Scouting Report: Brandon Person, DB

Does this small school player have what it takes to make the nfl and would he be a good fit for the Patriots?

Does this small school player have what it takes to make the nfl and would he be a good fit for the Patriots?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Someone asked if I could do some reports on lesser known players.  Well, I took it to the extreme with Brandon Person, a defensive back out of Tiffin University. Located in Ohio and part of the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, Tiffin is not exactly a hot bed for potential NFL players.  This year however, that may change with Brandon Person.  I was lucky enough to find just enough highlight tape and actual games to put together a report on him, so check out this unknown player and let me know what you think.

Name: Brandon Person

School: Tiffin University (Sr.)

Height: 5’11” (unofficial)

Weight: 196 Lbs. (unofficial)

No combine or Pro day results available

40 yard dash-4.50 (unofficial)


Person has played all over the backfield for the dragons.  He has lined up mostly as their free safety, but also came down in the box to play strong safety as well as some press man corner.  Person shows good footwork in his backpedal and has fluid hips to turn and run with defenders. He reads and reacts to plays quickly and consistently makes it difficult for receivers to make the catch.  He sinks his hips and does not take unnecessary steps on comebacks and combination routes.  Person is physical and on film looks like he enjoys hitting receivers and tackling runners.  You can see on tape that he is the quarterback of the defense, constantly telling and getting his teammates into proper position.  In an interview he did, it sounds like he is a film junkie and is always looking to improve his game both on and off the field.



It is difficult to find any true information on small school players like this. I have seen him listed anywhere from 5’10” to 6’1″ and 185 Lbs to a whopping 220 Lbs.  I tend to think he is on the smaller side of those numbers.  Not only is he coming from a small school, but he was at a community college before that, so to say he will be making a big jump in competition is an understatement.  Everything from the speed to the complexity of the game is going to be brand new to him and not everyone can make that jump.



I cannot take credit for finding this potential diamond in the rough. I saw something about him on Twitter and decided to check him out further.  It is so hard to get a true feel for a player off a highlight tape, but it is not completely useless either.  You can watch for traits that translate regardless of competition, and Person does show some of those traits.  To my surprise, I was actually able to find some full games as well and again, he showed up.  If this kid gets drafted, and that is a big if, it will be late.  Most likely he will be an undrafted free agent, but we have seen that those guys can come in and contribute.  I think Person shows enough to warrant a shot in camp and may just surprise some people, especially in this weak safety class. Here is a link to some of his tape:



83 Responses to “Scouting Report: Brandon Person, DB”

  1. J H TARBORO says:

    Colt waive RB Trent Richardson, hypothetical question Would you take a gamble on Richardson if healthy and weight loss?

  2. acm says:

    Dwayne Bowe getting cut. Could be an interesting proposition for the Pats to revive his career.
    Eagles looking to trade OG Evan Mathis – that has a Pats move written all over it 😉

  3. Dan Sullivan says:

    For the Patriots day 3 of free agency here are players that would be good signings.

    1 Zach Miller TE Raiders
    2 Tarell Brown CB Raiders
    3 Knowshon Moreno RB Miami
    4 Red Bryant DL Jaguars
    5 Rob Sims G Lions
    6 Geno Hayes OLB Jaguars

  4. J H TARBORO says:

    A player that Bellichick has coveted for years is available former Seahawk, and Jaguar DL Red Bryant.

  5. steve earle says:

    God help us it’s looking like the o-line is now a position of strength for the Pats. Bill needs to rebuild the d-backfield, the d-line then if any money is left address our OG situation. Hopefully he can bring in a solid vet for each of those areas and then reinforce them somewhere in the draft. Shnead is a very good start though we still need a DT to replace Wilfolk. The problem as I see it is the Jets now have Revis, Miami has Suh and we must rely on Wendell and Connelly ( if later is resigned) to face Suh two times every year now. We usually managed to beat the Jets with Revis before so not a huge worry now but Miami does worry me.

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Bill drafts for the O-line 1-2 years ahead of when he thinks he’ll actually need the bodies. Vollmer and Solder could both be gone by 2017.

      • steve earle says:

        Yes I agree but what is the point you are trying to bring out?

        • GM-in-Training says:

          I’m saying if Bill keeps being Bill, and doesn’t think he’ll be able to extend Vollmer or Solder, look for him to pick up a Tackle in the top 50 picks. Maybe that tackle plays OG as a rookie.

  6. Jeff says:

    FA and draft for Patriots to help forget about Revis:

    Re-structure Mayo and Amendola

    DT – Knighton or Fairly on a 4-year deal
    CB – Cromartie on a 3-year deal
    RB – Bush on a 2-year deal
    G – Connolly on a 1-2 year deal
    WR – Harvin on a 1-year deal

    1st – CB – Kevin Johnson
    2nd – G – Tre Jackson (or your favorite available guard)
    3rd (swapped with Jets from tampering) – G – Ali Marpet
    3rd (comp.) – DE – Za’Darius Smith
    4th (Tampa) – LB – Kwon Alexander
    4th – LB – Mike Hull
    6th (Tampa) – DT – Joey Mbu
    7th (Tennessee) – TE – Blake Bell

    • steve earle says:

      Well Jeff things have been shaken up pretty well now. Must agree Knightly or Fairly would do nicely inside for us. We’ll need inside pressure to help our DB’s now. Connelly maybe if no other better available but! Harvin gives me the creeps I’d rather stick with what we have but who knows? WE can hope for a swap with 3rds with the JETS but not holding my breath NFL seems to give NY teams benefit of doubts as often as not, jmo. As for OG’s in the draft I like Kouandjio, Cann, Tomlinson as well as Marpet who my be a little greener but has upside.

  7. Jeff says:

    Sad to see Revis go, but I’m waiting to see what Bill does with that money instead before passing judgment. If it’s Sheard, a DT like Fairly, and a CB like Cromartie, that’s not too bad of a consolation prize, and it does spread out the eggs from the proverbial “one basket”.

  8. Ken says:

    FA’s I think would be wise for Pats to sign:

    Tramon Williams (CB) – One of the better CB FA’s and would help fill the void left by Revis
    Pierre Thomas (RB) – cheap option with good pass catching skills to replace Vereen.
    Brandon Browner (CB) – would like to see him back for size & match up versatility
    Percy Harvin (WR) – BB was high on him coming out & would be another weapon
    Jordan Cameron (TE) – Pipe dream I know but would be a great one two punch w/ Gronk
    Scott Chandler (TE) – more realistic option for TE depth, always liked him watching Bills games
    B.J. Raji (DE) – big NT to replace Vince, only a couple years removed from being a dominating NT
    Dane Fletcher (LB) – always liked Dane when he was here, good depth / special teamer

    I think the RB, OL, & DL could be addressed in the draft but a veteran CB is a big need.

  9. J H TARBORO says:

    With our FA signings, they’re filling the roster with depth signings and it looks like we’re going to go with best player on board in the draft. I look at this FA frenzy in 2 different lights, 1) Picking at #32 might just be a great spot for us based on what other teams are doing in FA. 2) Most of the AFC teams that are loading up, it looks good on paper, but some teams are going to lose focus trying to catch us, and should build their team based on sustainability and longevity. GO PATS!!!

    • Jeff says:

      Not that I support every move by the AFC so far, but if you look at starting lineups, all teams look pretty competitive. Only problem for the rest of the AFC is quarterback, which happens to be the most important position. Strong teams, and VERY strong defensive lines, but Brady should be difference for the Pats.

  10. Dan Sullivan says:

    The signing of DE Sheard greatly helps the pass rush and is a excellent signing for Pats he
    also helps a lot against run. Percy Harvin would be great if not here is what I would like to see
    Pats do.

    Pierre Thomas RB Saints
    Scott Mitchell TE Bills
    Willie Colon G Jets
    Nate Irving ILB Broncos
    Tramon Williams CB Packers
    Randy Starks DT Miami

  11. Russell says:

    The Patrots signed Jabaal Sheard 6’3″ 264 DE/OLB 40yd time 4.69 a 2nd rund pick (#37) of the browns in 2011. His deal is for 2yrs. 11mil., 5.5 mil.guaranteed. Looks like a solid player!

    • Ryan says:

      Hope this doesn’t mean we are losing Ayers. I would love to have both, even though this probably means we are ignoring Odighizuwa and Orchard come draft day.

      At the level the Patriots are competing, I’d rather have Ayers and Sheard anyway, as they are polished former high-round picks.

      • steve earle says:

        Can’t see not trying to keep Ayres also. He would provide good depth and strong pass rush.

    • acm says:

      Was a big fan of Sheard in the 2011 draft. Really like this signing. Have to think he’d finally reach his potential with the Pats after 4 years of constant coaching and scheme changes at Cleveland stunted his growth as a player.

      Sheard is more of a DE/on-the-line OLB, more so than Ayers. The latter was a situational pass-rusher and with more time in the system could likely drop back and play “regular” LB, so Sheard on the roster doesn’t necessarily preclude bringing Ayers back, imo. Same could likely be said of drafting Owa O.

      They are looking at another very interesting, young FA for the ILB spot (again from the Titans) – Colin McCarthy. History of injuries (shocking, I know) but talent is definitely there, I must say.

  12. Dylan.C says:

    Cover two just sounds so un-sexy after getting used to single high man last year 🙁

  13. Dylan.C says:

    Free Agent Targets

    RB – Pierre Thomas

    DE – Jaball Sheard

    DT – Nick Fairley

    DT – James Starks

    CB – Chris Culliver

    CB – Perrish Cox

    CB – Sterrling Moore

    TE – Zach Miller

    TE – Anthony Fasano

    TE – Scott Chandler

    Probably gonna hold off on the mock drafts until FA plays out a bit more.

    • acm says:

      Given the circumstances, I wouldn’t say no to A. Cromartie but he seems to be close to re-joining f**ing Jets too.

      Right now the secondary makes me cringe in pain, tbh. Seems they let Browner go because with Revis gone they won’t be playing press any more … going back to zone, I guess 🙁

  14. Dan Sullivan says:

    Even though Patriots are get roughed up on radio over losing Revis I feel strong smart
    moves are on the way for Patriots.
    My Predictions

    Jordan Cameron TE Browns
    Chris Culliver CB 49ers
    Randy Starks DT Miami
    Nick Fairley DT Lions
    Jacquiz Rodgers RB Falcons
    Kroy Biermann DE Falcons
    Zachary Bowman CB Giants
    Anthony Collins OT Buccaneers

    • steve earle says:

      I always liked Jacquiz Rogers, be a great replacement for Vereen. Starks is getting pretty long in the tooth wouldn’t surprise me to see him retire but even if not Pats not his favorite team and would likely go elsewhere.

  15. Dan Sullivan says:

    Even though Patriots are get roughed up on radio over losing Revis I feel strong smart
    moves are on the way for Patriots.
    My Predictions

    Jordan Cameron TE Browns
    Chris Culliver CB 49ers
    Randy Starks DT Miami
    Nick Fairley DT Lions
    Jacquiz Rodgers RB Falcons
    Kroy Biermann DE Falcons
    Zachary Bowman CB Giants
    Anthony Collins OT Buccaneers

  16. Russell says:

    Bye Revis Patriot Mock;
    1st- OL Cameron Eving
    2nd- OLB Lornzo Mauldin
    3d- CB Charles Gaines
    3d (Comp).- DE Henry Anderson
    4th (Tamp)- OLB Davis Tull
    4th – WR Kenny Bell
    6th (tampa)- OL Laurence Gibson
    7th (Tenn.) – DT Angalo Blackson

    • acm says:

      with the Sheard signing not sure a player like mauldin would be a priority. Would like to believe there would be a good OL/DL/CB prospect waiting at 64.

      As for Erving, I have a hard time believing the seahawks pass on him at 31 after trading away their pro-bowl C. Not impossible but Max Unger was easily their best OL-man and a key figure to that run-first offense.

      • acm says:

        Actually my bad – I just remembered the ‘Hawks gave away their 1st rounder in that Unger for Graham trade. Guess Erving is back on board at 32 😉

    • steve earle says:

      Erving at 32 would be great but must consider Bill may go DT there depending on who might be available then? You sticking with Anderson is understandable given your view of how he would fit but consider he is much more a 3-4 DE type and now that Revis and Browner are gone the pass rush becomes a much higher priority and Anderson doesn’t translate well to moving inside from all accounts. In that general range Hardison, Golden or Cooper would seem a better fit.

  17. Jeff says:

    A swap of 3rd round picks (same as the San Fran case) would be pretty nice for the Pats if the Jets get busted on tampering. Lots more talent available where the Jets are picking in the third. Could find a quality right guard, a 4th linebacker, or a rotational DE at that level with less risk/more upside than the end of the round.

    • Ryan says:

      Ooooooh that would be sweet. A good deal of CB talent will be there at the top of the third

    • acm says:

      Wouldn’t hold my breath on the tampering charges resulting in anything good for the Pats. These matters are hard to prove and punish unless there is obvious contact with agents/player before the legal tampering period. When it comes to such “slip-of-the-tongue” examples, IIRC, history isn’t on the Pat’s side.

    • steve earle says:

      I don’t trust the NFL or the Comish to give us a fair deal here. They seem to ever give NY teams an edge in these things. Hope I’m wrong.

  18. Russell says:

    IMO, I think signing Harvin, seems the most likely, putting in the back field on 3 downs will make some good mis-matches from the Patriots. I don’t think BB goes for a CB in this group on the market. I think he drafts 1, and looks at undrafted guys.(CB Justin Green, Dax Swanson, P-Squad) may have some up-side.
    To me DT Dan Williams (signed with the Raiders) was the best bet for the Dline. So again drafting a DT looks strong. Depending on Mayo, LB depth is still an issue, will see what Gordon, Morris can do.
    So my Mock draft will bring in a CB/S prospect, but other wise remains the same. To be up-dated when I recheck the draft board, with the Saints drafting at #31.

  19. Kevan says:

    As of right now the top 3 needs on this team are crystal clear- Guard, DT, CB. I would like to complain about how that went, but scroo it, it’s done. I do wonder if jets will get in trouble for tampering though, lord knows if it was the other way around it would be wall to wall news. Some interesting names thrown out there already Cromartie,Culliver at cb, maybe Wilfork resigns or pats snag Terrance Knighton at dt. I liked boling for guard but he signed up with Cincy. Pats will look to sign Reggie bush or spiller as well as Percy harvin. But I’ll say it again DT,CB,G lets get it done yall. Maybe pats can run a zone scheme and have a stronger front 7 time will tell for the world champs! Get the 5th baby

    • steve earle says:

      Your right Kevan, no use your complaining but let me do it for you just a moment. D**n it Bill couldn’t you have offered a better guanteed $$$ ?????? Okay moving on.

  20. Dan Sullivan says:

    Next moves for Patriots now that Revis is gone.

    1 Antonio Cromartie CB
    2 Stefen Wisniewski G/C
    3 Percy Harvin WR
    4 B.J. Raji NT
    5 Ahmad Bradshaw RB
    6 Jabaal Sheard DE

    Don’t worry Pats fans as moves will be coming.

    • Jeff says:

      Dan, I agree those are the positions the Pats will make signings in free agency… who they will end up being, we’ll see… I’d love to see Cromartie to match up with outside receivers.

  21. John says:


    FA Signings:
    1. Sign Antonio Cromartie
    2. Sign Jabaal Shead (as much I as I would like them to re-sign Ayers, they’re redundant)
    3. Re-Sign Wilfork
    4. Re-Sign Connolly

    1. Cameron Erving OG/OT/C
    2. Tevin Coleman RB
    3. Grady Jarrett DT
    3. Steven Nelson C

  22. acm says:

    time to redraw those draft boards, fellas.

  23. Ryan says:

    Disappointing that Revis will not return. He will be a fan favorite in New Jersey but they may be years from a winning season.

    One point of interest is that Revis returning to the Jets might make it easier to sign Antonio Cromartie. At 6’2″ he would certainly be worth a look.

    Other veteran cornerback who I hope we bring in for a look are Tramon Williams, Tarell Brown and Antoine Cason. We need a replacement signing and Browner alone might not do it. My sleeper for the Pats to sign is Shareece Wright from the Chargers.
    Others guys I think the Patriots should make a run for in free agency:

    DE: Adrian Clayborn, Anthony Spencer, DaQuan Bowers
    DT: Terrence Knighton, Dan Williams, Devon Still, Alan Branch, Damon Harrison
    OG: Justin Blalock, Clint Boling, Davin Joseph
    LB: Akeem Ayers, Brandon Spikes, Jabaal Sheard
    RB: Reggie Bush, LaMichael James, Chris Johnson, Joe McKnight, C.J. Spiller
    SS: Bernard Pollard, Will Hill
    WR: Percy Harvin, Cecil Shorts III, Michael Crabtree, Jarrett Boykin

    • Russell says:

      Not much on this list that IMO the Patriots sign, WR Harvin is the most likely, along with Ayers.

  24. Daniel R. Martin says:

    Reevis going back to the Jets. Story is on Yahoo.

  25. Jeff says:

    I don’t see Browner and Revis both coming back. Even if one of them returns, CB is looking like a great positional target in round 1.

  26. Jeff says:

    Top 5 Patriots trade candidates:

    1) Alfonso Dennard – If the Pats sign 1 and draft 1 cornerback, they’ll have flexibility to move one, and Dennard would offer some cap relief
    2) Jonas Gray – With Blount, Gray, Gaffney, Bolden, White, and Lewis, the Pats could look to deal a player out of a position of depth
    3) Danny Amendola – This would be more about cap savings in the future than this year, but he’s trending up after a good playoff run
    4) Tavon Wilson – Wilson and Ebner essentially fill the same role, and some team may look at his draft status and think he was merely blocked by Chung and has the ability to contribute more meaningfully.
    5) Jerod Mayo – This would hurt as much as Mankins, but with Hightower and Collins emerging as younger and cheaper 3 down linebackers, there would be a lot of flexibility for the Pats moving forward if they can move on from Mayo’s contract.

    • acm says:

      Only Dennard carries any trade value there, imo. There is absolutely no way anyone trades for a player like Gray or Willson.
      Amendola’s contract is too rich and everyone knows that. Pats save the most cap if they designate him as a post June 1st cut, iirc, so there goes any leverage too. Right now, I think they’d be better off to just restructure his deal. He still has value to the Pats, less so to other teams and certainly no trade value at his current deal.
      If Mayo’s injury wasn’t such a serious one, he’d have been a very likely/strong candidate. The nature of said injury and language in his contract, however, make such a trade (at this point in time) wishful thinking.

    • Russell says:

      I agree you can’t trade Mayo because of his injury issue, BUT he MUST redo that Contract, 10.5 mil towards the Cap, noway!

  27. Russell says:

    WR P. Harvin seen in the Boston airport.

    • acm says:

      no shocking news there. Great talent, sky is the limit for him in the Pats O; if only that seemingly Sh**ty caharcter wasn’t part of the deal too …

      Anyways, As per Schefter, Jabaal Sheard is visiting the Pats tonight. No deal just yet.

  28. Russell says:

    LB Casillas signs with the Giants, 3 yr-10.5 mil. WHY? Patriots sign RB Develin, LB Morris, and DT Siliga.

    • Ryan says:

      The Giants are crazy. Casillas is barely worth half that.

      I’m excited to see what Morris can do in a full offseason. H should be able to replace Casillas no problem.

    • acm says:

      Was hoping they could retain JC as a core-ST-er and a depth LB. That is virtually starter-level money from the Giants.
      Vereen also got over-paid, imo. As much as I like him, he’s is a 3rd-down back.

  29. Russell says:

    The Patriots did not offer a contract to WR Tyms, who is now a free agent.

  30. Daniel R. Martin says:

    Well, the Seahawks just got a lot more dangerous offensively! They just traded for Jimmy Graham.

  31. Dan Sullivan says:

    If no Revis for Patriots my Plan B for Free Agency.
    1 Michael Crabtree WR
    2 Derrick Morgan DE
    3 Patrick Robinson CB
    4 Chris Culliver CB
    5 Reggie Bush RB
    6 Byron Bell OT
    7 Phillip Wheeler LB

    Fasten your seat belts Pats fans the Plan B the Patriots do may be very good.

    • Jeff says:

      I’m predicting…

      1) CB – Cromartie
      2) WR – Johnson
      3) DT – Wilfork
      4) RB – Bush
      5) G – Connolly

      Any extra cash goes to extending players like Solder, Jones, and Hightower.
      Still not sure why they let Browner AND Revis go… I could see one or the other, but Browner was on a healthy contract, and they’re not strapped for cap space if Revis isn’t back…

      Now the question is if Revis goes to the Jets, do we get any legit tampering compensation?

    • GM-in-Training says:

      No, no, no, no. Crabtree doesn’t rise to the occasion in big games. He doesn’t get separation (that’s why Richard Sherman had his number).

      The Pats are all about receivers that get separation or create mismatches and win contested balls. That’s not Crabtree.

  32. Russell says:

    A Free Agent, I think the Patriots may show interest in is DT Dan Williams 6’2″ 327lbs age 27 sixth season with Arizona. As of today the Patriots have 9 mil. in Cap space.

    • Ryan says:

      Williams makes a whole lot of sense, especially if we don’t resign Revis. That money should go somewhere, and I dont see a better place than a premier nose tackle in the prime of his career.

      Also, this way the Pats could focus on drafting a cornerback over a defensive tackle with their Day 1 and Day 2 selections.

    • Russell says:

      Raiders grabbed DT Dan Williams, a good player the Patriots missed out on!

  33. Joe Blake says:

    About Browner: He gives the rest of the secondary “physicality confidence” and should be brought back.In short, he plays “tough” and has the effect of making an otherwise “soft” secondary more physical.

  34. Russell says:

    I think Browner has good trade value;… Philly ? 3d or 4th round pick? Does not seem to wise not to pay him 2 mil. to retain him for another year/and trade him later on.

    • acm says:

      Pats should keep Browner till he is 33/34 and then trade him to the Colts or the Bills for a 1st rounder. Easy money, the candy-from-a-kid kind.

  35. Jeff says:

    With Browner’s non-guaranteed contract and his contribution to a Super Bowl champion team, he could be an attractive trade chip. I hope the Pats can keep him, but he does have a contract with a sizable annual average and that is easy to move on from without taking dead money. I’m interested to see how his situation plays out.

    • acm says:

      Hope he stays. Browner’s contribution comes in many different forms, some easier to see than others. Don’t think Pats win the SB without him – not just blocking Kearse on that final play but he took out Chris matthews once the Pats finally made adjustments in the secondary. Up to that point, Matthews had used and abused both Arrington and Ryan and was the front-runner for SB MVP.
      Plus, I think his contract (average per year) is considerably below market value. Releasing him would be like playing with fire. If anything, I’d say he deserves a bump up in salary.

      • GM-in-Training says:

        I think the Pat’s idea with Browner is to extend him, but he’s disagreeing on what he’s worth, so the Pat’s blessed testing the market so Browner could get a more definitive idea of his value over 3-4 years. Yes, the Pat’s could exercise Browner’s option for one year, but it would be for about half of what top 5 free agent CBs have gotten in the last 48 hours. That’s not a recipe for a happy player.

    • Ryan says:

      I think Browner could be moved if we get a good deal for him. That said, is there any reason to trade him? He’s a skilled veteran with tremendous size who offers something unique to our secondary. I think that we could get by without him if we got another tall CB, but that means that the Pats should only trade him if they get a damn good offer.

  36. Jeff says:

    Any chance Dennard could fetch a draft pick as trade compensation? What if we throw in Ebner or Wilson? I’m guessing that he’d have to show something in pre-season and be traded to a team that gets hit with an injury or 2 at CB, but an extra pick this year and a couple of roster spot openings could be a nice combination.

    • acm says:

      If Revis and Browner both come back, I can see Dennard becoming an option for a trade. His cap hit would close to tripple in 2015 – up to 1.6 mil iirc – but that won’t be prohibitively high to attract interest from other teams. And Dennard is still a pretty good player, when all is said and done.

      • Brian says:

        I really really don’t like the idea of letting browner test the market. He was on a great value contract but the team is obviously trying to clear cap room anyway possible for revis. With Byron maxwell getting as much as he did, I don’t see any way that browner doesn’t nearly double his current wage. Something which we obviously can’t afford. This is another reason I don’t like the Mccourty deal.
        What was great about this past season was that we had a cornerback for every type of receiver. Browner took the big physical receivers and sometimes tight ends, revis took the top target and Arrington the small shifty receivers. Letting browner go would leave us very vulnerable to big physical wide receivers. As evidenced in the super bowl., until the switch was made.
        Not only that, but there really isn’t a real replacement in the draft that can come in and do what browner does. My hope is that this is all just free agency non sense and both revis and browner will be back in a pats uni next season.

  37. Dan Sullivan says:

    Great Patriots sign McCourty and if Revis is next then these are the move I would do.

    Free Agents
    James Carpenter G Seattle
    Antone Smith RB Falcons
    Harry Douglass WR Falcons
    Rob Housler TE Cardinals
    Kroy Biermann DE Falcons

    Patriots Draft
    1 Jordan Phillips DT Oklahoma
    2 Michael Bennett DT Ohio State
    3 Tyler Lockett WR Kansas St.
    3 Anthony Chickillo DE Miami
    4 Tre Jackson G Florida St.
    4 Steven Nelson CB Oregon St.
    6 Austin Shepherd OT Alabama
    7 Jordan Hicks ILB Texas
    7 Shaquille Riddick OLB West Virginia

  38. Ryan says:

    Woot woot! McCourty appears to be coming back! The secondary is safe once again!

    “NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reports the Patriots are keeping McCourty according to two sources informed of his thinking.”

    • acm says:

      I don’t believe you. There is no way J H TARBORO was wrong all along on any of this …


      • Jeff says:

        Ha, I’m relieved to have McCourty back in the secondary. Now let’s see what happens to Revis!

  39. Daniel R. Martin says:

    Suh is said to be going to the Dolphins for $114 M. I am not worried about any team in our division competing with us next year to win the division. However, I am concerned that we will be splitting games with divisional opponents far more commonly. Which will imperil our chances for commonly attaining the No. 1 or No. 2 Conference seed positions. I understand letting Wilfork go. But with the rumors swirling that the loss of both Revis and McCourty are likely possibilities, I hate to see divisional opponents adding players like, Suh, Marshall, McCoy, et al. I especially don’t like the idea of playing that dirty ba$tard Suh twice a season.

    • Matt says:

      I do agree with you about Suh the guy acts like an over grown 2 year old. He keeps going out of his way to hurt opponents and the NFL just gives him a slap on the wrist. Don’t think it will be to long before he really hurts someone.

  40. Ryan says:

    If McCourty signs with another team, expect Belicheck to have an early-round plan for his replacement. Kevin Johnson looks like he could be converted to safety if we picked him in round 1, while Cody Prewitt and Derron Smith could be Round 2 replacements. All three of these guys have big potential in coverage but will probably require a rookie year full of mistakes to adjust to the NFL level.

  41. Ryan says:

    If this guy is anything like Tavon Wilson and Duron Harmon, we need to take him Day 2 before anyone else can!

    Kidding, of course, but I’m not sure we want another project at the safety position. I’d be all for a more polished player, but Person does not seem to be NFL-ready due to his small-school roots.

  42. Russell says:

    Very interesting Mike! This prospect has some great tape.
    Want another prospect? SS/CB Kresean Reed ,Adams State, 6′ 192lbs He trained with high school team mate Markus Wheaton. Smart prospect, student of the game.

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