Scouting Report: Le’Raven Clark, OT

If the Patriots don't see Offensive Tackle as an immediate need, then maybe Le'Raven Clark could be an option.

If the Patriots don’t see Offensive Tackle as an immediate need, then maybe Le’Raven Clark could be an option.

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

I think one thing we can all agree on is that throughout the 2015 season, the Patriots offensive line didn’t play real well. There were several factors that led to this, but one thing is for sure, it needs to be fixed. Can that happen with the guys currently on the roster? Maybe, but if not, then the draft is the most likely place to find that help. With that in mind, I decided to give Texas Tech offensive lineman Le’Raven Clark a closer look and here is what I saw on tape.

Name: Le’Raven Clark (#62)

School: Texas Tech (Sr.)

Height: 6’5″ (Senior Bowl)

Weight: 312 Lbs. (Senior Bowl)


Most of Clark’s positives are physical. He has prototypical size from a height and weight standpoint. His weight is well distributed and has a large frame that could handle additional weight without the worry of losing his athleticism. He has freakishly long arms (36 1/4″) and a huge overall wingspan (85 7/8″). With that type of length, Clark should be able to keep any and all defenders off of him and his QB.  On tape, Clark shows quick feet out of his stance. Clark plays loose and shows a good combination of flexibility, athleticism, and strength.


Oh boy, where to start. First off, Clark played in a system that had him in a 2 point stance, so he will need to learn how to play from a 3 point stance. Clark is never the aggressor. His first step seems to be backwards in both run and pass plays. He reacts to what the defender does rather than dictating what he wants the defender to do. He does not take advantage of his long arms near enough, allowing defenders to get into his chest way too often.  He has good lower body bend, but plays with his chest exposed, allowing defenders to push him back and get him off balance. He has to improve his footwork as well. He takes too many short, choppy steps and he doesn’t cover as much ground as he could. In the run game, he gets impatient in his blocks and gets his shoulders too far over his feet. Clark must work on hand use and placement as well, but that ties back to him not extending his arms. He does not show an aggressive demeanor in his blocks.


Clark has raw skills and freakish size that are so tantalizing. I found myself so frustrated watching his tape because you can see that he has the size and athleticism to be a very good Tackle in the NFL.  His technique is just so underdeveloped that I worry how long, if ever, it will be developed enough for him to contribute on the field. At the Senior Bowl, he kept getting beat inside, and for a guy with his length, that should never happen. If he would just force everything to the outside, he could use his long arms to keep defenders away from the QB. If a team is patient enough and Clark is willing to put in the work and learn, then someone will have a steal on their hands down the road. Right now, Clark is a project that needs time in an NFL system before he can be asked to contribute. Because of that, he gets a Day 3 grade for me, and I would start to target him in the 6th.



19 Responses to “Scouting Report: Le’Raven Clark, OT”

  1. J H TARBORO says:

    1 question and 1 statement
    If TB12 wins his court battle with Goodell, can we somehow get our 1st round pick back, or how can we get the pick back?
    TB12 should want to fly every WR currently on the roster out to California, for early workouts, i’m sick of hearing, Brady doesn’t trust certain guys, but limits himself by just throwing to Gronk and Edelman. Fans are tired of that excuse!!!

    • steve earle says:

      Good question J H. I asked the same thing about a month ago. The response I got was”that ship sailed long ago”. I’m not buying it though. If the evidence didn’t provide a clear, undenyable proof of intentional wrong doing, which reports indecate it didn’t, then the penealities are unjustified. Also if that is true then it appears Goodall’s investigation was tanted from the begining with it’s objective being to deliver a guilty verdict in order to damage the Patriot’s francise because it has been too sucessuful for too long threatening the desired league equiety.
      So if the Comish’s appeal is denied that would be the logical conclusion and I would suggest the threats of a couple massive law suites, one by Bob Kraft, the other by Tom Brady charging a conspiracy to harm and slander could force Goodall to drop the matter and return both the money and draft choices.
      Darn that sounds fine but it’s from the legally challanged mind of yours truly.

    • Ryan says:

      I think Robert Kraft has decided that the picks aren’t worth the effort involved with having to pin down the NFL for unjustly removing the picks. I’m sure that everyone on here disagrees, but it seems like its not so much legally impossible as it is unlikely from Kraft’s position. Kraft can be voted out as an owner if the other owners see fit to do so, and though Kraft would be justified in pursuing the return of the draft picks the league as a whole is more concerned with image than justice.
      Overall, it would be a messy proceeding and the league would do everything in its power to stall, confound, and foul up the process in order to delay or mitigate a meaningful ruling. Kraft believes that his team can continue to win without this year’s first-round pick, so he’s decided that the Patriots as an organization have too much at risk to take a stand against Goodell and the NFL as a whole. It’s not much fun for us New England fans, but Kraft’s playing it safe, and with good reason.

      • steve earle says:

        Yes Ryan you are probably right, I do see your point, still it gauls the H— out of me. I have an overblown sense of justice, always have. Still burns me what they did to Stingley and nothing was done, nothing changed for years. Both player and coach shouild have been kicked out of the league. Oh well ancient history!

        • J H TARBORO says:

          Thanks Ryan and Steve E.

        • Ryan says:

          Yeah Steve, my favorite comparison for the Patriots punishment is the Falcons punishment during the same period. One team was definitively found to have been pumping crowd noise into their stadium after having been told NOT to do so the previous season because it affects the other team’s ability to call plays. The other team was accused of allowing football deflation to occur on the basis of extremely questionable evidence; also, the affect of the action on the game’s result was tenuous and the team’s punishment was considered based on a completely unrelated violation from many years ago.

          The first team, the Falcons, lost a 6th-round pick. The Patriots lost 1st- and 4th-rounders, the highest draft penalties ever, exceeding those for even the Bounty scandal. Both cases involved repeat offenders, though the Falcons had committed the Sam offense twice and different Patriots members had committed different violations. Both cases had questionable impacts on game outcomes. One was in the spotlight, and one was not, and that was the key difference. I wrote a long form rant on this a while ago, and my feelings haven’t really changed since then.

        • steve earle says:

          @ Ryan, Well I think we all feel the same. Goodall should somehow be made to pay for the unfair and obvious attempt to harm our francise but doubt something ever will. The best I can do is this summer I will got to one of the custom T-shirt shops at Hampton Beach and get Pat Patriot painted from the back bent over a football with the words “Goodall Kiss My”. Very little satisfaction but the best I can do.

    • matt says:

      Well the thing is if TB wins in court the next step for the NFL would be the US Supreme Court and I thing good old Rodger is that stupid and egotistical to do it. Which would mean that if the SJC hears it and that’s big if it could take up to 5 years or longer. To get the picks back Kraft has to take the NFL to court. But everyone says that would be bad that the other owners would hate you and to that I say screw them. If I talked to Kraft I would say you should. The other owners are not your friends they are your competition and they hate you. As for Brady only throwing to certain guys I would say. He did throw to the WR that was meant to get the ball in a certain play but if that WR was covered he would throw to the next open WR he used to do that all the time when Weis was OC but Josh did away with that I have no idea why.

  2. J H TARBORO says:

    Last mock until combine 2016
    2) DE Bronson Kaufusi- BYU
    3) WR Sterling Sheherd- Okla. ( Patriots connection: Geneo Grissom)
    3) OT John Theus-UGA ( Patriots connection: David Andrews)
    4) CB Maurice Canady-Virginia
    5) SS Jayron Kearse- Clemson 6’4 220
    6) DT DJ Reader- Clemson ( anchor on Clemson’s DLine)
    6) RB/FB/TE Devon” Rockhead” Johnson-Marshall ( Patriots connection: CB Daryl Roberts, WR Aaron Dobson.
    7) RB/WR Dwayne Washington-UW 6’2 225 ( dangerous! a WR with a RB skillset and WR hands and speed.)
    7) FB/ST Soma Vainuku-USC 6’0 255-265 ( a true fullback and special teams monster!!!
    7) TE/OG Laquan McGowan-Baylor 6’7 400lbs. Could be our swiss army knife, from OLine- FB.

  3. steve earle says:

    News reports saying Payton’s wife received HGH deliverys per pharm. co. Wonder what Goodall is going to do about that? Poor Payton, look what he did to Brady for alleged psi question, Manning may face a firing squad.

  4. Big w says:

    Clark was terrible in senior bowl slow and off balance.
    2 Josh garnett OG
    3 Xavien Howard CB
    3 Jonathan Williams RB
    4 Tyler Higbee TE
    5 Johnson OT Oregon
    6 Tyriq McCord OLB
    6 Deandre Washington RB
    7 Demarcus Ayers WR
    7Hassan Ridgeway DT

  5. Russell says:

    Montee Ball in trouble with the law…..say goodbye to a career with the Patriots. Dumby

    • steve earle says:

      What the heck is it with so many of these guys? They have everything going for themselves then they go do something stupid to jam themselves up. As I asked, what the heck?

  6. Jose Marques says:

    my mock draft:

    2-Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana
    3-Denver Kirkland*, G, Arkansas
    3-Josh Perry, OLB, Ohio State
    4-Maurice Canady, CB, Virginia
    5-Shawn Oakman, DE, Baylor
    6-Devon Johnson, FB/RB, Marshall
    6-RB/WR Dwayne Washington-UW
    7-Elijah Shumate, S, Notre Dame
    7-FB/ST Soma Vainuku-USC

    *I think the Oakman is a mystery I do not know if I put in a bit high position because for me it is a mystery, is a player who needs to be worked and new england would be the perfect home for it.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      I’m liking this mock Jose.

    • steve earle says:

      Pretty good mock Jose my biggest problem is with Shawn Oakman. The guys measurables say he should be a beast but his performance says he anything but. He has underachieved and disappointed his whole collage carear. Probably should have stuck to B ball. He was a failure in collage and has zero possability in the pros. imo.

      • Jose Marques says:

        yes I agree Steve, he’s a physical player, has good height and weight should be a beast. but is very inconsistent, unproductive. the only thing that draws attention is even your physical ability and might just intimidate opponents.

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