Mock Draft, version 1.0

Will this top 15 talent still be on the board for the Patriots at the end of round 1 because of his off field issues?

Will this top 15 talent still be on the board for the Patriots at the end of round 1 because of his off field issues?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Now that the first wave of free agency has come and gone, we now have a clearer picture of what the Patriots are going to look like going into the draft.  The Patriots have lost a lot of players from key roles on both offensive and defense and have not done anything to fill those needs. Obviously, there will be pieces still added, but the big name free agents have signed their massive contracts elsewhere and unless the Patriots make a shocking trade, the players that are brought in are more role players than impact players.  That means filling holes and adding talent through the draft.  In years past, the Patriots have gone into the draft without glaring needs to fill.  This has allowed them to stick to their board and pick the players they liked the best regardless of position.  From an outside perspective, this year seems a little different.  Can the Patriots stick to their board and still add players at positions of need? Here is my view on how the draft might play out and you tell me if this would make you happy as a Patriots fan.

Round 1 (pick 32) Marcus Peters, CB:  Peters has all the tools to be a number 1 corner in the NFL. He has good size, speed, and fluidity for the position.  He has great instincts and ball skills.  Peters has shown the ability to play in both man coverage and zone in college.  That type of scheme flexibility could be important to the Patriots with Revis and Browner gone.  If there were no off field issues, Peters would be a top half of the first round type talent and maybe even top 10, so having a chance to get him in late round one would be great value.

Round 2 (pick 64) Danielle Hunter, DE:  Hunter would be a pick that might raise some eyebrows, especially after the Patriots signed Sheard last week.  To me, Hunter is a physical and athletic freak that has not reached his potential yet.  The Patriots are going to have some big contracts coming up in the next couple of years, one of those being Chandler Jones.  Hunter looks a lot like Jones on film, and with some coaching, could be a better pass rusher than Jones.  I know the numbers are not impressive for Hunter, but if you study his tape, you can see that his first assignment was to set the edge and stop the run.  He was rarely allowed to let loose and go after the QB.

Round 3 (pick 96) Marcus Hardison, DT:  I am surprised that Hardison isn’t talked about more.  For a man his size, he moves extremely well.  He has scheme and position versatility, which we all know Belichick loves.  He has a great first step and can be a mismatch against slower offensive lineman.  Could be a nice complementary piece to Dominique Easley if the Patriots want to go with a smaller, faster, more penetrating defensive line.  He needs some work on his run defensive, but he has the size to anchor in the middle and with some good coaching, could be nice piece in that interior defensive line.

Round 4 (pick #98, from TB) John Miller, OG:  I originally had Ali Marpet here and if he is still on the board, then I would pick him, but his stock seems too high to keep him at this pick now.  Miller is no slouch at guard either.  He has a thick frame and powerful upper and lower body. He moves well for his size and can pull and block at the second level.  Miller has some technique issues that he needs to work out, but like last year, he could be a fourth round offensive lineman that comes in and starts from day one.

Round 4 (pick #128) Eric Rowe, CB: Rowe is another big, physical corner to go with Peters.  Rowe played free safety his first 3 years of college and then moved to corner his senior year.  Rowe ran well enough at the combine to be considered a CB at the next level, but long speed does seem to be an issue on tape.  He is aggressive in run support and does a nice job of locating the ball and breaking up the pass.  If the Patriots were to draft Rowe and Peters, they would have a young tandem that would allow the Patriots to play the same style of defense they did with Revis and Browner.

Round 6 (pick #196, from TB) Zack Hodges, LB:  On tape, Hodges shows good burst as a rusher as well as good awareness and movement skills to drop into coverage.  He would add another versatile athlete to the linebacker corp. as well as on special teams.  There have been some rumblings of off field issues, but what they are have never come to surface, at least for the public.  I really like his tape and if the off field issues don’t scare away the team, this could be an excellent value pick.

Round 7 (pick #226, from TEN) Antwan Goodley, WR:  You guessed it, an undersized WR.  Goodley is on the shorter side, but he is fast and could be a nice deep threat option as well as a contributor on kick off and punt returns.  Goodley is a tough kid who is willing to go over the middle as well.  Will need to develop as a route runner to be anything more than a go route guy, but he is a hard worker and a nice option as a late round flyer.

Well, there you have it. My first mock of the year.  I think if the Patriots were to have a draft like this, they could get contributions from everyone of the picks at key positions.  Peters would probably be a day 1 starter and Rowe could have a chance as well. The thought of 2 rookie CB’s starting is scary and they may struggle at times, but it gives the Patriots depth and versatility with their scheme.  Miller should be a guy who can win that starting guard job day 1 as well.  Hunter, Hardison, and Hodges would probably be rotational guys year 1, but could give the team significant contributions in their limited role.  Goodley, at the very least, would have a good chance to win the kick off and punt return duties, which would help keep Edelman from having to do it and risk injury. As far as UDFA’s, I would go heavy in the secondary, I would look at WR since it is deep and someone could fall.  I would also bring in a RB and some additional offensive lineman as well.

Typically, mock drafts get lots of attention and feedback. I would love to hear your thoughts, but please give me more than “he won’t be there.” It is so fluid right now that anything is possible at this point. I used CBS as a reference to not take 1st round guys in the 6th, but for the most part, I honestly feel these guys will be available at or close to where the Patriots pick, so all are viable options.


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67 Responses to “Mock Draft, version 1.0”

  1. Larry says:

    This draft pick stuff is fun but meaningless……………………..If any of you have a real idea of what Belichick is going to do in this draft after all these years of watchinghim go to Vegas and put every dime you own down and get rich………………He is going to suprise us with his picks as he does every draft……………………………………….

  2. howie horvath says:

    Here’s my 2 cents!:
    1 Kevin Johnson (Wake Forest) – CB
    2 Carl Davis (Iowa) – DT (move up to top of 2nd round by trading extra 3rd round pick ’15 draft)
    3 Stephone Anthony (Clemson) – ILB
    4 Tre Jackson (Fla State) – OL
    4 David Johnson (Northern Iowa) – RB
    5 Tyler Lockett (Kansas St) – WR or Ameer Abdulla (NE)- RB
    6 Jaquiski Tartt (Samford) – SS
    7 Blake Bell (Oklahoma) – TE
    7 Dave Parry (Stanford) – DL

    Believe Pats would opt for Marcus Peters in Rd 1 over K Johnson if he’s still available at 32. Sounds to me like either of these two CBs give us the best chance to find a “man-to-man” press corner which proved highly effective in 2014 (granted it was top CB in NFL). Really think they can improve defensive rush while they re-build secondary by finding another ILB that allows them to more freely rush Collins and Hightower from the outside more often. Moving up to top of rd 2 get’s them a quality DL in Carl Davis from coach and BB friend Kirk Ferenz’ program. Tre Jackson at pick 101 is a decent bet, adds another beefy (likely) starter on the OL and could be Pats best pick of this draft. I’ll admit I’ve fallen in love with David Johnson at RB after seeing him in the Senior Bowl – size, speed, moves, hands and a record of dependability! Tyler Lockett is someone that (finally) takes the top off the D and if not a WR, I say double dip for another quality RB if Ameer Abdulla is still around in the 5th round. Throw in a SS, developmental TE and a sleeper defensive Nose Guard and you’ve got a great day’s work and high hopes for next season!

  3. sultan says:

    the only DT i think is worth drafting in the 1st round is Malcolm brown, if he or brandon sheriff fall within reach i think the pats should trade up.

    i think they should trade for evan Mathis, if not i think BB should double dip in the OL pool early
    patriots should try to shop mayo for a 2nd or 3rd round pick if possible and draft a replacement or get spikes back.

    if i was the GM i will trade for Mathis to fill the LG and trade for Keenan lewis from the saints

    i would trade* down for 2nd and 3rd
    2nd* AJ Cann or Laken Tomlinson (starting RG)
    2nd Byron Jones develop to pair with Keenan lewis next season
    3rd* Daniel hunter to replace chandler jones ( hunter has more upside, and i don’t think chandler is worth the contract he’s going to command, he’s average at best as a pass rusher, i hope he improves this season)
    3rd Stephone Anthony, Paul Dawson or Denzel Perryman (to replace mayo if cut or traded)
    3rd comp. Michael Bennett (interior rush to pair with Easley)
    4th Rob Havenstein OT/G
    4th Ifo Ekpre-Olomu to replace kyle Arrington and get rid of his contract
    6th Tyrell Williams WR or Darren Waller WR ( i like both as developmental projects, waller is a willing blocker who could bulk up and play TE)
    6th comp. any big, bruising running back to develop
    7th Jake Ryan (LB depth)

    Most important thing for me is the O-line, the run game has to be excellent to cover up this year’s defense and help TB12. Then D-line

    develop byron jones se we can be able to go back to cover 1 man with Byron, Keenan lewis, Ifo in the slot and Mccourty

  4. semblar says:

    Rowe won’t be available in the third round, much less the fourth.

    • semblar says:

      Utah DB Eric Rowe “is flying up draft boards and most feel there’s no way he gets out of the second round,” reports TFY Draft Insider’s Tony Pauline. Last week, Pauline reported Rowe had visits scheduled with the Dolphins, Ravens and Lions, and now he passes along that the Philadelphia Eagles “are very high on Rowe, who’s drawing intrigue based on his size/speed and ability to line-up at either cornerback or safety.” The 6-foot-1, 205-pound Rowe ran a 4.45 40 at the combine.

  5. AM says:

    At this point, with free agency only halfway over, I’d like to see something along these lines:

    1st Round: Eddie Goldman, DT
    2nd Round: Rashad Greene, WR
    3rd Round: Byron Jones, CB
    3rd Round: Ali Marpet, C/OG (presumed compensatory pick)
    4th Round: David Johnson, RB
    4th Round: Mitch Morse, OL
    6th Round: Ben Heeney, OLB
    7th Round: Austin Hill, WR

    A lot of quality depth in this draft, though not much in the way of top-end talent, IMO.

    Also, does anyone know if the team owes its own 7th Round pick to the Rams for the Greg Salas trade? I’ve read different things about this.

  6. Kevan says:

    I really think the pats should trade up this year in the 1st round. Patriots needs are so clear cut this year= CB,DT,G. The depth is ok but there is a need for top end talent. Maybe 2 trade ups ala Hightower, Jones. If pats could get 3 quality players with out trading up then so be it, but that could be tough. They will have chips at the the table to move up and the depth on the team suggests that a trade up would be a good move. Honestly if pats take who they think is the best player available at those 3 positions I would be ok with that.

    • GM-in-Training says:

      The Patriots needs always seem clear-cut to those of us outside the organization. From inside, I think it’s more complex. They aren’t trying to rebuild last year’s team…they’re trying to build next year’s team to gain maximum advantage for the situation on the ground next year.

      For example, if they can’t do Press-Man-To-Man really well, they won’t rely on it much. Everybody in the league is going hard after tall CB and elite CB, so the Price vs the Value ratio of CB is getting messed up. It will be more expensive to draft a good one as well. Also, remember how many failed early-round CB draft picks the Pats have had. It’s easy to suppose they will look for cheap diamonds in the rough rather than highly-touted CB.

      The more I look at this the more I think the Pats have set themselves up to rebuild the team how they think it will need to be in 2015-2016. Scott Chandler is a clue. A pair of legit-receiving-threat Y Tight Ends (6’7″ and 6’6″) could maybe do interesting things against the Jets’ $128M worth of CB.

      All that said, the Pats usually draft 1-3 years ahead of the need when they can, and if a draft class is deep in something, they draft that something in later rounds because it’s decent quality for cheap. This year is supposed to be a good wide receiver year. At some point the Pats need to develop Vollmer’s replacement and Mayo’s. Also, I heard there’s this school called Rutgers that is kind of a Farm System for the Pats…

      • Kevan says:

        I pretty much agree with everything you said, but the fact remains that to best compete in this league the positions that need improved on the most is CB,DT,G. Regardless of scheme or anything like that. I wouldn’t be shocked to see other positions drafted but I look for early picks to go in that direction.

  7. bill george says:

    dude, please put the names of where they attended college

  8. steve earle says:

    As much as I like Mike’s mock I’m going to try to tweak it just a bit to suit my thinking more closely.

    1) Marcus Peters CB Wash
    or PJ Williams CB Fla St
    2) Marcus Golden DE Missu
    or Daniell Hunter DE LSU
    3) Marcus Hardin DL Arz St
    or Xavior Cooper DL Wash St
    3comp) Daryl Williams OT/G Okla
    or John Miller OG Lou’vil
    4tb) Eric Rowe CB/S Utah
    or Ladarius Gunter CB Miami
    4) Xavior Williams DT N. Iowa
    or Terry Williams DT E. Car
    6) Austin Shepherd OT/G Ala
    or Shaq Mason OG Geo Tech
    ? 6comp) David Perry NT Stan
    or Krisjan Sokoli NT Buff
    7) Davis Tull OLB Chatt
    or Lydon Trails OLB Nor. St
    ? &comp) Kayshone Jarrett SS Vir Tech
    or Deshavor Everett CB/S Tex A&M

    I’ve omitted RB’s, WR’s, TE’s because they are redundant and luxury’s for this draft. Concreted on needs only. Things can change if BB makes deals hereafter.

    • steve earle says:

      Correction: Name should read Marcus Hardison. This PC is almst as bad asmine at home.

    • AM says:

      Love Hunter, Cooper, and Jarrett as picks–would definitely be behind those acquisitions. I’m not sold on Peters, and I wonder if the first round is a little too rich for Williams, but I’d like to grab him later on.

    • Jim R says:

      Needs addressed looks like a few could contribute right away, with as many as 9 picks projected. I think he will double up at CB/OL/DL. I hope packages a couple of the picks to move up. I would like to see them go defense with first 3 picks. There is a lot of OLINE talent to be had after the third round.

  9. nick says:

    mike, you’re missing out here. one offensive lineman? yikes. miller is also overrated at best for his position. have you watched jamil douglas’ tape? thats a guy in the same round range that is far superior. gotta also question marcus peters – have you read his file? he’s an absolute cancer. his father, who was his high school coach, and a former positional coach are the only ones claiming he is able to change. his coach at washington won’t speak to him. that sounds like a patriot antithesis. the need for cb is large, but that kind of commitment to such a player can’t happen. lastly, danielle hunter is a great athlete, but he lacks size dramatically. he might be good value there, but i don’t think he fits the prototype traditionally for the pats.

  10. Brian says:

    Great mock mike. Really like the Danielle hunter pick, think he could end being a draft steal and could provide nice depth on the D-line if we are going to try and put on some pressure his year. I have a hunch that chandler Jones will want way more money than he’s worth next year and we could be moving on from him. Which makes the selection all the more important.

    Only pick I don’t like is Marcus Harrison. Would much prefer Xavier cooper who has a little more sand in his pants and who I believe would be better against the run while still providing great rush. Although I’d much prefer if we could take Carl Davis after trading down from 32 a couple slots. Then use that ammo to trade up in the 3rd.

    Finally I think Eric Rowe has patriot written all over him. If I had to pick one prospect to hedge a bet that he will be selected by bill, It would be him. Now let’s how this is how our draft actually plays out. Or we grab Gurley and become a power running team backed by a sack happy defence.

  11. MM-II says:

    IDK. Peters sounds like he has a lot of potential in coverages, but how’s his run-support, edge-contain and tackling? Those are things that both Revis and Browner excelled at. Seems to me that the odds don’t favor a rookie CB performing as well as Revis did his first season, or even McCourty (though that was before the switch from zone-read to press-man for Devin). The point being that it seems overly optimistic to chase a 1st-round CB in the hope that he’ll start this year as Revis’ replacement and be even adequate. I think this draft needs to be more about the future – 2nd and 3rd year performance – rather than looking for immediate fixes.

    Meanwhile, speaking of the future, there’s a situation brewing that seems to be getting overlooked. Vollmer turns 31 in October and 2016 is his contract year. Solder is in his contract year and his $7.5M is now fully guaranteed, leaving the Pats without a whole lotta leverage in extension negotiations.

    Another situation is backup for Mayo. Sure, HT and Collins can cover interior very well, but that means pulling one of them off the edge where their abilities are better optimized. Plus, Mayo’s contract is starting to get out of hand, cap-wise, especially considering his recent injury history. A talented replacement to groom for the future seems appropriate (not that one of Morris, Skinner, Martin or Gordon can’t step up).

    So, my guess is that the early picks might go for an OT and an ILB. However, if Gurley falls into range because of his ACL, that’ll be tough to pass up – the guy can catch and has exceptional ball security.

  12. steve earle says:

    Mike I really hate this moc draft, I can find nothing to complain about in it. Really nice job. I see a couple guys are concerned with taking Peters at #32 but that doesn’t worry me much because Bill has taken devas often in the past and it has most often worked out pretty well because of the strong locker room that has been established over the years. Noticed you didn’t apply any comp picks. We fans are being conditioned to expect a couple but as these are not yet awarded your smart to have not included them as of yet.

    • Philip says:

      i totaly agree … the only thing I would change is that we draft B. Hard from Florida State in the later rounds … has solid OG potential 😉

      Hunter would be a good value pick … hope he is still on board.

      • steve earle says:

        Hard is a guy I’ve had great trouble even finding on my mal function PC at home so I’m in no position to comment on him. Hunter would not be my first choice at #64 but not a bad prospect with room to grow and develop. I’d like Marcus Golden there he’s shorter 6-2 but goes 260 lbs sets an edge, gets off blocks well, has very quick 1st step in pass rush. jmo but looks really good on tape.

    • nick says:

      steve, I’m suprised. i hate it too, but the reasons are clear. peters is a cancer who’s own coach won’t even speak to him. danielle hunter is undersized at his position, although great athlete. only one offensive lineman and its john miller? yikes. id take shaq mason over miller in a heartbeat

      • steve earle says:

        I could agree with you if Peters had a history of bad behavior but as far as I know it was just with new coaching staff. Just what the problem was I don’t know and I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. As Hunter is concerned he has the height to put on muscle and still have the quickness needed though my choice would be Marcus Golden @ 6-2 260 who sets the edge and rushes very effectively. I still like Mike’s Mock and would be really happy with it if it came out that way. Think I’ll post a new mock myself now.

  13. Dan Sullivan says:

    How about some good news Patriots on St.Patricks Day!

    Free Agents
    Dwayne Bowe WR Chiefs
    BJ Raji NT Green Bay
    Terrance Newman CB Bengals
    Kyle Wilson CB Jets
    Louis Delmas S Dolphins
    Phillip Wheeler LB Dolphins

    Mock Patriots Draft
    1 Carl Davis DT Iowa
    2 Byron Jones CB Connecticut
    3 Mike Davis RB South Carolina
    3 Rob Havenstein OT Wisconsin
    4 Kwon Alexander OLB LSU
    4 Jordan Richards S Stanford
    6 Ben Beckwith G Miss. St.
    7 Louis Trinca-Pasat DT Iowa

    Happy St Patricks Day to all.

  14. Jeff says:

    Looks like the Pats are looking at WRs, pass-catching RBs, and CBs in FA. I think they could also stand to add a guard. I’m hoping they get one of the following guys in each category, although I think they’d be fine with their current WR corps as well.

    CB (1-3 year contract):
    Reshean Mathis
    Tarrell Brown
    Zackary Bowman
    Sterling Moore

    G (1-2 year contract):
    Mike Pollack
    Justin Blalock
    Dan Connolly

    RB (1-2 year contract):
    Pierre Thomas
    Joe McKnight
    Ahmad Bradshaw

    WR (only on 1-year, incentive laden contract):
    Stevie Johnson
    Greg Jennings
    Dwayne Bowe

    • Jeff says:

      Stevie Johnson signed with the Chargers, and since the draft looks weak enough that teams will be over-drafting TEs, maybe the Pats look at the following TEs to push Hooman/Chandler/Wright instead of the receivers I posted:
      James Casey
      Bear Pascoe
      Jacob Tamme

      • Matt says:

        I do like Ben Koyack TE from ND. And David Johnson RB from Northern Iowa he looks like a decent replacement for Vereen. But who knows what the Pats will do.

        • Jeff says:

          Matt, I like him a lot too, I just think that because of the dearth of TEs, they will be grabbed a good 20 spots earlier than their talent really justifies.

  15. Ugo says:

    Great mock draft, and all great prospects. I personally hope that they just concentrate on using as many picks as they can on beefing both sides of the line. Nothing but OL and DL and two highly rated cornerbacks would be a great to me. I have to figure that with as many picks as the Pats have, all the receivers coming back and brought in, and the limited roster spots that they do have that WR is a luxury in this years draft. That being said would be good to see them draft someone like DeAndre Smelter. A productive receiver even in Georgia Tech’s system that can catch and block. A former baseball player, athletic, and big. Will get overlooked by many teams because of his acl injury. Last but not least, outplayed his teammate Darren Waller before his injury, a receiver that has been mentioned here, and that is starting to garner a lot of attention from NFL teams because of how well he ran. Would be great to see the Pats draft this guy, let the receiver situation this year shake itself out, and stash him for a year with an injury designation. Something we seen them do before and would be smart to do this year too. I do not see 8 or 9 draft picks making this roster. Would be like getting an extra pick next year, but you actually have that draft pick in your training facility getting ready to go

    • acm says:

      D. Smelter is my “hidden value” pick at WR in this draft. Very much like the guy just not sure how good of a fit he would be for what the Pats do on O right now. IMO, adding someone like Smelter would require changing the O and adding an extra dimension to it … anybody’s guess if that would be a good or a bad thing. My best guess is, Smelter isn’t the best of fits with the current O they are running.
      I can see him be available for that 6th rounder for Tampa and the value there could well be too good to pass on, so maybe Pats give him a shot.

  16. Jeff says:

    Would rather see a double dip at guard than at CB, and I’m not sure Hodges is the best fit late. I’d rather see a special teams/coverage specialist in the late rounds of the draft than striking out on a pass-rushing linebacker when we have a lot of pass-rushing options already on the roster and very few traditional LBs (at least that project to make the roster). I’d love to see Danielle Hunter in the second round – reminds me of Collins with his upside, and though I wouldn’t expect much out of him in year one, I think he could pair with Jones to be a great DE tandem for the future. Finally, I like the idea of a pass-catcher in the 7th, though I’m leaning more towards a 3rd down back/return man like Trey Williams.
    Overall, thoughtful mock that I think most would be happy with if it came to fruition. Thanks for your work!

    • steve earle says:

      I agree we should double dip at OG/T but expect we can also go for two CB’s. Mike doesn’t account for any comp picks (understandable) but even just one would open a spot for adding a second OG or CB.

  17. BigggE77 says:

    I like the thinking of this one. I have sort of changed mine now also:

    1-A.J Cann- OG South Car. I think he can step in and start day 1 on the left side next to Solder. I really liked his film
    2-Carl Davis- DT Iowa. We need a big boy in the middle…
    3a-Quinten Rollins- CB Miami OH. Really liked this kids film. Tells you a lot about a guy when he can only play 1 yr of football. Start at CB, pick off 7 passes and have over 70 tackles. Then you win DPOY for that conference. Right up BB ally. Smart, talented and has room to grow. Yes I do think he slides down to Rd 3.
    3b-Eric Rowe- CB-Utah. Solid player with good size. Not afraid to come up and tackle. Need to add depth with some size.
    4a-Jamil Douglas- OG AZ ST. Yup, another OG who can step in on the right side. Love this guys size. He is an absolute beast IMO. You have now secured you RG, C, LG in the past 2 drafts.
    4b-Chris Conley- WR Georgia. Great combine, and if BB works you out himself (like he did Buchanon). You got a shot.

    In the end, I expect BB to move up at some point. Can’t keep all the picks. So I am not even going to bother with the rest.

  18. Chris says:

    I see only 3 or 4 draft picks making Pats roster in 2015 so I believe BB will be moving up n out of draft positions to get his corners n OL needs. ILB Paul Lawson from TCU has a chance to be a sleeper in this draft this kid runs side to side like a young ray lewis.

  19. Ken says:

    I don’t think Peters fits the Patriots mold. His off field issues are with couches and was suspended for losing his cool durning a game and fighting with coaches. Has a diva type attitude and his mentor is Marshawn Lynch. Bill is all about team guys and doing whats best for the team. I don’t see him taking someone with Peters mind set. Just my two cents.

  20. Mike Gerken says:

    Thanks for all the comments guys. As I went through this exercise I realized that I quickly fell out of love with any of the guard prospects from where they are ranked to where I would feel comfortable taking them. It is something I tend to look at more to see where the disconnect is.
    I know Marpet is the hot name right now, but without seeing more than senior bowl drills it is difficult for me to assume a Div 3 guy is going to rise up the boards that fast. Not a lot of Hobart tape out there, so I have to trust the judgement of the guys who have actually watched him.

    • acm says:

      Even if more extensive Hobart tape was available, it would be difficult to gauge Marpet given the inferior level of competition. Senior Bowl week performance and character notes from interviews are probably everyone’s best bet when it comes to grading Marpet.

      I personally think he is a 3rd round talent, who may well go in the 2nd due to the usual knee-jerk reaction after a prospect’s great combine performance.

      Another prospect who I think very closely matches Marpet in virtually every aspect is Mark Glowinski, which is why I suggested him in my comments below as I myself like Marpet for the Pats.

    • Joe Blake says:

      We need a quality O lineman to protect Brady from an interior pass rush strategy that he will see weekly. We also need a DT and Corners. I wouldn’t mind if BB uses all draft picks on these positions.

    • Russell says:

      I think OL Cameron Erving is a quality draft pick for the Patriots at #32 if available. I feel BB will look later in the draft for OL help. (3-4th) OT Larance Gibson maybe a prospect to watch, 6th round.
      I have a hard time pulling the tigger on CB Peters with the 1st pick.

  21. acm says:

    Some results from DL Kristjan Sokoli’s pro day (U of Buffalo):

    6050/290lbs, ran 40 in a 4.84, 38″ vertical, 9’11” broad, 7.19 3-cone & 31 bench reps. From the bowl game he was part of – his arm length is 34″
    These would have been top for DL in just about every category.

    A relentless player on the field, great character guy in the locker room – a Patriot thru and thru, imo.

    • acm says:

      Sokoli wasn’t a combine invite.

    • Russell says:

      I like Sokoli as well and as you point out strong pro-day, smaller school guy like Davis Tull, and both would be Great Patriot picks. I also l like Xavier Williams at DT.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      ACM, We might be the only ones who knows who this guy is! A complete animal, we can use a player like this.

  22. Ryan says:

    A few guys (Rowe, Hardison, Goodley) might be there when we pick, but then again they just might be. I like this mock a lot and if the Pats follow a similar strategy on draft day I won’t be disappointed at all.

    However, I would like to see them pick an OG over a bit of a project at DE if the scenario arises in the second round, and with the imminent signing of Stevie Johnson I don’t see a reason to draft a WR anymore, despite how much I like this draft class. We just don’t have enough room on the roster to carry a high-upside player at that position so we should focus on guys who go undrafted and have a better chance of making it onto the practice squad.
    I would rather go with a strong safety like Isaiah Johnson or a heavy hitter like Trey Depriest instead of Goodley for this reason.

  23. Freemanator says:

    Would be very happy if it played out this way, especially when you add in our comp pick for Talib.
    I think Marcus Peters would be can’t miss value at #32, and could even see us trading up for him a bit.
    Then Hunter again would be a great addition to further bolster a pressure seeking front, and as you say providing some Chandler insurance, in the event we see him as the most disposable of our young front seven guys.
    I don’t have an opinion on Hardison, other than he’s a good positional pick, and I like the idea of us moving to a more attacking front. I agree with acm and don’t like John Miller as a fit for us, doesn’t seem mobile enough.
    Love the Rowe pick if he was available there, to give us another taller corner to go back to playing press man with. After that I’d probably go a different way and target a lighter coverage linebacker and some more O-line help.

  24. Steven says:

    This draft is spot on. I would be high fiveing everyone in war room if it turned out this way. Add another interior lineman with comp pick…n im ready to go to combat next season. BTW…Peters…next Ty Law. Just saying. This is a great job Mike, no smoke, :)…like id like it to go down.

  25. dollmanr says:

    The Pats would do well to steer clear of CB’s, WR’s and RB’s with their 1st pick. They are notoriously bad in selecting those positions with a high draft pick.
    Their best evaluations come from the O line and LB. So I’d like to see either Cameron Erving or
    Shaq Thompson with the 1st pick. Good versatility with either and you can play different defensive schemes with Thompson

  26. Dylan.C says:

    I would be pretty excited if the draft played out like this.

  27. acm says:

    Not bad, Mike G – like the top 3 picks + Rowe but think he’s gone by late 4th, where you take him – just too good a combine and measureables for him to last that long. At this point, I wouldn’t expect him to even fall to the Pats’ own pick in late 3rd (pick 96 or whatever it is).
    The other picks, I think are a bit of the “meh” category, if you know what I mean – players you can plug in others in those spots and not notice a difference; and players I am not quite certain fit what the Pats usually go for at the respective position.

    Biggest issue I have with the mock is the lack of OL options to really improve the unit. Miller is a good prospect but not great and don’t think he fits all too well with what the Pats do at the position, lacking technique, quickness, etc. He did look good at the Senior bowl but that may have been more due to the level of competition than anything else.
    If strengthening the OG is to be left for the later rounds, Mitch Morse and Mark Glowinski would be more Pats-like options, imo – both functionally strong with good feet and excellent quickness (those 3-cone times are always a good measure for who may attract BB’s eyes, me thinks).

    A possible curveball by BB when it comes to OL could be drafting a LT, given the uncertain future of Solder with the Pats. His agent is David Dunn – Welker’s guy – and IMo it’s far more likely that SOlder hit FA-cy next offseason than reach a long-term deal with the Pats. If he becomes a free agent, he’d be as good as gone, I think and BB likes to bring in a new LT a year earlier, so he can learn the ropes. So, unless they sign Solder to an extension before the draft, a LT type OL-man to be of some priority to the Pats.

    Hodges has the look of a Pat but think he would create redundancy in terms of body-type – a bit too similar to Collins, Hightower, Mayo. Pats may be looking for a smaller, quicker LB to add to that unit given they went for Casillas last year and had Colin McCarthy over for a visit with the first wave of free agents.
    That makes me think prospects like Jake Ryan and Mike Hull would probably suit the Pats better than someone like hodges.

    Goodley at this point would be a wasted pick imo. hard to see him make the roster and , as a Baylor guy, just a bit too far off the route-running experience of a NFL-ready prospect (as you yourself mentioned). Considering the Pats are looking to sign yet another vet WR, they will have no roster spot for someone like Goodley, who is the type of WR you pick up as an UDFA under those circumstances.

    • td says:

      If they are willing to pay him over $7m this year, I’m sure they will pay Solder close to that next year. As backups they have Fleming and Cannon already.

      Gonna be hard finding LB’s like Hightower & Collins, they were drafted quite high. If we don’t sign someone like T. Williams from GB, I’m sure they will be looking at a CB

      • acm says:

        T. Williams is gone to the Browns, so there’s that.
        my gripe with Hodges is not that he’s not as agood as Collins and Hightower – that part is obvious. My point was that picking someone like hodges would be more of the same (at a lesser quality) and would make the Pats LB corps a bit too one-dimensional scheme-wise. And there is Skinner too, who is a lot similar to Hodges. What Pats are missing at Lb is speed, quickness, maneuverability , not size, which is what Hodges is mostly about.

        my thinking on Solder is that it would take a big time offer from the Pats to make Dunn not want to take Solder to free agency. pats are willing to go to 7.5 but would they want to go to 10+? And given the situation, David Dunn wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t at least see what Solder’s value would be on the open market. Bad history between Pats and Dunn is just another factor that would work against an “easy” extension for Solder.
        My expectations are that the two sides won’t find a common ground, Solder will hit free agency (and Pats would possibly let the market determine his value) and once that happens, someone is likely to overpay.

      • acm says:

        And flemming/Cannon are not suited for LT, they are RTs thru and thru and maybe OG (Flemming, not Cannon)

  28. out west says:

    Close to what I thought in previous article just slightly different order.
    32 Peters CB
    64 Anthony ILB could be gone by this .
    96 Gabe Wright DT
    3rd Compensitory Jamil Douglas OG/OT
    4th Eric Rowe S/CB
    4th Antwaan Goodley WR undersized height wise not weight though 210 and 4.44
    6 Deion Barnes OLB/DE
    7 Trey Williams RB

  29. AM says:

    At this point, with free agency only halfway over, I’d like to see something along these lines:

    1st Round: Eddie Goldman, DT
    2nd Round: Rashad Greene, WR
    3rd Round: Byron Jones, CB
    3rd Round: Ali Marpet, C/OG (presumed compensatory pick)
    4th Round: David Johnson, RB
    4th Round: Mitch Morse, OL
    6th Round: Ben Heeney, OLB
    7th Round: Austin Hill, WR

    A lot of quality depth in this draft, though not much in the way of top-end talent, IMO.

    Also, does anyone know if the team owes its own 7th Round pick to the Rams for the Greg Salas trade? I’ve read different things about this.

  30. td says:

    I’m sure BB will be signing some of the FA’s left as their cost will come down quite a bit from day one of FA and we have about $12m left on cap. Next year we will have an additional $9m of dead money from Revis & Mankins. I suspect Connolly will be back, reducing the need to draft an OLineman in first few rounds.

    I would expect a few DBacks, but since we will probably be back to more zone those guys are more plentiful and can come later, plus we have Butler. Not the greatest situation on the backend, but it is what it is.

  31. J H TARBORO says:

    It’s official, Vince Wilfolk signs 2yr. deal with the Texans!

    • acm says:

      I am actually glad Wilfork is going to the Texans. He goes to a good place, Pats 2.0, while at the same I think it was the right time for Pats to move on in a different direction.
      Would have been bummed had he gone to the Colts or Ravens.
      Nothing but the best to Big Vince.

  32. J H TARBORO says:

    1) WR Sammie Coates- Auburn
    2) CB Byron Jones- Uconn.
    3)LB Stephone Anthony- Clemson
    3)DT Grady Jarrett- Clemson
    4)RB David Johnson- N. Iowa
    4)CB Eric Rowe- Utah
    6) WR Kenny Bell- Nebraska
    7) DT Angelo Blackson- Auburn
    This mock is based on looking at the Pats current roster, knowing FA isn’t over and UDFAs coming.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      4) OG John Miller- Louisville swap Eric Rowe

      • steve earle says:

        Rather see you swap out RB Johnson then Rowe. We need the CB but not the RB which would be a luxury this year.

    • opticfanboy24 says:

      I understand this mock draft but this is impossible. First of all, Coates is absolutely trash. He is a burner but has NO HANDS. He’s a physical freak but without hands, Chad Jackson 2.0. Also, Stephone Anthony won’t be available in the 3rd. He may evan go in the first to the Packers or latest, mid-second. If we don’t go DT in the first,(Eddie Goldman or Shaun Phillips)Marcus Peters would be the better option.’

      I could see the patriots draft Kenny Bell or Chris Conley.

      My mock draft would be:

      1) Marcus Peters – CB
      2) Carl Davis/Xavier Cooper – DT(both big run-stuffers)
      3) Darren Waller – WR(Built like DGB at 6’6 but runs much smoother and faster and longer arms)
      4.a) Tre Jackson – OG(2nd pick of the round; basically another 3rd rounder; only 1 pick between)
      4.b) Taiwan Jones – ILB(Very big for an ILB; something Bill likes; can cover and is a pretty hard hitter; its between him and Hayes Pullard but he’s bigger which is what Bill loves)
      6) Zach Hodges – DE/OLB(He’s obviously smart…HARVARD; But a solid player at a position without too much depth)
      7) Tyler Varga – RB(they don’t really need RBs but Varga is a good player on ST and offense plus he has good qualities no problems and from Yale)

      The pats drafted a lot of leaders last year in the draft and strayed away from the trouble makers, a la Hernandez. I know Peters had off-field issues but seems to have moved past that and he may also be the best corner in the draft.

      Waller is a real sleeper with DGBesque stature except he may be better in terms from a receiver standpoint
      Theres also a chance that the pats get a 3rd rounder compensation from the Talib departure and maybe even a 6/7 from the Dane Fletcher departure.

      • howie horvath says:

        Most intriguing mock draft I’ve seen. I wonder if C Davis will be three in the 2nd – many seem to have Pats taking him at 32, though I see you have a plan B in X Cooper.Don’t know D Waller but sounds good – what school? We need a special addition at the WR position for sure. “Two” Ivy Leaguers (in same draft – one after another) would have to be a first, at least for the Pats. They’ll be able to continue their Havard-Yale (Harvard won this year) rivalry as they’re on opposite sides of the ball. Don’t know a lot about Z Hodges but I watched T Varga run over and around quite a few defenders in his Yale career. An ideal special-teamer and a great 7th round pick (unless he heads home to the CFL). My only lament is I’d love to see us David Johnson RB from NI. I think he’s a big-time sleeper.

        Nice job! I’ll be looking forward to your updated mocks.

      • howie horvath says:

        Most intriguing mock draft I’ve seen. I wonder if C Davis will be there in the 2nd – many seem to have Pats taking him at 32, though I see you have a plan B in X Cooper. Don’t know D Waller but sounds good – what school? We need a special addition at the WR position for sure. “Two” Ivy Leaguers (in same draft – one after another) would have to be a first, at least for the Pats. They’ll be able to continue their Havard-Yale (Harvard won this year) rivalry as they’re on opposite sides of the ball. Don’t know a lot about Z Hodges but I watched T Varga run over and around quite a few defenders in his Yale career. An ideal special-teamer and a great 7th round pick (unless he heads home to the CFL). My only lament is I’d love to see us snag David Johnson RB from NI. I think he’s a big-time sleeper.

        Nice job! I’ll be looking forward to your updated mocks.

      • steve earle says:

        Can’t expect Carl Davis to be anywhere around #64 as for Waller the WR position like RB’s would be an unnecessary luxury in this draft. What we need are two OG/T, two CB’s a DT and a DE. This could change depending on how FA’cy goes but as of right now that’s not clear.

  33. K Bouzid says:

    I would look at OLB/DE Owamagbe Odighizuwa, CB Kevin Johnson or CB Byron Jones with the 32nd pick (I especially like these 2 corners better than Marcus Peters). I like the Eric Rowe pick very much — he definitely looks like a Patriots pick on paper (DB versatility, strong character, tested well in 3-cone/agility drill at combine) and I think he might be in play as early as in late 2nd round. One last name I would add in my top 5 is Joey Mbu, DT out of Houston

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