Who Are “Your Guys” at pick 60 For The Patriots?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

For months, I have been giving you my thoughts and opinions on players with my Scouting Report series. As I sat here in front of my computer watching more tape, I realized that I had not stepped back in awhile and thought about who are the guys that I would be really excited about the Patriots drafting when they finally get on the clock at pick 60. The answer that I came up with is not clear. I will get to my answer soon enough, but I thought I would be fun to turn the tables and hear from the readers today.

You didn’t think you would get off that easy, did you? Of course I am going to give you my opinion on the subject. Well before the combine I had started to put together my big board and I came up with a list of names that I would have been really excited about with pick 60. That list was:

  1. Jason Spriggs, OT-Indiana
  2. William Jackson III, CB, Houston
  3. Sterling Shepherd, WR, Oklahoma

Sadly, as the process has gone on, it is looking more and more likely that 2, maybe all 3 of those guys are gone. Shepherd has the best chance of being there, but as I continue to look at the WR class, I think waiting might be the way to go. I have a large group of Receivers that fall in that 3rd/4th round mix that I felt fit the Patriots system and can be a nice piece to the offense. Braxton Miller is another guy that I am intrigued by at 60, but he is by no means a NFL ready Wide Receiver either and I go back to the statement I just made.  So, where does that leave my list today? To be honest, it is a bit in flux.

Tyler Higbee is a guy I am admittedly higher on than most and is one of my “binkies” this year. I gave him a 2nd round grade and I think he could be a great compliment to Gronk and have a big role in this offense. That being said, I realize that he has yet to work out because of a foot injury and will be making a big jump in competition when he gets into the NFL, so expectations would have to be tempered.

I think a guy like Joshua Perry, a linebacker out of Ohio State, would be a great fit in the Patriots scheme. His combine performance puts his availability at 60 in question also. That is also a very high pick for a backup linebacker, at least in the short term.

There is a need for Offensive Line help, specifically at Tackle, but I feel the value will not be there at 60. There are some Guards that will probably be available when the Patriots pick, but does the team want to spend another resource on Guard when they just used 2 picks on the position last year. If they do, that will tell us a lot about what they think about the younger players.

One position where the talent, value, and need line up is at Defensive Tackle. A lot will depend on if the Patriots can resign free agent Akeem Hicks. If they lose Hicks, the Patriots could look to add another Defensive Tackle to the mix. Chris Jones, no not the one on the roster already, but the one out of Mississippi State might be a good fit.

Another position where the Patriots might create a need is Defensive End. It has been speculated for awhile now that the Patriots could look to trade Chandler Jones this offseason because of his potential high salary demands as well as other players at key positions that need to be resigned. The Patriots did draft a couple of players at the position last year, but if they do look at the position, Carl Nassib and Bronson Kaufusi would be ideal replacements.

Finally, a 3 down Running Back is very much a need. I am a big fan of Alex Collins but I do realize that it is a position that could be filled later in the draft and still get immediate production.

So, who is on my list right now.To be honest, there is not really any one player that I get the “warm and fuzzies” for. There is a list of guys I would be really happy with and there are still so many players to watch that maybe the “one” is still out there, but for now, here is my list, in no particular order:

  1. Sterling Shepherd, WR-Oklahoma
  2. Alex Collins, RB-Arkansas
  3. Joshua Perry, LB-Ohio State
  4. Braxton Miller, WR- Ohio State
  5. Tyler Higbee, TE-Western Kentucky
  6. Xavien Howard, CB-Baylor
  7. Carl Nassib, DE-Penn State
  8. Chris Jones, DT-Mississippi State

So now, I turn to you, the loyal readers. Who are the players that get you all excited? Convince me of “your guys.” Maybe you feel the same way I do and have not really found that guy yet that you think would be the ideal pick for the Patriots at 60. Let me, know.

105 Responses to “Who Are “Your Guys” at pick 60 For The Patriots?”

  1. Tristan says:

    My updated mock draft post Chandler Jones Trade:
    Pick 60 – Austin Hooper TE Stanford (backup Tight end)
    Pick 61 – Jordan Jenkins OLB Georgia (Pass rusher/Third linebacker)
    Pick 91 – Joe Haeg OT North Dakota State (Swing tackle/future RT)
    Pick 96comp – Eric Murray CB Minnesota (third corner)
    Round 4- Cyrus Jones CB/S Alabama (Corner and safety depth)
    Round 6 – Devon Cajuste WR Stanford (big body receiver)
    Round 6 comp – Baby Gronk FB/TE Kansas State (backup fullback special teams tight end)
    Round 6 comp2 – Antwaun Woods DT USC (defensive tackle rotation)
    Round 6 comp3 – Cole Toner OT/G Harvard (Oline depth at all positions)
    Round 7 – Zeek Bigger ILB East Carolina (special teams linebacker depth)
    Round 7 – Peyton Barber RB Auburn (Running back rotation)

  2. Gerry says:

    If Spriggs makes it out of the first round NE should trade up, way up, for him. So at #60 and #61, assuming no trade what needs can NE address?

    At OL Vadal Alexander would be a sun blocking option. Le’Raven Clark may also be there, and he has more upside to help at OT, but will likely move inside year one.

    At RB C.J. Prosise should be on the board.

    At WR I’d love Sterling Shepard, but I doubt he makes it to#60. An alternative might be Pharoh Cooper. Tyler Boyd might make it there too. Of the three, Shepard would be the best option.

    My ideal back to back picks would be Shepard and Clark.

  3. td says:

    There is a lot of work to do before the start of 2017 as the following are scheduled to be free agents




    Gonna be some pain, especially on the defensive side

  4. Russell says:

    After free agent Mock;
    2nd-60th- CB/S Sean Davis
    3d- 92nd- OT Joe Heag
    3d- 97th- LB James Cowser
    4th-128- DT Matthew Ioannidis
    6th- 199- WR Alex Erickson
    6th-208- LB Antwine Williams
    6th- 214- OG Jordon Walsh
    6th-221- CB/KR Morgan Burns
    two 7th’s best available prospect.

    Trade DE Chandler Jones to Dallas, for a 2nd in 2017 draft. Saving 7.7 mil. from Cap
    Trade WR Danny Amendola to Tampa Bay for QB Ryan Griffin. Save 6.8 mil. from Cap
    OL Cameron Fleming
    OL Ryan Wendell (retirers)
    S Tavon Wilson

    • Russell says:

      Sign free agents; LB- Bjoern Werner, TE- Jeff Cumberland, and RB Benny Cunningham

    • matt says:

      Why wait a while year to get something back from trading Jones? Why not trade him for a 2nd this year. Also why not cut Cannon? Would save about 3 mil. Don’t know why hes still on the team.

  5. Marc says:


    1.Eric Weddle-SAF
    2.Marcus Cooper-CB
    3.Terrence Knighton-DL
    4.Mike Wallace-WR
    5.Alfred Morris-RB
    6.Weslye Saunders-TE
    7.Chris Hogan-WR*
    8.Frank Kearse-DL*
    9.Roman Humber-LB*
    *=already signed

    1.Dont’a Hightower-LB
    2.Jamie Collins-LB
    3.Jabaal Sheard-DL

    1.Danny Amendola
    2.Sebastian Vollmer

    1.SF-Chandler Jones—2016/3rd,2016/5th

    2nd(NE):Shawn Oakman-DL/BAYLOR

    3rd(SF):Keyarris Garrett-WR/TULSA

    3rd(NE):CJ Prosise-RB/NOTRE DAME

    3rd(NE)c:Willie Beavers-OL/W.MICHIGAN

    4th(ATL):Xavien Howard-CB/BAYLOR

    4th(NE):De’Vondre Campbell-LB/MINNESOTA

    6th(NE)c:Byron Marshall-RB/WR/OREGON

    6th(NE)c:Keith Lumpkin-OL/RUTGERS

    6th(NE)c:Bryce Williams-TE/E.CAROLINA

    • steve earle says:

      Shawn Oakman, not at any point, classic under achiever. Trade Vollmer? not without a replacement on board, that is not Cannon. Question, what are we giving to Atl for all those draft picks?

      • Marc says:

        Release Vollmer….Trading ATL picks for their 4th….its Chandler to SF for 3rd& 5th….then trade the 5th(SF),6th(NE)…7th(NE)..7th(NE) to ATL…..La’Adrian or Beavers at RT….ik Oakman is a BIG question IMO take a shot see if the coaching staff can turn the switch on tough to take a chance at #60 I think it’s worth it.

        • steve earle says:

          We disagree on Oakman, I wouldn’t have him as a FA, jmo. As for the trade it just seems far to complex to get everyone on board.

        • Marc says:

          Haha then yes we will have to let the Oakman thing be….the trades are not complex two different trades trade Chandler to SF for a 3rd&5th….trade a 5th,6th,7th,7th to ATL for their 4th….ik I could have written it a little bit clearer my B.

        • steve earle says:

          Oh I see, I was thinking it was all one trade. No wonder I couldn’t follow it and don’t worry I sometimes get stuck on a single idea and don’t pick up on what is actually being ment. My fault.

    • Dan Sullivan says:

      Excellent Job!

    • Todti says:

      I’d rather cut Cannon than Vollmer. Vollmer is the better player and cutting Cannon would free up more money ($0.5m). Sure, Vollmer is older but neither player is the RT of the future.
      Also, I hope they don’t cut Amendola, he’s just too valuable and nobody knows whether Hogan produces. I’d try to extend Amendola thereby getting him to accept a lower average salary.
      And Shawn Oakman? God, I hope not. In a draft where they already lost their 1st rounder you cannot throw away your 2nd rounder, too.

  6. Dan Sullivan says:

    Free agents still available that can help Patriots.
    Chris Polk RB
    Will Beatty OT
    Vlad Ducasse G
    Mike DeVito DT
    Kroy Biermann DE
    Daryl Smith ILB
    Shea McClellin OLB
    Ramon Moore S
    James Ihedigo S

  7. Kevan says:

    Aaron Hernandez pro day 6’2 245 4.64 40 with a 1.65 10 yd split. 30 reps, vertical 33′, broad 9’3, 20 yd shuttle 4.18, 3cone 6.83. Chris Hogan pro day 6’1 220, 4.5 40 1.57 10 yd split, 28 reps, 36.5 vertical, 10.6 broad, 4.15 shuttle, 6.75 3cone. The pats are still trying to get another outside WR, and I hope they can find one. Patriots get a respectable outside threat how could they not use this guy in Aaron Hernandez type role?

  8. AM says:

    Great list. Shepard is far and away my favorite. Beyond that, would love Hunter Henry if he somehow fell that far-could give us a return to the two TE offense.

  9. Beyond the bridal party, there are many ways to get other special people involved. Find a role for your own VIE s here.

  10. td says:

    Anybody see a Colts blueprint happening in Denver? Load up on elite and/or close to elite players and message the cap each year.

    If they were to have the injuries we had last year, they will be picking in the top 3 again in 2017. That blueprint leaves no money to sign/keep quality backups for when the injuries hit. We happened to have a YUGE number of injuries last year.

  11. GM-in-Training says:

    Pats just picked up 4 compensatory draft picks. A 3rd and 3x6th.

  12. Russell says:

    Compensatory Draft picks were announced today; Patriots get 3d (96) 6th (208) 6th (214) 6th (221)

  13. Dan Sullivan says:

    Watching Ohio State pro day and Joey Bosa isn’t anywhere near the athlete that
    Chandler Jones is the Patriots could easily get a first round pick for Jones. I hope
    he stays with Patriots.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      It’s not the talent, its the contract that will be the issue. If I can get a 2nd and a 5th this year and something like a 4th next, I would do that deal.

      • td says:

        If Jones has a big year this year, he’s most likely not going to be signed. Even if you could get to the pick where someone like Bosa’s going, the contract is really big and I believe the first four years are guaranteed and that 5th year option is Yuge.

        Everyone bitches about BB picking up/drafting JAG’s, but they are usually solid football players and they fit economically. We could have Manning’s Colts or Elway’s Bronco’s where most of the cap is tied up in front line players; have some injuries to starting players and they are screwed.

  14. Dan Sullivan says:

    Joey Bosa Ohio State doesn’t seem near the athlete that Chandler Jones is. If Jones is traded
    he should bring a first round pick. I hope Jones stays as those guys that do what he does are tough to find.

    • steve earle says:

      A first would be nice but it likely would only get us the #29 because the penelity is for the Pat’s highest 1st. Still that would give BB some extra flexability.

  15. Dan Sullivan says:

    Looks like Patriots are signing Frank Kearse DT 6-4 315. Akiem Hicks looks like he will
    be signing with other team. Hogan I am happy about if it goes thru as the Patriots had a
    tough time covering him. Harbor and Starks if it happens will fill needs and they have proven

    • carlo strada says:

      that logic of “he d be a good player because Pats just had trouble when covering him” is not that useful as a measure stick, Scott Chandler just showed us. I also like the signing yet were still about to see what he brings to the table

  16. steve earle says:

    Pat’s sign Hogan 3 yrs 12 mil. Bills not expected to match.

  17. Russell says:

    No Patriots rep. at Ohio State pro-day?? I guess coach Belichick can call Meyers anytime, as it’s hard to believe LB Perry is not of interest. Hmmm…… maybe staying away on purpose?

  18. Todti says:

    Does anybody else think the reported $5.5m for Hogan are too much for the tight cap the Patriots have? I don’t have anything against bringing in Hogan and I know they had to frontload the contract, but the Bills only have $4.5m in cap space and I don’t think they would have even matched an offer sheet around $4m. And I’d rather have Amendola than any WR from outside the organisation for this amount. I hope they are going to extend Amendola’s contract now so that they spread the money over more years. Having a WR core of Edelman, Amendola, Hogan, and Martin would give them the option of drafting a WR in any round they’d like.

    • Todti says:

      Correction: “The Bills have about $4.5 million in cap space — that includes Hogan’s existing $1.67 million restricted free-agent tender — and so the resulting $3.83 million additional charge for Hogan would nearly wipe out the Bills’ cap space if they matched the offer.” by Mike Rodak

    • Todti says:

      Add on: Patriots’ cap space is slightly above $12m after accounting for Hogan contract – by @patscap.

      • steve earle says:

        Given the numbers it appears BB wanted Hogan. The offer is just enough that Buff can’t be expected to match the offer. Smart move if Hogan picks up the system also depriving a Div rival of a decent player. I like it. Now if Bill can pick up a couple WR’s in the draft to compete for a spot things could get intresting at the WR front.

  19. Dan says:

    Im not seeing any love for Shawn Oakman DE from Baylor. I have seen several boards that have him rated 60 highest to 90 lowest. Apathetic freak, may have motor issues.

    Any thought about nabbing him with 2nd round, of one of the OTs isn’t available?

    • steve earle says:

      Oakman has all the measurables but none of the heart to be a good player. Whatever is missing in his make up he has been a disappointment throughout collage. Doubt that will ever change at this point.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Oakman is not on my board. Only real fit is at 5T and he isn’t strong enough to play that well. I have zero interest in him, which means that he will be the Patriots 2nd round pick like you suggested.

  20. Ugo says:

    I would love if they grabbed a Offensive Tackle. A future Left Tackle or an immediate Right Tackle starter. Names Like Shon Coleman of Auburn, Le’Raven Clark of Texas Tech, Joe Haeg of North Dakota State, John Theus of Georgia, or Jerald Hawkins of LSU. Would be very happy if they doubled dipped and got the future Left Tackle in Shon Coleman, or Joe Haeg in the 2nd rd. Guys who have the skill level to play Left Tackle but might need a year or two to bulk up and/or get mentored until a spot opens up at Left Tackle. And guys like Le’Raven Clark, John Theus, and Jerald Hawkins who are better suited for the right side in the 3rd rd. They can either be an immediate starter as a Right Tackle or backup Vollmer on the right side for a year or two before ascending to the starter role.

    • Matt says:

      The Pats should draft a OT early and I think they might have to draft a DT early to. Now that Siliga is a free agent & Hicks is visiting the Bears Fri. I really hope Hicks doesn’t sign with the Bears he played well for the Pats. Wish they could keep him.

      • steve earle says:

        Agree hope Hicks stays in NE. Right now we are in need of fixs in many spots. O-line, WR, RB, DB, D-line and LB all need upgrades. Some must come in draft others from FA. Just hope Bill can get the help we need.

  21. John says:

    We need to grab a true prototype no 1 receiver. Someone Like tyler Boyd at 60 would be a great fit. We need to add height because Edelman and Amendola don’t have any

    • steve earle says:

      As for height, it’s a great advantage for a great WR not so much for those not so great. If I could clone another Edelman and a young Welker Id as soon have their production as that of LaFell, Dobson, Tyms. It is all about production not height and weight and 40 times.

      • Todti says:

        Exactly, it’s the traits that yield production, not those that are flashy. Although that’s why I’d actually like to have Boyd, and also Boldin. They aren’t straight X receivers, they can be used all over the field because they run great routes and have reliable hands.

    • Ryan says:

      Tyler Boyd is the WR to target at pick 60. Sterling Shepherd is probably a trade-up guy at this point, and I don’t think many others are a good fit at #60. Boyd is much better on the field than in testing, and he’ll outplay his draft position for sure. No reason to pass him up.

      • steve earle says:

        Boyd is okay I’m just a little concerned over his slight frame. He’s another one of those guys you have to accept are not the prototype WR but he has everything else and would be a nice addition to the team imo.

  22. Jeff says:

    What about CB Artie Burns at #60? Could be a good complement to Butler with a year to learn or play in 3 CB sets while Ryan is still under contract. I like him and the running backs people have talked about already the best in that range.

    • steve earle says:

      Burns looks to me a mid round guy. He blows hot and cold, doesn’t appear to take to coaching, gets to many penelities, not a Patriots type guy imo.

  23. Kevan says:

    If the money was right sure would like to see Arian foster play for the pats. He has shown the ability to come back strong from injuries and playing a committee type attack, he’d theoretically be less prone to a new injury. He might be cheaper than expected.

    • Dan says:

      I like this option if one of the RBs doesn’t fall to the Pats for the right value pick. I like Kenneth Dixon on the third to fill this need.

  24. matt says:

    Should the Pats try to make a move to get Tim Wright back? He was a much better TE then Chandler. I think if the Pats gave a little cash to the Lions and not havve to give up a draft pick then they should deff go for it.

    • Russell says:

      Jeff Cumberland cut by the Jets is a TE coach Belichick had high praise a yr ago.

      • Russell says:

        Cumberlands combine numbers 4 yrs ago, 6’4″ 250 lbs, 4.45 40 yd, 6.89 3-Cone drill, 20 reps on the bench.
        Cumberland had an achillies injury two yrs. ago.

      • Jeff says:

        I’d only like that on a cheap, one-year deal with very little guaranteed. If incentives are worked into the contract based on playing time, that would be fine.

  25. Russell says:

    Patriots meeting with RFA WR Chris Hogan from Buffalo. The Bills have a tender of1.67 mil. on Hogan with only about 4.5 mil. in Cap space.
    The Patriots may get him for 2.5,-3 mil. per yr. and a 2-3 yr deal. There is draft choice cost, because Hogan was an undrafted player.
    This is a better value for the Patriots who saved 3.6 mil. a yr, by cutting Lafell.

    • Russell says:

      Should be “NO” draft choice cost.

    • Jeff says:

      Looks like a good value, but I’m not sure the player is better than a 4th option. The Pats need at least a solid #3 receiver. I think their best bet is Anquan Boldin on a 2 year deal with the 2nd year as a team option. He continued to produce this past year even on a terrible team, and I think he has a better chance at 40-50 receptions than do players like Hogan, Streater, or even Sanu, who looks to be in line for a big contract. I also like Jeremy Kerley on a 1-year deal without a lot of guaranteed money.

      If you can get Owen Daniels, Stevan Ridley, and/or Tarrell Brown on 1-year deals without much guaranteed, they could provide great competition at positions lacking depth.

      Finally, I’d like to see Jahri Evans or Manuel Ramirez brought in on a 2-year deal for a veteran presence to stabilize the offensive line in case your rookies don’t improve in year 2. Too risky not to have backup, and I don’t think you want to keep spending draft picks with so many guys already under contract at low money.

      • steve earle says:

        One thing about bringing in a vet WR is given the Pat’s pass system there is no guarantee even a vet will pick it up. It’s a darned if you do and darned if you don’t thing. On one side a vet is a proven NFL player but someone like Bolden is on the down swing where as someone like Sanu is in his prime and not as likely to have a drop off if he can adapt to the system of course. Then there is the rookie, same problem picking up the system but when they do their upside may just be higher. Kind of pick your poison thing with WR’s in our system. Don’t know what to tell you? I’d like to see Bill sign Sanu for a couple years then grab a couple rookies in the draft and hope for the best.

        • Jeff says:

          Sounds like Atlanta offered 5 years and 30 million to Sanu, so probably hard to get him for just a couple of years. You’re right of course that it’s hard to predict who will succeed as a WR, but that’s why a 1-2 year deal for a vet is good business – you’re not saddled with dead money if it doesn’t work out.

      • steve earle says:

        No problim with a 2 yr deal for a vet, clearly the way to go Jeff. Sanu is prob out of our pocket book now I agree unless he values the chance at a SB ring more then just the money? Not holding my breath on that though. Still their are a couple other FA’s out their who could fit. Still like to pick up one or two in the draft besides a vet.

  26. td says:

    I think they need a DE and/or LB as they may not be able to afford all four : Jones, Sheard, Hightower and Collins and could possibly lose two of the four.

    • steve earle says:

      You can never have to many good DE’s imo. Some think Bill is going to trade Jones for the reason you mention, I wouldn’t hold my breath because Brady’s window is closing and another SB appearance would be more likely with Jones and the rest then without. Plus all are signed through 2017. Pretty sure a couple will get new contracts this year, your guess as good as mine who. As is always the case we can’t fill every need with big name guys but this draft seems to have some good depth 2nd through 4th rds anyway.

      • td says:

        Pretty sure Jones, Hightower and Butler are up after this year, then Collins in ’17. The longer they wait to extend Collins the higher the price is going to be for that guy. I think they know that really good CB’s are more important than DE’s for their defense.

  27. Jeff says:

    Anybody think Jeremy Kerley could be brought in if Amendola’s contract can’t be reworked?

    • steve earle says:

      Has Kerley been cut by the Jets, I missed that if so? As far as I know he’s under contract through 2017 or 18, am I wrong?

    • td says:

      I’m sure they would rather keep Amendola as he has added value as a KO and Punt returner. Depends on if they can get a price reduction out of him.

  28. Russell says:

    Guy’s for Coach Belichick to go get;
    DE/LB Bjoem Werner (cut)
    TE Jeff Cumberland (cut)
    LB Zach Brown (Tenn.)
    OG/C David Molk (Philly)
    RB Bila Powell (Jets)

  29. Dan Sullivan says:

    Five free agents Patriots should go after today.
    1 Craig Robertson ILB
    2 Alfred Morris RB
    3 Kendall Reyes DL
    4 James Jones WR
    5 Jared Cook TE

  30. Chris says:

    Remember the name Will Lee a WR from Baylor…great size 6’3″ 220 lbs and 4.5 speed. Would be high to pick him at 60 but watching his tape/highlights is very impressive with route running, YAC, good hands, etc…DO IT!

    • Ryan says:

      Jay Lee perhaps?

    • steve earle says:

      Hadn’t heard his name mentioned so looked him up. Not much to say other then he isn’t expected to be drafted. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t be brought into camp but #60? No!

  31. Russell says:

    The draft board is changing, Houston won’t be picking a QB (Dumb move paid to much!) Denver will now be drafting a QB. (they will sign QB Kirpatrick from Jets) NYG helped their D now drafting O-line help, instead of D help.
    I think the 49ers and Cowboys will NOT draft a QB with their 1st picks. Cincinnati will take a WR 1st pick.
    Miami and Philly change places with their 1st picks.
    Baltimore will draft OL Stanley.
    Patriots miss out on WR Sanu who will sign with Atlanta. Also will miss on DT Hicks.
    Still think Chandler Jones trade to, Oak. Jags, Cleveland, 49ers, or Cowboys who can extend a new contract to him.

    • Ryan says:

      I still hope that we hold onto Chandler Jones, especially with some potential buyers already satisfied. I know Mike Loyko is with me here: https://mobile.twitter.com/NEPD_Loyko/status/707687519660408836

      • Russell says:

        Interesting thought on Franchise tag for DE C.Jones, however the tag price this year is $15.7 mil. for a DE. (higher in 2017 for sure) This would count against your Salary Cap, which the Patriots can not afford.
        IF you can’t get LB Collins extended or resigned , you could need the tag for him ($14.1 ml.)
        Collins would be far harder to replace then Chandler Jones.
        You can only Tag one and the cost either way is very high for the Patriots Salary Cap.
        A trade now while under contract to a team, allows the team to get a starting DE for $7.8 mil. then resign or Tag for future.
        Patriots get Cap room now ($7.8 mil.) plus draft choice(s) this year or next year. A fair deal maybe to the Cowboys (who need a DE and are a player or two away from the play-offs) for a 3d this and 3d next year.
        If the Patriots lose DE Jones to free agency in 2017 best they will get is a 3d compensatory pick for 2018 draft.

        • Sco508 says:

          If the Pats let J. Collins or D. Hightower hit FA i’ll eat My Pats hat . C. Jones is gone Maybe Butler too depends on Cap restraint after sighing Collins & Hightower . Now if Butler Has a Top #1 CB year ie best 1 threw 3 #1 CB Rank i may change my tune but as of now thats how it stands.

  32. EdgeX says:

    One thing I’d like to point out is I don’t think the Patriots can fill all of there needs in the draft but in all fun – if I had to pick for the Patriots ideally this is how I’d do it:

    2nd – WR Tyler Boyd – I think WR is a huge need – Do I think Boyd will be available at this point? Flip a coin. But if he is the Pats shouldn’t hesitate to take him because I find it really hard to see him being there in the 3rd round. I’ve read some things about people seeing him as another slot of Z receiver but I see Boyd as a physical X receiver – some of the same physicality that Steve Smith Sr has displayed with the Baltimore Ravens – and we all know how much the Pats wanted him to be on the roster.

    3rd – CB Xavien Howard – We all know that cornerback depth is needed. If he’s available here I think the Pats should take him or the best cornerback on their board.

    3rd (projected Revis comp) LB Joshua Perry – I think a trend that we might see with how talented this defensive line class is, and how weak the offensive skill players class is, that there will be some really good defensive players that will slip through the cracks and who should go in the 2nd round will still be there available in the 3rd or later. Hopefully for us Patriots fans one of those players is Joshua Perry – this would give us much needed depth at the linebacker position which has been a problem for far too many years.

    4th – OT Parker Ehinger – I know I’ve read some mock drafts having him as high as the 2nd but this is a prospect who I think could still be available in the 4th round because of how deep this defensive line draft is on talent. He wouldn’t need to start and could develop being some of the other players for a year.

    5th (projected Vince Wilfork comp) – TE Tyler Higbee – Tyler Higbee had a very quiet scouting combine and I haven’t read much on other draft site of him being an in demand player as much as this site – and I can tell Mr. Gerken he is your binky lol. That being said what I have read and seen I’m really impressed with his skill set and would love to have him on the Pats roster – hopefully the Pats feel the same way. If Aaron Hernandez can last until the 4th I feel Higbee could still be here in the 5th.

    6th – LB Jaylon Smith – This totally depends on medicals – but if he is still available by this time I think the Pats should take him.

    6th (projected Shane Vereen comp) WR Marquez North – Adds more depth to the WR corps with a roster of: Edelman, Amendola, Boyd, North, Martin, and hopefully Dobson can do SOMETHING next year – or add whatever free agent WR the Pats might sign. I fell this would be a nice group.

    7th and beyond I hope the Pats will pick up some Defensive Tackle depth and maybe a running back. I personally don’t view running back as big of a need as some people do. Remember the Patriots have Tyler Gaffney on the roster still and Joey Iosefa who I think can take some punishment away from Lewis and White. Then if the Pats sign Blount to a vet min contract they will again 5 running backs on their roster.

    • Jim R says:

      Boyd could end up being the top WR in this class. Special talent. If they came away with those 3 as their picks, that would be nice.

  33. Russell says:

    Patriots sign LB/Special teams player (from Saints) Ramon Humber 5’11” 232 lbs, 1 yr deal, and LaAdrian Waddle OT to a two yr deal. Waddle looks to be a strong back-up? 6’6″ 328 lbs age 24.

  34. Dan Sullivan says:

    Free agents still available that could help Patriots.
    Patrick Robinson CB Chargers
    Jermaine Gresham TE Cardinals
    Alfred Morris RB Redskins

    2 Eli Apple CB Ohio State
    3 Joshua Garnett G Stanford
    3 Pharoh Cooper WR South Carolina
    4 Keyarris Garnett WR Tulsa
    5 Blake Martinez ILB Stanford
    6 Adam Gotsis DT Georgia Tech
    6 Morgan Burns CB Kansas St.
    7 Trae Elston Mississippi
    7 Isaac Seumalo G Oregon St.

  35. steve earle says:

    Your question is who I would be happy they draft at #60 omits FA’s so this is it:
    Sterling Shepard WR ( still hoping he slides down to us. Instant upgrade/impact)
    Josh Perry LB ( backup yes, but early relief/ rotate with starters)
    Bronson Kaufus DE ( Can’t have to many good DEs, whether or not Jones is traded)
    Sheldon Day DT ( Solid D-line with room to improve/ rotate in relief)
    * Jason Spriggs OT ( forlorn hope)

  36. J H TARBORO says:

    At no.#60 ( Alex Collins or Kenneth Dixson ) but if we watch and wait, you may have some draft sliders and the free agency period are changing draft boards as we speak.

  37. Russell says:

    Coach Belichick will watch the free agent Market for guys that have a low cost high reward.
    OL- Alex Boone 6’8″ 300 lbs age 28
    OL- David Molk 6’1″ 295 lbs age 27
    DE- Bjoem Werner (cut) 6’3″ 255 lbs age 26, I will be shocked if Belichick does grab him!!
    S- Mark Barron 6’2″ 213 lbs age 26
    LB- Zac Brown 6’1″ 248 lbs age 26
    S- Jaiquawn Jarrett 6′ 196 age 26

  38. Todti says:

    Guys I like (and hope they are still available) at 60:
    OT Kyle Murphy, WR Tyler Boyd, DE Shilique Calhoun, DT Sheldon Day

    Guys I would like to see them draft in later rounds (so 3rd and below):
    RB Jordan Howard, LB Joe Schobert, LB Tyler Matakevich, OT Willie Beavers, DT Maliek Collins, DT Matthew Ioannidis

  39. Dan Sullivan says:

    Free Agents I like for Patriots.
    James Starks RB Green Bay
    Mike DeVito DT Chiefs
    Rishard Matthews WR Miami
    Brian Quick WR Rams
    Vincent Rey LB Bengals
    Rashad Johnson S Cardinals

    If the Patriots got four of these guys they would be in great shape for draft.

  40. conrad lee says:

    Dion Jones LB LSU
    Sean Davis DB Maryland

    Later I like Davis WR Cal and Kelvin Taylor RB FL NO fumbles in college

  41. conrad lee says:

    Kelvin Taylor RB NO fumbles in over 500 carries…bill loved his dad
    Sean Davis DB Maryland
    Dion Jones LB LSU

  42. Rodster says:

    If Perry lasts till 60 I’d take him.
    or the gambler in me would take Jaylon Smith at 60 if he falls like they say he might
    Tajae Sharpe WR runs great routes AND good hands
    Jake McGee TE good all around TE for FLA
    Kentrell Brothers LB quick with some coverage skills
    Alex Lewis OL could be coached up to become a starter in a year or two
    Kenyan Drake RB good size good speed
    some unknown kid from somewhere

  43. Josh says:

    At 60 I like the idea of Josh perry, although I believe the will target a wr. Maybe leonte carroo. I can practically garuntee you that bill will pick Keenan Reynolds in the late rounds

    • acm says:

      Predicting Keenan Reynolds and Dan Vitale to the Pats should be considered “cheating” on draft forums.

  44. Russell says:

    Patriots plan to keep (offering deals) to S- Brandon King, CB Justin Coleman.

  45. Russell says:

    I still like LB Joshua Perry but it’s iffy if he will be on the Board. So my list at #60 is short;
    LB Joshua Perry..??
    CB/S Sean Davis
    OL Joe Haeg
    TE Nick Vannett
    DE Jonathen Bullard..??
    RB Kennth Dixson..??
    OL Nick Martin
    CB Kendall Fuller..??

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Sean Davis is a name I should have put on there. I think if you want him, 60 is where you will have to take him. I had him as my target in the third before, but his numbers will move him up, much like Rowe last year.

      • Russell says:

        I agree and while not a “need” a quality player with skills for special teams day one. Again far better at S then CB, but a guy always around the Ball, quick, tackler. Scouts question missed tackles…. My answer to that is he’s always around the ball.

  46. Russell says:

    Colts cut DE/LB Bjoem Werner…. look for coach Belichick to show interest!!

    • Russell says:

      Werner was used wrong (DE) by the Colts. At 6’3″ 255lbs I think a great fit for the Patriots. I will be SHOCKED if Coach Belichick does not grab this guy…….

    • Russell says:

      Werner’s Combine numbers; 33 1/4″ arms, 4.81 40 yd 1.67 10 yd split. (Very GOOD) 25 reps on the bench, 7.30 3-cone drill

  47. Lucas says:

    I would like a OT but I think no one worth will be available at 60…so I would go WR there. Docston, Miller, Thomas, Fuller,…there will be one of those guys there and it would change the whole offense. With the 3rd round we could take a LB and a OT or take Higbee, I think he will be available there.
    Let’s just hope Hicks stays, we get a RB in FA and a decent WR + an OT…this team just needs small fixes.

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