2015 NFL Draft: Mike Loyko’s Final Mock Draft

The Patriots stay at pick 32 to get a plug and play Guard.

The Patriots stay at pick 32 to get a plug and play Guard.

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

After four plus months of hyperbole, speculation, and projection the NFL Draft is finally here. Unlike past years I’ve tried to refrain from putting out a lot of mock drafts. I feel there isn’t much value in doing mocks in November, January, or even Mid-March because things change so quickly. With the draft 24 hours away draft boards are set and teams have zeroed in on “their guys”, but the picture isn’t any clearer for draft fans. I’ll give it one more shot and then call it a “draft season”. Here is my final attempt at projecting the 2015 NFL Draft.

Mike Loyko’s 2015 Mock Draft — 4/29/2015

1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State

2) Tennessee Titans: Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

3) Jacksonville Jaguars: Leonard Williams, DL, Southern California

4) Oakland Raiders: Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama

5) Washington Redskins: Dante Fowler Jr., DE/OLB, Florida

6) New York Jets: Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford

7) Chicago Bears: Kevin White, WR, West Virginia

8) Atlanta Falcons: Bud Dupree, DE/OLB, Kentucky

9) New York Giants: Brandon Scherff, OT, Iowa

10) St. Louis Rams: Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami (FL)

11) Minnesota Vikings: Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State

12) Cleveland Browns: DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville

13) New Orleans Saints: Vic Beasley, DE/OLB, Clemson

14) Miami Dolphins: Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia

15) San Francisco 49ers: Arik Armstead, DL, Oregon

16) Houston Texans: Nelson Agholor, WR, Southern California

17) San Diego Chargers: La’El Collins, OL, LSU

18) Kansas City Chiefs: Cameron Erving, OL, Florida State

19) Cleveland Browns: Danny Shelton, DT, Washington

20) Philadelphia Eagles: Byron Jones, CB, UConn

21) Cincinnati Bengals: Cedric Ogbuehi, OT, Texas A&M

22) Pittsburgh Steelers: Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest

23) Detroit Lions: Malcom Brown, DT, Texas

24) Arizona Cardinals: Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin

25) Carolina Panthers: D.J. Humphries, OT, Florida

26) Baltimore Ravens: Breshad Perriman, WR, Central Florida

27) Dallas Cowboys: Randy Gregory, DE/OLB, Nebraska

28) Denver Broncos: Jake Fisher, OT, Oregon

29) Indianapolis Colts: Landon Collins, SAF, Alabama

30) Green Bay Packers: Denzel Perryman, ILB, Miami (FL)

31) New Orleans Saints: Marcus Peters, CB, Washington

32) New England Patriots: Laken Tomlinson, OG, Duke

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26 Responses to “2015 NFL Draft: Mike Loyko’s Final Mock Draft”

  1. Russell says:

    IF the Patriots trade back, that will change things on my Patriot card for sure. I question if Tomlinson is on the board at #49 if BB trades with K.C. for #49 and #80.

    #49- Eric Rowe CB/S
    #64- Ali Marpet OG
    #80- B.J. Finney OL
    #96- Davis Tull OLB
    #97- Kenny Bell WR
    #101-Anthony Chickillo DE
    #131- Adrain Amos S
    #178- Rob Havenstein OT
    #219- Karlos Williams RB/S
    #253- Brey Cook OL

    • Russell says:

      If no trades;
      #32- Laken Tomlinson
      #64- Michael Bennett
      #96- Josh Shaw
      #97- Davis Tull
      #101- Kenny Bell
      #131-Anthony Chickillo
      178- Rob Havenstein
      #219-Karlos Wiliams
      #253 Brey Cook

    • steve earle says:

      Hey Russell BB screwed up all our mocks, not complaining, jut saying. So do you think we can expect a couple OG’s today? Who would you consider best fits? Who do you predict Bill will actually target? Any chance of him trading up today? Me, I’d like him to move up in our 2nd an take AJ Cann if possible. What do you think?

  2. John M says:

    Do you move up if Marcus Peters is on the board somewhere between picks 25-28 ?

  3. AM says:

    Feels like the build-up has gone on forever–time to see what happens! Tons of great options in the early 2nd-mid 4th round range; this is definitely a year where I’d love to see a trade down for more picks, a la 2013. Lots of variables, but here’s one ideal, with a bit of luck thrown in:

    #32: Kevin Johnson, CB
    #64: A.J. Cann, OG
    #96: Grady Jarrett, DT
    #97: Rashad Greene, WR
    #101: David Johnson, RB
    #131: Henry Anderson, DE
    #177: Josue Matias, OG
    #219: Alani Fua, OLB
    #253: Austin Hill, WR

    • acm says:

      Not sure I’d refer to a mock with Anderson and Mathias in it as “ideal”, not from where I stand, at least. Same goes for Grady jarrett. Think he’s being overrated and worry about his transition to the pros – not every DT with maxed out frame is the next Geno Atkins; most would just end up being just average.

      And “luck” would indeed be a major ingredient in putting those first 4-5 picks together 🙂

      • AM says:

        I’ll definitely take my chances with this lot–Anderson and Matias aren’t exactly top-tier players, but in the mid-to-late rounds, they’re excellent value. Will have to agree to disagree on Jarrett; I’d be content with him in the 2nd Round if it came down to it. Johnson at #32 and Cann at #64 requires a bit of a drop in each case, but not outside the realm of possibility (though some team may fall in love with Johnson and make him a top 20 pick).

        And always happy to get feedback on thoughts, but what about your best shot at an ideal draft? Time to put your money where your mouth is, I think. 🙂

        • acm says:

          The value, from a purely “draft projection” standpoint, in taking Anderson and Mathias in that are of the draft would indeed be pretty good. But so was Halapio’s in the 6th last year. My problem with those picks isn’t the value but the system fit (with Mathias) and NFL potential/ceiling (with Anderson). Mathias is simply a player I don’t see fitting well with what the Pats do on OL (even if we were to assume a more power-blocking oriented O this year). Anderson is a player I can definitely see the Pats go for but that would be a mistake (kind of like that kid from Arkansas in 2012).
          Anderson is a player who I can see have trouble transitioning his success in college into the NFL. Some believe his stats were padded by the Stanford system, and I tend to agree but that’s not the whole story for me. My main issue with him is that he lacks the athleticism, burst and core power, to be anything other than a roster-depth, rotational player both on the inside or outside of the DL.
          In that area of the draft, I’d much rather see them draft for potential, high-ceiling instead of good college stats, which likely aren’t getting replicated at the pros. Someone like Sokoli, for example, I see as a much better NFL player than Anderson even if based on their college production, the Stanford player looks like the better pick. Sokoli’s potential at the NFL is JJ Watt level – how far he goes would be determined by the coaching staff, system he ends up with. Anderson’s NFL ceiling is, imo, well below his college level, as just another depth guy. Whan that’s the case, I’d rather take my chances with the higher potential guy because even if he busts-out, you aren’t losing much one or the other but you stand to gain A LOT, otherwise.

        • acm says:

          Now, as far as a mock, I don’t think my realistic and “ideal” mock would have much to do with one another as I tend to veer towards the former when doing mock drafts, prefer to be on the safe-side than overly optimistic, that is. For example, this year a good-looking/ideal mock would probably have the Pats take a high-ceiling prospect at CB in the 1st. Well, I think the only CB with 1st round grade from the Pats would be Byron Jones and right now I have a problem mocking him at 32, tbh. Once you don’t take a CB in the first, that would sort of change teh complexion of the entire mock as the value at CB in late 2nd (don’t wanna assume any trade-down just yet) is virtually the same as that in the 4th. Either way, not taking one of very few guys at CB projecting to go in the 1st, likely means you don’t draft a starter at CB at all but just a depth guy to develop.
          This being said, here is a realistic mock, I can live with:

          1) OL Laken Tomlinson
          2) DL Marcus Hardison
          3) OL Mitch Morse/Ali Marpet
          3) LB Davis Tull
          4) WR K. bell / WR T.Lockett / RB Duke Johnson / RB D.Cobb / CBI.Ekpre-Olomu (draft a skill position player for 2016)
          4) DT LT Walton or DE L.Mauldin
          6) DE/DT K.Sokoli
          7) LB M.Rush or WR D.Smelter (like Ekpre-Olomu, for 2016)
          7)CB Axel Ofori

          Topic of the mock is immediate/future starters and depth at OL and DL. Also get some depth at the skill positions in a talented draft class for the 2016 season. Taking Ekpre-Olomu and Smelter and icing them on the IR would play the role of putting two 2015 draft picks in the “bank” for 2016, a move driven by the fact that this year the Pats may well have too many picks and not enough roster spots. One can create future picks as part of a trade but one can never count on a willing trade partner when it comes to involving future picks.

        • acm says:

          Forgot to mention – I am also creating LB depth (and potential starters down the line), via Tull and possibly Rush, getting ready for life without Mayo.
          Ekpre-Olomu would be Arrington’s replacement, Ofori is a shot in the dark, looking for that next Butler guy. Makes no sense for me to draft another CB as it’s unlikely one would find a starter in 3-5 round range anyway, while depth guys there are already plenty on the roster or one can look for them in the 7th (e.g. Ofori) at a fraction of the price.

        • AM says:

          Interesting comments–I know there’s a division of opinion on Anderson, and that assessing his particular game is more complicated than most prospects. I disagree with you on the pick, though, and your assessment of his athleticism. I think he has enough to succeed (and even functional strength tends to improve for lineman after a year in the NFL), and I love his motor and intelligence. I think he’s a rotational guy at absolute worst, with an excellent ceiling.

          Your draft is also interesting–hits on some good selections in Morse, Bell, and Mauldin, though the rest is somewhat underwhelming. I would stay far away from Tomlinson in the first round. I absolutely love his character and smarts, but his athleticism is borderline at best, even for a guard. Even though the team has started favoring so-called power blocking in general, I think he’s not nimble enough to be a quality starter.

          Enjoy the draft!

    • steve earle says:

      I really like AJ Cann but agree with acm on Anderson. You have Cann at #64 but I think he goes before that. I’d like a trade up here in our 2nd to get him if possible. We need a 2nd OG also or we have to try to resign Connelly.

  4. Russell says:

    Finial Patriots draft card;
    #32- Laken Tomlinson OG
    #64-Michel Bennett DT
    #96- Josh Shaw CB
    #97- Kenny Bell WR
    #101- Davis Tull OLB
    #131- Anthoney Chickillo DE
    #178- Rob Havertein OT
    #219- Karlos Williams RB/S
    #253- Brey Cook OL

  5. MM-II says:

    Rumor that the Seahawks may be willing to part with Bruce Irvin for a 3rd-rounder (one year left on his rookie contract).

    • carlo strada says:

      An hybrid player all the way. He s the flat defender SLB when he s not rushing the passer in Seattle s scheme.

      Hypothetically speaking: Would you consider him as a LB or an Ayers DE? Where do you think Belichick would put him to play?

      • MM-II says:

        I see him as primarily an off-the-line guy for the edge who is also good when he drops down with his hand in the dirt and a good run-defender, either way (more consistent than Chandler at setting the edge, at least). He also seems to be able to handle limited coverage assignments well enough. Kind of reminds me of a younger, admittedly lighter, but also slightly more athletic version of Nink (who posted a 4.18 shuttle and 6.96 3-cone, BTW).

        To a certain extent, Irvin could also indirectly help solve the ILB depth issue. We’ve seen that both HT and Collins can be fine covering the middle and calling the plays in Mayo’s absence. However, moving either one inside then creates a bit of a downgrade and/or juggling act to fill their edge spot (Ayers helped out a lot in that situation last season). In this regard, Irvin probably has somewhat more effective versatility, especially off-the-line, than Sheard, and I’ve always like Sheard a lot as a DE/OLB.

        While there doesn’t seem to be a regular starting spot in the LB corps for a player of Irvin’s caliber based on the initial starting lineups of the past couple seasons (before Mayo got injured), I think BB could find a way to create a rotation (not only at LB, but also at 40-front DE) that would provide Irvin with more than enough snaps. And, with everybody healthy, any 3-4 sets they mixed in could be devastating.

        Comparing the #96 for Irvin (if it’s for real, which I kinda doubt) with the potential edge guys the Pats could get at #96 (or even at #32) out of this draft seems like a no-brainer on the surface. Of course, it wouldn’t look so hot next year if he asked for a boatload of cash for his second contract and it turns out to have been a 3rd-rounder for a one-year rental. Still, it would make for better in-house options overall, what with Nink getting up there in years (he turned 31 in February), Mayo’s contract getting expensive and the less-than-ideally-versatile Chandler Jones requiring a 2nd contract.

    • acm says:

      No, thank you. Always said about him that he’s an athlete, not a football player. Always doubted his football, as well as overall, IQ too. Don’t see him as a good fit for the Pats also from a character stand-point. Seattle’s system is more dumbed-down and even there he’s been a relative disappointment considering his draft status.
      If they wanna get rid of him, have to wonder why?

      A player who reminds me of Bruce Irvin this year – Bud Dupree.

      Edge rushers Pats could use that 3rd rounder on are Flowers and Mauldin (I think he’d be best used as a M. Bennett-type DE in the nFL once he packs on 10-12 lbs). You could add A. Chickillo too. All 3 players I’d take any day over Irvin.

      • carlo strada says:

        It all goes down to economicals, they think that Boby Wagner is more vital to their defense, so he d become a casualty (they still have to manage Wilson s new contract)
        Since Pats cap space is also a bit tight seems unlikely too happen.

        Seems Fletcher Cox is another player in the trade block (even when Kelly says he s not selling the farm for getting a shot to Mariota…)

        • acm says:

          I don’t think it’s simply a matter of economics but value too. Cap room is not set in stone but is fluid. Teams can create it in a number of ways for players they deem worthy of keeping.
          So, this is not a simple matter of choosing between Irvin and Wagner but rather realising that Irvin is not someone they’d wanna keep on what would likely have to be a sizable, long-term deal. Once that’s the case, it no longer makes sense to exercise the player’s 5th year option either as that would be a lot of money (8mil+, I guess) counting straight towards the cap.
          Thus, it would make more sense for them to get something in return for a player they don’t think would be worth keeping long-term (not that they can not keep, if they absolutely wanted to) as opposed to lose him for nothing a year from now. Hence the trade-block rumors.

  6. MM-II says:

    The BB “Let’s Make Kiper Go Bald” Draft:

    32 – Damarious Randall, FS, ARIZ STATE
    64 – Donovan Smith, OT/OG, PENN STATE
    96 – Trey Flowers, DE, ARKANSAS
    97 – Justin Hardy, WR, E. CAROLINA
    101 – BJ Finney, OC/OG, KANSAS STATE
    131 – Chris Covington, DT, RICE
    178 – Zach Zenner, RB, S. DAKOTA STATE
    219 – Darren Waller, WR, GEORGIA TECH
    253 – Joe Cardona, LS, NAVY

    • Russell says:

      I like B.J.Finney alot, but Buffalo likes him n the 3d round. A very underrated prospect.

      • MM-II says:

        Me, too.

        There may be a couple-three similarly good interior OL prospects available around the end of the 3rd who haven’t been getting nearly the hype that’s been lavished on the guys like Erving, Tomlinson and Marpet.

        I was serious when I wrote earlier that tomorrow will be much more exciting for Pats fans than tonight, whether or not the Pats actually make a pick at #32 or trade down. The 2nd and 3rd are going to be the meat of this draft. The #32 is almost like getting dessert served first.

    • acm says:

      That wouldn’t be as bad a draft, imo. Don’t particularly care about Smith and Covington – give me Marpet/Morse and Walton/X.Williams there instead – but the rest of the top 6 picks would be quite alright.

      • MM-II says:

        It probably wouldn’t have seemed as funny (to me, at least), if I hadn’t gone out of my way to reach for Smith and Covington.


  7. Dan Sullivan says:

    Draft Day Patriots Mock Draft as I had to roll up my sleeves and do one more draft.
    1 Traded for 2nd and 3rd.
    2 Hau’oli Kikaha OLB Washington
    2 Rashad Greene WR FSU
    3 Carl Davis DT Iowa
    3 Mitch Morse G Missouri
    3 D’Joun Smith CB Florida Atlantic
    4 Taiwan Jones ILB Michigan St.
    4 Jeremy Langford RB Michigan St.
    5 Bobby Richardson DT Indiana
    6 traded for 5th.
    7 Traded for 5th
    7 Sam Carter SS TCU

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