Scouting Report: Keyarris Garrett, WR

Fans have clamored for the Patriots to get a deep threat. Could Garrett be that guy?

Fans have clamored for the Patriots to get a deep threat. Could Garrett be that guy?

Randy Moss. We need a player like Randy Moss. A guy who can stretch the field. That has been the running theme from Patriots fans for years.  It is not something I necessarily agree with given the Patriots current offense and the types of throws Brady has success with.  Brady to Moss was a beautiful thing to watch. Two future Hall of Fame players making it look so easy and effortless.  That was a long time ago.  Moss is not coming back through that door and besides those two years with Moss, Brady has never really been a good deep ball passer.  However, I can appreciate the idea of having a guy who can go deep as long as that is not his only role.  Could Keyarris Garrett be that guy?


Name: Keyarris Garrett (#1)

School: Tulsa

Height: 6’4″ (unofficial)

Weight: 221 Lbs. (unofficial)


Garrett has an intriguing combination of height, weight, and speed.  He has a strong upper body with long arms and strong hands.  Garrett uses great body control and size to shield off defenders and high point the ball.  He has better than advertised footwork, doing a nice job of varying his steps to throw defenders off.  He uses his long legs to get downfield quickly and does a nice job tracking the ball to make tough over the shoulder catches look routine.  Garrett is crisp in his cuts and showed that he is a good route runner, even though his route tree was limited.  Garrett uses his body well to give his Quarterback a large target. His long arms and soft hands create a large catch radius and he attacks the ball with his hands.


Garrett saw very limited action against good competition. He also played in an offense that limited his responsibilities as a route runner and catered to a wide open offense.  While Garrett does possess long speed, it does take time for him to build up to that speed.  He is not overly physical after the catch and can be taken to the ground fairly easy. Garrett struggled with physical corners at the line of scrimmage and needs to learn to play stronger at the snap. Garrett has also dealt with injuries over his career and those will need to be looked at.


Since Randy Moss left the Patriots, fans have wanted a big, tall, and fast receiver to stretch the defense.  If you are one of those fans, then Garrett should be high on your list.  He uses his long strides to effortlessly get by defenders and he does a nice job of tracking the ball, using his big frame to “box out” defender, and catching the ball with naturally with his hands.  He may have some growing pains going up against more physical players in the NFL, but he can have an impact as a deep threat right away.  He will need to add to his route tree to become a more complete receiver, but he showed in college he has ability to set up defenders and make quick cuts to come back for the ball.  Overall, I think he could have a minor role as a rookie and with some development, expand his role. He has the raw physical tools to be an impact player, he just needs time to develop his game. I think in the Patriots offense his growth could be stunted a bit with the style of offense they run, but Garrett has intriguing measurables and upside and would be a nice value early on Day 3 of the draft.

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12 Responses to “Scouting Report: Keyarris Garrett, WR”

  1. Dan says:

    Here is my mock draft looking forward to comments

    2nd John Theus OT GA
    3rd Jordan Howard RB IA
    3rd De Runnya Wilson WR Miss St
    4th Tyler Matakevich ILB Temple
    6th Tyler Higbee TE Western KY
    6th Joel Heath DT/DE Mich St
    7th Derek Watt FB Wisconsin
    7th Jordan Simone SS ASU

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Any draft that has the Patriots getting Tyler Higbee, I am a fan of. However, I worry he won’t even be available when the Patriots pick at 60, so the 6th is really a stretch.

      • Dan says:


        I just used a couple of websites current player ranking, that have been fairly accurate in the past. Of course there will be updates on those sites to come. Thanks for the comment.

        Also I do admit that I don’t get to watch as much film as I would like, so getting the input on pages like this are incredibly helpful.

  2. ton says:

    my 2c: brady doesnt throw the deep ball well, particularly now that he’s getting up there in age. at some point, we have to face facts, the pats are closer to a west-coast-offense team than to a straight-up vertical offense. we need smaller shiftier guys that can get open quickly, and not lumbering giants who take a while to get up to speed. remember the o-line can’t block, so it’d be quite a leap of faith to expect them to successfully block for like 4 seconds or more, til the big targets get upfield. the dobson experiment didn’t work (granted, injuries played a big role), and none of the other height-weight-speed prospects in the past didn’t exactly set the world on fire. the moss years were basically a fluke, and what i mean by that is: moss is a hall of fame talent, the o-line was playing well, and brady was still in his prime. those days are gone, sadly enough. so gimme a few more edelman types instead of looking for the next moss.

    • Todti says:

      I think you’re totally right. Brady-Moss was a unique thing and when Edelman was hurt (and that holds for Amendola too, although to a lesser degree) it was obvious to me that the Patriots can’t have enough smaller, quicker receivers. So a receiving corps of Edelman, Amendola, a third of this type, Martin, and LaFell (the 2014 version, of course) would be totally fine with me. Plus some young guy on the PS.

    • steve earle says:

      Agree completely ton. A solid running game could do wonders also.

  3. Russell says:

    Thanks for the report Mike! Garrett is not a player I followed, interesting, not sure about injury issues, after medicare Dobson. I’m watching Alex Erickson, tho I doubt the Patriots draft a WR, maybe late 6th-7th.
    I feel more likely Coach Belichick goes after a vet., Mohamed Sanu is my bet.

    Watch Joe Schobert LB/DE at the Combine his vertical jump is crazy!! Also a player the Patriots maybe watching is Ronald Blair DE, the guy can play, and is a film room junky, very intelligent , interviews well, mas speed. Maybe more of a Hightower type.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Blair was a guy I recently watched and am a big fan. A lot of talent will be available for the Patriots even without a 1st round pick, will just depend on what way they decide to draft.

    • steve earle says:

      I can see Bill taking a WR early Russell, not predicting but it’s very possable. Looks to me as though Dobson, LaFell and Amendola are “at risk”. Sanu would be a real upgrade on Dobson/LaFell I agree. As for Amendols I personally feel Sterling Shepherd with our 2nd would give us what we hoped for in Amendola plus give us breakaway potential.
      I like Schobert too, he’s on my board. I’ll have to look more at Blair but he sounds good on Draft Scout.

  4. Ryan says:

    I think Garrett is a great target for a fourth-rounder, maybe a third-rounder if he performs well at the combine. In a year or two he could definitely make a difference on the offense, and the biggest question with him is combination. He’d be a fun player to draft and develop.

    Also, just curious here, who (if any) of the following WRs are you planning on scouting: Rashard Higgins, Roger Lewis, Tajae Sharpe, Jordan Williams, Mitch Mathews, Devin Lucien.

    You guys do a great job with the scouting reports.

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