My Final Patriots Big board

I have finalized my Big Board. Who are the players I feel can help the Patriots in the short and long term?

I have finalized my Big Board. Who are the players I feel can help the Patriots in the short and long term?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

If you have been on this site over the past few weeks, you have at least seen my Big Board series I have been working on.  If you have not read them, shame on you and go do so now.  If you have, you know I have compiled my list of prospects that I have scouted and who I feel would be good fits for the Patriots and who can help this team stay on top.  Today, I have compiled all those names in both a horizontal and vertical big board.  This setup should be very similar to what the Patriots and every other NFL team uses on draft day.

The link below will take you to my excel spreadsheet that has both boards.  The horizontal board should give you an idea of where I have these prospects slotted by round.  The vertical board will give you an indication of who I like better within those groupings.  For example, I have both Grady Jarrett and Nate Orchard as 2nd round picks on the horizontal board, but if you look at the vertical board you will see Jarrett comes in as my #18 overall prospect, while Orchard is a bit further down at #24.  It is meant to give you an idea of who I like better regardless of position.

I hope you all have enjoyed the series and that you find this Big Board a useful tool come draft day.  Thanks again to all the people who have read my reports and took the time to post comments.

2015 Horizontal Big Board (Autosaved)


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20 Responses to “My Final Patriots Big board”

  1. KNOWLEDGE says:

    I love your analysis of Marcus Peters, best corner by far and pro bowl corner in 3 years. He could fall in their lap at 32. I also love Shaq Thompson.
    But TJ Clemmings doesn’t belong in the top 50. He is a project, and will get abused as a rookie. He got exposed at the Senior Bowl and isnt ready to be a reliable starter at guard or RT until year 2. That puts him in the middle of the 2nd round. DJ Humphries is a MUCH better prospect and has the chan c e to be a solid LT for 10 years. Also having AJ Cann, a guard with no versatility 10th on the big board ahead of Cam Erving. If Cann is there at 64, solid pick. But a guy like Tre Jackson in round 3 is a starter. You have to take skilled players with versatility that fill are special players. If they can get 2 of the following players with their first 2 picks, it would be a huge upgrade to their team and will help you win another Superbowl. Nelson Algholor, Marcus Peters, Shaq Thompson, Grady Jarrett, Landon Collins, Tevin Coleman, TJ Yeldon and I believe Randy Gregory is the best pure edge rusher in the draft. A couple months ago, he was the 2nd pick in the draft. He is 6’5 235 but plays much bigger than that. As a rookie he can have double digit sacks strictly as a pass rusher. Once he gets to 255 he is going to great havoc as an OLB in a 3-4, or possibly even a DE in a 4-3 like Mathis in Indy. Very similar players. Also I don’t take Shane Ray off my board. When you have the 32nd pick and can end up getting one of the best players in the draft, you go get them. The Patriots are moving up in round 1, whether it is for Algholor the, Peters, Ray or Thompson. They have too many picks and whoever Bill likes he is going to get him. I don’t see him moving high enough for Gurley or any of the top 10 guys. However if Devante Parker slides to 13-16, Bill likes him enough to go get him. I think Parker and Cooper are both top 5 players when we review this draft in 3 years.

  2. munchkin says:

    The Move the Sticks podcast on DBs with Greg Cosell had some interesting things to say about Kevin Johnson in the Pats system. Overall good info on defensive backs.
    Thanks for putting this together Mike.

  3. acm says:

    When it comes to the CB position, I personally think Byron Jones is just about the only player, who may have a 1st round grade from the Pats. As for other CBs projected to go early, they either don’t have the measurables or the intangibles/high-ceiling potential that would make BB spend a 1st round pick on them.
    So, unless B. Jones is available at 32, my projection is Pats aren’t drafting a CB before the 3rd, at the earliest, as taking one at 64 would be more for need than value (with one exception – Eric Rowe falling there).

  4. fgpbls says:


    When it comes to Peters you can be sure NE has vetted him, then done it again. If BB feels he can live with Peters, his talent is just what NE needs.

  5. Kim says:

    Love the Big Board, will definitely be keeping an eye on it during the draft.
    I’m not big on drafting a RB as I believe that from the options that we have currently, where are they going to fit? Going by last years initial squad 4 were kept, so Blount, Gray, White, Bolden… there’s still Gaffney, plus a FB in Develin.
    I would look at 5 areas to draft being OG, OLB, WR, DT and CB, then looking at ILB, OT, OG, DT, WR, TE, CB to get depth for players coming out of contract/high cap figures in 2016.

  6. ashley says:

    Great job!!!! The one issue I would have would be drafting a RB in the 1st round. I think we have major needs at CB, DT and OG. Really great job though and I enjoy reading your posts!!!

  7. Dylan says:

    I doubt any of the top CBs will be left by 32, including Rowe and Jones who have skyrocketed at this point. May be better to go in a different direction than to reach, wait until the later rounds and get good value out of Ifo Ekpre 3rd? Arringtons long term replacement?

    Drafting linemen on either side early (well not interior O-linemen) is always a smart move. I like Jake Fischer but seems like he could be gone before 32 also. So impressive in space for such a big man.

    • Ryan says:

      If Rowe and Jones are gone, that means that Kevin Johnson, Trae Waynes, and Marcus Peters are too. Five CBs in the first round is a high number, and it means that some other defensive players will fall to us. If that many go in the first round, then it’s plausible that Malcom Brown or Owamagbe Odighizuwa makes it to us. I would rather take best defensive player available at that point because teams that might opt for pass-rushers go for defensive backs instead.

    • Dylan says:

      Ideally trade back if the top tier DTs and OTs are gone, mid second round looks like the sweet spot for many DE and interior O-Line prospects

  8. Russell says:

    Trade talk is always heating up this time of year, so I will add my thoughts;

    San Deigo trades Phillip Rivers to the Jets for thier 1st pick (#6). This makes the Jets a play-off team, with a QB the next 2-3 years.
    San Deigo gets thier RB Gurley or Gordon at #6, and take a QB at #17 Garrett Grayson.
    NOW, there is no question that SD season will NOT be in the play-offs, However as BB says; ‘What’s best for the team” getting value for Rivers now, looking toward the future. S.D. could draft a second QB in the 5th round.
    S.D. 2nd #48 and 3d #83 would be quality prospects, say; Cedric Ogbuehi or Daryl Williams, and with the 3d; CB Josh Shaw, DE ZaDauris Smith.

  9. Russell says:

    Last year many thought TE was a Patriot need and BB did not draft one. I think you will see the same his year with CB. I do like Eric Rowe but think Philly takes him at #20.
    I think there is better value/prospects trading back, with say, K.C. for thier #49 and #80. It’s hard to see a trade to add 2nd round picks, I’m projecting an early 3d with say, Jacksonville. Patriots#96, #101, and #177 for # 67.

    #49- Laken Tomlinson OG
    #64- Michael Bennett DT
    #67- Davis Tull OLB
    #80- Kenny Bell WR
    #97-Anthony Chickillo DE
    #131- Adrian Amos S
    #219- Karlos Williams RB/S
    #253- Brey Cook OL

  10. Mike Gerken says:

    Thanks you all for the kind words.
    I am sitting here as we speak trying to put together my final mock draft (looking to do a full first round and then all the Patriots picks) and I am getting the sense that CB is going to be decimated by pick #32. I can see a couple of scenarios happening.

    If Peters falls into the 20’s I could see the Patriots being aggressive and trading up.
    If not, I see a small trade back into the early 2nd to grab an Olineman and then maybe being aggressive with a trade up in the 2nd to grab a 2nd tier CB.

    • AM says:

      Peters really gives me pause, I have to say–there is no denying the talent or skill, but his prior actions sort of scream “head case” to me. Arguing with coaches on the sideline seems like a really poor fit for the Patriots. But I agree that a small trade back into Round 2 is a strong possibility, probably for a team looking to secure a fifth-year option on a player at a premium position.

      • Joe E O says:

        I am pretty negative on Peter as he does not have top tier measurables. Very difficult to a name a top tier CB with his lack of speed

        • Mike Gerken says:

          From what I have been able to dig up it sounds like there has been a lot of issues in regards to the coaching staff and players. Plain and simple, it sounds like Peters was not the only one to have issues. It doesn’t excuse it, but from all accounts it was worked out and to be honest, it seems like a non factor to me.
          As far as his speed, it didn’t show up on tape that he was slow. Some of the better corners in the league had questions about their speed coming out. Joe Haden, Revis, Browner just to name a few.
          I think Peters plays with physicality and great instincts. He has good size and has scheme versatility.

  11. Greg says:

    Great job mike

  12. bob says:

    Absolutely, great job. Thanks for your hard work. By the way, I love Shaq Thompson as our top pick. I just hope he’s there. Some have him going around 20. If Bill likes him as much as the Seahawks do maybe he will trade up ahead of Cincy.

  13. AM says:

    Very nicely put together–thank you for sharing!

  14. page says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on draft, Mike! Your big board will help me understand our picks and other decisions – thanks again for fantastic input!

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