Scouting Report: Jalen Collins, CB

Big corners have become all the rage in the NFL in recent years.

Big corners have become all the rage in the NFL in recent years.

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

I have a huge problem.  This weekend the family and I made the 4 hour trip back to Iowa to watch the Iowa State Cyclones basketball team destroy Texas Tech and oh yeah, to visit friends and family as well. It was fun, but the whole time I kept thinking to myself how I kind of wished I was back home watching film.  Fast forward to now (3:30 am Monday morning) and here I am watching tape and writing up this report. Hopefully my blood shot eyes and bad attitude about not being able to sleep did not skew my opinion of today’s report on Jalen Collins.

Name: Jalen Collins

School: LSU (Jr.)

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 198 Lbs.



From a height, weight, and length perspective, Collins is as close to perfect as it gets for a cornerback.  He has fluid hips and quick feet as well as long speed to stick with receivers on deep routes. He uses his height and length to his advantage when playing jump balls.  Collins shows good change of direction skills and recovery speed as well.  He plays with confidence and expects to make the play on every snap.  From all reports, he is a very hard worker on the field and does a lot of charity work off the field.



Collins only has ten career starts, so he is raw from a technique standpoint.  He struggles with quicker receivers and can be fooled by good route runners and must improve his footwork. Collins can lose track of where the ball is and needs to learn to get his head around quicker.  He likes to line up in press man coverage but rarely gets his hands on the receiver to try and disrupt their route.  Collins is inconsistent as a tackler and at times looks very uninterested in coming up to make a tackle in the run game.



I can see the intrigue with Collins.  He has all the physical attributes teams covet from a corner and he has the potential to be a #1 corner in the NFL.  What frustrated me the most watching him was his lack of physicality.  He has got to learn to use his size to his advantage especially at the line of scrimmage.  Ideally he would get drafted by a team where he would not be asked to start right away, rather he could have time to learn and develop .  From the tape, I give Collins a mid/late second round grade but I could see a team taking him as high as the late first based purely on his physical traits and upside.


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20 Responses to “Scouting Report: Jalen Collins, CB”

  1. Paul says:

    “…the whole time I kept thinking to myself how I kind of wished I was back home watching film” – sounds exactly like me, that and not listening to anything being said to me as I’m getting my rankings straight in my mind!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. J H TARBORO says:

    Mike Gerken, very good prospect, i’ll be watching for him at the combine. With these tall CBs it’s important to watch their hips in drills, not every tall one is a good one.
    Speaking of combines, on March 22 the NFL will host the Veterans Combine in Arizona, open to Veterans FAs and former UDFAs that were once in the league. Former DE Michael Sam is attending! Projected 1st. round pick DE Shane Ray was on his Mizzou squad last year but you didn’t hear about him much last year. My question is, could the Patriots possibly give this kid a shot as a UDFA situational LB?

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Sam is caught in no man’s land. He doesn’t have the size, speed, that is needed to be an effective DE in the NFL and he doesn’t have the athleticism and movement skills to play LB. I don’t think he has any shot as a DE in the NFL and he would have had to make significant improvements in his fluidity and footwork to have any shot as a LB.

      • J H TARBORO says:

        Thanks Mike, i appreciate your reply! This was a random thought i had knowing that he’s attending the Veterans Combine. The last place we saw Michael Sam was the Dallas Cowboys practice squad. Let’s see if he has improved and worked on his craft. Thanks for fielding a hypothetical question.

  3. Russell says:

    This is what I think the Patriot do moving forward; Wilfork, Connolly, and Mayo retire, with Mayo taking on a coaching role. Cap savings of $ 23.5 ml. Vereen resigned
    Resign Revis 2-3 yr. deal, McCourty 3 yr. deal, Gostkowski 3 yr. deal, and Siliga 3 yr. deal.
    Draft 2-3 LB’s Lorenzo Mauldin, Davis Tull, Jeff Luc
    Draft 2 DL Henry Anderson, Xaiver Williams
    Draft 2 OL B.J.Finney, Ali Marpet
    Draft 2 WR Kenny Bell, Devin Gardner

    Free agent signing LB Casey Matthews 3 y. deal

    Undrafted guys brought in: OL- Brey Cook, OL Larwence Gibson, OL Jack Rummells, CB Bernard Blake, S Dean Marlowe, S Kyshoen Jarrett, DE Dezmond Johnson, and WR Kevin Vereen JR.

    Ridley, Chris White, Casilias, Akien , Devey and Orton are cut.
    On the Bubble; WR Dobson, WR Boyce, S Tavon Wilson, TE Hoomanawanui, LB Ayers, DE Buchannan, DE Bequette, and DT Branch.
    IR / P-Squad guys with a role next year; RB Gaffney, LB Gordon, WR Krause, OG Baker.

    • steve earle says:

      This is a very interesting scenario and you could be right all three of those guys could retire and you plan in that case seems pretty good t6hough we differ on the draft picks. I’d prefer a couple o-line earlier that are closer to day one starters. Also I’m still not much interested in any WR’s until UDFA. I could see a couple LBs but not 3 and I do think both Casilias and Ayers are cost effective and should be resigned. Why replace them with unproven rookies it’s not like their cap numbers are a difference maker? And I know you like Henry Anderson but really I think a 2nd is to high. Ysing your scenario this is hoiw I would fill the draft:
      1) AJ Cann OG
      2) Markus Golden DE/OLB
      3a) Austin Shepard OT/OG
      3 comp) Henry Anderson DE
      4 tampa) Markus Hardison DT
      4) Terry Williams DT
      6) Kayshone Jarrett SS
      7) Davis Tull OLB
      Golden hasn’t played LB but looks to have the quickness and as importantly the instincts for the game. As a “quick twitch ” DE he also was able to get off blocks read the plays and close on inside runs and shut off the outside. A sure 1:1 tackler and very effective pass rusher he has an upside as I’ve seen.
      Shepherd was a RT power run blocker for Bama. Had problems with fast pass rushers outside but moving him to RG should eliminate that problem.
      Hardison cam on strong his Sr year and showed well at the Sr Bowl.
      The rest I know your familiar with Russell and I’ll be interested in your eval of these picks.

      • Russell says:

        Hey Steve, we all have some players the same in our Mocks. I don’t think Tull lasts till the 7th, I see him mid-fifth round. Anderson same issue most have him mid-third round.
        Shepard is an interesting prospect, and I like him at OG, NOT OT. Jarrett looks to go undrafted, I like him alot, but is there a place for a S on the roster to draft a guy? Maybe if Wilson hits the road. Don’t know much about Hardison, Terry Williams is solid.
        Not a big fan of Golden, like Mauldin, or Zadauis Smith better.

        • steve earle says:

          Actually I haven’t seen Tull mocked much at all, it’s 7-FA if I do. Yes I like Moulden but not as a 1st. Doubt he slides to #64 so I take the next best , Golden, an hope he is there/when. I’m not seeing the mocks you are apparently, for instance I find Anderson taken in the 4th by Walter, Draft TeK and Draft site. Can you direct me to your sources, I need more input?

        • steve earle says:

          Oh yea, Shepherd. Agree he moves in to OG. I also have Daryl Williams from Okla penciled here for this slot. Both are power RTs who would fill the need inside for us. I worry Williams could just slip out of our reach so I went with Shepherd on this one.

      • Daniel R. Martin says:

        Steve I took a look at Markus Golden because I read your review of him. I added him to my mock as well. But, I have him in the 4th round because he is currently projected to go there. I noticed you put him in as the second round selection. Do you really think he’ll go that high?

        • steve earle says:

          Re: Golden with our 2nd I am keeping in mind that it’s #64, closer to a 3rd rd. I’ve seen mocks ( Walterfootball taking him at 2#39, Draft tek, 3#84, Draft site 4#100 and Draft Scout rating him a 3rd/4th. Kind of all around. I may be half a round +/_ off but Waiting longer reduces the chance to pick up a player who can rotate at DE and eventually at OLB too. Both positions of need. Plus I really liked his tapes, reminded me of Teddy B.

  4. Russell says:

    Here is my Mock as it stands today;

    1st- OLB Lorenzo Mauldin
    2nd- DE Henry Anderson
    3d- OC/G B.J. Finney
    3d (comp)- DT Xaiver Williams
    4th (tampa)- OG Ali Marpet
    4th – OLB/DE Charle Davis Tull
    6th (Tampa)- WR Kenny Bell
    7th (tenn.)- QB/WR Devin Gardner

    Undrafted guys I want; OL Bry Cook, OL Larwence Gibson, DE Dezmond Johnson, SS Kyshoen Jarrett, S Dean Marlowe, CB Blake Bernard, WR Kevin Vereen and OL Jack Rummells.

    • Russell says:

      Sorry should have been CB Bernard Blake, a great prospect 6’+ 185 lbs, 4.51 40yd, 3.53 GPA who COULD get drafted late.

  5. Dylan.C says:

    I like Nate Orchard and Eli Harold allot as edge rushers who may be available towards the ends of the first round. Which one would you prefer and why?

    • Russell says:

      Both Orchard and Harold are interesting prospects but I don’t see them going in the first round. I guess it comes down to what you want, a pass rushing DE type, or an OLB. These two are not big enough to take the pounding as DE’s or quick enough as LB’s. They both have nice size, but like most College OLB type’s they have little experance in coverage/drops.

      I’m more interested in Lorenzo Mauldin who showed some short area quickness in coverage drops,(Senior Bowl) with nice size 6’3″+ 256lbs. I think Mauldin shows over-all better tackling ability, high motor, and chase’s plays using good angles.

      ZaDarius Smith is more of a DE type at 6’5″ 272lbs (Chandler Jones Type) great foot work, great hand use, and several pass rush moves. But again not an OLB type, more of a DE.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      Take a look at Florida St. DE Mario Edwards Jr., He was the #1 prep in the country coming out of high school. Watch his highlights.

  6. Bom Trady says:

    draft him and move him to fs and move mccourty back to cb thats what i do in madden

    • steve earle says:

      Not a good idea Bom, McCourty can’t play press corner which is how BB has the Def set up now but he does play FS at or near an all-pro level. Don’t fix what ain’t broken my man.

  7. td says:

    Oh hell yeah, great Valentine’s gift; nothing says I love you like a trip to Iowa for a some college hoops. I’m thinking of getting my wife a teddy bear and a snow shovel!

  8. Stephen J says:

    For those that are interested here is a write up from this weekend on a potential hidden gem

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