Scouting Report: Rashard Higgins, WR

The search continues for the perfect fit at WR for the Patriots. Is Higgins that guy?

The search continues for the perfect fit at WR for the Patriots. Is Higgins that guy?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

As I continue my look into the 2016 Wide Receiver class, I realize that while there may not be the top end talent that previous years have produced, there is a lot of players who should make an impact at the next level.  Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins was an interesting and fun guy to watch, but is he a good fit for the Patriots? Read on to find out my thoughts.

Name: Rashard Higgins (#82)

School: Colorado St. (Jr.)

Height: 6’2″ (unofficial)

Weight: 188 Lbs. (unofficial)


Higgins was ultra productive in college, putting up crazy numbers over the past two seasons.  He is Colorado State’s all time leader in catches (230), receiving yards (3520), and touchdowns (31). He put up these eye popping numbers by being an excellent route runner and having great hands.  Higgins is one of the more advanced Wide Receivers in regards to footwork and route running and route concepts. He plays the game very smart. He shows good awareness to read the defense and find the open gaps. He uses subtle movements to get defenders flat footed and off balance.  After the catch, Higgins shows quick feet and good change of direction to make defenders miss.  Despite his smaller than ideal frame, he shows no fear going over the middle and will fight for contested balls. He tracks the ball well and shows a good ability to high point the ball.  When the ball is not in his hands, Higgins shows a willingness to become a blocker downfield.


The biggest concern I have with Higgins is strength. He has a thin frame that looks like it might be close to maxed out. He can be rerouted by physical defenders and I worry about how he will hold up in the NFL.  Another concern I have is his speed. He got open in college with crisp route running and intelligence rather than physical attributes, so I worry that he will struggle to get open consistently at the next level.


I could go either way on Higgins. On one hand, he looks like a player who could contribute right away because of his footwork, route running, and intelligence.  He is a reliable receiver who will be where he is supposed to be when he is supposed to be, and in the Patriots complex passing game, that is a big deal.  On the other other hand, his lack of physical traits may limit his production and his long term upside.  I tend to lean towards the former and think he could be a very good player in the NFL. If he can add some strength, he could be a great #2 receiver in this league. Sure, he won’t wow people with his speed, but he just gets open and makes catches, and that is what receivers are supposed to do, right? Round 2 would be a little rich for me, but end of round 3 seems like a good spot for Higgins.



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  1. J H TARBORO says:

    Patriots release DT Sealver Siliga

  2. Todti says:

    I agree with acm. This year’s WR class is just too weak to draft for need in the earlier rounds, especially considering the quality and depth of the defensive front class. Anyway, the Patriots will fill the roster with mid-to-low-level FAs and just draft the best players available (well, in their view). That doesn’t exclude a WR early, I just don’t think any valuable WR will still be on the board.
    Regarding the FAs, I have to agree with acm once more. Bringing LaFell back in the midst of Free Agency seems like a Patriot thing to do. He’s a quality WR for the Patriots when healthy. He knows the system, is a good blocker, and had Brady’s trust in 2014. Another WR option I’d like them to sign (on a cheap contract) is Anquan Boldin. I always loved his game and he’s just the savvy route runner Brady needs on the outside. Sure, he won’t stretch the defense but that isn’t Brady’s strength anyway. Also, he’s a good blocker and a reliable option on 3rd downs.
    Also I’d like them to pick up Dwayne Allen. I don’t see him getting that much and he’s a solid TE in the passing and running game. With Gronk, Williams, Allen, and possibly Derby I could see them lean more towards TEs again. Add Boldin, LaFell, Martin, Edelman, Amendola, and a developmental draft pick and I think they’re ok.

    • steve earle says:

      I keep reading about the weak WR class, well there is just as weak a FA WR class out there this year too. I can’t say who will or won’t get draft or when, my crystal ball is broken. If a good WR comes down to us it would be foolish to pass on him we just don’t have that many options and hoping some late round or UDFA will become a great player is exactly no plan at all. It’s the same thing as saying if a good LB or a good CB is there we should pass on them because, because why? We need a good WR, we could use a good LB and a good CB. Just because some prospect isn’t projected to be “great” doesn’t mean he has no value. I like the idea that Bill should take player available at a position of need.
      As far as Bolden is concerned he looked well over the hill last I looked and adding another aging vet doesn’t excite me one bit. Just because we don’t have a 1st rd pick ( stll think Craft shouls sue) doesn’t mean we should go into a shell. There are no guarntees in the draft no matter how it unfolds. I say go for a decent WR if he is available to heck with weak class.

      • Todti says:

        But that’s how they ended up with Dobson and Boyce. You position yourself in FA to not have to draft for need.
        But anyway, “If a good WR comes down to us it would be foolish to pass“ – where did I say anything to the contrary?! I said you don’t reach, but if a good player at a thin roster position is avaible of course he should be an option. The same holds for LBs and CBs, I wrote about the strong defensive class. Heck, I even wrote “Anyway, the Patriots will fill the roster with mid-to-low-level FAs and just draft the best players available (well, in their view). That doesn’t exclude a WR early, I just don’t think any valuable WR will still be on the board.“ Did you read my post at all?

  3. Russell says:

    Patriots cut WR LaFell and TE Scott Chandler, no surprises here.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      also cut Brian Tyms

    • steve earle says:

      LaFell, Chandler and Tyms gone now we wait on Dobson, see if any get resigned at min or if the possability of a WR taken early is more likely?

      • Ryan says:

        Steve, with extremely limited options in free agency I can’t see us passing up a wide receiver on Day 2, where we will have a total of three picks. Sure, Brady has some great weapons outside of his WRs, but that’s no excuse for neglecting the position. Here’s who I think that we should consider in each round:

        Round 2: Josh Doctson, Sterling Shepherd, Corey Coleman, Tyler Boyd
        Round 3: Pharoh Cooper, Keyarris Garrett, Leonte Carroo, Rashard Higgins, Tajae Sharpe, Roger Lewis

        This wide receiver class seems pretty average, but I think it will peak in round 3, with some real contributors still available. I think that the 2nd-rounder should only be one of those four (maybe Pharoh Cooper), but otherwise I think we just wait until round 3 and take the best wideout left. We need something out of this class in terms of wide receivers.

        • Russell says:

          I disagree with drafting a WR early. I think Mohamed Sanu is worth what we paid Lafell for a 2 yr. deal. WR is not the strength of this draft, so take a guy in the 6th could be just as good as an earlier draft pick.

        • Ryan says:

          Wide receiver is a team need, arguably the biggest at this point. When we have so many picks, why shouldn’t we spend an early selection on a WR? We’ve got to fix the problem somehow. I would even consider trading up if a guy like Shepherd, Doctson, or Coleman fell. We have the picks, so why shouldn’t we use them?

          Besides, Mohamed Sanu and a 6th-rounder isn’t exactly a good Plan A. Sanu has never reached 800 receiving yards on a team that has been needing a number 2 wideout ever since he arrived there. I’m just not sure that he’s anything more than a third wide receiver, and while I definitely love some guys in the sixth round (Geronimo Allison and Devin Lucien come to mind), they will be available there because they will take time to develop. Sanu might explode and we could find a gem late, but both of those seem like longshots, and banking I them looks like a sure fire way to extend our streak of mediocre wideouts.

          I get that you don’t want to draft a guy in this WR class, and I kind of agree. There aren’t many amazing studs at the top, but there are definitely some guys who are worth it in the third round. I know it’s a cliché, but don’t let the 40 times fool you.

        • steve earle says:

          I agree with both you and Russell. Look guys there is no reason Bill shouldn’t try to get a vet like Sanu and a rookie in day two. We are as of now down two outside WR and no reason to believe Dobson will not be next. The kid just can’t stay off IR. Not his fault just the way it is. Another thing is Amendola, with his current contract, is a drag on the cap so he could find himself out too, we just don’t know yet. If possable I’d like Sheperd with our 2nd then Caroo, Higgans or Sharpe with one of our 3rds maybe another receiver late too. The position has been in trouble for far to long.

        • acm says:

          Agree with Russell – just a poor WR class this year beyond the top 4-5 or so guys, who will be off the board by late 2nd (and I think we can all forget about Sterling Shepard now). Talent in the 2-3 round range is no different than what you could get in 5-6 range, for example.
          And remember – Pats system is notoriously difficult for rookie WRs to pick up, which is why they virtually always red-shirt with the team. One cannot possibly count on any substantial production from a rookie WR in 2016, especially when we are talking pretty run-of-the-mill talent level class this year.
          If Pats are to look for any immediate improvement to their WR corps, that would have to come from free-agency or a trade, not the draft. Any WR drafted this year (or an UDFA) will likely fight with Dobson for the spot of 5-6th WR on the depth chart, nothing more than that.

        • steve earle says:

          Yea, that’s what I’ve been saying going back quite awhile. Russell insists Bill won’t take a wr until late even after the most recent releases. I don’t understand Russell’s reasoning on this guess it’s just his gut feeling? Any way you and I seem to be very close in our thinking here.

        • steve earle says:

          Note: My 10:11 pm post was a reply to Ryan. Sorry if confusing guys.

      • steve earle says:

        @ acm, Yes WR after first few are not that great still there is some decent mid round prospects. You write off Shepard not sure you are saying he will be gone or he can’t be expected to contribute? If gone, nothing more to say, otherwise he was as good a route runner as there was at the combine has good speed, in fact aside from height he was as good as the best there imo.
        Bill’s system is difficult for rookies but no less so for late rd guys then mid rd guys. Unless Bill plans to bring in all new vets ( system still difficult) we would be better served to draft a promising rookie and bring in a vet. Don’t put all our eggs in one basket.
        As for Dobson it’s time to cut bate it seems to me. Poor kid just can’t stay on the field.
        Then there is Amendola. Barring a contract restructoring he is only a backup slot receiver. He looks to me to be on the bubble. By my count that leaves us with Edelman and Gronk.

        • acm says:

          Shepard is one of the very few WRs I like this year. I wrote him off because I think he will be off the board way too early … and I just don’t see BB trading up for a WR in the second round.
          As much as I like Shepard, he is highly unlikely to be anything more than a developing prospect on the depth chart in his rookie year i.e. can’t realistically expect any difference-making production from him even if he somehow falls far enough, at least not in his first year.

          I never said it won’t be the same for a prospect taken in the late rounds, in fact I fully expect it will be. There are several differences, though, when it cmes to drafting a WR in the 2-3 round range (vs 5-7 rnd range) this year – 1) much lower cost of investment and 2) lack of talent at WR this year and the risks involved with drafting for need.

          Either way, it is highly, highly unlikely any rookie WR would contribute much in 2016. Any such contribution would have to come from FA.

    • acm says:

      Makes me wonder if they won’t try to bring LaFell back later in the off-season, on a smaller contract?! He knows the system and is a better player than his injury-riddled 2015 showed.

      • steve earle says:

        I was wondering that too, Bill often has done that in the past with players. Same could be said for Tyms though he has never been very productive for us.

  4. PSW says:

    Can’t see Garapolo being traded, unless some one gets desperate to drop a 1st rounder for J.G. and a day 3 pick. I hope Kraft launches a lawsuit to recover the Pat’s picks. Wouldn’t it be something if the Pats went from no number 1 to having 2. I know unlikely as all hell but stupider things have happened in the past in this league so its not completely imposisibe.

    • steve earle says:

      Agree with your post, anything can happen. Problem with getting our 1st back is the finding on the appeal is very unlikely to be released until well after the draft. Doesn’t mean Craft couldn’t then sue and seek reperations in the form of a 1st rd pick (1#1) in a 33 pick 1st rd. for 2017. I think that would be fair.

  5. ken says:

    Does Lotko work here anymore

  6. Mike says:

    Sorry for the silence over the past several days. Had some family stuff unexpectedly come up and now am trying to catch up on the combine. I am making a list of guys I want to scout next based on combine measurables and results. If you have any particular player you would like to see done, just let me know and I will add them to the list.
    I watched WR’s first-boy what a slow class. underwhelming to say the least.

    • steve earle says:

      I’m hoping that after you do the usual type prospects you might find some time to look at some of the guys that get rated 7-FA. Suggested guys like : LaQuan McGowan, and Vernon Adams.

      • Mike says:

        Funny you should mention that. I power watched the combine over the last 2 nights and now am going back and doing position by position work. I am watching Liberty QB Josh Woodrum as we speak. He fits that late day 3 type prospect.

    • Russell says:

      There are a number of guys who stepped-up at the Combine! Sean Davis 3-cone drill 6.64 !! and 40 time 4.46 !
      Another guy you may see as a Patriot, DL Matthew Ioannidis, 6’3″ 300lbs. 5.03 40 yd, 32 reps. on the bench, 33+ inch arms, 10 1/8″ hands.

  7. John says:

    Mock Draft from FanSpeak:

    3. OT JOE HAEG

  8. steve earle says:

    You know guys, three judges are set to hear the NFL/Goodall appeal of the lifting of the Brady 4 game suspension this week. I think the lifting will stand once these judges look into the crooked investigation and Goodalls kangeroo court. Well, even so I’m still peeved. Any ruling will likely take several weeks if not months making any faint hope of getting our 1st rd pick back, well, forget it. But I’m not going to get over it, maybe an over blown sense of justice on my part but I still think Bob Kraft, the best owner in the league, still should threaten a massive law suite and even an independent investagation into the league’s actions.

  9. J H TARBORO says:

    The combine is done, on to pro days and regional combine. With all the combine snubs, regionals, and pro days, the scouts have to evaluate another 300+ athletes in addition to the already evaluated kids. According to some insiders, our scouts are working extremely hard to find a diamond !!!

    • steve earle says:

      This year the regionals are actually of intrest though following them is nearly impossable for most of us. I’m hoping you and Russell and some others will be able to and feed the rest of us any updates.

  10. Dan Sullivan says:

    Run Rich Run was awesome if you love the Draft donate to St. Judes they do awesome work.

    Patriots Mock Draft
    2 Devontae Booker RB Utah
    3 Maurice Canady CB Virginia
    3 Kenny Lawler WR California
    4 Willie Henry DT Michigan
    5 Alex Lewis OT Nebraska
    6 Steve Longa LB Rutgers
    6 Kolby Listenbee WR TC
    7 Dean Lowry DE/DT Northwestern
    7 Ben Braunecker TE Harvard

    Free Agent
    DeMeco Ryans ILB Eagles
    Kendall Reyes DL Chargers

  11. J H TARBORO says:

    NESN reporter Doug Kyed has reported 20 of the 60 contacts the Patriots has spoken to at the combine on

    • Russell says:

      total so far visits; 3-RB, 2-WR, 2OT, 5 -CB/S, 7 d-line, 4 LB. Not showing interest in the O-line much.
      Jonathan Bullard very interesting, …..

      • steve earle says:

        No o-line yet? How often does BB tip his hand though? Over the years we have seen Bill bring in all kinds of guys many never to be seen in Foxboro again so does this really mean anything but an intresting fact at this moment in time? How can we tell?

        • John says:

          To be honest, he’s been fairly straight forward with the guys he brings in to workout. All the guys over the past few years, he’s showed avid interest in. Will be interesting. Shows that he’s still heavily interested in the DLine/Edges. Chandler Jones trade? Maybe they’re not going to extend him.

  12. J H TARBORO says:

    Breaking news : Tom Brady signs 2yr. extention with the Pats. Are Garoppolo’s days numbered in New England?

    • Jose Marques says:

      think that patriots can trade garoppolo?

      • Russell says:

        No I don’t see then trading Garappalo, in fact I see them having 3 QB’s on the roster next year. Garappalo was hand picked, and is doing well.

        • Jose Marques says:

          the patriots brady extended the contract for another 2 years, garapollo ends his contract in 2017, and perhaps some teams accept exchange Jimmy for a second round I see the Texans, Browns have an interest in Jimmy. What do you think? also I think he will not resign the contract next year

        • Russell says:

          I’m sure there is a market for Garoppolo but if I’m Coach Belichick I get Garoppolo signed to a 2-3 year extention, now!
          I also feel, if Brady gets hurt, you don’t want the season to be over, with out Garoppolo. I think the Patriots carry a 3d QB on the roster or P-squad. I like Hogan but not sure they can get him. Cody Kessler is a guy I like maybe late 4th early 5th round???

        • steve earle says:

          If we do carry a 3rd QB this year do we want a vet with experance, probably someone we know can’t win more then he loses or should we go for broke and try a rookie with potential as the #3? If the Latter might I suggest Vernon Adams from Ore. Yea on the short side 5-11 and 200 lbs buy production was there. Good arm, good touch, pocker awareness, moves well, reads def well. If this kid was 6-3 he probably be rd 2 consideration? So for a 3rd day pick on a #3 QB what’s to lose?

        • Tim D says:

          Russell, as I’ve said before, I’m a fan of Hogan and agreed with your mock a couple weeks ago that had him in the 5th or 6th round, but now you are saying you’re not sure if the pats can get him and you think Kessler in the 4th or early 5th is an alternate option. Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds as though you think Hogan will be off the board before that? If so, what has changed Hogan’s projection?

        • Russell says:

          @Tim D. I think Hogan is the best QB fit for New England, however other teams are looking for QB’s as well.
          Arizona, Dallas, and Indianapolis are all interested in Hogan at some point in the draft. Dallas could take him the earliest, followed by Arizona. I don’t see the Patriots using a draft pick on a QB until say 4th earliest (doubtful) 6th seems more likely so who’s on the board? Also if you are going to keep your QB choice on the roster you may go 4th round pick. However if you are thinking P-Squad then 6th or later. I like Kessler later, tho Stave could go undrafted.
          So the question is; what’s your thoughts on Garoppolo, he is in the last year of his deal.

        • Tim D says:

          Doesn’t he have two more years on the contract? If I am Garoppolo I want to play. The Brady extension to 2019 means 3 more years of sitting. If I’m NE I draft a QB with the hopes to develop him over the next 3 years until Brady’s contract is up and revisit the QB situation then. I’d shop Garoppolo this year and next and sign a vet if you move him. If I’m Garoppolo I play out my contract and hit FA.

      • steve earle says:

        Probably not, certenly not before camp starts and only then if another team’s starter goes down and they are desperate. So chances are the G-man stayes here.

  13. Ryan says:

    Some TREMENDOUS athletes out there today. Go check out the results for DL/LB if you haven’t already, they make up for a poor showing from the skill position players.

  14. Russell says:

    The question could be “if” LB Jaylon Smith drops to #60 would you take him?? You know he will no play in 2016, and the Patriots need depth not a day one starter, so what you think??

    • Ryan says:

      On the other hand, the Pats should be in win-now mode, and it sounds like Smith will be off the table for 2016. He’s a tantalizing prospect but there’s just too much risk.

      Then again, Belicheck has said that he loves to take risks on Day 2 of the draft, so it might just happen. I don’t think it’s a good idea, but there’s a chance Belicheck snags Smith.

    • steve earle says:

      The big question is the nerve damage in the knee not the tendons that’s what actually has teams worried. Can’t be sure nerves will regenerate. Smith was checked at the combine and apparently the results were not encouraging. We see so many players recover from so mant knee injuries we tend to think they all will. This is the exception, we just don’t know. To use our top pick on him now would be a huge risk. If you feel a risk should be taken on a player it should not be an early pick.

  15. J H TARBORO says:

    The upside of a slow WR class, maybe better route runners, there’s a bright side.

  16. steve earle says:

    Well the way it’s shaping up it doesn’t look like many, if any, of the guys I have on my short list for our #60 are likely to be around. That makes me think that unless BB has a gem tucked away or someone slides down to us he may just trade the pick. Wouldn’t be surprised by that at all. If so I think he would be looking for a second next year and a low rd this year. The talent level this year just looks to iffy.

    • Russell says:

      Boy I don’t know Steve about coach Belichick trading the 2nd pick…. I see maybe 17-18 just defensive linemen going in the first 60 picks. Maybe 3-4 RB’s, 4 WR’s, 10 O-lineman, 4-5 LB’s, 4 QB’s ……as long as your not after a big name prospect you should get a nice pick.
      My guy Ronald Blair did not run well, but put up 32 in the bench. I see Blair more as a Hightower type LB then a DE, or maybe a Ninkovick LB/DE.
      This Jonathan Bullard looks promising as well.

      • steve earle says:

        Yea, it’s just me bitching again Russell. We old guys get like that some days. I’m still going to hope someone , preferably Sterling Shepard slides down to us thoug it would be a surprise. Still we didn’t expect brown to come down to us last draft. I had LB Perry, OL Spriggs, OL Ifedi on that short list but Spriggs and Ifedi are looking just to darn good. I’d disappointed in most of the LB times incl Perry but in the shorter game they are okay, but. Just seems there is an overall lack of good speed or am I wrong?

      • steve earle says:

        As far as trading the #60 most of the prospects I’d think to take will likely be gone. Those left all seem to have some sort of questions about them. Looks to me that the best picks will be in the 3rd/4th rds. No names but solid players that can contribute. Just thinking Bill might want to get a couple more picks in that area.

  17. Ryan says:

    I see only eight wide receivers even worthy of consideration for the first two rounds- Treadwell, Thomas, Doctson, Coleman, Boyd, Shepard, Fuller, and Miller. Teams are gonna start reaching once they acknowledge the lack of top talent, so unless someone magically falls to us I’d rather wait until Day 3 for WR and target other positions first. Here are some guys that caught my eye based on the combine:

    Ricardo Louis: 6’1.6″, 215lbs, 4.43 40YD, 1.58 10YD, 38″ vertical, 11′ broad, 18 reps, 32 3/8″ arms 9 1/2″ hands. He took over for Duke Williams and had an up-and-down season as Auburn’s No.1 receiver. I’d give him a 4th/5th round grade because of his athleticism.

    Malcolm Mitchell: 5’11.5″, 198lbs, 4.45 40YD, 1.55 10YD, 36 vertical, 10’9″ broad, 15 reps, 6.94 3-cone, 4.34 20-shuttle, 32 5/8″ arms, 10 1/2″ hands. Mitchell had a consistent season for the Georgia Bulldogs and I think that he belongs in round 5.

    Keyarris Garrett: 6’3.3″, 220lbs, 4.53 40YD, 1.63 10YD, 36.5″ vertical, 10’8″ broad, 14 reps, 7.30 3-cone, 4.33 20-shuttle, 11.72 60-shuttle, 34 1/2″ arms, 9″ hands. Garrett is a big boy who put up big-time numbers at Tulsa this year. His athleticism is good enough for his size that I’d be happy taking him in the fourth round.

    Devon Cajuste: 6’3.6″, 234lbs, 4.62 40YD, 1.61 10YD, 36″ vertical, 10’3″ broad, 12 reps, 6.49 3-cone, 4.20 20-shuttle, 11.50 60-shuttle, 33″ arms, 10 3/4″ hands. Cajuste is a Stanford product who didn’t live up to expectations this year. Still, he’s massive and his 3-cone is insane for his size, even if his bench press isn’t great for his size. I didn’t like him before, but he’s clearly gifted, so maybe the 3rd or 4th round?

    Trevor Davis: 6’1.1″, 188lbs, 4.42 40YD, 1.52 10YD, 38.5″ vertical, 10’4″ broad, 11 reps, 6.60 3-cone, 4.22 0-shuttle, 10.94 60-shuttle, 31″ arms, 10″ hands. Davis could be a good returner at the very least, and his combine numbers are looking pretty good. Still, he wasn’t very productive for having Jared Goff as his QB and he’s pretty small at 185 pounds. I’d take him in the 6th round.

  18. Ryan says:

    No doubt about it, wide receiver 40 times are MUCH slower this year. You’ve all probably seen that the average time is 4.56 seconds and it’s clear that long speed is not at a premium this year. It’ll be interesting to see what effect this has on this year wide receiver class down the road.

    For fun, I examined wide receivers’ 40 times at the last three combines compared to this one, looking to see how many WRs came in at under 4.50 seconds. Here’s what I found:
    2016: 10/38, or 26.32%
    2015: 19/40, or 47.50%
    2014: 20/45, or 44.44%
    2013: 14/35, or 40.00%
    So there’s a very real drop-off in long speed this year. Both shuttles will be very interesting to see so that quick speed can be examined as well.

    • Todti says:

      I didn’t see him work out but Tyler Boyd measured badly in almost every discipline except one – he had one of the better 3-cone times. I hope all this flushes him further down the draft to maybe the end of the 3rd round. While he is not that athletic his traits apparently are intelligent route running and very good hands. I think the only issue would be ball security.

      • Ryan says:

        There’s not much high-end wide receiver talent this year, so I’d be shocked if Boyd gets past pick #70. In another draft, maybe, but he’s probably going in round 2 this year.

    • steve earle says:

      Great breakdown on long speed Ryan. My question does that put a premium on the sub 4.5 guys going early or does the entire class drift south somewhat in your opinion? My Favorite, Shepard with our 2nd, may go before our #60 or is his height, 5-10, going to save him for us?

      • Ryan says:

        Well, from a league-wide standpoint I think that Fuller will now go in round 1, and I think he’s worth it in such a slow class. But I’m still not taking long speed as the whole picture. I’m not terribly interested in Kolby Listenbee (4.35) or Charone Peake (4.45) just because their speed is outstanding for their class. I’m still focused on the same core group of wideouts, mostly.

        • acm says:

          Doubt Fuller was ever an option for the Pats, tbh. He lacks the frame for someone with his height and doesn’t have reliable hands either.
          IIRC, he measured the smallest hands of all WRs and had an issue with drops in the drills.

          Have seen him mocked to the Pats here and there but don’t think that would be a good projection for a number of reasons.

        • Trev says:

          I wouldn’t want Fuller. His hands are TINY. 8 1/4″. That isn’t good for an NFL WR.

    • Todti says:

      An interesting player for the later rounds is WR Malcolm Mitchell. 5’11 194lbs, big hands. He had the 5th-best 40 time with 4.45s, 9th-best vertical, 4th-best broad jump, and mid three-cone. He’s a good route runner and catcher and a high-character guy – he apparently had problems reading into his college days but subsequently wrote a children’s book.

    • acm says:

      Poor Wr crop in an altogether poor draft class. If Pats are looking for a WR to take the top of the opposing D, this is not the year for that. None of the Wrs I project falling to the Pats would be worth a 3rd, let alone a 2nd round pick, imo.
      There was one guy I liked for the Pats this year – Sterling Shepard – and he may well have worked his way into the 1st round.

      Best thing to do would be to get someone in FA-cy, if the right guy is there at the right price, and take a flier on a project in the late rounds (e.g. Tajae Sharp).

      • Todti says:

        Was just about to write about Tajae Sharp. He doesn’t stand out regarding any athletic trait but my oh my, he’s got great hands (also only 8”) and runs good routes. He also has the length to play outside and is only 21.

        • acm says:

          Tajae Sharpe is one of those under-the-radar prospects, who I can see become a pretty good NFL WR.
          As you mentioned, he doesn’t jump off the board in terms of measurables and his hands are really small for someone over 6’2″ tall – 8″ 3/8 i.e. just a 1/8 larger than Fuller’s at 8″ 1/4). Not much to get excited about … until you actually watch him run routes and track and catch the ball.
          His combine measurables should keep any noise about him on the down-low, making him a perfect candidate to take a chance on in the late rounds.

  19. Russell says:

    TE David Morgan 6’4″ 260 lbs….29 reps on the bench !!!

    • Todti says:

      Was just going to say this. By far the most reps of the TEs and, while he is slow, his vertical jump was similar to Vannett (who looked good too) and his braod jump was actually better.
      I like Morgan as a H-Back type. Good blocker, large and sure hands, and although quite slow and bottom-heavy he had considerable production as a receiver at UTSA. He would be a nice late round pick-up.

  20. Russell says:

    Holey Smokes Higgins 40 time???? 4.64???

    • acm says:

      You can almost hear the sound of Pats taking him off their board 😉

      Sterling Shepard had a great combine. In a relatively poor WR class, I just don’t see him fall anywhere near the Pats in late 2nd now.

      • steve earle says:

        Yea!!!! Why didn’t someone put something in his OJ ? But darn I looked to be right about him though.

        • Russell says:

          You were right on about WR Shepard Steve ! The WR class looks weak, some nice size however.
          this TE David Morgan looks good will see about his 40 time.

        • steve earle says:

          @Russell, very impressed so far with David Morgan. Had a Draft Scout ratinhof 5th-6th but that could go up if he betters his projected 40 time of 4.83. What I don’t know is can he get open at pro level?

    • Ryan says:

      Yeah, pretty bad, and his other drills haven’t been great either. Definitely surprising considering there was hype about how he’d perform. Still, I wouldn’t take him off entirely because he measured well and played very well in college. There’s still a lot to like about Higgins, and the combine shouldn’t be the only factor when considering him.

      No way he’s in play for pick 60, but I don’t see why he shouldn’t be an option for our third-round comp pick. His lackluster combine performance shouldn’t be the death of him, and if we could get him at the end of the fourth I would still see that as value.

  21. Jose Marques says:

    what you guys think about the latest news about jaylon smith and his injury? how can this affect your draft stock? still is a first round player?

    • J H TARBORO says:

      I mentioned this news on Jaylon Smith on another post, he may not play “16 or ’17. He has nerve damage in the knee and ankle.

    • Russell says:

      No-way IMO is LB Smith a 1st round pick. Any team taking a chance, may take him 2nd round, but this will not help your team in 2016.
      My bet would be Green Bay in the 2nd,#57.
      Miles Jack is in a similar boat, tho I think he goes to Minn. 1st round #23.

    • Todti says:

      Talking about injured LBs, let’s complete the troika. What about Scooby Wright? Due to injuries and suboptimal athletic abilities he could be in tha range of our 2nd round pick.

  22. J H TARBORO says:

    RB Daniel Lasco-Cal. and RB Tyler Ervin-San Jose St. were the biggest suprise at the combine.

    • Ryan says:

      If Lasco hadn’t blown the 3-cone he’d be looking amazing, and he’s still looking pretty great, to be honest.

    • steve earle says:

      Oh boy I agree! I was really taken by Ervin, he looked better then the rest imo and Lasco wasn’t far behind. I think we have some options to think about now.

  23. Russell says:

    Finished My Mock II article including Patriot TRADES at
    Thanks for your support.

    • Russell says:

      The RB I’ve been targeting Keith Marshall—at 5’11” 212 lbs, 4.31 40 yd, 25 0n the Bench and a 30.5 vertical……

      • acm says:

        RB Marshall is surely an intriguing option but I would say would be facing long odds of making the roster over the likes of 3rd-down backs like Lewis, White, and the inevitable UDFA or two. Thus, imo at least, Marshall may be worth a late, late pick but nothing more.

        When it comes to the RB position, I think Pats may well be looking to draft their lead back of the future this year. One such player, who I think will fit their system, is CJ Prosise.

        • steve earle says:

          Agree as far as the Pat’s go but wonder about Marshall going all that deep after what Pat’s and Lewis did last season. I believe in 20/20 Lewis was the bigest loss of the season for us.

        • jim R says:

          Next years running back class is stuffed,if you are looking for a future back

  24. acm says:

    Three OL in this draft, who have “Patriots” written on them, imo – Decker, Conklin, Dahl

  25. Ryan says:

    In other wide receiver news, Leonte Carroo is 5’11.7″, 211 pounds. If that’s not NFL-sized then I don’t know what is. I think he’s a second-rounder if he aces the interviews and runs a 4.45 or faster. Three more guys who aren’t discussed enough are Malcolm Mitchell, Nelson Spruce, and Ricardo Louis. Mitchell and Spruce have 10″ hands, and Louis took over for Duke Williams for Auburn and showed up. All three measured well and should be Day 3 picks.

  26. Ryan says:

    Rashard Higgins reported combine measurements: 6’1/196 lbs. 32 1/4″ arms. 9 3/4″ hands. The hands, arms, and height are good confirmations of what we thought, and the weight of 196 is pretty good news as he’ll be a bit harder to move.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      I am very interested in his speed. I didn’t see long speed on tape, but am hearing that he could run in the 4.3’s.

      • steve earle says:

        Given the measurements on this guy and if he does run in the 4.3 range is that likely to move him up out of the Pat’s reach?

        • Ryan says:

          Almost definitely. I hope he runs poorly, maybe even a low 4.5- he’s the same player regardless of how well he performs in a single speed drill. Anything that gets him to our third-round pick is welcome, in my opinion.

      • Russell says:

        My research showed Higgins 40 yd time at best, 4.48. Will interested to see his 3-cone drill time, I’m guessing 6.80.
        All good times for 196 lbs, 6’1″, but I have a hard time see coach Belichick drafting a WR until later in the draft. He will draft an O-lineman before he takes a WR.

        • steve earle says:

          No offense, but until Bill says it, it ain’t so. I’ve said this before too, given the questions around LaFell, Dodson and Amendola for next year no one can say Bill will not draft this guy, that guy, or what positions gets taken when. I believe WR is as likely an early target as o-line, LB, DB or RB. This could change if he signs one or two FAWR’s, til then it’s anyone’s guess.

        • Russell says:

          OK, Steve.
          It’s just my gut feeling, but you are right we all hope to use our own good logic to make predictions.

        • acm says:

          Yup, 3-cone times will matter a lot to Pats at the skill positions.
          And I agree with Rus – have to think OL, DL, LB, RB, TE take precedence over WR. Of course it would depend on who’s left on the board and what they do in FA, but have a hard time seeing BB go WR earlier than 3rd-4th round.
          Plus, they seem to prefer players with NFL experience at WRs, so I’d think there is a good chance they fill the position in FA.

        • steve earle says:

          @acm, Ganging up on me huh? LOL. Good to see you back acm, been awhile. I always respect you opinions and ideas and am sure all those positions you note are in play. My reasoning is, to me the WR class looks to be thinner then usual and Pats on the roster at that position, after Edelman, are all questionable so Bill either goes after FA WR’s or in the draft. I see a real value pick in Sterling Shepard with our 2nd and am reasonably sure he will be in that range then possably another WR later. O-line when healthy isn’t in quite as much doubt but needs an upgrade. with good prospects in mid rounds. D-line is pretty sound so if a real value comes along couldn’t say no, but. LB needs to replace backup Mayo so again a mid rd or later the same can be said for CB. RB is the only other position I see in the same light as WR. I’m not putting out another mock until after the combine when things firm up but I’m currently looking at WR and RB for my first two picks. Just the way it looks to me.

        • acm says:

          Good to be back, Steve! 🙂

          I agree that the WR class is thinner than it has been the last several years and that’s sort of my point. Unlike previous years, especially ’14 and ’15 whent he Pats simply refused to draft a WR, the talent level drops dramatically beyond the top 5-6 or so guys, who should be gone by early to mid 2nd round.

          This means if the Pats want a shot at half-decent talent at WR with a reasonable shot at becoming a good to very good NFL WR, they’d have to trade up. Or, they will end up drafting for need i.e. minimizing pick value if they were to take a WR in late 2nd and 3rd rounds because the talent just won’t be there.

          Do you honestly see BB trade up for a WR considering his history of wasting picks on that position and doing so in a pretty poor draft class? I for one don’t and hope he won’t.
          I do like Sterling Shepard too but bar a disaster of a combine, I doubt he falls to late 2nd and even there I am not sure he would be best value available from Patriots perspective, given their history of being notoriously tough for Wrs to catch on.
          Thus, I still think FA qould be the way to go for a WR and maybe spend a late pick (or even UDFA) on a project e.g. Keenan Reynolds, who I think can play both at Rb and WR in the NFL.

  27. Russell says:

    Miles Jack’s stock is falling as his Combine medical will ONLY allow to do the bench press. He may not be ready for NFL training camp. I think he slips into the early second round.

  28. Todti says:

    Higgins sounds pretty good to me as our 3rd round pick and I don’t mind questions about his longterm future. If you’re right he will be a cheap, instant contributor for (likely) as long as Brady is playing. That’s our best-case scenario anyway. And any WR would probably only be the third or fourth option in the offense. Heck, if he’s a rich man’s Kenbrell Thompkins that’s totally fine with me. And I mean, like, reasonably wealthy, not even Kraft-like rich.
    Who knows what happens afterwards? Maybe he could be a more or less cheap depth option or they just let him walk in case they don’t see much future potential or don’t want to pay him that much. I’m sold, Mike!

  29. Dan Sullivan says:

    Free agents and Mock Draft for Patriots.

    Cedric Thornton DT Eagles
    Demario Davis ILB Jets
    Jermod Bushrod OT Bears
    Isa Abdul-Quddus S Lions

    2 Leonte Carroo WR Rutgers
    3 John Theus OT Georgia
    3 Graham Glasgow C/G Michigan
    4 Jerrell Adams TE South Carolina
    5 Hassan Ridgeway DT Texas
    6 Morgan Burns CB Kansas St.
    6 Daniel Lasco RB California
    7 Tre Madden RB USC
    7 Elijah Shumate SS ND

    • steve earle says:

      Well this one isn’t your best Dan. Mike reviewed Carroo a while back and left me unimpressed, Theus in 3rd would be good but after that your reaching. Glasgrw and Jarrell Adams are rated as 5th rd then you have Ridgeway in 5th while he’s rated 2nd-3rd. Personally I’m not doing another mock until after the combine as there are still to many questions. Heck you could be right just as you have them, the “experts” don’t always get it right, we know that still it’s all we have until we get to see for ourselves. I’m thinking of a couple changes from my last mock but nothing cast in stone yet.

  30. Ryan says:

    I love Higgins and I can’t wait to see how he measures, weighs and performs at the combine. It think that he’s definitely worth a third-round pick it he’s still there, but I wouldn’t take him at #60 even if he runs well unless the best running backs and tackles are all off the board. Of course, if he runs and measures poorly I wouldn’t mind waiting for him in the fourth. Reasonable prospect at a reasonable value.

  31. Russell says:

    Interesting, not a guy I watched much, not sure about 3d round 4th-5th sound better, but I don’t really know the guy.
    Just did my 1st Patriot Mock draft at, got 1000 hits in 4 hrs! A lot of folks are interested in the Patriots for SURE!

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Well, its going to be 1001 as soon as I finish typing this. Looking forward to seeing what you mocked to the Patriots.

    • steve earle says:

      Just checked out your football nation mock. It looked pretty good but I must admit I still haven’t had chance to check out Blair in much depth yet. ( trying to keep rain out of my cellar today) I like Jatavis Brown though I have him higher. Otherwise I like it.

    • Trev says:

      Great looking mock, Russell. First 2 rounds would be great. I have to research some of the later round players you mentioned, but they sound intriguing. I like reading people’s mock ideas for the Pats. Keep up the good work.

    • acm says:

      Just saw your mock, Rus, but can’t say I am huge fan 🙂

      What ruins it for me are the top two picks – Perry and Blair are situational players in the NFL, imo, thus poor value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Perry is a 2-down LB, while Blair is undersized at DE (and too big for LB), making him a 3rd down player.
      Pats are already deep at the position that Blair would play, so not much value spending a valuable pick on it again (considering this is a year they won’t have a 1st rounder).
      While Perry is a player I like, I think he is a bit of a tweener – too big and unathletic to be an all-down backer, while not big enough for the DL.

      I do expect the Pats to go for a LB but think they would look for a player who can play the pass too, not just the run, which more or less eliminates Perry for me. Scooby Wright is someone I think pats may trade up for if he falls within reach in the 2nd.

      As for DL, I think they go for someone with versatility – Jihan Ward (Illinois) comes to mind – later in the draft, especially if they were to lose Hicks.

      All in all, I think the first 2 picks would be better spent on other positions, where the Pats lack depth, and on players with more versatility than Perry and Blair.

      • Russell says:

        Thanks acm glad to see your comments! I like Blair as a Ninkovich type player, and he could be early in my draft. My second draft I had him as a 4th round pick.
        Perry seems like a good fit to me, as a two down LB, as the Patriots play a lot of nickel, dime on third down anyway.
        Do like OL Dahl as you point out. I really like TE Nick Vannett!
        Thanks for your comments!

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