could happen. I still wouldn’t rule out Cleveland. They passed on a top QB this year and are going with questionable assembly of vets. Is the GM there rookie shy? if so and Jimmy continues to play as well as he did last night and still has a year on his rookie contract he could be a very attractive option to the Browns providing the under preform as expected.

        • steve earle says:

          Just looked up Cutler’s contract Jeff. He’s signed through 2021 and if they let him go after this year they would take a $16,000,000. 00 cap hit. They would have to work a trade for him and with that contract it would be really hard to find any takers I think.

        • Russell says:

          The Bears make the most likely landing spot for Garoppolo, for 2nd 2017 pick (top 10 in the round?) and a 2nd 2018.
          Back-up Cutler, for a year, sign a 3 year+ deal.

        • steve earle says:

          @ Russell: Why the Bears? Even if Jimmy backs up Cutler for a year Cutlers cap hit will still be huge and then Chi will have to dig up the multi-million for a new contract for JG. Have the Bears or will they have the cap room to do that? If not Jimmy will move on to a team not in hock up to their eye brows and Chi will be worse off then ever it seems to me. Where am I going wrong here?

  4. Todti says:

    Well, there are losses after which you still have a smile on your face, and this is one of them. Short on both personnel and luck (close to interceptions, two fumbles) as well as bad tackling, and they still were in that game until the very end. White was huge, both in catching and blocking, Mitchell flashed here and there and Bennett showed why the combination of him and Gronk will be devastating. Plus, obviously, Jimmy G was impressive and might actually yield something close to a king’s ransom (or, at the very least, a high compensatory pick). And it seems like nobody got severly injured.

    …and now Canaday blew that snap and the Patriotss won. Yay! 🙂

    PS: Fitzgerald is absolutely incredible.

    • Ryan says:

      I’m surprised we didn’t see more Derby with Gronk. Great showing from the team overall however. Fitzgerald is still a superhuman and I will never forgive Chandler for that strip sack.

      • steve earle says:

        Agree, I really expected a lot more two TE formations but looking back I think Bill may be easing Derby into the regular season increased intensity of games. Pre-season games are one thing where individual results are important but games really are not so much. I expect we will see Derby increasingly as the team begins to jell with confidence with Jimmy.
        One concern is the O-line which is still a work in progress. Did you see that cast on Mason’s right hand? (Reminds me of a kid called “Whitey” from Ipswich in 1960 who broke my nose with his cast.) But I digress, how was Mason supposed to be able to function at the pro level with that thing?

    • steve earle says:

      At the beginning of your post here I was thinking you turned off your TV early. How to build the drama,LOL. Well done Todti. And your take away of no injuries and the performance of Jimmy G is a hugh bonus.

  5. Dan Sullivan says:

    With Brady Pats could squeek out a close win in Arizona. Without Brady Defense has to be real
    strong and Jimmy G needs to use tight Ends a lot and run when he has a chance. Field goals
    for Patriots in this game are great.

    Go Pats!
    Dan Sullivan

  6. Russell says:

    I know it’s early , but who do you like in next yrs draft for an OT??? I highly doubt BB takes one with the first pick,..but maybe.
    I think he once again trades the 1st pick and moves back getting a 2nd and 3d.

    • steve earle says:

      Yea Bill doesn’t usually go for OT in the 1st but if he should I like Mike Gluchey ND 6-7 310 or Adam Bisnowaty Pitt 6-6 305. Down to 3rd I like Chad Wheeler USC 6-7 280-300 (weight depending on source). Wheeler has some flags but they don’t sound bad so a 3rd would be a decent place to look for him.

      • John says:

        Chad Wheeler? Fortunately, he didn’t play verse Bama because every other OL on USC got exposed.

        • steve earle says:

          Thanks for the up-date John I wasn’t able to watch that game. Have you got any inside info on what/why Wheeler didn’t play as from what I read he had been a starter until some incident last year?

        • John says:

          Just hurt, I believe. But USC’s entire OL looks like the Patritos, right now.

      • Russell says:

        Not sure McGlinchey would come out as a Jr. Steve, But I like him! I really like Erik Magnuson 6’5″ 305 lbs runs a 5.02 40yd. has played G-ROT-LOT.

        • steve earle says:

          Well yea but so many jr’s do come out it’s as likely as not that he will. He is one of the better rated OTs so why risk another year and possible injury? Though the other side of that would be he might even improve his stock. I don’t know what he’ll do but if he does come out I’d take him.

  7. Russell says:

    The senior college draft class at OT looks very strong this year, I think there are 10 guy’s in the first 2 rounds. On the other hand the DE class looks thin.
    Patriots should be able to get a quality player in the 2017 draft with their first or second choice.
    I would look for BB to draft two OT’s, 1 early and 1 late.

    • Jeff says:

      I’m with you Russell – I hope they’re able to bring back Vollmer for 1 more year while drafting an OT early who can fill in in year 1 and take over a starting role in his second season. Another guy late in the draft, even if he’s a practice squad guy for a year, would be great as well.

    • steve earle says:

      I agree with you too Russell. One OT early one mid/late sounds right to me. All we have to do is Get Bill on board now. Hope he brings one more developmental OT onto the P-sqd.

  8. cole says:

    There will be more four and five star players on the field when the Trojan offense goes up against the Tide defense then I have fingers and toes.

  9. GM-in-Training says:

    So…are they done trading yet?
    They always want to keep some cap space for late-season emergency additions. They also want to extend some players this season.

    Right now they seem to be preferring to trade for young reclamation projects with high ceilings and long deals to inherit.

    Are there more of those to be had?

    They also used to be more inclined to sign depth veterans after the first week of the season, when veteran salaries are no longer guaranteed. Any of those kinds of free agents floating around at positions that could be upgraded? Big RB? OT?

    Another inflection point for moves they could make comes after week 4 when TB12 and Nink become available again. I don’t think it’s likely they’ll trade away depth at QB or ED/LB for picks to open up spots for those two veterans…but I guess it could happen.

    I guess the good news in all of this is that the Pats have 5 potentially very good players (3 on PUP, 2 suspended) coming back between weeks 4 and 11, so they’ve got some replacements ready to go.

    BB is right though. Between players that are barely back from injury, players yet to come back, normal attrition, all the kinds of moves listed above…this roster is very fluid for several months.

    • steve earle says:

      Done trading, who knows except BB? You ask both interesting questions and make good observations wish I knew the answers. The big thing will be injuries, ours or another teams, which will trigger the search for trades. We have decent depth at most positions right now and so Bill will only be motivated to make a deal which can clearly upgrade the team. What that could be remains to be seen. On the other hand there are still some free agent P-sqd capable guys out there that can be signed to improve that area. If Bill is looking to make a deal somewhere I hope it would be for an OT where we sure look light right now.

  10. Dan Sullivan says:

    The trade for Rowe is a excellent addition. The size and speed to match up against
    bigger receivers. Good to see Patriots staying very aggresive.

    • Ryan says:

      Good point. Our secondary was looking alright, but we needed somebody to match up with larger receivers. Rowe does that nicely.

  11. GM-in-Training says:

    If I had to guess which players on the 53 were sitting in revolving door positions;
    Ted Karras, J. Richards, J. Jones, C. Harbour (all because of depth ahead of them)

    And on the practice squad;
    V. Sunserri, M. Hilton, C. DeBord (all replaceable, and Pats are light on LB, upside OT)

    • steve earle says:

      I think your list of those sitting on the edge is right though I do think Karras is i little safer because he really only has Andrews ahead of him at OC. Plus he has the flexability to play OG as well as center. Not that he is any kind of lock but I suspect he would be one of the last of that group to go at least until Mason and Jackson are back to 100%. Even then not sure Jackson would unseat him.

      • GM-in-Training says:

        Agree. Especially now that they’ve released Kline.
        Now their OG Depth is Thuney, Mason, Cooper, Karras, Barker (practice squad)
        Apparently all 4 could play Center in a pinch.

  12. John says:

    Know of lots of people on this site that really liked Rowe. Hope lots of you are happy! Actually, it’s a pretty good deal.

    Writing was on the wall for Kline. In addition to Karras, Thuney, Cooper, and Mason, I think having Jones, Jones, and Coleman as the back-up corners (they are all really slot/nickel corners) suggested that they were going to nab someone. I know people were surprised they didn’t keep Roberts, or one of the other young corners, so this kind of explains that.

    Pretty happy with the roster, minus the OTs. Solder is a need of a good year, IMO. Hopefully, Cannon is at least average.

    Imagine if BB hadn’t whiffed on so many picks? Grissom, Richards, Dobson, Easley (I liked Easley, though. Just not where they took him.) I guess Bill has to keep it somewhat competitve.

    In all seriousness, STOP REACHING WITH EARLY PICKS. You’re making it harder on yourself.

    Thoughts welcome.

    • Ryan says:

      I’m very happy. I was never a big fan of Kline and he’s been replaced through the draft.

      Rowe is going to get a chance to do big things here.

    • Yohy says:

      What makes it worse are the guys passed over, like Keenan Allen. I would much rather have him than Dobson.

      Maybe Bill is mad at Tom. Drafted no OTs, RBs, or quality WR

      • steve earle says:

        It’s not a matter of Bill being mad at Tom or anyone else, it’s his draft philosophy. To Bill the draft is all about “value picks”. HE feels two or three good players is better then one great player thus we see him so often trade down the 1st rd pick for additional picks thus we hardly ever see a great WR taken in the 1st or an OT for that matter. He also believes that OL prospects are an adjunct to skill players and DL/LB’s. This is why our OT starters this year are Cannon and Solder (Solders not the same player he was a couple years ago and Cannon’s never shown he is more then average) with very little depth behind them. I would dearly love to see Bill Get a pair of top OT’s in the draft next spring but only time will tell.

  13. Russell says:

    TRADE; Patriots acquire CB Eric Rowe from Philly for OL-Josh Kline and a conditional 4th draft pick in 2018.
    BB also added S-Vinnie Sunseri and DB Mike Hilton (Jags.) to the P-Squad.

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Mike Hilton?!? 5’9, 184#. Not even that fast. What is the deal with the Pats and these undersized DB?

      Is Clay DeBord (OT 6’6″, 305#) who spent pre-season with Arizona a serious developmental prospect at OT, or just a guy who is familiar with the Cardinals?

      • John says:

        Well, they just traded for an “over-sized” DB/CB. So, I guess it’s hard to say what they are looking for. Other than a well-rounded roster.

        BB goes against trends. When the league goes in one direction, he likes to go in another. Makes sense. You can exploit a larger percentage of teams. I think he thinks that if he can take away the middle of the field, he has a greater chance at being successful on defense.

        It’s somewhat true. Succesful offenses tear up the middle/intermediate part of the field.

      • Ryan says:

        I think he functions as both. He definitely has some things to work on but I was hoping the Pats would sign him as a UDFA this year. If he can provide potential for improvement and a bit of intel on the Cards, then he makes plenty of sense.

        • steve earle says:

          I hadn”t really considered that DeBord had come from Arz. but that could have been a factor. I was looking at John Weideneer, another green, small school LOT in the same mold as DeBord for the P-sqd. Matter of fact I wouldn’t mind adding the latter and dropping Barker or Grissom.

        • steve earle says:

          Oops! sorry Ryan I should have sent above reply to GM.

  14. Jeff says:

    Looking ahead to next season, even if the Pats are able to retain Collins, Hightower, Collins, and Butler, they will likely be looking for starting caliber players to replace Vollmer and Amendola on offense and Branch and Ninkovich/Long on Defense (assuming Jones can develop enough to replace Logan Ryan). The Sam Bradford trade is good news if the Pats can get a high first, then trade back for a 1st and 2nd, they should be able to grab 4 players in the top 2 rounds to compete for starting roles. If Jimmy falls flat in the first 4 games, they’re going to really need development from young players or some home runs in free agency to keep their talent level up.

    This might be the best roster Brady has for the remainder of his career – let’s hope the Pats can capitalize with a championship!

    • Jeff says:

      Haha, and by “Collins, Hightower, Collins, and Butler”, I meant “Collins, Hightower, Sheard, and Butler”.

    • steve earle says:

      Hay Jeff, I’m hoping, like you that Garapollo really shines in the first four games but even if he does I’m not sure he would bring a high 1st. I suppose he could I just have my doubts. Bradford is a proven vet who was a 1st rd draft pick and GM’s are far more likely to give high picks based on that then even a great four games from Jimmy. Hope I’m wrong.
      On the other issue I’m hoping Bill finds a way to sign most of the guys you mention, especially B.uttler and Collens.

      • steve earle says:

        Oops! That’s Buttler not B.uttler, ,wait, still wrong, it should be Butler,right? Geeze I need another coffee.

    • Russell says:

      I believe Mingo will need to be resigned as well next year.

      • carlo strada says:

        though youre eating the chicken before killing it, i also think the Mingo experience will be something to remark, i think he ll gel better than expected.
        This eventually can bring up a dilemma: if you have 3 stellar LB, and only can sign 3, who ´d you pick?
        What if Pats decide, bringing back Collins and Mingo, or HT and Mingo, or just HT and Collins (any combination you want)?
        Even if losing HT, this D is quite stacked…

      • steve earle says:

        It would seem like a good idea based on one preseason game but I’ll wait for a few more games before putting him on the priority list though I do think he will turn out to be a serious contributor.

  15. Ryan says:

    Pat’s practice squad is almost full, with only two spots remaining. Already signed are:
    WR Devin Lucien
    DT Woodrow Hamilton
    RB Bishop Sankey
    OT Clay DeBord
    WR Devin Street
    DE Rufus Johnson
    LB Genes Grissom
    OG Chris Barker

    Pretty well-rounded. Look for them to add some secondary help with their last two slots.

    • Jeff says:

      I’d like to see a CB and a DT complete the practice squad for positional depth purposes, though Bryce Williams was a guy I expected to see back on the practice squad. It seems they’re waiting awhile to fill the spots, so I’m not sure there’s going to be a truly high potential guy (like Sankey) left. Sad to see LeBlanc go – I would’ve preferred to see Karras or Elandon Roberts test the waiver wire and keep a 6th CB.

      J. Jones does seem like the perfect 5th CB though – he had some real special teams highlights during the preseason, so he can contribute weekly there while being a competitive player in case of injury.

      • steve earle says:

        You bring up really good questions Jeff. On the practice sqd. it’s interesting Bill has left two vacancy’s and we have Brady and Ninkovich both on four game suspensions. A possible cause and effect? Maybe or just Bill being Bill keeping his options open as teams keep adjusting their rosters as they will for a couple more weeks. Myself I don’t think he is done trying to make a deal or two and wants to have a couple spots to try to put a couple of guys if they have to make room on the 53.

    • Russell says:

      Right on Ryan; BB added S and DB to P-squad.

  16. Russell says:

    I have been added to, Beat Writers, specializing with Patriots. So please check out my game PREVIEWS and RECAPS each week, along with other interesting Patriots articles!
    I value each of your thoughts/comments, about the Patriots, so give me Ideas for articles you would like to see!!!! I currently have gone over 400,000 viewers of my 175 articles.
    Thank you for your support !!

  17. steve earle says:

    Not sure how many slots are still open on the P-squad but if there is room I’d like Bill to sign Jaquiz Rogers RB and John Weideneer OT. Both have potential I think.

  18. Ugochukwu says:

    Hopefully there’s a ROT out there that was just cut that Bb and staff know more about than anyone else. Could really use an upgrade at that Tackle position

    • steve earle says:

      OT’s are a high value slot and few are cut and fewer available. However if I was able I’d bring in John Weideneer cut by Cinci. He came out of a small collage in MINN. I believe, has the size and authletic ability. Needs to develope and improve strength otherwise looks to have a chance to make it. He started at LT in collage with the quickness needed. Cincy is deep at OT so the cut. Worth a close look.

  19. Dan Sullivan says:

    Players I’d like to see Patriots sign. Already signed Bishop Sankey a great addition to team.
    1 Zack Sanchez CB
    2 Daniel Braverman WR
    3 Jamil Douglass G
    4 Jacquiz Rodgers RB
    5 Nate Irving ILB

    Go Fighting Irish against Texas! All of New England get behind Jimmy G and this very talented and smart Patriots team.

    Dan Sullivan

  20. Todti says:

    By Doug Kyed:

    Ex-Patriots who went unclaimed: Barker, DeAndre Carter, Dobson, Geneo, Halapio, Hamilton, Harper, Iosefa, Rufus, Lucien, Sunseri, Vellano, Bryce Williams

    Well, at least the PS will feature some solid players.

    • Todti says:

      By Adam Schefter:

      Former Titans’ RB Bishop Sankey, who went unclaimed on waivers, is signing with Patriots’ practice squad, per source.

      YES! He’s the one (realistic) RB I was hoping to get cut.

      • Russell says:

        I was hopeing for an OT, liked Poutasi (jags). maybe still DT Zimmer, LB Davis Tull. Hard to believe no Keenan Reynolds?????

        • Todti says:

          Isn’t Poutasi like a lesser version of Cannon? Might still be an upgrade over Fleming and/or Waddle, but nothing overwhelming.
          I cannot imagine BB not putting Reynolds on PS if there’s a possibility to do that. Could also be QB #4.

    • steve earle says:

      Anyone know if Tyler Gaffney has been claimed or what? I’ve been looking but can’t find out.

      • Todti says:

        He was not claimed and is on IR.

        • steve earle says:

          Ah so, I saw him limp off the other night, then I read he was cut, so how is it he got on IR? Is he still under contract with the Pats? Very confusing the way the rules are now set up it seems.

        • Todti says:

          As I understood it both he and LB Kevin Snyder went unclaimed to the Patriots’ IR. I guess it’s the same situation as with TE Jake Ballard a couple of years back. When the Patriots cut those two on Saturday teams could have claimed them as the Patriots did with Ballard back then. But no team did, so they went to the Patriots’ IR.

  21. Todti says:

    Kamu claimed by the Eagles. 🙁 And Darryl Roberts claimed by the Jets.

  22. Ryan says:

    Someone alert Russell-the Saints have released Davis Tull.

  23. Ryan says:

    My FA wishlist for the Pats. Lots of names, but I’d be happy if they grabbed 1 or 2.
    WR: Shaq Evans
    OT: Jeremiah Poutasi
    OG: Cyril Richardson, David Yankey, Jamil Douglas
    OC: Jack Allen
    DE: James Cowser
    DT: Henry Melton, Caraun Reid, Matt Ionnaidis
    ILB: Arthur Brown
    OLB: Corey Lemonier, Akeem Ayers, Victor Ochi
    CB: Alex Carter
    S: Terrance Brooks

  24. acm says:

    And the Geno Grissom experience has come to an end. If people were paying attention to camp performances, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.
    Quite the waste of a high value pick in the 2015 draft – not quite Easley level but a big waste nonetheless.
    To make things worse, Jordan Richards (2nd round pick in ’15) wasn’t doing any better than Grissom in camp either but made the roster, for now, due to lack of depth at the position … and maybe BB was just a bit too embarrassed to release his 2nd and 3rd round massive reaches all at once.

    • Yohy says:

      There were only a few players selected after Geneo and before Trey Flowers, and none are standouts. The continued improvement of Trey makes this less bitter.

      Now on the choice of Richards. AJ Cann was sitting there and passed over. If they drafted Cann they wouldn’t have to draft Tre Jackson who is always injured and use that pick for a DE or DB etc.

      I know hindsight is 20/20 but these reaches are starting to come back to haunt them. And passing on Dixon, a fav of mine for Valentine, has all the makings of another bust. Hope not.

      • steve earle says:

        Your mentioning AJ Cann, was one of my favorites, brings Bill’s reaches into focus but somehow his later picks can be amazing. Not clear how he does the one but not the other? It’s really nothing new though and he always either brings a FA vet or trades, Mingo for instance. Just have to watch and be amazed.

    • steve earle says:

      Agree Grissom release was no surprise he was never an impact player as was hoped. Bill has a habit of drafting some lemons in the higher rounds half the time. I was surprised we cut Gaffney, Gruger-Hill and LeBlanc. Really thought those three showed enough to make the 53. Hope they make our p-squad. Also Hope Bill can find another DT we are looking kind of thin there now. Another good OT would be nice too.

    • Todti says:

      I didn’t follow the preseason, but Grissom showed some promising flashes last season. I’d value that more than camp performance but then again BB probably has his reasons and maybe Grissom just didn’t develop as planned. I still hope he sticks to the PS.

      • steve earle says:

        Thing about preseason games is they are only momentary pictures where as it’s the OTA’s and camp are where the coaches can see just how prospects learn and progress, how they match up against expectations and needs. It’s really hard for we fans to get a full picture from games only but we are dependent on the media reports mostly so I understand how it is you do not follow the preseason. Still it gives us some idea of how prospects are developing and the team is shaping up. None of us know for sure why guys like Grissom, in your case, or Gaffney, in my case, get cut but as BB has sometimes says “it is what it is.” Enjoy the season Todti it’s shaping up to have lots of promise.

        • Todti says:

          True, in the end we’ll always have to trust in BB and his staff, and fortunately they’ve been quite successful in the past. I agree that the outlook is pretty good which is why I don’t really see any waiver pick-ups. Whom would they cut to improve that position? Fleming maybe. Or Karras hoping they could get him onto the PS. Or some of the young players on D: Johnson, Roberts or J. Jones But generally I don’t see any room for improvement by adding a player they have no experience with one week before the matchday 1.

        • steve earle says:

          I agree with Todti, so far I haven’t seen any other team cuts that could improve the Pats. That speaks well for our depth over all. I’m excited about the coming season. GO PATS!

    • Ryan says:

      Grissom was never rated as higher than a 5th-round pick by any analyst of repute. He was referred to as one of the rawest draftable prospects, and we took him in the 3rd. I liked the guy, but I liked him as a 6th/7th-round flier, not as a day 2 reach.

      Then there’s the issue of Richards. Richards could’ve also been had in the 5th or later, and when we grabbed him in the 2nd we passed AJ Cann, Owamagbe Odighizuwa, and T.J. Clemmings, all of whom I saw as potential first-rounders. Not what you want to see.

      • acm says:

        David Johnson should be at the top of that list. He was one of 3-4 RBs I liked as a great fit for the Pats in that ’15 draft.

  25. Todti says:

    Wow, so far Kamu and Grissom being cut were highly surprising to me. Especially cutting both Grissom and Rufus Johnson seems somewhat illogical to me but we’ll see. I hope Kamu and Grissom make it through to the practice squad although I doubt that.

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