Post Draft Scouting Report: Geneo Grissom, DE/LB

In the 3rd round, the Patriots added another versatile player in Grissom

In the 3rd round, the Patriots added another versatile player in Grissom

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

I am back with the second installment of the post draft scouting reports. Grissom was a player I watched very late in the process and my viewing of him was limited.  What I saw was enough for me to put him on my final big board.  Now that he is officially a Patriot, I went back as much tape on him as I could find. Here are my thoughts on Grissom.



From a physical standpoint, Grissom has an ideal frame for the NFL.  He has good muscle definition to go along with his long arms and huge hands.  His weight is well proportioned and he plays with good power in both his upper and lower body.  Like I said in my write up of Wells, Grissom is another player with immense versatility.  He played Defensive End, both 3 tech and 1 tech Defensive Tackle, Outside Linebacker, Inside Linebacker, and even Tight End.  He can play with his hand in the dirt as well as from a two point stance.  Grissom plays with a nice combination of speed and power.  He plays with great leverage and uses his long arms to keep defenders off him.  He has very active hands and you can see that they deliver with good power.  He can drop into coverage and shows enough athleticism to stick with Tight Ends and Running Backs in short areas.  He does an excellent job of setting the edge against the run.  Grissom has a good first step and has shown flashes as a pass rusher from both the edge and from the interior.  He is a hard worker and hustles to be involved in every play.  Grissom has used his smarts and his length to his advantage, knocking down several passes.  He is a disciplined player who knows his assignments and does not get out of position.


While Grissom has impressive athletic traits, he is rigid in his lateral movement.  He does not have that bend or quick twitch movements that you see from the better pass rushers in the NFL, and I don’t think he will ever be that type of player.  He needs to work on his pass rush moves to be more effective when asked to so.  He doesn’t always play to his strength and can struggle to shed defenders if they lock on.  Grissom has not had a chance to develop any one of his particular skills because he has been asked to play so many roles in college.  He seems to play at one speed and does have that extra gear that is needed some times to make the play.


Maybe I am just drinking the Patriot flavored Kool-Aid here, but the more I watched this guy, the more I liked.  I think the 3rd round was still a little high, but I can see what the Patriots liked about his game.  You can see why Belichick got so excited when he talked about Grissom in his post draft press conference.  He gets a player that has all the physical, athletic, and mental components, but they just need to be nurtured and developed.  If Grissom can buy into that, he has the potential to be special.  My number 4 player in the entire draft was Owamagbe Odighizuwa because I thought he had a well rounded game that blended speed and power.  I never considered Diggy a great pass rusher in a conventional sense because he to struggles to bend the edge.  He did however win in so many other ways while still being a pass rush presence.  Grissom also plays with a good combination of speed and power, and while he may be less of a pass rusher than Diggy will be, his movement skills in a two point stance and his potential versatility are much higher than Diggy’s.  If things play out right, I think Grissom has a chance to be like Mike Vrabel and if you get that in the 3rd round, the Patriots just got a steal.




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  1. Dan Sullivan says:

    1 Bob Kraft
    2 Tom Brady
    3 Patriots Organization
    4 Patriot Fans

    All of these 4 deserve a lot better and to other NFL teams the games need to be one on the field!

    Dan Sullivan

  2. GM-in-Training says:

    And on a football-related topic, Are there any free agents the Pats should pursue now that it won’t affect compensatory draft picks? That usually means well-paid veterans. This would be players available now, as opposed to players cut during camp for being overpaid or replaceable by a younger model.

    In that same vein, which veteran CB in the league do you think are most likely to become available during training camp, and would you take a flyer on them for the right price if you were managing the Pats?

    • Russell says:

      A CB I scouted before the 2013 draft was Wake Forest’s CB Kenny Okoro, 6’1″ 195lbs. Okoro is a very intelligent (Gad. with two degrees) solid looking(played 37 games at WF) CB with good speed/size. (4.5 40yd) Okoro went undrafted and was signed in San Deigo, for a year, and now plays with the San Jose Sabercats were he had one Interception, and 60 tackles during the 2014 season (11 games) Okoro was a leader on the field, led Wake in pass break-ups, tackled well in the run game and was a sound prospect.
      I would HIGHLY recommond bringing him for a look!!

  3. J-Bear says:

    jesus, are you ever gonna finish writing these? i really was looking forward to the next.

  4. outwest says:

    Ted Wells Is crying on tv because he is questioned about his report has no evidence of wrong doing changing Walt Anderson recollection of how he measured the footballs is reason 1 only. Nfl network has to back Wells with every commentator notice it. Willie and heath aren’t even let near the microphone. Ted says why would he defame Brady, because everybody is so jealous of him read the twitter crap he is hated by most of the league. Sue the bastards Tom

  5. Joe Blake says:

    We need to get that number 1 pick back. Brady’s suspension will be reduced to 2 games. I don’t care about the $1 million (they can take it out of the petty cash box). A 4th round pick: don’t like it but can live with it. So….let’s appeal the ruling to the league and follow up in court if we don’t get the reduction I am looking for. This NFL frame job just save me a lot of time. I will follow the Patriots and watch most every game; but as far as watching other games, I am done as an NFL fan. I will buy no more NFL products and will shun their major advertising products. Micro brews for me from now on! GO PATS.

  6. Dan Sullivan says:

    Very good signing of Fred Davis. Stay aggressive Patriots!

  7. Dan Sullivan says:

    Michael Irvin Hall of Fame receiver of the Dallas Cowboys who has been suspended
    numerous times by the league insist that this was to harsh a penality to Tom Brady.
    I think sometimes in life to use a Hockey term you have to drop the gloves.
    Bob Kraft please fight this for all the New England fans as Tom Brady is a guy of strong
    character look what he does for charity and your not going to read about him driving drunk,
    assaulting someone of being involved in drugs. BB needs to get involved to as this was to harsh.

  8. Yohy says:

    Call me crazy, but I could live with the 4 game ban. It is the loss of the first round pick that kills me.
    The NFL said they are taking past history into consideration so that means Spygate. So the pats are being punished twice for the stupid video taping crap

    This is a clear attempt to neutralize the franchise. I guess four straight AFC CG was too much. The NFL wants someone else in there. What a joke Goodell is.

    I’m with MM II. Done. No more merchandise, hats jerseys etc. The strike ruined baseball for me and now this.
    Time to find another hobby. I’ve always wanted to try RC airplanes great way to be outdoors.

    Peace to all

  9. outwest says:

    It is obvious that the league has it in for the Pats and it will do what ever it takes. All you had to do is watch NFL network over and over again they played a ball being taken out of play. It’s like Nazi propaganda films , no commentators on who questioned the non protocol of how the footballs were measured , a Ref who was told which guage he used despite remembering it a different way. Guages that were completely inaccurate in every sense of the word. The kicker here is that the NFL were told there could be a concern with the footballs prior to the game yet still had gauges that read different in obvious disrepair, and no protocol followed. Then when science is brought into it they disreguard it completely and have their talking heads on TV completely ignore the science facts that the balls were fine at halftime considering the temperature change. PV=NRT means the NFL is wrong and that this is a personal thing that should cost Rodger and his group of wife beaters their jobs. I know the rest of the league likes to think they didn’t film other teams signals or steal them or change air pressure in balls but they do and are in on it with the NFL so come the opener we start kicking asses running up the score and Andrew Luck its going to be messy in in Indy.

  10. Ryan says:

    Well, I saw the 4-gamer coming based on Goodell’s idiocy. Unfortunately I underestimated him because he decided that he could take draft picks as well. Goodell set a new precedent today: if he thinks you’re guilty, you either confess to it and take a lighter sentence or get a heavy punishment even without any indication of your guilt. And if his intention with taking draft picks is to punishment ignorance, we’ll then he better fire himself for what happened with Ray Rice. In other words, Goodell is acting like a hypocrite for the sake of principle. He seems more like a principal, however, because he is treating the Pats like children by severely punishing them for a supposed rules violation that probably had no affect on game results.

    It’ll be a rocky few months and it’ll only get worse because Goodell will not lessen his punishment.

    • Ryan says:

      Vincent said that his reason for punishing stemmed from the Patriots having already been punished for videotaping shenanigans. Essentially, the Patriots’ situation was heavily pursued because they had cheated (if it could be called that) in the past. Translation: Vincent hunted for a way to convict them and didn’t necessarily look for the truth.

      No one cares that the NFL is doing this unfairly because the Patriots are widely hated. Goodell may do what he wants in this case because what non-Pats fan would admit that they disliked the punishment?

      Maybe Kraft will start pushing for Goodell’s ouster now.

      • outwest says:

        Yeah somehow the Pats were labeled while the rest of the league was doing the same thing. The NFL network seems to be the propaganda station for corporate office. No commentators to refute the reports complete whitewash of facts and rely’s on how one man interprets what he wants to hear. Trust me after you read it you can drive a truck through its holes.

      • matt says:

        So your saying there being punished for something they have been punished before? If that’s the case and the NFL brings that up in front of a judge isn’t that double jeopardy? I could be wrong does anyone know more about that law?

        • Ryan says:

          The NFL doesn’t have to obey US laws like protection against double jeopardy, so they can drive up penalties for repeat offenders without consequence. Pretty unfair.

  11. MM-II says:

    This will be my last post here or anywhere else NFL related. I’m done.

    After 50+ years of being an NFL fan, following and often cheering on pretty much every team in the league and following the careers and good works of innumerable coaches and players, I’m done. As an American, I can not, in good conscience, continue to support – in any way, shape or form – the NFL or any of its sponsors or broadcast partners or anyone else affiliated with it.

    The severity of the punishment handed down by the league has nothing do to with my reaction, nor does the identity of the victim of the punishment, it’s the fact that there was any punishment at all. And I’d feel the same had any person or organization in this country been subject to this treatment. Because “convicting” and punishing anyone for anything based on a flimsy pretext such as the Wells Report is not American Justice, this is the “justice” of ISIS, Boko Haram, the Taliban, Iran, Russia, etc. This is the type of “justice” that we ask our fellow citizens to risk their lives fighting against. This series of actions by the NFL under Commissioner Roger Goodell, and the gleeful and loud support for these actions broadcast by the media, has done inestimably more damage to the integrity of this country and its reputation for fairness than anything any employee of a sports organization could possibly do.

    And I am profoundly ashamed of my country for the fact that literally millions of self-proclaimed Americans have cheered on this process and are now cheering the verdict and punishment. That is not the reaction of a strong, proud, intelligent people, it is the reaction of the weak, stupid and venal. If this is the type of “justice that the American people now favor, the future of this country looks very bleak.

    Steve Warren
    Waldoboro, Maine

    • Greg says:

      I’m deeply sorry, you are one of the more intelligent people who comments here.

    • Ryan says:

      Sad thing is, people will now call you a bandwagon fan. NFL fans are dumbasses in general and, though this website doesn’t fit that description, we are far from the norm. It is impossible to have a discussion with the types on and because it is always a debate. You’re gonna find the same thing if you tell anyone else about their decision because a Patriots fan criticizing the investigation or punishment is just “whining and cheating and mad they got caught.”

      I understand your choice, I wish you the best, and I hope when Goodell spontaneously combusts you can return. I think I’ll foolishly hold out hope a bit longer. The owners can’t keep paying a guy actively killing their sport, can they?

    • Russell says:

      Sorry to hear, will miss you thoughtful comments.

  12. Russell says:

    Sad day for the NFL, with no evidence, this will not stand up to an apleal and King Goodell now’s it.

  13. matt says:

    Brady out for 4 games . That’s sick. The report is such a pile of crap. Love how the idiot Goodell talks about the integrity of the game. I guess Brady should have either beat the crap out of someone or should have taken drugs and nothing would have happened.

  14. J H TARBORO says:

    Get ready Jimmy G! The fine and suspension will make the Patriots angry and winners again. When you fire up this team, owner and coach, all i’m saying is, the teams we play better be ON ALERT, we’re coming!

  15. J H TARBORO says:

    LB Kaseem Greene released by the Bears, he could be on Pats radar, he’s a former Rutger player, and i don’t know what’s Belichicks love affair with Rutgers.

    • MM-II says:

      Saw that about Greene – 6006/241#, 4.70/40, 7.58 3-cone. Meh. The Pats now have a couple-three guys that size who are more athletic.

      Tampa released OT/OG Matt Patchan , 6062/302#, 4.97/40, 22 reps, 7.45 3-cone (same as Solder on all three numbers). Transferred from Florida to BC after he graduated, and was drafted out of there, so he’s played under a couple different schemes and good OL coaching regimes. Pats showed some pre-draft interest in him in 2014.

      Donkeys cut Jon Halapio. They picked him up after the Pats waived him in finals last Camp. Power blocker who didn’t fit in Denver’s ZBS either, I guess.

  16. MM-II says:

    Hold on to your hats! here comes a comment in the Grissom post that’s actually about Grissom.

    Grissom measured 6033/262# at both the Combine and his pro day with 33-3/8ths” arms and 10.25″ hands. He posted the following drill numbers:
    4.81/40 – 1.65/10yd – 20 reps – 37″ vert – 117″ broad jump – 4.38/40 – 7.24 3-cone
    — all at a measured two hundred SIXTY-two pounds.

    Though the player weight listings on are about as accurate as Walt Anderson’s pressure gauge, they have him listed at two-FIFTY-two. If Grissom can actually get down to around that weight, AND maybe gain a little burst/speed/agility as a result, OLB may well be where he’s headed, rather than DE.

  17. J H TARBORO says:

    Back in 2013 on NEPD, most of us was high on Texan S DJ Swearinger. DJ Swearinger was released by the Texans after no trade could be found. This kid brings attitude and physicality, and will knock the numbers off your jersey.

    • MM-II says:

      OTOH, he’s always been a freelancer which causes him to blow coverage assignments. Kinda like Chung was before his sojourn in Philly.

      If O’Brien and Crennel are trying to run an assignment-dependent defense like the Pats do, and they let Swearinger walk, he’d probably be a better fit and have a better chance of succeeding somewhere besides New England. Detroit, maybe.

      • Russell says:

        I’m betting Swearinger goes to Buffalo.

        • MM-II says:

          Maybe. But Pryor’s game is a lot like Swearinger’s and Rex effectively benched him for a long stretch last season (and I’m betting that Rex didn’t have a lot of authority over making that draft pick, or very many other early-rounders, while he was with the Jets).

  18. J H TARBORO says:

    I said it before and i’ll say it again, if these rookies learn quickly, the Patriots roster is about to change! On both sides of the ball, that’s why you don’t project rosters, especially after a Superbowl.

  19. MM-II says:

    Just breaking:

    The Pats have signed former ‘Skins TE, Fred Davis, to a one-year deal, four days after he was re-instated from his one-year suspension of substance abuse.

    And, the Pats have release Kyle Arrington.

    • MM-II says:

      My own footnote:

      Arrington’s release, MPTN, is related to his cap number rather than his play since he was still among the top slot corners in the league in 2014.

      • Russell says:

        Betting Arington goes to Houston.

      • GM-in-Training says:

        It seemed weird when Arrington got his pay day, and not so surprising now that it pushed him out. As good as he was against short slot receivers, he was sure exposed in the Superbowl against tall receivers.

  20. John says:

    Read somewhere that BB goes into drafts looking to select players in bunches, meaning focusing on both lines, skill positions, etc. Not sure how true that is, but it’s an interesting thought. Depending on how the year goes, you would assume next year would have a focus on skill players/corners. Obviously, contract situations of Solder and Vollmer could change things but wouldn’t mind seeing an RB/WR taken early next year. Looks like a strong batch of RBs and WRs, again.

    Ezekiel Elliot or Derrick Henry would look pretty awesome in Pat’s jerseys.

    • MM-II says:

      Arizona State RB, DJ Foster, might also fit the Pats well, if James White doesn’t work out in replacing Vereen’s passing game presence.

  21. MM-II says:

    Reiss posted a reminder this morning that, as of Wednesday May 13, teams can sign UFAs without affecting their compensatory picks for 2016 (the date used to be June 1st).

    This could mean that Spikes and/or Fletcher are back soon as depth/insurance related to the injury recoveries of HT and Mayo.

  22. Russell says:

    New England missed out on my “Binkie” prospect from last year, Reid Fragel 6’8″ 308lbs, ROT/TE Ohio State . Frael was a 7th round pick by the Bengals in 2013, an was in Atlanta’s P-Squad last year. Dirk Koetter former Atlanta coach, now with Tampa, grabbed Fregel quickly when Atlanta released him.

  23. MM-II says:

    IIRC, a lot of folks here were kind of partial to Arizona WR AUSTIN HILL as a potential late-round draft pick or UDFA-candidate for the Pats.

    Rotoworld is reporting that he failed his physical with the Seahawks and currently remains unsigned.

  24. Russell says:

    It seems every year BB finds an undrafted prospect to make the team. I’m betting on Devin Gardner, 6’3+” 218lbs, runs a 4.6 40yd, 15 on the bench 6.96 on the 3 cone drill. Changing from QB to WR has it’s benifits, knowing routes, proven leadership, and available as an 3d emergency QB. With Excellent size, an intellgent player, with good hands, a big wingspan, and catches the ball away from his body.
    While not a speed guy, his abillity to learn was noticed at the Shrine Game, with his “improvement with each practice”. BB and the coaches watch for improvement with each player so hard work/improvement never goes unnoticed.

    • Greg says:

      Call me crazy, but tall, great wingspan and with ball skills? Turn him CB and we have our Richard Sherman. Wide Receiver we have, Cornerback we are thin

      • MM-II says:

        Interesting thought.

        After BB drafted Edelman, he said outright at a post-draft presser that he really didn’t know what position Edelman would end up playing. If the 2009 off-season roster had been balanced a little differently, we might now be talking about Edelman as one of the best slot corners or free safeties in the league.

  25. Jack says:

    As a Pats fan, just for the exercise, I’m looking at this through the eyes of a typical non-Pats fan. They hear this massive report came out and said Brady “more likely than not” knew about an illegal deflation of the balls after the refs had checked them.

    BOOM! All *I* need to know. Ted Wells – “respected” investigator, did that whole Incognito thing, right? Clearly his conclusions must be valid.

    Plus, Brady didn’t even surrender his cell or provide texts! And he called the guys involved after the incident came out – very obvious damage control! Guilty as sin, mofo.

    Now, the Pats fan in me comes out. So, I look at the other side. So, who paid for the report? The NFL. Who’s Ted Wells most prominent client by far? The NFL. Might he have more motivation to keep a customer happy than to exonerate Brady? Certainly.

    Ok, but still, he *did* do a great job on the Incognito thing. Reported *all* the facts.

    But, then, why did he not include Brady’s testimony? What happened to the part of the report that was going to investigate the NFL’s myriad leaks, as Goodell promised? What about the NFL employees replacing balls with unnapproved ones for their own profit – and getting fired for it? Why wasn’t that in it, we all expected?

    One has to conclude that is because it reflected poorly on the NFL – his customer, the one’s paying for the report.

    But, the real kicker for me was the firm he hired to do the scientific investigation, “Exponent” – as in, exponent of whomever hires them. They are widely reputed to create “scientific reports” which back the highest bidder. Science for sale. What happened to “independence”?

    Then, there is the fact Brady didn’t turn over his cell or provide texts. Well, would you trust the NFL with your cell if you were Brady, when you’ve probably figured out they are out to get you? Anything remotely negative on it would immediately only be used against you, and probably be leaked, in a completely out of context way. In fact, why cooperate with what was clearly a report designed from the beginning to implicate him? What happened to the full day of testimony? Ignored. Not even included in the report. What happened to including all the facts? Wouldn’t his testimony be enlightening? I mean, he’s the primary target. This incredibly important testimony is entirely excluded. Wouldn’t even a Pat’s hater be interested in hearing what he had to say in his own defense?

    And what about his calling the equipment guys about after the accusations of deflation surfaced? Could be damage control. Clearly they were discussing the incident. But, there was plenty to discuss – Wells report is 240+ pages. An hour goes by quickly. To my mind, the best content would be, wtf, did you guys deflate the balls *after* the refs checked them? That’s *not* wanted. I wanted you to set the balls up so they would *look* like they were at 12.5 or almost, when the refs checked them, then drop. Like heating them or whatever.

    So, to me, whatever Brady said to those guys, it’s unknown. Speculation. And given the clear bias in the report, I can’t accept that it was nefarious unless it’s known. It’s could have been a discussion of what they exactly did, and was it against the rules or not, etc. etc. Again, pure speculation. Can’t factor for or against. It would have been unusual as hell if he didn’t call them, in fact.

    Was Brady cheating? It’s possible. He’s human, he’s utlra-competitive, wanted that fourth SB. Otoh, he’d seen the Spygate thing – why risk it? It’s just that this report does zero to convince me. It’s bought and paid for. I really needed a truly independent report. Not a bought and paid for report which delivers pre-ordained “conclusions” couched in legalese and wiggle-room and 50.1/49.9 coin-flip determinations of guilt.

  26. Greg says:

    Am I the only guy who is done with this Deflagate thing?

    I don’t wanna know about all this circus, I don’t wanna discuss with others jealous fans about my idol or about a ridiculous commissioner.

    I wanna talk about football.

    I’m a lot more preoccupied with our secondary than non sense punishment. I wanna know if we can play a press hybrid. I’m searching the market for a CB over 6 1 and can’t find one. I’m already thinking about the nightmare I’ll have with Fletcher and how I’ll press. I find a jewel in Brandon Facyson for the next draft and I’m already praying.

    But I wanna talk about football, no about a non sense history just when WE ARE CHAMPIONS

  27. MM-II says:

    GRISSOM now signed – 4 years, $2.891M.

    Here’s Rotoworld’s blurb on Grissom:

    “A surprise third-round pick, Grissom is a mediocre athlete with limited pass-rush tools. He may max out as a special teamer in the NFL.”

    Apparently, the Pats can’t do ANYTHING right these days. Hoping Grissom reads that and gets a monster chip on his shoulder.

    • Russell says:

      Gissom is smart enough to get drafted and know his limitations,.. rotoworld still thinks their roto-rooter, but have not mastered the toilet brush!……I’m on a roll! :0)

  28. MM-II says:

    So, the current rumor is that the League is delaying a punishment decision until Monday so they can gauge public reaction to various levels of potential punishment.


    So, first they “convict” based on a document that wouldn’t hold up in any court in the United Staes, and now they’re essentially allowing the punishment to be decided by Mob Rule.

    You’d have to try really, really hard to get more un-American than that.

    • Russell says:

      King Goodell must first check with his court jester, for some logic , for his next back stab.

  29. J H TARBORO says:

    Unfortunate! Jaguars rookie 1st round pick Donte Fowler injures his knee the 1st day of rookie camp.

    • MM-II says:


      Usually that happens to the Giants first. Maybe this means that the Giants will be good again this season.

    • Russell says:

      Do you think they will leave him unportected , like Tampa did with RB Gaffney last year? BB is ready to make the move…………….

  30. J H TARBORO says:

    As it stands with team building, i looked at other teams rosters and the shear numbers of kids from last years draft class, we can definitely can get some good player via UDFA, New England keep your eyes on the waiver wire, i believe the best is yet to come.

    • MM-II says:

      Obviously, the Pats had a lot more open roster spots to work with last year, but even so, they churned through 29 UDFAs who were actually signed to the off-season roster at one point or another (a few were in and out more than once). About half of them were cast-offs from other teams’ initial UDFA signings. They also had 8 cast-off UDFAs in for tryouts.

      They also had better than a dozen veteran FAs in for workouts between the draft and mini-camp in June and signed three of them. None of them made it to the final roster, though.

      Lotsa churn around the league this time of year.

  31. MM-II says:


    Kyed just tweeted that all Pats’ 2015 draftees have signed except Brown, Grissom and Cardona.

    Also according to Kyed, have officially signed only seven UDFAs:
    Andrews, OC
    Gardner, WR
    Harper, WR
    Jean, SAF
    King, SAF
    Taylor, DL

    and, new today:

    Eric Patterson, DB, Ball State (ironic timing)
    5092/197# – 4.52/40 – 1.56/10yd – 18 reps – 36.5″ vert – 122″ broad jump – 4.34 shuttle – 7.01 3-cone

    This means that the recent tryout UDFAs – WRs Kenzel Doe, Ed Williams and Adam Drake, TE Shane Young and LB DJ Lynch – were NOT signed.

    And, by my calculations, the Pats’ “signed” roster count stands at 85 with three draftees left to go.

  32. MM-II says:

    With the way that fantasy football sites are promoting the idea that the NFL is almost certain to hand down a lengthy suspension for Brady, if you’re in a FF league that drafts now, you could probably get Brady for a low pick. Like, maybe in the 6th round.

    Meanwhile, in actual football news, Xzavier Dickson (7th round) and Tre Jackson (4th) have both officially signed their 4-year contracts.

    AFAIK, the Pats’ official roster count now stands at 83 (assuming that all four recent “tryout” UDFAs were signed), with nine draftees remaining to sign.

  33. Russell says:

    Dallas signs OL Collins to a 3 yr, 1.7 mil. contract. Basicly another 1st round draft pick, cheap.

    • MM-II says:

      With the OL they have now, maybe the really DON’T need an elite RB to get the job done.

  34. hdpaulie says:

    Since last December, I’ve read a fair amount of scouting reports, watched lots of tape, viewed hundreds of mock drafts, and read just about anything relating to the draft, with a focus on the Pats. Yet, the only players I was familiar with were Jackson, Mason, Brown, and Flowers. This year there were a bunch of who ? moments in the Pats draft. I hated last years Pats draft, as I felt they didn’t address the OL enough. Well they won the SB so what do I know. This year the draft started out great with Brown falling to us in the 1st. I hated day 2. Once again BB overdrafts a safety, with A.J.Cann still on the board and Tomlinson already gone. What ? Now that the draft is over and I’ve been able to read reports on the players the Pats took, I see what BB has in mind. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of pass rush the Pats can create. I’m satisfied with the picks on the OL, as I think Jackson was a very solid pick and he should start day 1. I still think BB has something up his sleeve regarding the CB position. He’ll make a trade or find a FA to help out the back end. In BB we trust. Go Pats !!

    • MM-II says:

      I agree, but I’d go just a bit further.

      I think whatever BB has in mind isn’t limited to the CB position, but includes everyone potentially involved in the coverage scheme and, also, how that all integrates with the pass rush.

      I think that part of BB’s general defensive approach is “whatever we put on tape last year for you to study, you’re going to need to start from scratch again this year.”

  35. MM-II says:

    Although I have not yet finished reading all 243 pages of the Wells Report, it’s obvious that this was not the “neutral” investigation that Goodell implied it would be. Instead, this report reads like the kind of arguments that a mediocre criminal prosecutor might present to a judge in an attempt to get a case bound over for trial. I have serious doubts that it would succeed in that purpose since any B-average 3rd-year law student on the defense team would be able to rip these arguments to shreds in opening statements.

    But there will be no defense mounted, at least none that we will ever see. And that is tragic in ways that go far beyond the NFL or sport or entertainment.

    There will be no defense mostly due to the fact that Goodell’s NFL apparently doesn’t feel the need to abide by the standards of Justice set forth in the U.S. Constitution that are a cornerstone of what once made America great and exceptional in the world. Instead, Goodell and his officers adjudicate issues and dispense “justice” much more in line with the lower standards of “proof” that ISIS or the Taliban or Russia or Iran might apply. It’s very disturbing to me that so many NFL fans and sports media people are gleefully proclaiming this as the only “Right” way to handle things. What a nice example to set for kids growing up, dontcha think?

    But there also will be no defense mounted partly because Bob Kraft has chosen to effectively plead “nolo contendre”. But he has a very good reason for doing so that has nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not anyone affiliated with the Patriots is “guilty” of anything.

    Instead of “protecting the integrity of The Game” (read: “credibility of the NFL”) as Goodell characterizes it, the Wells Report has significantly undermined it – perhaps not with current NFL fans (and broadcast commentators) who are “anti-Patriot”, but very likely with members of the general public who are not yet NFL fans but who represent potential future “customers”. If Goodell (via Troy Vincent) chooses to severely punish Tom Brady based on a “more probably than not” conclusion from a report consisting mainly of incomplete information, supposition, interpretation and logic-twisting extrapolations, he will only further damage the league’s credibility among those potential future customers.

    What Bob Kraft understands is that, BECAUSE the Wells Report would be so easily dismantled in any legal challenge, doing so would only serve to utterly destroy the league’s credibility among potential future fans, reducing that credibility to roughly the level of “professional” wrestling.

    And what television network is going to want to fork over billions of $$ a year to promote THAT to a viewership that might well begin dwindling?

    Bob Kraft, I believe, would prefer that the league’s credibility survive, tattered as it may be, beyond the Goodell Era. After this “last straw”, that Era may be ending sooner rather than later. I certainly hope so. I’ve been a fan of the NFL for 50+ years – note: that’s “NFL fan”, not “Patriots fan” – but I’m completely comfortable with walking away from it, permanently, if Goodell’s mismanagement is allowed to continue for much longer.

    Life’s too short and there are way too many other things I could spend my time on.

    • hdpaulie says:

      Well written. I don’t know if Brady is innocent or not, but if the league is going to make assertions that he is, then they better have solid proof. If your going to destroy a man’s reputation, you should have proof beyond more probable than not. If people would see beyond their hatred for the Pats and see this report for what it really is, they would more probably than not reject this scam of a report.

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Alas, the League does not need to meet a beyond-a-reasonable-doubt standard. They only have to meet a more-probable-than-not standard. I find myself wondering if the degree of uncertainty lessens the likely penalties. There were sections of the Wells report where the ball boys were quoted as griping about balls being inflated at 16 pounds before some games by the officials and Brady only just learning last Fall that regulation said 12.5-13.5 pounds, so he wanted the balls at 12.5 pounds. I guess Wells is saying it is unlikely the ball boys intended to stop at 12.5 pounds, and it was against protocol for them to alter the balls after the officials had inspected the balls anyway. Saying Brady probably knew still seems pretty vague about how culpable he ways or how much discipline he should face. Complaining that Brady resisted the investigation when he had a superbowl to prepare for seems pretty obtuse.

      • MM-II says:

        Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of the talking heads on TV make that same argument about the standard of proof. But, at the same time, they’re also framing this as if it was a form of criminal offense.

        I would think that, if Goodell truly wanted to promote the NFL as a clean and fair organization and a Model of Integrity, he’d want to adhere to the highest standards of proof in what has become universally viewed as, essentially, a criminal case, albeit an internal one – and that he’d want to make it known that he adheres to the highest standards whether he’s legally obligated to or not.

        So, to me, that’s clear hypocrisy on the part of Goodell and the media.

        • Matt says:

          You make very good points. But Goodell does not really care about the integrity of the NFL. If he did Rice, AP and Fred Davis would not be back in the NFL. Also if he cared what people think about the NFL he would have also told owners to pay cheerleaders a fairy wage. I did read online awhile ago and don’t know if anything changed on that subject.

        • matt says:

          Typo that should say fair wage.

    • Russell says:

      Well done MM-II ! I too have watched football for 50+ years, and had a try-out with the Patriots in 1980, were I looked up to the Team, and the NFL. I find it harder and harder to look up to the NFL, which is sadly killing the sports reputation by king Goodell’s, league actions.
      I expect a Patriots Fine, for empolyee miss handling the balls, in the officials room and bathroom.
      However the Joke report, gives NO CLEAR evidence of wrong doing by Tom, and is detremental to Tom’s character and is a clear disservice to the league and one of it’s players. The report failed to state ONLY facts, in stead relaying on opinions, based on suggestive thoughts on behalf of the so called investigaters.
      The league should come out with a statement, about the dissappointment with the report, it’s lack of limited factual information, its unfounded actualizations agains’t Tom, and overall lack of proffessionalizm for a report of this magnitude.

  36. J H TARBORO says:

    DL Michael Buchanan and WR Kevin Dorsey were released today.

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Can Bequette be far behind?

      • acm says:

        Have to wonder why he wasn’t far ahead of those two? BB pride buying him time?

        • Daniel R. Martin says:

          Bequette is going to morph into a ten sack monster this year. Just you wait and see. He’s the secret weapon waiting to be released by Belichick. He’ll emerge like the mighty Kracken as Belichich cries havoc and lets loose the dogs of war!

        • MM-II says:

          Not necessarily.

          Buchanan was inactive with an ankle injury (listed on the Injury Report) during the first four weeks of last season. He played 14 defensive snaps and participated with all four ST units during the Week-5 victory over Cinci. The very next day he was put on IR. It’s possible that he re-injured the ankle. It’s possible that what the Pats coaches saw from him against Cinci led them to believe that he was too far behind, health-wise and/or development-wise, to be able to help the team much during the 2014 season.

          The team conditioning program and meetings that the Patriots held just prior to the draft were the next chance the coaches had to evaluate Buchanan. Though it’s possible that they thought he was dreadful and a slacker, it’s also possible that they felt that he wasn’t sufficiently recovered – YET – to keep him on the roster over the rookies and outside free agents who they need, for now, to focus on getting to know. Assuming that Buchanan doesn’t get claimed by another team, he could be re-signed after he’s fully-healed and/or the coaches have seen enough from one or more of the rookies and FAs and cut them. The Pats have done this from time to time with roster-end players in off-seasons past.

          Meanwhile, Bequette has regularly earned practice Player of the Week awards for the past three seasons, which means to me that he’s been making consistently valuable contributions playing various roles on the scout team, even if he hasn’t developed enough to find a permanent spot of the 53-man roster. However, I think his PSQ eligibility is gone. With the PSQ rule changes from last August, I’m not entirely sure about this, though. If true, then he’s likely out-lived his usefulness since there are about 6-7 DE/OLB-type guys, including Grissom (3rd) and Flowers (4th), who are already likely to make the final roster ahead of him. If he’s healthy and still performing well-enough, albeit at a scout-team level, he may well stick around into Camp.

  37. Kevan says:

    I’m pretty disgusted with the league, and I doubt I’ll be able to enjoy anything it does outside of my pats. Is it not strange that it was the pats that got in trouble for ” spygate” when it is well known many teams were doing it. Now this, again other teams, why do the pats end up being the team called out? Brad Johnson of the buccaneers paid someone to alter the footballs the night before the Super Bowl, talked about it on an interview laughing! You know what the sports analysts and experts did? They laughed too. Reminiscent of jason Taylor and Zach Thomas bragging about stealing signals from Brady right on ESPN. A pats fan can find it hard to enjoy there teams well deserved success with in the nfl subculture and it will probably always be that way. It’s an absolute joke and roger goodell is gonna be the end of the nfl. Last time this happened in week one pats almost pulled off perfection, now they have a whole offseason to let this fester BB and Brady is going to destroy the nfl this year mark my words. If Brady does get suspended then the future Jimmy G will take care of business I have no doubt about that kid he is the real deal. Im gonna go out on a limb and say whenever BB does decide to leave the game he will make his own report on the other 31 teams and the nfl itself, you don’t think he has dirt on all these people? I could go on this rant for a lot longer but I think I should stop. Furiated in wheeling signing off for a while. Go pats

  38. Dan Sullivan says:

    So glad Tom Brady kept his speach at Salem State University tonight.
    I just hope he mainly talks about how he barely got drafted and worked to win several
    Championships with Patriots if anyone can inspire young minds its Tom Brady.
    It does seem like most of all the quarterbacks like balls at certain pressure I think if he
    came out with that upfront and the two employees didn’t act like they were
    trying to profit out of this it may have been a non story. But when you are on top people
    are looking to bring you done anyway and not realize all the hardwork it takes to get to that
    level and smarts.

  39. Daniel R. Martin says:

    I’m sure the answer is no. But does anyone think it possible that the League might consider stripping away the title? I mean, the NFL has already made their money on the Superbowl, after-all.

  40. J H TARBORO says:

    The elephant in room is, if Brady is to be suspended, and the person in charge of the discipline is the NFL’s Troy Vincent, a former player who might try come harder on Brady because of public opinion, may cause a QB controversy in New England based on length of suspension.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      Controversy seems brings the team closer together and maybe this is rally cry for this years team to band together, winning will make this story die out and a Superbowl will make it go away!!!

    • Matt says:

      If Vincent suspends Brady he should deff fight it . Rice knock’s out his gf hes back in the NFL AP hits his son with a stick hes back in the NFL Fred Davis kicked out of the NFL for violating NFL drug rules is now back in the NFL. Whats wrong with this picture?

  41. Russell says:

    Now we have the Well’s Joke report, it will be interesting to see what the league does. With only a ” more probable than not” How can thier be any penailty? A drug test is good or bad, but what if it came back “more probable than not”.
    I think the team is fined for an employee handling the balls in the officials room, thats the only fact that is fineable.

    • Russell says:

      I have read the Wells joke report, and the ONLY fact of wrong doing, was the balls being handled by a Patriots emlpoyee in the official’s room. Interesting facts, Indy had 3 balls also under inflated. No testing was done to determnd, ball deflation, during normal game use. What role did two NFL employee’s (who were fired by the league) have in handling the balls during the game? And Why they fired ?
      IMO the report was VERY poorly handled, witch hunt, at a very high cost I bet!!

  42. Oppitz says:

    This is insane, when the news first broken after the game, everybody was putting this on Belichick’s back, saying how unscrupulous he was and all that bs, now I dont recall anybody saying sorry for that, but it was common sense in the media that he was guilty.

    Now this joke report (“I dont found anything concrete in nearly 4 months of investigation, but hey, thanks for the money and here is my opinion”) come out and everybody is on Brady. They dont have the rights to do it with the current information, its just pathetic.

  43. Dan Sullivan says:

    First I expected more from Tom Brady making a ton of money just thought he could
    have handled this a lot better.

    Now the draft still very impressed with Patriots draft and am trying to like the 5th round choice but Michael Bennett DT, Geremey Davis WR or Jacorey Shepherd CB would have
    been more to my liking.

  44. Russell says:

    I’m very sad with the poor handling of this Well’s (joke of a report) wth no evidence of wrong doing, he say’s it’s “more probable then not” there was wrong doing?? Thats like saying “We have your drug test, and it’s more probable then not, you may not get a favorable out come.”
    VERY sad(JOKE) of a report.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      Russell, i completely agree! The media is reporting this story in a very ignorant way, how many of the media personalities have read all 130+ pages of this report honestly before they hit airwaves late this morning. The Felger and Mazz show here in Boston, read and highlighted some of the text between the ball boys and it sounded like they had a ax to bare with Brady! Something being inconclusive to me, means no proof or hard evidence in your findings.

    • Matt says:

      So if the Pats kick the crap out of the Colts this year like they did twice last year what are the Colts going to cry about then?

    • Matt says:

      Let me correct that it should say when the Pats kick the Crap out of the Colts this year.

  45. J H TARBORO says:

    I just read an article on the NFL Network about Emmitt Smith saying the Cowboys are fine at the RB position and how RB Chris Johnson would like to join the team, it made me laugh! If i were them, i would take a flyer on Johnson for cheap money than rely on Mcfadden, Mcfadden is the RB version of Jamarcus Russell, he’s crap on a stick with extra crap and sprinkles, he sucks! plain and simple. Emmitt and Jerry Jones are delusional.

    • GM-in-Training says:

      That’s not fair to McFadden. He has run for nearly 5 yards per carry some seasons. It remains to be seen whether he’s healthy enough to still do that, but he at least has led the league (or been close) at some point in the season in yards for his position.

  46. J H TARBORO says:

    Gerken, another good scouting article you provided, i learned little more about this player. thanks again!

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