Big Board: version 1.0

Who will be around when the Patriots finally get on the clock?

Who will be around when the Patriots finally get on the clock?

I thought it might be a good idea to get a feel for who will be drafted and who might still be on the board when the Patriots make their first pick at 60, so I went ahead and put together my top 60 big board.

Now before I reveal my board and I get comments asking why a certain player is not listed, just remember, this is version 1. I am only one man and there is only so much time in the day that I can devote to watching tape, so there are a lot of players I have not had a chance to really study yet. With that being said, besides a few tweaks here and there, I feel confident that my list will not have drastic changes going forward. I have probably a dozen guys that I have earmarked that could have grades similar to some of these current players listed. There are also some small school guys that the tape is limited on that I haven’t graded yet and there always could be some surprises as we venture towards the draft, but for now, here is my top 60 players in the 2016 NFL Draft, let me know what you think.

1 Laremy Tunsil OT
2 Joey Bosa DE
3 Jalen Ramsey DB
4 Ezekial Elliot RB
5 Noah Spence DE
6 Myles Jack LB
7 Laquon Treadwell WR
8 Jaylon Smith LB
9 DeForest Buckner DT
10 Vernon Hargreaves III CB
11 Mackensie Alexander CB
12 Shaq Lawson DE
13 Ronnie Stanley OT
14 Reggie Ragland LB
15 Jarran Reed DT
16 Sheldon Rankins DT
17 Andrew Billings DT
18 Taylor Decker OT
19 Darron Lee LB
20 Michael Thomas WR
21 A’Shawn Robinson DT
22 Robert Nkemdiche DT
23 Corey Coleman WR
24 Kenny Clark DT
25 Jonathon Bullard DE
26 Leonard Floyd LB
27 Jared Goff QB
28 Vernon Butler DT
29 Jack Conklin OT
30 Eli Apple CB
31 Cody Whitehair OG
32 Carson Wentz QB
33 Darien Thompson S
34 Kevin Dodd DE
35 Sterling Shepherd WR
36 Austin Johnson DT
37 Tyler Boyd WR
38 Braxton Miller WR
39 Emmanuel Ogbah DE
40 Josh Doctson WR
41 Jason Spriggs OT
42 Kendall Fuller CB
43 Josh Garnett OG
44 Will Fuller WR
45 William Jackson III CB
46 Paxton Lynch QB
47 Hunter Henry TE
48 Shilique Calhoun DE
49 Adolphous Washington DT
50 Su’a Cravens LB
51 Derrick Henry RB
52 Ryan Kelly OC
53 Vonn Bell S
54 Josh Perry LB
55 Xavien Howard CB
56 Carl Nassib DE
57 Chris Jones DT
58 Jalen Mills DB
59 Deon Jones LB
60 Kyler Fackrell DE








37 Responses to “Big Board: version 1.0”

  1. Tristan says:

    Below is my early mock draft. I think there are 6 areas that should be addressed at some point in the draft OT, WR, TE, CB, LB and RB. We are basically good now in every other position and it’s a bonus if we add to the other positions in the Draft. I think tackle and wide receiver are the biggest need. It is very possible we replace Fleming Waddle and Cannon at tackle and possibly Dobson, LaFell and Amendola at receiver. This would put these positions with very low depth. Amendola is probably the least likely gone of the 6.
    Round 2: Joe Haeg OT North Dakota State
    Round 3: Deiondre Hall CB Northern Iowa
    Round 3 comp: Nick Vannett TE Ohio State
    Round 4: Tyler Matacevich LB Temple
    Round 5 comp: Paul McRoberts WR Southeast Missouri
    Round 6: Alex Collins RB Arkansas
    Round 6 comp: Glenn Gronkowski TE/ST/FB
    Round 7: Ian Seau DE Nevada
    Round 7(mallet TRade): Geronimo Allison WR Illinois
    Round 7 comp: Clint Van Horn OT Marshall

    • Freemanator says:

      In what world would one of the best RBs in the draft, Alex Collins, be available in the 6th?

  2. Ryan says:

    I have to say, I’m not sure why everyone feels the need to trade Chandler Jones. If we’re trying to win now, I think that Jones will be better next year than any player that we could draft in the second round. Trading him now seems like a rebuilding option, and when we have a full year to get an extension done I honestly don’t see the reason in trading him for a draft pick. Also, if Jones gets away then we will surely get a 3rd-round comp pick for him anyway. Holding onto him is better in the short term and still provides in the long term if he signs elsewhere. Trading him now provides a pick in the 2nd round instead of the eventual 3rd round comp pick but sacrifices our pass rush for next year. I honestly don’t see where you guys are coming from.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Here are my thoughts on why I would not have a problem with trading Chandler Jones.
      1. On paper, you see the sack production, but if you watch the games, most of them were manufactured by other players rather than by himself. His production on paper is does not necessarily show up on tape.

      2. In each of his first years here, his production seemed to tail off as the season wore on, it never improved and is a pattern that does not help a team win in the playoffs.

      3. His recent off field issues could be a start of more things to come. Better to get out early than late.

      4. His trade value is at its peak right now and with other players deemed more important also due a payday.

      5. The Patriots have no first rounder.

      6. While the Patriots may get a compensatory pick, that is end of round 3. I think an early round 2, a round 5 and a 4 next year is completely fair.

      7. The Patriots have 2 proven players in Ninko and Sheard, with Trey Flowers and Geneo Grissom as well, so there is some depth at the position.

      • Ryan says:

        1. Jones gets to the quarterback though, no doubt about it. He’s fixed some issues with gap security and he’s only 25 going on 26, meaning that he’s going to keep improving. He’s a dynamic cog in an improving unit; keeping the group together will only improve everyone’s production.

        2. This worries me. He’s inconsistent in big games, but I’m not ready to abandon him yet in this regard.

        3. It’s one issue, although any drug problem is bad news. Still, his play merits a second chance.

        4. Yup, now would be the time to trade him.

        5. No, but do we need more picks this year to win now? We might need Chandler Jones to win now. The loss of the first-rounder hurts, but the Patriots shouldn’t get caught up in redeeming draft value when their present is more appealing than their future.

        6. That 2, 5, 4 scenario wouldn’t annoy me as much as some others, but that seems like the best-case scenario. If free agency comes and goes without a trade, I wouldn’t rush to swap him.

        7. An injury to Ninkovich or Sheard is still going to put us in a tough position. Grissom and Flowers are untested. The line produced a lot of sacks this year, and I don’t think that we should be so willing to disassemble it for parts so quickly.

      • Brian says:

        I echo these sentiments. With the big one being his fading play down he stretch. I can’t recall a single late season game or playoff match where I came out saying, wow chandler really played great.

        And also would like to add that his next contract will likely be much more than he’s worth, due to the inflated salaries of his position. So really I’m prioritizing Collins and Hightower over jones.

        • steve earle says:

          I fall on Ryan’s side in this. We can address Hightower and Collins this year and worry about Jones next year. In the mean time we can address needs at other positions that need help in this draft and not be forced to spend a pick to replace Jones. As Ryan notes an injury to Sheard or Ninkovich puts us in uncertain territory. Besides if Flowers or Grissom have a good enough camp making Jones expendable there will still be the option of seeking a trade before the trade deadline. Maybe a 1st in 2017 or if not at least that 2nd and ? plus.

    • Matt says:

      Just a thought here, while I don’t want to trade Jones, it is very true that his production tallies off towards the end of each season. He has had some nagging injuries every year, recent incidents with drugs, carries a large cap hit this year and if they know he is going to command 9mil+ a year he is as good as gone. Letting him play out this last year and waiting for a compensatory end of the 3rd round pick is an option. Looking at the market though and the teams around the league. A team like Jacksonville is desperately looking to improve their defense with a defensive end pass rusher and a safety. Chandler jones is a big name that brings marketability to the team. Jacksonville is an up and coming team with alot of young talent and a lot of money to spend. If bill could swing a trade for a 2nd and 4th round this year as well as a 4th round this year. I take that trade in a heartbeat!! NE is deep as DE and could always draft another DE if they feel their depth is not good enough. They have no 1st round pick this year and a 2nd rounder from Jacksonville is in essence a late 1st round which they could do a number of things depending on how the draft board falls. Here a few reasonable names that are at positions of real need for the team. RB Elliot, Conklin OT, Spriggs OT, Fuller WR, Boyd WR, Miller WR, Shepard WR, Ogbah DE, Washington DT, Spence DE/OLB, Nassib DE.

      Who would take a 2016 2nd and 4th and a 2017 4th rounder for Jones??

  3. Dan Sullivan says:

    Mock Draft, Free Agents and Injured players who could contribute strongly next season.

    2 Jordan Jenkins OLB Georgia
    3 Maurice Canady CB Virginia
    3 Avery Young OT Auburn
    4 Kenny Lawler WR California
    5 Steven Daniels ILB Boston College
    6 DJ Foster WR Arizona St.
    6 Isaac Seumalo G Oregon St.
    7 Adam Gotsis DT Georgia Tech
    7 Luther Maddy DT Virginia Tech

    Free Agents
    Bilal Powell RB Jets
    Stefan Wisnewski C Jaguars
    William Hayes DE Rams
    Tyvon Branch S Chiefs

    James Devlin, Dion Lewis and AJ Derby

  4. J H TARBORO says:

    Hypothetical question
    would you bring back former Patriots WRs, that performed well elsewhere? FAs Kamar Aiken and Andre Holmes.

  5. Jose Marques says:

    If the patriots trade chandler jones on draft wich would be its value?

    • Russell says:

      This depends a lot on the team interested. I like him going to the 49ers. They need a Defensive end, have cap space to sign him, to be an impact player day one. Any drafted DE will take 1-2 years to be a solid player at the NFL level.
      So… you could not draft a guy with the 2nd round pick, with Jones abilities.
      I would say a 2nd round pick, maybe a package deal, 3d & 5th picks, or a pick next year.
      The Patriots just can not pay every body a new contract. Hightower, Collins, Butler……

      • Jose Marques says:

        I think that the priorities will be to sign long-term contracts with collins, hightower and butler, are key players in the future of patriots. if Chandler is traded with the 49ers I would be glad if the patriots get the 2 round of the 49ers would be nice, so we could approach the draft of a more aggressive

  6. J H TARBORO says:

    Guys, go to the RSP film room or RSP boiler room for indepth film watching on some of the top draftees. ( ie Sterling Shepard, Dwayne Washington, Kenneth Dixson, etc. on youtube.

  7. Russell says:

    Guy’s I might drop from this list; OC Ryan Kelly, DT Washington, DE Fackrel, and S Bell.
    Guy’s I would add: DE Ward, S Cash, and OT Coleman.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Coleman is a guy I need to do more work on, so you might be right about him. Cash is interesting. If you told me he would be used correctly I could see it…maybe, but he is limited in coverage and to be an in the box type player like Buchanon from a few years ago is going to be tough because he doesn’t have the size.
      Ward-he had a great senior bowl and was terribly misused at Illinois, but he lacks burst and looks to me as strickly a 5 tech in the NFL. I am not as high on him as others though.

      • Russell says:

        Ward was injury prone, during his college career, so don’t see him as a Patriot. But I think top 60 prospect.

  8. J H TARBORO says:

    Thoughts on this years draft.
    This years draft rivals the 2013/14 class in terms of underclassman coming out, the UDFAs will be plentiful. The offseason will have some narratives that may have an effect on the draft such as Brady’s court decision, Manning not retiring, Marshawn Lynch retiring and possibly Calvin Johnson leaving the game as well, also new head coaches, displaced QBs, and for us knowing that we’re going have to play the NFC West, AFC North, AFC East, and Denver at Denver again. The Patriots can’t become conservative come draft time, this is not year! We don’t need too much, but if you can trade to accumulate, then they should do so! Picking at #60 in this draft might be a blessing, other GMs may pick players too high or too low, it happens every year, we can sit back, watch the carnage, and watch a great player fall to us.

    • Russell says:

      Look for the Patriots to trade DE Chandler Jones to the 49ers for their 2nd draft pick, #37.

      • J H TARBORO says:

        That would be wonderful, or how about if the Pats could possibly package Jones and Mayo?

        • Russell says:

          Mayo will be the Patriots next LB Coach.

        • Jeff says:

          I don’t think Mayo has any trade value at this point due to his base salary far outstripping his value. Any team that got him in a trade would need to cut him and re-sign him to a better deal, so they might as well wait for the Patriots to cut him if they want him. There’s not going to be a huge competition for his services, so a modest free agency deal will bring him in for you rather than giving up something in a trade.

        • steve earle says:

          Russell is convinced Mayo is going into coaching, he may be right I don’t know I have no inside info there perhaps Russell does. I do think it’s obvious he will not get the money he was getting but how that unfolds I also don’t know. However it does unfold I don’t think he will be playing for us again. That means we will have to have a replacement. Bostic, Flemming, Freeny, a draft pick? Who knows?

      • Brian says:

        Could we possibly be that lucky. If that did come to fruition then a player that I would look at as a replacement would be DE Shilique Calhoun MSU. Strong against the run, developed his pass rush moves as a senior and apparently is a good leader in the locker room. Give him a year to learn from Nink then he takes over full time in 2017.

        Other picks that I’m seeing that I like are Dadi Nicolas OLB Virginia Tech, Dwayne Washington RB WU and Shon Coleman OT auburn.

      • steve earle says:

        I know you favor the trade of Chandler Jones but I just keep in mind that he is our best DE, leading sacker and Brady only has (reasonably) a couple years left to get one more SB for us. At this point I would much rather settle for a 3rd rd. comp in the 2018 draft then even a 2nd #37 in this years or even a 4th and a 5th this year. As J H points out we don’t need that much right now and even though we have pretty good depth at DE position we have seen just how quickly injuries can deplete any position. Throw the dice now, don’t be building for the future we will not see another Brady any time soon and not in my life time anyway. Yes I’m selfish!

  9. Jose Marques says:

    2-Jonathan Bullard, DT/DE, Florida
    3-Spencer Drango, OT, Baylor
    3-Antonio Morrison, ILB/OLB, Florida
    4-Maurice Canady, CB, Virginia
    5-Alex Barr, G, N.C. State
    6-Tech Glenn Gronkowski, FB, Kansas State
    6-Jamal Golden, S, Georgia Tech
    7-Terrance Smith, OLB/ILB, Florida State
    7-D’haquille “Duke” Williams, WR, Auburn (off field problems)

    key Free Agents prediction:
    DE Mario Williams
    RB Chris Ivory
    WR Rishard Matthews

    • steve earle says:

      To be honest I liked your previous mock much better. I’m not high on Spencer Drago because most scouts are projecting him to move inside to guard where we have better depth then at OT. You are addressing some of the needs but I don’t know that the picks being made wouldn’t be addressed by other prospects in different spots to create a stronger overall draft?

      • Jose Marques says:

        yes I agree, to be realistic also think Jonathan bullard will leave early in the draft, perhaps Spencer Drango have to move to guard to play in the NFL and needs a lot of work. and another player that draws attention is D’haquille “Duke” Williams is a exelente player, but was penalized for his actions off the field.
        It’s hard not to have the advantage of a choice in the first round, and this makes it difficult to make predictions

        • steve earle says:

          Not having that 1st rd pick really does make things difficult. The temptation to reach for players or try to speculate on trades which may or may not happen can be confusing as can assuming comp picks that also may or may not happen. This though is the beauty of this site and all the guys like you who can let their ideas loose and expand the conversation the ideas and possabilities. I am so glad to be a part of this and meet the friends I feel I know though have never seen. Keep your ideas coming Jose, they are most welcome.

  10. Dan Sullivan says:

    Number 1 Defenses win! Patriots Mock Draft.
    2 Kenny Clark DT UCLA
    3 Dadi Nicolas OLB Virginia Tech
    3 Kyle Murphy OT Stanford
    4 Kenneth Dixon RB Louisiana Tech
    5 Evan Boehm C Missouri
    6 David J.Grinnage TE NC State
    6 Kolby Listenbee WR TCU
    7 Connor McGovern G Missouri
    7 Trae Elston SS Mississippi

    • steve earle says:

      True in many instances. Where we need improvement is in our Def backfield and if Mayo retires or released a solid replacement there. I see you also address O-line concerns, that’s good too as well as some upgrades at WR. So much depends on how the draft unfolds with the 59 picks before ours. We have enough areas of needs that highest ranked player available among those areas would be a good way to approach this draft imo.

  11. steve earle says:

    A lot of good names here but it doesn’t narrow it down much. I expect after the combine things may get a little clearer but even then the mystery is ongoing.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Yeah Steve,
      This is not Patriots specific and as we get closer to the Draft my board will be narrowed down for a Patriots only big board. This just helps get an idea of who might be gone and what positions are stronger and where the value might be when the Patriots get on the clock.

      • steve earle says:

        It’s doing that job well Mike as your work always does, and thanks.

      • Russell says:

        Nice job Mike, the order likely will be different, but the list looks good! Guy’s I would add is DE Jihad Ward, S Jeremy Cash and maybe OT Shon Coleman.

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