Scouting Report: Tyrell Williams, WR

With Williams' impressive athletic traits, he could be an interesting option for the Patriots at wide receiver.

With Williams’ impressive athletic traits, he could be an interesting option for the Patriots at wide receiver.

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Today, I look at another prospect that the Patriots have shown interest in and that Bill Belichick worked out personally.  Obviously coming from a small school out west, I had not heard of Tyrell Williams until the article that linked him to the Patriots came out.  After doing some research though, you can see why there would be interest from the Patriots. Here is what I saw from Williams.

Name: Tyrell Williams

School: Western Oregon (Sr.)

Height: 6’31/2″

Weight: 204 Lbs.

Pro Day Results:

4.38-40 yard dash

39.5″ Vertical Jump

107″ Broad Jump

4.22 Shuttle

6.53 3-cone



The first thing that jumps off the page are his impressive measurables, both physically and athletically.  Not only did Williams have a very good 40 time, his 3 cone time would have been the best at this year’s combine.  When you add in that he is almost 6’4″ tall, that makes for an impressive combination.  The nice thing is, you see those impressive traits on the field as well.  Williams is a glider with effortless long strides.  He has a second gear and outran everyone on the field on a consistent basis.  Williams shows a willingness to go over the middle and has good hands to make contested catches.  On deep passes, he tracks the ball well and looks it into his hands, he would even tip the ball to himself at times to make the catch.  Williams also has really good body control, doing a nice job of changing direction in his routes.  He also is a very willing blocker in the run game and looks like he takes pride in it.



The obvious issue for Williams will be the jump in competition.  On his college tape, you could tell he was by far the best athlete on the field, so he did not have to rely on technique and proper footwork.  Williams also does not use his size to his advantage.  He does not attack the football, instead he allows the ball to get into his body.  This did not lead to a lot of drops, but I would like to see him extend his arms out more and catch the ball with his hands.  Williams also had a limited route tree that he ran in college and will need to work on his footwork getting in and out of his routes.



Williams is an intriguing prospect.  You do not find too many guys with his height, speed, and movement skills combination.  In my notes I wrote that he looked like Randy Moss to me.  He has the same build as Moss and he runs like him to.  I am not saying he will be Randy Moss, but his game has the same type of feel.  In his interviews that I have heard and read, Williams comes off as an intelligent player who is hard working.  He was a three time 1st team all conference player and he averaged 17 yards per catch for his career at Western Oregon.  With his impressive combination of physical and athletic traits, I could see Williams coming in year one and contributing on a limited basis as a stretch the field type player.  From there, it will all depend if he can develop his route running skills and footwork.  If he can, he could become a special player in the NFL.  I give Williams a 6th round grade and would be very intrigued to see him in a Patriots uniform.



34 Responses to “Scouting Report: Tyrell Williams, WR”

  1. Stephen J says:

    Just came across this

    top non-Combine WR SPARQ scores

    3 Tyrell Willams

  2. J H TARBORO says:

    Rice pro day CB Bryce Callahan ran 4.32 40yds. 43.5″ vert. 11′ long jump.

    • Russell says:

      Callahan is only 5’9″ 185, I think to short to consider.

      • MM-II says:

        Malcolm Butler – 5096/187
        4.62/40 – 1.62/10yd – 13 reps – 33.5″vert – 118″broad – 4.27 shuttle – 7.20 3-cone

        • acm says:

          The problem with adding someone like Callahan is not so much that he is too short or too slow but that he’d represent “more of the same” – a sub 5’10” Cb, who lacks elite speed, lacks physicality (unlike Butler), will not add anything the Pats already don’t have. Adding a bigger, more physical CB would allow for more scheme flexibility. Maybe that’s what Russell was alluding to.

          Now, one could make the argument that it won’t hurt bringing a late pick/UDFA to camp to challenge the current CBs, especially in the slot. Even then, I’d prefer Axel Ofori (Maine) to Callahan – numbers are about the same or slightly better but he’s instinctive, physical (including run support), tracks the ball well and would be able to reroute WRs at the next level (something I just don’t see Callahan do).

          Ofori reminds me a bit of EJ Gaines (Mizzou) from the 2014 draft, a player I was adamant was being grossly underrated and thought he was every bit as good if not better than most CBs who never fell out of the 3rd round. Very similar traits between the two with the exception of level of competition, which makes me think Ofofri should be on board late in the draft and who knows, might even go undrafted.

  3. J H TARBORO says:

    LSU pro day will be televised on the SEC Network fri. 1pm-3pm EST.

  4. J H TARBORO says:

    Re-set your draft boards, because they’re changing, Nebraska LB Randy Gregory failed a drug test at the NFL Combine for marijuana, so he will slide unfortunately and many scouts and NFL personel doesn’t see W.Virginia WR Kevin White as the 1st or 2nd receiver off the draft boards in April.

    • Brian says:

      I had Gregory falling before the drug test. He seems to be a better athlete than football player and reminds me too much of Dion Jordan. Just doesn’t have the tenacity that I would want out of a pass rusher.

      • Brian says:

        And I should clarify. He is a good player but if I’m a team in the top 10, then I’m doing my homework to see where his head is at. That being said if Dan Quinn gets his hands on him in Atlanta. Then he will likely maximize the talent.

  5. J H TARBORO says:

    UCF WR Breshad Perriman at his pro day ran 4.25 40yds., other scouts and NFL personel had him timed between 4.22-4.27 in the 40yds. The NFL Network with some of latest mock drafts has Perriman mocked to the Patriots at #32.

    • Jim R says:

      Would be so out of character for the Patriots to draft a wr in the first round

      • J H TARBORO says:

        Jim R. it may seem out of our character, i agree! but between the AFC east arm race and the build up of the AFC in general, that seem out of character, you can’t predict what the Patriots might do this year given the circumstances around them, and armed with 9 total picks in this draft.

        • acm says:

          With 3 of the top 5 defensive fronts in the NFL calling AFC East home, unless Tommy figures out a way to throw deep all beat up from his back, I’d say drafting a WR in the 1st would be even more an “out of character” move by Pats.

    • td says:

      While I’m sure some teams may change their minds after he ran fast in a straight line, I doubt the Pat’s are one of them. Teams falling in love with workout warriors result in really good players falling to us that normally would not.

      • J H TARBORO says:

        Bill Belichick seen sitting front center at UCF pro day.

        • acm says:

          BB making his interest in Perriman so obvious is what makes me doubt it’s genuine. IIRC, BP’s agent is Drew Rosenhaus, so I wouldn’t be shocked if BB was doing him a favor of sorts – BB gushing over Perriman could well make the difference between him going in the 1st and the 2nd round.

    • matt says:

      Last time Pats drafted a WR in the first round was in 96 when they drafted Glenn. So the odds of them drafting a wr in round 1 is really slim.

    • matt says:

      Last time Pats drafted a WR in the first round was in 96 when they drafted Glenn. So the odds of them drafting a wr in round 1 is really slim.

  6. Jim R says:

    Post FA mock
    1-Eli Harold-OLB-Virginia
    2-Michael Bennett-DL-Ohio St.
    3-Daryl Williams-OT-Oklahoma
    3(Comp) Eric Rowe-CB-Utah
    4-Henry Anderson-DL-Stanford
    4-Ben Heeney-ILB Kansas
    6-Ladarius Gunter-CB- the U
    7-Jarvis Harrison-OG-Texas A&M
    7-Devin Gardner-??????-Michigan

  7. Russell says:

    Given My trade , Patriots 1st, 6th to K.C. for their 2nd and 2nd in 2016 draft. Here’s my Mock;

    2nd K.C. – OL Jake Fisher
    2nd——-CB Steven Nelson
    3d——– DT Xaiver Williams
    3d Comp.- LB Davis Tull
    4th Tampa-OL B. J. Finney
    4th ——- DE/LB Kyle Manuel
    7th Tenn. -DT Angelo Blackson
    7th Comp.- OL Brey Cook

  8. J H TARBORO says:

    Matt Patricia and the Patriots defensive entorage at Texas pro day to see and workout DT Malcolm Brown.

  9. Russell says:

    I think if your looking at the Patriots draft choices, there is VERY high chance BB makes a trade. Looking for partners in a deal, IMO I like Kanas City which I think could fill needs with two 1st round picks. So I like trading the Patriots , 1st (#32) and 6th (#177 from Tampa) to K.C. for thier 2nd (#49) and 2nd next year( 2016 draft).

    • Kevan says:

      I don’t like the value of that trade at all. When pats traded their 1st to saints they got a 2 and a 1st the following year. I think the pats pick was at 28 but I can’t say for sure.

  10. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft
    1 Laken Tomlinson G Duke
    2 Michael Bennett DT Ohio State
    3 Trey Flowers DE Arkansas
    3 Alex Carter CB Stanford
    4 Javorius Allen RB USC
    4 Lorenzo Mauldin OLB Louisville
    6 Alan Fua OLB BYU
    7 James Castleman DT Oklahoma St
    7 Mickey Baucus OT Arizona

    • Jim R says:

      Dan, I think this is one of your better mocks. I do not think they will draft 9 instead I hope they target a couple of players in rounds 1-4 to move up. Draft @ 6-7 and hit the UDFA’s again

      • Philip says:

        Agree .. I also don’t think that they will use all there picks.
        Hope they use their later picks to trade up in the middle rounds.

  11. J H TARBORO says:

    Very good article Mike Gerken, I was impressed watching Tyrell, he reminds me of WR Dezmin Lewis-Central Ark.. I also notice a pattern with the size of the receiver at 6’4, same as Dezmin Lewis, and Devin Gardner who recently just had a workout with us.

    • Markus says:

      Does anyone whether Devin Gardner has a fixed position by now? I’ve heard WR most of the time and some CB. But actually I’d hope for switch to safety. 6’4” 217 lbs with probably room to add muscles, very dynamic and good recognition skills. That sounds very intriguing to me.

    • Jim R says:

      Would like to see what they could do with Gardner.

  12. td says:

    Yeah, but he’s not from Rutgers so fugetaboutit. Those are some measureables for a guy that size. Unfortunately they look eerily similar to Chad Jackson’s.

    I’m all for a tall, fast Wideout, but the only guy Brady’s hitting long at his age is the 2007 version of Moss IMO. They are going to need big guys that can get open fast with the defenses our division foes have going into this year, much like how they beat the Hawks.

    Really need someone to fill in for what Vereen did at the end of the season.

    • Jim R says:

      I agree, Teams are not going to give Brady 4-5 seconds so deep routes can develop. They will pressure and hope they tackle the underneath stuff ASAP. With Defenses going for speed over size, I would love to see the Pats draft some road graders early to attack the little guys.

    • MM-II says:

      Speed isn’t exclusively useful for getting deep BEFORE the throw. It’s also useful for getting YAC, especially when combined with size and agility.

  13. MM-II says:

    “He also is a very willing blocker in the run game and looks like he takes pride in it.”

    This is what would sell him to BB as a relatively raw prospect over other tall, fast, athletic guys. If a WR takes pride in his blocking (and special teams work), he stands a much better chance of sticking around long enough to develop the rest of it. If a WR doesn’t block well (and/or work on it diligently) and doesn’t contribute on special teams, he’s probably not going to be active on game day very often (Dobson).

    In that regard, Mike, it might be helpful to include a WR’s bench reps (if available) in his workout numbers. Upper body strength can be a clue to how much potential a WR has for effective blocking, as well as his potential for beating a hard press off the LoS and for making contested catches.

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