Scouting Report: Cyrus Jones, CB

Can Jones fill the Patriots biggest need?

Can Jones fill the Patriots biggest need?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Cyrus Jones to the Patriots has become a popular topic in recent days, so I figured writing up his scouting report seemed appropriate.  I have watched more Alabama tape this draft season than I care to count, but when a team is stacked with so much talent, that tends to happen. I had watched Jones and had plenty of notes on him, but I was so bummed after watching my beloved Cyclones lose in the sweet 16, I figured I would go back and do it again and I am glad I did because I picked up on a few more things that I had not in previous viewings. Here is what I think of Cyrus Jones and his potential fit for the Patriots.


Jones has a nice combination of athleticism and intelligence and he uses both to his advantage. He shows good speed to stay and long arms which helps make up for his lack of ideal height. Jones shows good change of direction and burst to come back and make plays on the ball. Jones does a nice job of reading the QB’s eyes and shows the ability to finish plays. He plays the game very physical, both in coverage and in run support. He does a nice job of forcing receivers to go where he wants them to go creating much smaller windows for the QB to throw into. Jones has dynamic special teams potential as well.


Jones is shorter than ideal and is probably maxed out from a physical standpoint, so what you see now is what you get. Jones does seem to panic when the ball is thrown in his direction and he loses track of where his receiver is when trying to track the ball. This leads to him running through the receiver and getting his fair share of penalties. Jones has had some injury issues as well as some off field issues that will need to be investigated further.


Jones was an interesting guy to scout. I like that he is physical and he plays with a lot of confidence. He is strong in run support and seems to have that playmaker ability, both in coverage and as a return man. I do not love his size and it shows up on tape. His coverage skills have improved but he still struggles at it. I am concerned with how he seems to panic when he is trying to track the ball and stay with his guy. He seems to lose any sense of where his guy is and that will be exposed at the next level.  Jones graded out as a mid to late 4th round prospect for me, so for the Patriots to get him, they will either have to overdraft him at the end of round 3 or trade back to acquire him.
















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  1. J H TARBORO says:

    Terrance ” Pot Roast ” Knighton visits the Patriots today.

  2. Todti says:

    The Patriots go full Belichick and trade down to aquire more mid-round picks in a deep draft for defense.
    The 49er’s have the most picks, need quality players, and maybe Chip has something to say on draft day, so they trade their 4-105, 5-142, 6-178 for the Patriots’ 2-61 and 6-196. The Patriots then use 5-142 and 6-178 to get the Falcons’ 4-115 due to the Falcons lack of 5th and 6th round picks and the connection to Dimitroff.

    2-60 LB Deion Jones
    Immediate contributor on ST, depth for Collins. Very athletic and versatile puzzle piece for BB.
    3-91 DT Sheldon Day
    The Pats utilise the deep DT class to get a starter-caliber one-gapping 3-technique at the end of the 3rd round. High effort guy with quick hands and movement. Can drop into zone.
    3-96 RB Alex Collins
    Nothing flashy, but a solid RB for the big back role in committee approach.
    4-105 OT Shon Coleman
    Starting RT down the road. Big, strong hands and extremely long arms. First and foremost a run blocker but should be good enough in pass protection for the quick passing game since the Pats rarely feature deep drops by Brady.
    4-115 CB D.J. White
    Solid athleticism and about the height of Butler, but great cover skills and instincts. Should be a capable second CB in case they decide to let Ryan go.
    6-204 QB Kevin Hogan
    Developmental backup QB. Smart and played in pro-style offense, but limited arm and accuracy.
    6-208 WR Daniel Braverman
    The depth option in the slot Foxborough needs and deserves. Future #3 or #4 receiver depending on Martin’s and Amendola’s future after 2016.
    6-214 FB/TE Dan Vitale
    Versatile TE out of the backfield, but limited athleticism. Develin’s on 1-year contract.
    6-221 RB Peyton Barber
    Can’t have enough depth for RBs. Smart between-the-tackle RB with vision and potential for pass protection. Interesting background story.
    7-243 WR/RB Keenan Reynolds
    WR project.
    7-250 priority FA

    I’ve got to say I like it more and more every time I look at it.

  3. J H TARBORO says:

    Patriots latest WR prospect Teddy Ruben-Troy, I don’t know his measurable, but he looks quicker than Julian Edelman on tape, I just checked this highlights on YouTube and I liked what I saw, he a slot receiver!

  4. Stephen J says:

    Does anyone have any thoughts on Josh Hawkins CB from ECU one positive is that he had a 90+ play game and ran in the 4.3’s during his pro day draw backs heard that he lacks discipline to many personal fouls

  5. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriots mock draft and possible trade with Cleveland.
    Cleveland gets Patriots 2nd,2nd,6th and 6th.
    Patriots get Browns 2nd(32nd pick),4th,5th and 5th.

    2 Jack Conklin OT Michigan State
    3 Kenyan Drake RB Alabama
    3 Charles Tapper DE Oklahoma
    4 Tyvis Powell S Ohio State
    5 Jordan Payton WR UCLA
    5 Mehdi Abdesmad DL Boston College
    6 Dean Lowry DL Northwestern
    6 Tavon Young CB Temple
    7 Antonio Langham ILB Arizona St.

    I think this trade could help both teams as Patriots would be drafting more guys that
    could actual make team. Browns could get two starters in second round.

    • steve earle says:

      Wow! wouldn’t that be one for the books? I just can’t believe a team like the Browns with so many needs would do a four for four. Give up the #32 for our two 2nds maybe? But then give up their 4th and two 5ths for our two 6ths. Think about it, would you?

      • Dan Sullivan says:

        Well Steve second round picks in a deep draft like this year are expensive as we just
        gave up Chandler Jones for one. The Browns have 10 picks is they could move up for
        someone they thought was going to be a star it may be worth it. They didn’t do much
        in free agency.

        Have a good week.

        • steve earle says:

          First pick in the 2nd round has become a hot pick for a number of years now so why would it not be this year? But maybe your right, but why wouldn’t the Browns rather do something like this however:
          Trade the #32 down to around #42+/- and a 3rd and 6th.
          trade #42 down to around 50+/- and a 4th and 6th
          That would give them a 1#2, 2#50+/-, 3#64+/-,3#74+/-,4#96+/- 3x5ths, 3x6ths,3x7ths. Thats 5 in the top 100 and one just over, all told 15 picks. Plenty of picks to say put a 3rd and 5th together to move back into another 2nd rd’er and still have 13 picks with 2 in the 2nd. I think that’s the way BB would do it.
          Having a great week thanks, you too.

        • steve earle says:

          Correction I’m a little off there. Right now Brown’s have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 2x4ths, 3x5ths one 6th and one 7th. My scenario would still give them 14 oa not 15 picks.

    • Dan says:

      Jack ConKlin will be long gone by the second round. I like your though pattern but way to be a trade to happen.

  6. Russell says:

    MY MOCK;
    2nd- #60 trade with 3d #91 to New Orleans for No. 47 and select DE Jonathan Bullard
    2nd #61 CB Cyrus Jones (UNLESS Joshua Perry is available)
    3d # 97 CB/S Sean Davis (If Perry is available at #61, then I’ll take CB Jones here)

    6th- LB Antwione Williams
    6th- OT Nick Richter (6’5″+ 306 lbs. 34 1/8″ arms , 5.02 40yd. U. of Richmond)
    6th- OT Ryker Mathews (6’5″ 326 lbs. BYU)
    6th-WR Alex Erickson
    6th- QB Joel Stave
    7th- WR Keenan Reynolds
    7th- LB Aaron Wallace ( 6’3″ 243lbs, 4.57 40yd UCLA)

    • EdgeX says:

      I like the idea of your first trade up scenario #60 + 91 into the 40’s range…but I would only do that for a prospect like William Jackson, Eli Apple, Xavien Howard…and maybe Artie Burns – although looking like a small chance any of these guys are available at that point 🙁

      On a side note did anyone else notice that Xavien Howard ran a 4.58 40y at the combine and then ran a 4.41 40y at his pro day? I heard that a lot of players were on the field for a long time during the combine and weren’t able to stay “warm” thus effecting the 40 times…maybe there’s some truth that.

      • Mike Gerken says:

        I had heard that as well, and I was told that several players were battling colds at the combine. If I remember correctly, he tested better in everything, not just the 40, which gives it more credibility to me.

  7. John says:

    My Early Round Mock:

    2.) Shon Coleman OT Auburn: Ultra-strong, great measurable, places with wide/sturdy base.
    2.) Willie Henry DT Michigan: Killer pass-rusher. Formidable trio with Brown and Easley.
    3.) Jordan Howard RB Indiana: Not sure he’d last until this pick. Production and talent.
    3.) Cyrus Jones CB Alabama: Love him. Feels completely disrespected all the time. Chippy, aggressive. Need corners like him.

    • EdgeX says:

      Ya I like the idea of Shon Coleman – he’s definitely peaked my interest as an OT prospect for the Pats and I think he should still be available in the 3rd round. Max Tuerk is another prospect I could see developing at OT.

    • acm says:

      Don’t think Coleman fits what the Pats seem to look for at OT, especially in the Dante S system. He is a capable run blocker but lacks severely in pass protection and will be a 25 yo rookie, iirc. All in all, Shon Coleman has the measurables but doesn’t fit the system, imo.

      Henry, Howard and Jones I think fit well with the Pats although I have my doubts Howard is still on board in late 3rd, as you yourself mentioned.
      Personally, I like CJ Procise better for the Pats and think he has a better shot at being there with that same pick.

      • John says:

        To be honest, I think Coleman does. He’s not all the different than Vollmer, in terms of where they were both at when coming out of college. Nasty, projectable, solid foundations. Also, I think Vollmer was 24 when he was drafted and had less football experience.

        I think Coleman would be an excellent addition in the second.

  8. Ryan says:

    Here’s a question I’ve got for everybody: What is the greatest position of need on the Patriots roster right now?

    I’ve heard all different answers so this should be interesting. My personal opinion is that RB is the biggest hole on the roster.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      I still think Corner is the biggest need, followed closely by RB, then OT, DT, and WR.

      • EdgeX says:

        Ha beat me to the punch! 😛

      • Ryan says:

        Here’s how the Pats look at each position:
        CB: Butler, Melvin, Ryan, Coleman, Roberts, Vereen (maybe safety), and maybe Brown
        RB: Bolden, Brown, Gaffney, Iosefa, Lewis, White
        OT: Cannon, Fleming, Keavon, Waddle, Solder, Vollmer
        DT: Branch, Brown, Easley, Kitchen, Vellano, Jones
        WR: Amendola, Carter, Dobson, Edelman, Harper, Hogan, Martin, Washington

        What’s interesting is that CB, RB, and DT all have young talent on the roster, and the only position of need that really doesn’t is WR. Whoever we draft better be ready for competition.

        All those young players also makes need a lot less obvious. Any of these positions could be completely taken care of by the guys already on the roster.

        Personally, I think that CB needs a veteran presence more than anything, but I’d settle for a lengthy corner early in the draft.

        • Ryan says:

          With William Jackson III and Eli Apple long gone by our second-round pick, the guys I’m eyeing there are Xavien Howard, Artie Burns, Jalen Mills, and Sean Davis. Plenty of options in terms of size.

          In Round 3, I’d take any of the above as well as Maurice Canady, James Bradberry, and DeAndre Houston-Carson.

        • steve earle says:

          About DT, Only Branch and Brown are true locks. Easley is always an injury concern the other three you list are backups only. There is plenty of room for argument that another DT should be considered early in the draft
          About OT, Solder. Vullmer and Waddle are the locks other three could stand upgrading with a future starter project imo.
          About CB, I agree it’s a need position but how many CB’s in this draft with the necessary skills will be available at #60/61? A strong project who can fill in for breathers and sub pakages would be nice.
          About RB, I don’t see this as the burning need some do. Not a great draft for the position, more of what we have but younger seems to me. Other needs look more likely.
          About WR, Only if a true no brainer comes to us.
          Thatsthe way it looks to me right now but things can change at any time.

        • Ryan says:

          I agree with most of your points, save the lax attitude towards RBs and WRs. In my opinion, we’ve got to add another dimension to our offense or it’s not going to improve. Whether that dimension is a reliable running back or an explosive receiver, I don’t particularly care, but I think it’s clear that our offense right now is always an injury away from stagnation. Gronk, Lewis, and Edelman form a nice one-two-three, but the absence of just one of them creates a big gap in production. If we don’t add an offensive weapon on Day Two I’ll be sorely disappointed.

      • Dan says:


        We are forgetting about Linebackers here. I know We have Collins and Hightower, but nothing says we get them signed up after there contract expire, especially since the Pats don’t often negotiate with time on current contracts. OT is the same thing. We have 2 tackles with contracts getting ready to expire and no solid depth behind them. We NEVER again need to draft a receiver. The pats have proven this is the worst position that they draft. Pick up guys in free agency and it works out much better. A dynamic RB is what this offense is missing. No threat of being able to run the ball killed us in the playoffs.

        My thoughts on priority are 1 RB, 1a LB 1C OT, pick the best player available in one of these positions at 60, 61. Don’t trade the picks unless the a true first rounder slips for some reason.

    • EdgeX says:

      Well, we know from history the Pats don’t value RB as much as the rest of the NFL. And I’m not sure I see that “dynamic play maker” of a running back for the Pats this year. Just throwing some names out…maybe things could work with Derrick Henry, Keith Marshall, or maybe C.J. Prosise (who maybe turns into an one-two punch with Dion Lewis?) – who knows!

      Depth at OT is high on the list. So is development at the WR position (because Edelman is getting older and we don’t know how much longer Amendola we be around). Based on talent I could see DT becoming a high pick in this draft even if it isn’t the highest need.

      If I had to rank top 5 needs I would say: CB, OT, WR, RB, DT – in that order.

      Why CB? If Butler or Ryan go down or we have any type of injury scenario with what happened with our OT’s last year, but instead, at the CB position – you can basically kiss any chances at a Superbowl run out the window.

    • Russell says:

      I think the biggest roster need is CB, DT, OT with OT having the fewest choices, followed by CB. Most choices are at DE/DT.

    • Matt says:

      Biggest need for Pats would be a versatile OT a guy that could play either right or left OT with Solder and Vollmer banged up OT was thin last year. Then I would say a DT with the Pats losing both Hicks and Siliga and Easley has been banged up as well last year the Pats are thin there to.

    • AM says:

      I’d agree on RB. After that, and with an eye towards not just this year but next, I’d say CB, WR, OT, DT, in that order. Good question! 🙂

  9. Todti says:

    Zack Moore at wrote a really good article about the Patriots’ offseason, and their roster-building strategy in general, which creates a different view on the whole draft priority/need talk. The quintessences, some more obvious than others, are:
    1) While drafting to develop and keep players, BB doesn’t draft high at positions which command high salaries during the second contract (except for QBs, of course, but these don’t get their second contract at NE as long as Brady doesn’t show signs of decline). Thus, he can keep the roster balanced with a deep layer of mid-tier players. This enables the Patriots to play balanced dictating mismatches on offense without exposing mismatches on defense.
    2) The Patriots’ offense aims at consistently moving the chains instead of looking for big plays (obviously). Therefore, the Pats assemble an arsenal of players which excel in the short-to-intermediate area on high-percentages plays. Illustration: All 4 of Edelman, Amendola, Lewis, and White had catch rates higher than 69% and between 7 and 8 yards per target [TARGET, not reception! So, on average, everyone of these players produced more than 7 yards when targeted by Brady.]
    3) Also, although the league average is decreasing constantly over the last seasons, Brady’s release times are always well below league average. Not only because of the present receiver corps, but also because the ball is released faster than any (not-untouched) edge rusher needs to get to the QB.
    4) However, the biggest advantage of building a receiver corps out of these types of players is that they are by far cheaper than outside receivers. Simply put, you get Edelman, Martin, and Amendola for one of Julio Jones, A.J. Green, or Demaryius Thomas. Same holds for TEs, as these are cheaper than outside WRs. Again, you get Gronk and Bennett for one of Julio Jones, A.J. Green, or Demaryius Thomas (this would even hold if Gronk got top-of-the-market money for TEs).

    In 2016, Edelman, Amendola, Hogan, Martin, Gronk, Bennett, Lewis, and White will make up about 20% of the salary cap, and even less than that if Amendola’s contract gets reworked. Add Brady’s cap hit of less than 10% and the QB + 8-man-deep skill corps would make up about 28% of the salary cap. That’s equal to Romo/Bryant/Witten/Beasley or Palmer/Fitzgerald/Floyd/Gresham. Or about 4% more than Roethlisberger/Brown/Wheaton or Rodgers/Cobb/Nelson or Luck/Hilton/Allen.
    So it would suggest that the Patriots don’t need to draft any WR early and definitely won’t draft any outside WR early. Gronkowski and Bennett will be the players to stretch the field (down the seam) plus an occasional deep route by Hogan (low-4.4 speed) and maybe Martin. Andthe usual Slater-go-route.

    Moreover, the positions which recently tend to get overpaid (apart from QB and outside WR) are CB, OT, and now DE – which is one of the reasons they let Jones leave. These overpaid positions are then going to be filled with mid-tier FAs like Sheard, Long, Tarell Brown, Hogan, LaFell, etc. With the continuing trend of decreasing the release times and the well-stocked interior OL, it could indicate that the Patriots don’t plan to invest high salaries for their OTs. Solder is under contract over the next 2 seasons for a reasonable amount and assuming the Patriots add an OT prospect, it is unlikely all 3 of Vollmer, Cannon, and Waddle will stay on the roster. So, the priorities for OTs could shift more towards good run blocking and only adequate pass protection, since Brady gets rid of the ball so fast (if enough capable receivers are healthy – something the Patriots addressed this offseason with the additions of Hogan and Bennett). Thus, it could very well be that the Patriots don’t intend to draft an OT early, as the aforementioned profile is more likely to still be available in mid-rounds.

    What’s more, the whole idea of the Patriots avoiding the high-paid positions in the early rounds could indicate a shift in draft priority from positions that seem necessary to us to the ones the Patriots value in the (near) future, those being: RB, TE, interior OL, DT, LB, S. S and iOL don’t seem that important this season due to them being quite crowded. That holds for TE, too, although Bennetts contract expires after this season and I guess it’s more likely they let him leave (and get a compensatory pick after he has a productive season). There’s A.J. Derby but I doubt he’ll make the roster with Gronk, Bennett, Williams, and Develin. It’s more likely he sticks on the PS and competes next season together with another pick. Thus, it leaves RB, DT, and LB as the 3 high-priority positions.

    So, I could see them pick up one of the falling DTs with their first pick and add a LB early. There should be a couple of solid RBs available in the 3rd round and then an OT could be drafted with their compensatory pick. I’m not saying it’s my favourite mock draft idea but I would understand it.

    • EdgeX says:

      Over thinking it.

      There is no priority system in which you can’t control the talent that is left for you to draft.

      Remember this year the Pats, as of now (barring a trade up), don’t pick until #60 and will have to wait for 59 other players to come off the board.

      I can envision a scenario where the Pats could be picking an OT, DT, LB, CB, WR, or even RB with the first pick (the only ones that would surprise me would be TE, QB, S, and K). It totally depends on who’s picked 30 or 40 picks ahead of where the Pats are currently scheduled to go and the talent left on the board at that time.

      • carlo strada says:

        What if TE Henry slips down to our reach?

        • EdgeX says:

          Personally I’m not really impressed with Hunter Henry.

          Supposedly he didn’t look good in the field drills at the combine and didn’t do well in interviews.

          The tight end class is weak overall this year and one of the reasons I think the Pats made the move for Bennett.

          If I had the choice I’d like to see the Pats pick up Nick Vannett (Russell’s TE of choice) or Tyler Higbee (Mike Gerken’s TE of choice) but not until the later rounds (and by then they may not be available).

        • steve earle says:

          Looks like TE is pretty much cast in stone at this point. Besides we have other needs that must be addressed before we throw a TE into the picture.

        • carlo strada says:

          Im hoping Higbee to drop a bit later than expected, maybe 5th round due to his injury thing.
          Though Pats have Martellus, lets not forget his one year rental, so wouldnt be bad at all rising a guy for next year.
          I d love Higbee even in the 4th round, theres so much potential on him

        • steve earle says:

          Sure if Higbee comes down but we are without a 4th or a 5th currently. Bill has room still to change that but just how is a question. I would still prefer to see us trade up our #60 and a 3rd to mid 2nd rd if someone slides into rang that we really want then try to tradeup a 6th and a couple 7ths for a 5th. By my count that would leave us a 2nd mid rd, #61, a 3rd, 5th, 3x 6 comps. total 7 picks. Given the trades and signings BB has already made we should have plenty of new bodies in camp and that’s not counting any UDFA Bill always brings in.

    • steve earle says:

      Makes a lot of sense when spelled out like that. I’m still not counting out Bill making a tradeup for one of the better “falling DT’s” that would make sense too given the loss of Hicks and questionable reliability of Easley. I see Adolphus Washington, Ohio St as a possable target if he gets deep into the 2nd. He is the same kind of player Easley is. A desruptive penetrator so the talent is equal and insurance if Easley is out for long stretches again plus it would make letting Easley go after next year, if necessary, much more palitable. And on passing downs/situtitions if both are playing a strong rush.

      • Todti says:

        I agree. The DT I’m targeting is Vernon Butler, although the Pats would be really lucky if he fell in their range to trade up. I think they need a DT who is versatile, who can succeed Branch in the running game and also rush the passer to some degree.

    • Russell says:

      Nice write-up Todi ! I saw that very good article by Zack Moore as well. Given the strength of the draft at the Defensive line I would be SHOCKED if coach Belichick did not take a DE/T with one of the first 4 Patriots picks, if he doesn’t trade them.
      However the area on the Patriots roster in the most need of depth is CB, after all if your going to draft a guy high you need a spot for him on the roster. DT maybe the second area.
      Of the group that maybe availabkle to the Patriots, I really like LB Joshua Perry, along with, CB Sean Davis, CB Cyrus Jones, DT Vernon Butler, DE Jonathan Bullard, DT Austin Johnson, DE/LB James Cowser and OT/G Cody Whitehair.
      The key will be watching to see who drops out of the first round, and who the Patriots value enough to move up to get.

      • Joey NL says:

        DT is a very huge need given the fact that we lost Hicks and Siliga this offseason and Alan Branch is probably in his last year in a Patriots uniform. Also, Dominique Easley is very injury prone and unlikely to play for an entire season.

        Stopping the run has been always been the Patriots first priority on defense. If you can’t stop the run (and the clock) teams will be able to keep Brady off the field.

        DT talent is deep in this draft and I could see one of the 2nd round picks being used on a DT. Maybe they even try to move up for a specific guy.

  10. Ryan says:

    I wouldn’t mind a safety at the end of round 3. There are 8 safeties which I have a day 2 grade on, in no particular order: Miles Killebrew, Jeremy Cash, Keanu Neal, Karl Joseph, Sean Davis, Jalen Mills, Vonn Bell, and Darian Thompson. With this many good safeties available, I could easily see one falling to us and qualifying as one of the best players available.

  11. Ryan says:

    Mitch Mathews at the BYU pro day:

    He measured 6054, 222 pounds, had an arm length of 32 7/8 inches and a hand which measured 10.5 inches. Mitchell completed 12 reps on the bench, touched 38 inches in the vertical jump and 10-9 in the broad. Considered a 4.6 40 guy, Mitchell shocked scouts by running times in the low (4.41) to mid (4.45). His 3-cone time was 6.96 and short shuttle timed 4.21. He caught the ball well and ran good routes, the latter which had been a game-day issue.

    Mathews is my favorite wide receiver over 6’3″ in this draft, mostly because there aren’t many good ones. Mathews needs some polish but has incredible upside and has two years of starting experience in college. In my opinion, he’d represent tremendous value in the sixth. I’m shocked that there isn’t more buzz surrounding him.

    • Ryan says:

      I’d much prefer him over Jakeem Grant in the sixth, mostly because he’s nearly a foot taller. Right now he’s a well-kept secret, and I hope that he stays that way.

    • steve earle says:

      Sounds good, nice find Ryan. Have to keep an eye on him but you know you spilled the beans already, lol.

      • Ryan says:

        Yeah, he and Devin Lucien are my two deep gems for WR. I’ve had my eye on them both since before the Senior Bowl and I’m hoping we end up with one of them. I’m glad that they were combine snubs because now they’re almost guaranteed to stay hidden.

        The major issue with Mathews is that he’s 25, but if we’re not spending a day 1 or day 2 pick I don’t think age should be a major concern. He’s 25 because he’s a graduate of BYU and thus spent 3 years on a mission.

        • steve earle says:

          Agree age isn’t important or at least much less important as the rounds go down. Actuall Mathews is among a number of possable later rd guys that could catch on with us. There is Cajuste, McEvoy who like Mathews have height then there are smaller guys like Grant. Grant is a possable UDFA so Bill could actually pick up a couple WR’s late and all these guys would fit in Todti’s description of BB’s draft prioitys. Kind of a neet system the coach has. Best thing is it works so well.

  12. Mike Gerken says:

    He has shown improvement in his awareness over the past two seasons, so if he can continue to do so, then his best football is in front of him.
    Russell, I am a big fan of Davis as well, needs time to develop as a corner, but size and athleticism are off the chart.

  13. acm says:

    Yes, please. Think CJ would be a good fit with the Pats. Personally, I think he’s been a bit underrated during the draft process. Would represent excellent value in late 3rd, imo.

  14. Russell says:

    Nice job Mike. I like Jones a lot Lou Saban had some solid things to say about Jones, and no doubt pass them along to Coach Belichick.
    I think Jones is getting a fair amount of interest by teams even with Jones size 5’10”, so I feel the End of the 3d round seems fair. Should be a special teams gunner as well as a return man, to get Edelman out of that roll.
    I really like Sean Davis, who is also a very good special teams guy, better size, better 3-cone drill, but Maryland plays at a different level then Alabama.

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