Final Rankings: Top 150 Players In The 2016 NFL Draft

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Two more days! That is it until all this hard work either makes me look like a genius or a fool. Despite Deflategate being rehashed this week, I am still excited for the draft and cannot wait to see who goes where and what kind of surprises we are in store for. I have watched more prospects this year than I ever have before and have my favorites ranging from elite prospects all the way to some undrafted guys who might surprise everyone and make their respective teams. Today, I give you my rankings of the top 150 players that I watched throughout this draft process.

There are a few things in this list that I assume will get a reaction out of people. The first is the QB rankings. Despite the fact that we are almost guaranteed now that Qb’s are going to be drafted 1 and 2 and as many as 4 might go in the first round, I did not give a 1st round grade to any Quarterback this year. I think the other thing that will stick out is my Tackle rankings. Guys that I am higher on seem lower in most other circles while I seem lower on some that others have ranked higher. I am sure there are other names and where I have them ranked will create some reactions, both positively and negatively. I look forward to reading all of your thoughts.


2016 top 150


43 Responses to “Final Rankings: Top 150 Players In The 2016 NFL Draft”

  1. Stephen J says:

    With all this fanspeak mock drafting it go me thinking or imagining if the Pats had their 1st round pick and the 6th round picks were 5th round picks wouldn’t that be sweet. What could be done with that. Today’s daydream brought to you by ________. Now back to our regular broadcast show called reality. That was nice while it lasted.

  2. Stephen J says:

    Kalan Reed takes flight

    I curious to see where he and his two other teammates(Mike Thomas and Casey Martin) end up.

  3. Brian says:

    My mock draft of what I hope happens.
    *Two 6ths traded for a 5th.

    2nd- Vernon Butler DT
    2nd- Shilique Calhoun ED
    3rd- Shon Coleman OT
    3rd- Kalan Reed CB
    5th- Keith Marshall RB
    6th- Devin Lucien WR
    6th- Dominique Robertson OT
    6th- Terrance Smith LB
    7th- Keenan Reynolds RB/WR
    7th- Curt Maggit LB

    Now here’s a mock of what I think will be closer to what actually happens.

    2nd- Jordan Jenkins LB Georgia
    2nd- Jerald Hawkins OT LSU
    3rd- Devontae Booker RB Utah
    3rd- traded for a 4th and 5th
    4th- Brandon Allen QB Arkansas
    5th- Keenan Reynolds RB/WR Navy
    ~ two 6th’s traded for a 5th
    5th- Jatavis Brown SS/LB Akron
    6th- Ryan Smith CB NC Central
    6th- David Onyemata DL Manitoba
    6th- Chris Moore WR Cincinnati
    7th- Parker Ehringer OL Cinicinnati
    7th- Tyrone Holmes ED Montana

  4. GM-in-Training says:

    Trade picks 60, 61 & 243 to Jacksonville for 38 & 103
    38: Le’Raven Clark OT, Texas Tech
    91: Sean Davis, CB, Maryland
    96: Jihad Ward, DT/DE, Illinois
    103: Leonte Caroo, WR, Rutgers
    196: Keith Marshall, RB, Georgia
    204: Trade for a veteran DT who just lost his spot to a draftee
    208: Dominique Robertson – OT, West Georgia
    214: James Cowser, OLB, Souther Utah
    221: William Stanback, RB, UCF
    250: Trade for 2017 6th rounder

    UFA: Keith Limpkin, OT, Rutgers
    UFA: DeAndre Elliot, CB, Colorado State
    UFA: Tyrone Holms, OLB, Montana

  5. steve earle says:

    Okay tommrow is IT! So one last try at my best mock. This is not what I think Bill will do it’s what I would do. Not so much has changed in my mind so if it doesn’t look different it’s because a lot of it isn’t.
    Trade up the #60 and the 3b to move into a mid rd 2nd./ Later trade up 6a and 2x7th’s for 5th.
    2nd mid) Sterling Shepard WR Ohio St
    2nd #61) Jerald Hawkins OT LSU
    3a) Eric Murray CB Minn
    5th) Jatavis Brown LB/SS Akron
    6b) Antwione Williams OLB Geo So.
    6c) Devon Johnson RB/FB Marshall
    6d) Vernon Adams QB Ore.
    6e) Devin Lucien WR Arz St.
    Priority FA’s :
    Jakeem Grant WR Tex T.
    LaQuan McGowan (WTF) Baylor
    After that best player available.

    • JIMR says:

      Awesome WTF, YOU DA MAN. Nice mock and you slipped Rockhead Johnson in there.

    • Dan Sullivan says:


      Very good draft probably your best one. Murray and Brown I’d like to see on Pats.

      Enjoy Draft!

  6. Russell says:

    2nd- LB Joshua Perry
    2nd- DE Carl Nassib
    3d traded to New Orleans, for 4th & 5th
    3d – CB/S Sean Davis
    4th- DT Matt Ioannidis
    5th- OT Cole Toner
    6th Traded TWO 6th & a 7th to Houston? for a 5th
    5th- LB Joe Schobert
    6th- Keenan Reyonlds
    6th- CB Vernon Harris
    6th- OT Nick Ritcher
    7th- QB Jason Vander Laan

  7. Jose Marques says:

    My mock draft:

    2: Braxton Miller WR Ohio State
    2: Carl Nassib DE Penn State
    3: Sean Davis DB Maryland
    3: Hassan Ridgeway 3-4DE Texas
    6: Blake Martinez ILB Stanford
    6: Brandon Allen, QB, Arkansas
    6: Keenan Reynolds QB/RB/WR
    6: Glenn Gronkowski FB Kansas State
    6: Jerald Hawkins OT LSU
    7: Eric Striker OLB Oklahoma
    7: D’haquille “Duke” Williams WR Auburn

  8. Russell says:

    Now I’m getting calls from the NFL front office, it seems I hurt King Goodell’s image, with my article at NOW on the front page of the web site!!!!

  9. Martyr says:

    My final mock:

    Trade with BAL: Patriots (91) for Baltimore (104) and 2017 4th round
    Trade with IND: Patriots (196, 243) and 2017 5th round for Colts (155)

    2nd round (60): DE Shilique Calhoun
    2nd round (61): LB Su’a Cravens
    3rd round (96): CB Sean Davis
    4th round (104) from BAL: OT Joe Haeg
    5th round (155) from IND: DT Matt Ioannidis
    6th round (204): CB James Bradberry
    6th round (208): WR Chris Moore
    6th round (214): DL Justin Zimmer
    6th round (221): RB Wendell Smallwood
    7th round (250): WR Devin Lucien

  10. Dan Sullivan says:

    My Final Mock Draft for 2016 and thoughts on Patriots plan.
    I really feel BB is ready to unload both second round picks to move up and get Reggie
    Raglund ILB Alabama. I don’t like this at all and is over paying for Raglund BB listen
    to your staff.
    2 Kamalei Correa OLB Boise St.
    2 Tyler Boyd WR Pittsburgh
    3 Charles Tapper DE Oklahoma
    3 Graham Glasgow C/G Michigan
    6 Sean Davis S Maryland
    6 Alex Lewis OT Nebraska
    6 Vincent Valentine DT Nebraska
    6 Marshaun Coprich RB Illinois State
    7 Steven Daniels ILB BC
    7 Wendell Smallwood RB West Virginia

    Roll up your sleeves BB and staff if no trades your still in great position to help team.
    To Brady Notre Dame’s saying and advertisement is “What would you fight for?”
    You’ve worked to hard get your name cleared.

    Dan Sullivan

  11. Russell says:

    Please check out my Article on Bozo Goodell at I’m trying to set a record for the most thumbs-up at the end of my article!!!!!

  12. RSi says:

    Pats will trade with Cards again (196, 204, 250) for (167).

    2. 60 (LB – Brothers, Perry)
    2. 61 (OG – Garnett, Westerman)
    3. 91 (WR – Listenbee, Carroo)
    3. 96 (RB – Howard, Perkins)
    5. 167 (CB – Murray, Smith)
    6. 208 (DE – Pettway)
    6. 214 (LB – Kwiatkowski, Norris)
    6. 221 (FB – Vitale)
    7. 243 (RB – Reynolds)

    • Jim R says:

      Pretty good Mock, 9 total seems right, Only change I would make would be a OT instead of Guard. You hit all the areas of need

  13. Big w says:

    2 Carl Nassib DE
    2 Hassan Ridgeway DT
    3 T higbee TE
    3 J Williams RB
    6 Canaday CB
    6 Mitch Mathews WR
    6 Kwiatkowski ILB
    6 Maggitt OLB
    6Anthony Brown CB
    7 Ed Eagan Slot
    7 Danny Vitale FB

  14. Russell says:

    Roger Goodell has fined for my article, about the mindless one. :0)

  15. Todti says:

    Mike, how did you evaluate Jaylon Smith? I see he’s 2 spots below Su’a Cravens, so I assume you think he’ll be better than Cravens from 2017 on (assuming that’s when he starts to play again)? Which would mean you think he’ll be at least on a decent level if not almost close to his former self?

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Good question Todti,
      I had a really difficult time with how to handle him, so I sort of went middle of the road to be honest. If I know that he will come back and I am fairly certain he will be close to what he was, then I feel comfortable taking him in the 2nd round.
      Now, with the information that I have as an outsider with no medical knowledge of what is actually going on in that knee, I can’t use a pick on him until Day 3.

      That ranking gives him the respect he deserves and the value he could be based on his talent pre injury, but in reality if I was in that war room, I would have a difficult time fighting for him before Day 3.

  16. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft and possible trade.
    2 Yannick Ngakoue DE/OLB Maryland
    2 Joshua Garnett G Stanford
    3 Pick traded to Ravens
    3 Pharoh Cooper WR South Carolina
    4 From Ravens Austin Johnson NT Penn State
    4 From Ravens C.J. Prosise RB Notre Dame
    6 To Ravens
    6 A.J. Stamps SS Kentucky
    6 Tyler Marz OT Wisconsin
    6 Daryl Worthy CB West Virginia
    6 Jacoby Brissett QB NC State
    7 James Burgess ILB Louisville
    7 DerekWatt FB Wisconsin

  17. Jim R says:

    Good list, great job you do Mike

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