Getting to know the supplemental draft prospects.

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Today marks the day of the NFL supplemental draft. While it has been awhile since we had a player make an impact from the supplemental draft, this day always brings at least a little bit of excitement. Perhaps it is the unknown or the interesting back stories that these players have, but if your team happens to grab one of these players, you get that sense of excitement you felt way back on draft day. Here are 5 players that have a chance to get picked in today’s supplemental draft.

Tee Shepard, CB-Mississippi

HT: 6’1″

WT: 195 Lbs.

Shepard has had an interesting road to this point. He started out at Notre Dame after being a highly recruited prospect out of high school. He transferred to a community college for a year and then ended up at Ole Miss after committing to Mississippi. He was set to transfer again, but decided to try his hand at the pro level instead. He has only played in 5 games at the FBS level and he does have a hearing issue that may have led to his lack of playing time. He has good measurables, but the lack of experience will hurt his chances.

Rashaun Simonise, WR-Calgary

HT: 6’5″

WT: 201 LBS

I don’t know much about Simonise, but he had a great pro day and very intriguing size. I have not seen much of him in terms of his route running or his hands except for some highlights, so that has to be taken with a grain of salt. He could get drafted based on his athletic traits and his size.

Jalen Overstreet, RB-Sam Houston State

HT: 6’1″

WT: 212 LBS

Overstreet originally played at Texas before he was dismissed for what has been reported as “multiple team violations.” He has good size for the position, but the he has continued to get into trouble even after his time at Texas and probably will not get taken today.

Ra’Zahn Howard, DT-Purdue

HT: 6’3″

WT: 325 LBS

Another player with some off field issues. He has good size and athleticism, but his career at Purdue has been relatively quiet. He has the size that the Patriots look for and could be a player teams feel his best football is ahead of him.

Cameron Walton, DE-Concordia College (Alabama)

HT: 6’4″

WT: 225 LBS

Not a whole lot is known about Walton. He attended community college before transferring to Concordia, only to have Concordia cancel their football program. While he put up very good stats at the community college level, he will be trying to make the near impossible jump from the lowest of levels to the NFL. He has intriguing size, but not sure any team will actually use a pick on him, but he should get a camp invite somewhere.


5 Responses to “Getting to know the supplemental draft prospects.”

  1. Russell says:

    Brady could have gone to the Supreme Court, and got a “Stay” from Justice Ginsberg, while the Court consider the case. However if the Court did not take the case, Brady’s Suspension would have begun mid-late season.
    The Players Union may take the case on even with Brady taking the Suspension, for the first four games.
    The Patriots could (unlikely) Forfit the first game of the season, by NFL rules, to embarrass the NFL. Take the Loss, stay healthy for their season opener at home.

    • steve earle says:

      Agree be surprised if they forfeit it would give them one less chance for a win without TB and we need to win at least one of those in chase for home field.

  2. Matt says:

    I’m sorry guys but I need to vent. It is a huge mistake for Brady to drop deflate gate case. So now he sits out four games then he will play the idiot Ravens late in the season. The Pats beat them then there idiot head coach Harbaugh goes crying like a little girl to the NFL saying that Brady cheated again. So the NFL agree’s with the cry baby Harbaugh and Brad’s done for the season. Will this happen prob not but it could. I think this will open a whole can of worms every time the Pats win from now on. Brady needs to stand up for him self and fight this stupid crap.

    • steve earle says:

      Hate it too Matt but doesn’t look like courts are showing much sympathy to Tom. Only thing is it’s better the first four games then the last four. Hope we can win two of those four. Tom will come back with a vengeance I’m betting.

  3. steve earle says:

    Well at least it’s football but honest I doubt any one of them gets drafted. The Kid with the sign outside on route 1 would be better I think.

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