Prospect Preview: Hawaii v. Cal

Top Prospect Cal QB Davis Webb

Top Prospect Cal QB Davis Webb

College Football is nearly back and I don’t know if I could of waited another weekend. While the full slate of games won’t be kicking off for another week, this weekend we get Hawaii v Cal on Friday night from Sydney, Australia. While this match-up may not knock your socks off, there are a number of good reason to watch this game.

The first of which is that the Pac-12 North Division is wide open and with Cal’s offensive weapons they could certainly make a run at the division title. However, they need to replace QB Jared Goff and they are hoping that Texas Tech transfer Davis Webb can be that guy.

For Hawaii this is the first game for new Head Coach Nick Rolovich who was a former Hawaii QB. Rolovich is highly thought of and the one thing that many people expect is that he will improve an offense that was anemic last year.

Here are the prospects to know and watch in this game:

2017 Prospects 
QB Ikaika Woolsey (#79 QB)
RB Paul Harris (#54 RB)
RB Steven Lakalaka (NR)
WR Marcus Kemp (#132 WR)
OT Leo Koloamatagi (NR)
OG RJ Hollis (#122 OG)*
DT Kennedy Tulimasealii (NR)
DT Kory Rasmussen (#97 DT)
OLB Jerrol Garcia-Williams (#46 OLB)
OLB Makani Kema-Kaleiwahe (NR) **
CB Jamal Mayo (#128 CB)
CB Jalen Rogers (#116 CB)
FS Damien Packer (#86 FS)
P Rigoberto Sanchez (#10 P)
*OG RJ Hollis will be playing RT
**OLB Makani Kema-Kaleiwahe will be playing DE

2018 Prospects
RB Diocemy Saint Juste (NR)
WR Ammon Barker (NR)
WR Keelan Ewaliko (NR)
OG Dejon Allen (#57 OG)*
OG Elijah Tupai (#108 OG)
OC John Wa’a (#42 OC)
DE David Manoe (#109 DE)
DE Meffy Koloamatangi (NR)
DT Penitito Faalologo (NR)
FS Daniel Lewis Jr (#81 FS)
SS Trayvon Henderson (#62 SS)
*OG Dejon Allen will be playing LT

2017 Prospects
QB Davis Webb (#11 QB)
RB Khalfani Muhammad (#12 RB)
OT Steven Moore (#33 OT)
OG Chris Borrayo (#23 OG)
OC Dominic Granado (NR)
DE DeVante Wilson (#39 DE)
DT Marcus Manley (NR)
CB Cameron Walker (NR)
CB Antoine Albert (#51 CB)
LS Bradley Northnagel (#4 LS)

2018 Prospects
RB Vic Enwere (#75 RB)
RB Tre Watson (#29 RB)
FB Raymond Hudson (#9 FB)*
OT Aaron Cochran (#28 OT)
DE Noah Westerfield (#26 DE)
DT Tony Mekari (#28 DT)
DT James Looney (#49 DT)
OLB Hamilton Anoa’I (#86 OLB)**
OLB Raymon Davison (#45 OLB)
SS Derron Brown (#115 OLB)
OLB Aisea Tongilava (#111 OLB)
ILB Devante Downs (#23 ILB)
CB Darius Allensworth (#30 CB)
K Matt Anderson (#9 K)
*FB Raymond Hudson will be playing WR
**OLB Hamilton Anoa’I will be playing ILB

Key Matchup:
Hawaii WR Marcus Kemp v. Cal CB’s Darius Allensworth, Cameron Walker, and Antoine Albert
Marcus Kemp is Hawaii’s biggest vertical weapon with great size (6’4, 200) and big play ability. He is rumored to have added 25 lbs of muscle this offseason so he will be tougher to jam and get off his routes. It will be up to Cal’s CB trio of Allensworth, Walker, and Albert to stop Kemp no matter he lines up. Look for Allensworth to be the CB he’s most often matched up again, however Walker is Cal’s best cover corner and will likely see some time on Kemp as well.

Best Prospect:
Cal QB Davis Webb
The 6’5, 225 lbs gunslinger from Texas Tech is a grad transfer who will try and step into the shoes that Jared Goff left. Sonny Dykes finally got his offense to click last year throwing for over 4,700 yards, but Cal has lost its top six receivers from last year and will need to rely on young playmakers to get the job done early. I expect Webb to hand the ball off to RB Khalfani Muhammad plenty early on in this game but with Hawaii likely to stack the box at some point Webb will need to make a few big throws down the field.

Please Note: All prospect rankings are per CBS Sports/NFL Draft Scout, these rankings can be found here.

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19 Responses to “Prospect Preview: Hawaii v. Cal”

  1. Russell says:

    Roster is at 80; Projected Cuts:
    TE Clay Harbor
    TE Steven Scheu
    OG Jon Halipio
    WR KeShawn Martin
    RB Joey Iosefa

    Would not be surprised for Coach to sign Jason Vander Laan QB/TE cut by the Jets IF available, and make one more player cut.

    • steve earle says:

      Hay Russell are you looking at Vander Leer for QB or TE? If QB does that mean you can’t trust Gaeapollo or figure Bersette is just to green far the backup spot? If TE would there really be room for him where everyone thinks Gronk, Bennett and Darby are locks then Devlin is the FB/TE spot? It’s an interesting idea but kind of late to try to add someone to those two slots I think. Also who would Bill release to make room?

      • Russell says:

        I like Vander Laan as a practice Squad QB, with TE possibilities. For the first 4 games if Grappolo gets hurt ???? Bressett is fine but you have no one behind him. you could pick-up a Vet. but he has no time in the system. Nick Caserio spent time working out Vander Laan prior to the draft, so they know the kid.
        Sounds like a solid move, with no down side, again as a practice squad guy only at this point.

  2. steve earle says:

    I’m surprised no one has commented on the game last night. Well it was under whleming from the perspective of Garapollo’s performance. Don’t know if he is capable of improving enough to get us threw the four games TB12 will be out? On the other side of the line the def. played very well so it looks at this point it will be up to them to get us a couple wins in the first four. Goodell must be gloating.

  3. Russell says:

    Lombardi was the GM in Cleveland when they drafted Mingo, so the Patriots have an inside track for info. on the guy. Coach must feel he can fit Mingo into their system. He will be hard to resign next year, with all the other contracts coming due, which could lead to a compensatory pick in 2018.

    • Jeff says:

      If Mingo can pile up 8 sacks this season as part of a rotation, the Pats could recover a 5th or even higher in 2018 assuming he departs in free agency. Personally, I’m a doubter, but in a Mark Anderson-type role, he could be productive. Either way the Pats should be in a good position to get a pile of compensatory picks in 2018 – they may need to compile some extra selections next year to help fill out the roster though. Let’s go Jimmy G!

  4. EdgeX says:

    I’m reading that the Pat’s offered a 3rd round pick for Mingo last season – Cleveland executives turned it down then – new executives now and they got him for a 5th. Don’t think this has as much to do with injuries – just the Patriots lusting after a player. The Pat’s think he will fit better in their system. Poor fit/management of a player – but again we are talking about the Browns.

    Also see some beat writers trying to temper expectations and say he might just be a special teams guy this year. I don’t think the Pats would have offered as high as 3rd round pick last year and 5th this year just for special team talent – besides do the Pats really need a special team player that bad?

    I can see the POTENTIAL for an impact of the likes of Akeem Ayers if the Pat’s have their way.

    • Ryan says:

      I’m still disappointed that we let Ayers depart so easily, as he was on track to make a big impact here. Hopefully Mingo can reproduce a bit of that success.

  5. GM-in-Training says:

    Mingo for a 2017-5th eh? That could be good. Word is he’s bulked up to 250# or so, and at 6’4″ with arms a bit shy of 34″ he fits the Pat’s old 3rd down edge rusher mold. Of course, that was when they were running a 4-3.

    I’m a bit concerned about the Salary cap hit of a 6th-overall in year 4, and suspect this means Ninkovich, Sheard and McClellan are more nicked up than the Pats are letting on, but they are definitely trying to improve the team all the way into the autumn.

    I imagine the Pats are playing the numbers game. I think they’re assuming they’ll have 6-10 good players on various reserve lists for the first 4-11 weeks, and get perhaps 5 of them back and contributing this year. In those same 4-11 weeks, they may lose a few good players, so it could work as a way to keep the roster deep all season long. They still need to upgrade at RB, OT for superlative depth.

    I’m still not sure what they’re going to do with all the DT they’ve got. It’s a position that needs great depth for rotation, and they’ve got it…probably more than they can use.

    • steve earle says:

      I was surprised by this move, as I think everyone was, but it does give us better depth at LB which is welcome. Hope your wrong about the injuries to others being worse then described. If they are not that bad the move will allow Ninkovick to be a dedicated DE where he has been very effective and allow a strong LB rotation. I do wonder if this signals that Gruger-Hill is targeted for the scout team?
      Also agree that we need to look to improve OT and RB depth this year. Even if that happens I’d like to see those positions addressed eary next draft. Like to see BB take Nick Chubb RB Geo. and Mike McGlinchy ROT ND first and second or second and first. It would help if we get a high 2nd for Garapollo after the season.

  6. matt says:

    Well if he does not retire I think the Bungles will sign him. They love to fight and act stupid and so does he. If he does get signed what round pick would the pats get 3rd? Or would they have to work it out?

    • steve earle says:

      Hi Matt, I read that it was a trade with Washington for a conditional 7th. In another article that Stork is considering retiring which I think might be a real good idea. Why risk permenit brain damage?

      • Matt says:

        Yea that’s true. Any ideas how many concussions he has had in the Pro’s?
        Also the NFL needs to get better helmets which is a long shot I think.

        • steve earle says:

          I believe it has been four concussions already. Could be wrong often am but that’s my understanding. As for helmits I seem to recall that a dozen or more years ago someone designed a helmit with an air bladder outside the shell which reduced inpacts. No idea what became of the idea other then the things made players look like they had just stepped of a UFO.

  7. GM-in-Training says:

    1. If David Webb didn’t rise to pro-level at Texas Tech, is your instinct that he’ll get better development at Cal?

    2. How do you see the OL now that Stork has left the building?

    3. Do you think the Pats tried to get a conditional late-round pick or a reclamation project player (say a RB) for Stork before cutting him? I know it’s tough to trade for picks this time of year, but there must be other teams with players they intend to cut that they’d like to deal, right?

    4. This kind of reminds me of the Easley cut. You’d think somebody would give something for a player with that high of a ceiling, but maybe not.

    • mattelder says:

      1. I think it’s less about not rising to a pro-level at Texas Tech and more about just being given the opportunity without having to look over his shoulder. The Bear Raid offense is very similar to the Texas Tech system and he’s got plenty of weapons to get the ball too. If he build some confidence with his new WR’s then I see no reason why he can’t be considered a potential draft pick next April.

      2. Really need to see how the final cuts come down but Andrews and Kline should be solid and if Shaq Mason makes the squad he can play all three interior line positions.

      3. I’m sure most teams shop players before cutting them but with a cut-down coming this weekend the market is probably pretty bare.

      Please note: I’m not a Patriots fan so my commentary to your Questions 2 and 3 are simply my opinion.

      Thanks for reading!

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