2015 NFL Draft: Patriots Select Two 7th-Rounders

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

Bill Belichick put the finishing touches on the Patriots 2015 NFL Draft, selecting Marshall cornerback Darryl Roberts and Alabama linebacker Xzavier Dickson.

Roberts ran a 4.36 forty and a 6.66 three-cone at his pro day, after being snubbed for the NFL Combine. He is 6’0″ and has some good length. He likes to get after receivers at the line of scrimmage and tries to get away with a lot of clutching and grabbing down the field. He has a nose for the ball on defense—17 pass deflections in 2014—and blocked a couple kicks on special teams during his career.

Aaron Dobson’s former teammate projects as a core special-teamer and developmental outside or inside corner.

Dickson is a 6’3″, 260-pound outside linebacker that can play inside as well. He is a poor man’s Dont’a Hightower. He can rush with his hand in the dirt or stand up and attempt to play in space.

Barring injuries, he projects as a practice-squad player with the glut of pass-rushers in front of him on the team.

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10 Responses to “2015 NFL Draft: Patriots Select Two 7th-Rounders”

  1. Kevan says:

    I grade the draft as a C, that’s with malcom brown and tre Jackson both getting A’s as individual grades. It could be better with time but there were just a lot of developmental guys drafted that will need a couple years for us to really know.

  2. ed i says:

    Steve, Malcom Brown day one starter = impact. Tre Mason day one starter = impact.
    This draft is a B until everything shakes out and we see what we got. Every year fans from every team think they know more than their teams management, we don’t…unless your a fan of the Browns, Titans or Jets. Browns actually seem to have had a good draft this year.

  3. JackT says:

    Roberts should have been the player taken with the third or fourth pick. With measurables comparable to Byron Jones it certainly would have been justified. 22 benches for a 180 lb guy? 4.3 40’s? 40″ vert? 11 ft broadjump? Team captain? With corner a major need it was insane for them to wait until the 7th round for this guy and take Richards early. They lucked out. Troy Brown and Randy Moss must have been pulling their hair out.

  4. Michael says:

    The 2nd round and 5th round picks were just stupid. Most Pats fans and bloggers are circling the wagon and trying to justify these picks, but if the Jets made these picks they would all (rightly) be saying there were needless reaches. At least the 1st round and 4th round went well. I would rate the draft a C-. If Brown didn’t fall, it would be a D or lower.

  5. acm says:

    Hey, at least they didn’t double dip at LS.

    Joking aside, Pats had a better 7th round than 5th, as usual.

    • Ryan says:

      acm, the talent just wasn’t there this year to set up the two-LS unit for quick kicks. It just can’t happen without the right personnel. Good thought though; keep it up.

  6. stevethumb says:

    gotta rate these picks as a C…the Patriots may end up with the best special team in NFL history but BB never drafted one impact player… the AFC East just got a lot closer

    • Ryan says:

      The AFC East teams made plenty of moves, but that has never guaranteed their success in the past. This could be the year they make the jump to contenders, but it could also be another year of mediocrity. It seemed like everyone said the same thing last year about the East getting a whole lot closer, and we won the Super Bowl as the only playoff team from our division.

      You could be right this year as the gains were larger than usual, but offseason success doesn’t always translate.

  7. Kevan says:

    Darryl Roberts has insane numbers. Tape looks good too, decent size. Can’t ask for much more in the 7th.

    • Ryan says:

      Yep. Business as usual in round 7 for us. From what I’ve seen Roberts has great upside and Dickson could be a consistent backup in a year or so. Very solid seventh round.

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