Scouting Report: Kevin Peterson, CB

Oklahoma State's Kevin Peterson has a lot of the traits you look for when scouting a CB.

Oklahoma State’s Kevin Peterson has a lot of the traits you look for when scouting a CB.

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Today, I continue my look at the Cornerback position with Oklahoma State standout Kevin Peterson.  There is a lot to like from his tape, so lets not waste anymore time and get right into it.

So far in this predraft process, I have focused most of my attention on the Cornerback position. Some may argue that there are bigger needs to be filled and they might be right. In a league that relies so much on passing the ball, a team can never have too many good corners.  The Patriots have over the years allowed their high profile and high priced Cornerbacks walk, so the need is always there in my opinion.  Sure the team has some young players that have played well this year, but this team still needs more overall talent that can play the position with consistency. That leads us to today’s report on Kevin Peterson.

Name: Kevin Peterson (#1)

School: Oklahoma State (Sr.)

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 190 Lbs.


Peterson really stands out from an athletic standpoint. He has an excellent combination of speed, quickness, and agility.  He shows good technique in his footwork which allows him to change direction and accelerate towards the ball.  Peterson shows good hip fluidity and the ability to turn and run with even the fastest receivers. Peterson shows good toughness in the run game and is willing to come up and make tackles.


At 5’11” and 190 Lbs. size is a concern for me. Peterson struggles winning the position battle with bigger, more physical receivers.  Another aspect of his game that gave me concern was his field awareness. There were times it looked like he got caught flat footed thinking about where he was supposed to go or what he was supposed to do.  In the games I watched, there seemed to be one or two times there would be a missed assignment or a miscommunication with him and the other defensive backs. I am not saying this is all his fault, but he could struggle playing other concepts besides straight man.  Finally, I want him to turn his head. We have had so many corners on the Patriots that are athletic enough to run with and have good coverage on their receiver, but they don’t turn their head and look for the ball. This has lead to many frustrating completion over the years and Peterson seems to do the same thing. He has had his fair share of breakups over his career, but his interception numbers are not great and it’s because he doesn’t turn his head and watch the ball.  He plays bigger than his size would indicate but it has led to some injuries that has cost him some games.


Peterson is a very smooth athlete. He is transitions well out of his back pedal and shows good footwork to change direction.  He is an excellent run and chase man defender.  I commend him on his tackling efforts in the run game despite his frame. He might be best suited playing the nickle where he can use his athleticism to his advantage more.  Peterson has to get stronger and improve his technique against bigger, more physical receivers. The athleticism is there, but he needs some work on technique and awareness.  He does not get a Day 1 or Day 2 grade for me, but his athletic traits should get him drafted early on Day 3.









3 Responses to “Scouting Report: Kevin Peterson, CB”

  1. Ryan says:

    Any opinions on Devin Lucien? He had a great year for the Arizona Wildcats with over 1,000 receiving yards, and he seems like a natural athlete with a feel for the wide receiver position. He’s also over 6 feet tall. Almost no draft website, however, has him even being drafted, and I think that he could be a seriously steal come draft day. If he could be had in the fifth or sixth he would really be a bargain given his experience on UCLA and Arizona, his ability to quickly transition to Arizona’s scheme, and his clear talent on the outside.

  2. Russell says:

    S/CB Sean Davis (Maryland) is the #1 CB/S prospect on my Patriot draft board. 6’1″ 200 runs a 4.52 40yd. SUPER tackler, Special teams player, played both S and CB. At S Maryland used his tackling ability, and deep coverage ability (facing the play).
    As CB he uses his size, takes good angles (at S also) , turns his hips OK , tracks the ball well, and has ball skills.
    Will need time to develop at CB in the pro’s, but his intelligence and special teams ability step-up day one. If coach Belichick likes him, he could grab him with the 2nd pick, but I think the third round is more likely, depending on the Patriots draft board.
    CB William Jackson III is #2 on my Patriots draft board, better at CB day one then Davis, but not the tackler, or special teams gunner type. Jackson is better known and will likely go 2nd round.

  3. Ryan says:

    Not sure I’d rather have Kevin Peterson than Justin Coleman. If we can keep Coleman around, I don’t see a reason to go for Peterson.

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