Scouting Report: Arik Armstead, DE

Is this freakish athlete a good fit for the Patriots?

Armstead has rare physical traits, but does that make him a good fit for the Patriots?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Arik Armstead has been a guy on my list to watch for some time now.  His name has popped up in many conversations I have had with draftniks and Patriots fans, so I thought now is as good of time as any to finally get to his tape.  On paper, his measurables jump off the page and it is hard not to get excited to see what this kid can do.  The question is, does it translate to the field. Read on to get my opinion on this polarizing prospect.

Name: Arik Armstead

School: Oregon (Jr.)

Height: 6’7″

Weight: 292 Lbs

Combine Results:

40 yard dash-5.10 sec

Bench-24 reps

Vertical: 34″

Broad Jump-9’9″


20 yard shuttle-4.53



Obviously, the first thing that jumps out as you is Armstead’s size.  He has long arms and huge hands as well.  He is well proportioned and moves extremely well for someone that size.  He has heavy hands and a powerful punch that can move even the biggest of opponents.  He is surprisingly stout against the run and shows above average lower body strength for someone with such long limbs.  Armstead is athletic and fluid in his movements and is light on his feet.  When rushing the passer he has a good bull rush.  Overall, he has unique size and athleticism that has potential if it can be coached up.



Armstead is raw.  He lacks explosion and is consistently the last guy on the line to move.  Armstead is rarely the aggressor.  He stands straight up when coming out of his stance and allows the offensive lineman to get their hands on him first far too often.  He is inconsistent with his hand use and must learn to take advantage of his arm length by extending them.  At his size, Armstead must learn to play with better leverage if he is going to be successful in the NFL.  He struggles to disengage from blocks once the lineman gets their hands on him.  Armstead has a limited set of moves when rushing the passer.  To me, it looks like his motor may run hot and cold as well.



This will be an interesting case study for me. I see him in a lot of mock drafts as a mid first round pick, and I just don’t see it.  I get that his size and athleticism are rare, but he is a long term project in my mind.  I see a guy who was given an opportunity to produce and never really did.  Right now, he is not a pass rusher and I honestly don’t know if he ever will be.  To me, he is a run stuffing 5tech in a 3-4 defense and even at that he needs work on technique and consistency.  I can see the intrigue, but no way do I spend a first round pick on someone who needs so much work.  He will be drafted purely on his rare physical traits and the raw potential, not based on what the film shows.  I say let another team draft him high which allows another player to fall to the Patriots.  I will give him a late 3rd round grade only because of his physical gifts and some raw athletic traits that could be developed over time, but I know he will be long gone before then, and I am just fine with that.



24 Responses to “Scouting Report: Arik Armstead, DE”

  1. Joe Blake says:

    Its the percentage of dead money to the under the cap money thats critical. For the Pats, its 1:1.

  2. Russell says:

    Not sure the Patriots need a slot guy, but free agent; Dane Sanzenbacher (cinny) looked great with his short area quickness, Last year until week 14 he had 43 catches 449yds, for 3 TDs at a salary of $555K . Interesting to note, his Combine work-out he had times off 3.97 shuttle, and 6.46 3 Cone drill.

  3. Russell says:

    During the Off season teams have 10 days to claim a player from the wavier wire. From July -December the claiming period is 24 hrs. Claims go to the worse teams first, Patriots are the best at #32.

  4. Russell says:

    Atlanta cut OLB Jonathan Massaquoi 6’2″ 264lbs 34 1/8 ” arms, 10 1/2″ hands, 4.80 40yd, 7.38 3cone. BB will need to wait to see if he clears the Wire.

    • Russell says:

      Akeem Ayers Combne numbers are similar to Massaquoi. Ayrs; 6’3″ 254lbs, 33 arms, 9″ hds, 4.88 40yd, 7.49 3 cone. Interesting to see if Massaquoi clears the Wire.

      • Daniel R. Martin says:

        As a Georgia native who cheers for the Falcons whenever they aren’t playing the Patriots, I can assure you, Russell, that we don’t want ANY player who wasn’t good enough to retain a position on that wretched defense.

    • acm says:

      Actually Jon M.’s numbers are better than Ayers’. Too bad measurements a football player don’t make.
      One has to wonder how come a pass-rush desperate team like Atlanta let him go to save very little to no cap-space at all. Jon M was one of their better rushers, which doesn’t say much and he fits what Dan Quinn seem to like in his speed-rushers on the edge. Word is, he got released over character issues/locker room attitude.

      Ayers had a very decent rookie year and a great second year in the NFL. He fell victim to the circumstances – multiple injuries at a time Titans were changing defensive scheme and philosophy. Not sure Jon M falls into that “diamond in the rough” category … seems to me the “fool’s gold” one would be a better fit for him.

  5. John says:

    Updated, post-Combine mock. Spaced out my choices for easier reading:

    1.) Jordan Phillips DT- I think this is going to come down to Goldman, Phillips, and Carl Davis. I like all 3, but I think Phillips can be the most dominate even though Goldman isn’t far behind.

    2.) Tre’ Jackson OG- Position will be addressed. Take a look at the contacts. Daryl Williams a possibility here, too. Just didn’t want to mock to Oklahoma guys back to back.

    3.) Tre’ McBride WR- Will probably be gone by this point, but I can dream. I think he’s going to be a steal. Can contribute extensively in 2 phases of the game. Would take Montgomery here, as well.

    3.) Jarvis Harrison OG- Pro scouts rave about him, but nobody seems to be ranking him higher than the 4th round. I just see a really good guard, which isn’t exciting but who cares? Like John Miller at this juncture, too.

  6. J H TARBORO says:

    Raven and former Giant DE Chris Canty was cut.

  7. J H TARBORO says:

    Former Patriot Armond Armstead’s little brother!

  8. acm says:

    Speaking of big, tall, athletic DL-men, Darnell Dockett just got cut by the Cards. For a player coming of an ACL tear and on the wrong side of 30, you’d think he might be available for a bargain, also courtesy of a shot at winning a title before he retires.

    • acm says:

      Kendall Langford – cut by the Rams – is another DL player, who could be of interest to the Pats this off-season.

      • Russell says:

        I like Langford intesting player, price maybe an issue. I feel very sure Wilfork is done hope he just retires a Patriot.

  9. acm says:

    Can’t say I am a fan. Obviously AA is a physical specimen, however I have serious concerns about his mindset/mentality as a DL player – he just seems to lack the tenacity, the nasty that you see play after play in the creme dela creme at that position. Lack of first step, anticipation, hand usage don’t bother me as much because those are things you can coach; mental toughness, aggression and leadership, not so much.

    Of the Oregon pair of super-human DL-men, I always thought of D.Buckner as the (considerably) better NFL player.

  10. Ryan says:

    To me he should be a candidate for our pick at the end of the 2nd round. Not the #1 guy I’m looking at for that spot, but if he falls to us there he could be worth the risk.

    • acm says:

      Armstead is likely to get over-drafted on measurables/size alone. He’s a player with rare size and that tends to get people lose their minds.
      I’d very surprised to see him drop to the Pats at the end of the 1st, let alone end of the 2nd. That being said, I’d pass on him and look at someone like Kristjan Sokoli (Buffalo) late in the draft.

    • Russell says:

      I would pass on Armstead and go for Anderson.

  11. Russell says:

    You know by now I’m a fan of Henry Anderson to share playing time with Rob Ninkovich at the 5 tech., but can play inside. (but not as good there)
    Anderson’s numbers are similar to Armstead, 6’6″ 294 lbs. 33 1/2″ arms, 9 3/4″ hands, 5.03 40yd., 30″ vertical, 9’3″ BJump, 7.20 3 cone, 4.19 short shuttle. Anderson has played for 5 years, (1 yr. cut short from knee injury) Anderson has high intelligence posting a 3.61 GPA, with degree in hand he is working on his Masters. As pass rushers Anderson and armstead are similar. However Anderson maintains better gap responsiblities, and containment. Anderson keeps his feet clean takes good angles in running down a play. Anderson has a better motor (IMO) a solid weight room program/work etic, was team captain, well respected in the locker room. At Stanford Anderson often played inside, NOT his strong point.
    I see Anderson taking some of the load off Ninkovich, with better size. Smart player, good tackler, I see anderson as a 3d round prospect. The Patriots may need to take him at #64. Armstead I see going mid-second.

  12. Russell says:

    You know by know I’m a fan of Henry Anderson to share playing time with Rob Ninkovich at the 5 tech. but can play the 3 tech.(But not as good there)
    Anderson’s numbers are similar to Armstead’s; 6’6″ 294 lbs, 331/2″ arms 93/4″ hands, 5.03 in the 40yd. 30″ vertical, 9’3″BJump, 7.20 3cone, 4.19 short Shuttle. Anderson has played for 5 years, 1 yr cut short with a knee injury. Anderson has high intelligence 3.61, GPA degree in hand and working on his Masters. As a pass rusher I would say they are again similar. Anderson however is far better at maintaining gap responsiblity, and containment. Anderson keeps his feet clean, and avoids the wash, in running down plays. Anderson has a better motor (IMO), a soild weight room work etic, team captain, well respected in the locker room. At Stanford Anderson played a lot inside over the OG, and is clearly not at his best there, and does not handle double teams well.
    I see Anderson taking some of the load off Ninkovich, with better size and bull rush/run stopper. Smart and good tackler. I see Anderson as a 3d round prospect, who the Patriots may need to take in the 2nd at #64. I see Armstead going in the mid-second as well.

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